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Minutes from 10/13 CV meeting

present: Katie. Tim, Carla, Sean. David, Nathan, John, Cordy, Dale, Jain, Sue, Joe, Bob and Mathew

Fair Diversity training this Sunday from 10 to 4
High School Cross Country Race at the fair this coming Wednesday
Elder’s Spirit walk at the fair this Saturday cancelled
Fair Annual Meeting 10/22

Feedback about the fair

Little Village put away everything and tied down everything and went home. Later the fence between Little Village and the path to Shady Grove was taken down and then the parts to it that are not stored were just left, not put away and tied down. Also some other benches, probably from other parts of CV, were just put on our furniture, not tied down. Jessica from our booth came out and took care of it but it would be nice if next year who ever finishes up decon really finishes it up.
There are some other booths that still need decon work to be done in them. Council is aware of this and working on it.

Need to work out a better system for refunds

the Registration book went to the Dragon and got lost there. The fair thinks we are square, but there is some internal accounting we would like to be able to do

Sunday night had less of a sweep, as usual, and some things were stolen at a camp that was not in the Village so we need to remember to keep our stuff secure on Sundays.

– Lots of cool things in the new area.

– The bright white lights are hated. Eyes can’t adjust. Can’t see the stars. Maybe all the lights should be turned off for a short time like they do in Whitefish Montana so we can see the stars.

– Disappointment that morning meetings aren’t well attended. Maybe we should say it is required to attend 2 out of 3 morning meetings and for sure the Sunday meeting, just like we need to attend 2 sweeps and 1 is Saturday.

– Need more hot chocolate available close to the village, maybe in the village restaurant. The naughties at the Village restaurant taste good and are fun to watch being made.

– Good music on the Village stage.
– Give more feedback to Jenlin if you think of any/

Eligibility Committee

It was  suggested during feedback that it would be good to have a group of CVers made up of some council folks and booth coordinators to look at groups and then okay them for a number of years. We discussed this and drew up a proposal and we passed it.
the proposal went something like this:
In the fall an eligibility committee created by the council will look at 1/4 of the booths. (Each booth will get reviewed every 4 years.) All the groups in the booths that are being reviewed as well as the individuals will be looked at to be sure that they are an active group or individual and that they meet the guidelines of what a group or individual that is a CV member or group is. Once they are approved they will still fill out an eligibility form each year to update any changes but they won’t be reviewed for 4 years.
Eligibility requirements are different for service/entertainment booths than for activist booths, which will be considered and perhaps identified or modified.
The eligibility committee will be made up of 2 council people and 2 booth coordinators and the Registration Guru John, and perhaps some other folk. The council will discuss at their meeting the specifics and most years the eligibility committee will probably meet in August or September, though this year it will meet as soon as they are able to.
The Council will create an Eligibility Committee to look at returning groups/individuals eligibility compliance once every 4 years, or when the organization/individual has experienced a change that could affect eligibility. This scrutiny will happen during off-season and will not affect the annual spring eligibility consideration for new groups/individuals, or groups/individuals whose activities have changed.
This Committee may also review the eligibility forms for updating and to codify service/entertainment booths’ requirements.
The Committee will include at least 2 Council members, 2 booth coordinators, and others to be determined by the Council.

Some folks went to a path planning meeting and reported that there was a discussion about two booths that will be affected by our expansion. Earl and Diane are the coordinators of the two booths and Earl is a charter member of the fair and Diane has been there a long time. They are working on a meeting with CVers, the two booths and path planning to discuss this all further. The meeting has not been set yet. We need to get a budget to the budget committee by the middle of January as well as figure out some compromises. If a compromise design can be reached by our January meeting, the Village will have a chance to decide if the design meets the conditions we consented on in November 2015. If not, the expansion will likely be delayed for another year and additional input from all involved will be solicited.

We omed together and mentioned how nice the small meetings are in the fall when we have time to really discuss things.

Minutes by Sue and edited by Tim

Community Village Meeting Notes  September 8, 2016

15 attending

Construction Notes – Big John

Construction Team for next season hopes to generate booth specific list of decon items needing attention, e.g. extra booth furniture not tied down, etc. They hope to have work parties scheduled that focus on Village needs rather than booth centric activities, and to develop a process manual for construction and decon that is clear for booth construction/decon/coordinators to use.
No booth replacements projected to be needed next year. Most new construction is anticipated for the Expansion.
Decon left on site: random wood lying around – who is it for? Most booths are in good shape Twine left on site last year for all to use in decon went missing. Needs to be replaced next year, very useful to have around.

Expansion design and ‘where are we now’

Tim gave a report: the process via Fair is on hold waiting for the Path Planning meeting where they will discuss the issue regarding Earl and Diana who operate booths in the area set for redesign. In the meantime, Spirit Booth is working on designs for the Entry Portal. The Expansion Committee will meet following the PP meeting to see what to do next. And if anything happens for Fair 2017, the minimum would be the Portal and relocating the pyramid and teepee.

– The slow entrance is non-negotiable
– Not confident we can trust the Fair to follow our criteria, will our wished be honored?
– The Expansion Committee will make sure Village criteria are followed
– We don’t want to be part of forcing someone out of their long held space.
– Spirit looking at the space they might use as a booth, meditation and yoga space
– 4A is leaning toward moving to expansion to get more accessible space, not yet decided
– Intentional Communities wants to move somewhere larger & quieter
– Wild Edibles would like to expand into the yurt space if it is moved
– Apollo’s Den and Rainbow Village are looking for a space for their own booths
– Would Doors be interested in moving, so that 4A could expand into their space?
– Rainbow Village is now part of the Village, but the Village has not yet consented to create space for Apollo’s Den.
– Then followed a discussion about why men need a space at all, that men need space to be “emotional” and not have to “man up”, that space for this should be more important than more yoga space, that men are already a “protected class”, that both men and women suffer abuse by the other sex, please can we take a breath.
– Expansion timeline is likely to extend over the next 2-4 years, maybe more, which is OK. Better to go slow and get it right, let one step lead to another organically.
** Suggested the Expansion Committee gather together IC, 4A, Rainbow V, A Den and Spirit to meet together and share ideas.
** Tim will contact David Tipton to confirm that it is OK for some Villagers to attend the next PP meeting to learn from them what steps we can take now, what to expect from them for 2017 and beyond. A few people expressed an interest in attending.

Next Village meeting is Oct 13, 7pm at Growers

Notes by Tim Mueller

Community Village Meeting June 9, 2016
    • Katie and Tim facilitating
    • Hello
    • Childcare -onsite schedule here: Work Party Child Care
    • Agenda review
    • Fair Announcements
  • Rainbow Village needs workers. Contact oblio.stroyman@gmail.com
  • Ever been on site off season? Come on in, check in and share you are with community Village, check in with a council member for work. WhiteBird is open if you are hurt. They have pollen masks. Go to the bathroom in Main Camp. Sinks to clean yourself are there too.
  • Yes you can go out during the week, but it is important to let the fair at large know if you are going to.
  • Cass waddle master he NEEDS help. He will be there EVERY weekend except the 10-12 until fair. Contact Cass hamakaze@gmail.com
  • Are there carpools? The FB group exists. There is also the Drum emails list. Call your booth coordinator if you aren’t on the net.
  • Kaitlyn Wildflower is going to take over setting up the Yurt. caitlin@sweatyhappypeople.com
    • Site Report
  • David shares the work parties are amazing times to connect with others.
  • 935-site is the number to the quarter master (541-935-7483)
  • No cutting of brush living or dead. Talk to David H if you need support.
  • Collect firewood for the Saturday fire.
  • Do not dig.
    • Workshops and demos
  • Schedule is complete and sent to the Peach Pit. See it here.
  • You can still make workshop requests and present, just will not be in the Peach Pit, and we can post them in our “areas.”
    • Consensus Rap
  • No voting. We talk about it, until we find a solution we can all live with.
    • Peace & loving kindness rap
  • Be good and if you can’t be good be careful.
    • Camping & Fire Rap
  • If you haven’t done it already, DO IT TONIGHT.
  • There is no early set up. If you have to set up early, talk to camping coordinator and your booth coordinator.
  • Earliest Time people can set up and be out there is Wednesday unless you have made arrangements with camping coordinator
  • Check in at the Info booth when you arrive on site to get a tent tag.
  • Contact Splat if you want to tend the fire on Saturday night, as there will be many people.
  • Everyone is on fire crew!
  • Every booth has two buckets with water and burlap sacks in them.
    • Don’t dump the water on it. Beat the fire with the burlap.
  • What do you do?
    • Tell someone…look them in the eyes and make sure they go to info booth
    • Everyone has a 5 pound fire extinguisher
      • PASS
      • Pull pin
      • Aim at base of the fire
      • Squeeze
      • Sweep
    • Sanders business will test it as a discount for OCF family.
    • Council Rap
  • Fourth of July you need a special band. You should have already have put your name on the list. Don’t go unless you have already put your name on the list.
    • Construction Rap
  • Jason, Rick and Splat are the construction coordinators.
  • All coordinators are on the list…riiight? Talk to them.
  • It takes a Village to set up the VIllage. Please a couple of people from each booth contribute a couple of hours outside of their booth – actually, everyone should…
  • Bring your tools.
  • To reach Jason 541-525-8800 (call or text) or email jmccall42@hotmail.com
  • Please let’s get some youth involved that Jason can teach.
    • Expansion Comm Report
  • Committee met. Plans will be available out at fair. We will presenting it during fair. Play with the designs. You can take pics and email them, and write comments so the committee can assess.
  • The area is still taped up. Check it out.
  • Up to date drawings, etc, are here.
    • The T-shirt
  • The design is on the website. Check it out. More details to come. Sales will be offered June 25 and Thursday pre-Fair. Tank tops, regular T’s and spagetti strap styles.
    • One Fun Thing
    • Unfair Announcements
  • Saturday the 11th Eugene Peace choir at the Atrium at 2pm.
  • June 24 Cascade mycological society (as Google for specifics) amazon community center member of WIld edibles, glowing fungi.
  • Earth first regional rendezvous an hour out of Eugene. On the Earth First newswire, forestdefensenow.com
  • Lost Valley, July 2nd outside INTERdepenDANCE. Grant through EPUD for a mobile solar education station. Let us know if you want us to come to your event.
  • July 30th benefit in Kesey square for Whitebird and Cahoots. STEEL WOOL, Musekiwa, Bongo Groove and a special Voodoo Donut!
  • Instaballet at OCT on July 1 st during the artwalk. You get to choreograph professional dancers.
    • Activist Booth – Growers Market
  • All volunteer run Buyer’s club, ordering bulk items with a bunch of people
  • Check website for hours (they are unique)
  • Cheapest bulk organic food
  • Come to an orientation
  • Inexpensive rent to social progressive organizations.
  • 2 rooms available for free meeting space. Must be free and open to the public are the requirements.You sign up on the calender in the physical location
  • Free, but donations are delightful.
    • Booth Breakdown
  • Meeting ended early Yaahoo!!
  • Notes by Oblio

Community Village Meeting May 12, 2016

Sam and Michael Omo facilitating


  • Welcome
    • Played spin the bottle. Michael Omo, Jason, Carrie (Green Earth), BlackHorse, Tovi all shared what being in the village means to them.
  • Childcare
    • Scheduled twice. One is onsite meeting. If more is needed let them know
    • Dates are  June 25 11-3 and July 2, 12-4
  • Agenda Review
  • Fair announcements
    • David – Sunday highway clean up at Warebarn
    • David – sessions talking about what the fair is trying to do. Will post announcement to drum
    • Little People are now called Little Village. They changed their name.
    • Spirit booth Friday morning opening circle and ceremony after the Village meeting. Sunday morning is OM circle. More info on drum soon, including Om circle work parties.
    • Laura is doing an acroyoga workshop Sunday at 11 on the Village green
    • Tim announced he will wave his arms when it is time to let people into the meeting when they text him.
  • Site Report
    • Shady Grove continues to erode.  There are two geraniums. One is OK to pull. (See photo on Home page) One isn’t. There are pictures of which to pull. Ask when in doubt
    • Everyone is responsible for safety
    • David will pay for gas to get out to the site as he cannot drive himself. Sound like fun. His contact is: (541) 484-9204    fixit@efn.org
  • Consensus Rap
    • Omo shared that it means the greater good. Caroline Esties shared that if you do it on a regular basis your whole life, you would likely only block 3 times. It is a burden and a responsibility. If you absolutely cannot live with something, please speak up. It is listening to what truth everyone has, and coming to a group decision that everyone can live with.
  • Peace and Loving Kindness
    • Dea – hearts, community, showing up in our hearts and doing our pieces creates something bigger than us. Remind us all that sometimes we are not always feeling it. We are in contact all the time energetically. Let’s remember that when we don’t agree, that we are one, on another level and treat each other that way.
  • Camping Rap
    • Camping anywhere in the fair, get a form in NOW
    • It is Susan’s first year, and it would be KIND to make it easy for them
    • It is important in case we need to find someone if there is an emergency. This is not arbitrary.
    • Even if you have been camping in the same place every year, do it anyway.
      Camping Form 2016.pdf
      Fillable Camping Form – type-save-email
  • Workshops and Demos
    • Last month to put in a workshop and demo to get it in the Peach Pit
  • Saturday Night Campfire
    • Who wants to be “it” Someone has to be officially responsible
    • Who is following up with the people? Splat Ter, 949 689-3188, splat_ter@hotmail.com.
  • Council Rap
    • Some Council folks got together at Tim’s house
    • Mostly talked about maximizing presence in the fair
    • How can we offer fair goers an amazing experience, and how can we make an incredible community.
    • How do we all create an experience that is really impactful, entertaining and educational
    • How do we get to know one another so we have intra-booth communication and can all rep each other (at least somewhat)
    • How do we put ideas out there asked a community member? Suggested that we put up info where people are waiting to get in or on the bus. Community Village tour guides? Village tour bus made with cardboard…take people into the Village.

SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH don’t talk while others talk

  • Expansion Design Review
    • David Tipton marked up the space with neon tape to look at how we could use the space and also the boundaries of a path.
    • Tim took some time to explain what we are looking at on the Theatre of Change maps. There are several versions. They are all also on the website to view more closely.
    • Jane liked number 12 and 14. Does not like 15
    • Stuff bordered in red is fair space
    • Darrin is there a balance between new camping and new booth space
    • Ben wants to make sure that there is some visual barrier to hide camping
    • Diane does not understand where the quiet areas are
    • Maggie likes the green space in the middle
    • Chrissy, Rick, Michel, Jason, Oblio, Taylor,  more booth and likes spirit portal
    • Kaia would like to be moved to the other side of the entrance (like in 12 or 14)
    • Skeeter says will we have more passes? No guarantee.
    • Dea says 12 and 14, more booth and camping
    • Oblio says more booth space and that there are already people who have passes who could branch out
    • Jennifer H says number 14, preserving green space
    • Jennifer G wants the portal to slow stuff down. Her son is livid this is happening
    • Alan is worried we won’t have a quiet space
    • Susan like the spirit portal and more camping, says swamp is just way too crowded.
    • Talk within booths about whether you want to move. How can the expansion support your booth.
  • Theme
    • Is it cultural appropriation? We don’t know…but we care and have modified the idea a bit.
    • Theatre of Change has a couple of options.
    • Does anyone object to make a decision this meeting even though we are not supposed to? Consensus. Horray! We are moving forward!
    • The design is to come. We are consenting on the words.
    • Some people don’t like the Wizard of Oz reference. Others like it because of the magic it suggests is within. Some people like it because they feel it opens up fun opportunities for play at fair (dressing up, songs etc)
    • Heart as a peach?
    • Community Village 40 years preferred to the dates listed by Cass
    • Let’s do them BOTH!!!
    • There’s no place like hOMe IT’S where the heart is
    • STRAW PULL –  The both put together gets the most votes. No one said they were strongly opposed to the mash-up. Let’s put 40 years rather than the dates of CV on it. Everyone was in.
  • Fun Thing
    • Sing Along
  • Activist Report
    • Plato: Avant Gardeners.
    • Been around for 3 years
    • Platform for the distribution of info and resources as pertaining to gardening with the hopes of developing a permaculture biodynamic culture
    • They host workshops, give away plant starts , about 2000 this year, 20,000 as long as they have existed
    • Network and collab with City of Eugene, Food for Lane County, Family School, Churches
    • Grow herbs for Occupy Medical,
    • Workshop on the 28th on medicine making can get free stars that are medicinal and that i can’t spell.
    • First Wednesday at 6:30 at growers of each month and they have a FaceBook (Eugene Avant Gardeners Page) page. If you are a website person, please help them!
    • Building FARMILY!
    • They have a zine out, talks about what they do, how to identify beneficial plants, recycling your own pee, $5 donation, will be at fair
    • Intentional Communities is hosting them
  • Unfair announcements
    • Paul McCartney’s son at the WOW Happening Tuesday with Steel Wool 5/17.
    • Eugene Chapter Code Pink Friday the 27th 630 at Grower’s Market
    • Pick and eat lemon balm it is invasive
    • Vote. Deliver them. Vote for extension services serial levy.
    • May 21st 7-midnight, live music, Silent auction. Slug Queens. $15 before $18 at
    • Friday 90 Lawrence collaborative art celebration. Largest installation around 22 artists.
    • Bio-diverse learning farm. Children’s summer camp. 3 days camp 5-18 (ages) elemental exploration farm on Facebook. Third Week in August.
    • Tuesday 5/17 CALC Ninkasi. Beer drinking supports them
    • June 17th world naked bike ride. Skinner’s butte park 4pm.
    • June 18th Blue Lotus benefit for Circle of Children at Cozmic spot. Free coconut bliss. Children family friendly. Silent auction and art show. First 10 people get a gift certif for restore juice. Also offering a 2 week long camp. It is a free event
    • Sept 28 Flora DeMayo mayan coyindaro (spelling?) will be here talking about sea preservation. Wanna do some fundraising to honor the elder. Go to StarGate in Eugene to get info and support
    • East Blair Housing Co-op has an opening.
  • Booth Breakdown
    • People promise Sam to come to order in an orderly way.
  • Evaluation
    • Humor great
    • How is the Activist report working, much clapping.
  • OM
    • Michael Omo shared his experience of the OM. He shared that OMs are better with barefeet. It is  a universal sound. Sam really cared about the topic. He shared he is struggling and continuing to thinking about it, and hopes we do too. He encourages us to look at where we are in a historical context, and not to take lightly the privilege that we have. Let’s grow and let’s OM.
    • We have acquired a sacred Native site. Lots of death at that site when the sickness hit. Treat it with respect.
Notes by Oblio – thank you!

Community Village Meeting Minutes

Facilitating: Sue and Nel

Door Policy – Sam R
Fair Announcements
Consensus Rap – Sam R
Site Report – Jane
Eligibility Rap – Karla
Camping Report – Sharon
Council Rap ( Email Lists – Sam R and Fire Rap – Splat)
Expansion Design Report – Tim
Activist Report: Transponder – Oblio and Cass
Unfair Announcements
Theme Discussion
Meeting Evaluation
Booth Breakdown

1.  Fair Announcements

  • Frog was in the hospital with heart issues and pneumonia. He’s back home now, recovering, acting like Frog.
  • Linda from Youth Power tells us Tweens can help at Fair doing Village work and are rewarded. Let us know of stuff to do. And individual Villagers can ask for help, too (like getting bags of ice for your cooler) and can be rewarded by those individuals who got their help.
  • Beth: Workshop spaces are still available. Forms are due May 31st
  • Groups/Individuals who would like to do an activist report, please contact Tim. Space is available in the May meeting. tim@gwproj.com
  • CONSENSUS RAP: Tonight we will use consensus to choose a theme for this year. Even if we don’t come to consensus, all the talking and sharing is building consensus – all our thoughts together, to listen and be open – any conclusion that may result will be one we can all live with. Trust that we are all speaking to the best interest of the group. Be amazing.
  • Village Stage Info:

We had 39 applications this year for our 12 spots.  I try to balance acts who have played here before, new acts and acts that have a member in the Community Village, with softer acts early and louder ones late.  Because we have so many friends wishing to return and so many from the CV, I have put them in a rotation so that a fair number new acts get in each year.  This year’s acts with members in CV are Beth Miriam Rose, Steel Wool, David Rogers, Mantura and La Famille.  New acts (at least to CV) are Inner Limits, Mantura, La Famille and Satori Bob.  The most recently any of the acts appeared on our stage was in 2013, and several have been absent longer than that.

If you did not get scheduled this year PLEASE KEEP APPLYING.  Your chance will come or come again.

Community Village sets are 1 hour with one hour between sets (except Sunday when we have the last act 5:30-7:00)



12:00 Paul Safar
2:00 Beth Miriam Rose & Friends
4:00 Steel Wool
6:00 Inner Limits


12:00 David Rogers
2:00 Windsong & Kat Del Rio
4:00 Matura & Friends
6:00 The Bassett Sisters


12:00 Charlotte Thistle
2:00 Musekiwa
4:00 La Famille
5:30 Satori Bob

2. Site Report:

  • Wildflowers are out. Campsites are flooded. Little people sandbox was flooded and moved 1 ft. Shady grove lost a big branch. No word from vegematics about the future of the tree. Arc park lost a fair amount of the path. Pictures of an invasive geranium plant is posted on the village website. If you are going on a walkabout, please bring a bag or use one on site and help remove this plant

3. Eligibility Rap:

  • Eligibility Meeting is next Monday at Growers Market at 7pm., and is open to all. Forms are due tonight. Each group or individual should fill out a form.

4. Camping Report:

  • Sharon is the new camping coordinator. Her phone is 541-602-4567, and she prefers texts. Please use the forms to tell her your story. She welcomes using the backs of the forms if you need. The 2016 Camping Form is HERE.

5.  Email Lists:

  • If you want to avoid the CV Drum, due to the level of discussion, there is a new list for announcements only. There is no dialog allowed on this list. If you want to join this list please email Sam Rutledge at samuelrutledge@gmail.com and state in the subject, “Please put me on the announce list”.
  • If you want to be removed from the CV Drum, please email Sam at the above email and state that you would like to be removed.
  • To join the drum, send an e-mail to OCFCVCC@gmail.com. To read the DRUM, go HERE
  • There is a new booth coordinator/council email list. If you are a booth coordinator, you should have already received emails. If you have not, please contact Sam at the above email.

6. Fire Rap:

  • A new fire guardian is needed. It was decided that a group will work better than one person. Darren, Bodhi, Eileen, and Gweneth have offered.
  • Louis is willing to train the new group on Thursday or Friday of Fair.
  • Splat will be coordinating this team. 949 689-3188,   splat_ter@hotmail.com

7. Expansion Design Report:

  • Walkabout was rescheduled due to flooding to May 1st at noon. Please meet at village if you want to see the firmed-up boundaries. This is not a time for discussions of design. Design ideas and past discussions are all HERE.

8. Activist Report: Trans*ponder and TEASE:

  • Trans*ponder is a trans and gender-diverse group that has events, trainings, support groups, and trans-friendly community resources for trans/gender-diverse individuals and their families, friends, and allies.
  • TEASE is the community outreach and education section of Trans*ponder.
  • There are two very active email groups. One is for identifying individuals and the other is for their friends/family/allies. Please email transponder.eugene@gmail.com to be put on the lists.
  • OCF Rainbow Village is hosting Transponder workshops this year at fair around the topic of gender exploration.
  • If you want Transponder to come train in your workplace, please email them.

9. Unfair Announcements:

10. Theme Discussion:

  • “No place like Om”, Fire, Ruby, Ruby Slippers, Flying Monkeys. Also mentioned “No place like Love” and ” ‘OM is where the heart is.”
  • See T-Shirt Design. Much discussion on various ideas for the design (heart shaped peach, honoring elders, web-like networks, hearts with webby-arteries, flying monkeys wearing ruby slippers, etc).
  • Discussion was had about the possibility of OM being culturally appropriated.
  • A committee formed to take this all into consideration and pick a theme and t-shirt design to be presented at the May meeting. Carol is heading it up and is joined by Percy, Richard, Tim, Jennette, and anyone else who is interested.

11. Meeting Evaluation:

  • Great discussion about cultural appropriation. Everyone was heard and mutual respect for many differing opinions. Maybe the circle helped?
  • Hard to hear.
  • Good balance of structure and organic flow

Notes by Katie & Tim

Community Village Meeting Minutes 3/3/16


  1. Welcome
  2. Childcare announcement/pass the hat
  3. Door policy (Sam)
  4. Agenda Review
  5. Fair Announcements
  6. Site Report – David
  7. Consensus Rap – Karla
  8. Peace & Loving Kindness Rap – Dea (please tell her or designate another)
  9. Announcements from Council
    1. New e-lists (Sam) – Council meeting
    2. schedule (Tim) – Campfire host needed (Splat)- Booth coord roster update
    3. (Tim) – 40th anniversary theme discussion for next meeting (Tim)
  10. Expansion Designs Review Committee report – Tim or committee member
  11. New booth announcement – Oblio / Becca
  12. *One fun thing –
  13. Change meeting start time or agenda order? – Sam
  14. Unfair announcements
  15. Activist Report: Lane County Legal Aid and Advocacy Center (Who wants to do this in April?) – Elliot Farren
  16. BOOTH BREAKDOWN – determine booth coord for 2016
  17. Meeting Evaluation
  18. OM

Hat was passed

When Sam holds up his phone that means somebody goes to the door to let them in

Beth (workshops/demos) – shared forms. Said online or email is ideal. New deadline of May 31st. Email = bethmottweiler@gmail.com

Robin (stage manager) – 39 bands have applies and it’s still not too late to apply. Email = publicity@wowhall.org

Illeen – Lost corona hat with a purple flower last month. Please return.

David said it’s calm. Not much change. There is some tree damage due to wind. Look up for widow-makers when on work site. Everyone is a safety officer on-site. Everyone needs to address issues that they see; don’t wait for someone else to do it. Bear in mind when cutting scrap wood to keep big pieces for Saturday night fire.

Sam jumped up & explained that it is not an extreme democracy where each individual has a vote. If it is done with singular preference then we get really stuck. There’s no winners or losers; it calls on us to be group minded. Working with openness, compassion, empathy, and love. Everybody should get to bring their concerns and be heard because they may have a piece of the puzzle that we don’t.

Sue jumped up. Assume that we’re doing the best that we can. When we’re peaceful magic happens.

(e-list): Sam spoke. There is no change to the CV Drum. There’s now an additional list called CV Announce List where there are only announcements made and no chatting. If you want to get on it email Sam at sammuelrutledge@gmail.com with “add me to the CV announce list” in the subject line. No need to be on both lists if you don’t want to be because you will get duplicate announcement emails. Tim said he finds it useful to be on the drum to know what is going on with the village emotionally. It is also in the works to have an email list specific to booth coordinators/designated representatives.

(schedule): Tim (who did not jump up) announced that the next council meeting is 3/15/16 at the Grower’s Market at 7pm and is open to all.

(40th Anniversary theme): This year is the Community Village’s 40th anniversary at Fair. Thanks Sue T for reminding us. Some theme suggestions are: Village People, Life begins at 40, Ruby Slippers, No Place Like Home/Ohm (many people twinkled), Year of Fire Monkey. Some people suggested an enhanced history booth, soliciting the community to bring in photos, a Wizard of Oz party. Topic is tabled and 1 villager would have preferred to keep talking about it.

Nate is on the committee and Is working with Path Planning who continue to receive us well. They met as a committee to focus on the entrance/intersection with 13th. One of the challenges is around the flow there. On Sunday 3/20 at 3:30pm after the Path Planning meeting we will walk around and flag out the boundaries of the new space. Everyone is welcome. The flags will stay up (hopefully) and we encourage people to come see because it is hard to conceptualize when the booths are in.

Oblio hops up (now we’re hopping?) and welcomes Becca as a booth coordinator and the Moon Lodge as a new booth. Becca talked about the Moon Lodge projects including rights of passage, annual flag project, workshops, intergenerational connecting.

Sam summarizes points regarding why some people like 6:30 or 7 for a start time while others prefer 8:30 or 9. Tim shared that he could write the raps in the newsletter and not have them on the agenda but doesn’t know if they would actually get read. It was suggested that we could focus more on raps closer to fair or that the booth coordinator could make sure the people in their booth knew the raps rather than taking time out of the meeting. Several people really like the idea of reorganizing the agenda. It was suggested to start at 6:45 and split the difference of time. If people have to leave early, whatever the decision is, it is important not to shame them and make sure they know the information they missed. It was suggested the booth breakdown have the option of being first or last. Blackhorse shared that it was important on an energetic level to gather back together as one family to close the meeting. Taylor reiterated after doing childcare for the past 12 years that the children are really tired at 8:30pm and that the child care person has to be valiant. She shared that she feels that she speaks for the little people who don’t get to speak or vote. Sam shared that he is hesitant to shorten the meeting because we need to connect for consensus and consensus takes time. He said when there is a really hot topic people won’t stop talking so we go over time on that topic and the things after it have to be cut short. Somebody suggested that we just try something to see how it works and then reevaluate after such split the difference of time in the beginning and end (6:45 and 8:45) – try it, revisit it, evaluate. Someone else suggested to put unfair announcements in the newsletter to save time. Cath said let’s see how we can use social media for distributing information so we don’t have to do it in the meetings. Jenny says booth breakdown is important to connect with new people. John says if we make booth breakdown last we can do a meeting closing before booth breakdown to be connected.
(Tim is in conversation with the Church to see if eralier starting time is OK.)

Saturday at 12pm on 8th & Oak there is a confederate flag raising. They want 100 people to show up and say “ditch our racist past” rain or shine. Bring flags that say peace, earth, and even the American Flag.

Tim – On-site meeting June 25th @ 1pm. This has been moved so that we can attend the human skills training. There is also a 3 bedroom house next to Tim’s for rent. Talk to Tim for more details.

Friday thru Sunday Willamalane Evergreen Tattoo Invitational

Saturday 3/12 is International Women’s Day, Sophia’s Sanctuary events at the Garden Club 10am-5pm

Ridgeline Montessori Ukulele band looking to perform. 20 kids, many are village kids. April 9th they are playing at Cozmic.

Taylor has your Girl Scout cookies

Cordy is teaching a healing touch class April 9th-10th in Eugene

Friday – Sunday is an Environmental Law Conference at the UO

East Blair co-op has a meeting space for 25-40 people. Free and by donation.

Lost Valley Educational Center has contact improv, ecstatic dance, potluck, hot tub, and sauna every 2nd Saturday of the month. $10 (no one turned away)

In the coming election they’re going to talk about a tax levy that amounts to about $3.00/year – vote for it to keep Master Gardner’s going.

Blackhorse with Circle of Children does a pay it forward/spin-the-wheel/random-act-of-kindness game. On 3/23 at Daniel’s Family Pottery we are all invited to come make kindness tokens for the game. 6pm until late.

Hands-on workshop on 3/20 by Tara on making your own sauerkraut

Lane County Legal Aid and Advocacy Center – Elliot Farren
Free legal advice for low income folks. They help with things like: immigration, landlord/tenet, public benefits like SSI denials, SNAP, OHP, foreclosures, mediation, survivors of domestic violence, etc. There are strict income requirements but if they can’t help you they will refer you somewhere who can. Mon/Wed/Fri there is intake from 1-3pm. They are looking for intake volunteers (bonus if you’ve had humanistic training). 541-485-1017 x152 or email efarren@lclac.org. Address = 376 East 11th. Bring any documents you are concerned with you when you come see us.

Positive feedback. Sam was grateful that the facilitators let a lot of different ideas flow. Taking a wider rather than linear path. It is a good process for discovering complexities.

Community Village Meeting February 11, 2016

Facilitator: Darrin
First UU Meeting


    • Childcare announcement
  • Pass the hat!
    • Hello’s
  • Greetings and OMing
    • Agenda Review
    • Fair Announcements
  • Sam asked for facilitators. Contact him. Great place to get experience if you don’t have any.
  • Bob- 12 openings for performing during fair. 20 applicants so far. Usually get 40. Email him publicity@wowhall.org. or call (no number given)
  • Jane says: walk around the fair site. Geranium something-um is VERY invasive and has no predators. . There is a poster on site with a picture of it.. Grab a bag and yank them. Go pull anytime!! (someone from the circle) can we put a link on the website? Some will talk to Tim. Who? I don’t know.
  • Jane also says: On Sunday the 21st planting trees from the fair’s nursery in the new area. 10am, meet up between Alice’s and the yurt.
  • Talk to Sam if you are not on the drum.
    • Consensus Rap
  • Splat: Listen to one another, be mindful of what you share and offer, we will hear you and use good judgement about asserting. Everyone’s opinion matters.
    • Site Report –
  • Put the chairs back at UU church
  • David hasn’t been there. Car trouble. Big maple at Shady Grove lost a major branch.
  • Couple of floods
  • Don’t cut the foliage. Live or dead. No digging. No dirt removal. Ask David or veggies, even though he will say no, at least he will listen.
  • UU Church site stuff
    • Put the chairs back at UU church
    • Be respectful – leave it like we found it
    • Sustainable garden is on the south side
    • There are other groups meetings, so we don’t know if we can go out of the room. Sam will check and see if we are allowed to use the hall.
    • Sound should not carry as echoy and challenging as before.
    • Next month the meeting is the first Thursday, ONLY time. March 3rd.
  • Thoughts around moving the meeting to an earlier time?
    • Taylor got up and shared that children have to get up by 8:30 as they have to get up earlier. At 8:15 they get fragile and parents and kids have to leave. ESPECIALLY for people both with kids and driving far away. Lynn said the last half an hour is challenging in childcare.
    • Katie shared let’s move booth breakdown earlier. Another person said they liked this idea. Chase says great, but let’s make it late enough so people can get here.
    • Diane says I am on the diversity committee. Says they mix up the time/day of their meetings every other time. Can we do that?
    • Jennifer said, can we meet the meeting 30 minutes shorter?
    • John says let’s be mindful/prioritize how we set our agenda. And how do we do that.
    • Matthew says he works and has to take care of his family, and as it is 7 is too early. Carla corroborated that.
    • Jennifer said that post booth breakdown she leaves. Let’s give slack to the people that have to leave early. Keep the important stuff early in the meeting, because getting there at 6:30 is also too early with childcare/work.
    • What about the people who come from far away and have set their lives around it
    • Louis commended people on their brainstorming. Not a big fan of making things shortened, consensus takes time.
    • Ingrid says: what about making booth breakdown last, so people can leave as they need and fewer people are needing to be briefed. Another person said that would be very challenging.
    • Ben says: What is we have the meeting from 7-830 and each booth can decide if they want to have breakdown before or after the meeting.
    • Rick: prioritizing agendas, what gets done in which meeting because we keep repeating our spiels in a way that is time inefficient. So that we move forward and really get things done.
    • Sam says we aren’t gonna please everyone, especially when not everyone is here. How many activists have not participated due to the scheduling of our meetings? Let’s think about how we think of this question, as a true consensus will be a challenge. Let’s try and think about what is best for the whole group rather than us as individuals.
    • New people orientation?
    • Booth coordinators, can they go over these things?
    • Bob says let’s do a straw pull. Darrin says yes, lets! Straw pull didn’t really tell us anything.
    • MANY people think we should try to find way to streamline the meetings…shorter? Who knows…but making them more efficient? Yes! Star pull says the bulk of the village would like us to do that.
    • Brian asked for info on the satellite meetings.
      • there is one noth and one south.
  • Activist Report:
    • CALC – Michael Carrigan
      • In the Whit.
      • SHelter Rights
      • Human dignity
      • Track hate activity
      • Peace program
      • Oppose militarism and endless war – especially working with youth and the truth or recruiting
      • No Peace no Justice, no justice no peace
      • We gotta be involved!
      • Involved in Occupy, meeting with elected officials
      • relentless and respectful and effective
      • car camping programs
      • decriminalize homelessness
      • April 15th, do the penny poll, Memorial Day Peace ad in the RG, Veteran’s day have a thing in the weekly
      • CALC sends out an email calendar on Fridays about progressive event.
      • NAACP Ayisha- sister of the president – been with the fair in many capacities – performs there a lot – works for DHS with children of color – made a non-profit in a similar vein – OCF last year – were surprised they saw a Black Lives Matter sign and was surprised. To feel surprised was a thing, that some people were unhappy about it being there which was also surprising. THe face of BLM, discrimination, is not having a space at fair set off a signal that it needs to be a village presence/support. BLM becomes a negative thing, from an inside point of view it isn’t ignorant…it is empowerment. Peace. Love, COmmunity, Respect, Village, EMpowerment and support. We need positivity behind it in our social justice booth…not tolerated, obliterated. Needs to be human, moral, form the heart, not political
      • Hello Cystaline. New assistant manager for fair. .
  • Expansion Design Committee Report
    • Nathan – met twice
    • Told path planning we consensuses. They were elated. An ovation even
    • Met separately with David from PP, reviewed the condition, criteria and wishes of the VIllage.He said all things could be met Except
      • closing the path at night
      • narrow entrance to slow flow, no
    • Got a clearer vision, Design docs on the website updated, check it out
    • Next steps aMeet at PP out at the sign, meet with coordinators, put on some phasal ideas
    • Next meeting Monday Feb 29, 2096 ½  arthur street at 7pm (Tim’s place)
  • One fun thing
    • Shook our booties


  • Booth Breakdown – designate Booth Coordinator
  • Council Confirmation Process
    • Taylor read outloud our council confirmation process/protocol
    • Question: Can council members have concerns about each other? Yes same process as with all Villagers
    • Anyone standing for council need to share concerns that came up in a meeting? nope 🙂
    • Council stood up
    • All of our contact info is on the website
    • Everyone stood up and said him
  • Meeting Evaluation
    • Cross talk, people broke in
    • People seemed to feel he did great, lots of applause
    • Oblio said Darrin synthesized what people were saying well, reflectively listened, and kept us on track
  • Unfair announcements
    • Taylor said: COnservative movement to not buy Girl Scout cookies as they support trans girls and Planned Parenthood. Buy cookies!
    • Sam wants to leave drum as is, add a CV announce list (post only, booth coordinator list
    • February 20th band Great Beyond, plays with a pdx band and an electronic band stariana
    • KOCF, fund raiser at the winery march 5, 530-830
    • Tiny house by Suttle road for sale
    • March 9th 10am, new federal courthouse, 21 you ths from across the country (one from village) suing the government for having a healthy future around climate change.
    • As You Like It, green \
    • March 4-6, tattoo expo at the Willamalane
    • East Blair housing collective, look at their FB, they are having a musical benefit for the Sea Shepherds
    • Center for Dialogue and Resolution – free mediation for any fair related conflicts. 541-344-5366. Will be in fair family news. usually $150. Putting on an annual retreat at Alice’s WOnderland April 9 and 10, building skills for peace and conflict resilation
    • Darrin – Peace Jam – 13 th Nobel Peace Prize winners are a april 22-23 2nd annual youth conference. COnference speaker Nobel Peace Prize winner Leymah Gbowee. 8-12 graders please talk to Darrin eugenepeacejam.og

Notes from Community Village Meeting Jan 13, 2016

Grower’s Market
Facilitated by Percy Hilo
Notes by Tim Mueller – it took me hours to type this up. Who wants to take notes this year?? PLEASE contact me or another Council person.

Agenda Review
Fair Announcements
Site Report
Consensus Rap
Where and when to meet this year?
One fun thing – Hug the person next to you
Expansion Designs Review, Committee creation
Stand for Council
Activist Report by Sue Sierralupe for “Occupy Medical report” and “We The People Eugene” by John Flannery (a 10-15 minute report on activities by one or more of our non-profit/activists – this can be a monthly feature: CALC in February!)
Eligibility idea
Meeting Evaluation
Unfair announcements

Fair Announcements:
Arthur and Anita’s daughter is now the OCF Assistant Manager
Arthur also spoke about the history of the Community Village name. First it was “Debbie Park” after Debbie Parks, who had a booth in this location. Then it was a Center of Appropriate Technology. There was more, I couldn’t keep up.

Childcare announced there will be care at the rest of the season’s meetings.

Consensus Rap
Sam spoke to this: the November meeting was amazing, it re-ignited his confidence in our Village consensus process. Reaching agreement had become so difficult in recent years, as if there were sand in our process gears. But he was jubilant when it worked in November and everyone could agree on a difficult and important issue like this expansion. But then he had a moment and realized that maybe the sand in the gears is how our consensus works – sand may have polished our individual rough edges of closed mindedness and distrust, wearing away the rough bits of ourselves. Maybe it’s about how we (not our ideas) need the rough edges rubbed off by each other.

Expansion Committee
We were briefed about the state of this project so far and solicited Villagers to participate in a Expansion Design Committee. Committee needs to be staffed, be trusted and be honored. Likely meet weekly for a while and work with Path Planning, starting by going to their meeting on Sunday. Other Villagers are encouraged to participate on the Committee, but the Village hope is that all those participating will commit to the duration of the process and to its success.  Regular reports from the committee will be expected. Big John, Nathan from WE, Tim, Lois and Sam volunteered. All info about this process can be found here: http://members.efn.org/~comvill/NewCVEntrance2013-14.html

Stand For Council
The process to stand for Council was read:
“Anyone about whom no concerns are raised prior to the January Council meeting will be confirmed at the February Village meeting. A person may not feel safe, or able to tactfully discuss their concerns with a candidate, so a person with a concern may be accompanied by an advocate.
To allow some time to work out a solution, the January Council meeting will be held the second week following the general meeting. (Jan 26, 7pm at Growers)
Someone may bring up a concern about a candidate publicly at a meeting if and only if they have warned the candidate that they may bring up that concern and have made an attempt to resolve it. The Villager must contact the candidate within 7 days of the January Village meeting, and if the concern is not resolved in a person to person conversation, another attempt must be made at the January Council Meeting.
A village member may stand aside or block a Council candidate only if he/she has taken his/her shared concern through the process described above.”
<a href="https://communityvillageocf.org/council-selection-process-2012/
If you have a concern, you MUST talk to them about it (with an advocate if you prefer) within 7 days of Jan 13, or by the end of the day Jan 20. PLEASE do so if you have a concern.
These individual stood for Council:
Oblio Stroyman 541-579-9289 oblio.stroyman@gmail.com
Splat Ter, 949 689-3188, splat_ter@hotmail.com.
Drake Eubank: 541-579-9022 drake@efn.org
Karla Caudell 541.337.5319    kjcaudell@gmail.com
Tim Mueller 541-521-7208  tim@gwproj.com
Diane Albino (541) 933-2584    iriedi@yahoo.com
David Hoffman (541) 484-9204    fixit@efn.org
Dale Kegley: 541-343-8242 no email, please call
Big John: 541-606-4151 bigsqurlnuts@gmail.com
Sam Rutledge samuelrutledge@gmail.com (541)337-6970
Katie MacCionnaith kmaccionnaith@gmail.com 541 232 0784

Also discussed was the guideline that all Fair staff, including Council members, should take the Human Intervention Training offered by the OCF this year. All the candidates present pledged to do so (Diane and Karla were not there)

Activist Reports
   Occupy Medical.
Sue Sierralupe spoke to us at length about what OM does for Eugene and surrounding areas. They began with a First Aid tent during the Occupy Eugene encampment in 2011. Over 60 individuals are involved as volunteers. Every Sunday from 12-4pm they provide a free clinic on the Park Blocks. They have a treatment bus as well as three tents – intake, haircuts and hospitality. With a single payer (donations) system, they operate by consensus, giving the care every human deserves, patient-driven care adapted to fit the patient and their circumstances.
They have a herbal medicine section and do not dispense drugs nor handle any medical marijuana. They do wound care, seeing a lot of folks with diabetes. They have social workers and counselors for mental health patients, and can write prescriptions. They have nutrition advice. You can help by assisting with the site set up every Sunday at 10am.
Contact Sue via text at 541 915 6704 or sierralupe@comcast.net Also look for their Facebook pages.
It was a great presentation, and we were all engaged. Thank you, Sue.
We the People
John Flannery spoke about “We the People – Eugene”, a local group begun to counter the Citizens United Supreme Court decision that opened the flood gates to unlimited corporate and Super Pac spending, believing it a threat to real democracy. They have participated in Democracy School, developed constitutional amendments language to prohibit such money in politics, and are sponsoring an event January 20 about Race, Police, the Supreme Court and Democracy in Room 101 at the U of O Law School. Contact John at 541 345-6822 jflan@efn.org. Thank You, John.

Steward Ship
We had a brief discussion about how and if to respond to the OCF outreach for activities or exhibits that celebrate OCF’s efforts or help get the OCF’s key sustainability messages across. This is located in the New Area. The veterans of our Waste Warriors groups (Jeanette) expressed an interest in looking into this, while Big John expressed concern that we better offer something we can follow up on if we do anything at all, or we will be rejected and seen as flaky. Stay tuned…

New Meeting Place / Time
St Mary’s Episcopal has filled up our meeting time with their own activities, so we have to find a new place to meet. Criteria include large enough for 125 people, nearby parking and bus, child care space, affordability. So far we have rejected Garden Club, NWYC, 1st Congregational. The Unitarian Church on Chambers has offered us a deal we can afford, really wants us there, is compatible with our mission, and has a childcare space and parking, but is only available on Thursdays. We had a brief discussion about changing the day and most folks said to do what we gotta do. Some mothers suggested we move the meetings to 6:30-8:30 so they can get the kids to bed on time. More research will be done and Council will pick a place by the February meeting.

Eligibility Idea
Last year we did eligibility a bit different, with greater scrutiny. We also discussed doing great scrutiny to some groups only every 3-5 years. Tonight Sam floated an idea to change the eligibility forms to different versions for these different categories: groups, individuals and service posts. Some folks thought the Council could do that without Village discussion. Other comments: The design of a form should be done by individual booths. Every time we try to fix something it generates more rules, prefer an anarchist approach, be more humanist. Process now has become meaningless – instead ask what are we doing for the Village is the question to ask. Forms help us organize and compare apples to apples. Process is not meaningless, just not effective right now – the form or process should help people see for themselves if they are eligible.

Meeting Eval
Notice of meeting location change went out to the DRUM, but we need a better way to communicate outside of the Drum. We should start with Council notifying Booth Coords who then notify booth members.
Percy did a good job.

Non-Fair Announcements
I had a hard time keeping up with this…
There is a Peg Morton memorial (ask David Rogers)
and  Bernie Readout at Tsunami TONIGHT (ask David Rogers)
STEEL WOOL is at Cozmic Jan 31 for a 5-9pm benefit for the Cascades Raptor Center.
Odd Fellows Muscovites are reuniting in Portland April 16
Community Meeting Friday in Burns. This generated a discussion of the bullying happening, even in Cottage Grove, by the “militants” and what we can do. Visit Friends of Malheur or any other birding websites to write your support.
South Lane County group with Lois is working to counter the recruiting the fuck head “militants” are doing. Meeting Sunday at 2, call Lois. (541) 836-2670
As You Like It is a green pleasure shop and sex education resource. 1655 W 11th Ave #1, Eugene, OR 97402
Growers Market has a refinished floor ($3,000!). Please do not put anything on it.
Race, Police, the Supreme Court and Democracy Jan 20 in Room 101 at the U of O Law School. Contact John at 541 345-6822 jflan@efn.org.

Notes by Tim Mueller – it took me hours to type this up. Who wants to take notes this year?? PLEASE contact me or another Council person.