We are a Community of Activists. Hoping to make the world a better place, we work on climate change and issues of justice and peace, find wild food to harvest, honor different means of human expression, with life long learning and arts, communities of intention, and spiritual and physical health.
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Peace & Justice4 – AStage
Rainbow VillageOrganic Fruit CoopIntentional Communities
Green EarthYouth PowerHealth & Healing
SpiritLittle VillageLifelong Learning
Wild EdiblesMoon LodgeCome Unity House
Doors of ExpressionArts

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The groups in the Peace and Justice booth recognize that Peace is more than just the absence of War: it’s the presence of Justice. The groups in this booth represent work on a wide range of social justice issues. They’re located at the entrance to the Village right on East 13th.

Our booth has fun!
PEACE AND JUSTICE – calc, naacp, sIREN nATION, Center for Dialogue and Resolution, West Cascades Peace Corps Asssociation AND MANY MORE
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rainbow village

Rainbow Village advocates for LGBTQI+ issues in the fair and the world at large. New in 2016, Rainbow Village was the first explicitly LGBTQI+ space in the fair. They are located in a small space between Peace and Justice and the Green Earth booth.

Our Children’s Trust
green earth

OUR GREEN EARTH MISSION STATEMENT: Educate, Empower & Inspire for the sake of Life and Earth. We’re a diverse collection of community educators & activists dedicated to promoting social & ecological justice for current & future generations of all species. We welcome your presence in our common goal of cherishing and protecting this green and beautiful planet. We are located between Peace and Justice and Spirit, with a big sun adorning the front of our booth. OUR CHILDREN’S TRUST, RESTORING EDEN, FRIENDS OF BUFORD PARK, 350 CORVALLIS, AND MANY MORE…

The Wild Edibles booth is a group of individuals that puts together a large educational display of edible, medicinal and poisonous plants. We share our knowledge of plants and mushrooms for food and medicine at our plant talks.  Stop by to check out our reference library, to gaze at the beautiful plants, or to have a botanical conversation.
wild edibles – Cascade Mycological Society and more…
Soul soothing…

The Spirit Booth is made up of individuals who collaborate to offer a variety of spiritual centering and uplifting experiences throughout the fair, including the Community Village Opening Circle, as well as energy work in the booth, and a variety of ritual and sacred activities that you can participate in.

Mother, I feel you under my feet
Mother, I hear your heartbeat
Mother, I feel you under my feet
Mother, I hear your heartbeat
Heya heya heya
Ya heya heya ho
Heya heya heya heya heya ho

This booth is made up of groups whose work explores the boundaries of expression, perception, and communication across a variety of channels of human experience. Look for the big, painted doors.
Doors of Expression – KindTree – Autism Rocks, Eugene Linux User Group, MindFreedom int., Portland Indymedia, and Electronic Frontier Foundation

4-A – Alter-Abled Access Ambassadors

We are a subset of a larger Fairwide service crew like Security, and are based both at the Dragon’s Head and in the Village. You can stop by and visit us at our Village booth/rest stop, which offers rest and trouble-shooting for any issues related to access needs and support for both Fair Family and guests. Let us help you solve your access issues so you can have a wonderful Fair experience. We are conveniently located next door to the Cooperative Fruit booth

I want some…
Organic Fruit Coop

The Fruit Booth is one of two places in the village to offer products for sale – fresh, organic fruit, nuts, and granola! But that’s not all: the Fruits and Nuts crew also distribute information about the relationships between healthy food and a healthy planet, and spread the word about how the ways we buy our food impact the planet we depend on. Look under the sun shade for beautiful, delicious fruit!

youth power – where kids and teens gather to serve the Village needs

Youth Power creates meaningful experiences for youth who have grown out of childcare, but are not yet ready to join the Teen Crew at Country Fair. They do this by providing a comfortable space staffed by loving, compassionate adults, and also by providing meaningful jobs for our Youth for which they are rewarded with gifts.

Little Village is a childcare booth where potty-trained kiddos can enjoy reading, face-painting, crafts, and other experiences while their parents explore or work in the Village. Pre-potty-trained kids are welcome with their own one-on-one adult.
The Women’s Moon Lodge

The Women’s Moon Lodge is a Sacred Space dedicated to providing knowledge, education and support to all of the women of fair. We provide free natural alternatives for feminine protection, and a safe, sumptuous space to reflect, relax and regroup. Rites of Passage rituals are offered each day in the yurt by the women of the lodge. Workshops are are held daily within the lodge to further personal growth and planetary healing.

Health and Healing

The Health and Healing booth is a vibrant booth made up of groups and individuals who practice all manner of healing modalities. Members offer workshops and demonstrations to the public throughout the day. They are located between Lifelong Learning and Intentional Communities.  

The Arts booth
is mostly staffed by a collective of arts and art education activists (including the Squirt-A-Shirt Experience) who provide hands-on arts workshop experiences for people of all ages throughout the Fair. We are to the left of the Community Village Stage. Say Hi to the Dragon!
The Village Stage

We provide a service to the Village by drawing the public to us. Performances are during the even hours; the odd hours are devoted to Workshops and Demos. We have 12 performance slots during the OCF; four per day. Performances are scheduled during February and March; to apply please email Bob Fennessy at publicity@wowhall.org. The Community Village stage is run by volunteers, and is run on Solar Power with help from our friends in Energy Park.

intentional communities

The Intentional Communities booth, to the right of the Village Stage, is staffed by representatives from a variety of communities of choice, residence, and
practice from around the region. They explore a variety of ways for humans to be together, live together, and work together with mutual respect and intentionality.
Breitenbush Hot Springs, East Blair Housing Coop, Lost Valley Education Center & Ecovillage and more.

Master Gardeners, Klamath Bird Observatory, and Healthy Plants Healthy Bees.

      OSU Extension Master Gardeners: Stewardship Gardening Using sustainable and research-based techniques, learn how to grow, preserve and cook food, connect with other gardeners and use “Ask an Expert” for gardening advice.

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