Camping Information 2023

Camping Form (.pdf) (fillable: download, type, save, send) | Camping Form (.docx) | due date is updated to May 26

Camping coordination – Sharon Bogdanovic

Download Below 2023 Camping Guide PDF if desired

GET ME YOUR CAMP INFO by May 26, 2023 at the very latest


Camping Guide:

Camping Info 2023

  • REPEATING MY CAMP PLAN: If you camped in 2022, the last time we had fair, and you plan to do exactly as you did that year = email a love note that you are returning home and everything is the same.  If anything has changed = Complete a form or let me know
  • Email the information on the camping form or fill it out and attach the form to an email. You also have the option to call and leave me a detailed voice mail or you could also mail it to me.
  • Do not assume I have your information unless I confirm I do.  I will email you, or text you, and confirm I got it.  Please get me your plan by May 26.
  • NO SETTING UP TENTS PRIOR TO WEDNESDAY JULY 5th.  Setup begins on Wednesday July 5th at 9am.  You should plan for your tent to be setup on Wednesday.  If you set it up before Wednesday, I will have to take it down and the whole situation will suck for both of us.
  • Early tent setup ONLY for those who need to work at the Fair site.  If that is not you, plan your schedule now so that you can arrive to setup on Wednesday, or delegate someone to set up your tent.
  • SWAMP AND MEADOW: DO NOT have assigned spaces.  Your camp spot cannot be transferred to another person.  We incorporate new Village members each year, camp spaces will be assigned as you arrive to setup camp.  You may very likely end up in the same space as before – but this is not a guarantee.
  • SPECIAL NEEDS – If you are a person with ADA accommodations connect with OCF 4A.  We are all aging and/or have changing needs – know your own limits and make arrangements and plan for your comfort level.
  • The Village camping areas are for Village members ONLY, defined as getting your camping pass through the village.  At least one person in the tent MUST be getting a camping pass through the Village.
  • BRING A SMALL TENT if you are camping in the swamp or meadow, if you need more space consider moving into one of our other camping areas.
  • When you arrive on site, check with your camp host in the Information booth PRIOR to setting up camp in the swamp or meadow.  We valet park your tent in the Swamp and Meadow.
  • EVERYONE needs to sign in with the Camp Coordinator on site and get a Village tent tag.
  • The Camping team will be available for check-in all day Wednesday at the Village Information booth.  Please let me know if you plan to arrive on Thursday to set up camp. If you can get that tent up on Wednesday, then I’m able better able to take care of people looking for space.  The crew is happy to put up a tent if you need us to.
  • If you need assistance figuring this out talk to the Camp Coordinator PRIOR to Fair (earlier the better) NOT the week of Fair or when you arrive on site.
  • BOOTH COORDINATORS – Please email me a list of your booth members, this is helpful.  Make sure you communicate with your booth members and tell them that they must communicate with me about camping. I beg and plead for camping information to me by May 26, 2023.
  • In June, a time when there is movement on passes, it can be difficult for me to accommodate late camping requests. The later towards fair the more you need to communicate with a person that they may need to be prepared to find themselves camping options. This always seems to work out with Fair magik.

Sharon Bogdanovic
3829 NW Arrowood Circle, Corvallis, OR 97330