Eligibility Forms for 2020

This page is for All Community Village members who are part of a Booth, Council, or the Areas Team. You must have, or plan to, complete attendance eligibility requirements (2 Village meetings and 2 onsite work parties) as well as activist or service requirements as listed in the Guidelines HERE to participate.

Due to the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 quarantine ordered by the state government of Oregon, and the postponement of Fair prep activities by the OCF, the Community Village Council has consented to delay the due date of your Eligibility Forms, and all other 2020 forms, until our May 14 Village meeting. Read the OCF message of 4/5/202 HERE. 

To access the 4/6 OCF Board meeting stream, go HERE Monday afternoon.

All eligibility forms are online this year and are due by Thursday, April 9, by the end of the Village Meeting. You must fill them out online and click “submit” when finished. (If you are unable to access the internet, please contact your Booth Coordinator or designee who will enter the information with your guidance, or enter info from the forms print out you can obtain.) You will receive an email copy of your completed form, which we ask you to forward right away to your Booth Coordinator. Everyone’s info will then be available to your Booth Coordinator, who has a dedicated field in the form to add their comments. Your information will then be transferred into a spreadsheet for the individual Booth Coordinator to access. This information will also be accessed by those present at the Eligibility Meeting (Monday, April 13, 7-9pm at Growers) as they review it to determine each individual/group’s eligibility.

The Council meeting when pass allocation is decided is Wednesday the 15th, 7pm, at Growers. Thursday the 16th 7pm at EBHC is the Booth Coord meeting when allocations will be announced, along with other important info.

The forms are collecting all the same information as the paper forms did in the past. The difference is that they are online, through Google Forms, and will be collected directly online. There is a Group form, an Individual form, and a SERVICE BOOTH form for people who are participating in one of the booths listed here: Restaurant, Council, Cooperative Fruit, AAAA, Little Village, Moon Lodge, Youth Power, Areas, and Info). Please contact your Booth Coord with questions.

If you have questions or improvements for these form, please contact Tim at tim@gwproj.com or 541 521 7208.

Groups seeking eligibility should fill in one form for each group, HERE

Individuals seeking eligibility should each fill in one form per worker, and should list any youth, teen, and SO who are coming based on that individual eligibility on that form, HERE

For people who are participating through these service booths –  Restaurant, Cooperative Fruit, AAAA, Little Village, Moon Lodge, Youth Power, Areas, and Info plus Council – go HERE

Good Luck…

Community Village Workshop & Demos form 2020 PDF


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