This page details plans and participation options 
2020 Committee notes HERE.  | 2021 Village Cloud FairEz Committee notes HERE 

Next FairEz meeting TBA:

Please join this meeting if you believe it’s important that every member of our Village Community do their part in creating a successful event for the public, for you fellow Villagers, and for your booth.

Ongoing –
entertainment outreach, weekly
Kim and Brooks outreach to Booth Coordinators re: diversity
Ready to go by March 31, Booth Coord Monkey See messaging
April: Host outreach begins (include booth coords)
Hosts booked deadline – May 13 (Village meeting)
Venue decided – May 13
1st PR – May 13 … Publicity – Jair, Sara
Stream artwork and backdrop designs done – June 10 (Village meeting)
Gear needs sorted out – June 10
Big PR poster ready – June 10
All other videos, recordings to edit due – June 18
Hangout links, content, staffed, Zoom link due – June 19
Show lineup schedule complete, virtual mike checks complete – June 25
3D Fair populated – June 25
Rehearsals – July 2
Show is ready – July 10

The elements shown below are the template we worked with in 2020. We managed to all do of them, though improvement is hoped for for 2021. We’re hoping for:
1. An Actual Opening Circle with more than 4 people.
2. More people singing for the Sweep.
3. More workshops and Booth hangouts – more like the actual Fair.
4. A better interface with a better OCF virtual setup.
5. More of our Village art to appear as framing for our online set.
6. Some Historical photo albums with music sound track.
7. Short introduction videos – any villager, for example, “Hi, I’m Skeeter, I been a Fairy since 1895…”

Online elements:


Live Stream Opening Circle
Live Stream Music Performances and Concert
Pre-recorded Music Performances
Music Videos | Frog Jokes | Virtual Sweep
Activist Group Promotion Clips
Interactive Live Stream Workshop Segments
Fun MC / Hosts | Interactive Interviews
Simulcast on Radio  (KOCF)
Linked directly from Virtual OCF site
Links leading to Full Workshops and Hangout spots


Interactive Workshops & Demos
Pre-recorded Workshops & Demos
Interviews | Interactive Conversations
Celebrity Activist Pre-recorded Segments
Historical and Artist Photo Album Videos


Zoom Rooms staffed by booths to interact with each other and virtual visitors
Links to CV and activist websites
“Welcome to the Village Green” Zoom Room with activities that you help create

“25 years ago I was in the booth showing people what the Internet was, and how to sign up for an account on EFN. Now we are using the Internet to show people how to use the village. How things have changed.” – Jamie, Doors of Expression

How You Can Participate

Work with the Village Cloud FairEz committee and your booth coordinator to develop hangout/breakout room activities, promote the event, create workshop content, staff the day-of-event live stream, be a host or entertainer…

Develop and share content:

1. Create a pre-recorded Workshop
2. Submit an interactive workshop or conversation idea for live streaming
3. Record a 1-7 minute promo for your non-profit (maybe a humorous commercial)
4. Provide link to a downloadable celebrity activist speech or presentation


5. Arrange a live stream concert from home or from a professional venue
6. Submit your music video or recorded performance
7. Create a slide show of your art or craft (for kids, too) or historical village photos

Community Interaction:

8. Schedule staffing for your Booth Zoom Room hangout, confirm that your booth wants to do this.
9. Help staff the Village Green Zoom Room to hang out with whoever is there

Tasks that need doing…Can you HELP!?
Tech Team:

1. Help with rehearsal, testing, in late June.
2. Be a Segment Creator: help folks produce / film pre-recorded workshops, slide shows, etc.
3. Also looking for art work to be background and/or framing for video window.

Day of Show Team:

4. Be an MC / Host!!! Awesome job, 2-3 hour shifts.
5. Sign-up to be the lead person in your participating Booth or the Village Green Zoom Room.

Google Form Links 2021

Performance video, or live stream idea or finished file. 2021 Application Form HERE.

Workshop / Presentation video or live stream idea or finished file. 2021 Workshop Form HERE. E-mail if you need additional information.

Add your Info to the Activist Booth pages with this form. Add information for Your Group HERE.

Booth Hangout Submission: Booth Coordinators – Fill out this form with your Booth Hangout plan

Host Segments – email if you would like to be a Live Stream Host for a 2 hour shift July 10, 2021.

Email HERE to volunteer on the Tech Team or for tech support or assistance.

Email HERE to volunteer for the Show Team or non-tech tasks, or with questions or content ideas.