The Complete Guide to
Community Village Registration
for Booth Coordinators’ use

Allocating Passes
the Registration Form
Pass Numbers
Wait List
Paying for Passes


The first step in the registration process is the eligibility process. Worker wristbands and day passes are for people and groups that have passed eligibility. (Eligibility Guidelines HERE)

2023 Forms: These booths please use the Service Booth Form: AAAA, Youth Power, and Restaurant, Women’s Moon Lodge and Cooperative Fruit. All other activist booths or individual booth eligibility forms here:  Activist Group Eligibility Form HereService Booth Eligibility Form Here  |  Individual Eligibility Form Here | Little Village Only Eligibility Form HERE  | Info Booth Eligibility Form HERE | Areas Group Eligibility Form HERE


After eligibility is done, Council will allocate wristbands to the various booths; both worker wristbands ($0 – 50) and SO wristbands ($100) (2023 prices not yet finalized). The number of worker wristbands is the number of day passes (@$15) available to a booth; the number of vehicle passes (@$20) available is also calculated from the number of wristbands allocated.

Additional SO, vehicle, and day passes may become available from the wait list.

Once you know how many passes are available to your booth, let your booth mates know. Your booth needs to decide how these passes will be allocated. Your booth should reach agreement before the end of May. At this point you should be ready to fill out the registration form.


You should have received a registration form from me (John Flannery) in May. When you receive it the form will list in column B people who have been in the booth previously. This is for your convenience, so if someone is returning you don’t have to track down their birth date or contact information. Feel free to remove people, especially people you don’t expect to return to the booth in the future.

Beside some of the names will be the number ‘1’ in various columns, indicating that last year that person was registered to receive a pass, with different columns indicating different kinds of passes. Add names of people new to the booth, with a ‘1’ indicating what kind of pass they are getting this year, and add and erase ‘1’s for people already in the booth. The name of each person receiving a wristband must be included.


A person may request day passes instead of a wristband.  The same eligibility requirements apply, and the same information is required on the registration form.

No eligible group may receive more than 6 day passes, or 3 day passes and one worker wristband, or 2 worker wristbands.

Teen passes are for people 13-18 years old on the Tuesday before the Fair; Youth passes are for people 11 or 12 years old on the Tuesday before the Fair. Teens and youths are not eligible for adult passes. Teens and youth not in the same booth as a legal guardian must submit a permission form (available on the Village website) filled out by a legal guardian. Please include permission forms when registering a teen or youth.

If a person prefers a far side vehicle pass you should put a ‘1’ in that column, but not all requests will be accommodated. If the request is not accommodated the person will receive an on-site vehicle pass. If a person is bringing a vehicle longer than 22 feet they will need an oversized vehicle sticker – put a ‘1’ in column L.

Column D is for date of birth, and column E is for the group the person is representing. If they are coming as someone’s SO, or getting a teen or youth pass, put the name of the sponsor here.

Please do not alter column O.!!

Record in Column P who actually paid how much – if one booth member is paying for another, record it under the person making the payment.


At the bottom of the form is the Wait List. If your booth would like more SO, vehicle, and/or day passes than were available through registration, indicate here who extra passes should be allocated to. Please indicate in order of priority. Additional passes for workers may be requested here, but they will be $80 (2023 prices not yet finalized) if available. Day passes may be requested either for passes beyond the booth limit or beyond the group limit. Do not hesitate to request additional passes if your booth wants them; putting names on the wait list is NOT an imposition.

The registration form is due May 31st. If you need more time that must be negotiated before then. A booth which does not submit this form by the deadline will have their allocation of worker wristbands reduced by 1, and that reduction may trigger reductions of day passes and vehicle passes. Please e-mail the form to me as an attachment. John 541 345-6822


After I have received your form I will notify you of any problems I see with it. When all problems are ironed out, we will make a date for you to pay for the passes. The deadline for payment is May 31 unless a different deadline is negotiated before then; under no circumstances will the deadline be extended past 11:00 am the day after the June in-town meeting. Booths not paying by this deadline will have their allocation of worker wristbands reduced by 1, and that reduction may trigger reductions of day passes and vehicle passes.

Checks should be made out to Community Village. Cash is also acceptable. Total payment must equal the total owed by the booth.

Booth coords may choose to leave a check with me to cover the cost of wait list passes that become available. These checks will not be deposited unless the pass comes through.


At this time I will provide you with vouchers made out to each person receiving an overnight pass. I am also happy to provide a receipt upon request. Do not provide this voucher to the participant if somehow they have not fully paid for their passes.

After registration is finished, left over passes will be allocated to the wait list. If your booth receives passes from the wait list please pay promptly if you did not leave funds with me earlier.

If you need to change the allocation of passes just e-mail me and let me know how to shift the passes. If your booth winds up not needing a pass that has been paid for, a refund will be given if we are able to sell that pass somewhere else; the earlier we know of passes for sale the more likely we can find a qualified buyer.

John 541 345-6822