This booth is made up of groups whose work explores the boundaries of expression, perception, and communication across a variety of chanNels of human experience. Look for the big, painted doors.

KindTree – Autism Rocks | EugLUG (Eugene Linux User Group) | MindFreedom International | Portland Indymedia | Electronic Frontier Foundation | Imaginify Community Network

KindTree – Autism Rocks

To serve and celebrate people on the autism spectrum through art, education, recreation, and community, since 1997.
Friends & Family Camp | Skill Training for an Independent Living Experience (STiLE) | Advocacy and Support Groups | Social Events Monthly | Artist Guild Program | Online Offerings
Go here to learn more and to donate: | On Facebook | Twitter

Next Activist Group – each gets a short intro, a link to website(s), and a slide show like above (assuming you send photos). A video can also be added. The above booth image can also be changed if you send Tim a photo. Check out the form below…

This invitation to the form is going out to the booth coords only, who are asked to share with their booth members. Nathan suggested we create a form to gather info about you (as an independent activist) or your activist organization that would be displayed in your booth’s CV web page, as described above. You have until December 31st to complete this form. After that, information from the Village Connectory PDF will be used. Sound like fun? Hopefully having your info on our site will help you spread your activist vision.
Activist/Organization CV web page form
Questions to develop content for you booth’s very own webpage on the website
Fill out form

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