Village Meeting April 8, 2021

Village Meeting April 8, 2021 Present: Tim, Sue & Michael, Karrie, Sara, Flannery, Diane, Nathan, Diane, Brooks, Lareina, Cat, Scott, Jain, Marlene? Ernie, Flannery, Wendy, Laura, Adrian, Sam, Krene, Richard, Margaret, Kim, Horst, Chrissy, Cindy Vail, Tave, Plaedo, Council not present: Karla, David, Hello – in breakout rooms (15 everyone – Host)Set Intention (5 Minutes, … Continue reading Village Meeting April 8, 2021

Rainbow Village

Rainbow Village is dedicated to education, information access, and networking for progressive social change surrounding our LGBTQIA+ fair family and attendees. To fulfill the Village’s vision of peace, trust, justice, cooperation, equality, and social service, Community Village and the Oregon Country Fair can demonstrate that they believe in the dreams, values, thinking and differences of … Continue reading Rainbow Village

FairEz Meeting #4 3-30-2021

Present: Tim, Adrian, Crystalyn Agenda Progress reports:EntertainmentHostsHangoutsWorkshopsArtworkOCF progressTech stuffFundraising Entertainment – 35 acts so far, may be able to shunt to other stages. Hosts – to do soon! Arthur and Anita too. Omo n Chrissy, Steve Brown. Do an application? Sam R? Do a QnA with chat, tell stories… Adrian wanted to do that, with … Continue reading FairEz Meeting #4 3-30-2021

Community Village Minutes, 3-11-2021

Community Village Minutes, 3-11-2021 Facilitators: Lareina and JaciNotes: Tim Attending: Jaci, Tim, Lareina, Jamie, Adrian, Syn B, Sara Jessica, Pleado, Kelsey, Sara H, Sharon, Jain, Maya, Mike , Kim, Krene, David, Karyn, Susan aka Ladybug, Jeannette, Barb, John F, Rickard W, Nathan, Kevin, Karen, …Fred, Karla,28 attending Agenda:Hello – in breakout rooms (15 everyone – … Continue reading Community Village Minutes, 3-11-2021

February 11, 2021 Community Village Minutes

Community Village Minutes, February 11, 2021 Council present: Tim, Sara, Kim, Nathan, David, Brooks, (total villagers: 29)Council not present: Diane, Karla Minutes by Sam Rutledge Facilitators: Sara and Kim Hello’s (20 Minutes, everyone) (everyone to say name, booth, and three words to sum up 2021.  Tim - On council. so far it’s a good day. … Continue reading February 11, 2021 Community Village Minutes

“Village Cloud FairEz” planning committee 2021

FairEz meeting #4 notes 3-30-2021 - Village Cloud FairEz meeting #3, 3-2-2021 Community Village Cloud FairEz March 2, 2021Present: Tim, Jamie, Adrian, Chrissy, Proposed Agenda:Develop TimelineProgress reports from:Entertainment outreach – BobHangout coord (breakout rooms) – Kim, BrooksWorkshop scheduling – Beth and Mikehelp live stream – stage manager (Mike) + Sara + Jaimie, AdrianWebpage for … Continue reading “Village Cloud FairEz” planning committee 2021

Council / Virtual Committee Joint Meeting

January 21, 2021 Agenda:Assign Council Jobs, Booth LiaisonsFacilitation Training, Tech Support, &  Booth Coordinator Meet-upAssign Virtual Committee Jobs, responsibilitiesSet timelineName Committee________________________________________ Community Village is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Topic: Community Village Council / CV Virtual CommitteeTime: Jan 21, 2021 07:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada) Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 897 … Continue reading Council / Virtual Committee Joint Meeting

Community Village Meeting, January 14, 2021

Council present: Tim, Sara, Brooks, Kim, David late, Diane via phone Absent: Karla (relative is in hospital), Nathan Agenda: Set Intention – 5Confirmation of Council – 3Fair announcements – 5Site Report – 5Hello’s go-round – how are we? – 20Sam Rutledge Q & A – 2021 Fair???? – 3Virtual 2021 Committee – call for action … Continue reading Community Village Meeting, January 14, 2021