Provides a hang out space and facilitates ways for Fair Family youth ages 9 -13, called “Tweens” to feel included and be of service to the Village. The Tweens are gifted with cash, tips or food vouchers by fulfilling villagers’ requests for assistance. Fair Teen Volunteers and Village Tweens are supervised while doing these services for the Community Village in preparation for learning leadership, volunteer and work skill sets.

Youth Power is there for scheduled tasks and “I need help at the moment” services.

Motto: Follow the 3-Chip Plan of 1) get the job done 2) treat everyone with respect 3) have fun!

At morning meetings, Youth will announce any Youth Power related information or events of the day. A daily schedule clipboard includes the services, tasks and events planned for the day. A chalkboard visual schedule will also be posted. Another clipboard for Villagers and nearby vendors to request services or help from tweens will be available in the booth at all times.

What are Fair Teens?
-They are 14 -18 years old, get wristbands and wear a Fair Staff T-Shirt as part of the Teen Crew Volunteer Program with a Teen Pass to the Fair. They are supervised by Lori Cunnington and Ruth Ames.
-Fair Teens are given this volunteer opportunity to network within the fair to assist in locating a crew the teen would like to work for as an adult for future fairs.
-Teens are mentors for the Tweens. Teens are magnets for Tweens. Fair Teens are assigned to accompany a tween on a tween task as part of their shift duty. Ideally Fair Teens mentor, not compete with our Village Tweens.
-Fair Teens receive a voucher (worth $3) per hour of work. A usual shift is 4 hours and they receive 4 food vouchers. They do not receive other compensation, but can receive tips.
-A Teen Supervision and Safety Protocol exists and is coordinated with Lori and Ruth. What are Tweens? -Not a Little Villager and not a Teen, a Tween is about ages 9 – 13.
-Able to ask for help, and verbalizes how to get help. Fulfills jobs responsibly with minimal reminders. Has a way to contact parents at any time. Receives training.
-Trained to complete 3-Chip scenarios, and to have positive interactions.
-The Village has some food vouchers and some donated cash so Tweens can get gifted $2 or $3 an hour or a $3 food voucher per hour of work. Tipping comes in when the tween does something for someone in the Village/Fair.
-If an 8 year old is not ready to be independent yet, they may shadow to learn how.

One thought on “Youth Power!

  1. 3-Chip Plan (Humanistic Intervention)
    1) Everyone gets respect
    2) The job gets done
    3) We all have fun!

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