Rainbow Village is dedicated to education, information access, and networking for progressive social change surrounding our LGBTQIA+ fair family and attendees. To fulfill the Village’s vision of peace, trust, justice, cooperation, equality, and social service, Community Village and the Oregon Country Fair can demonstrate that they believe in the dreams, values, thinking and differences of the LGBTQIA+ community by supporting an LGBTQIA+ space. It is through this exploration that the consciousness of the Village and OCF at large may be expanded, echoing out into the surrounding communities and world.

Reach out via e-mail or on our OCF Rainbow Village Facebook page.

The Eugene Pride Celebration is a social venue for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, gender diverse and sexual minority community. While it is primarily a community event, it also exists for families, friends, allies and guests from all over the Northwest. The celebration is a fundraiser for scholarships for LGBTQIA+ youth and children of LGBTQIA+ parents.

Here is a link to the slide deck from my presentation on HIV Alliance at November 12, 2021 Village meeting. Please note, there are additional slides that cover HIV and HCV 101:

And here is a link to the portion of the meeting with the slide show narrated by Brooks: https://youtu.be/f57SbunRsmY

Rainbow Village Activities

• To create identifiable safe spaces for LGBTQIA+ people to find respite, support, community and connection

• To increase the visibility/representation of the LGBTQIA+ community at the fair, thereby creating/modeling an inviting environment

• To coordinate with other booths/events/parades/offerings through the fair to centralize info regarding LGBTQ directed fun throughout the fair

• To increase the exposure to LGBTQIA+ issues occurring in the local/national spheres

• To accommodate LGBTQIA+ identified folx to safely connect, collaborate and create.

• A “store front,” where Pride Village staff can engage the public regarding political issues, resources and education. This will include representation from local LGBTQIA+ groups, such as Eugene Pride, PFLAG, Interweave, HIV Alliance, TransPonder and more.

• To increase the contribution of LGBTQIA+ culture/art/music to the OCF programming

• To create opportunities for intergenerational conversations regarding the past, present and future of the LGBTQIA+ culture/community

• To unify the OCF community in support, collaboration, and action regarding LGBTQIA+ social justice issues

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