Present: Tim, Adrian, Crystalyn


Progress reports:
OCF progress
Tech stuff

Entertainment – 35 acts so far, may be able to shunt to other stages.

Hosts – to do soon! Arthur and Anita too. Omo n Chrissy, Steve Brown. Do an application? Sam R? Do a QnA with chat, tell stories… Adrian wanted to do that, with Suzie P? Maybe get Village Alumni? Arthur organize a story time QnA? Coordinate with Sally, Peach stream is doing something similar. Tim will reach out. Give hosts more room to breathe. Important for Fair Family. Tim reach out on Facebook..? Short story segments… A balance of Fair family and public interest subjects.

OCF progress…

Tech stuff – did chat last time, can do again, making it slicker. Maybe Zoom, too? Need a monitor… Probably not.

Fundraising – Sell wristbands for fun memorabilia. Underwriting…ask for money like a radio station, sponsorship types. Live hosts will talk about donating to OCF, and push merch, village could do that, too…?

Crystalyn – met with Ticket West, people could buy a ticket, register $ ahead of time maybe for workshops. Dean Middleton could help with Zooming Village stream. Would be good for seeing each other. A robust chat would be adequate.

Make Peach Pages for activist groups?? Crews have made them, .com site to highlight activists. Crystalyn will get back to me about who…

Do we want to ask for donations, must get consensus. Buy merch maybe?

Mosquito is good for internal, maybe not so for public. But our t-shirts are only for Villagers, after all.

Adopted Timeline, let’s keep on it.:
Ongoing –
entertainment outreach, weekly
Kim and Brooks outreach to Booth Coordinators re: diversity
Ready to go by March 31, Booth Coord Monkey See messaging
April: Host outreach begins (include booth coords)
Hosts booked deadline – May 13 (Village meeting)
Venue decided – May 13
1st PR – May 13 … Publicity – Jair, Sara
Stream artwork and backdrop designs done – June 10 (Village meeting)
Gear needs sorted out – June 10
Big PR poster ready – June 10
All other videos, recordings to edit due – June 18
Hangout links, content, staffed, Zoom link due – June 19
Show lineup schedule complete, virtual mike checks complete – June 25
3D Fair populated – June 25
Rehearsals – July 2
Show is ready – July 10

Added from Brooks and Nathan:

Here’s an update from tonight’s Little Village hangout that I attended.

They are working on several acts – a puppet show, a marimba band concert, a nature school lesson/workshop, and the Minecraft Village, for sure. A robot duet, comedy, and other musical acts were discussed, as well.  They seem excited to participate and there were a lot of good ideas.  They are not sure about a hangout during the event as they don’t think there would be a lot of pop in visitors.  I’m encouraging them to have a hangout similar to the one tonight, so we’ll see what happens there.

As far as the landing page for their booth, does the survey that was sent out for the website work for the booth landing page?  If so, they have the link and will submit there.  If not, how should content be submitted? 


Yes the survey (on the homepage) should allow them to submit content for their landing page on the website.
If they have any trouble whatsoever, they may just email content directly to me ( or contact me to for help, etc..

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