Community Village Meeting Notes 2021-11-11

Present: Brooks, Rachel Barrows, Tim, Jane, Sue B, David, Anita, Arthur, Omo, Sam, Karen Austin, Ellena, Kelsey, Fred, Linda, John F, Elise, Margaret, Bob, Karrie, Ross, Albion, Nathan, Karla,

Not: Diane, Sara,

Hello – in breakout rooms (15 everyone – Host)
Set Intention (5 Minutes, Facilitator)
Agenda Review (3 Minutes, Facilitator)
Fair Announcements (5 Minutes)
Site Report – David (5 Minutes)
One Fun Thing – (5 Minutes, Facilitator)
Vaccination update:
You may or may not be aware that the BOD passed a motion requiring everyone who is on site, starting January 1, 2022, to be vaccinated. in the Village we have many people who are immunocompromised. when we meet again in person are we going to require vaccination? if one is not vaccinated one cannot attend Fair and if you don’t attend Fair are you in the Village that year? – (20 minutes , Arthur)
Diversity Report – Brooks (15 minutes)
Om Dome Report – Nathan (10 minutes)
Unfair Announcements (5 minutes, All)
Strokes and pokes (5 minutes, All)


Hello – in breakout rooms

Set Intention

Deep breaths, honor each other, one as a family from a place of Love and listening…

Agenda Review

Add Tipi to Om Dome agenda item. (“Om Dome” is an unofficial name)
Diversity will be an activist report instead.

Fair Announcements

Bob: Call from Robin at the office, asked about opening performer applications for 2022 Fair, yes, we’re in Bob said, with new form available from to apply to perform. Fair will provide a Covid Test. Bob wants to have a shadow to do stage booking, to train for future years. It used to be a Council job that Bob kept after he left Council. The pass is part of the Areas team now.

Site Report – David

Was onsite 11-1. Still not sure of LLL vegie issue, more info to come. H&H booth is flagged off and deconstructed with only posts remailing that will also need to be replace during rebuild. Booth crew should have got permission to deconstruct from Site Crew, but may have had Vegie crew member there with them. Water system is overloaded, maybe redo it with phone lines, etc. in a trench, to increase capacity. Gonna need more handwashing stations and grey water upgrade, for example. Maybe get a new Recycling Barn, with maybe a solar array roof, built in stages with the foundation slab first. OCF is reaching about who is coming back to staff crews. Is there a attendance limit re:Covid?

One Fun Thing

Sue: What are you gonna do first next time you at at Fair? Hug!! Smile! Mosquito juice application. Stress out about where to put the tent. Observe plant growth. Close eyes and listen. CV opening ceremony!!! Shout out loud in gratitude about being together. Look up. See favorite trees. Do the whole route 2 times, eat Indian food. Share with grandbaby. Cry for a while. Lay in tent listening to the Fair. Sauna in 2am. Pre-Fair doggies. Teary eyed hugs. Feel my tensions release. Be in Wonder. Squeeze kids and blow bubbles. Have fun.

Vaccination update: You may or may not be aware that the BOD passed a motion requiring everyone who is on site, starting January 1, 2022, to be vaccinated. in the Village we have many people who are immunocompromised. when we meet again in person are we going to require vaccination? if one is not vaccinated one cannot attend Fair and if you don’t attend Fair are you in the Village that year? – (Arthur)

Do we make a decision tonight? (we did not) OCF discussion indicates insurance issues might have led to this policy.
Sam (member of the OCF Board): No, insurance wasn’t raised in board conversation. They talked about the CDC, the vaccine’s good work, and looked at logistics regarding onsite rapid testing and keeping volunteer records.
Immuno-compromised folks DO want to be vaccinated, not as implied above.
Vaccination triggered someone’s autoimmune issue, but getting Covid would be even worse. Maybe vaccination is not the right for us, but instead must pass a rapid test every time is a better idea.
But that test only helps if you’re showing symptoms and those infected but not showing symptoms could still be contagious. Confirmed by one other.
Rapid test can be really valuable, vaccinated or not. Maybe need a special vax document that can’t be faked.
“Don’t want to discuss this, what to approve of the OCF decision or not.”
We needn’t debate a decision already made. Can people still be part of Village if they don’t come this year?
OK, though they may compete with a replacement, maybe for booth space and pass.
Would want there to be some kind of substantial contribution to retain membership.
There is a lot of vaccination info out there that can be confusing so rely on the CDC, not other sources. Not sure what it means to be part of the village? Does it mean pass access or (should be group level) just part of “us” which shouldn’t matter as we are still family. Should allow remote option if possible for unvaxed when we are in person.
Just follow what the Fair does…still an OCF voting member if you miss 2 fairs, my booth sometimes has people that are “on leave” for a year an then come back.
Does the vax requirement apply to under 12 years old? YES. Policy text is on our CV home page:
At Autism Rocks we followed CDC. So because vax between 5-12 is available, attendees should be vaccinated.
The policy includes: “…Proof of Full and Up to Date to all persons onsite who are eligible…” Would include 5-12yrs.
John F… Am I gonna keep these records, how is it gonna work? More info to come from OCF…
Maybe when outside we should need no vax. What about natural immunity… That may come into play for the village?
More discussion next Village meeting, Jan 13, 2022

Activist Report: HIV Alliance – Brooks

A recent HIV article noted that someone was called out downtown. So gonna share with us… HIV cannot be transmitted via Saliva. See recording of presentation as well as a link to the full slide show:  Get Tested – everyone at least once. We are the only organization in Oregon working in rural communities. Housing is a particular issue. Drugs are working great and are expensive. Overdoes are skyrocketing, fentanyl is in all the meds.

Question: Still called HIV Alliance, sometimes called Alliance to avoid stigmatism around sign on building.
EVENT: Worlds Aid Day Dec 1 2-7pm Park Blocks

Om Dome / Tipi Report – Nathan and David (10 minutes)

Kaya Sky has the tipi and was already hoping to replace with a geodesic dome, culturally better and an improved workshop space. She was invited to attend or send a picture, has not replied yet. Nathan also offered logistic support if needed. More to come in January. (“Om Dome” is an unofficial name)
David thinks that we could use that space for other groups, especially indigenous people may want the space and use a Wickiup which may be better than a dome. Because we decided on the dome without indigenous people’s input, he believes we should invalidate the decision.
Since the tipi and dome belongs to the same person the change seems respectful. Domes are a part of our hippie Bucky Fuller shtick. 
Some friends are turned off on domes. Can it be soundproof?
John F has measurement to make a dome if needed.
Appreciates David’s vision for a longer-term addition, but still wants to use the dome in 2022.
Came to consensus to use the dome in October’s Village meeting, we  would not consent today to change that.
Our past efforts at reaching out to Native Americans was embarrassing somehow – did not go well – asking about Wickiup could come off as wacky. Hopefully they would reach out to us… Kinda a complicated process, we would need a path/process developed.
David: But…inclusiveness, on native land. Conversation was in an email thread with J. Silvermoon and another, not just CV, not just David talking about this. David is adamant. Still thinks October’s decision is not valid.
Do we pay these indigenous groups for their consulting about our questions? No, so maybe they feel used…
I think getting rid of the teepee and making something that isn’t appropriative is more inclusive than “giving” a space that indigenous groups might not want anyway.
Outside voices do not decide decisions like this. Let’s not set a precedent that decisions need to be vetted by outside groups.
David still not happy.
Moving on…

Unfair Announcements

Dragageddon fundraiser for ASO and KindTree is this Friday.
House sitter needed: Tim and Nel may be out of town for a spell this winter and are looking for a house sitter. If interested, call Nel at 541 521 7208

Strokes and pokes

No meeting until January 13, 2022
Council meeting in November or December? Who has an agenda item?
Nice facilitation
Nice notes
Nice conversation

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