Community Village Meeting 1-13-22

Attendees: Sue Barnhart, Jain, Adrian, Stephanie Ballman, Lareina, Bob Fennessy, Sara, Dea, Omo, Ed, Fred Roellig, Doug Hoss, Lareina, Joy Shain, Horst, Linda Mazur, Tovi, J, Christina, Lexi, Jared Abbott, Barbara, Nathan, John Flanery, Karla, Brooks, Christina Peirsol, David Hoffman

    Hello – in breakout rooms (15 minutes – everyone – Host)
  • Set intention – (5 minutes, facilitator)
  • Agenda review – (3 minutes, facilitator)
  • Fair announcements – (5 minutes, facilitator)
  • Site Report – (5 minutes, David)
  • Confirming Council – announce and state that no concerns were expressed – (10 minutes, Brooks)
  •  Firing of staff – (5 minutes)
  • One Fun Thing – (5 minutes)
  • Former Tipi space (10 minutes)
  • Guideline Changes for 2022 – (5 minutes)
  • Assessing volunteer engagement this year – are we going to have volunteers? (10 minutes)
  • Unfair announcements – (5 minutes, facilitator)
  • Strokes and Pokes – (5 minutes, all)

  • Hello – in breakout rooms (15 minutes – everyone – Host)
  • Set intention – (5 minutes, facilitator)
    • Lareina set a beautiful intention where we held our hearts, felt the warmth of those in the meeting and throughout the Fair, and an intention to gather again when it’s safe and we can all be there.
  • Agenda review – (3 minutes, facilitator)
  • Announce Gwyneth Passing – (5 minutes, facilitator)
    • Many Villagers shared loving stories and memories of Gwyneth.  She will be sorely missed in the Village and left a positive impact on so many people in the Village and around the state.  She was an inspiration and changed so many folks lives for the better.  
  • Fair announcements – (5 minutes, facilitator)
    • Jain announced that at 6pm on the January 17th our Board President, Lily, is holding a listening session
    • Bob announced that there is an application form to perform on the Community Village Stage, you can apply on the OCF website.  Email Bob through the CV email if you aren’t able to provide all of the details they are requesting.
    • Karla just came from the coordinator budget meeting for the Fair and had the following updates:
      • They are following CDC and OHA guidelines for this year’s event, including the vaccine requirement.  Fair family must provide proof of vaccination, and requirements are still being worked out for the public during the event.
      • There will be a verification credential for pre-fair people.  They are considering a wristband.  These details are still being worked out.
      • They are proceeding as if we are having the event, although it’s not certain it will happen.
  • Site Report – (5 minutes, David)
    • David was there on the first Sunday in January
    • Since then, the entire site has been flooded up to the higher parts of the site
    • Health and Healing booth needs repairs
    • The snow does not seem to have done much damage to the site
    • Site is open from 10am-4pm daily
    • There is quite a bit of erosion near Shady Grove, and LUMP is discussing what might be next if we lose Upper River Loop
    • Several folks have been able to canoe the site
  • Confirming Council – announce and state that no concerns were expressed – (10 minutes, Brooks)
    • Brooks announced that folks stood for council in the fall, and no concerns have been expressed to those who have stood.  Tonight, we confirm council.
    • Brooks stood for Tim.
    • Sara introduced herself – her background is in non-profit management.  She currently works in healthcare, and she’s on the Stewardship Council for Reality Kitchen.
    • Omo started OCF in ’87 and was brought in by Gwenyth as a visual interpreter.  He was on council in the following year.  He moved onto the Arts booth from there, then New Games coordinator in Little People, the Om Circle Coordinator followed by Spirit booth coordinator, then back on Council, then construction coordinator.  He also worked in registration for a while. He left a couple of years to work with CeDaR, and is now back.  He is President of Kind Tree Autism Rocks, and he’s trying to figure out retirement.
    • Karla has been in the Village since ’89 starting in Peace and Justice and coordinated the booth for a while.  She then moved to Council and has been on Council for a long time. She handles wristbands for the Village, and she misses seeing everyone as they arrive to Fair. She is an RN and on some COVID-19 workgroups. She does a lot of volunteer stuff for kids.  She misses everyone very much.
    • David is a Master Gardener and started Fair in ’83. He started coordinating the house in ’84, and he’s been on Council since ’85.  He’s on veggiemanics, and he’s glad we keep him around!
    • Diane has been on council for quite some time. She has done many jobs in the Village.
    • Kelsey is shadowing Council this year. She grew up in Little Village starting when she was about 4.  She started working in the booth when she was 19 and has been coordinating the booth since ’13.
  • Firing of staff – (5 minutes)
    • Brooks announced the termination of Crystalyn and Shane and relayed that Council has sent a letter to the BoD expressing concerns about the unFair way the termination was handled as well as our hope that a better process could be communicated to the ED so that this does not happen again in this manner.
  • One Fun Thing – (Jain, 5 minutes)
    • We went around the room, introduced ourselves, our booth, and stated what we are most looking forward to at the next Fair.
  • Former Tipi space (10 minutes)
    • David would like to see Native Peoples offered the space of the tipi. 
    • It was pointed out that we need a meeting space, and one that was accessible.
    • We had a serious discussion about this already and have decided to give up the tipi.  It was already a challenge with setting up the pyramid.  The village reached consensus and we should move on.
    • Some of the types of different structures that were used by Indigenous folks were discussed.  Final decisions are not who we are. 
    • There was extensive discussion on this.  There was no involvement with Indigenous people when the tipi was erected.  There is some confusion as to what this issue is.
    • When we were talking about OCF 2020, we were talking about going back to our roots and inviting Indigenous folks into all of our booths. 
    • It was pointed out that we don’t want to erect another culturally appropriated space if we are taking one down.
    • We could call for OCF to work toward establishing relationships with tribal folks
    • Council should thank Kaya for bringing the tipi to us and allowing us to use that space
  • Guideline Changes for 2022 – (5 minutes)
    • You can submit any recommended changes on the .net site
  • Assessing volunteer engagement this year – are we going to have volunteers? (10 minutes)
    • Booth coordinators will need to determine who in their booth would like to come to OCF should it occur in 2022.  Will folks want to back this year?  Should we invite new folks in?  Should we not replace passes that are unused?  We’ll need to start pinning folks down.
    • Booth coordinators can work with their liaison on this issue.  Liaisons can be found on our website under “People and Jobs.”
    • One question – will being “fully vaccinated” include the booster shot?  CDC and OHA guidelines are being followed, and that does include booster shots.
    • The number of public passes sold will be reduced, but Fair Family allocation should remain the same.  Attendance will be capped at 35,000/day, both public and family. We are being asked to more closely monitor teen.
    • We should consider not replacing attendance for folks who decide not to attend in 2022 unless absolutely essential.
    • It will be hard to not invite folks.
    • It might be a boost for folks who get sensory overloaded if there are fewer people.  Maybe a silver lining?
  • Unfair announcements – (5 minutes, facilitator)
    • Author Robin Wall Kimmerer, who wrote Braiding Sweetgrass, will be here on the 24th at noon at U of O. You can attend virtually.
    • If anyone wants Bob’s job at WOW Hall (Publicist), they should apply.
    • MLK Day March is cancelled.
    • Kind Tree Autism Rocks is in need for some new band members and also volunteers for our camp the last weekend of august
    • Horst has a video of canoeing the site:
  • Strokes and Pokes – (5 minutes, all)
    • Great facilitation.  Sweet and lovely.
    • Thanks Brooks for weaving a challenging conversation together. 
    • Please feel free to volunteer to facilitate if you have capacity.  The facilitation group could use more members!
    • Thanks Brooks for filling in for Tim with notes and putting agenda together.

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