Present: 64
Brooks, Tim, Sara, Ed C, Sue B, Sara Lynn, Horst, Sara Span, Lareina, Arthur n Anita, Cassandra, Barb, Tanya, Cathy, Jeannette, John A, Cat, Jain, Karen, Karla, Kevin, Ben, Audell, Carly, Michael, Kate, Susan C, Jennifer, Jay, Diane, Doug, David, Scott, Damian, Dea, Emma, SoHum, Ben and Kassia, Randy, Richard, Jade, Carrie, tovi, Laura, Natasha, Kelsey, Sharon, Richard W, Linda, Ernie and Cheshire, Maggie, Karyn, Nathan, Banjo Mike, Drake, Skeeter, Omo, more…

Note: All Council and Shadows attended.


  • Hello – in breakout rooms (15 minutes – everyone – Host)
  • Set intention – (5 minutes, facilitator) 
  • Agenda review – (3 minutes, facilitator)
  • Fair announcements – (5 minutes, facilitator)
  • Site Report – (5 minutes, David)
  • Construction Update – (10 minutes, Diane)
  • Diversity Report – (5 minutes, Brooks)
  • Mission Statement Committee – (10 minutes, Omo and Sara)
  • Survey of interest in 2022 event (10 minutes, Karla)
  • In-person spring meeting (15 minutes, Jain maybe?)
    • One thing to consider – if we meet onsite, folks who are not vaccinated cannot attend. 
    • Perhaps meet in a park in Eugene or elsewhere?
  • One Fun Thing – (5 minutes, TBD)
  • Unfair announcements – (5 minutes, facilitator)
  • Strokes and Pokes – (5 minutes, all)

Set intention – (5 minutes, facilitator) 

Lareina – had everyone take three deep breaths to center and welcome everyone. She, set intention… reminds us we will all be vaccinated. Feel the connection and love… She infused us with a reminder of inclusion and celebrating diversity and how we all may be different. 

Invocation – Sue:

 (from David’s email) Move in harmony… Asks if that is part of the Village statement, if not it should be added into our mission statement. Or another version
Recognition of Indigeonous Peoples and Their Land such as:

      “The Willamette Valley in Lane County is on ancestral Kalapuya land. Kalapuyans from the Tsankupi, Chafan, Winefelly, Pee-u (Mohawk), Chelamela and other tribes created and maintained rich soil fertility through advanced horticultural practices. After the Kalapuya Treaty (Treaty of Dayton) in 1855, Kalapuya people were forcibly removed to what are now the Grand Ronde and Siletz reservations, and are now members of Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde Community of Oregon ( and the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians (”

Agenda review – (3 minutes, facilitator)

Maybe add info about vaccine affected pass allocation,
Add theme discussion

Fair announcements – (5 minutes, facilitator)

Bob: OCF applications due Feb 15 for CV stage on or email Received so far over 75 applications, so… Villagers get on it!

Site Report – (5 minutes, David)

SG Bank Erosion:

Large tree flagged red, on edge may be topped to delay its fall and its root ball ripping out a section of Path. E.13 at CV exposed gravel. (Not sure if natural or long ago fill.) P+J: Old Oak Snag (Dead “Pole”) uprooted. Pyramid – Yurt Wattle redo. L.P.184-SG Panel Fence redo needed. L.P.184-Tree sprouts thinned. Lotsa twiggy flood debris caught by booths. Little People had blue plastic in the ground…what is it? Fence waddling begins in June.

Is the new path through to the 13th happening this year? Probably not, no new news in the last months. Booth resident on 13th will not move, waiting for him to go.

Construction Update – (10 minutes, Diane)

H&H and Youth Power submitted rebuild projects. Rick has done some design and outreach with H&H. OCF Budget is tight, not sure what will be approved, could only be partly funded.

Diversity Report – (5 minutes, Brooks)

A bit of a Training…. Shares link…

It’s about white supremacy, how to approach it.
“This is a list of characteristics of white supremacy culture which show up in our organizations. Culture is powerful precisely because it is so present and at the same time so very difficult to name or identify. The characteristics listed below are damaging because they are used as norms and standards without being pro-actively named or chosen by the group. They are damaging because they promote white supremacy thinking. They are damaging to both people of color and to white people. Organizations that are people of color led or a majority people of color can also demonstrate many damaging characteristics of white supremacy culture”

See more in link. Characteristics: Perfection, Urgency, Defensiveness, Quantity over quality, Worship of the Written Word, Paternalism, Either/Or Thinking, Power Hoarding, Fear of Open Conflict, Individualism, Progress is Bigger, More, Right to Comfort.”

We need to be aware that these are in the way of diversity.

Thanks for bringing this up…

Mission Statement Committee – (10 minutes, Omo and Sara)

Asks to table this until next month, Kim wants to present and she is not available tonight.

Survey of interest in 2022 event (10 minutes, Karla)

OCF wants input from crews to get a good count of pass needs. So we want to get that information to send to them. Booth coords do this? OCF asks us not fill their spots of people not coming this year. Unless a body is needed in your booth, please don’t fill it to help control event population. Public numbers are limited, no passes are being cut. OCF is seeking parity on pass numbers with guests and Fair, 14,000 each approx. OCF using CDC guidelines, be as vaxxed as you are eligible for. Vax status Up to date unless you can’t (vax timeline between shots is needed). Guidelines could change.

Tim can make a poll to get this information… Maybe not include names. He sent out a message to booth coords and did not get a response yet. Ben did send a response, did not see it yet. Too soon for many people to be sure if they will be coming. We just gotta do the best we can. Registration is in March, too. Kelsey got results, too. Carly got responses, too. A lot of I don’t knows. Gonna be some last-minute decision making. Poll not necessary, let booths do it. Not ask vax status at this point. Use poll in conjunction with Booth coord’s own gathering, thus need names to avoid duplicates. Laura sent out inquiry, too. Another wants poll. Poll will include: Coming or not, plus names, plus Probably coming or probably not. Be clear of OCF demands in preface, explain. OCF is working on an electronic vax card verification system, more to come. Proof of vaccination will be needed at gate, or electronically. We consent to poll the Village and ask – “Are you planning to attend Fair this year?” yes -probably – not sure – no

One Fun Thing – (5 minutes, TBD)

Gift received, 1st letter of your name, orange, go find it now! Wow, so many finds… See below from Zoom chat…

In-person spring meeting (15 minutes, Jain maybe?)

One thing to consider – if we meet onsite, folks who are not vaccinated cannot attend

Perhaps meet in a park in Eugene or elsewhere?

Probably April.

Feels so nice to be onsite and see folks on the path. Maybe do once a month even. Safest way is outside, if before the dry weather, empower Council to choose the venue after good weather forecast. At a meeting talking about hybrid meetings, it sounds very difficult so she doesn’t think we can do both. Weekend meeting, not Thursday night. Not really a meeting, just a social gathering, should be in the Village. May also be inclusive so unvaccinated who would still like to come, but do a meeting outside somewhere else. We consent to have an in-person gathering on a weekend in the spring.

Where? Onsite. Backup at Alton Baker. Hendrick’s park has a structure with fireplace. Individuals could do facetime from fair site. Zoom meetings are all inclusive.  Felt so good to be onsite – wanna feel part of the land. One gathering onsite, another in town to include unvaccinated. Meet onsite first, then ask for another not onsite.  Decide next month? Do it with alternate dates tonight, decide on off site meeting later. Both would be social gatherings. Happenings! Maybe don’t need consensus if just a gathering. So go out there whenever you want with your booth or whatever. Tim says do it a noon, Sunday April 24th in Village, and consider that when talking to your boothies.

Unfair announcements – (5 minutes, facilitator)

There will be a memorial for Gwyneth at OCF on April 30 at 1:00 maybe by dragon, attendance limited.

40 years ago the East Blair HC got a $500,000 loan. 40th year birthday, thanks for all your support.

CAHOOTS is international now. Hippies were right.

Theme discussion ideas brainstorm

Welcome Home
Mosquitoes say “welcome back”
Get Back
Earthlings Unite
I’m Free
Let’s Get The Band Back Together Again
Back were we came from
Back to the Heart

Reunite with the Heart

Welcome to the Roaring 2020’S!

A breath of fresh air
Reunited and it feels so good
“Wait, you didn’t come to fair last year?!”
Same as it ever was….
“You shoulda been here last year, man!”

I like Roaring 2020s!

Strokes and Pokes – (5 minutes, all)

Likes saying “consensus” instead of “vote”
Great facilitation, this is why I love it here, respect
appreciate facilitation, cross talking handled

Consistent facilitation for months
more facilitation props
Appreciate Council for all their work. Keeping this all together.
Happy we have virtual meetings.

First time attending, bringing back memories from childhood of falling asleep in the trees above the pathways. Thanks for beautiful, warm, facilitation!

First tiger lilly of the spring…

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