Community Village Meeting 3-10-22:

Attendees (61 attendees – and more…some are not listed): Lareina, Lexi, Shontell, Bob Fennessy, Jen Hornaday, Sue Barnhart, Barbara, Dave H, David Rogers, Dea Lisk, John Flanery, tamathy, abc, Alan Roberts, Aniele Mainville, Beth Mottweiler, Bob Fennessy, Cat McCormack, Cathy Rakers, Rose and Che Orion, circe ament, Denny, Diane Albino, Dimitri Brown, ed c, Ernie Chizinski & Cheshire M, Fran, Ginger Krinsky, Heather Greene, Horst Luck, Madalyn, Jair, Jade, Jen Hornaday, John, Jon Guthrie (Eoin), Karen Kos, Karla Caudell, Karrie Walters, Karyn Katie Sontag and Jon Brex, Kavana B, Kavita Kat Macmillan, Kelsey Kawders, Margaret Alexander, Mark, McKenzie and Drew Watts, Michael S, Musgito, Nathan Georgitis, Ocean, Quinn Garrick, R Drake Ewbank, Randy, Raphael, Skey, Superneau, Susan, Village David, Wendy, Wendy Larson, Tanya, Brooks

  • Hello – in breakout rooms (10 minutes – everyone – Host)
  • Agenda review – (5 minutes, facilitator)
  • Set intention (5 minutes, facilitator)
    • Loreina had everyone take deep breaths and set an intention for an inclusive meeting.
  • Fair announcements. (5 minutes)
    • Special Board meeting on March 21st to cover whether patrons will be required to be vaccinated.  7pm on Zoom.
    • Frog is in the hospital for observation tonight.  Best wishes for him to get better. 
  • OCF Covid Protocols
    • Fair family is required to be vaccinated to be onsite
    • There will be a special board meeting on March 21st for the board to decide how to deal with public vaccination
    • There might
  • Booth construction report (5 minutes, Sara, Karla, Diane)
    • We have received funding ($4,200+) for the reconstruction of two booths – Youth Power & Health and Healing
    • We didn’t get quite what we requested, so some donations will be needed
    • Rick is back from Hawaii and will be getting involved soon
  • Coordinator Meeting report – (5 minutes, Diane)
    • There was an OCF coordinator meeting, and there are three budgets
      • Full Fair
      • Partial Fair
      • No Fair
    • May 1st is the drop-dead date for deciding
    • OCF wants to do a large order of PPP, so they are asking coordinators to put together how much they want (masks, gloves, etc.)
    • Vaccines and testing was also discussed
  • Site report (5 minutes, David)
    • Waddle area by the pyramid will need to be redone
    • Some of the childcare fence panels have fallen down
    • First Sunday of the month is a Vegmanecs work party
    • Erosion is bad near Shady Grove – this stage might not be back
    • Gates are open 10-4.  If you want to stay later, park outside the gates.
  • Registration & pass prices (10 minutes, John, Arthur)
    • We’re not sure yet
  • One Fun Thing
    • Sally Sheklow was the person who brought the Hokey Pokey to the Village.  She was in the Fruit Booth and on Council for a few years.  She was also a community organizer and a comedian. She emanated love and has passed recently. She was Jain’s birth coach and performed on many stages around OCF.  She was the first same-sex marriage her Temple.  She owned Starflower, a natural foods wholesaler. They were pioneers in the organic food industry.  She had a column in Eugene Weekly.  She was always smiling and super sweet!
    • We did the Hokey Pokey in honor of Sally. With our WHOLE HEART.
  • Theme discussion (20 minutes, all)
    • Previous Suggestions:
      • Welcome Home
      • Mosquitoes say “welcome back”
      • Get Back
      • Earthlings Unite
      • I’m Free
      • Let’s Get The Band Back Together Again
      • Back were we came from
      • Back to the Heart
      • Reunite with the Heart
      • Welcome to the Roaring 2020’S!
      • A breath of fresh air
      • Reunited and it feels so good
      • “Wait, you didn’t come to fair last year?!”
      • Same as it ever was….
      • “You shoulda been here last year, man!”
      • Maybe yes, maybe no.
      • Family Time!
    • Welcome Back Home was offered as an option or Welcome Back Om or Welcome Back H(om)e or Welcome Back hOMe
    • Yes, Yes, Yes was suggested
    • Our Hearts are Home
    • Welcome back to the Heart
    • Our heart is home
    • There was a suggestion to have a survey where folks could weigh in on which options they like.  This is a very long list.
    • Heather Greene offered to create a drive sheet and share with the Village to weigh in on
  • Booth breakdown? Do we have enough breakout rooms? (30 minutes, all)
    • We went to booth breakdown for 30 minutes
  • Unfair announcements – (5 minutes, facilitator)
    • noon There will be a gathering of some Villagers onsite at noon April 24th
    • is where you send your vaccine card.  Include your booth or crew coordinator’s name and that you are in Community Village.
    • Eugene Peace Choir will be performing at Gweneth’s memorial on April 30th
    •  Cathy and Jon are now crew coordinators for CV 4A.  Jon (Eoin) is the main point of contact for the booth.  The crew reached consensus on this decision.
    • David has info a seed swap that is happening.  Email him for information. 
    • April 1st, Spark Lab, Art Walk evening – students who have been working with Lane Arts Council will have their art displayed
  • Strokes and Pokes – (5 minutes, all)
    • Good facilitation and breakout rooms were fantastic
    • Excellent facilitation
    • If we’re going to have breakout rooms at the beginning and end of the meeting, perhaps mix it up during the first session?
    • Zoom is a wonderful idea – we had someone attending from Seattle.
    • Collaboration with booth in breakout room was a great idea!
    • Excellent job facilitating, the technology is amazing, and maybe the transcript can be provided?
    • It is nice to put faces with names.  Hard to do on Zoom.

We left with an OM and lots of goodbyes

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