Community Village meeting October 14, 2021

Present: Sue, Jain, Tim, Omo, Lareina, David, Karla, Margaret, Jon, Sara, Brooks, Jair, Nathan, John F, Kelsey, Rich Ross, Banjo Mike, (Diane stopped in via phone to stand)

Hello – in breakout rooms (15 everyone – Host)
Set Intention (5 Minutes, Facilitator)
Agenda Review (3 Minutes, Facilitator)
Fair Announcements (5 Minutes)
Site Report – David (5 Minutes)
One Fun Thing – (5 Minutes, Facilitator)
Stand for Council – (10 minutes, facilitator)
Diversity Report – Brooks (15 minutes)
Tipi status – Nathan (10 minutes)
Should we schedule an in-person gathering? When? Where? – (20 minutes, facilitator)
Unfair Announcements (5 minutes, All)
Strokes and pokes (5 minutes, All)

Hello – in breakout rooms (15 everyone – Host)

Set Intention (5 Minutes, Facilitator)
Sue B: Everybody is welcome to speak, and encouraged, have our best foot forward.

Agenda Review (3 Minutes, Facilitator)
Review… Consider having video captions (Brooks provided the following link and he and Tim will work on this)

Fair Announcements (5 Minutes)
Jain: OCF annual meeting Sat 6:30 info on .net. Candidates will speak, ballots due next week 8pm Saturday. May be too late to get a ballot? Email elections committee asap.
Brooks: Monday board working assembly on diversity recommendations.
David: How will we survive 2 years with no money? But new General Manager got $1.2 million grant as Covid help!! David got to thank her personally.

Site Report – David (5 Minutes)
Flooded a few times. E 13th down to gravel. #76 H&H is collapsing, has been deconned, but pile is in danger of floating away. Decon was not sanctioned, all are wondering who did it? #78 LLL had an inquiry about blueberry branch… I did not catch this. Shady Grove Stage is no more as we know it. Path will be moved into some of that space. Hoping it will be a reduced size stage area rather than no stage at all. Adjacent Green Zone area may change. Maple is still alive and pruned and is safe. Trunk is still lying there to view for now.

One Fun Thing – (5 Minutes, Facilitator)
Stories of their lives…

Stand for Council – (10 minutes, facilitator)
Process for council confirmation (see on website HERE and below)
Villagers standing for Council
David, Tim, Karla, Omo, Brooks, (Diane is standing via phone), Sara, Kelsey will shadow,

No questions, no statements. Thanks to all who are standing. Nathan will be supportive but is not standing this season. Feel free to contact any candidate to discuss their candidacy or with issues.
Contact info for candidates:
Shadow – Kelsey Kawders 541 521-4113,
Michael Omogrosso (Omo) 541-844-8719,
Karla Caudell 541.337.5319
Tim Mueller 541-521-7208
Diane Albino 541 954 4721
David Hoffman (541) 484-9204
Sara Sweatt, 541 554-2012   
Brooks McLain,  541-515-5804

Diversity Report – Brooks (15 minutes)
No meeting since Sept. Not much new news. Working assembly is coming, see above. Think about different diverse people for your booth, organizations with members from diverse groups. Add diversity through booth outreach is our goal. Examples might be, for example, a Native American familiar with traditional wild foods could be in the Wild Edibles booth, etc.
Brooks will reach out to reconvene the CV committee, contact him if you’d like to participate. OCF is planning to count Fair demographic info in a census to be able to track change. Would be confidential…and create a baseline. Diane helped much with this. Could be outreach, could be in part of registration. TBD.

Tipi status – Nathan (10 minutes)
CV Council has been considering the Tipi space in the Village in response to local tribal concerns. Since we have no real Native American participation, how to move forward? Council was to reach out to Tipi caretaker, and Nathan did so this week. Kaya Sky was also concerned about the tipi, and has acquired a geodesic dome, same footprint as tipi and could bring that. It also may be good for use for workshops because it has more vertical sides. We are also trying to reach out to local tribes for advice.
David would like to consider inviting a tribe take over the space themselves to do what they want with.


It would be great to have tribes in the tipi. But we do use the tipi now for workshops, so a dome would be a better option for that. We should have the dome. | Discussion from LUMP meeting found it difficult to approach natives respectfully, we need healing with them first in a not blundering way. | I don’t think the local indigenous groups would want to be in a tipi. | Enjoyed the Harvest Festival that included a tipi. Host is indigenous, they did it. | We need to be prepared for their reaction. | More problematic to host local tribes in tipi, likes the dome. Our tradition does not include a booth that represents a people, they represent actions. If we did, we might want to represent other peoples… |  Brooks: Tipi is a church, a sacred space, would be insulting. Ann at Archeology mentioned the Siletz tribe has a cultural festival same weekend as OCF. Camping together would be an issue. | Always more workshops than we have had space for, likes the dome. | Important to note we had first indigenous people this year. | Agrees with Brooks above. Sovereign domestic nations, like asking high level cabinet member to come to our little village. | But what about the LCC Native American student union thing… for future thought. | We could make the replacement a “sacred space” dome or not…what is our intention? Do we really want to bring in groups? Cross culture sharing would be a plus with a new group. | Wickiup: What kind of travel structures do our local tribes use? A Dome?
All agree to pursue the dome.

Should we schedule an in-person gathering? When? Where? – (20 minutes, facilitator)
Not ready for in-person until Covid numbers go way, way down. | We may be able to meet on site, in the open air, a walkabout. | Would be rejuvenation to be onsite. | Small meeting (30) indoors at the winery might work – can open doors, high ceiling. | Let’s talk again in January… | Maybe mandate vaccinations… Might be necessary. How about another event.. not necessarily a meeting. | We need to do something together outside in spring, no matter what. | Re: vaccination – don’t wanna turn off people, need to be inclusive.
Anti-vaxxers are on both ends of the spectrum.

Unfair Announcements (5 minutes, All)
October national prep for earthquake, be prepared.
OSU Master Gardner Class is on for 2022, go online to sign up.
KindTree – Autism Rocks is doing Every Friday Social, Halloween, Ugly Sweater, all via Zoom. Come join in! Plus we will be beneficiary of the “Dragageddon 8 Hell Fund Raiser” November 12, 9pm, Old Nicks Pub. Who doesn’t love that??
David Helfand harpist at Sam Bonds this Saturday, along with Kelsey’s step dad…
HIV commemorating event Dec 1, 2pm ceremony,6pm entertainment. “World Aids Day”, in the park blocks. Free testing. Dancing and fun.

Strokes and pokes (5 minutes, All)
Thanks so much, facilitating team. Tim for notes. Fun thing was fun. Loved the periodic table.
Council meeting next Thursday, 7pm online

Use the dome instead of the tipi? Call it the THE OM DOME!!!!



People will stand for Council this coming January of 2020, but for future years people stand for Council at the October Community Village meeting (beginning October 2020).


A Villager (and/or advocate if needed) with concerns about a person standing for Council must notify that person within 1 week of the CVDrum posting of those standing for Council. Parties shall discuss and resolve issues by phone or in person, (email is not recommended).


If concerns persist:

* parties notify Council that dialogue has not resolved issues, and

* either party requests facilitated dialogue from CeDaR. CeDaR is the fair’s conflict resolution team that focuses on interpersonal disputes between fair family members. CeDaR volunteers are professionally trained mediators from the Center for Dialogue and Resolution, a nonprofit agency located at 1400 Cross St. Eugene 541- 344-5366.

*If facilitated dialogue is not requested within three weeks after the stand for Council the person standing will be confirmed to council.

*CeDaR will arrange a time and place.

*CeDaR will provide to Council the final written agreement.


If issues are not resolved within 7 weeks, arbitration is requested from the Village Resource Group. The Village Resource Group will be made up of people who have been in the village for at least 3 years; and at least 3 of whom must be present for the arbitration. (Village Resource Group will be further defined and developed.) Village Resource Group members will recuse themselves if they have a conflict of interest. They will seek appropriate training.  (The Fair offers trainings in conflict resolution and arbitration each October).  The arbitrators will listen to both parties and decide the outcome. OUTCOME IS BINDING. This will happen before the second meeting following the stand for Council.


The Village welcomes the new Council the second meeting after the stand for Council. In 2020, Council will stand at January meeting and be welcomed by March. Subsequently, Council will stand in October (2020 and on) and be welcomed in January of the

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