Council Selection Process, 2020

Council Selection Process…. Consensed 10/10/19

It is understood that as a community, we will resolve our issues with one another in a timely manner.

    People will stand for Council this coming January of 2020, but for future years people stand for Council at the October Community Village meeting (beginning October 2020).
    A Villager (and/or advocate if needed) with concerns about a person standing for Council must notify that person within 1 week of the CVDrum posting of those standing for Council. Parties shall discuss and resolve issues by phone or in person, (email is not recommended).
    If concerns persist:
    * parties notify Council that dialogue has not resolved issues, and
    * either party requests facilitated dialogue from CeDaR. CeDaR is the fair’s conflict resolution team that focuses on interpersonal disputes between fair family members. CeDaR volunteers are professionally trained mediators from the Center for Dialogue and Resolution, a nonprofit agency located at 1400 Cross St. Eugene 541- 344-5366.
    *If facilitated dialogue is not requested within three weeks after the stand for Council the person standing will be confirmed to council.
    *CeDaR will arrange a time and place.
    *CeDaR will provide to Council the final written agreement.
    If issues are not resolved within 7 weeks, arbitration is requested from the Village Resource Group. The Village Resource Group will be made up of people who have been in the village for at least 3 years; and at least 3 of whom must be present for the arbitration. (Village Resource Group will be further defined and developed.) Village Resource Group members will recuse themselves if they have a conflict of interest. They will seek appropriate training.  (The Fair offers trainings in conflict resolution and arbitration each October).  The arbitrators will listen to both parties and decide the outcome. OUTCOME IS BINDING. This will happen before the second meeting following the stand for Council.
    The Village welcomes the new Council the second meeting after the stand for Council.
    In 2020, Council will stand at January meeting and be welcomed by March. Subsequently, Council will stand in October (2020 and on) and be welcomed in January of the following year.


Former Council Selection Process 2012-2019

Established Jan 11, 2012, for temporary use subject to re-evaluation following its use for conflict resolution:

Persons volunteering to serve on the Coordinating Council deserve a respectful and fair confirmation process. No candidate should be blindsided publicly with a concern they have not already had a chance to respond to privately. When concerns are expressed about their candidacy at a Village Meeting, discussion will be minimal, with the candidate given equal time to comment on specific concerns. But the majority of the conversation between the person with the concern and the candidate will occur privately between them and perhaps the Council. Resolutions of concerns should be shared with the Village when they have been reached.

People will stand for Council at the January Village meeting. If someone would like to be on Council but absolutely cannot make it to this meeting, they must send someone to stand for them. The Council candidates will make a statement or answer questions regarding who they are, their Village/Fair experience, etc. Candidates for Council must provide contact info and be accessible during the next week.

Anyone about whom no concerns are raised prior to the January Council meeting will be confirmed at the February Village meeting.

A person may not feel safe, or able to tactfully discuss their concerns with a candidate, so a person with a concern may be accompanied by an advocate.

To allow some time to work out a solution, the January Council meeting will be held the second week following the general meeting.

Someone may bring up a concern about a candidate publicly at a meeting if and only if they have warned the candidate that they may bring up that concern and have made an attempt to resolve it. The Villager must contact the candidate within 7 days of the January Village meeting, and if the concern is not resolved in a person to person conversation, another attempt must be made at the January Council Meeting.

A village member may stand aside or block a Council candidate only if he/she has taken his/her shared concern through the process described above.

published 1-2012