The Intentional Communities Booth in the Oregon Country Fair’s Community Village is staffed by representatives from a variety of communities of choice, residence, and practice from around the region. They explore a variety of ways for humans to be together, live together, and work together with mutual respect and intentionality.

Breitenbush Hot Springs

Breintenbush Hot Springs provides a safe and potent environment where people can renew and evolve in ways they never imagined. We host over 150 workshops annually.

East Blair Housing Coop

The East Blair Housing Cooperative’s mission is to create an intentional community of low cost,
residential housing which:

  1. values and encourages community, creativity, diversity, civility, cooperation, and accountability among its member and its neighbors;
  2. cooperatively owns and manages itself;
  3. assesses carrying charges (rent) at affordable (i.e., at or below HUD’s Fair Market Rent) levels and accepts Section 8 vouchers so as to be able to maintain its tradition of providing the opportunity of quality, occupant operated housing that gives preference to people who earn low incomes and/or would not otherwise have access to such housing;
  4. provides opportunity for its member to learn skills such as consensus decision making conflict
    resolution, conflict resolution, home repair, gardening, caregiving, and nonprofit management; and promotes cooperative and affordable housing in the community at large.

East Blair Housing Coop
940 W 4th Avenue Eugene Oregon 97402
Michelle Hopkins: 541-525-8141
Chavon Wright – Chavon.Wright [at]

Alpha farm

Alpha Farm is an intentional community of people who have chosen to live and work together to
share a more harmonious way of living.

Our mission is to create a sustainable culture that nurtures human beings to their fullest potential.

Alpha Farm
92819 Deadwood Creek Rd., Deadwood, OR 97430

Lost Valley Education Center & Ecovillage

Lost Valley is a 501 c3 learning center, educating youth and adults in the practical application of sustainable living skills. We take a holistic approach to sustainability education, engaging students in ecological, social, and personal growth.

Lost Valley Education Center & Ecovillage
81868 Lost Valley Lane Dexter OR 97431

Maitreya Eco-village

Maitreya Eco-village is a community dedicated to ecological living.

Maitreya has been represented at Oregon Country Fair for years. Maitreya acts as a hub for community activity, with a communal space for hosting affinity group meetings and gatherings. Most individual members are a part of affinity groups within the greater community of Eugene.

Maitreya Eco-village
882 Almaden St Eugene OR 97402

EUgene avant gardeners

The Eugene Avant Gardeners are a volunteer driven, horizontally organized, open collective dedicated to creating local, resilient, sustainable food and distribution networks. Avant Gardening is a platform that
encourages all members to be proactive and creative. Members are empowered to organize gardening projects that inspire them and that contribute to localized food production, community building and
honoring our interdependence with each other and our ecosystems

Eugene Avant Gardeners
189 Crocker Lane, Eugene OR


Dharmalaya serves as a center for personal and spiritual development, for demonstrating and teaching wholesome and ecologically sustainable living, for promoting the PROUT vision of social transformation, and for facilitating neighborhood and community development. To promote dharma holistically in personal, social and ecological spheres of life.

356 Horn Lane, Eugene OR 97404

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