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Community Village Meeting November 9, 2017, 7-9 PM

Grower’s Market, Eugene, Oregon

Attending: approximately 22 villagers
Facilitating: Katie MacCionniath
Minutes by Nathan Georgitis

Fair Announcements
Decision Making at Community Village Meetings Limitation (amend guidleines to no longer prohibit May or June meeting decision making restrictions)
Individual Eligibility Guideline Discussion
Eligibility Task Force Composition Discussion
50th Anniversary Ideas
Un-Fair Announcements
Meetingt Evaluation

I. Fair Announcements

  • Elders retreat this weekend. Don’t wait ‘til you’re old!
  • OCF Story Slam at Tsunami, Thursday, Nov. 16
  • OCF Board Meetings, first Monday of month, at Northwest Youth Corps, next Mon. Dec. 4
  • OCF Budget Committee approved Community Village budget and total pass allocation, including two additional passes (Rainbow Village) and modest increase to village operations budget
  • Crystalyn Autuchovich named OCF Operations Manager, was OCF Assistant Manager

II. Decision Making at Community Village Meetings (amend guidleines to no longer prohibit May or June meeting decision making restrictions)

  • Community Village Guidelines include the following, “Items requiring decision by the Village will not be placed on the agenda for the May and June meetings without the consent of the Village.”
  • Background: Village decided to create this guideline in part due to the fair’s previous eligibility/pass allocation timeline. The May meeting was the last before booth coordinators were required to submit eligibility forms. Time for booth breakdown was prioritized over time for discussion and decision on village issues. Fair pass allocation timeline has changed. April is now the last meeting before booth coordinators must submit eligibility forms. Should the village guideline recommending issues requiring village decisions not be placed on agenda for May and June meetings be changed?
  • A villager suggested that April village meeting agendas not include issues requiring village decisions, but that subsequent meetings allow for decisions.
  • Discussion ensued on the following topics:
    • What issues requiring decisions are coming up that we feel that we need to do this?
    • Is it efficient to hold decision making in final months before fair?
    • How to prioritize issues for decision so that June meeting is devoted to fair preparation?
    • Absence of decision making deadlines allows for good discussions without pressure
    • Village can suspend the guideline in order to make a decision, so is a change necessary?
    • Can we repeal guideline and rely on council and village wisdom to manage agendas with regard to issues requiring decisions?
    • Attendance and focus of meetings before fair:
      • June in-town meeting is lightly attended, because many plan on on-site meeting
      • June on-site meeting is well attended, heavy with announcements
      • Village issues best addressed in spring, proximity to fair helps draw and focus community
      • May is a good meeting for decisions, June could be good meeting depending
    • Decision making agency:
      • Two feet rule: if you show up you should not be prevented from making decisions in deference to those who did not show up.
      • You snooze you lose rule
      • All village meetings are meetings of the village
      • Other avenues for people to exercise agency on issues without necessarily attending village meetings: Village Drum, booth cords, council liaisons
    • Amount of decision making time is limited, we need to maximize time and avoid worrying about attendance, etc. every time we make decisions
    • Proposed resolution for consensus:

“Village consents to remove guideline recommending rule against making decisions after April and directs the council to be vigilant about the village’s time especially in regards to eligibility and the logistical needs of pre-fair meetings when setting village meeting agendas.”

The village reached consensus. Arthur stood aside.

III. Individual Eligibility Guideline Discussion

  • Background: As discussed at the last council meeting and previous meetings, the Community Village Guidelines include guidelines on group eligibility(*) but do not include guidelines on individual eligibility.
    • Booths comprise groups that are represented by individuals.
      • Groups must meet the guidelines on “eligibility”.
      • Individuals representing groups must meet “criteria for village participation,” e.g. work party and village meeting attendance
  • Booths also comprise individuals not representing groups, e.g. individual activists
      • Individuals must meet “criteria for village participation,” e.g. work party and village meeting attendance.
      • BUT, there is no guideline on “eligibility” for individuals comparable to guideline on eligibility groups

Absence of guideline makes it hard for eligibility committee to determine eligibility of individuals not representing groups. What would a guideline on eligibility for individuals look like?
*Guidelines for [Group] Eligibility:
“Eligible groups are democratically managed, have a cooperative focus, are responsive to community input, promote social change, are non-partisan and non-sectarian, and make a positive contribution to the community. All groups must submit a completed eligibility form to their Booth Coordinator by the second Wednesday in April. Eligibility is determined by the Eligibility Committee (which is open to everyone).”

  • Discussion ensued
    • Individuals belong to booths, booths have guidelines, ask booths to determine individual eligibility, tell village eligibility committee how they do it, and committee can review.
    • What are examples of issues with individual eligibility?
    • Issues arise when booths lack guidelines or have guidelines do not align with village expectations; then eligibility committee and council has no grounds to correct
    • Booths need some guidelines to follow to make it transparent
    • Is there a draft of a guideline for us to consider?
    • Recommendation to take guideline for groups and mirror it for individuals
    • Some are activist individuals outside of fair and some just do activism at fair
    • Request that guideline prioritize what you do at fair
    • Village is for networking among community organizations, so eligibility should focus on groups; for activists individuals we need to know what they’re doing;
    • Arts booth includes individuals who do much at fair but may not belong to groups outside of fair, so prioritizing groups could impact arts booth
    • Eligibility guidelines apply differently to service booths and regular booths
  • Proposal: Village creates a general guideline for individuals and asks booths to develop their own specific guidelines for individuals.
    • Discussion
      • Some like the idea of booth guidelines
      • Ask booths how they decide who is going to be in the booth
      • But council still needs a way to evaluate, will the general guideline serve?
      • We need commonly understood expectations for groups and individuals
      • Some agreement on purpose of broad guideline with more specific booth guidelines; would be helpful if we came up with language
      • Sam reads Eligibility Guidelines for Groups
  • More discussion ensues on eligibility in general
    • Complaints are about equity: who’s working, who’s partying
    • What would make it equitable?
    • Example of intentional communities guru with interest in booth while individuals with vague group affiliations hold passes
    • Allocation of booth passes to groups is to ensure representation across shifts
    • Important for council to check booths during the fair to ensure they are staffed
    • Yes but still need language for council to be able to hold booths accountable
    • Need guidelines for eligibility; also guidelines for staffing responsibilities during fair
    • Accountability is difficult b/c village a collection of activists and also a community; hard to ask people to leave community
    • Compassionate accountability is important and possible
    • Accountability procedures would be hard but might be necessary
    • Guidelines for council need to include accountability role
    • Healthy communities have limits, else the tail wags the dog
    • What are the logical consequences if expectations not being met?
  • Discussion of Booth Empowerment relative to Eligibility
    • Booth empowerment does not mean booths waive eligibility requirements or criteria to participate in the village
    • Meaning of booth empowerment needs to be reaffirmed
      • Means booths can compensate for individuals inability to meet criteria for village participation, e.g. work parties
      • Does not mean booths can waive eligibility guideline or criteria for participation altogether
  • Proposal: Sam will raise the issue of accountability with respect to specific groups at council meeting and suggest a possible course of action for this fair

IV. Eligibility Task Force Composition Discussion

  • Background: Eligibility Task Force was authorized by the Eligibility Committee to meet with booth coordinators and review eligibility issues. It is unclear whether the task force membership is by invitation or open to any with interest, leading to misunderstanding of who was allowed to attend and participate in meetings and task force decisions.
  • Proposal: Task force meetings be “fishbowl meetings”
    • All are invited to attend and observe
    • Task force members decide on recommendations to eligibility committee
    • Others outside fishbowl invited to attend eligibility committee meeting and voice concerns there.
  • Discussion ensued of pros and cons
    • Proposal breaks with village practice and precedent of open and engaged
    • More discussion needed

V.  50th Anniversary Ideas

  • Fair is a worldclass event. Let’s celebrate the fair’s effect on the world: unique and friendly; free water; miracle babies.
  • 50th anniversary is the Golden Anniversary. Let’s go gold! Golden party.
  • Fair wants village to do something at the front of fair to celebrate 50th
  • Three sided announcement board in Xavanadu
  • Not clear what fair wants; but clear fair does not want boring
  • Boring includes sign boards, dusty pamphlets
  • Let’s revitalize group that prepared the village proposal for front of fair installation
  • Let’s do a living history performance/live diorama of early fair hippies with vignettes based on scenes from Prozanski’s Fruit of the Sixties

VI.  Un-Fair Announcements

  • WOW Hall membership party, Dec. 9, 2017
  • CALC Cornucopia Event at Wesley Center, Sat. Nov. 18, 2017, 6-8:30 PM
    • 2520 Harris
    • including music, free iced creams; Silent auction. Invisible Arts Project jazz band
  • Extension Service Master Gardener application on line now for 2018 class.
  • Indications are village expansion project delayed to 2019 or later as two fair booths are opposed
  • Villager Phil Schulman has been in a serious bike accident
  • Booth member’s niece was killed in Las Vegas shooting

VII. Meeting Evaluation

  • Everything took too long.
  • Good facilitation. Hoping others will facilitate as well.
  • Intentional Communities booth members should consider doing some facilitating.
  • Email Sam to be added to facilitators list.

VIII. Group Hug

Minutes by Nathan Georgitis

Village Notes, 10/12/2017

12 present including from Council: Tim, Katie, Sam, Dea, David.
Facilitator: Sam

Introductions: ‘what we like about Fall’. That was fun.
Agenda Review: 
Fair announcements
Accountability discussion
– Work party attendance
– Eligibility accountability
Morning meeting discussion: What would make people excited to be there again?
50th anniversary ideas – report and discussion (Pushed to next meeting)
Any old business from last spring? (Pushed to next meeting)
Non-Fair announcements
Meeting Evaluation

Fair Announcements:

  • Annual OCF voting meeting, Oct 21, 6:30 at Whitaeker School. Come and help count ballots or watch, even if you can’t vote. If you can, drop off you ballot and stay for the fun. If you haven’t voted in the last 3 years, you may get dropped from the membership list. Lots of good candidate this year.
  • Special Use Permit (SUP) has been approved by the County, with restrictions. The SUP limits use to the Fair, not to other events, only a limited area can be used. Info is on the website, links below. The issue is “still developing”. The permit has been appealed by Land Watch Oregon and some neighbors and is being reviewed by its author.
    Summary of the SUP Approval Letter
  • http://oregoncountryfair.net/OPERATING%20CONDITIONS%20FOR%20OCF%202017%20SUP.pdf
  • Here is the full approval letter from the Lane County Hearings Official.
  • Here’s the link to the SUP meeting that occurred: https://youtu.be/h7VT6MEHppU

 Work Party Attendance Accountability:

Lotsa folks have expressed concerns that too many Villagers aren’t doing their Fair share. We need people, there’s stuff to do. We talked about the last winter, too. Sometimes finding tasks to do onsite is difficult, leading to less participation.

Idea: Russell, who will be doing New Member Orientation next season – hopes to have all the new members come to a specific work party and work together on an assigned project, with his help. Sometimes folks will do extra work on behalf of a person who is unable to do it, but is that tracked? How do we really know? Tracking with paperwork and then analyzing it is difficult, too. It was done back in the day, but it’s Village-wide use has waned, though some booths do keep track, expect participation, and use that tracking to help determine eligibility for the following year. In 2017 Katie with construction tried something a bit different. She worked with booth construction coordinators who were given specific tasks to get done on a specific day, and that helped some. Perhaps there should be designated shifts, so people are there at the same time to accomplish tasks. Some Booth Coordinators have previously been reluctant to be in charge of tracking attendance at work parties, and said so at BC meetings.

Work parties are in our Guidelines and there should be a way to determine if they are being followed and to respond somehow if not – equal effort makes a stronger community. Make it fun. Have BC and booth construction coord meet together and develop a plan. Perhaps meet in early February and plan worker power and supplies needed for each task, plan  work party days for specific tasks – bamboo moving, bench building, post decorating, stage curtains and parachute mounting, waddle days, etc. Maybe have a pair of booths assigned to a task to build connections.

This has been a problem for a long time, it needs some true focus and consensus.

Eligibility Process for Groups & Individuals

We reviewed the present process. It was designed to reduce the annual workload of determining eligibility and make it more effective. Groups’ eligibility can be approved for 3 years. Some booths receive deeper scrutiny by the Eligibility Task Force in that process. The ETF is also redoing the forms and designating some booths as “Service Booths” that maybe don’t need the same form.

Back in the day, some groups were declared ineligible during the process, but not so these days. Booth Coordinators can pre-vet organizations when they are new, helping effectiveness. But it seems like nobody wants to be the bad guy and tell someone they are ineligible – especially if they are friends. The  ETF  can identify a group, determine they are ineligible and bring that recommendation to the Eligibility Committee meeting, who decides. Still no one wants to be the bad guy. Perhaps the Council booth liaison should take a more active role in the booth eligibility meeting? Maybe allow an appeal process to the whole Village? Do it earlier in the season to allow time for this to happen.

Should the position of Booth Coordinator be enough to make someone eligible? Someone who, perhaps, was in a eligible group in the past, but now remains in the booth just to do coordination. This job involves more work every year, it seems, and they are serving the Village. Discussion about this possibility was inconclusive.

How do we determine eligibility for individuals? The Guidelines are not specific. Individuals in “service booth” do a service, but “activist booths” are supposed to made up of activist groups or individuals. Participation actions are more important than relationships – but relationships are important to “community”. Love. The ETF will coordinate development of Guideline language to specify requirements for individuals that express the same type of commitment to activism and consensus the group guidelines do.

Service Booths should use different eligibility forms. For example, here are the questions Little Village asks prospective members to answer to determine if they are eligible: 1. What is you experience working with kids? 2. What will you bring to the booth?(used to be what craft will you bring) 3. Give us 3 references who know about your work with kids. People need to be qualified, not just somebody’s friend. Discussion led to the Village coming to consensus on this issue:

“Service Booths shall be exempt from the standard eligibility form, and instead are required to use an internal, booth oriented eligibility process, subject to periodic review by the Eligibility Task Force or Coordinating Council. These booths are: Restaurant, Cooperative Fruit, Info booth, Little Village, AAAA, Youth Power and Areas.”

Discussion turned to what other booths might be Service Booths, but folks agreed that discussion was not for tonight.

It was asked to clarify who can be a member of the ETF. Does one get appointed or invited? In the beginning it was a Council member, John Flannery, some Booth Coordinators, and interested folks who committed to doing the work and participating. But moving forward, it is still an open question.

Morning Meeting Attendance

At the October meeting, folks thought we should focus on “carrots” – making the meeting an event folks wanted to participate in. This month ideas included bringing coffee or food, play a game, have a “good news” agenda item and/or a “scary news” item, call for meeting with amplified sound or drum beats or Council singing a song allowing folks to gather organically. Having a standard format or agenda items and limited time expectation. Begin with business, end with a song or Spirit Booth activity. Friday’s meeting is the only one well attended. Morning meeting is planned at 10AM. What is the purpose of the morning meeting? We need time to connect and talk business to each other at Fair. The meeting should include Fun, Business, and Heart.

Some don’t come because they camp far away or are not ‘morning people’ – or just don’t care. Some are uncomfortable with spiritual ceremony. But Spirit Booth stuff is NOT part of a meeting, attendance is invited and not expected or required or pressured, and is done to stimulate our connectivity and share our “Heart of the Fair” together. There was some discussion about spirituality and religion, and perhaps it will be continued at subsequent meetings.

Non Fair Announcements

Lane County workers a set to go on strike next Wednesday if County negotiators do not change their offer. Please call your commissioner to ask them to negotiate a fair  contract with their workers. Read more here: http://registerguard.com/rg/news/local/36028862-75/600-plus-lane-county-workers-near-strike-union-says.html.csp
And here: http://klcc.org/post/lane-county-officials-unions-continue-talks-strike-prospect-looms-nearer
And Here: http://www.local2831.org/

OM – sort of. We breathed. Deep.
That’s all Folks…

Notes by Tim Mueller

Community Village Meeting Notes, September 14, 2017

About 25 Villagers present
From Council: Tim, David, Drake, Katie
Notes by Tim Mueller
This meeting was scheduled for the upstairs Growers Market room, but another org was there, so we met in the actual market downstairs.

Agenda Review
Fair Announcements & election info
Fair Evaluation – work parties, morning meetings, thefts, misc
Decon – fence

Fair Announcements
OCF election ballot mailers stuffing party, 10:30am Sunday (oops, in the past now)
OCF Candidates’ Forum at LCC Longhouse, 9-15 3pm (oops, that’s past, too!)
SUP: Area cross country run on site is happening soon, another “non-permitted” land use. Short discussion on the Special Use Permit’s progress toward adoption (Lane Co. approved plan subject of suit by Land Watch Oregon, a CV member org). Barter Fair, Culture Jam, and expanded Fair boundaries are all part of that Special Use Permit. Stay tuned…

Election Info:
See candidate info here: http://www.oregoncountryfair.net/
To vote, you must be a Fair member, last day to sign up is 9/21, TOMORROW! Membership form is here: http://www.oregoncountryfair.net/Pages/member7.16.pdf There are about 12 candidates of which 6 will be elected. The vote is 6:30pm Oct 21 at Whiteaker School, 21 North Grand St, or by absentee ballot by Oct 1. You may request one after this date if you can return it in time for the meeting. Ballots that arrive after the meeting are not counted. Email: elections@oregoncountryfair.org or send your absentee request to elections at the Fair office address. Issues that are part of the discussion this year are: Story Pole, Barter Fair, fireworks, general manager position, SUP update.

Fair Evaluation

What was good about your Fair:
Sweeps went smooth, fast, only time for 4-5 songs…
Camping process/eligibility was clear, swamp & meadow placements were done well.
Playing with family, kids and Little Village were really fun.
My first year and the Friday morning meeting and ceremony really helped me feel grounded.
Pre-Fair is best.
I loved the community, conversations, edibles.
My kids had a great time.
Loved community, opening ceremony.
I have been a massage slave for Traffic, was a guest for a Lime Green Friday, but this year I stayed most of the time in the Village – the heart of my Fair.
First camping year, felt safe within myself.
Friday opening ceremony, spent most of my time in the Village.
Cultural Appropriation discussion at the Front Porch was much appreciated.
The long OM chain was impressive
My second Fair, mellow, no rain.
Loved community, seeing it all come together during Pre-Fair, being kind, went to Fair Coordinator meetings to get the bigger picture.
Loved the edibles, conversations, was lucky to get a random ride to the distant Dead lot when I needed it.
Loved the massage I got from Rainbow (?), got some pain free hours and all got done on time despite the late start.

Theft – Cell phones, backpacks were stolen Sunday night / Monday morning from Green Earth and Fruit. Flame holder was broken in pyramid. We need to get the facts on this (when, where) to report to our BUM Zack and prepare for next year.

Day Passes – There was a printing error on the pass that confused some people who thought they couldn’t arrive before the public.

Little Village Fence – Decon – Big John has a plan, welcomed by Fair (so we’re told), to make this fence permanent by having the bottom half fold up. We think we need to check with Crystal and maybe put it in the budget for next year. This would save a big chunk of work.

Registration Deadlines – too many folks got their registration and money in late. There never used to be the expectation that being late was OK. Maybe a booth that is late should lose a pass?? Booths should consider having a meeting outside of the Village meeting to collect money, etc.

Morning Meeting – This was poorly attended Saturday and nonexistent on Sunday. Sad that this is slipping away. Why? Should we make it a requirement, like sweep? Some folks attend other events, like the walk for the departed Fairies. Maybe make OM circle after Fair opens, this year it lasted till after opening (but vendors can’t participate then). Use a microphone to call villagers to morning meetings. Create an expectation that you should be at the meeting, rather than a requirement. Better define the length of the event so people can schedule in their day, make it short. This just doesn’t appeal to everyone. Work with Altered Space to develop a more meaningful gathering. Maybe invite Yoga Space… Some camp far way or have other things deemed more important or necessary in the morning. Do the Hokey Pokey? Early villagers from the old days liked the morning meeting – what was their motivation to attend? Maybe the expectation to attend was wedded with the gratification attendees felt when attending. The underlying village culture has changed since then. Council has a lot to do now. Let’s talk about this during our 2018 meetings to learn how to make the morning meetings and circle relevant and gratifying to more villagers.

Work Party Attendance – Was lame this year. Is there any accountability for this anymore, or even for sweep and pre-Fair meetings? How do we do accountability? Some booths monitor participation closely, making pass eligibility dependent on participation. Other booths are way more relaxed about it. The work was well organized, thanks to Katie. Council did a lot of it, but just can’t do it all. (I pulled a muscle in my elbow that still hurts!) Maybe put onus on the booth’s Construction Liaison to get out the workers and to keep a record of participation. Perhaps assign a village task to a whole booth on a particular day to develop a sense of responsibility for a specific task. Or make the tasks needed for the coming weekend clear ahead of time so folks can get ready for it and know what to do. For example: put the stage up, get the bamboo, do a waddle day, put up the parachutes… And what’s up with the picnicking all afternoon instead of working?  Some of these were tried this year, with some limited success.

Non-Fair Announcements
Everyone was encouraged to post their announcement on the DRUM, as these notes are not published before many of the events happen. I did not record them. Maybe they should go on the village calendar??

Everybody sang a very short “Happy Birthday” to Tim, and we OMed.

June 8, 2017 Community Village Meeting

John Flannery facilitating

Agenda Review
Fair announcements
W&D Report
Site Report
Consensus Rap
Camping Report
T-shirt sales
Registration Report
Construction update
Saturday Campfire host? WE NEED MORE!!!
Only one fun thing (skipped)
Activist Report: Health Care for All Oregon
Unfair announcements
Booth Breakdown – LONG
Meeting Evaluation

Hellos – Name, booth, sign. I’m Tim, I’m on Council, I’m a Democrat…
Fair Announcements

  • Onsite Childcare: June 24 and July 1, noon-4pm. See info online at Work Party Childcare Info for 2018
  • Sam is looking for archival photos of the Village for an independent film in production.
  • 50th anniversary of the OCF has a Fair Committee looking for ideas from the Village for a special project. Here:
    From Sandra Bauer of the committee: “I think we are more interested in content rather than infrastructure in the village.  Community Village is one of the major educational areas of the fair and an important content driven project would be something we could promote.  Many years ago there was an integral house in the village which was very interesting.  While that might be more appropriate in Energy Park these days, something on that order.   What about something on Social Justice.  There is a hugely important presidential election in 2020.  Perhaps a candidates forum.  What about health care.    I’m not sure just who all is represented in Community Village these days, but you have some great organizations to draw from. What kinds of educational projects have you been wanting to do that would make an impact.  The 50th committee is looking for 5 or 6 great projects that we could do well and I am hoping one of those will be in Community Village..  We will take the proposal, write it up together, attach a budget, recommend it to the board and advocate for it as part of the 50th Celebration.  This is a great opportunity to get something significant funded.”
  • Fair Guidelines – Please read yours as you are expected to be guided by the stuff written there. Info includes where the free showers are, how to register to vote for Fair board members, much more. http://www.oregoncountryfair.net/2017_OCF-Guidelines_web.pdf
  • Waddle – Cass will be onsite Sunday (and they all did a great job) – report here: https://groups.google.com/forum/?hl=en&fromgroups#!topic/new-cv-drum/Rh0oVBZ5mfs
  • Spirit Booth will offer these activities this year, among others: Reki, Ancestor Tree and Forgiveness Bowl.
  • Youth Power offers tweens (9-13 yrs) to help with your Fair needs: getting ice and more. Come to them if you need some help.
  • The OCF Board will meet ONSITE on June 25 at 4pm at Alice’s Fire Pit.
  • June 25 is also the date of Humanistic Intervention Training. Watch for an time of day announcement.
  • Please consider writing a Thank You Note to the UU church for hosting us. A donation would be great, too.

Workshops and Demos Report 
Talk to Beth if you still need to schedule something. And if you have something already scheduled and it falls through, please notify Info Booth right away. Community Village Events Schedule
Site Report
If you have a medical or police emergency onsite, do not call 911, call Fair at 541.935.7483. No brush cutting, no digging. More here: https://groups.google.com/forum/?hl=en&fromgroups#!topic/new-cv-drum/ca1VSkIANf4
Consensus Rap
Sam talked about Neural Coupling. Not a cerebral sex act. Rather it describes how deep listening actually causes the listener’s brain activity patterns to match those of the speaker. True understanding. More here: https://groups.google.com/forum/?hl=en&fromgroups#!topic/new-cv-drum/zEw0sttu_0E
PLEASE get your camping form to Sharron now. No setting up your SMALL tent until Wednesday, (Meadow n Council Camp are exceptions) and after Wednesday it’s hard to find you space. Wednesday is the day, starting at 9am. Camping form is here: COMMUNITY VILLAGE CAMPING FORM 2017
This year’s “Love – now more than ever” can be ordered here and purchased onsite June 24 and during Fair on Thursday thru Sunday in the Arts Booth. Rick will have Women’s shirts, tank tops and youth sizes as well, $15. https://www.etsy.com/listing/516529904/2017-community-village-t-shirt?ref=listing-shop-header-0
The meeting discussed and allowed a consensus decision to allow Rick to put his small logo on the upper back of the shirt. We so consented.
John does NOT have all the money or info to complete registration for some of you. Maybe you don’t really want to come to fair… Contact John here: 541 345-6822 jflan@efn.org
Construction Report
Katie spoke as Construction Liaison. She and Rick have spoken with all the various Booth Construction Coords except P&J and Wild Edibles. There are a few red tags (notably in Info Booth) and plans are in place to fix them. If you see a problem in your booth that is nit tagged, or something you just want to upgrade, please contact Rick at 541.543.0624 Rickkb@LIVE.COM even if you just want to be sure power or tools are available to use. He will also be onsite on some Wednesdays and could use some help. The eight was closed to gators because of the wet mud, so lots of stuff will need your help to be brought down from storage the coming weekend.
Activist Report: Health Care for All Oregon
Nancy Radius (sp?) “Our goal is to help build a health care system where every child and every adult receives the care they need, when they need it. Comprehensive, affordable, publicly funded, privately delivered, high quality care including alternative therapies, focusing on prevention, effective treatments and improved medical outcomes.
You can help by becoming a HCAO member, volunteering your time or making a donation. www.HCAOEugene.org Meets the first Tuesday at 7:00pm at the First Methodist Church 1376 Olive St. A member of the H&H Booth with a Front Porch talk Friday July 7 at 2:30pm.
Non Fair Announcements

Jefferson Middle School, which will be demolished this summer to make room for a new building, is having a Farewell Party today, June 9, in the evening I think. Come share your memories…

WOW Hall large maple trees are in danger of being cut down by the city. Make your voices heard. More info here: https://groups.google.com/forum/?hl=en&fromgroups#!topic/new-cv-drum/sQjcHBtvxAw

Democrats meet monthly on 11th St at their headquarters Thursday at 6:30 (I didn’t catch which Thursday)

Naked Bike Ride starts at Monroe Park, meet at 4:00pm Saturday, ride at 4:30pm, ride to the Whitaeker

Rainbow Family Gathering coming soon to a location near John Day.

E Blair Housing Co-op will have a benefit for CLVC (Lauren Regan’s organization) on the last Friday in July featuring Mood Area 52.

Honk Fest in the Whit Saturday 6-11pm and Sunday at Skinner Butte 2-8pm featuring Sebastian Brown.

Some of the Prankster folks will be presenting a Theater Piece at Tsunami Books Saturday June 17.

Need Fair outfits? Find some at the Gallery a few doors down from the WOW Hall

Senior Audit – anyone 65 or over can audit any U of O class for free. Info at Registrar’s office. Jair is teaching a class this summer…

Kink Drag Show at HiFi on Saturday the 17th. Do something new…

The suit against the government to make them preserve our environment, a suit brought by youth here in Eugene, has a court date June 14. Come and show your support at the Fed court house at 10:00 am.

“Make It Space” is at 687 McKinley St, where you can make stuff for starting a business. There will be a “mini maker” event at the Science Factory near Autzen this Saturday at 10am. Info at www.eugnemakerspace.com

We circled up and walked funny while waving….

Notes by Tim

May 11, 2017 Community Village meeting Notes

Facilitated by Katie

    • Hellos
    • Agenda Review
    • Fair announcements
  • Norma representing a task force to focus on the fair’s 50 year anniversary in 2 years. Idea generating session. June 11th at the fair site at Alice’s from 2-4. Focusing on the past and the future. Flyers were passed out. A future panel discussion will hopefully include Community Village, Energy Park and more.
  • Council Meeting Space a week from tonight at 7 o’clock at 2096 ½ Arthur Street
  • Rainbow Village, grief
  • Info booth – if you have a wristband or a day pass within one of the last 2 fairs, you can vote in the Fall – Vote for the Board of Directors, recommendation for the Board of Directors, where the philanthropic endeavors of the fair. You have to register, You can online or go to the fair office. If this is your first fair, after the fair you can register. http://oregoncountryfair.net/Pages/member7.16.pdf
  • We are invited to read the guidelines for the fair, and the dates for voting is in there. http://oregoncountryfair.net/2017_OCF-Guidelines_web.pdf
  • June 24 onsite meeting (at noon) there will be childcare, and also more info on childcare Work Party Child Care
    • W&D Report – who’s new this year?
  • Pretty full. Mostly what is left on the Village green
    • Site report
  • Log jam in the river smaller than before. David is not here. There is no cutting of brush alive or dead.
    • Consensus Rap
  • Thinking together: because the objective is not so much to talk together as to think together not so much to reach a conclusion as to discover where a conclusion might lie. Thinking together involves listening deeply to other points of view, exploring new ideas and perspectives , searching for points of agreement, and bringing unexamined assumptions into the open.
    • Camping report
  • Forms Due today
  • One per tent
  • If you are moving to a new space, say were you were last year
  • If you are new to the village say so
  • July 4th is a Tuesday, if you are doing the thing, let Sharon know
  • If you are in the swamp or Meadow, set up your tent Wednesday. Not before. Not after 🙂
  • If you can’t do that let Sharon know.
  • Sharon likes dark chocolate, coconut or nuts 🙂
    • T-shirt designs
  • $15 Village onsite meeting the 24th of June which is a Saturday at noon , At fair Thursday and Sunday @ arts booth. Also online on Etsy store search squirt a shirt on Etsy Richard Widget. You can also email madebyrealhippies@gmail.com
    • Registration report
  • Make out your check to Community Village, not OCF!
  • In booth breakdown you will know what’s up regarding passes
    • Story pole
  • Will not be erected. Is controversial
    • Construction update
  • Rick is the coordinator. We will have an update soon.
  • Designate a construction coordinator for each booth. If you have not selected one, the booth coordinator becomes that person tonight.
  • Be there the first Saturday of June (June 3)  if you are the construction liaison in your booth. That way we can game plan it. The first meeting the first month of June, we can make the schedule for the repairs. People NEED to show up, otherwise it is going to be really hard on the construction crew!
    • Campfire host
  • If we want it, we need someone to be responsible for it.
  • Katie is going to put it out there on the drum, and we can sign up for 2 hours shift
  • Some folks signed up at the meeting. Good!
    • One fun thing
  • Kim and Fred from East Blair Housing Cooperative. Kyla from Lost Valley
  • Intentional Communities doing: Connection, Now more than ever as a theme
    • Activist Report -Land watch Lane County
  • Garrett with Green Earth, representing Land Watch lane County. They help people beyond Lane County too.
  • Many activists here in the area that protect land here, especially BLM land. What gets overlooked is private lands, old growth, buffer zones on the edge of town. Makes Eugene Eugene.
  • It is one of the organizations that helps people in protecting the buffer zones and the private owned old growth areas.
  • If you see pink tape come up, contact Land Watch. Find them on Google. Immediately.
  • A lot of people are moving here right now.
  • In Benton county there are land planters who are supposed to be neutral parties who ensure county code and state laws are being implemented. There is a case against them because they were not upholding.
  • Minimizing the impact of urban growth.
  • Land watch assesses your situation, and if it stands a chance, they will refer the case to their in house attorney which will save money and they are experts in the field.
    • Decision Deadline (discussion)
  • Historically we have made it so we cannot make decisions once the May meeting hits.
  • Do we want to change this, because we have changed the other processes to earlier in the year.
  • Straw poll:
    • Discuss with a time limit.
    • Let’s talk about it in the Fall. THIS ONE WINS
    • Let’s never discuss it again.
    • Unfair announcements
    • Booth Breakdown
    • No fireworks for fourth of July. There may be a volunteer party that day, who knows? Council is gonna talk about whether we can set up tents during that time.
    • Meeting Evaluation
  • Good job Katie! Entertaining and informative.  (from Oblio)
  • Good vocal projection
  • Less discussing about having a discussion
  • Loved the wee one circling and supporting

Notes by Oblio. Thank you!

Community Village Minutes April 13, 2017

Facilitated by Sam & Katie

Agenda Reviewed
Fair Announcements

  • If you have had a wristband you can be a member of the Fair and vote
  • Sunday morning 10:30 OHM circle after the Village circle. Paul Simon is working for Ohmies to help make flags and get things going
  • Spirit booth opening ceremony Friday morning at 10:30am
  • Scott with signs and banners, paint parties will be on site June 11, June 25th, July2, and July 9th. They will have paint and stuff.
  • Green jacket left at last meeting. Take it home today or Tim will keep it. (somebody did take it home)
  • Spring fling May 5, 6pm, the Whirled Pies Downtown (old Cozmic)
  • Workshops and demos. There are forms, and there are forms online. The next meeting in May is the deadline for the Peach Pit.

Site report

  • The site is not flooded.
  • David is (the resident Vegmatic) …
  • Fire wood stack in the public area next to the tipi needs to be made sturdy. The small and piddly stuff goes in the bag.
  • David wants this repeated in May meeting: No cutting of brush living or dead. Go to David and ask if you need support around plants. He is a vegematic, and the steward of the Village land.
  • Speak loud enough to be heard in the back of the room. More people have hearing issues than we realize.


  • We get laughed at for using consensus, because it take far more time (in the short term) than a vote. Voting actually takes longer over time because many people do not feel heard. When we do consensus, it takes a shorter time because we cross many bridges before we ever get to the final pieces, with more of us feeling included and on board.

Council Retreat

    • Who gets to camp in the Village.
      • “Active participants in the life of the village” get to camp in the Village.
      • We encourage elders who have been there for a long time to continue to participate. If they are not participating, it is up to the booth to decide if they can camp in booth space.
      • At least one person in the tent has to be a villager as defined above.
      • If you have a lot of teenagers (only a reasonable amount that the adult can supervise) or have a really big tent…there are some other spaces that may work better. You need to get on that early.


  • Construction Coordinator – Rick B (541.543.0624 Rickkb@LIVE.COM) is going to be the coordinator for this season. We don’t expect many red tags this year.
    He has agreed to: prepare for things that need to be fixed, organizing the work party work – he shared that he wants people to learn simple skills to do construction work –

Satellite Meetings Report

  • Satellite report – Mt Shasta. Southern meeting consented on having a meeting using Skype. Green Earth people say “hey, let’s be mindful of our carbon footprint.”
  • Northern meeting about 25 people total. People were late. Bunch of new people. Alan from Copwatch spoke for an activist report, also one form Indymedia was presented. No demands of the larger group, wanted to know more about path planning. Talked about elder status, camping etc.


  • Sharon (541-602-4567 pepppar@yahoo.com) is the camping coordinator. Email it, mail it, hand it to her, all her info is on there. PLEASE READ IT, she has take time to really make it nice. GIVE IT TO HER BY MAY MEETING AT THE LATEST. Makes notes on the back if needed, and she will contact you if anything is needed.
  • People may not understand where to camp. The Swamp and the Meadow, behind or on top of booths, Zen Acres and Far Side.
  • If people have not camped out there, camp coordinator will help you.
  • Zen Acres is often large and with kids. Past Ritz, heading towards Arrow. Far Side camping is on the Far side of the Far Side.
  • Small tents if you are in the village.
  • DO NOT SET UP EARLY. If you need to for some reason talk to Sharon.


  • House, Wild Edibles and Intentional Communities were looked at this year. All was well
  • Some booths are service booths, some are comprised of groups, others of individuals. If you are a service booth you do not need to fill out eligibility. They will need a list of pass requests, and later will need the names etc.
  • All of the eligibility forms are being filled in online. This makes data collection much easier. There is a link. There is a link for eligible groups and individuals that are separate.  It is evolving. Will get better every year.
  • Omo says what about those who don’t use computers. Katie answered – The booth coordinators would be the bridge for those who did not want to use electronics.
  • Why aren’t all our forms online? Because no one has done it yet. (Links are now online)

Only One Fun Thing!! Love is the Power!!

Activist Report

  • Heather Green Activist Report – offering a 3 to 1 savings account (You put in 1 they raise it to 3) up to $12,000 to build a sustainable business
    • K-12 working with youth to help them with appropriate technology, permaculture,
    • Starting 13-18 years old entrepreneurship program
    • Aoorevecho.net you can donate to this.
  • Eric – Arts booth coordinator. Community involvement and advocacy.
  • Artists are discontent. Changing things through discontent.
  • Renegade Education project renegadeeducation.org
  • Prime focus on arts education and arts advocacy.
  • Working on Career and technical education in schools. (theatre, dance music in a career track). Working with professional artists in mentoring students on how to get out there and get work seen.
  • Advocacy, keeping art from getting cut. We are good as a country at creativity and design, not the math and sciences as global stats show. We are trying to put the value back in communities and schools.


  • Narrowed down to three
    • Water is Life
    • (Blank) Now More than ever
    • Love is the Power
    • Discussion lead to… Now more than ever
    • Love is the Power, Now More than Ever
    • Consented: On the T-shirts it will say “Love… Now More than Ever” and each booth has a thing where they can put a word in “(Blank) Now more than ever)

Unfair announcements
Announcements were made. Oblio encouraged people to put these things on the net. Send them to Tim ahead of time to get them in the Theater of Change. Tim@gwproj.com

Booth breakdown

Notes by Oblio, edited by Tim

Community Village Meeting March 9, 2017

Facilitators: Sue Barnhart and Lois Inman Notes: Tim Mueller

We all sang with Paul Simon, who moves us.
Agenda Review

Fair announcements
– This Sunday 10-4 LCC Longhouse. Diversity Workshop
– 3rd facilitator needed for Moon Lodge. More info here: https://www.facebook.com/OCF-Womens-Moon-Lodge-939026556182759/
– CV meeting facilitators needed. Talk to Sam samuelrutledge@gmail.com (541)337-6970
– No Theater of Change this month, hard drive temporarily missing.
– We should say “Thank You” to the Church, shouldn’t we? Maybe with Thank You cards…
– South Satellite Meeting: Saturday April 8, 2017, 2pm to 4pm, Wassayaks Cafe in Mt Shasta http://www.wassayaks.com/  333 N. Mt Shasta Boulevard, Mt Shasta, CA 96067
– North Satellite Meeting: KBOO’s Studios: April 9th , 2pm-4pm, KBOO Radio Conference Room, 20 SE 8th St., Portland Oregon 97214 Map Here

Site Report
The Long Tom is a few feet above flood stage, not much. Canoeing will require frequent portage, too shallow.

…is about cooperation to create the best decision

Council Confirmation
Big John is confirmed to Council after discussions with those who had concerns. Council is now complete for 2017.
Dea Lisk: 541-543-8832. dealisk@yahoo.com
Oblio Stroyman 541-579-9289 oblio.stroyman@gmail.com
Drake Eubank: 541-579-9022 drake@efn.org
Karla Caudell 541.337.5319    kjcaudell@gmail.com
Tim Mueller 541-521-7208  tim@gwproj.com
Diane Albino (541) 933-2584    iriedi@yahoo.com
David Hoffman (541) 484-9204    fixit@efn.org
Big John: 541-606-4151 bigsqurlnuts@gmail.com
Sam Rutledge samuelrutledge@gmail.com (541)337-6970
Katie MacCionnaith kmaccionnaith@gmail.com 541 232 0784
Shadow – Lios Inman (541)836-2670

Camping Report
Sharon Stahl-Bogdanovic 541-602-4567 pepppar@yahoo.com is the Camping Coordinator again this year. The 2017 camping form is online: FORMS .
She requests a list by May meeting from Booth Coords listing all folks from their booths that are camping in a Village camping area. Campers please use the online form, completed in a timely manner. NO setting up of tents before Wednesday without prior authorization from Sharon. Don’t forget to identify your tent as yours. Tents must be SMALL so all of us can fit in limited space. Don’t put your tent up until you get permission so that is doesn’t have to be moved. Village camping is only for people getting passes through the Village.
A discussion then happened that asked about campers in Village spaces that have not met eligibility this year (eg: elders). Different opinions were expressed, and the issue was given to the Council to deliberate at their meeting March 16, 7pm at 2096 ½ Arthur St.

Eligibility Committee Report
The organizations in the House were reviewed with no issues. Intentional Communities was next, with a few issues needing further investigation with the Booth Coord. Wild Edibles will also be reviewed this season. These booths were determined to not need eligibility forms as they are “infrastructure” booths rather than activist booths: Info, Restaurant, Youth Power, 4A, Little Village, Council. A new eligibility form will be published very soon, with the hope that an online fillable form can be used as much as possible, rather than the traditional print and hand in variety.

Workshops and Demos
To be in the Peach Pit, all workshops must be on the schedule by the end of May meeting. Our guidelines call for all of us to share our activism with the world and not being on time for inclusion in the Peach Pit makes that kinda difficult. Organizations do not need to be in the Village to schedule a workshop. If for any reason your scheduled workshop is cancelled or does not happen, please inform the Info Booth ASAP and edit the posted schedule so folks know.

Activist Reports
Taxes for Peace Not War
Sue Barnhart has been a war tax resister since her 20’s. Even $5 unpaid could have an impact. In some cases the IRS may recoup the money with wage garnishment. One way to not pay war taxes is to minimize your taxable income. Ways to avoid taxable income: 1) Live below the taxable income level. 2) Have a money losing business to lower your taxes due – this works for a number of years before the IRS wonders if it isn’t just a hobby. 3) Work under the table. 4) Adopt a child or other tax deduction methods. Write a letter accompanying your tax return saying, “I’m not paying $…” then donate the amount to a just cause, or put it in a separate account so that you have it if forced to pay later.
Join the Tax Day demonstration in April 18 at the Post Office. Contact Sue here: suebarnhart2@gmail.com
House Centered Activism
During the Dust Bowl of the Great Depression, the Department of Agriculture sent a Phd-level science team to the the Old World to see what could help us. Their landmark report still applies today: (https://www.ncat.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Lowdermilk-Conquest-of-the-Land.pdf ) Neglect of the soil has “helped topple empires and wipe out entire civilizations” and care of the soil “has enabled other societies to flourish for centuries”.
We must live in a relationship with nature, not over it. Being a passive consumer of food is not freedom. For more info, David: (541) 484-9204 fixit@efn.org
“We are only truly secure when we look out our kitchen windows and we see our own food growing and our friends working nearby. – Bill Mollison
“The ultimate role of ethnobotany lies not in the identification of new natural products for the benefit of the modern world, but rather in the illumination of a profoundly different way of living in relationship to nature.” – Wade Davis
“There is, then, a politics of food that, like any politics, involves our freedom. We still (sometimes) remember that we cannot be free if our minds and voices are controlled by someone else. But we have neglected to understand that we cannot be free if our food and its sources are controlled by someone else. The condition of the passive consumer of food is not a democratic condition. One reason to eat responsibly is to live free.” –Wendell Berry

Engaging the Public – discussion
– Performance to attract attention
– For orgs trying to change the world, encourage booth visitors to sign up to contribute resources, get involved
– Common Ground action: interview two random people and find their common ground. Do they both like spinach? Have the same shoes? Whatever, then celebrate that common ground.
– What works in your booth now? We ask…
– What in your booth moves people emotionally? We also ask…
– Wear a heart that says “community hugger”
– Green Earth does prayer flags that are updated, paraded and burned at Burning Man.
– Still a lot of division among Progressives. Go deeper in booth conversations.
– Kids talk about this, too. They wanna talk, wanna engage, but are lost as to how to do something.
– Get involved – booth’s emphasize how to help
– Have a bulletin board for Fair goers with ways to help posted
– Theme “Village for President” Have an hourly bell that rings and hoot n holler to attract attention.
– Wild Edibles has a plant display that pulls people in and staffed to engage and answer questions: Hook & Educate
– LL has bee keepers who report many of their hives failed this winter. They give out seed packets – pay it forward.
– Use the stage for more stuff, maybe between acts (stage crew will look into this). Short skits could happen, short blubs about an activist group could be read during musical acts
– Show an open front door with visual displays as the Hook.

Theme ideas
Pay it Forward
Water is Life
Village for President
Common Ground
Love is the Power (song)
Get Involved
Now More Than Ever, with space for a specific thing (Love, Peace, Water, Bees, etc)
Da People
We the People
Earthlings Unite
Make It So
One idea: An activity for kids. Create a “kid’s Passport” document that kids can take to different booths that would offer them some activity or something that they could do and then get their passport stamped.

UnFair announcements
(Consider sending these announcements to tim@gwproj.com a few days prior to the meeting so they can be included in the Theater of Change. I couldn’t keep up with all these, and some happened before I got these notes published so I left them out. Sorry. )
– Girl Scout Cookies are here!
– 3/15 Aunt Gardening (?) envision party
– 4/6 Jair, White Stag Building “What is Life” presentation, speakers
– 4/9 Solidarity International Women’s Day, E. Garden Club
– 5/14 Bee Benefit 2-5pm WOW hall, silent auction, music, more
– No Shame Eugene Every first Friday in the Atrium, perform for fun, short acts.
– Announcing a new sustainable business development program offered through Aprovecho, attached to a federal IDA matching grant and a young eco entrepreneur opportunity.
– Oddfellows -a community family dance that will begin in Cottage Grove in April.
– Tsunami is needing $ support, is gathering pledges to buy their building
– Our Revolution Lane County meets monthly, Saturdays at 11am at Whirled Pies.
– More below…

Booth Breakdown, 30 minutes
organic, good outfit colors, nice transition from facilitator to presenter and back, sometimes coulda been louder.

Rush Hour Resist:
Every  night Monday through Friday  from 5pm to 6pm join like minded folks with your signs at the old Federal building at the corner of Pearl and 7th. We are a presence encouraging people who pass by to join the resistance. We are working towards resisting 45 and folks who support his agenda and supporting human rights, health care for all, money for education, saving our planet, etc. Hang out with friends, meet new friends and plan strategies while encouraging the people who are passing by.
Every Tuesday from noon to 1:30 at the new Federal building, the corner of 8th and Ferry, come for a short inspirational rally and then holding up signs for the passing traffic. Some signs are available or bring your own.

Saturday, April 15th, (Traditional) Tax Day . 1 – 4. Rally at Alton Baker Park, march downtown and back to Alton Baker Park to demonstrate for Taxes going to Peace, Not to War. Taxes for life affirming things. Protesting over 50% of our taxes going towards the military and protesting that the rich are not paying a fair share of taxes. The middle class and poor are shouldering the burden of taxes.
Tuesday, April 18th, Tax Day, join us at the Downtown post office, 5th and Willamette from 10 til noon to gather with activists, do a penny poll to show where you would like your tax dollars to go and watch war tax resisters give money away to some local good causes.
Saturday, April 22, save the date fro a march for Science.
Saturday, April 29, save the date for a Climate march.

W.O.W. Hall (aka Community Center for the Performing Arts) will be hosting its Annual General Membership Meeting on Wednesday April 12th at 7 pm.

OPENING CIRCLE w/hand squeeze pass


Report about “Fair Memberships” & Voting, 3 year timeframe

Village came out of storm “pretty well”  but tree came down near Moon Lodge
Site flooded just now, for 1st time: “it’s really flooded”
READING FROM FAIR SITE REPORT: Dragon/Commemorative Booth area had significant tree damage & “will require another rebuild”
JOAN: “Can we canoe?” Sometimes it’s not walkable as well as canoeable (too hard to portage)
DAVID: Site now at flood level 13ft; max flood height is 16ft
BE SURE & CHECK IN w/OCF FIRST if you are planning to canoe, FIND SHELL-BELL
(sign-in/check poster at entrance)

Sam starts out our review: Contrasts conventional democratic decision making with one side versus another & one side outvoting the other with Consensus Decision making. “Our group doesn’t use that model” (conventional/voting)
The point in consensus is to have open & honest dialogue,” “empathy”  “compassion” & “we don’t generally break into camps & do battle w/one another”
NEL: with another group that she is in, w/tasks she was struck by, after days & months of talk & deliberation they weren’t able to agree because, “well that’s not my first choice” “that’s not my first choice either”
CONSENSUS IS ABOUT: talking & sharing & “truly listening” and so “The best choice rises up because of that process”
“We don’t block things here; we work them out!”

John-Dale-Katie attended
3 booths picked for review this year:
1. Intentional Communities
2. Wild Edibles
3. the House

Booth Eligibility guidelines for this year are being reviewed in the spirit of “learning as we go” & trying to make sure everyone understands & how they can be applied properly
The goal is for each booth to be “good to go” for 3 or 4 years
Some booths don’t need to go through the process, the ones that are Service-oriented (ie Fruit, Childcare)

Q’s (none, except repeat booths being reviewed this year)

ONE FUN THING: Tim’s Sing-Along-Song: “Love is the Power” (lyrics in Theater of Change) and here: http://www.gwproj.com/SWloveisthepower.html

DAPHNE and SARAH, Eugene Stands With Standing Rock

She and fellow Native activist from Eugene, Sarah have both spent time at Standing Rock/”Oceti Sakowin” as Water Protectors (not “protesters”) and shared how they actually met there.

They also shared some of their personal insights about the larger issues that have been raised by the Dakota Access pipeline action, such as Native treaty rights, inter-tribal cooperation and discovering new non-Native allies, both nationwide and globally.

DAPHNE: She is an experienced midwife & compares the Dakota Access Pipeline encampment/action to the birthing process. “It’s kind of like we are the gestational process of a movement,” with the current stage being close to birth, “the pushing phase.”

As a midwife, she knows when a woman is in labor, she needs a lot of support; likewise she thanked the Oregon Country Fair for its support of Standing Rock, for “raising a tremendous amount of money.”

She also praised all the people who sent various material means of support & made calls for the halting of the pipeline construction (temporary), which was ordered by President Obama after he got “more calls [about DAPL] than for anything else.” The Army Corps of Engineers was also ordered to continue the environmental review, she said, but when Trump came in he threw that “out the window,” even though the public comment period was supposed to go until Feb 20th.

There are also very important issues related to Native American treaty rights.
“Even though we legally had these rights, they kind of just walked right over them.”

Everyone was very solemn when she announced that construction was restarted on the pipeline TODAY.
“They are drilling today. Today the drills are working.”

Standing Rock is located in “the poorest place in the country,” with the highest infant mortality rates, 80 percent unemployment, and high obesity and many other health issues. It is in need of much support and many prayers.

She is also an herbal healer and brought along some of her formulations with her to the camps. For some tribal members, she said, it was their first experience with natural healing salves and herbal tinctures.

“I wasn’t raised on the reservation, but I have come to see how much privilege I have had,” with access to good quality food and consumer goods and the support to learn about natural medicines.

She comes from a “hippie-spiritual” background, and was glad to be able to see how Native people pray together and to witness some of the special ceremonies. Native people do share certain cultural viewpoints, she said, especially when it comes to what women must do during their monthly “moon” time.

Prayer and ceremony are “critical to our movement.” “We are a prayerful, peaceful protest,” despite the overwhelming presence and violent tactics of the local & state police and the private security forces there.

Like Community Village, Standing Rock/noDAPL uses Consensus decision making and is “a leaderless movement” — so there have been many issues! It’s also a “really slow way to do things, “which can make it even more difficult to accomplish camp logistics and management.

In November, 10,000 supporters “showed up just before a blizzard,” she said, which resulted in “mountains of garbage” under the snow that really couldn’t be managed or disposed of, despite the best efforts of a recycling volunteer lead person, whom she named as “Garrett,” and his dedicated recycling crew.

When it comes to self-governance and inter-tribal matters, “indigenous peoples need to work some of this stuff out for ourselves.” But in general, everything about the Standing Rock movement is “empowering and unique, and we’re doing it with non-native allies from all over.”

SARAH, Eugene Stands with Standing Rock
Next meeting is (DATE?) @7pm @ Growers Mkt
She going to “Two Rivers” camp soon.
But “we need to keep eyes on Standing Rock,” she said, with the pipeline construction going forward and those that are still there are still under surveillance and threat of violence. Also the camp is in the process of being deconstructed, and so cleanup at the camps is a “tremendous challenge” right now, especially in the dead of winter, with so much snow & not enough logistical support, there was a very dedicated recycling volunteer at the camp leading that effort but he did not have enough help.

For her, being at Standing Rock “has been a really powerful experience, “even though   it’s hard to know what to say or do the right thing or know who to trust…but we’re all learning.”

She also said the Eugene group is involved in these issues: fossil fuels divestment activities and support for the Apache “Stronghold Camp” in Arizona, where they are fighting copper mine on Indian lands. She is going there soon. “A lot is going on right now & it’s hard to know where to focus” as activists.

Sarah also spoke of how she & Daphne met at Standing Rock camp.

Q: What’s happening on March 10?
DAPHNE: There is a nat’l march in DC plus localized actions; everyone can check out the Facebook page for Eugene Stands with Standing Rock.

LOIS: Like the tree sitters, is anyone willing to get arrested?
SARAH: There are many legal considerations.
NELL: What about the Action tomorrow, at Clear Lake Road/Field office for Army Corps? (details online)

DAPHNE: Concludes with a reading of a quote from Crazy Horse quote
DAPHNE/SARAH sang “Mi Wiconi, Water is Life”

2. DEA, also standing for KARLA
3. DIANE (phone number has changed, newsl # is not correct)
4. SAM
5. TIM
8. KATIE, also standing for OBLIO
9. LOIS says she wants to SHADOW council because “I couldn’t stay away, but I didn’t want to take on any responsibilities!”
10. BIG JOHN needs more time to settle issues with those who contacted him. He will possibly be confirmed at March meeting.


NEL or KATIE: Last meeting we raised the issue of “what are we doing as a village, are we relevant??”

SAM: This is an example of how, with Consensus, “somebody says, ‘Hey there’s an issue,'” & as a result, “perhaps policy comes from that discussion & perhaps it doesn’t.” But it’s still valuable!

NEL: The important question we are exploring through this process is, “How can each booth be RELEVANT/MORE RELEVANT TO THE WORLD TODAY?” She acknowledged this can be a “touchy” process!

DAVID, for “THE HOUSE”:  (Since ’83)
Gives history, it’s a very unique part of the Village; it started out as “modest display of appropriate technology,” and as “a model house” also known as “the Integral House” w/solar shower, composting toilet, greenhouse and demonstration projects, like how to grow/preserve food. This was also about the time that Energy Park started offering showers. The House now ‘houses’ primarily these groups: OSU MASTER GARDENERS, KLAMATH BIRD OBSERVATORY, and sometimes a local CSA (“Aprovecho”?).

SKEETER (Since ’77):
I hope we focus on electoral opportunities & politics & ways to resist Trump administration.
Good to have “visions” of what we want. Back in 70s the vision included “Ecotopia,” check the book out!
SUGGESTION: Each booth could focus on what it can do “to get lots of input from people who come in to the Village,” make sure to get their ideas & get them excited about getting involved in something!
We should “funnel people” to the Green Party, or Our Revolution, or like groups.
Recognize that “we’ve got common values with them” (people who voted for Trump)

TIM: CV been around for a long time and so have many CV booths; meanwhile “the world has changed alot,” particularly this year, when “it seems the world has spun on its axis”! So we have to make some change as well & let’s keep that in mind for this upcoming Fair. Let’s come up with “a positive message, a vision message” we can all “resonate with” this year!

Someone brought up the Yurt dedicated to PeacePilgrim, is that going to continue in that form?

JEANETTE (Green Earth):
Her 24th year in the Village! When she came in, it was always about causes; esp at booth potlucks, we talk about this kind of stuff.” She says “we really have evolved into an activist booth.” Recalls how for several years the booth had a fun way of bringing attention to issues with two categories: “Spanking & Thanking”! GE always has a good assortment of postcards and petitions.

STEVE (Fruit Booth, 25yrs):
As a community, we’re getting older & “us older people are overwhelmed with negativity” from the last election. He thinks it’s time that CV “becomes a cure for Electoral Dysfunction!” The way we will do that is by going positive, “everything is going to have to be done in the positive” and being true to our ideals, even if “we don’t necessarily communicate them the same way.”

KIM (Intentional Communities):
1st year as Booth Coordinator (their regular coord taking 1yr off)
Hoping to bring some fresh energy in! She lives in the East Blair Housing Coop, where they deal with “accountability” within their community. They are also reaching out and socializing w/other ICs. They need to get some “ally” signs (immigrants??) — however, the Whitaker district has seen some neo-Nazi tagging, so some people are nervous about being public w/their support. They also deal a lot with the issue of “how to come to consensus w/people who really don’t think like us.”

TIME CHECK: only 15 mins left

KATE (Little Village/”Little People”):
Her 21st year in CV
On the issue of “positivity”: she just joined Twitter so she could follow “@Trump Regrets” so she could see what regretful Trump voters might be thinking. Comments were like, “Thank you for your willingness to look at your mistake,” but she felt it is really important to be “the opposite of critical.” She says Community Village needs even more of this spirit, of “we welcome people in, even if they’re not exactly like us”; whereas we are “hippy-diverse,” “they are diverse in other types of ways, like ‘rednecky ways” and need to feel we are inclusive.

NEL: We can do that through “shared values,” things we all have in common — like how we all love our children and everyone enjoys good food.

DARREN (Peace/Justice/Peace Jam):
Booth is comprised of lots of groups, very peace-oriented.
As he watches “the rise of fascism in America,” he sees a “widening rift” between those who are genuinely concerned about others & those who are “clutching to this old power culture (Anglo-Saxon, dominant) and fear- and greed-focused.
“If we’re going to be a light in that, we’ve got to get out of this conflict language”
Get out of the “we are this & you are them” mindset
“For whom are we being a light? is an important/relevant question here”
Who is our audience? We want to reach out to Middle America”
So we are being challenged to explore “in what ways can we ‘reframe’ the messages that we hold dear?”
Also look at how we can engage in conversations “with people who are really fired up”?

SAM: He’s done alot of thinking about the Village, “it’s the oldest & only coalition of activist groups that crosses every single activist area that people are working in”; we can build on that. Remember, “We all have permission to approach the village differently” so let’s see how we can all “create an activist experience” Even the service oriented booths (ie Info, Little People).

KATIE (not speaking as facilitator): We can dialogue with one another w/in the Village “Hey are you doing *this*?” Offer feedback, she encourages us to help new people find ways to get involved in issues and activism. “If I was a young activist who was pissed & a little lost, I might come to the village looking for ‘what can I do to make a difference??”

Someone referred to the “Forgiveness Bowl” at Spirit Booth, let’s give people a way to deal with these feelings of “we’ve got a lot of fear & a lot of anger; I don’t want it to be just swept away, we’ve got to do something with it!!”

SUGGESTION: FIRE CEREMONY, just throw your fear into the fire!

JOE M (GreenEarth/Areas): 12 years w/CV
Saturday night cocktail party hosted by GE booth is very and the procession of the Flags of Intention is a “very touching & emotional thing” that we do in the Village.

CHRISSY & RICHARD, (Doors of Expression):
Maybe we should pick our theme earlier, to give us more time to prepare?
We live in an era of propaganda, and one way to counter that is through ART!!1


LOIS: One of the biggest mistakes we make is to rush the process of getting people involved — “we need to make sure we help people feel heard” and work more on LISTENING.

BEN (Health & Healing): The booth has been talking about find a way to “extend our gifts out to fair goers & the public” and how we can be “greater warriors of change” & make a good example in the world.

DRAKE: He is “not big on idealism” because his family is from Ukraine, where the oligarchy is in power. His slogan got a HUGE laugh: “OVERTHROW THE DOMINANT CULTURE & HAVE A NICE DAY”

NEL: We got in 45 mins of “sharing” on this — that’s much more than a “discussion”!

UNFAIR ANNOUNCEMNTS: (not quite all of them, sorry)
*This Sat./Planned Parenthood Clinic support & recognition
* Earth Day March for Science — “And I’m going!”
* Youth Leadership Conference @ UofO (peacejam.org?), teaching young people how to be activists March 10-11-12
Registration for teens 14-18, former Costa Rican President Oscar Arias will be there- his public talk will be Fri March 10
* JOE: KEPM (call sign) 97.3 low power FM station is on the air!! They are looking for help
* No Shame Eugene Community Theatre 1st Friday Atrium Bldg
* Interfaith Service Feb 11th Love Harmony Song
* STEVE: Tsunami Books may be closed / torn down for fancy office bldg! We need to raise some money to help.

RESPECTFULLY (& BELATEDLY) SUBMITTED by KAREN KOS (Green Earth), krenekos@gmail.com

Community Village Meeting Minutes, 1-12-2017

Percy facilitating

Site Report:
David shared there are only a few trees are down. One near Shady Grove, mostly cleared up. Soil erosion little to none so far.

Consensus Rap:
Sam jumps up! Consensus is our decision making tool – it has been a big and important value for communication and conflict resolution in the CV maybe since the beginning. We rely on each other to bring an attitude of openness, listening, compassion, and empathy. We do not always agree, but we communicate and listen to gather pieces of the truth. If we all come as truth seekers we arrive at a better truth together than separate.

Eligibility Committee Report: 
Katie shared that in the fall council meeting it was determined that 2 council members, 2 booth coordinators, John Flannery and whomever else is excited to get in on it will evaluate 2 booths per year and give reports. Booths would be eligible then for 3 years. A question was answered that yes, it is like the spring evaluation, though more in depth. No one gets revoked, though there will likely be feedback. The Booth coordinator should be part of the process to give context. If there are issues, booths will have a year to correct them. John and Katie will send out dates for the meeting.


Expansion Committee:
Tim shared that the village expansion seeks to open an entrance through the tipi area. He shared that in 2015 the Village agreed to move forward with the project as long as certain stipulations were met. Last year we made displays of potential plans to get feedback. Our neighbors Earl and Diane were not pleased with the plans and felt like they were not properly consulted and that it is all moving too fast. The Village shared that they are not interested in moving forward until it is a win win for everyone. There are ongoing negotiations and we will have another feedback display this year.
A person from the the fair shared that the fair is wanting to get rid of all dead ends at the fair for safety reasons, and also want to make sure the people feel good.
Dea said she felt the fair was responsive to the concerns expressed about the expansion.

Standing for Council:
Tim shared that council is a self-selected group of volunteers that coordinate and support the guidelines of the village, helping to support the best community and best Fair possible, maintaining a progressive vision, networking groups together. Each one of the potential council members will stand up, share what they have done in the village. Please contact the candidate if you have questions. (initial contact must occur within one week, and attempts to settle concerns must begin before the next Council meeting.) If they are questions that could be hard, and you need an ally or advocate we are happy to help. The concerns need to be addressed within a week of this meeting, after that, you lose your ability to block. The council members will be confirmed in the February meeting. Percy reminded us that blocks are not for personal scores but for concerns about the larger community.

David Hoffman (541) 484-9204  fixit@efn.org
Has been part of the council since 1985. He is interested in looking at the fair’s impact on the world.

Tim Mueller 541-521-7208  tim@gwproj.com
Has been on the council for more than a decade. He like having rules. Break them or not, he feel more comfy knowing what they are. He likes upholding them. He also does the theatre of change newsletter.

Oblio Stroyman541-579-9289 oblio.stroyman@gmail.com
Lead the MoonLodge for 10 years, and started rainbow village 2 years ago. They served on Council last year, and are very interested in moving the social justice peices of the village forward.

Katie for Diane Albino (541) 933-2584  iriedi@yahoo.com
DIane Albino is not here as she has had a hell of a year. SHe holds the history of the village. She is dedicated and she shows up.

Katie MacCionnaith kmaccionnaith@gmail.com 541 232 0784: I have been on council for 2 years. I want to report that we all pledged to take the humanistic training last year and we all did. Katie shared that she has noticed a big difference in the way the council communicates.

Karla for Drake 541-255-3743
He is in the Ukraine and has been on council. HIs number is 541-255-3743 and will take Skype/phone calls if anyone has concerns.

Karla Cauldwell : 541.337.5319    kjcaudell@gmail.com
(council member, didn;t say how many years) Has been doing the financial stuff for the village and is handing the treasurer money stuff over to Katie. SHe is ready to do new things on the council, and will stay a part of registration.

Sam Rutledge samuelrutledge@gmail.com (541)337-6970:
Serves on the council and the info booth. INfo on website and here. If you leave a voicemail he likely won’t listen to it, but will return a call if he sess it. Better or text.

Dea Lisk541-543-8832dealisk@yahoo.com
Works in Spirit Booth, has served many roles including coordinator and healer, Has lead the opening ceremony for about 13 years, with 20 years in the village. She can be reached at

John McCahill (Big John) 541-606-4151 bigsqurlnuts@gmail.com
Has served on Council and in construction and decon. He is at the Eagen WArming Center tonight.

CV as a hotbed of Activism: 
Sam asked that the Village discuss activism in the village and its relevance to what is happening in the world at large. We are facing hard times regarding education, arts, and oppressed people. The village is unique in that it serves and gathers a variety of groups together committed to making change. Is it relevant to the challenges the world is feeling? How do we accomplish this?

People shared (Oblio is challenged with names, so not all things are accredited)
We do our best. Maybe in between stage acts we have activists speak.

Katie is excited to see this topic on the agenda and for new groups to get proposed, and noted Rainbow Village as one of these. She shared that she noticed when there are new ideas or critiques about the ways things are, often times she notices hackles goes up in the village.

Oblio shared that being humble is key when someone shares new ideas or points out a way we are not being conscious to oppressed groups. WHen someone oppressed takes the time to point out where the privilege is, they are offering us a gift and is an act of love,  rather than just leaving and feeling that we are awful.

Ben shared that he carries his fair experience into the world. Making change.

Karla shared that we need to have an awareness about how we respond and to do this all year long, not just at fair. To do this for all things we are doing. That sometimes the fair can be the same ol same ol, so we need to increase our awareness about what we are doing there.

It was suggested we have a social media page dedicating the top issues every week or month to something socially responsible.

What are some concrete ways to give activism and current issues more of a voice at fair?

Sam shared the idea that there is a resurgence of activism in the world and it is different than the activism that built the village 40 some years ago. It is having a bit of an identity crisis with new and old guard.

Someone shared that hackles going up is a natural human response, emotional maturity is when we learn how to work with this.

Tim shared that he is counting on our booths to be a hotbed of activism

It was mentioned  that the village is like an activist recruiting center. People want to do something and we need to help them know what to do. Many of us are activists who have been at it a really long time, many people are just now waking up to their activism. It is important to recognize that they may have grief around the oppression and privilege, We can work with that by asking them to come help us NOW. Let’s stop the inner bickering, we are all going to have to do this together.

Cordy from Health and Healing share that they need the information to give the people. Oblio encouraged her booth to seek it out actively over the year as part of their job and mission.

Someone mentioned be careful not to be self-righteous. Yes be responsive, and find places within the given context/booths to make them more relevant.

Our names says a whole lot. Everything starts from the core of a person, and let’s pump up booths to make them stronger and more connected. The speaker hopes that everyone will come to opening circle so we can enter into fair strongly and intentionally connected and together.

Fruit booth mentioned that it has a separate education sub-committee that goes out and sees what is happening in the world of food every year to bring to fair. Booth empowerment!

Oblio talked about the village as a whole taking an allyship training that they may be willing to give, and maybe we can do some booth speed mingling so we can know one another’s concerns, issues, and projects for the year more intimately.

Someone mentioned getting more direct action at fair, akin to getting people registered for voting.

Sam mentioned a skit David Oakes made about dusty leaflets the clown. Point is, leaflets can be effective and at fair may be more effective ways of engaging people. Connecting and energizing the public’s interest in causes.

Getting practical, spirit booth did a forgiveness bowl that really engaged the public last year. Something to drop them into the emotional body amidst all the stimuli.

Shirt suggestion, Village for President? Make a song?

Getting to the core about things that we do, how did we get here ? (Trump)

Percy quoted Gandhi about how Goodness prevails

MLK Day, 9am, March from Serbu, 10am at Shed, speakers and such with transport back.

Women’s March on the 21st. 12-3. Pussy cat hats wear them!

Therapeutic Touch class the 21-22nd of January contact Cordy
Sunday January 15th at the Wayne Morse Ranch (no time given) discussing the ACA

Standing Rock Support Group, get involved, contact Dale 541-343-8242

Katie works for a non-profit that runs the medic site at Standing Rock. They need help moving the smaller camp into bigger camps, and removing waste as it is all going to flood into the river. People with trucks to offer and equipment should contact Katie. Join the Eugene Stands with Standing Rock Page.

Egan Warming Center needs more people, blankets, hats, gloves, and not every site has an occupy medical bag. You can get connected on their webpage or drop donations at St Vinnie’s specifying it is for Eagen.

If you want to give an activist report, talk to Tim by the Sunday before the next CV meeting.