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Last Year’s Stream 2020: The Village is Everywhere – In Our Hearts

All the pre-recorded and live videos from the July 10, 2021 stream are now available HERE.

Special 7:00 – 9:00pm live stream from the WOW Hall

Musicians include Villagers: OmoSTEEL WOOL Band – David Rogers – Frog – Jim Page – Mudzidzi Mbira – Tavè – Tim Mueller

WORKSHOPS via ZOOM (click on the workshop title to find the meeting – all listed in Pacific Time)
2:30pm Consent, Sexual Violence Prevention, and Gender Inclusion at Fair by Respect(Ed).
Click here for access information: Fair in the Clouds 2021 Workshops Zoom Invite Request.
Directors of Respect(Ed), a local nonprofit, will walk participants through consent, staying safe, dealing with sexual assault, gender expression, and respecting gender diversity at the Country Fair and other festivals. We’ll have interactive, nuanced discussions about the fair’s policies and how to cover these topics with your kids so next time we are in-person, we can have the best fair yet!
Tip Jar: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/respect-ed
1:00pm Journey to the Center of Self with Ben, Health & Healing Booth: I invite you to join us as we excavate deep into our understanding of who (or what) we really are. Expect to come out of this workshop with a renewed appreciation for both your struggles and your triumphs during this lifetime.
Meeting ID: 982 9632 6348
1:30pm How to be an active ally to trans/gender diverse people at OCF by Transponder, Rainbow Village. Click here for access information: Fair in the Clouds 2021 Workshops Zoom Invite Request.
Presenters from TransPonder will provide information on the trans experience at fair and what we can all do to be better/active allies to the trans/gender diverse amongst us.  TransPonder is a small grassroots, completely transgender founded and led nonprofit based in Eugene, Oregon providing support, resources, and education for and about the trans/gender diverse community and its allies. Donate: https://www.paypal.me/transponder
2:30pm Our Relationship to Racism. Ayisha Elliott is Black Girl From Eugene. A  Diversity, Equity and Inclusión educator, writer and podcaster- she focuses her efforts in aligning intention to impact. Her podcast can be heard on any podcast platform, on KEPW 97.3 local radio station, YouTube and FB!
Website: www.blackgirlfromeugene.org | Venmo: Ayisha-Elliott-1 | Click here for access information: Fair in the Clouds 2021 Workshops Zoom Invite Request.
4:00pm NA Meeting. When you need help staying sober. Meeting ID: 859 3272 8520 Passcode: 366445
5:00pm On the Ground with the Unhoused From the Intentional Communities Booth member the East Blair Housing Co-op. Zoom access HERE Meeting ID: 433 819 7129, passcode 1111
6:00pm Introduction to Therapeutic Touch (TT) with Cordy Anderson, retired RN and Qualified Therapeutic Touch Teacher. Therapeutic Touch is an energetic interaction between two people in which one has the intention to help or to heal. Cordy will discuss a bit of history, share a couple of experiential exercises with energy, and explain the process. Many types of practitioners can easily incorporate the TT process into their work. Meeting ID: 832 5480 8147 Passcode: 346750
noon-1:00pm Wild Edibles Booth the Zoom link: https://uoregon.zoom.us/j/6125620985


TimePresenter nameTip or Donation Links
10:00 AMCouncil Intro Video
10:01 AMHOST Omo
10:05 AMCommunity Village Opening Circle Ceremonycommunityvillageocf.org
10:28 AMSTEEL WOOL My Country Fairsteelwoolband.com
10:35 AMSunrise Dance from Jasmine Graves
10:39 AMHOST Omo
10:43 AMWhat is Youth Powercommunityvillageocf.org/2021/06/09/youth-power/
10:51 AMYouth Gabriel Warren Tap Dance
10:53 AMLego OCF 2021 by Woodsie
10:56 AMFrog Jokes
10:58 AM“Cart coming through” will play at 11:00 Exactly 15 sec + HOST Omo
11:04 AMDavid Rodgers Morning Set
11:10 AMRob Tobias and FriendsRob Tobias@MaximoProductions
11:23 AMWild Edibles Booth introcommunityvillageocf.org/2021/03/21/wild-edibles-and-medicinals/
11:28 AMNormal Fauna, Ruby Chocolate
11:31 AMHOST Omo
11:37 AMOmo sings for you
11:46 AMHonk United – brass & percussion bands as an activist toolhonkunited.org/
11:53 AMPlanet vs Pentagoncommunityvillageocf.org/2021/07/02/peace-and-justice/
12:00 PMHOST Sam
12:06 PMWoodlander, Full Throttle Folk
12:19 PMHealth & Healing Booth introcommunityvillageocf.org/2021/07/03/health-healing/
12:25 PMHealth & Healing Relax Tips
12:28 PMCommunity Village History
12:36 PMHOST Sam
12:40 PMJoey Helpish – Autism Screams
12:44 PMBen Luskin Workshop Intro
12:46 PMthe Macks, Rock and roll, psych, blues, punk
12:57 PMHug Reel #1
12:58 PMFrog Jokes
12:59 PMHOST Sam
1:03 PMEarthquake info and prep with Jason Patton
1:18 PMSunheart, tantric devotional acid folk
1:25 PMBrian Cutean, veteran Fair FamilybrianQTN.bandcamp.com
1:37 PMHOST Sam
1:39 PMSTEEL WOOL – Candy – acoustic rock reborn
1:43 PMTara Velarde, Diva Blues Rock and Soul
1:52 PMRainbow Villagecommunityvillageocf.org/2021/04/03/rainbow-village/
2:00 PMHOST Tavè
2:05 PMAlex Winters, Rock-pop songs for wayward soulsin her video
2:21 PMThe Raventones “Journey over the Dunes”
2:24 PMNever Ever Band, just like nighttime on the path
2:35 PMHOST Tavè
2:40 PMHug Reel 2
2:41 PMTim Mueller “You’re My Butterfly”
2:44 PMMore Frog Jokes
2:45 PMTavè, Kate and Little Sue, a three-pack of gals do Bob Dylan songs
2:58 PMEven More Frog Jokes
2:59 PMHOST Tavè
3:06 PMMudzidzi Mbira, mbira music trancey and dancey
3:23 PMKudana, Afro-marimba infused with lovekudanamarimba.bandcamp.com/releases
Venmo: @MaiShumba
3:56 PMTim Mueller – Ray Gun
4:00 PMHOST Jim Page
4:07 PMTom Noddy, Bubble magic!paypal.me/tomnoddy
4:34 PMJoanne Rand, Psychedelic-Folk-Revivalpaypal.me/JoanneHRand
4:50 PMNormal Bean “Think I’m High”
4:58 PMHOST Jim Page
5:02 PMJim Page performs live from his new CD
5:24 PMDr. Atomic’s Medicine Show
5:43 PMTR Kelly for KindTree – Autism Rockswww.kindtree.org
5:45 PMRaventones – Different Kinda Human Being
5:50 PMFox n Bones – Modern vintage, folk-pop duo
5:57 PMDon’t Kill Polar Bearscommunityvillageocf.org/2021/06/08/2244/
6:00 PMHOST Steve Brown
6:05 PMHug Reel #3
6:06 PMGolden Ours, ethereal rock band
6:12 PMDavid Rodgers Evening Set
6:23 PMFrog is Funny
6:24 PMPete Kartsounes, award-winning singer-songwriter
6:28 PMChris Chandler, Spoken word with music
6:35 PMHost Steve Brown
6:38 PMSTEEL WOOL – Just Maybe – acoustic rock reborn
6:45 PMSTEEL WOOL – Love is the Power
6:51 PMSchmoke anda Pancake, Oregon “greeen grass” alt bluegrass duo
6:55 PMThe Feelings Parade, a movement as much as it is a band
7:00 PMHOST Steve Brown
7:05 PMLIVE Broth Band, R&B
7:46 PMDusky Blues, blues and more blues
8:02 PMHOST Steve Brown
8:06 PMLIVE Bluphoria, R&B
8:46 PMGazelles, trippy Instrumental Postrock
9:03 PMHOST Steve Brown
9:09 PMStill More Frog
9:11 PMDruid Sisters, eclectic world fusion dance bandpaypal.me/claudiathedrummer
9:24 PMGumbo Groove, bluegrass, folk, rock and country all mixed up = Fungrass
9:42 PMBrightside Blue, heart and soul filled vocals with virtuosic guitar-work and live loopingPaypal.me/brightsideblue
9:54 PMHOST Steve Brown
9:59 PMHug Reel #4
10:00 PMFire Dancing by Jasmine Graves
10:03 PMSweep ’em on out!
Nighty Night……..