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In Our Hearts

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CV Stage , July 11 ONLY, 2020
10:00 AM – 10:30 PM

Special after dinner live stream from the WOW Hall
followed by Kiyoshi, Gumbo Groove, and Sunheart

simulcast on KOCF FM until 7PM

Featuring a wide variety of music videos, live streamed performances, activist clips + BLM voices, jokes by Frog, fun MC’s, and a live stream from an empty WOW Hall.
Musicians include Villagers: Omo, STEEL WOOL Band, David Rogers, Cassandra Robertson, Jim Page, Brian Cutean, Dharmika, and Tave Fasce Drake.
And guests: Dr. Johnny Lake, 3 Hand Stephen, Kyoshi, John Elliott, Hannah Cooper, Travis Riddle, the NeverEver Band, Woodlander, Laundry, Wild Light Sound Duo,  the Macks, Sunheart, Dr. Atomic’s Medicine Show!, Brightside Blue, Folk Goddess Diane Patterson, Left Lane Coyote, Normal Fauna, the Vineyard Collective, Windsong, Gumbo Groove, the Feelings Parade, and Muddy Soul and Space Neighbors at the WOW Hall.


 Omo and Chrissy
10:00 AMOmo introduces the Village Opening Circle
10:01 AMOpening Circle – Our Wake up Song
10:05 AMOmo and Alanna do the Teddy Bear Picnic
10:09 AMDharmika – Folk Singer for the Village
10:17 AMHoning Your Intuition – workshop introduction
10:23 AMDr. Johnny Lake – International consultant, trainer, and speaker, long time fair family
10:31 AMKiyoshi – World premiere visionary, vocalist, musician, and songwriter with a deep passion for empowering humanity
11:02 AMWindsong – Beautiful grounding connection to the earth
11:14 AMthe Vineyard Collective Live Stream – Eugene-based group of four multi-instrumentalist songwriters joining forces.
11:29 AMFrog tells jokes
11:30 AMForest Defense is Climate Defense – Green Earth Nonprofit Short
11:33 AMthe Feelings Parade – poetic songwriting, tight harmonies, and rich textures
11:47 AMCommunity Village Documentary by Breathing Media, World Premier!!
 Arthur and Anita
12:06 PMThree Hand Stephen – a singer/songwriter, visual artist and an absolute original.
12:14 PMSusan Colson (LadyBug) Relaxing Techniques – how to video
12:17 PMDavid Rogers and Frog – a longtime Village member, sings beautiful folks songs. And Frog tells jokes…
12:32 PMHealth and Healing Booth Introduction
12:39 PMSOLVE for Oregon – Nonprofit Short
12:44 PMPlanet vs Pentagon – CALC Nonprofit Short
12:48 PMBrightside Blue – Folk-soul fire in honor of the waters
1:12 PMWoodlander – Award-winning acoustic trio of songwriters featuring a variety of instruments and genres
1:35 PMHannah Cooper – Straight to your heart with joy and feeling…great guitar vibe!
1:50 PMJourney to the Center of Self – workshop introduction
1:53 PMChicken and Dumplings – Fun song from Villager Tavé
 Tavé and Lucinda
2:10 PMDr. Atomic’s Medicine Show – Now in their 46th year of making fun of what needs it.
2:15 PMBrian Cutean – Wordplay, wonder, colorful guitar, high spirit and his alt-Roma Qband
2:29 PMMore Frog Jokes
2:33 PMWild Edibles Booth Introduction – Feed Yourself in the Wild
2:38 PMNeverEver Band – Just like wandering the Fair paths after dark
2:49 PMProtect our Oceans: Sustainable Seafood – Nonprofit Short
2:50 PMTravis Riddle – straight up love and mercy from acoustic guitar and tender voice
2:57 PMCommunity Lego Village Tour – from young Villager Woodsie. So cute!
3:06 PMCelebrating Weirdness with Karl Hammerschlag and Mind Freedom
3:08 PMDo the Hokey Pokey with Omo
3:11 PMJohn Elliott – the Andy Kaufman of folk music
3:17 PMKindTree – Autism Rocks, serving the Autism Community – Nonprofit Short
3:25 PMThe Macks – Oregon rock and roll with punk and psych influences
3:52 PMFrog is still funny
3:54 PMFrog – really, really funny!!
3:55 PMNormal Fauna – She has autism and isn’t afraid to use it, infectious, percussive folk-blues
  Fooble the Dragon and Clare
4:07 PMLaundry – Dream rock from Eugene, Oregon.
4:29 PMCassandra Robertson – Live Stream – Acoustic Conscious Folk – Music to Inspire
5:13 PMTime to Smoke Pot – Celebrating the legalisation of marijuana from TR Kelley and the LeisureLand Choir
5:16 PMSTEEL WOOL Band – Acoustic Rock Reborn – “Love is the Power!”
5:57 PM350 Org – Nonprofit Short
 Steve Brown
6:10 PMThe Chris Chandler Show – wandering minstrel and medicine show orator
6:16 PMWildlight Sound Duo – Eugene duo full of the fire of youth
6:21 PMJim Page – musical commentary about the world we live in – a Fair Favorite
7:10 PMWOW HALL LIVE Space Neighbors – funk, reggae, jazz, world, rock, and improvisational jam
7:57 PMDiane Patterson, Folk Goddess – an amazing songwriter and a world healer.
8:15 PMWOW HALL LIVE Muddy Souls – Eugene band takes Americana to a new level
9:10 PMMore Kiyoshi – World premiere visionary, vocalist, musician, and songwriter with a deep passion for empowering humanity
9:48 PMGumbo Groove – High energy cross-genre acoustic instrument FUNGRASS!
10:20 PMSunheart – Tantric Devotional New Age Acid Folk Feminist Goddess Grunge
10:33 PMSweep! Tim and Nel…sing along!
10:38 PMFire Dancing – Hot and Dark and Flaming!

t-shirts, bandanas, face masks, aprons
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25 years ago I was in the booth showing people what the Internet was, and how to sign up for an account on EFN.
Now we are using the Internet to show people how to use the Village.
How things have changed.” – Jamie, Doors of Expression