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Village Minutes, June 8th 2005

7:07 – Introductions

Agenda Review – 7:12

• Why are we here?
• Reports
o Council
o potluck
o board
o constructon
• spin the bottle
• (fair) announcements
• booth breakdown
• evaluation (not done)
• closing circle
• unfair announcements (not done)

Why Are We Here? The meeting took place at Safe Inc. in Springfield. We moved from the old Whittaker school because of damage three tables in the childcare room, and to the floor. We were not welcomed back to the space for this meeting. Details are continuing to evolve. We will take financial responsibility for the damages to one table, but not to the other two or the floor. We will be welcomed back into the space next year. Thanks to Drake and the council for providing for and organizing space, and to the crew that came and helped to clean up the space at Safe Inc.

Some conversation regarding the accessibility issues in the Safe Inc. space.

7:21 – Reports

Board – in the most recent board packet, there was a letter from Craft Committee to a person named David. Apparently, someone submitted a letter to the Crafts Committee and misrepresented it as an official Community Village survey, which it was not. The survey originated from the Peace and Justice booth. Further investigation is underway.

Construction Report – Construction is happening. There is a lot going on at the site. The booths that required deconstruction have been removed. Some minor red tags have been issued. Construction crew hopes to have most of Spirit and Youth Power standing by this weekend’s work party. We have the bulk of our materials lined up.

Each booth still needs to come up with a symbol to represent its name. There’s a bag of sign blanks in the community house on the Peace and Justice side.

When you come to the work party, prepare. Bring food, water, bug juice, good shoes, and tools. Work parties run from 10am to 6pm. The site is open from 9am to 9pm, so you can show up early if you so desire. Remember to work while you’re at the work party.

Spin the Bottle – Hans, from the arts booth. He’s been in the village since he was a very small child. He likes to play music, especially at the Fair. He plays a lot of stuff, especially stringed instruments. Outside of the Fair, Hans wanders around. He has a country band that may or may not be playing at the Safe building on Friday.

Fair Announcements – Sharon, who takes care of signs and banners. If a booth coordinator needs a sign, Sharon will get it. Contact her at this e-mail; She will be at work parties on June 25th and July 3rd to do wonderful signs and banners.

There will be a need for additional ‘Bulldogs’ to mind the entrances to our campgrounds. Adult members of the village, as well as youth, are encouraged to volunteer.

Anthony Vanderport is a tall dark (and handsome) person and has done several mural projects, worked with street kids, and has been a part of the Arts booth. He has cancer of the liver, and is in need of financial support. There will be a fundraiser by way of raffle, through the Saturday Market and various other community organizations . They are taking donations of craft items. The question is posed to the village, should we sell raffle tickets at the Village to support his cause? This may or may not be against fair guidelines. The council will look into the issue, as we may not make decisions in the whole at this point in the season.

Paul is going to attempt to put together a screen printing project in order to put the Community Village logo onto villager’s own shirts for about a dollar. It’s hard to print on Polyester.

Who is on fire crew? EVERYBODY! Pull, aim, squeeze, and sweep. Point at the base of the fire. No open flames at the fair. Walk slowly. Trust the Fair’s fire crew, go where they tell you. Don’t go back. Your loved ones will be taken care of. Don’t yell “Fire” even though it isn’t a crowded theater.

On Thursday evening of fair, there may be a ‘fire drill’ where they’ll do a practice evacuation from parts of the fair. There are evacuation guideline in the Info Booth. If there is a point of time when you have to evacuate, follow instructions. People will be reunited at the other end. DON’T GO BACK.

There must be a fire extinguisher and a water bucket with burlap in every booth. The first step is the burlap. It is the most immediate. There are a half a dozen 55 gallon drums full of water that are reserved for fire suppression at the trail heads. Several fire escape routes and signage are being reassessed. We are allowed a campfire in the village meadow on Saturday Night. If it rains on Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, we sometimes keep the fire going. We may be allowed to have an attended candle in the pyramid – but only if there is a responsible adult present at all times (24 hours a day, from the time the flame is lit to the end of fair).

Hollis is looking for a camping pass. If anyone has any ideas, he would appreciate hearing them. He tried to fill out the form for 4A, but he couldn’t get the webpage to work. He would love to be able to hand out fliers for his co-op he’s starting, called perpetual motion, doing modifications to wheelchairs.

The goal of 4A is to provide and assist in advocacy and access for Fair Family and Fair Visitors, not as a pipeline for alternatively able people to get into the fair.

Jen-Lin is a fairy harvester, making apple cider in the fall. Look in the Fair Family News or the CV Drum and watch out for an opportunity to join her in making cider, grape juice, and have a great time. is trying to collect artifacts from the 60s for the history booth. Contact him or let Lynn Reichman at 338-9980 know if you have any such thing.

Oblio is one of the three coordinators of the Women’s Moon Lodge, which is a women’s (only) space during the fair for relaxing, creativity, and learning about women’s health issues. They exist for empowerment and awareness. If anyone makes tinctures or moon pads, they would be open to donations and feedback. Phone # is 337-4061.

Waste Warriors – plastic bottles. The village has a purified drinking system and many people refill their bottles, but there are still just too many ‘disposable’ plastic bottles. Please bring your own, permanent type cup. A lot of the waste stream at the fair is plastic bottles.

Please wish Danya a happy birthday. He’s working in the childcare room. What a great guy Danya is.

Sweep – 8:06 Everyone in the village is fully and completely present for two sweeps, one of which is on Saturday Night. The more thoroughly we sweep, the better things work. Let us not violate our trust with Fair central. If someone is found sneaking into the after-hours portion of the fair through your tent, you probably won’t have a place to put a tent for long. Booth lofts need to be checked as well. The fair’s nighttime population is getting out of control, and so new policies are being instituted to remove sneaker-inners (including checking passes on the family side of the sweep).

Sue’s phone number, as always, is 688-6679. She is the illustrious camping coordinator. If you want to camp in the Far Side or Zen Acres, it is time right now to call Sue. If you are camping in the swamp or in your booth, you don’t have to talk to Sue until fair time. If you are alter-abled and want to camp in the meadow, talk to Sue. Please bring a tiny, tiny tent (or share with a lot of people). Once you have your wristband, if you’re camping in the Village, come to the P&J side of the Village House. Sue will be there checking you in, and Phil will be parking the tents. There are tent tags, which you have to have so in the event of emergency messages from the outside world, you can get them.

Work Parties – 8:17 – There should be piles of supplies in each booth for projects. Bring food, water, bug juice. The only toilets that are open are the ones near main camp.

Workshops and Demos – The Peach Pit has the info, as does the CV web. There are still a few workshop slots left. Talk to Tim.

Booth Breakdown – 8:20.

Return from booth breakdown – 8:52

We all broke down.

A few announcements – Tuesday June 14th Council meeting at Janet’s. Her address is 1455 Wilson Court. It begins at 7:00. On Sunday the 26th there is meant to be a 1:00 meeting, which is a potluck. The meeting will be at the Fair Site in the Community Village. For crisis intervention training, go on Thursday before fair starts, because the other training is the same time as our meeting. Time will be posted in the Fair Family News. Don’t miss the Sunday CV meeting in order to attend the Crisis Intervention training that day.

Money and rosters and everything are due on the 26th at the meeting, although there’s no penalty for being early.

Sam Rutledge


Village Minutes, May 11, 2005

7:19 –Agenda Review

7:20 – Fair Announcements

7:32 – Reports

Board Report, kid’s loop with pony rides this year.

Vision Quest Report, Saturday there was a vision quest meeting with about a hundred people imagining the faire in 15 years. Many fanciful ideas, including a hot air balloon taxi. The fair feels like we’re modeling something really important, and the whole world should know about it. How can we spread this around the world? There will be another meeting in the fall.

Construction Report; nothing has been built so far. Next weekend (May 14th) (at 10:00 on Saturday if it is dry) deconstruction of the booths will begin. Come in via Chickadee and park by the warebarn. Another construction meeting will take place on the 23rd of May at 7:00pm at the Safe building in Springfield, at which time design concepts will be finalized.

Booth Coordinator Meeting; Next booth coordinator meeting on Thursday May 19th at 6:00pm at Sam Bond’s garage.

Pyramid spiel, eternal flame not possible unless it has a keeper 24 hours a day all three days of fair.

Feedback Questions for the Benefit; What did you enjoy about the benefit? Did you have any challenges related to the benefit? Do you have any visions for future benefit events? Give your answers to Daniel.

Eligibility Report; Eligibility forms are due back at tonight’s meeting. We tend to use a lot of paper on this. Eligibility meeting Monday May 16th at 7:00 at Janet’s house. 1455 Wilson Ct. (between 18th and 11th) If you get terribly lost call Janet at 344-3770

FIRE; Everyone (and their aunts and uncles) are on Fire crew. All booths need a 5lb ABC extinguisher and a water bucket with burlap. The village provides the buckets and the booths provide the extinguishers. Each booth also needs a #2 #5 shovel for beating out fires. If you can put a fire out, do so. If you can’t put it out, send someone to the info booth to call it in. There’s a massive drum full of water and burlap in the swamp for putting out fires. To use a fire extinguisher, P.A.S.S. – Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep. There are actually several fires at the faire every year, which get put out so we don’t hear about them. The Faire has specific plans for evacuation. It’s extremely important that everyone cooperates. In the event of a major fire, follow all instructions very clearly. Also, don’t put kerosene on your pants.

Sweep; Everyone has to participate in TWO sweeps, one of which is SATURDAY. It is necessary that we monitor fire exits, the Shady Grove 6 packs, and the main entrance to the village.

Camping; At least make an attempt to make sure that no one is hiding out in your tent during sweep. If someone is hitchhiking into the after-hours faire through your tent, your camping spot will end up in jeopardy. If you want to camp in one of the alternate areas (zen acres, etc…) call Sue at 688-6679. Deadline is the end of June. There is already a wait list for Far Side. Bring the smallest possible tent for your and your people. We’re in close quarters. Little tents. Little tents. Little tents. Once you’ve got your wristband, Sue or Phil will be on the Peace and Justice side of the Info booth. Phil will be parking tents, Sue will check you in.

Frog’s number is wrong on the contact list. 747-0452 is his actual number.

Tee-Shirts are here. If you ordered one, pick it up.

Work Parties; They are full of wonderment. They are a time for working. They are a time for partying. It is not a time to come and chat and visit and not do any work. If you don’t know what to do, remember that there is always something to do in the village. This year we have a high level of need for work in the village. Lots of work to be done. It’s a good idea to wear boots, to bring gloves, to bring food and water, to bring bug spray, and to bring your hammers, bring some first aid, tweezers, goggles, toilet paper and a hand mirror. Check in with your Booth Coordinator about specific things to bring. Borrowing tools is nice, but please be sure to return them. NO DIGGING OR BRUSH CUTTING IN THE VILLAGE!!

N/A is Daniel’s phone number. The next council meeting is at his house. Call for directions

Waste Warriors; Keep the kiosks (which is where we put rubbish) as neat and well sorted as possible. The crew is made up of volunteer people who have wristbands for other reasons. The shifts begin Sunday night 8pm and continue into Monday. No plastic cups are allowed at the faire this year. Biodegradable cups only, including paper cups or other vegetable based cups. Durable (metal) cutlery to be used fair-wide by food booths. Waste warrior website at (NO WWW)

Workshops and Demos; Still room for 15 or 16 one hour slots in the Teepee and Yurt. There’s some good ones. Brazilian movements, galactic activation, kids joke workshop, bird olympics, and many many more. The real deadline is the 24th of May for the Peach Pit. Anything submitted after that won’t be listed. E.mail or call 521-7208

8:25 – Booth breakdown.

Village Minutes, April 2005

Facilitator: Lois

7:10pm – Introductions

7:20pm – Agenda Read, consensed upon without alteration

7:21 – Fair announcements

Keith (areas, history) History booth needs memorabilia from past faires. 513-1238–

If you are interested in vision quest process, get application in on OCF’s website May 7 deadline.

7:26 – Benefit Report: This year was the first CV music benefit. About 500 people in the building, largest crowd ever for Cosmic except NY Eve. Net Prophets, $2,115. No formal decision made on the direction of the funds, but generally money going to reconstruction. Joules Graves was able to play, despite health issues. Keep her in your hearts. Goal is to keep music benefits for CV going on. Three feedback questions 1) What did you enjoy about the benefit. 2) Did you have any challenges related to the benefit. 3) What would you like to see for next year. Please give your answers to Daniel at your convenience.

7:33 – Village consensed to record the Hokey Pokey for Joules Graves as a thank you.

7:35 – Village consensed to hold another benefit next year.

7:36 – Pyramid. Concerns regarding the flame inside the pyramid and its safety. A sign up sheet was passed around for people to keep the flame. If there’s going to be a candle inside the pyramid, someone needs to be there all the time (24 hours all faire long).

7:39 – Booth Coordinator meeting went really well. Reviewed eligibility, calendar, construction. Next Coordinator meeting Thursday May 19th Sam Bonds 6:00.

7:40 – OCF Board – no announcement.

7:41 – Construction. Meeting on the last Thursday finally found out from Kirk exactly what’s condemned. Four (actually three) continuous booths starting with Peace and Justice. (Peace and Justice, Green Earth, Spirit). Lofts are not out of the question. Deconstruction will probably happen around Memorial Day, by which point the design for reconstruction should be consensed upon by affected parties. Design has to go through approval process. May 5th at 7:00 next construction meeting at the SAIF building in Springfield. Walk around with Kirk on April 17th (this Sunday) around 11:30 at the ware barn.

Sidebar: All booths to figure out their symbols for their booth.

Satellite meeting N. This Sunday in PDX at KBOO Radio.

7:48 – Booth Coordinators, please give forms to people who need them. Each booth will get a handful of eligibility forms. Booth numbers are on the forms Janet gave you (will give you). Eligibility Meeting at Janet’s House;1455 Wilson Ct. Eugene is Monday May 16th at 7:00.

7:51 – Announcements

Fire; Everyone’s on Fire Crew. NO OPEN FLAMES IN VILLAGE. EACH BOOTH NEEDS a shovel, a 5lb abc extinguisher, 2 water buckets with wet burlap sacks (supplied by the Village). Perhaps no campfires allowed this year at all depending on how much wet we get from the sky. If you see flame 1) Call it in calmly (at the info booth). 2) Put it out. To use a fire extinguisher Point, Aim, Spray, Sweep. If you see an unattended candle, blow it out.

Sweep; Everyone’s on Sweep patrol at least two nights, one Saturday.

Camping; Sue (who is no longer Areas coordinator) can be reached at 688-6679. Phil will once again park tents. If you want to camp in Far Side or Zen Acres call Sue ASAP. She has to have lists in well before fair. You don’t get on the list if you don’t call regardless of seniority. When you get to Fair come to the Info Booth to the Peace and Justice side and check in with Sue. Phil will take it from their, pack ’em in and all. All tents need to be down by 10am Monday morning.

Work Parties: Beginning the first weekend of June there will be work parties every weekend. Two work party requirement for eligibility.

ETC… Workshops and Demos, Peach Pit Deadline is May 1st (anyone can teach a workshop). You can drop forms off with Tim, or with Sue at Saturday Market. Tim’s e-mail is incorrect on the form. It should be

8:20 – Booth Breakdown

8:47 – Booth Reports;

Arts; pretty much the same people as last year, with one returning member from long ago.

Intentional Communities: Symbol; Hearts and Musical Notes? No new people. Some talk of workshops.

Green Earth: Symbol; the Earth. Three new members, many returning members. Still unclear on a lot of construction issues, looking for concrete instructions.

Doors of Expression; Plotted overthrow of all ruling parties on the planet. To be finished by next week. Symbol may look a lot like the #38.

Peace and Justice: Some new members, some members lost. Talked about construction.

Restaurant: Symbol should be the Fair Peach with a bite out. A few new people.

Fruit and Nuts: One new member, several returning faces. No final design for symbol, but will involve fruits and nuts.

Info: Everyone’s coming back. Psychic Wheel, Short/long/long/short/walk/wait. During the faire, info loans out a lot of tools and supplies.

Little People; Up to a really good start. Plan on doing more with work parties et. al.

LLL; Symbol will perhaps be three Ls. Had booth breakdown. There will be a lavender workshop again.

Master Gardner; For eligibility, you have to bring a plant.

4A; Symbol; 4 As in a circle. The booth is up to code. Tony is going back to Nursing School so he’s not coordinating this year. Gweneth instead.

Spirit; Symbol; Heart with a circle? Some old some new members.

Youth Power; Small but energetic group. Planning on better recruitment and coordination.

Areas; A lot of organization going on.

Wild Edibles; Nice turnout of current members, and prospective new members. Plant walks at 1 and 3 each day of the fair, and maybe one at 6 in the evening for family only.

Health and Healing: Pre and Post fair and cleanup. One new person. Symbol is a double H with a heart in the middle so it looks like a butt with a medical cross.

8:59 – The Hokey Pokey for Joules Graves.

Meeting Minutes, March, 2005

Due to time restraints, introductions were skipped.
Scott Cohen is the new coordinator for youth booth
May 7th is the spring fling at the WOW hall, with the vision quest summit taking place that day. Pre register by April 22nd
Joules Graves to be performing The date is April 2nd, and is set in stone. The show will begin at 7pm with a family hour, performances by villagers At 8, Jupiter Hollow will perform, to be followed by Higher Ground, and finally Joules Graves. Tickets are $9 in advance and $12 at the door
A question was posed; is there support for village open house with tables for booths and their non-profits? Some question as to whether or not village booths can ask for “requested donations” or should be able to sell merchandise at the tables. Concern raised regarding the number of tables versus the amount of space available. Pam Tyrell of Life Long Learning volunteered to coordinate table/space at the event. Contact 338-0581 or No one objected to the concept of tables as a whole, and it was decided that selling was to be okay. It was expressed that it’s important to keep 1) Networking and 2) Fun in mind.
* Restaurant apps from earlier in the season were received. Holy Cow was the only applicant. The Village consented to reconfirm Holy Cow for three more years. Council is negotiating with Holy Cow about the profit sharing arraignment between the Village and the restaurant.
Report from David (the Master Gardner) It’s tree planting time. There’s plants to be planted. Call ahead if you plan on visiting site during the week 935-7846, or call the OCF office. Weekends are the best time to come out and work, and you need not call ahead if you want to work on the week-ends.
Report from Tim, The fair board was, in many ways, supportive of the CV construction budget. They said they wouldn’t let us down. Energy Park is working on getting a grant for some alternative energy work, and the board allocated $15K for this project. It might behoove the village to think about expanding ourselves in similar ways.
Report from Drake (and others), Of our request to the Fair Board for $7,000 for construction needs, $3,000 was granted. Perhaps the low number is due in part to the Fair having recently purchased the Swanson property. Also, they allocated $132K for food vouchers, which might seem like a lot until you think about how much food actually costs at the fair. Anyhow, the budget committee asked the Village to consider lighter booths with more environmentally friendly design (which is to say, without lofts). The board was very supportive in other ways, promising construction crew people hours and wood. They want creative design, progressive design, low impact design. Lucky for us, the ecological design center at the U of O has of-fered to provide Community Village with any support they can. Drake pointed out that if we can do something really terrific with the money we were granted, something that fits with the Board’s specifications, we stand a much better chance of receiving full funding in the future. Affected booths and interested parties should put their minds and bodies to work on this project. Heads are already coming together at a series of design meetings, which have been discussed on [cvdrum]
Report from Janet, They’ll be at the fair. Maybe at the next meeting. Call 344-3770 for information. If you ordered a shirt with an order form, there’s a good chance that it will have arrived shortly.

Are volunteers who stand at recycling kiosks and help keep the sort clean. It doesn’t come with a wristband, but it comes with a profound sense of sat-isfaction.
Call Sue Theolass at 688-6679 between 9am and 9pm. It isn’t too early to think about where you want to camp.
Judd and Keith will be co-coordinating areas this year, so that Sue has time to devote to camping (which is going to be no small task this year, given loss of loft space and loss of swamp space without growth of any new space).
Judd made an impassioned, and if I might editorialize, quite moving speech, the upshot of which was that we ought to find out how many people are camping in each loft. Our current construction problems might be a really good bargaining chip to use with the fair in order to get a single camping area for the village (so we can be a village) instead of being scattered all over the fair.
Some question was raised as to which booths are condemned and need to be rebuilt. The answer; Green Earth, Peace and Justice, Spirit, the Youth Loft, and perhaps also Doors of Expression. But we don’t really know, and the information is mixed.
All of this condemning that’s going on might have something to do with the visioning process and the Fair’s commitment to using less tree products. Kirk Schultz (the Fair’s Architect) is designing a lot of booths that are light, movable, and eco-friendly. He will be sharing some of his designs with us. All booths are held to the same standard by the Fair.
Perhaps it would be possible, through creative engineering, to allow lofts while still meeting the Fair’s request for light and low impact. There may not be money to do this.
David Tipton, the construction coordinator, and Drake are the people to talk to about construction and design. David’s number is 686-1449. Drake’s number is 736-0256. David would like each booth to have a designated liaison to work with his crew. He also says that we, as the Village, won’t have much input into the design process, and that Kirk Schultz with OCF is pretty much calling the shots.
Tim said that if anyone has any information about interesting design concepts they can e-mail it to him at and he’ll post it to the CV website.
Drake will take responsibility for starting the design meetings up and contacting interested and stake-holding parties.
Sent a reporter, named Melissa, to our meeting to cover the benefit. She’s working on another story about a pending lawsuit that would (if
successful) revive the Southern Oregon Barter Fair. She is looking for persons familiar with the SOBF for her story. Contact the EW office at 484-0519.
INTERVILLAGE COMMUNICATIONJanet points out that not everyone has internet access. Those without can call Janet. If she isn’t home, Tim’s number will be on the machine. Anyone who isn’t online shouldn’t be left out. Also, there’s a phone tree, which hasn’t worked in the past. Council is supposed to call booth coordinators, who call village members. This system has to be a two way street if it’s going to work right. Villagers should call their Booth Coordinators if they’re feel-ing out of the loop, who will call council if need be. Personal responsibility is key. Village phone number is 344-3770
A set of proposals to amend village processes and alter some structural things was brought forth for discussion (and hopefully
consensus) by John Flannery.
(Sidebar- Growers Market does an annual free consensus & facilitation training. Info in the Garbanzo Gazette.)
Proposal number one read; The Program Committee shall set the agenda and arrange suitable facilitation at least one week before each general meet-ing. At least one council member must attend each committee meeting. The council representative shall explain agenda items submitted by the council and post the approved agenda to the village e-mail list within 24 hours of it being set. The Program Committee shall arrange for consensus training for the village and facilitation training for its facilitators within a budget established by the council.
Janet expressed reservations on several points. She didn’t like the legalistic tone of the writing. Wanted the council to set the agenda, not the program committee. Didn’t want the council obligated to send a representative to the meeting.
Several alternate wordings were suggested.
It was proposed that, rather than giving the Program Committee sole responsibility for agenda setting, we say that the council and village should fun-nel suggestions through the Program Committee, but this didn’t cure the reservations.
It was mentioned that the people responsible for setting the agenda should be people who are thinking about what a good agenda looks like.
It was mentioned that the setting of the agenda is traditionally one of the core responsibilities of the council
Several other reservations were expressed, much to rapidly to be written down (and, judging by my handwriting, my fingers were beginning to cramp up). At John’s request we moved on.
Since we didn’t reach consensus, by default Council retained full charge of setting the agenda until such a time as another proposal finds its way through the maze of consensus.
TIME: We ran very short of it, and had to scrap the rest of the agenda.
Lila Glick, from the EcoDesign Center at the U of O, came to speak with us. The center is really busy right now with Holistic Options for Planet Earth Sustainability (HOPES- talk about a clever acronym). They are very interested in helping the Community Village, and a lot of architects and designers are willing to throw in after HOPES.

– Perhaps we should do point by point break downs on complex proposals, so that parts of them can be passed with no reservations and the points of conflict can be dealt with separately.
– Having to rush out right after the meeting is really hard, and it hurts the soul of the Village not to be able to socialize a little once the meeting is done.
– We should have a flip chart just for phone numbers. That way, when someone wants to give theirs out to the general meeting, rather than saying it out loud (which is time consuming and often difficult to
follow) they can just write them down in BIG BLOCK LETTERS.
– Many people were sad that Booth Breakdown wasn’t on the agenda, because booths really like to get together and talk.
– Write down ideas and collect them for efficiency and pluralism
– We should write down the details of fair announcements and unfair announcements and post them up somewhere. That way, instead of reciting the announcements (which is time consuming and often difficult to follow) we can direct others to read them.
– There ought to bee hugs. There’s always hugs, and there ought to be hugs.- And introductions. Introductions are important.

Community Village Meeting Minutes for February 9, 2005
Prepared by Samuel J. Rutledge, edited by Tim Mueller

**NOTE** For the first half of the meeting, I didn’t know I was taking the official minutes, so I may have left something important out. Sorry.

Nel was facilitator
Sue Barnhart was co-facilitator

Introductions took place. Villagers were asked to meet someone they’d never talked to and introduce them. That was a lot of fun.

We confirmed our council. The process went off without a hitch, and while I didn’t write down all the names (remember, I didn’t realize that I was taking minutes) I can vouch that they’re all good people who will do the Village well in the coming year. Three cheers for our new council! David H., Diane, Drake, Daniel, Karla, Paul, Lois.

The benefit show is scheduled for April 2nd at Cosmic Pizza. Joules Graves will be performing. Scott Huckabee will not be present due to another commitment, but several groups were mentioned to take his place. Groups represented in the Village may sell merchandise at the show to raise funds. The Eugene Weekly will send a reporter to our next meeting regarding this show. There was a general call for volunteer support in terms of postering, setting up and cleaning up the show, and other tasks. Call Daniel 912-6098

Construction reported that the planning documents have been submitted to the Oregon Country Fair office and we are waiting for the word on construction funds to rebuild our condemned booths. David Tipton (the construction coordinator, not the master gardener) made the point that Booth Coordinators or their appointed construction liaisons are responsible for their own booth maintenance, and that the construction crew will provide them the support they ask for. A meeting between the construction crew and the booth coordinators is to take place sometime soon. Contact Keith for more information;

The possibility of an Extra Meeting was discussed at some length. It would likely take place in the early fall, either in September or October. It could be a potluck. There might be Halloween masks. Depending on the space, food might be an issue. There was not an agreement reached as to whether this meeting should be a decision meeting or not. It was put forward that the meeting might want to involve consensus training. The possibility of having the meeting over a weekend at the fair site was mentioned. The council was empowered to make arrangements for such a meeting in the year following the 2005 fair.

Spin The Bottle was played three times. Arthur goes back a long way with the Fair. He is in Village Info, and does rumor control, glitterati, wheel of misinformation, and short walk long wait/long walk short wait. He came into the village through the now defunct organization called Switchboard which did information and networking.

Cheshire is in Wild Edibles. She extols the virtues of the booth and says that everyone should come by to see it (it’s on the other side of the path to the swamp from Doors of Expression). They have plant displays on funky tables, ethnobotony, and empower people to use plants as food and medicine. Also, they do twice a day plant walks through faerie villages.

Kayone (I think I might have misspelled your name. I’m sorry.) does research and activism with her partner in the ecofeminist field (that’s fun to say. Try it out loud; ‘ecofeminist field’). They explore the interconnections between various systems of oppression and domination, and she is working on her PhD in ecofeminist political philosophy. She’s interested in bridging the academic theory and real world activism that represent a dichotomy in her field. As the co-coordinator of Green Earth booth, Kayone does awesome workshops that create interesting space for conversations about making the earth and all its peoples free. Spelled Chaon?

Board Announcements involved talk of a cooperation between the Oregon Country Fair and the Oregon State Fair. OCF is going to be in charge of an artisan village at the OSF, complete with juried craft items and ambient entertainment. Also, the Swanson property (the hole in the
doughnut) has been purchased. It might be called Swan Song, or maybe something else.

Regarding Site, the booths have been renumbered, which is helpful if you know the numbers by heart, which you probably don’t. Booth coordinators are asked to think of a small symbol for their booths for easy off season identification. Also, the site is not flooded due to the very dry winter we’ve had.

Waste Warriors report some bad news. While we went from 33 tons of garbage in 2000 to 12.6 tons in 2003, in 2004 we were back up to 16.9 tons. The Waste Warriors (many of whom have been villagers in the
past) are gearing up again to see how close to the waste- free goal we can get in 2005. Volunteers are needed. Please contact Sarah Grimm at BRING, 541-746-3023

Community Village General Meeting Minutes
Held at NW Youth Corp
Sillytator – Kathy Levine

Agenda by Consensus – due to length of discussion needed for the item “council selection process” and the other agenda items, con-sensed to carry this item forward.

1. Introductions

2. Announcements

Pass the hat for Youth Power and child care. Hat passing rules discussed – can only do it for CV needs, not general fund raising.

Some 2004 T-Shirts remain unclaimed – call Janet @ 344-3770.

Meeting location for February is still up in the air – took feed back on NWYC – look to cvdrum for details.

OCF completed purchase of Swanson property – this is the last in-holding, has a well, several metal buildings wired 220 and OCF has de-fenced the property to bring it into the family.

OCF vision quest is under way – all family should participate. Watch the OCF newsletter and web page for details and survey forms.

CV Musical benefit – April 2nd starting at 7:30 with Joules Graves and Scott Huckabay. Working on tabling for CV non-profits. Call Dan-iel if you want to help.

Pyramid flame – OCF fire rules require 24 hour attendant if we want the flame all weekend. Daniel is soliciting volunteers who may want to help with this.

Minute correction – child care does not need extra pass, just money for organic snacks and to cover cost of teen passes.

Nel – Thanked council and especially long serving council members David, Janet, Diane and Karla. She encouraged everyone to con-sider standing.

3. Site report – wet but not flooded, some areas still dry ground. Can not boat in fair yet. David will install the off season booth numbers clockwise, no counter clockwise, no clockwise. Consensed that they should be counter clock wise for our counter-culture. (When poll (NOT vote) was taken as to direction, “not care” was vast majority. Since Fair is clockwise and confusion increases response time, the permanent number signs have been hung clockwise.)

3. Restaurant Operator Selection process – Karla has forms for anyone interested in applying to run the village restaurant. The deadline to apply is 1/31. Karla can be reached at 337-5319. After 1/31, a committee will review and present top candidates at February meeting for final selection. 4. The ad hoc booth construction committee reported on final plans and budget for submission to OCF for funding. Re-viewed Keith’s modular design
and material list. Will replace Peace and Justice, Green Earth
and Spirit. There was some confusion over replacing Doors or Youth Power. (Note: previous meeting minutes show that Youth Power and not Doors is up for replacement). Also had lengthy discussion about process to date and not reaching out to David T. who was not at the last general meeting when the committee was formed. Consensed on a new committee with David T. and Drake taking lead to final-ize our proposal, confer with OCF construction and present to OCF budget review. (Note: Keith had a stroke and is recovering. He needs our energy and support. He also may need some help during recovery.).

5. Stand for Council – Basic duties and responsibilities stated. Process described using our existing process as no change has been ap-proved. Council meeting is a week later this month to accommodate process. Location TBA.
Call for Council – Karla, Diane, Drake, David, Daniel, Paul and Lois stepped forward.

6. Meeting space – Janet is working on it. It is hard to find a space that fits our needs and budget. Call her with ideas 344-3770. Our old place and older place (Whitaker) may be available soon.

7. Extra meeting time – It seems our yearly agenda exceeds our meeting time, which is a minimal 14 hours a year pre-fair. Discussed longer meetings but more that two hours is very hard on the kids. Discussed setting up formal committees not just ad hoc committees, and booths having regular meetings or being assigned tasks. This may be helpful, but should we meet as a group more often? October was a low attendance meeting in past so it was dropped. Could have an October meeting at someone’s house with a potluck. This could also be a consensus training meeting. We could also add a second meeting during busy time, i.e. three meetings in April-May instead of two. Also suggested to have a September meeting on site and combine with evaluation. Consensed that Council is empowered to review our calendar and add meeting time beginning post 2005 Fair. NOTE for next council meeting agenda.

8. Consensus process – carried forward.

Mtg evaluation, unfair announcements. Hugs and singing to end the meeting.


Community Village Meeting Minutes -11/10/04
sillytator – Jen-Lin

Minutes: Distributed by newsletter

Agenda: Set by consensus

1. Child Care – Our wonderful childcare provider, Taylor, requested that more money be budgeted for meeting childcare needs. Organic snacks are expensive and she needs to able to compensate her helpers. Now it is Sam who gets her SO pass and two teen passes that her helpers must pay for. She would like another pass and to have the teen passes paid for. If each parent gave $5, it would cover everything. Discussed not burdening just the parents, the village should help with the kids. Budget issues can be addressed by the council. A hat was passed to raise money and Keith offered funds.

2. Announcements – JT has tee-shirts now. Contact her to get the one you paid for before the fair.

3. Meeting Space – Waldorf is not a long-term option. We can only reserve two months at a time and the school can pre-empt us for future use. The search is still on. Give all good ideas to council. (Westmoreland would only work if we paid for staff to open and close in addition to the rentalfee.) NW Youth Corp was mentioned.

4. Consensus Process – Concern was raised that many village members do not understand consensus decision making and maybe we should make a regular training mandatory. Discussed if this was really an issue, what training would be ap-proved, how frequently it would be required and what our guidelines say about consensus decision making. Some felt ev-eryone should read the existing written process and continue to discuss consensus proces at each meeting. Also discussed what to do with people who refuse to follow the process. We should model good process and consider minor tinkering such as trained and regular facilitators. Agreed that discussion should be ongoing.

5. Restaurant – This is year for selecting who operates the restaurant for next three years. Anyone can apply (Forms will be online). We must decide by February. A committee will pre-view the applicants and present strongest applicants at Feb-ruary meeting for final decision. Contact on council is Karla. (Pam, Daniel and Tonya offered to be on committee).

6. Vision Manifest – As a continuation of the visioning process we began, we are now going to concentrate on
“how we look” as we need a five year construction plan for OCF construction and budget. We reviewed the comments collected during the initial process and discussed some design ideas. Discussed design process and OCF/Lane Co. Require-ments. Discussed impact on camping if lofts shrink or are eliminated. Discussed a master plan verses each booth control-ling its design. Committee formed to deal with design and OCF liaison to construction. (Contact Tim and Keith at 995-3051).

7. Council Selection Process – The group reviewing the process reported on some options that they developed. A written explanation was requested and will be posted online for next meeting. Process changes: Option One, announce block/stand aside and retire to hallway to discuss (keep it out of mtg). If not resolved thencomplete process without open discussion; or Option Two, have someone redress block/stand aside and determine its validi-ty. A lengthy discussion ensured and ranged widely from the initial process of self-selection and mass confirmation to the current process. Numerous issues were discussedand will continue to be discussed at the next meeting when a final decision must be made. It was suggested that Option One could be used just on a trial run. All agreed that ultimately the person with a concern had a responsibility to discuss that concern with the person standing for council.

8. Reports -Site – Still dry. Not all ladders and floors up yet. Lumber needs sorting at wood world. Moonlodge tree is coming down and we should replant another.
Budget – Things squared with OCF for this year and we have our usual $2000 in the bank. Council will review budget at next meeting. Contact Karla if questions.
Music Benefit – Daniel is moving this forward and wants help (912-6098). Looking at First weekend in April at Cosmic Pizza with Joules Graves and Scott Huckabay headlining.

9. Day Passes – Discussed reduction in number of passes this past fair and that it is likely to be permanent. John Flannery came up with a formula for last fair. Consensed that we would use this formula on an ongoing basis.

10. Mtg Eval. – We had so many big topics that need fast resolution should we consider December Mtg. Discussed adding an October or December meeting. Agreed it was too late to add a meeting this year but we should discuss for future years. Otherwise meeting was good and well facilitated.Non-fair announcements.

Meeting ended with hugs and singing.

Community Village Meeting Minutes – 5/12/04
sillytator – John Flannery

Minutes: Distributed by newsletter, unofficial

Introductions Exercise by Jflan
Agenda: Set by consensus

1. Announcements:
** VILLAGE MEETINGS – June as Usual (second Wednesday) and an on site meeting June 27 at 4:00 p.m. with potluck dinner. First Booth Coordi-nator Mtg 5/25 at 7 p.m. Sam Bond’s.
** A reminder, no sales in the village as we have consensed (village
restaurant and fruit booth excepted) and as per fair rules requiring jury
approval on all sales.
** Call for Moonlodge presentation on services as Southern Meeting wanted to know if breast-feeding was ok. No booth member present but other villagers confirmed it was ok. Maybe next meeting, village can get more details.
** Day passes: 50% reduction was discussed (our informal pass fairy could not continue and the fair budget committee only approved the usual 120 passes that we get in the initial budget). John Flannery allocation system reviewed and details can be obtained from your booth coordinator. There will be some flexibility in allocations for day passes this year as we get used to this new figure.
** Hollis needs two assistants for Fair weekend. Interested people should be over 13 years old. Contact Hollis at 338-0138
** JT is taking tee-shirt orders now – DON’T DELAY. Order early and order often. Booth Coords have details. 20 MORE NEEDED to meet our purchase quota. 2 weeks to go.
** Can still bring cans for fund raising – bottles can be too difficult – but you could return and donate the funds.
** Workshops and demos on-line at
** Strawberry lane erosion discussed – all booths on riverside will be
relocated. Consider that long-term erosion projections suggest we are
evolving toward the parking lot.
** Pyramid by Michael Moony – He is retiring to elder status and Daniel will take over. A fireproof rug is needed if the flame continues.
** Construction – Donated materials are coming in but need help with
transportation – Call Keith for details if willing to help 995-3051.

** Council Confirmation process review team had two meetings. Tim read the basic working principle: “Our goal is to to develop a process to keep people off council who shouldn’t be on, while not keeping people off who should be on; minimizing the heartache involved and maximizing informed participation.
We created a list of positive and negative aspects of the present process, it’s history, and looked at whether or not it was well understood and/or fol-lowed. We discussed a greater emphasis on the council requirements listed in the guidelines. We shared our perceptions and began a general outline of those ideas that seemed like an improvement. We are not finished.
We’ve agreed that people should stand for council at the January Village meeting.  We’re working on the steps after that, and we seem to all agree the steps should include mandatory mediation, and should NOT include bringing it to a general Village meeting, except to announce who is on council when the process is completed.” Next meeting is 5/24 7 pm at 230 Main in Springfield (Safe Center).

3. Site report by David – Site is Open but danger from falling trees is
still high – so be careful. Two trees in swamp were dropped by tree crew.
Health and Healing tree was dropped by tree crew and is a 30″ elderberry shrub and may be a record if such were kept (technicality not a tree and no shrub records). Trunk is alive and will regrow. Wood from the elderberry is available and is reported to be soft in the center and good for flutes and drums.

4. Spin the Bottle – Karen, Arts Booth – loves art and working in booth.
Does art with youth.

– Fire – Remember PASS – Pull Pin, Aim, Squeeze the trigger and sweep the base of the fire. 55 Gal. drums are fire reserves not for drinking or path dust suppression.
– Camping – If you camp in the village, talk to Sue once you arrive on
site. But if you are in Alice’s, Zen, Far Side – you must sign up. All
requests must be made by CV registration at the latest. Special needs,
contact her sooner. Call Sue at 688-6679 9am to 9 pm daily except
Saturdays. SEE BELOW.
– Passes – Nel, jenny and Jen-Lin are your admissions crew and Karla is the council liaison. Detailed directions will be given to booth coords and posted on cvdrum. Booth coords, please inform your booth. Remember that a dragon voucher is needed to get a bus to site if you do not have a pass yet. An in town drop site will be available for late pickup. Teen passes are $10 and may be needed by 10 year olds. Karla will check on situation.
– Transport to site – no Wednesday and Thursday worker shuttle due to LTD fee increase. Leslie is negotiating options. In past, people did a 10 am car pool from Growers on weekends and leading up to fair. Anyone want to revive?? During event, all parking is $5 even with a pass. Out of Site and Far Side has no in/out parking and a special pass is needed.
– SWEEP – Everyone needs to participate over the fair weekend. Booth
Coords should treat it as a booth job and/or they should help.

6. Booth Breakdown and report back highlights – many booths are holding extra meetings. Spirit has another OM configuration planned. Arts booth project is an aerial shoot that we can fill in with pictures, etc. with
theme “Who are we?” Restaurant is working on serving Genesis Juice.

Non-fair announcements.
Meeting ended with hugs and singing.

Community Village Meeting Minutes 4/14/04

sillytator – Percy

Minutes: Distributed by newsletter, unofficial

Agenda: Set by consensus

Introductions and spin the bottle (New charter school opening in Riddle Oregon.)

1. Site report by David – Site access by permission only do to January storm damage but it may be open in May. – danger from falling trees is high. Youth and Fruit booth overhanging trees were DROPPED BY TREE CREW AND removed by Fruit booth. 3 trees down in the swamp 1 OVER H&H. TREE CREW WILL DEAL WITH THEM. LARGE BUSH DOWN ACROSS PATH TO COUNCIL CAMP CAN BE
DONE BY US (THE HOUSE NEEDS A NEW FLAG POLE ANYHOW). Fair is doing massive chipping STARTING in May to reduce fire danger. If we bring out the bush
and brush – they will chip. This is pre-work party time, but needs our attention. David needs help moving and replanting. (484-9204 or

2. Announcements

– Construction – Expects to be on site to begin decon of booths and some tree clearing so that space is ready for new construction. Priority this year is History, Health and Healing and back stage. Donations of money or materials welcome (one cv member donated $200).

– JT is taking tee-shirt orders now – DON’T DELAY. Order early and order often. Booth Coords have details. Unfortunately, Organic cotton sales are done.

– JT gave out draft guidelines and eligibility forms. These are also on line.

– Fund raising- Cans and bottles flowing and more to follow.

– CV meeting facilitator group forming to help with meetings and bring some consistency to our process. Contact – John Flanery, Jen-lin, Karla or Nel.

– Council Selection Process Evaluation Group – Had a good discussion of the current process and what might need some work for future. Next meeting is 4/29, 230 Main, Springfield.

– Diane read a statement from the Council.
“The council is very sad and disappointed in the way the last two village meetings transpired. We thought that a council approval process had been developed that would avoid the nastiness and pettiness that took place. We were wrong. A committee has been formed and is meeting to look at alter-native methods of choosing a council and new members are welcome. The council is sad that one of our council members was not consensed on this year, even though he has been a hardworking, cheerful, visionary and reliable council member with whom all the rest of the council has enjoyed work-ing with and wanted to work with again this year. We want to reassure the village that this year’s council feels
cohesive and strong and ready to do the work that is necessary to serve the village and bring about a great fair this year. And we thank you for your support.”

– CV needs a Land Use Management Plan (LUMP) for the village to implement the Fair LUMP and protect our resources (green space, archeological, etc.). Looking to have a plan by 2005. Jud and Daniel are lead – details to follow.

Satellite meeting locations announced (S – 4/17, 7 p.m., Cascade Room, Community Hospital, Grants Pass & N – 4/18, 7 p.m., 20 SE 8th (KBOO), Portland.


– Workshops and Demos – Forms handed out. Read the form, it is self-explanatory, BUT must return to Daniel by 5/5 not 5/12 as stated on form.

– Camping – If you camp in the village, talk to Sue once you arrive on site. But if you are in Alice’s, Zen, Far Side – you must sign up. All requests must be made by CV registration at the latest. Special needs, contact her sooner. Call Sue at 688-6679 9am to 9 pm daily except Saturdays.

4. Stage – Bob asked if the village felt it was a good idea to dedicate 3 of 12 slots to speakers. We did this last year. General feeling was to keep this allocation.

5. Signs and Banners – We have lots of wooden signs. These are problematic because they are heavy to move and store between fairs. No more will be made. Either pick from the selection or request a banner. Contact Gena at 579-0300. Later it was announced that Sharon would co-coordinate Signs and Banners with Gena this year and take it over next year. Thanks to both.

6. Booth Breakdown and report back. Generally, booths reported fresh members and new ideas for this years fair. John Flannery announced that Day Passes are down from last year. We used to get them informally but had to go through the budget committee this year and the numbers were cut. Allo-cation will be decided by council at next meeting.

Non-fair announcements.

Meeting ended with hugs and singing.

Community Village Meeting Minutes -3/10/04

sillytator – Chaone

Minutes: Distributed by newsletter, (unofficial)

Agenda: Set by consensus


1. Site report by David – Site closed until further notice do to January storm damage – danger from falling trees is high. A main stage Oak came down. Hawthorn by the house is down. Childcare and Fruit have overhanging trees. Fence at shady grove and 6-pack are also down. There is also bamboo and grape damage. David needs help moving and replanting. (484-9204 or

2. Announcements

– pyramid – Daniel is taking lead on constructing a new pyramid.

– Construction coordinator will be David Tipen with Paul and Keith assisting. Designs to follow.

– Hollis needs two assistants for Fair weekend. Interested people should be over 13 years old. Contact Hollis at 338-0138

– JT is taking tee-shirt orders now – DON’T DELAY. Order early and order often. Booth Coords have details. Unfortunately, Organic cotton sales are done.

– Drake is gathering people interested in reviewing council selection process. Call for details at 736-0256.

– Southern Oregon Mtg will be 4/10 or 4/17 at location TBA. Post cards will be mailed to Southern members. Northern mtg TBA. Drake is the liaison.

– Fund raising has gathered $25 so far. Keep the cans and bottles flowing and more to follow.

– Yummy fair honey was shared

4. Visioning process – This session was begun by Tim expressing his feelings about the village and OFC. He is glad to have home and community at OFC and acknowledged the village as a special place. “We are hear because we love this home and community.” The collected thoughts from last years visioning process were distributed. The group discussed how to proceed. There was discussion of review/renewing the mission statement; being a group of non-profits verses a community; and how to get new community members (which we should all know by now). Consensed on 30 minute booth breakdown with discussion of vision and specifically the first section on the hand out – “Who are we and what do we want to be?”. Report back was great. (Instead of putting all the thoughts in the minutes, a separate sheet will be produced. Due to other activities, the minute taker missed the first few minutes of report back. Please donate thoughts and notes to Jud. If booths wrote out their thoughts, please provide also.)

Gems – Love and Living together

– We walk our talk and practice what we preach

– How can a 5 yr member and a 12 yr member just meet tonight

– Safe, inviting and welcoming place

– Facing challenges

5. Council Confirmation Conclusion – Jen-lin took over sillytating. Tim, Daniel and Cindy remain to be confirmed. John Flan-nery reviewed the written policy and clarified that in order to speak as a block or stand aside one must go through process. However, others could then stand aside if the discussion at general meeting council confirmation raised any concerns about the issue that the person who completed the process was expressing. Council consensed at March meeting that three (3) stand asides demonstrated no consensus.

Cindy – Withdrew from standing for council.

Daniel – No concerns expressed.

Tim – Daniel Pinsky spoke out as a stand aside to Tim. Daniel and Tim agree that the issues discussed in the process involved Tim’s brusk behavior, lack of respect, insulting manner and negative energy. Tim admitted having some issues in these areas and that he is working on improving. Others were allowed to speak from personal knowledge about any similar concerns. One person spoke about a complaint by a member in her booth from last fair but that she never brought the issue up with Tim. Oth-ers agreed that Tim had these issues but that he was making progress in changing his behavior patters and is a very active council member. Jud agreed to assist Tim with evaluating his behavior for Tim’s continued improvement. Daniel left the meet-ing prior to final call for stand asides. Three people stood aside. Tim was not confirmed.

Meeting ended with hugs and singing – barely – come on folks – are we a group of groups or a community – hoke the poke.

Community Village Meeting Minutes -2/11/04

sillytator – Drake

Minutes: Distributed by newsletter – unofficial
Agenda: Set by consensus
HAPPY BELATED 60th BIRTHDAY TO DAVID (Thank you Jen-Lin and Sue for treats)

1. Site report by David – Site closed until further notice do to January storm damage – danger from falling trees is high. A main stage Oak came down. Hawthorn by the house is down. Childcare and Fruit have overhanging trees. Fence at shady grove and 6pack are also down. There is also bamboo and grape dam-age. David needs help moving and replanting. (484-9204 or

2. Announcements
– next council mtg
– pyramid – a caretaker is still needed
– Call for construction coordinator – Tim is Council liaison. Contact Tim for further information. Inter-ested parties should come to the next council mtg. Job involves liaison with OCF, managing site, locating materials, obtaining a design and construction. This year: Youth booth and sitting/history booth rebuild, Backstage rebuild, and Arts, Doors and 4A floors need to be removable.
– Hollis needs two assistants for Fair weekend. Interested people should be over 13 years old. Contact Hollis at 338-0138
– This year there will be a fair wide concerted effort toward “GET OUT THE VOTE 2004”. This will be a voter registration drive and petition drive with the petition stating “I’m OCF and I vote”.
– JT is taking tee-shirt orders now – DON’T DELAY. Organic cotton is an option this year but cost extra. JT and Gloria are working on a design (rough concept presented at meeting). Order early and order often.

3. Fund Raising Committee met and has two projects. One project is to organize a benefit concert. The other project is a bottle and can drive. Group consensed to start next meeting. Please bring WASHED bottles and cans and the committee will redeem them. More to follow.

4. Visioning process – Leslie Scott spoke to the meeting about her early experience in the village and her vision for the village within the OCF. This was the start of the vision process for this fair. Next meeting the information collected last year will be presented for further discussion and work on the Villages future vision.

5. Council Confirmation – The following people stood for council: Diane, Drake, Daniel, Cindy, David, Jud, Karla, Janet (Hollis elected to be a shadow this year.). Blocks or stand asides were expressed as fol-lows: Sue stood aside as to Cindy and Janet; Daniel stood aside as to Cindy, and Cindy stood aside as to Daniel. After discussing the various concerns, the process and the meaning of a block verses a stand aside. Consensus was called for as to all council members except those with stand asides. This was modified to include Janet as the concern was discussed and will be addressed by
council this year and by Janet moving to elder status next year. There was a lengthy discussion about Cindy and Daniel. Consensus could not be reached and their confirmation was deferred until the March meeting. Everyone generally agreed that the process need further consideration and refinement, espe-cially as to how many stand asides demonstrated no consensus, how much information should be shared by person with a concern, and what process a person must follow in order to voice a concern at the general meeting.

March CV Mtg Agenda Items: Call for Council, Visioning, Dedicating stage time for speakers program, adjusting stage operations hours in light of sound enhancement (i.e music from 11-3) and Artis as closing act.

Meeting ended with hugs and singing.

Community Village Meeting Minutes 1/14/04
sillytator – Kathy

Minutes: Distributed by newsletter, unofficial.
Agenda: Set by consensus

1. Site report by David – Site closed until further notice do to January storm damage – danger from falling trees is high. A main stage Oak came down. Hawthorn by the house is down. Childcare and Fruit have overhanging trees. Fence at shady grove and 6-pack are also down. There is also bamboo and grape damage. David needs help moving and replant-ing. (484-9204 or

2. Announcements
– next council mtg
– pyramid – a caretaker is still needed
– Call for construction coordinator. Contact Tim for further information. 521-7208 Interested parties should come to the next council mtg. Job involves liaison with OCF, managing site, locating materials, obtaining a design and construction. This year: Youth booth and sitting/history booth rebuild, Backstage rebuild, and Arts, Doors and 4A floors need to be remov-able.
This announcement caused a discussion to follow regarding why we have a construction coordinator and other construction workers who get passes.
Construction complexity and number of tasks have increased with need to meet county codes and OCF obligations such as removable floors.

3. T-shirts
Dates moved up. Booth/village members with ideas, submit them to Janet by March. Looking at options in style and cloth. May need a new T-shirt maker. Can still provide your own cloths.

4. Pass Allocation Committee Report
This was an idea committee. Village will have to make final decision. Decision and implementation no earlier that OCF 2005. Committee generally discussed the intersection between eligibility/pass allocation/booth empowerment. Also consid-ered that a few people do a lot. These were the themes:
. more consistent work for pass
. equity of work loads
. year round commitment
. all is not equal
. allocation and eligibility should be tied together

Areas of Tension:
historical view as to “how it has been done”, seniority v. new energy or “less seniority and more vitality”, possible new group pass allocation (6 passes in reserve) or require each booth to have one new member each year, growing infrastruc-ture takes passes from booths
The committee also discussed service booths (i.e. little people) and education booths (i.e. PJ) and their separate roles. Considered possible loss of common values in commitment to village and working for the village.
The committee invites more booth coordinator input.
DISCUSSION: In past, village was more a community with members coming o all the meetings and as many work parties as possible. There were no minimum
requirements. Members discussed voluntary rotation like entertainers are considering. John reminded people to wait list strong groups as we sometimes have access to extra tickets from OCF at last minute. Considered community village idea and forcing policy on people. Call Nel (243 7231) for the next meeting location and times.

5. Village Shop Committee report
Committee got feed back from Leslie:
Selling will not effect OCF 501(c)(3) status. Arch Park and Energy Park have similar ideas. Will not need to jury but will need OCF Board approval on items. Will also need to develop process with board. Does not think it is a good idea. OCF biggest criticism is that it is a hippie mall. Having started in the village, she is personally opposed and feels it destroys com-munity.
DISCUSSION: Confirmed process of CV decision then to OCF Board. We should consider a history booth (stories space, signs etc.) Booth groups need money since 9/11. We should not deny economics but just do it the CV way. Concern that OCF says no commercial activity and yet will not provide funds. Can do donation give away now. Contact Tim (521-7208) for next mtg.

5. Fund Raising – Committee did not meet prior to mtg. Contact Janet (344-3770) for next mtg info.

6. Stand for Council
Process was reviewed and the following people stood – Tim Mueller, Janet Tarver, Jud Stern-Carusone, Cindy Chambers, Drake Ewbank, David Hoffman, Diane Albino, Hollis Stadig Shostrom, Daniel Gaon and Karla Caudell.

DUE TO EXTENSIVE TIME SPENT ON OTHER ITEMS visioning process was tabled yet again.

January CV Mtg Agenda Items: Call for Council, CVC mtg location, Committee rpts and next meeting location/time.
Meeting ended with hugs and singing.

������ ���������February 13, 2002

facilitated by Kathee Lavine

The meeting was opened with each of us sharing a story about how the devastation from this recent storm that surprised us all.


Avram & Lea say �Hi� from Israel

Childcare: there is childcare, they should meet in the hallway at 7pm.� They have the gym available after 7:30pm.� May need parents to assist moving their children to the gym – we will announce if necessary.

Do a canoe trip while you still can

passed around the contact list to get updates on names, emails and phone #�s

3/17 Fair Site workshop: Fundraising to pay for new ideas, 11 am breakfast

Council Confirmation: Nel read council confirmation process that was agreed upon in 1999.� Those who stood at the January meeting will be asked to be confirmed at this� February meeting or can choose to be confirmed at the March meeting.� If there has been no issues or concerns discussed with those standing then they are confirmed.� If there is an issue or concern with someone standing you should have contacted them before this general meeting to share those concerns, so that nobody is blind sided at a meeting and they know what�s out there, and they are aware they may be blocked or receive a stand aside.� If there is a grievance then the people involved should try to resolve it, and can come to the next Council meeting to attempt resolution with the assistance of Council.�

Kathy invited Nel, Michael, Mike A, Drake, David, Karla, Diane and Sharon to stand and be confirmed.� There was a block on the confirmation of Mike A.� All others were confirmed.� There will be an attempt for resolution at the next Council meeting.� If it remains a block at the next General meeting then it stands as is.�

Cristel has also expressed an interest in standing for Council.� Her phone #�s are 747-0313 or work at 342-8255.

The next council meeting will be at Janet�s House 1455 Wilson Court, 344-3770, next Thursday at 7pm.

Restaurant: No other restaurant has come forward as and expressed interest in participating as the restaurant.� It was asked if Holy Cow could be confirmed for a Three year period as the Community Village Restaurant (2002, 2003, 2004).� It passed with no stand asides, no blocks.� This won�t be discussed again until 2004.

Site Report: David reports that the storm knocked down a bunch of stuff.� It is still canoe depth.� A couple of booths got nailed.� There are a whole list of trees that came down, they will preserve as much as possible of the wood.� Andy is building birdhouses in the barn Saturday.� If you go on site Tread Lightly! It is very damp.� If you want to go out to the site call David at 484-9204.

Board Report: Diane reports that it was passed to raise the $ for S.O. passes.� They will have a work session Monday at the Knights of Pythius and discuss job restructuring of OCF staff.� There will be a work session discussing the Barter Fair in April. Some Coordinators were appointed.

New Construction: Tim passed around a sign up sheet for help.� We can use diggers, hammers, painters, seamstresses, people able to work in their own shop with wood…

Waste Warriors: Jeanette reports that the largest portion of the Waste Warrior crew came from the Village.� The previous year there were 3 – 30 yard dumpsters of garbage produced, this last year we only had 2 dumpsters!� This year we will start composting all paper waste-food stuffs.� This will involve re-education of family & fair goers.�

They are looking for Warriors again this year to guard the kiosks on Sunday night.� Contact Jeanette at or 541-752-5860.�

Friday Party?: Last year we had a wonderful Anniversary party, do we want to have another party this year on Friday night?� 2002 is a palindrome year, and party booby trap is a palindrome band – perfect match?� A proposal was made to have a party on Friday night – all are in favor!

Light Crew: Looking for volunteers to be in charge of village mood lighting in the nighttime.� Lynn, Keith, Holice and Rain are interested in being on this committee.� Keith will take the lead, contact him at 915-3620 if you are interested in helping.� We will revisit this at the next meeting.

New House NAME?: Past names include Integral House and Community House.

The brainstorming has begun… New House, Center of the Universe, Sun House, Starship Unity, The Navel, Pavilion, Gazebo, The Crystal Ship, to be continued.

Next General Meeting will be: Wednesday April 10, 7pm

minutes done by Sharon Bogdanovic

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