The OCF has yet to determine if our 2021 Fair will be in-person, virtual, or a combo of both. As a Village we agreed at the September open Council meeting to prepare for both, as the Fair is doing. It was clear from our pretty darn successful Fair Saturday, when our Village website experienced nearly 2000 hits, that there was room for more than 1 day of events, and that our workshops and hangout spaces could be expanded and improved. This survey asks you to provide your availability and willingness to help make our 2021 Fair, in whatever space it occupies, to be better than 2020, and, most importantly, to do all we can to preserve our sense of Community with each other, to stay connected, and to further our Village and our activist missions.
Council has scheduled a Zoom meeting for October 29 with all Booth Coordinators to discuss the results of this survey.
Please take this survey.
Thank you,
your Village Coordinating Council

Go HERE for the survey please