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Community Village Meeting, May 2008

Childcare announcement; onsite childcare for work parties. Times for childcare work parties. 11 am until 3 pm on June 28th and July 5th. There will also be childcare for the general onsite meeting on the 29th. Please RSVP at 683-8250. In previous years there have been many no-shows. If you RSVP and will not be bringing your kids to the work party please give notice. Bring sunblock, mosquito repellant, water bottle, and a swimsuit if it’s looking warm out.


Agenda Review

Meeting Space:
We are at St. Mary’s Episcopal church. Please do not park at the church of Scientolgy, or inside the church. Please respect the space and the hosts.

Consensus: We use consensus to make decisions. We don’t all agree all the time, but we can all live with everything we do. Blocking and standing aside are serious acts and not to be taken lightly. It’s good to come with suggestions if you have serious concerns. If you aren’t into a decision but you aren’t willing to stand in the way of the whole community, you should stand aside. If you feel comfortable standing in the way of the whole community because you in your individual heart know that you are more informed and have a better opinion than everyone else all put together, and you’re really willing to do that, you can block. But really, you probably shouldn’t.

Beloved Community. When we are challenged from the outside it seems that we fracture internally, but we should be beloved community. We have potlucks and cocktail parties at the fair. Come to them.

T-Shirts. There are order forms here and on the website. The tee shirt is a sort of a mandala type design with words and symbols. The sizing is different this year.

Fire Rap: Everyone is on fire crew. Each booth is to have an extinguisher, a bucket, and a shovel. In the bucket is burlap. We are not to have fire in non enclosed containers. If there is a fire, don’t panic. Use the burlap to smack the fire out; don’t put the water on the fire. Exit calmly. Tell the info booth to call it in. Use the fire extinguisher by remembering the neumonic PASS, Pull Aim Squeeze, Sweep. In the event of a fire, listen to security and the fire crew. They have a plan. Do as they say.

Sweep. If you have a wristband through the village, you must participate in two sweeps. One is Saturday. The sweeps are a lot of fun. Use sweep time to make sure no one is in your tent.

Camping. The camping form went out last month with old information. The new forms have new information. They are at tonights’ meeting and online. Please fill them out with information about all of the people in your camping group (All camping together; you, your friend, your kids, their kids � 4 people, 2 tents, 1 form). If you are in the village and camping anywhere, please turn in a form. If your camping area isn’t on the form, write it in. If your pass is through the fair but you’re camping in the village, turn in your form. Return the form to your booth coordinator, or to the camping coordinator (Sue or Phil) by registration weekend in June. We don’t cut anything green. We are sustainable. Pack it in, pack it out. Carpool. If you are getting your pass through the village, get in touch with Sue. She will hook you up in your place.

SITE: The site is walkable. No flood. There is a heatwave coming in tomorrow. Drink water. The long tom river goes along the 8 path. We’re eroding near shady grove. That’s the closest point of the path to the river. The path has had to move. There may, at some point, no longer be a shady grove stage. In the future, there has been long talk about sattelite places for energy park and CV out front. Energy park is thinking about it because their solar cells and water heaters aren’t working. The fair is thinking about this for the last 10-15 years. They’re thinking about moving the dragon toward the parking lot and moving part of the village toward the front.

E 13th (the main path to Mainstage) is the 2nd oldest trail in Oregon according to one fair list.

The issue of sound and ambient sound and stage sound. Years ago, we were all acoustic, but there is now so much ambient sound that we brought in amplification for sound enhancement. Our stage is supposed to be generally quiet, just have enough sound for people to be heard right around the stage. This way, village activists can still converse with the public in their booths. There is a meeting the 15th of june at the Yurt to discuss stages interfering with each other sound wise.

It is amazing what you can accomplish if you don’t care who gets the credit. Harry Truman.

Workshops and Demos. The deadline is tonight to get your workshop in the Peach Pit. You can e-mail it tonight if it’s an emergency.

Stage. The schedule was announced, which I wasn’t able to get down but I’m sure it’s online or will be on the list.

Eligibility: You must read the guidelines before you fill out your form. The eligibility meeting is at Janet’s house. The forms are due tonight, but last minute forms can be brought and turned in at 7 at the eligibility meeting. There should be a coordinator or someone from each booth. 1455 Wilson Court. That’s 14th and City View and turn the one way you can. 14th turns into Wilson Court. One need not be present at the eligibility meeting to be eligible.

Registration. Passes will be $30 for a worker. $10 per day for a day pass. $60 for an SO, $30 for a teen pass, and $10 for a youth pass. Teens begin at 13. Direct questions to booth coordinator.

The booth coordinator meeting is May 22nd at 5:15 at Sam Bonds.

Construction. It is a light year for construction. We will mess with the little people fence, the life long learning loft, but no rebuilds this year. We may think of some fun perimeter fencing. Some discussion of waddle fences.

Decon. Last year we tried something new for deconstruction. Two years ago decon went until late November. Last year, Nathan and Paul and a few other hardy folks got the decon done by the Wednesday following fair. This year, we are trying something. When booth members don’t get their work parties done before the fair. This year, if someone has that problem they should contact their booth coordinator who calls Paul Sass or Nathan Greene. 689-3709 for Paul. Nathan’s 302-3205. Up to three people will be accepted into this program. The party will be Monday. Moving bamboo, taking down signs. Hopefully these are people who genuinely can’t make it to work parties, not people who don’t want to. This includes stage decon.

Restaurant Report: The restaurant is excited to be working in the village. There has been much research. They have condensed the menu a little. Muffins are now biscuits. Carrot lentil soup is now red lentil dahl. They will be doing cold water extract lattes. Savory and sweet popcorn late night. There will be cheese sauce, tahini sauce, and mushroom gravy. Some of the sauces are no longer available. Cookies and cobbler. No brownies. Chocolate chip cookies. They had to condense the menus a little due to too many ingredients. They are unable to do reusable dishes this year without the village taking an active role. Villagers should show up with their own dishes. Kirk at rising moon is willing to wash our dishes, but we individually must bring out dishes to them. Hopefully by next year durable dishes can be set up and rolled out, but with the new restaurant it is not going to be feasible.

Booth Breakdown. Brief check in after. Very productive meeting for everyone.

Satellite South meeting notes:

April 26, 2008
Folks were all happy to see each other at this meeting in Grants Pass. Tim and Keith came from council, Drake and about 10 others were also there.

Reports were made regarding fire crew, camping, consensus, the restaurant choosing process and results, workshops and demos, registration deadlines, T-shirts, village theme, and site condition.

We discussed a bit about the Holy Cow and the U of O. There was some concern that the CVDrum should not have been used to talk about this issue. Others thought it was a good example of CV networking.

There was some discussion about enabling online meetings. We arer waiting for someone who can make it happen to volunteer as well as for further Village discussion.

Tim and Keith promised to do their best to help little people redo their front fence and work with the Fair to move the recycling bins that are next to LP’s fence.

The issue of “Pass Equity” came up. It was noted that LP sometimes has 40 kids in their care, that volunteers are overworked, and that support from the Fair has not increased. Why not treat the LP staff as childcare workers for the Fair if that is what they are gonna be doing?
It was also noted that LP folks can limit the number of kids present at a time somehow, and limit the length of stay through some kind of enforcement method. Excess kids can be sent to the Fair childcare booth.
Sometimes even Village folks leave their kids too long. LP is supposed to be a play space – not a day care.

Satellite North meeting notes:

April 27, 2008
We had a great satellite meeting; well attended…drake of the shadow council presented great information, and much discussion ensued on camping policy, village issues, and fair guidelines. ani brought snacks…kids of all ages abounded…

Thanks to Drake and all who attended.



Community Village Meeting, March 2008

Greetings Fellow Villagers,

Sam asked me to post the minutes as they are really short and I am capable of this task….. The meeting was facilitated by John and was different than any other meeting we have had. After hearing from John on the process we will use to select our Restaurant we heard from each restaurant

After some questions and answers the Village selected as our new restauarant……………

………..                   Park S.T. Café and the New Culture institute.





We had booth breakdown for the first time this year and I was so nice to see so many of us at the meeting and starting our booths work with so much energy.


We adjourned at 9 pm and all was good.



Peace and Grooviness,


Keith Herchberer

Community Village Coordinating council.


Community Village Meeting, February 2008

7:05 – Intros and Handholding. Everyone said what they liked best about the fair.

7:27 – Agenda Review

Respect our Host and Fire (1)
Consensus Rap  (2)
Site Report (3)
Council Confirmation (2)
Broadcasting the Om (5 Minutes)
Theme (5)
Kirtan (2)
Restaurant Report (15 Minutes)
Green Space/Map Report (15)
Broadcasting the Om (5 Minutes)
Brad (1)
Village Song

7:33 – Respect the space. The church is really nice to let us meet here, and we need to appreciate our host and not make inappropriate comments about their faith. We only use the upstairs space. We’re all on fire crew.

7:35 – Consensus Rap (see attached for the full text that John F. read from. Awesome of John to not make me try to follow along as he read.)

7:41 – Council Confirmation. The entire group has been confirmed. Paul, David, Keith, Tim, Ben, Karla, Nathan, Jennefer, Diane, Daniel, Lois.

7:44 – Theme. Respect the value of all; the common thread that connects our love. There is a little poem that goes with that. The theme was decided on by having the village brainstorm a theme and Janet takes all the feedback and decides on what the theme is trying to take into account all the group feedback.

7:46 – Green space report. Last year there were 4 tents in the space behind the health and healing booth down from 10. There are many points of view about what green space is and/or should be. The important thing is that we all try to minimize our impact.

The mapping project is moving onward and there is an open call for assistance. Call Ben or Nathan.

7:48 – Restaurant report. Jen Lin, Keith, Taylor, and Janet went to the tastin’. The three remaining options are Park Street/NCI – Global Service – and Sweet Leaf. Big fairy’s magic wand is not imposing what we’re going to eat.

Four candidates started. Everyone in the room (4 OCF / 4 CV) agreed that one was not good enough. The food committee allowed us to look at all three remaining candidates. The OCF committee would have made Sweet Leaf the one because of seniority.

Jen Lin’s Reviews

Sweet Leaf; all their greens and produce are local, organic, sustainably grown. Good salad, awesome smoothies, the menu was not really sustaining; not exciting food.

Park Street Café; the food was great, mama’s kitchen. Liked their sauces. Red hazelnut sauce. Liked the options for different grains, veggies, sauces. All tasty. Had kid friendly items like PBJ. Vegan cookies that are great. Put a lot of thought into what the village needs to keep itself going at the fair.

Global Services was good, sustaining food. They have a great curry. There is a sweet potato dish. Thought that their food was wonderful and amazing. They have Kafta Balls with a great sauce. Didn’t care for their Chai.

Janet’s Reviews

All three groups fit with the village ‘style’

Global Service; felt the Chai was bitter. It had ginger in it which was too bitter. The puff bread was okay. The curries were great. They served New Years noodles from Japan which were maybe not so good. Raita was okay. The nori wraps were not very good. Their global service was very good. Global services said they would do small portions but not ‘half plates, half price’

Park Street, NCI, coming from within the village. Home Cooking was great. Not a scary thing for a vegetarian to approach. Liked the fact that they would make half plates on request. Cookies good. Cooler drink was good, and without sugar. You could have it with our without green enzymes.

Sweet Leaf; liked the Salad and Dressing. Tempe burgers were good. All fruit smoothies were great, and there can be a half portions. The person didn’t know if the cheese had rennet in it, which is bad for vegetarians because rennet comes from dead cows. It seemed like the owner was more interested in moving his booth to a better location than he was in the village.


Hands down global services won. Indian food was flavorful, not over-spicy.

Park street café menu really nice and (vegan) cookies incredible.

Sweet leaf was boring and bland. Salads were good and fresh, but didn’t get him going.

Global service won on food.

The menus that were passed out were what were sampled at the tasting.

Links to the restaurant’s non-profit connection: (see the restaurant info here)


As villagers looking for wholesome food, we couldn’t go wrong.

Please think about the menu over the next month, and at next month’s meeting we will talk about and consense on the restaurant.

One thing to keep in mind is that we want to consider the success of the restaurant, and the success of the fair. The first question is; where will we want to eat. The other question is; where will the patrons want to eat.

When the food committee met, we came up with a method to decide on the restaurant. John will facilitate the meeting. Tree submitted some ideas on how, involving a committee submitting a top choice to the group and having the group to decide. John proposes that instead of consensus we vote. John thinks that consensus is about concerns, and voting is about preferences. If people have strong concerns, they should be heard, but at this point it seems like we have three good applicants.

We will put up information about the various options, and come to a vote. We could consider giving people two votes, and use sticky notes to protect confidentiality.

Last year there were some allegations about holy cow and it made some of us sad. We should support the new restaurant in success, we can have positive change, and we can learn from this situation. We should honor Kathy and Anton for their years of service.

The proposal is that the village restaurant selection committee be empowered to use voting as part of the restaurant selection process.

John’s Proposal:

“We believe that everyone has a piece of the truth inside them. Consensus is a search for the greater truth of the group. To see how another’s truth aligns with our own requires patience and open-mindedness.”

Now, I think that’s enough. But people expect these consensus raps to be about blocking and standing aside. Guess what? If your facilitator fully understands those two actions, she or he will walk a person through them if it becomes necessary. The emphasis on blocking and standing aside is leftover baggage from voting. Consensus is not an absence of blocks, or getting to less than a certain # of stand-asides. It’s about the sense of the meeting.

Still, I know that if I don’t give a description of blocking and standing aside, someone else will. So here goes:

“When the group arrives at a shared sense of the meeting, an individual may find it difficult to give consent. The individual may stand aside which allows the individual to avoid participating in a distasteful decision without imposing his or her viewpoint on the group. A person who stands in the way of the agreement in the interest of the group is not imposing a personal viewpoint, but the group’s. A person who attempts to impose a personal viewpoint on the group is not acting as part of the group, and thus has no power to stop the agreement. In practice, blocks and stand-asides are usually a sign that the group has not arrived at a shared sense of the meeting, and that calling for consensus is premature and inappropriate. The group should strive to include all viewpoints in the sense of the meeting, calling for consensus only when it is clear further progress is unlikely.”

I was asked to compare voting and consensus. It seems to me that voting puts a greater emphasis on reaching a decision; consensus puts a greater emphasis on maintaining group unity. Voting is about preferences, and does well when everyone has the same information, the group is choosing between pre-set options, and no one is strongly opposed to a particular choice. Consensus is about concerns, and is better at handling choices that require information-sharing or creative reevaluation of options, and has more potential to accommodate passionately-held positions.

It would be nice to know the mission statements of the three groups before we are asked to empower the committee to let us use voting.

Important that we make sure the menus are sent out on CV drum, and that the booth coordinator phone tree be initiated to let people know what’s going on. Also, voting by proxy might be considered. Our standards have usually been that a person must be present to participate.

We will put up posters about each of the restaurants, with all of the information at least two weeks prior to the meeting.

The committee hasn’t yet decided the exact process, but there will probably be a discussion period of some sort.

Sweet leaf has a fair space for sure.

As a point of process, it’s important to be aware of the applications and the mission statements.

Will the voting set a precedent for future years?

How would two votes contribute to confidentiality? It is actually the dots for confidentiality, but the two votes give each person more options.

Dots can be used as a straw vote to get a feel for the group . One of us is uncomfortable using voting, just because it opens the door. It would be nice to have a vote and ask the group to consent to support the majority vote.

The fair as well as our food committee have looked at all of the information and mission statements, and we should be comfortable knowing that each group has been well vetted.

There are more questions about who the groups are before we include voting in the mix.

Each restaurant could be subject to consensus and then voting; if there is a strong objection before the vote, someone could raise that, and once that has taken place and all the options have been confirmed, we could then move to voting for a final decision.

Perhaps next month a rep from each restaurant could present.

The restaurant committee met and spent a lot of time talking about different processes. Some of us would prefer if the village let the restaurant committee come up with the process. Please don’t talk about ideas on process.

We must decide on the restaurant in March. It’s hard to give your power over and trust that something will work right. Each of us will have access to the information. NCI may not have a website, but their restaurant are all village members.

Sweet Leaf may not have a mission statement. Running an organic farm seems to be his mission.

It seems that this has been placed in good terms; there are concerns about giving up power to a process other than consensus. It would be nice to have a process where we consense, vote, and consense again.

It would be nice if each of the three groups give us a one paragraph mission statement available to us before the meeting. At the beginning of the discussion next time, we can consense on each restaurant and then vote.

The challenge is the subject of information. We should allow each other to express concern and not cut off each other.

Separate the two issues. The food committee will put a paragraph online before the next meeting. We might be able to consense

We might have had a discussion on the restaurants before having a discussion about process

We want to know about experience, waste management, green space. It’s not just taste that we will make our decisions based on.

We empowered the RSC to go through this information and find out if these groups are compatible with the village. We don’t trust each other. We all need all the information, but we also have to trust our fellow villagers who have done the committee work and who will present the information ahead of time. We all want to know the details, but the committee will give that information before the decision is made.

This process began in August. We wrote an application with hard questions. The three of the eight finalists are the best. They each have a different mission. We went over the missions. It has been disseminated. We are bringing three restaurants to the village, and the village decides who will be the restaurant.

CONSENSUS REACHED; The restaurant committee is empowered to design for the village a process that includes voting to determine the village’s preferences within a consensus framework.

8:41 – Kirtan, it turned out that it was delightful despite concerns that one of us had. Some close friends confided that they were sternly shushed by a Kirtan person. We don’t want to go in a direction where we are shushed in the village green in the morning.

We don’t want to see anyone shushed for talking on the village green. The shushing was on a personal basis. The only standing example we have of quiet spaces is the Pyramid or the Yurt.

Kieth will approach the Kirtan people with these concerns.

Kirtan doesn’t need to have their own space.

Someone submitted feedback to the fair that they didn’t want Kirtan to interrupt their morning.

Issue tabled to another meeting.

8:45 – What Brad Said (no discussion)

Brad Prost participates heavily in the OCF and considers the CV to be the heart of the fair. Was a part of Genesis when the restaurant started, as an attempt to feed the people. Talked a little about how Holy Cow came into being. This is centered to the core of the problem. We are asking to include a restaurant to become part of the village, become members of the community. That has probably never happened before. He was concerned with the choice of the restaurant and how it was coming about. The history is important. What is the position of the restaurant in the village? How do they participate? As a service company, or a part of the village?

Request was made for people to speak for themselves not for others.

8:50 – Site Report. Last weekend David cleaned up his own mess instead of going to the fair. The flooding is down, walking can happen. There is a website that tells how high the river is. Unless there is a big rain, probably no flood. First Sundays the Veggies have a work party at 10am. Chickadee was flooded to the barn at the last meeting. They met at the hub. It’s interesting to see things off season.

8:53 – Spin the Bottle. Irene, queen Irene, sometimes after a bottle of wine I lean. Has represented the Saturday Market in the Arts booth. Yeah. And yeah. And yeah. You know.

8:54 – Non fair announcements

Leslie Scott, the GM for the last 16 years has announced that this is her last year as GM. Eventually there will be an attempt to replace her. The fair is probably looking for a new one. At the last board meeting they announced that the hope is that they will have a candidate or candidates in mind to shadow Leslie during fair.

Our next council meeting is next Tuesday at 7 at Tim’s House, 2096 ½ Arthur Street (behind 2096).

Scott with Signs and Banners hopes that we request signs soon. He will be at the next meeting but not April. Earlier is better. scottaboy@earthlink.net 541-953-2727

Sara who has been a part of Info is a grant writer and is offering her services. Watch for her info on the CV Drum.

Ben recently designed and developed a program called transforming disabilities into strengths using animal movement and non violent martial arts to help strengthen mind and body and would like to connect with someone in the village.

Community Village January 2008
Percy Facilitating

7:05 – Introductions. Those present said their names and their favorite things to do in January

7:17 – Respect our Host. Please do not park next to the Church of Christ Science west side as they have a Wednesday night service. Put your chairs away, don’t make a mess, be respectful of other people’s faiths, and do other kind things.

7:19 – Consensus Rap; The group agrees to pass something. If someone has concerns about a decision, those should be brought up and ideally resolved by the group. Consensus doesn’t mean 100% agreement, but that we can all live with whatever is going through. People with objections have the option to stand aside. We also each have the option to block, but it shouldn’t be used lightly. The facilitator gets to decide how many stand asides make a block. Blocking is an absolute last resort. There isn’t an agreed upon policy about how many stand asides should be considered a reason not to move forward. Usually the block just means that we’re rushing to a decision without having heard concerns fully. If you have a concern, you should present it along with a suggestion for how to deal with the concern.

7:22 – Site report. First Sundays of the month there is a Veg E Manic work party. Chickadee tends to flood. There are some photos. Andy went over the hay bales in a canoe. There are photos of the water over the counters. With the rain and sleet and snow, they called off the work party but folks showed up anyway and it happened anyway. The site is nice and clean, little debris.  It’s perfect.

7:25 – Database Report. There are some sets of old data that is being revamped to make a village database. The two reasons are the mailing list for postcards and the flow of the registration process. We are trying to streamline the registration process. The flow of information in the village is becoming more net related, but privacy is protected in collected only in the aggregate. The option to keep your data offline will always exist. A list for people who want to get postcards or be on an e-mail list is sent around.

Coordinators are responsible to make sure that the booth people have the option of choosing their form of communication. What we’re trying to do is get current contact information, and moving away from paper post-cards and other paper data collection and toward digital means. We know that not everyone has web access, and the concept is to leave no one out of the loop, but to keep an efficient database. This will save the village money, and save paper. This is more accurate than the prior way.

We should include direct contact information for groups as well as individuals. Also, We are taking steps to make sure that the information doesn’t fall into “The Wrong Hands”.

Registration, Admissions, and Camping coordinators are getting involved.

7:35 –  Fair Announcements; Kirtan happened last year, and it would be nice to do it again this year. Those who did it last year would like to do it again.

The backup site manager is now a circuit court judge. There is another such judge involved in the fair.

CV history booth will expand on the theme of hippie history from last year. Meetings will start early this year, starting this month. If you wanna get involved please contact .

Youth power is looking for a cart to use during the Fair. OCF is no longer willing to loan one. They have some money to put into it for a good deal or a donation.

The elders need a golf cart because their camp is on a hill. (editorial comment; whose brilliant idea was that?)

7:40 – Restaurant. We put together an app for a restaurant. The OCF said that our app is better than theirs so we can use it.

The village has had a bunch of restaurants. ZooZoos –> Alpha Pharm –> Genesis –> Holy Cow. They were with us for 11 years. The process of getting to be the restaurant is; we don’t know what the process is. A lot of our history has been lost, but we do remember the process through which we got Holy Cow.

When Alpha Farm opted out, there were one or two applicants. The goal for the selection committee is to help the OCF committee find a restaurant that fits with the Village. This is easier said than done.

In keeping the process transparent, we advertised the opening through the FFN (two articles), we did a notice on CV Drum and another on the OCF discussion list. We talked about putting an ad in the EW. We sent an ad with a check. They didn’t cash the check or run the add.

In December we were told to stop our process. The OCF Food Committee sent a letter to every fair food booth. Our new deadline was January 6 th because the fair jumped in on us.

This is an important choice. We need a restaurant that’s got chops (money, organization, verve, good food, etcetera). We have 8 apps to review. We will present all these to the OCF food committee for approval.

Global Services Foundation (Santa Cruz)
Earth Rising Foods
Harmony Event Medicine
Sweet Leaf Café
Park Street Café / New Culture Institute
Forest Café, Vegan Vittles, and Chai Shop
Ratatouille LLC
Taste of Korea

The goals we have in mind.
Provide a full service restaurant to the village with breakfast, lunch, dinner, deserts, and beverages (including coffee).
Vegetarian, Organic, As Local As Possible.
Prices that are reasonable and fair, including a small portion option.

Applicants and suggested menus (once the applicants have been juried, no new food items until the next year) were discussed. I’m not even going to try to run them down. Please ask Keith H. for detailed rundown. Menus will be posted to the listserv.

Next the OCF food committee reviews the applicants, they will hold a jurying event in February. The food committee will make a recommendation to two or three. The village will consense on the finalist in March. They’ll look at our guidelines in making their decision.

There are two approaches. The committee should continue to follow our current track, go to the jurying, etc…

On the other hand, a committee takes the issue of who owns the restaurant to the fair.

We need to have a better understanding of the history of the space so that the committee has some better understanding of the history and how the space was initially part of the village. We must gather the history.

Cooperative and family run groups, and that community values should be taken into account.

A kosher kitchen would be good.

On the issue of who owns the restaurant, if you look at the map; peace and justice anchors the village on one corner and the restaurant on the other.

This is not currently a decision making process, it is a feedback process.

Do we know what criteria the food committee (OCF) is using? The OCF committee will check that the proposed applicants have experience, finances, equipment, staff, good food. They are doing a lot of the work we would otherwise be doing.

8:?? Theme; There are many lists of many themes and ideas. The list is in the last minutes.

8:??Call to Council.

People who wish to stand for council will do so, give names, and speak to why they wish to be on council. (editorial note; this list is coming out late, and we have already passed the technical deadline to call people who are standing to express a concern. I am very sorry for my lateness. This month’s minutes required more editorial work than prior months. My personal recommendation is to call the people anyway if you have a concern and go to the next council meeting and explain that the reason your concern was expressed late is that the minute taker is a flake. On the other hand, that’s just my recommendation and doesn’t reflect the official village policy. Again, sorry).

Tim Miller – contact is 521-7208. tim@gwproj.com Has been on council a few years. Has a good time, and wants to make

Kieth Herschberger – quackerbacker1@msn.com 513-1238 This is 9th year in the village. Wants to help us do whatever we want to get done.

Ben Barrett – stircrazyben@gmail.com . 729-3130. Has spent many years on council.

Paul Sass – 912-1099, has been in the village for 10 years or so, council for 3 years. Spent this year co-comitteeing the decon committee, made the booths look nice. Made the booths perfect for the winter flood. Wants to do it again.

Daniel Gaon – will be back from Peru on Sunday. 968-3192 on council for several years.

Jennefer Harper – with the Fruit booth for 8-9 years, one year shadow council. Standing for council for the first time. 359-8111. E-mail jenneferh2000@yahoo.com

Lois Inman – has been around for longer than she can remember. Totally enjoys her job on council, she’s getting to know more folks. Does fire, liaises with a lot of booths. Call 836-2670.

Nathan Greene – has been in CV for 7 years, and is standing for council for the second time. Enjoyed doing Decon with Paul this year. Liked being there pre fair and watching the village come together. Nathan is also still a fruitbooth guy, but likes meeting people outside of fruitbooth . Wants to put more time in on council. 302-3205

Dianne Albino – 933-2584 – email is iriedi@yahoo.com – has been in the village since 1979 minus two years in the peacecorps. Works with elders.

Karla Caudell – has been in the village since 1989, and on council for 12 years or so. Enjoys council, handles some admin stuff and works some with admissions, interfaces with the fair a lot about passes and money issues. When she started in the village, it was in the P&J booth. Has also done a few other things as well as being in the village. Also does mediation and crisis intervention. The village is a good fun time.  337-5319, sometimes this cell doesn’t work well so please leave a message. kjcaudell@hotmail.com

David Hoffman  – 484-9204 fixit@efn.org – is an elder, doesn’t have to do it but will anyway and getting a tee shirt makes it easier for everyone.

The next stage in this process is thus; at next months meeting, each of these people will stand up to be confirmed. Everyone will serve unless someone objects to their serving. If you have an objection you must bring this objection before the next meeting. You are encouraged to bring it before the next council meeting, and bring the concern to the next council meeting (Tuesday the 22nd at SAFE in Springfield, 175 West B Street in Island Park Professional Center in Building I off mill street in Springfield). One can not object to someone if they have not brought the issue to the individual before the meeting. In February, anyone with no issues is confirmed. In March people with issues are confirmed.

From the today, individuals have one week to contact the council member to inform them that you have an issue. You must go to the council meeting to try and work the issue out. We have facilitation available to help people work these issues out.

These are concerns that would prevent you from allowing someone to serve on council. If you are contacted by someone, it would be good to know where you stand with the person before coming to the February meeting.

Only village related issues not personal issues should be a part of this. This process if very specific.

Anyone may go to the council meetings, anyone can come and talk about anything and participate in the council process.

8:44 – Green Designation.   Next month the fair would like to start the process of agreeing on what can be designated as Green Space. Green zones are parcels or islands surrounding camping spaces, booth spaces, the river, and creek banks. These are habitats that must be preserved. One must not cross or camp in these areas. One must use existing camp sites. One must encourage growth between camping areas.  Please refer to the manual for complete rule.

There will be visual aids online in the near future.

Spin the bottle. There is a new group here, called SEVA, who wants to be in the village.

SEVA helps prevent and help with blindness in Africa and Asia Mexico Latin America and Native American US. They’re looking for a place.

8:48 – Broadcasting the OM. Om started at mainstage meadow last year right there with KLCC. Can we agree to approach KLCC, get them to agree, and get us to advertise a global OM for peace starting at OCF. Let’s discuss further at next month’s meeting.

8:50 – Restaurant revisited. The restaurant will have a meeting at 7pm at Kieth’s house. The next steps will be discussed, including looking at applications and looking at other issues.

Does the committee have enough information to evaluate whether these groups will fit within our guidelines? Yes.

We need to do a bit of housekeeping; we need to agree to affirm the restaurant in March. Proposal submitted for consensus and consented to by the village.

The question of who owns the restaurant should be addressed separately.

There should perhaps be mediation between the village and the fair to clarify the ownership of the space and the process. We must not establish a precedent that the space belongs to the fair. It seems clear that the space is a village space. This is a matter of tradition or precedent. We should continue with the current process but make clear that by doing so we don’t agree to the premise that the Fair gets the final say. All the concerns, including the villages and the OCF’s, must be addressed. We need to come to clarity together with the fair. We need to acknowledge that any restaurant in the fair reflects on the fair, but that we also deserve to make a decision.

It would be best if they give us back all the choices that meet their criteria, not just two or three.

We could come to consensus that we acknowledge that the food committees role is to forward those applicants that meet OCF criteria for food quality and safety back to the village.

We don’t have enough time to consense on anything.

It would be nice if someone from the OCF jurying committee could come to our meeting. It’s not necessarily their decision to make, but they should hear some of our concerns before going into their process.

8:59 – all done. Closing circle, evaluations, and unfair announcements.
Village Minutes, November 2007
Jenefer facilitating


7:02 – Opening and introductions,
7:09 – Agenda Review


Fair Announcements
Consensus Mini Training
Kid Care report
Camping Pass increase
Fair Theme
Drum Content
Spin the Bottle
Unfair Announcements

7:11 – Fair announcements
If you go to the OCF board there is a process to request a donation for your cause. Usually $0-$1,000. There is a process, starting with a visit to fair office.
You need two board members to sponsor you.

Danya is on the board. Each board member is on two committees. Danya is on youth programs and budget. The fair will do wreath making party at cow palace. Look in the current FFN for info. They have supplies, but BYO decorations for extra fun.

David gets questions about flooding and access. The floods come gradually. There is some time when you can walk with knee highs, other times when you need a canoe. There is a float by Noti that gives the levels and you can tell from that if it’s flooded. This is online. The fair wants green area stewardship.

7:15 consensus mini training. We operate by consensus. We don’t operate by majority rule. This means that we pass things that everyone agrees to and don’t pass things that people don’t agree to. A person can stand aside, meaning that they have concerns but won’t stop the whole group. The block is an exceptional tool and should only be used in extreme circumstances. The facilitator is responsible for deciding how many stand asides end a proposal. If someone brings a concern, the group is responsible for trying to solve it. If you have a concern, state it and propose a solution. It’s best to bring up concerns early in the process rather than throwing a clog in the works at the end of the process.

7:19 – Restaurant committee report. The restaurant committee hasn’t met for a month. We have received a few apps as of today; Earth Rising who brought snacks this evening. They brought a soy sausage with eggs. There are organic blueberry pancakes and honey sweetened lemonade on their menu also. Another group, Global Service Foundation, has turned in an application as well. Finally, representatives from Park Street Cafe/New Culture Institute were present at the meeting and expressed an intention of submitting an application.

The next step in the process is that the committee will now check references and make sure that we have quality applicants. The fair food committee will then tell us which of our applicants would meet the fair regulations for a food booth. From the remaining candidates, we as the village will decide. The deadline for new applications is currently November 30th. The question is posed, “do we want to extend that deadline to the end of December or early January?” Following are questions and comments made by the village on this question;

*When do we have to submit to the fair, and how much time after that do we have to decide? Our deadline is to make a final decision by February. The fair deadline is in May, and ours is earlier. We have to turn our applications to the fair by as early as possible.

*Where has word gone out? There was a classified in the Eugene Weekly, on the Village Website, and in the Fair Family News. We got a pretty strong directive from the Fair Food Committee that looking within (the fair family) first is a good idea rather than casting wide net.

*There is some confusion about the deadlines. Why the end of November if there isn’t a fair deadline until May? There are many restaurants in the fair who want to move, it’s possible to have one of them move into our space rather than having a totally new restaurant.

*There are three applicants. The current deadline is November 30th.

*We should extend the time because we have the time. Also, we’d like to hear a bit about the applications we have now before deciding whether we need to solicit more. The current applicants are not prepared to present.

*It’s good practice to have as many applicants as possible. We should contact as many people as possible to get as many applications as we have cause some apps might be bad. We have the time to extend the deadline.

*We’ve been talking about this for several months. Unless there is a problem with not enough qualified applicants, why extend the deadline? There has been plenty of time.

*It doesn’t feel like there is enough information to make a good decision.

*This is a large increase in applications from the last time we did this process (last time there were two applicants, now there are three) Earth Rising already has a booth at other markets. Park Street Café is already a restaurant.

*This is a big decision. There isn’t any need to rush. It would be useful to have more applications to choose from. It has been mentioned to the food booth community. It should be December 15th, since we have plenty of time.

*Will the fair have enough time once we’ve decided?

*In the context of our decision making process, we’ll be making a final decision in February. Will there be presentations in January? If so, how much work is the restaurant committee going to have to do to prepare? The restaurant committee should be empowered to decide based on what works best for the committee.

*If some people got apps in on time, is it fair to them to open the deadline to others who come later?

*The announcement will be in this November Fair Family News

*The new restaurant will have to start from scratch, redesigning the booth for their needs. The more lead time they have the better for the restaurant.

*We don’t seem to have consensus to extend the deadline.

*The current deadline is November 30th. It was wrong on the application at first, but it has been corrected.

*The food committee should be empowered to make that decision to extend the deadline because they have the information. The deadline was initially set by the food committee. The food committee is already empowered to make this decision, in a certain sense.

*It seems that this is an irrelevant decision for the village. The village doesn’t seem to need to consense. The restaurant committee should notify as many people as possible about a decision to extend the deadline should one be made

Restaurant Decision Making Timeline:

November 30 app deadline

Before January meeting, all our applications will go to OCF Food Committee. Those apps will be reviewed and double checked and tell us which will meet OCF criteria

January meeting, we will bring the vetted apps to the village with confidential information redacted.
February meeting, absolute deadline to decide. We consense on one of the applications.

DECISION TAKEN: To put the decision to extend the application deadline in the hands of the restaurant selection committee. Noted that not all members present felt that this was a decision the village needed to make, considering the decision may have already been in the hands of the restaurant selection committee to begin with. Nonetheless, consensus was reached to move forward in this manner.

7:42 – Kid Care Report. Sorry but there is no kid care at this meeting. There was no space available. In the future, if other options are suggested we are open to them.

Last year we provided childcare at 8 out of 10 meetings (not October or the 2nd on-site meeting) At 8 meetings and 4 work-parties we cared for 80 or 90 kids. The whole staff did over 90 hours of work. The village collected $384, half of which went to kid care and the other half to youth power. We paid for teen passes, bought snacks, kept up the 1st aid kit, and will buy durable cups. There is an open spot for a teen, 15 or older and has childcare references. Any experience and resume helps. They have to come to all meetings, January to June, one on-site meeting and two Work Parties. Last year we did RSVPs for work parties because in the past Taylor has showed up to care for kids and none have showed up. This year, parents RSVPed, and no one showed up (even with reminder calls). This was hurtful and Taylor felt that her time was being disrespected. Therefore there may be no work-party kid care this year, but Taylor is open to suggestions.

7:50 – Camping pass cost increase. At the last board meeting, they approved the revenue suggestion from the budget committee which included an increase in the cost of camping passes. They are now $30, and SO passes will be $60. We’ve been at $25 and $50. No change in teen and youth passes. ($25 and $10 respectively). In the thinking of the Budget Committee, there hasn’t been an increase in many years. We don’t get to talk about it – there is no discussion to be had. This affects only the village and energy park, and SOs fair-wide. The elder passes will not change cost. Following are comments and questions from the village members present:

*Until we have exact figures we should not discuss this.

*At one point the passes were $25 and the SO $40. The argument that SO passes have always been twice the cost of regular passes therefore seems bogus.

*Village camping passes are $30. Village SOs are $60. We don’t set the price.

*Diane and Lois are working on a way to approach the board about changing how they charge the village for service booths like Little People, 4a, art booth, Info. Why should people pay to come in and serve? Talk to them about thoughts.

*The fair is democratic, we have to get involved and vote if we want to make change.

7:55 – Fair Theme. Last years was beloved community. Brainstorms for this year’s theme.

Gonzo, (a’la Hunter S. Thompson)

Let Out Your Crazy

Play for Peace

Play with Peace

Good Hygene for Survival

Why Not?

Tag! You’re It!


E-mail additional ideas to CV Drum or call Janet 344-3770 or e-mail planetbubblesuniverse@yahoo.com

7:59 – Drum Content. There have been many e-mails about what content is appropriate to the Drum. On other lists, there are rules about using topic headings in subject lines (business, announcements, personal, etc…) This way, people wouldn’t have to open e-mails that they don’t want but the drum could still be a lively way to communicate. We could still limit event announcements to things that village groups are actively working on.

There are barriers to this idea; education is difficult (it would be hard to get people to actually do it).

There are other, more elegant, web based ways to make this happen and allow people to subscribe to specific topics, only receiving e-mail on the topics that interest them. This would be relatively easy, but a change like the one proposed here would be difficult to implement.

We want to network with each other and share our expertise, points of view, and activities. Sending out stuff on the Drum is part of that. It would be nice to see, year round, what our groups are doing. The proposal to encourage people to use headings is a good idea.

We will hopefully transition to a more interactive site soon.

There are only 36 people on the drum and 60 some on the special list for announcements only.

It’s easy to delete e-mail, this shouldn’t be a problem. But slow computers and internet connections make it stressful.

We are at time for this issue.

The village may not actually have authority or purview over the content on the drum, as at its inception the drum was separate from the village

Time extended.

Before we come up with categories and things, it might be a good idea to look at the old e-mails to come up with what categories work.

At first Janet owned the drum account, but now it belongs to the village.

Janet sent out an e-mail about the meeting place, and didn’t BCC to hide our addresses, and is sorry.

Some people use two e-mail accounts. One has a limit on volume and kicks stuff back. The other will take unlimited stuff. The concern is that when people send e-mail shouldn’t send large attachments.

Attachments are approved on a case by case basis. Everyone should be mindful in their communications; use original subject lines and express your intentions.

If you only want the facts, there is a separate list for important announcements only. Categories are good, but precise subject lines make them unneeded.

The Drum has never been strictly business, it is social and reflects who we are.

8:15 – Postcards. Ben has been gathering our address list. Please write down your address if you want a mailing, e-mail if you want electronic. Every year we send out a reminder postcard with the dates of the meetings, the deadlines, and of course the FAIR. We are behind schedule on the post cards this year. Please give information to Ben.

There used to be a database and we sent out annual postcards with important dates. For two years, there were no postcards. The database is out of date and corrupted. We are reluctant to use the database. Are there people who think making a postcard is mailed is important, or can we let it go?

Suggestion made that a version of the postcard be mailed or e-mailed to booth coordinators and they be responsible to disseminate to booth members. Not everyone uses computers or Internet. The post card is important. As people leave the village, they might want to stay on the list. Keeping a contact database is important regardless of whether a postcard is mailed. Someone might be able to sign up for a special postcard list.

The people who need to be asked are the ones who aren’t here and haven’t any other way to learn of the meetings. In the future in May or June there should be a list circulated of the people who want postcards and their addresses. A name can be on the list for, say, four years before getting dropped. This way we don’t ‘chase the wind’ or send out a lot of unneeded mail.

If you go back far enough, organizations used to get the post card. The organizations made up the booths. This is where the postcards should go. The organizations stay solid. Many booths are made up of individuals, which are pretty steady.

This post card is sent out once a year. The dates could be announced at every meeting, and then everyone would know about them. The postcards are a waste of paper, time, and money, and the information could be gotten without the postcard.

The council has booth assignments, and once the fair is over the council is still liaison. The booth coordinators should phone tree out to the booth members.

Postage is very pricey. There should be other ways. One thing that could happen is that we bring the post cards to the meetings to give to people instead of mailing them. Booth coordinators can be responsible to disseminate information.

We used to put an ad in the weekly under meetings and as the price went up, we gave that up. The postcard used to be simple. Lately they got complex. Sending them out en masse is maybe a bad idea. Some people need the postcard. Maybe it could be a handout rather than a postcard, given out at meetings.

PROPOSAL MADE: Be it proposed that there be a special list for people who specifically want postcards to be mailed to them, and that postcards be made available at the meetings and booth coordinators encouraged to disseminate them.

We need an accurate database

The opt in should be on the registration form

There should not be postcards at the meetings, because people are likely to take more than they need.

There is a calendar for the year on every months’ newsletter already.

It is good if we collect accurate data, on registration (eligibility) forms.

This form could be on the internet, electronically

Proposed that the council be empowered to massage the proposal and work out the kinks.

The people we would like to see here will still be not notified enough. The postcard has an important job.

DECISION TAKEN: The village is in consensus that we will hand the proposal to the council to iron out details and empower them to make changes as needed.

8:32 – Spin the bottle.

Tim Mueller – started in Doors of Expression with kind tree productions and AUTISM ROCKS! It’s the 11th year. Their program has a support group for adults with autism which meets monthly. Every spring there is a free forum where members of the autism community come and talk about what’s missing for services for people with autism. There is a summer camp, unique in the country. An art program takes art by people with autism and makes them into greeting cards. Find those cards in the non profit booth at the holiday market. Maybe an autism community center in the future, some computer skills learning, and others. One in 91 children between 5 and 21 are diagnosed with autism. This year almost 20 kids. They expect more diagnosed during the year, and more to move in. Now is a good time to learn about people with Autism. Nationally it’s 1 in 150 diagnosed with autism, but those numbers did not include Oregon. The highest was in New Jersey. States with a longer history of caring with people with autism have more diagnosis. Research has yet to determine what causes it exactly.

Nathan Greene. Been involved in village for seven years. Began with Fruit Booth, and is now on council. Really enjoyed that experience. The Growers’ Market Coop Fruit Booth has been around for about 30 years. It’s involved with Growers’ Market Coop in the train station parking lot. Growers is the cheapest place to get organic produce, fruit, nuts, bulk dried goods. It’s not all organic, but mostly it is. It’s a buyers’ club. To be involved you have to be a member, and to be a member you have to buy something. People who work at the coop don’t pay an additional 15% on their groceries. We try and have as much local product as possible. Currently trying to reach out more for organic goods produced locally (bliss, others). The hours are inconvenient. For thirty six years the coop has been 100% volunteer run. Tuesday from 5-7, Thursday from 2:30 – 7:30, Friday 3-6:30.

Next council meeting is next Tuesday, 7:00 at 2096 1/2 Arthur Street. Call 521-7208 for directions.

Unfair announcements.

WoW Hall Party Saturday December 15th featuring Cassandra Robertson and Acordianoki

Tim got appointed to be a City of Eugene Police Commissioner.

In the Eugene Weekly from October 25th, the three pumpkins with the peach were made by Laura Howe and Danya.

One of the BUMs is now a circuit court judge.

Jen Lin is having a birthday party Saturday the 17h at the McDonald theater. At night. Four bands. Come early for cake.

At the end of May, Kieth is competing at the masters track and field in shot put to get into senior Olympics.

Ben is expanding his metal shop. If anyone wants to stop by and learn how to hit metal, he’ll help you.

November 29th is Citizens for Public Accountability yearly meeting. They want more involvement. Classical Guitar, food wine, sweet life, discussion about – they’ve been working on the downtown issue. They worked on field burning. Kitty Piercy will be coming to speak about downtown. PDX city auditor (we don’t have our own) will come speak about what it’s like to have an auditor. Group is about accountability and environmental soundness. Meeting at Tsunami.

Village Minutes, June 2007
Nel facilitating

7:10 � opening circle, hokey pokey, childcare announcements. There will be childcare at some work parties. Call Taylor to RSVP! 683-8250

Fair announcements
–       Petition circulated about organic/local food at fair.
–       Talk with Kimberly from Art Booth about being in the dragon parade or the mud parade
–       Opening ritual, beloved community and circle of light and prayer for all beings. This is the only official ritual that opens the fair that we know of. Spirit booth coordinates it.
–       10:30 Sunday, Om circle with Bagvan Das (sp? This is the person with whom Ram Das studied in India). More details forthcoming.
–       Qualified fair elders have various events, talk to Janet.
–       Moon lodge; come visit. For the 30th anniversary there were hope flags made, which will be sewn together to be a tapestry.
–       Don�t come to the meetings late or you risk being publicly ridiculed (albeit friendly ridicule) by the facilitator.


Beloved community
Booth breakdown

Beloved community is an effort to create a more closely knit community like in the old days. One thing we�re doing is a potluck on Thursday. Other events in the works.



Fire rap. Everyone is on fire crew. We use the acronym PASS to run a fire extinguisher. Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep. In that order. If you don�t do it in that order, you�ll waste the extinguisher. Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep. Don�t yell fire (that causes riots, and people get hurt). There is an evacuation route, talk to your coordinator or info booth. No candles unattended or incense, some years no candles at all if the fire danger is high. Even if your candle is in a protective thingy like a can or a jar with a screen on top, don�t leave it unattended. The buckets of wet burlap are for fire suppression, not strange Eastern European fashion shows. Don�t dump the water on the fire, hit the fire with the wet burlap. The big fire buckets are for fire-water, not path water. Don�t try to drink them, it�s not that kind of fire-water. Each booth needs a fire extinguisher and a shovel. If the fire danger is low, we get an attended campfire on Saturday night.

Camping rap, Sue is camping coco-ordinator with Phil. This is why we bring her chocolate. Fill out a camping form, which replaces phone calls. Sue has extra forms, or they can be downloaded from the village site. Please get the form back to Sue by the end of June. You can turn your camping forms to Sue or Phil at the onsite meeting late in June. Booth coordinators can also pass camping forms to John F. who will get them to Sue. If you need to use a more circuitous method to turn in your camping form, we recommend sending it by slow barge, so long as it arrives before the end of June. Bring an appropriate sized tent. We don�t have much space, and we need to camp in really tight. Do not set up your tent before checking in with your camp host (Sue in the Village, others elsewhere). Tents need to be down by 10am Monday morning. Bring chocolate for your camp host. Dark chocolate, possibly with cherries or other dried fruit mixed in. Truffles are nice too. Wherever you are putting your tent in the fair, Sue needs your camping forms. You just need one form per family unit. Keith has a lot of space for villagers out the far side of far side.

Eligibility/Registration. Booth coordinators can talk to John F. about registration. If you don�t know whether or not you need to talk to John, you probably don�t.

Jenlin, Nell, and Lorali (Loralee) do wristbands out at Maui Wowie from 9am to 9pm on Wednesday and Thursday. Bring picture ID (even if you know they know you). If you know someone who is getting a pass through the village and is not coming out until Friday, have them come get a wristband early (before 9pm on Thursday) so our beautiful crew can pack up in time. Historically people don�t camp on Wednesday. On the other hand, if you�re coming in early to get your wristband, come set your tent up so you don�t get stuck without a spot on Friday morning because how much would that be a bummer, right?

Workshops and Demos
. Many good workshops. The peach pit information is already turned in, but there are still spaces that won�t go in the pit so if you want to do a workshop or demo talk to Laura. The schedule is on the website.

. This is a woven stick fence that we use to keep ourselves out of the green space. If you�re at a work party and don�t have much to do (check with your booth first to see that you don�t need to do any work there) then come waddle your life away. Should you see (fallen) branches between your car and the village, bring �em on down, as we�re somehow short on waddle this here year

Reports (7:38)

Saturday�s onsite meeting had 30-35 people. It rained, but people came anyway. It didn�t rain while the talking happened. Things went well.

Site report not given (David H. not there)

Construction; fewer mosquitoes this year than last. Some progress made over the weekend. The wood trailer should be brought to the village this week (between P&J and the Info booth. It�ll be in the way there, so we should move it to the Yurt place. Put a stick in front of it so it doesn�t role downhill). The trailer is full of wood for booth projects. Info will move a post, little people will make a new fence, Doug will build a pyramid bench, and we�re supposed to get some 1x material to make a buncha other benches. Most of the materials haven�t arrived yet, so this weekend, help with waddle put floors in and do other prep stuff. Wild edibles loft floor is getting replaced with 2x6s.

T-Shirts � The design is pretty. The order is going in later than expected due to unforeseen stuff. If you want a t-shirt, apron, or bag see Jennifer before the end of the meeting (too late now, slacker). The price was incorrectly calculated. Everyone who ordered previously needs to pay an additional $2.50 (forgot to calculate the cost of the screens). They�ll look awesome and professional. Call Jennifer if you have questions, 359-8111 cell phone. They�ll be done prior to fair. Please do pay your fair share.

Mapping; the project has begun with increased precision. 104 measurements have been taken (it�s just a list of numbers right now, but will be a map). There is a historical reference map sketched by Janet, by fair we should have the green space and booths mapped with increased precision. The sketch map passed around is already outdated. A fire path is in the wrong place. Should you be around while Ben and Nathan are measuring, just step over them. Really, should Ben and Nathan ever be in your way, that�s the best course to take.

Moon Lodge; The flags are a project in which everyone should participate. Oblio.storyman@gmail.com,  353-1762 � the booth is collaborative. If you make tincture, have stuff, they�re always looking for collaboration and to assist in any way possible. Gender discussion at some point during the fair to take place, but I missed the details (sorry, people were talking in front of me).

Spin the bottle. Whoever it points to will tell about the organization (not the booth, but the organization that you represent).

Michael C. � Works for CALC (community alliance of lane county) educating and mobilizing people for peace and against racism and homophobia. It�s an ongoing task. They�re based in the house across from the World Caf�. There is an anti bigotry program and a peace program. They�re in the Peace and Justice booth.

Tom � Something about manifesting with using yogic techniques of breathing and also how in the tee-pee or yurt doing a workout and also the views of Tantra philosophy and how it could create more bliss in your life, more auspicious everything. From Spirit booth, he�s not really with an organization. He�s a long time yoga student and teacher, and wants to tie in with Tantric yoga philosophy.

Carol � representing justice not war, an organization that does a monthly forum where education is provided to the community about peace and social justice, does the Hiroshima Nagasaki day (Aug 5 this year), helped bring the Iraq body count exhibit to town. Peace and social justice at the peace booth. Eyes Wide Open coming June 22 23 24, looking for volunteers. It�s through the Quakers, and there are 3500 sets of boots. There will be boots at the Kesey plaza to represent Oregon�s dead.

Irene � queen Irene, necktie lady, and an arts booth person representing Eugene Saturday market for crafting and doing ones� own thing.


Booth breakdown.

Booth reports, 8:35

Intentional communities. Everything looking good on the booth.

Doors. Booth is set up. Everything looks good.

Talk to Ben if you need to get on CV Drum

Fruit booth, many new people. More pineapple and coconut this year.

Arts booth, had good meeting. Voted to purchase a grass mat to keep the dust down in the booth. Each member will pitch in. Discussed carpooling for fair and work parties. Many fun workshops to make things and art and stuff.

Youth Power, raised $43.67 for youth power and meeting childcare.

Kathryn, little people will try to put up a new fence this year and so they will be out there Saturday at noon. No plans yet, but looking for something.

Village Info, all is copasetic. New post in the booth.

Peace and Justice will get a new silk painting during the fair, which is really cool. It�ll be participatory art. Yeah.

Youth power is awesome, gets some work done for us, gives the youth a safe place to be, gives families some additional budget, brings youth into the fold. All in all, this is a wonderful service. Put money in the hats.

Spirit booth. Bagavan Das (sp?) is exciting. Ritual is good. Talked about how to staff the booth. Adding spirit face painting (I may have misheard this, but I swear that�s what I thought she said) this year.

Areas. There�s much going on. There�s discussion of a new waddle method. Discussion of having youth as bulldogs. Discussion of beads. Pretty much it. Send out your good thoughts for Jenny, who tore her Achilles tendon.

Green Earth. Booth looks GRRR8. There will be a petition out front looking for signatures. Prayer flags again. Sunday following the OM circle a parade around the 8 with the prayer flags. Dress in white for the parade.

Restaurant. Nothing much really new. This Sunday there will be a big restaurant meeting.

8:43 � We�re, like, done and stuff. No big major construction to do this year. Take time to walk around the village. Take time to explore at the work parties this year. Good year to do projects that you otherwise wouldn�t do � fix unimportant stuff, beautification, adding pretty artistic stuff to the booth. Perhaps the CV has some signs that could use improvement. They offered to create some new signs for us; if we need a better sign, someone is interested in helping out. He also have our own signs and banners crew in the village. There is a tentative plan to make Ladies urinals at the main stage. We need to pressure them about that. It made a difference that we pushed for the village ones. Let construction know it�s important. Talk to the construction desk at main camp friendly like at quarter monster. There�s a guy in charge of all that, maybe Larry, who�s on the board.

Who�s on the flower crew? All the hippies! Bring some pretty flowers to decorate stuff.

Unfair announcements not recorded, as we did them standing up and along with some oming and singing.

Love and hugs and kisses and tickles and funny faces and fart noises made with hands in armpits to all,


Community Village, May 2007 Meeting Minutes.
Sue Theolas facilitating. A whole buncha people in attendence.

7:01 � We begin with childcare talk. Be respectful when choosing booth breakdown space. Work-party kid care will take place this year. If you want childcare at work parties, sign up with Taylor.

7:04 � introductions.

7:10 � Fair announcements.

* Spirit booth has sign ups for healing work during the fair
* Om circle meets Sunday 10 am.
* Green earth is gonna do the silent peace walk Sunday after the om circle. Wear white and walk the 8 and carry peace flags around the fair.
* It�s nice to say �hi, thanks, we�ll miss you� to the people who are being swept out at sweep time. Not that the village has any problems with this.

7:13 � Agenda review

Various Raps and Reports (2 minutes each)


Beloved Community

Booth Breakdown

Evaluation and report back


7:14 � Fire Rap. Burlap sacks in water are for putting out fire. Don�t throw the water, beat the fire with the burlap. Five lb fire extinguisher, two buckets, burlap to be in each booth. A fire extinguisher only lasts a few seconds. Pull.Aim.Squeeze.Sweep. No candles, incense, smudge sticks, or other open fire.

7:16 � Eligibility Rap. Tonight eligibility forms need to be filled out and turned in. The eligibility meetin� is at SAFE in Springfield next Monday at 7. It�s a new office, not the place we�ve met in the past. Forms should go to liaisons tonight. Address; 174 West B street in the island park professional building in building I.

7:18 � Workshops and Demos. The appropriate forms need to be filled out by tonight to be in the Peach Pit. You can still do a workshop if you don�t get the form in by tonight, but it won�t go in the pit. dougnlaura@earthlink.net if you want to get them in by late afternoon Thursday.

7:19 � Consensus. This is the way the village operate. We don�t vote, instead everyone agrees on the decisions we make. Everyone needs to support what we decide (not disagree at least enough to not block). A block should only be used as a last resort. We all need to pay attention for consensus to work.

7:22 � Respect. Tim�s father is 87 years old and lives in a nursing home. He can remember clear details from when he was 40, but not what happened 10 minutes ago. Tim could, if he wanted to, tell his dad off and dad would not remember it 10 minutes later. Sometimes this is tempting. He won�t do that, though, because he has too much respect for his dad to do that. What this all points toward is that we need to respect our hosts, not bad mouth them, and be respectful.

7:24 � Camping. At the last meeting camping forms were handed out. They need to be returned to Sue before the final onsite meeting. Give the form to Sue, and if you�re not camped in the village, do all the rest of your correspondence with your anointed camp host. If you are not camping in the village but still want a village tent tag, ask Sue. Call her with questions 688-6679


7:27 � Site. Flowers are blooming. You don�t need boots. The only brush that people are allowed to cut is blackberries. That�s the plant, not the smart-phone. At 1 Sunday an archeology walkabout at the hub followed by a board meeting 7pm Monday to talk about archeology. There has been talk about spending a lot of money to rent a ground penetrating radar. The village is a hot spot for arch. There is no digging permitted at all in the village.

7:30 � Construction. This year there is no major construction that needs to be done. This is because we�ve been working our tails off over the past five years. We have a lot of material at wood world. There are 6×6 posts that cost hundreds of dollars each. They need to get stickered and covered. Soon, we�ll be surveying each booth to find out what will likely be red tagged. Keith and Tim need to find out who from each booth is the construction liaison so that they can get in touch with booths about small scale construction needs. If you have things that you think need to be done to your booth, contact at quackerbacker1@msn.com because email is better for him. We want to be proactive rather than reactive.

7:32 � Tee-Shirts. Nathan is actually Jennifer, which is okay because Sue is Phil. Money and order forms for tea shirts should go to Jennifer by June 1st. The order form is on the village website. Jennifer�s phone is 359-8111

7:33 � The biology walkabout went well. There wasn�t any commitment made about what areas should be off or on limits. He had heard stories about how heavily camped the village is, and it turns out that we�re in better ecological health than was expected. Hooray! There will be notes sent out with more specifics soon.

7:35 � Mapping � Nothing new to report. Here�s the old version. There is a project underway to map the Village. This will be a slow and steady process. There will be a refined version by the fair for reference. We will pay attention to where people are actually camping this year, and this will be the first year where that will be recorded. Ben, Nathan, and Janet are involved in this project. The how element of mapping tent locations isn�t nailed down yet. There might be robots. At the very least the crew will be looking at tent footprints on Monday. There should be a map in the next year. The purpose of mapping is that there has been a request that the site be mapped, so we�re going to map it. There�s not a deadline about this. The more work that gets done now, the less we have to do later. The village is going to try to do a local map to be added to the whole fair map that will take about 2-3 years. There will be a lot of measuring and pictures taken.

7:41 � Satellite meetings. April 15th at KBOO Radio in PDX. Someone brought food. A good time was had. The booth coordinators all notified their booth members and turnout was good. The Southern meeting was in Grants Pass. Many health and healing people were there. The guidelines haven�t changed, there was not construction coordination. Questions about the OM circle and camping forms.

7:43 � Onsite Meetings. There are two in June. One on the 9th and one on the 24th. Both start at 1pm. The meetings are not mandatory. The meeting on the 24th will be the meeting where registration happens, there�s usually a potluck. The meeting on the 9th is for people who can�t come to the 24th meeting. There is also an in-town meeting in June.

7:45 � Daniel. Booth coordinator meeting May 24th at Sam Bond�s at 5pm. If you the coordinator can�t go, send somebody from your booth. If you can get there early, do it so that you can help save chairs. The pyramid is a space for silent meditation for the fair in the village. There is no sleeping in the pyramid. We, as the village, should self monitor the pyramid. There will be mats in the floor. If you have a pillow that you don�t mind getting dirty, bring it for the pyramid and bring it home. Eligibility is awesome. You get to make big decisions with consensus. Anyone can go to the eligibility meeting and participate.

Sharon works extremely hard enough doing signs and banners for our Village, and received a moment of acknowledgment for such. She was, funnily, acknowledgement under the name �Sue�. Sharon is truly AWESOME. So is Sue, but this is irrelevant.

7:51 � Thursday night of faire. Community Village potluck. There will be vegetarian  spaghetti with whole wheat noodles. Bring dishes (with food on them) to share. Dinnertime will be immediately after sweep.

7:53 � Booth Breakdown.

8:33 � Return from the breakdown. Turns out we skipped the coordinators potluck report. Paul went. It was nice.

Intentional Communities has many returning people. More people than passes.

Youth Power. More people than passes. Many new people

Little people set up their next meetings. Hula hoops.

Fruit booth is going to bring fruit, nuts, and granola to village

Health and Healing. Seven people showed up from HIV Alliance to check out what was going on. A number of last minute arrivals. There will be free hugs, pearls of love, and oysters.

Restaurant. The restaurant has very much enjoyed their time in the village, and have loved us and our community. It seems like the village has been rattling about wanting the restaurant to be a nonprofit fundraiser. It seems like a good time for a change. This will be the last year that Holy Cow is the village restaurant. This synopsis does not remotely do justice to the beautiful and moving statement that Kathy (Cathy?) made. Much emotion was expressed thanking Holy Cow for being the village restaurant for these past years.

Peace and Justice Nothing to report.

Areas. Nothing to report.

Village Info; they think to bring a lot of things you didn�t think to bring.

Arts. Many returning people, many new people, many kids coming this year.

Wild Edibles. Many returning people, a few new ones. The loft needs to be replaced.

Green Earth. There are many people trying to be in the booth, more people than passes. Green Earth has an official Deconstruction crew.

Mater Gardeners. Many things from last month are the same. This may be the last year for the Master Gardeners, because if the County Income Tax fails the master gardeners may cease to exist.

Spirit. The peace procession again this year. Also, dedication of the pyramid Thursday. OM Circle on Sunday Morning. Playing with different arrangements.

Doors of Expression. Nothing to report. Booth well built last year, and looking forward to this year.

From Kathy:
Here is a copy of the announcement I made at the May meeting. I have heard that a few people had already left, and they wanted to know what’s up.  I reprint it here for those of you who were not there.

“It has been our intense pleasure to have served the past 11 years as the Village Restaurant. We are honored to have fed the Village local organic food, and love the community we have developed in the process. This has been a wonderful chapter for us.

We also sense a growing desire by part of the community to have the restaurant serve as some sort of cooperative fundraiser for the Village or the nonprofits who are a part of it. The village seems ready for a dynamic change, and it feels like a good time for us to make some changes, too.

As, ironically, one of the youngest food booths at the Oregon Country Fair, we step aside, so that this vision may be pursued. This fair is the last year on our current 3 year contract. I’m sad to announce, we will not be seeking another.  This is our last year.

We are not going away & most of us will be looking for new homes.

We hope that the Village willl be as welcoming to our dispersed family, as we have been to those in the Village who have needed a home. Thank you.”

That is the statement I made, in uncharacteristically succinct style.  I would like to write more about our decision and the possibilities that it opens up, and I will do so in the coming weeks. Thanks, Kathee (and thanks for the standing ovation!)

8:42 � Meeting Evaluations. Over half of the folks who came, came on time. Good for us.
Sue facilitated well. We started on time. Smooth meeting.
At a future meeting, it would be nice if reports and raps happened on paper rather than in voice, leaving time for love and hugs (and other business).
It would be fun to do getting to know you exercises.

8:44 �
Unfair announcements. Domestic partnership law passed in Oregon. Yeah.

Autism/Artism at DIVA coming up Saturday Evening.

Susie Holmes, wild Edibles, recently got married, became pregnant, and purchaced a house. She�ll have a fun big belly fair.

Frog needs a new landlord. His landlord is a horrible evil man. If he doesn�t find a new place by June, he�ll be sleeping under a bridge. (This announcement was delivered in a spirit of sarcasm by Frog�s landlord himself).

Jen Lin lost all her camping gear. Fair is coming up. If you have extras, please loan or donate. Also, the Cider equipment got burned, so all that needs to be replaced.

Frog has a radio show Wednesday from 7-8 on KWVA called Left Out. Next weekend is the WVFF. That�ll be fun too.

There are a number of cards with peace quotes and numbers to be passed around.

At the Saturday Market there has been a Youth Music Showcase. Saturday May 12th, June 9th, and June 16th at 11. For kids from 10-18.

Mothers day, the 8th annual Million Mom March. Meets 2:30 at EWEB walking to the rose garden.

Lotus Child Orphans of Mongolia before the DIVA thing with a whole grip of healing activities. Costs 25 dollars. 10-4 at willamalane.

Marimba Band playing market this Saturday, and at cosmic mothers� day weekend.

Hornings� Hideout is coming back. String Cheese may be there this summer.

Thanks a thousand times for Holy Cow. Please stay, say several voices.

The Campaign to establish department of peace Friday noon at Wayne Morse plaza and taking pies to congressional offices.

Cascade Mycological society having a talk with an expert tomorrow night.

Heart of Now is June 8th through the 11th at lost valley. Memorial day weekend 26th to 28th for people who have done heart of now.

Rhythm and Bliss presents will have a number of important people coming around this season. I would misspell the names of these people if I tried to write them. There will be Kirtan at the village this year.

Peace village, an organization that does peace ed for kids. Starting this fall they�ll be teaching peace ed to kids in our 4J schools. Things like Non Violent conflict resolution, nutrition, and other good things. They need a lot of support and help (office space, supplies, and other things).

Sat 8:30 am a bird walk at the fair site.

Dia and Holly will teach a yoga and reki workshop at the end of june. It will be affordable and accessable.

Ben is selling some blacksmithing items. Come and see him. He strolls and isnt� there all the time. If you know what you�re doing as an artist, talk to ben about how to develop.

And we om, and sing, and say goodbye.
Village April 11, 2007 meeting

“People who shut their eyes to reality simply invite their own destruction, and anyone who insists on remaining in a state of innocence long after that innocence is dead turns himself into a monster.” –James Baldwin

7:07 – Introductions. Everyone said their name and booth. Some people made clever wisecracks.

7:15 – Raps;

Fire: Everyone is on fire crew. Each booth needs to have a five pound fire extinguisher. In the event that you should have to use one, Pull the pin, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep. PASS. You get thirty seconds of fire retardant, so aim well. No candles, incense, or anything else that burns. No open flame. You need a shovel, buckets of wet burlap. Use the burlap to put out the fire. Don’t throw the water on the fire. That way, the water can be used to wet more burlap. There are 50-gallon drums of water with heavy stuff on top for fire suppression only. If there is a fire, send someone to info to tell them. Don’t just yell fire.

Childcare: Onsite during work parties. Last year, Taylor did four work parties and had only one kid each time. Is onsite work party childcare something the village still wants? Yes. It will be done on an RSVP basis, so plan for childcare early and at next month’s meeting tell Taylor.

Consensus: It is the process that we use to make decisions. It means the members of the group consent. There is a level of consent where you don’t care, or where you’re not into something but are willing to let it happen, or not willing to let it happen at all. A block is a last resort.

Respect: We are a family and must treat each other with respect. We all have different opinions, and need to respect those in order to get things done.

Camping: Form has grown because on the other side of it there are directions. This way, Sue doesn’t need to shuffle through as many mistakenly filled out forms. Each group of tents uses one form. General camping rap; no tents up before checking in with Sue or relevant camp host. All tents must be down 10am Monday. Camping areas are snug, so bring a little tent. Anyone getting camping pass through village can get a village tent tag. Tents in normal fair camping places have fair tent tags, but village tags are fun too and a good way for us to get in touch with you. All Sue needs back is the top half of the form. The bottom half has all the reminders and raps.

Eligibility: If you’re a fair elder you can camp in fair elder camp. If you qualify to become an elder, call Janet at 344-3770 and she’ll hook you up with the right people. Eligibility forms for this year are available. Do what they say and fill them out. There was a mix up in the booth packet with phone numbers and stuff. If you’re supposed to get one, and can get e-mail call Janet this week and she’ll mail you.

Satellite Meetings: North meeting at KBOO, Grants pass meeting at a hospital. Complete info on the net. Most people at this meeting won’t be at that. Schedule and other info here…

Booth Coordinator: Meeting will be the Thursday before memorial day weekend (May 24) around 5pm at Sam Bonds Garage

Workshops and Demos: If you want to do a workshop or demo, you can have it in the tipi, yurt, green, the Come Unity  house, or someplace else. Workshop forms are due by the end of the next general village meeting to make the peach pit. Form is here…

Site Report: the river has moved a lot of stuff, a lot of erosion. An area of Upper River Loop has to move, and maybe a catwalk will be installed. Some concern about Shady Grove, perhaps the stage might need to move. So might Daredevil. Both of these things on an ‘eventually’ level. Shady Grove stage crew would like more space for ‘green room and camping.’ The fair says probably not, but it will be discussed. That will affect our green space concept. Fire exits at the fair. Many years ago for some of our areas, we gave up some green space to form a fire exit. For those who think their area may need it, or just want to be aware, there are two OCF websites.

Oregoncountryfair.org and oregoncountryfair.net

The former is public, the latter is the family site. On the family site there is a section for veggies. In the LUMP manual there on page nine the fire exit problems are detailed.

T Shirts: New tee shirt order form this year. Due back June 1. There are tank tops, more feminine fitting shirts, youth shirts, men’s shirts, tote bag, or apron. The design is being finalized. It is a peach with a maze inside. There will be words inside saying ‘beloved community 07’.  The T Shirt forms will be available online. Mail checks made payable to Community Village

OCF Board: Some happening things. Sunday April 22 there is a flower walk. Meet 10 at the warebarn. May 21st an open work session on Archeology. The prior day there will be a walkabout. The permaculture conference will be on the fair site this year. This weekend for fair elders there is a retreat on site. Last meeting the fair gave away a bunch of money to the Wayne Morse Free Speech group, and this brings up the fundraising issue. In September we tried to get the fair to donate to the village. There should be a strategy meeting for village 501c3s.

7:38 – Beloved Community. We’ve done several things already. To get back that feeling of beloved community, there have been several things to fractionize us. On Thursday Night we’ll have a potluck dinner together. Sure, we’re all busy, but come as come can. Janet also does an official I-Ching reading. We drew 11, for peace. Peace, small things go and great things come. When leaders are good elements, evil elements change for the better. We let our better nature rather than animalistic nature control us.

7:41 – Green Zone, Ben and others. This is more or less about mapping. Ben will be spearheading a mapping venture with guidance of Janet and assistance of Nathan. Interested parties can approach Ben. He’s not too hard to talk to or overbearing. There won’t be rolling out of red spray paint to make designations and make people feel wrong. There will be a map made of the space around the village and actual camp sites for the record. There is an open call for people interested in helping. stircrazyben@gmail.com 521-729-3730 .

Follow up item, Sheri who has a biology degree and is interested in biology and human impact at the fair. Dennis Todd of the UO [also fair family] is going to look around this Sunday meeting at 1pm at the village. Anyone who wants to tag along is welcome.

There will be a report generated from this meeting by Sheri.

Ben is also going to go to this meeting, and hopefully do a write up that will come back to the village soon. This information will also be involved in Ben’s map making.

Two professional botanists from the village wonder what the time frame of human impact we’re considering is? What is this biologist asked to discover? This is interested in looking at under story, and ‘our’ impact (fair people camping on the land).

The mapping concept is a request from OCF, and doesn’t necessarily coincide with past conversations about green space.

Process question – this sounds like a proposal. Is it, or is it a statement of fact?

Dr. Todd is going to look at the land and find out what our impact is on it, trying to make a balanced view.

There is a sense that the village didn’t ask this to happen. An individual did. Should the village request this to happen instead of an individual?

This is separate from mapping. We should be flexible. It’s a great opportunity. Hopefully we won’t heckle the Doctor with particulars.

There’s nothing to consent to. This is impromptu, informal, and not binding. It is a way to gain information about what a very smart person thinks. It’s like a free class. No one has to go, or pay attention. This is just an announcement. We are a beloved community. Just trying to find a way to get some more information.

7:45 – Booth Breakdown.

8:32 – Quick Booth Reports

Village Restaurant is excited to serve good food, and interested in remodeling their loft.

Doors of Expression. Easy booth setup with no hassles for once

Arts Booth, Very excited. Fun workshops, folded fans, photography. Major art giveaways.

Intentional Communities. They are about 90% returning members this year representing good stuff.

Village Info. Bob is back this year. Free information to give away at no charge. Free hugs and free love. Looking to make the booth a little bigger for 270 degrees of info. New banners.

Areas. Many returning folks. Some new ideas for Moon and History.

Fruit and Nuts will sell fruit, nuts, and granola. The look of the booth will be a bit different this year.

Green Earth has returning people this season, new people. Flags of intention again. May 6 potluck they will decide other things.

Peace and Justice. Both new and returning groups. There has been much important work done going into the community about PJ issues. Also talked about NFP organizations selling items in the village. There wasn’t time tonight to bring the issue up. Answer wasn’t arrived at, but it is encouraged that the issue go on the agenda for next time. There needs to be a consistent fair policy for everyone in the village.

Spirit Booth has been inspired by the theme, and spirit booth is going to have the theme ‘what’s remembered lives’ to honor the people who have passed on this year. There will be an om circle. The day may move (radical). There will be Multi Traditional Kirtan in the green Saturday morning about 8:30 to 10. There will be internal guidelines developed for booth members.

Health and Healing has new and returning people. Taking pearls of wisdom from last year, and making them pearls of love. Anyone on duty will give free hugs.

Youth Power, many new people interested, some returning people. Very excited for offering jobs to youth.

Little People has almost everyone coming back and at least ten new people wanting jobs, so little people can send new people. First work party date set. Jain is an elder this year, so Marlene is co-coordinating.

Wild Edibles. Some regular returning people haven’t been around lately. New inquires. Talked about expectations and eligibility. Some out of towners are interested in helping with village breakdown instead of prefair work parties.

Master Gardeners will be at the village. Many people talking about eating local, organic. There are CSA groups. This is where local farmers guarantee their harvest by selling a subscription. The outrageous planter for this year may be a backpack blower.

Unfair / Fair Announcements.

We should have village breakdown where everyone circulates to get to know each other.

If you haven’t heard Frogs show, 7-8 Wednesday night on KWVA a show called Left Out. Call in.

Spring Fling on Sat. May 5 at the WoW Hall. Entertainment is the Conjugul Visitors.

David isn’t going to be at the fair for a conference in Connecticut. London is having a Bonkerfest to change the mental health system. There will be a photo of funny looking people at the fair along with Connecticut and London.

A new and forming community called Heart On is having a party this Sunday and the first of every month.

Jen Lin needs strong people tomorrow to help her move a (heavy) massage table.

TP tubes, chopsticks, foam balls (not the packing material but the balls) small enough to fit inside TP tubes, and other craft project stuff needed. Bring to meeting next month.

Autism Rocks having a forum, free event, on Sexuality and Autism. 4-8 May 12th Autism/Artism 2007. Diva Gallery 110 W Broadway.

New Zone has lots of pictures. Broadway about three blocks west of Willamette. Lots of fairies.

CALC is having a peace in Israel and Palestine event at the UnM Church Wednesday April 25.

Cascade Mycological society is having a meeting tomorrow night with Charles Lefebvre on truffles of N. America

Earth Day celebration affront EWEB building April 21

Government is unfair. They want to take our vitamins and herbs away. The id chip is real. Check out freedom to fascism dot com. Intense things that have to do with our freedom. Herb based bugless free for work parties.

Sue just got back from her first big vacation. She’ll have an open house Sunday the 22nd. From 2 to 6 or 7. RSVP, sue is the only Theolas in the book. Our Irish friends love us

Benefit concert from Dharmalaya’s property April 26. Spiritual music, meditation, kirtan.

Next Council meeting Tuesday at SAFE on main street in Springfield.

Master Gardners will have plant sale on 28th at fairgrounds starting at 9am. It’s a feedin’ frenzy.

Department of Peace people are locally offering nonviolent communication workshops.

Library sale this weekend. Book dealers will have a harder time this year, one box at a time. That leaves more for the rest of us.

Let us gather and say goodbye.

Community Village Minutes for March 14, 2007

March! Left, left, left right left. Left, left, left right left.

They say march goes in like a lion, and comes out like a lamb. They also say to beware its ides. One way or the other, here are the minutes. I had a conflict of interest at the end, having presented a proposal to the village, and the notes on that section are sketchy because my heart was bouncing around the meeting and thus unable to stay pegged to my computer screen.

That said, here goes;

Proposed Agenda

Site Report
Beloved Community Report
Village T Shirt Report
Website Report
General Village �respect rap�
Consensus Rap
Discuss �Door Duties�
Booth Coordinator Req. Survey
Onsite Meeting Scheduling Decision
�non-profits� � David Zupan
Village Green Zone Discussion:
Seek consensus on David�s proposal or other policy
Green Zone Mapping Report
Booth Breakdown
Wrapup/Eval/The End Beautiful Friend The End

7:14 � Facilitating; Chris and Lois (both jumping in at the last minute. Thanks).

7:15 � Opening circle.

7:16 � Introductions, only new people are standing up due to time constraints. Welcome to all the new faces (and the whole people attached to them).

7:20 � Beginning with a site report, things are dry. It doesn�t really flood unless we have several days of heavy rain. A group took a mapping walk several days ago. It did flood a bit before that walk, but it dropped suddenly. There are copies of David�s Green Zone proposal, which is on the agenda on its own. When the site isn�t flooded, you can generally walk about in regular shoes. Places (like the swamp) are wet for a long time.

7:22 � Beloved community report is postponed because Janet is out of town

7:23 � T Shirt Rap, everyone should think about whether or not to order a tee shirt, there will be order forms next time. There is an open call for villagers to submit artwork for the tee shirt. Call Jennifer; 359-8111 or email jenneferh2000@yahoo.com for information or if you want to submit art. The design will be revealed in April. If you feel inspired to submit a design, do so. There is a theme; beloved community.

7:25 � Website. Ben, Samuel (hey, that�s me!) and Tim are redesigning the village web page using some blogging software. The site is http://www.nw-arts.com/cvweb it is set up so that you can add comments and give feedback. The official village web site is still the efn site, this is just a test space for playing with new ideas.

7:27 � General Village Respect Rap. We set aside some time at each meeting to talk about how we work together. We wanted to talk about creating beloved community. Some of the things that have happened in the past, we haven�t given each other the benefit of the doubt or talked lovingly. If there is a problem between villagers, it is best to talk directly, as this keeps the rumors down, and it is us behaving as a loving community. It�s okay to use someone as a sounding board, but it�s never a good idea to �take sides� when people are having personal arguments. If this process doesn�t work, facilitation is available. If you use someone as a sounding board, it�s important to go back to them and let them know how it�s been worked out so they don�t have to carry your stuff. If anything is interfering with your enjoying the village in the loving community way, ask for help. There are people in every booth and on the council and facilitators among us to help, and bad feelings fester without help. And they can get transmitted, gossip, telephone, rumors.

We are all responsible for our community, we create it, and we destroy it. We should all be our best selves and our higher selves, and there is help to get us to that place. Involving a third party in a conflict between two people can resolve a lot, helps to prevent a tennis match, and a third can notice defensive energies, and it is a good thing to practice. This goes for people not saying anything, as quietness can be as communicative as speaking. We want everyone to be happy loving and feeding. From non-violent communication, we talk about how we feel not about how other people are making us feel.

We own our feelings rather than projecting onto others. That can dissipate a lot of negative energy.

7:32 � Consensus Rap; how many people have a one minute definition of consensus? Only a few raise their hands. Those that do aren�t interested in sharing their one minute definition. Community involvement, people speak when they feel like it, when they don�t feel like it they don�t. This is an important part of consensus. (Much laughing from the people).

Consensus is a way that a group can move forward in decision making, not everyone�s opinion getting thrown in, more a unity or a oneness, even if you don�t fully agree with something but see that the group is moving in that direction you might hold back. People with stronger opinions will speak up, ideas will get thrown around, and ultimately it�s everyone agreeing on a situation. In consensus, everyone agrees. If a person has misgivings they can stand aside. If a person feels the proposal before the village will do a great deal of harm, they can block, and a block stops the process. When you block, you should state your concern and a positive solution.

7:35 � Door Duties. Tonight there is a church function, so a church person is letting people in. Sometimes we need one of our people let folks in. We also need to have traffic people to direct parking and keep our people out of the Christian Science spaces. Next month, we will need new volunteers to work the door and parking.

7:37 � Booth Coordinator survey results. Keith�s item. He is not here tonight because he�s helping a friend. There were 11 replies to his survey. Most people wanted to keep things the same, except in regard to coordinator duties and responsibilities. People did want coordinators to have more accountability and take more responsibility. Tonight we choose new coordinators, this is an important responsibility. Arts booth didn�t get the survey or wasn�t talked to at all. There are missed communications perhaps happening and phone calls not returned. To clarify; most people would like the duties to remain the same, but would like to have more duties. This doesn�t perhaps make sense, but it was a rushed phone call. Fill out the survey here.

Proposal to table the topic until Keith can speak to it. The survey is available on the village web site (efn.org/~comvill). This is a document that says what the current duties of the coordinators are, the survey talks about what the duties are, and all coordinators get a manual of what their duties are.

Another proposal to table this item until after the coordinators meeting. Seconding the first motion to table. We consent to table the issue until after the next coordinator meeting, which means probably not until May. The purpose of the survey is to gather information, not to make a particular decision.

7:44 � On Site Meeting Schedule; Karla speaking to this. There has been some interest in having an extra meeting in June. We have a meeting the second Wednesday, and one on the 24th. We might have another meeting onsite on Saturday June 9th for interested parties. Was this in part motivated because of Britenbush, or other Fair related things happening that date. We�ve talked about this at previous meetings, and asked the council set a date. They did so, and now the Village is being asked if people are interested in going to the additional onsite meeting. There would only be four days between the onsite meeting and the in town meeting.

One person says the 9th is great. Another points out that there are no decisions made after April, so this would be an informational meeting only. There is a meeting already scheduled on Sunday the 24th. That is the normal time we do every year. The meeting in question is on the 9th.

Historically the 24th meeting is two weeks before the fair, and this meeting is three weeks before the fair. Work parties begin the 2nd or 3rd. Having a meeting on the 9th, we might have a better idea of what�s to be done at our town meeting on the 13th. One reason the council chose the 9th is that being before the in town meeting, it might draw people from out of town and allow us to assess the conditions of booths and things.

Is there sufficient meeting stuff in June to warrant three meetings? The reason this was brought up was not because of too much business, but because of scheduling problems. The idea is an opportunity for people to come to one or the other meeting. In the past we�ve had the meeting on the 24th so that people could go to the crisis intervention refresher in the morning and the meeting in the afternoon. Some people feel that having the meeting in the afternoon keeps people from going to the full crisis training as it takes place at the same time. The other reason why the weekend of the 24th is important, that�s registration. Sometimes there is onsite registration with John. A lot of business happens. There is also Crisis training (which everyone is obliged to attend every year) offered the Thursday of faire in addition to the 24th.

With that information we are asked in a straw poll who wants to switch the meeting from the 24th to the 1st? 15. Keeping the meeting on the 24th; about 30. Anyone whose needs will not be met by having meetings on the 9th and the 24th? No.

Consensed; we will have onsite meetings on the 9th and the 24th. Many of the people for whom the onsite meetings are crucial come from out of town. We should make our decisions with these far away people in mind. Hopefully this will work for all.

7:59 � Non Profits; This agenda item has to do with the question of whether or not, or how the non profits fit in with the fair.

Non profits have been an important part of the fair historically. Part of the mission of the fair at large is to support social change. In the mid 70s, there was a GreenPeace booth on the main path selling stickers and buttons. Today, most or all of the non profits are in community village and energy park (plus whitebird chicken and Get Fried Rice and orange juice, and some limited others.) Over the years we had a practice of taking donations for merchandise. It was a defacto process and never consented to. It was decided some years ago to discontinue the practice of selling in the village except restaurant and coop fruit. There is a twofold purpose here. Not only do nonprofit sales of stickers and buttons provide support, they help with the educational component that the nonprofits are doing. To completely eliminate that from the village sends the wrong message. There is nothing wrong with wanting the village to be non-commercial, but we should make a distinction between groups making big money in the faire for personal enrichment and non profits allowing sales in the village. We should allow sales in the village for the purpose of non profits. Some have said that the change is being made to make the village non commercial, at the behest of the fair. Over a period of years, there have been surveys and the fair at large supports non profits and wants the village to allow non profit sales of bumper stickers or buttons. A proviso might be that they are all US produced to ease fears about unfair labor practices. The other thing that could be said is restrictions to bumper stickers and buttons be juried by the crafts committee. With those provisions, there should be no problem.

PROPOSED: allow any non profits in the village to, for non commercial purposes, sell bumper stickers and buttons for education and to support their program.

Suggested, if we could roll this into the booth breakdown we could have more time for breakdown and more time for discussion. NO

How is �non profit� defined? It would be good to keep it a broad definition so that groups that weren�t 501C3 and other officially designated non profit groups were the only ones. Most of the groups in the village are not for commercial reasons, but most are not official non profit.

It wouldn�t necessarily have to be a legal designation, but there should be some accountability to make sure the funds went to organizations for projects. Some way to check and make sure no one was pocketing the money.

A great idea, in the green-earth there are many non profits, and we wonder about tee shirts, home made stuff, bake sale. This is a big topic and needs to be dealt with. It�s been a big weight for a long time.

Totally in support. It�s sometimes a struggle for the non profits to be able to be afford to be in the fair. The restaurant is for profit. The village may not be getting a donation from them. It�s been said that this isn�t really helping the non profits. It shouldn�t just be bumper stickers and buttons, hand made stuff, bake sale.

All the non profits should be able to make some income at the fair. If we have a problem deciding what they�re going to sell, why don�t we let the village consent on what the people want to sell.

One concern and two proposals. To address accountability, since we operate as a village we might include open accounting of sales and profits, and the concern is how people who are entities of the village as individuals rather than organizations might abuse this, and further out there, since we operate as a family we might collect the sales and redistribute. (There are murmurs of dissent, and the speaker retracts this last suggestion).

There are many opinions of how to do this and what we can do with the money. The issue is, is the community village going to be a place where non food commercial enterprise takes place. IF we decide it�s okay, we can have a committee to decide how we want it to happen. In principle, do we want to change the �commercial activity� restriction?

As we reach time-up on the agenda item, many hands go up. Proposal to bring the proposal to a committee and a second. The proposal is to form a committee to study this issue and return with multiple options on which the village can consent.

Is this something we want to move forward on, or are there major concerns? There are major concerns.

This is perhaps a fundamental shift in the direction of the village. Movement not to send this to the committee, but to put the issue off to next meeting for more discussion next time. Consented to put off and grant more time next time. Ten minutes not enough.

It might help to hear from the people who have great reservations. If there are conditions under which people would agree. But there is no time. This is something to think about for the next meeting.

8:15 � Green Zone � This issue has been going on perhaps as early as 1983 or perhaps earlier. We have the lower loop and the upper loop. We had trouble controlling camping. We said the only thing we can control is the area between the village and the junction. It was back and forth for several years. David started a proposal to start the ball rolling. We have a rough map to give us an idea on what the zones are. Booths between E 13 fair booths and the Meadow, Meadow to Council Camp, Council to Swamp, Between Moon Loge and Restaurant, and other zones.

There should be more walkabouts. There are some zones that many people agree are green zones, they may be designated sooner than others. There is issue with the area between the moon lodge and the restaurant and between the village and the junction.

Health and Healing (in David H�s words) feels that they have taken care of that space, and have helped it to stay healthy as they camped there. David feels that that area is not healthy and should not be an established camping area. He remembers the village deciding to make the whole area between the village and the junction green space. To him it is not an okay place to camp. Where we are at is we have a rough map, and plan to map, mark, and that�s where it stands.

What does this mean to those who camp behind Life Long Learning, Health and Healing, etc?

The manual says a booth gets about 10 by 10. It doesn�t specify how much camping space behind the booth. David says it�s �generally considered� to be about the same amount (another 10 by 10).  There are some booths on our north wall that have a little space behind them, some that have tiny space, and some with no space. It varies through there. The proposal says, the booths and the space immediately behind the booth.

What would change? The only thing that would change from now � David says – the people who have not moved out yet would have to move out.

The way one of us reads this, people from health and healing who have been camping in a proposed green zone closer to the junction, if this passes, would not be allowed to camp there. David wouldn�t phrase it that way, but that�s how he sees it. If we pass the proposal, some health and healing people will have to move.

 Samuel�s proposal, delivered as an alternative to David�s, would establish a committee and give specific instructions as to how to determine where green space should and should not be. I wrote and delivered this proposal, and as a result was a more active participant in this part of the meeting. Therefore, these notes are less complete than the previous section, and may be biased as I now am a direct stakeholder. I did my best to remain strictly neutral (but ain�t nobody perfect). My proposal was put on the drum a day ago, and is not included here in the interest of space.

Comment on David�s process, understanding that he asked that one person from each booth go out to designate green zones. Some people may feel insecure about what the means for their booth. If indeed each booth sends someone as a rep to go map, it might help people feel less insecure.

Sam�s proposal sounds thorough, but it would not allow us to tie back vegetation. The fruit booth does gently tie back vegetation with care and respect. The vegetation in question is not in a green zone, and wouldn�t be affected.

What does �space� mean? Under the alternate proposal the committee would decide.

Objection to the process; there are two proposals on the floor and there are broader issues that need to be talked about.

David says his proposal is not so much an official proposal, it is his concept. Just brought it for discussion, and we need to discuss it. In terms of process, David withdraws his proposal and supports the alternate presented by Samuel.

We�ve talked a lot about green space, and will again. The idea of having a small group where anyone can participate is a good idea.

John, as he remembers, there were a whole lot of comments at the last meeting that we need a green space policy, generally before people were aware that Health and Healing camping was an issue, that we thought we would establish green zones where there is not camping. If we were to say that what we have now as camping is camping, and what we have as green space is green space, that might work.

Call for consensus on the current proposal to have a committee.

Are there any stand asides or blocks.

It is good to have a smaller group to talk about green space, as long as it is understood that when they make a proposal they do it by consensus. The committee will decide those things and consent on them.

Cindy says we need to look at the whole green space.

We have not yet said how the committee will be formed, in particular. That will be decided once the proposal is passed.

If the consensus is blocked, nothing changes. If we block this proposal, will people be moved from their camping places? There is a concern that we need to go from this point forward, instead of this point backward. Don�t want to take things away from people.

There is a block. There is not really time to discuss the issue fully, we�re short time for booth breakdown, and we have to move on. There is a call to hear why the block is being made.

The block is made thinking that this is David�s idea, not the whole village�s idea. What Sam said is that the zones are designated, and that the committee will simply discuss the designated zones and not be free to decide.

Samuel’s Alternate Green Zones Proposal;

1)    The village will establish a Village Green Zone Committee (henceforth, �The Committee�) to list, survey, map, and designate Green Zones in the village. Service on this The Committee is open to any village member. At least one council member should serve on The Committee.

2)    A Green Zone will be considered a space that is off limits for human use. No one shall camp, walk, cut or tie vegetation, or otherwise interfere with natural processes taking place in Green Zones.

3)    The Committee will be instructed to designate as much Green Zone area as possible within the Village, including any forested space around the Village that is not within the purview of another Faire organization.

4)    The Committee will be directed to mark the areas surrounding the �Village Swamp�, �Council Camp�, and �Meadow� extending to neighboring fair camps as Green Zones. It will be the responsibility of The Committee to determine the actual boundaries of the aforementioned areas.

5)    The Committee will be instructed to study the area between the Village and the Junction, mark existing booths and camping areas, and create a Green Zone Plan for this area. The plan should be created considering the following priorities;
a.    The safety of the land and the creatures who reside on the land year-round.
b.    The safety of the creatures who will reside on the land during fair-time.
c.    The comfort of the land and year-round creatures.
d.    The comfort of fair-time creatures.
Each of these priorities should be considered important, and wherever possible decisions should be made that fulfill everyone�s needs. If the committee finds that it must make a decision that unavoidably places two or more of the aforementioned priorities in conflict, they should consider the priorities in hierarchical order starting with (a) as the most important.

6)    The Committee will present recommendations to the Village Council within a reasonable amount of time. The Council will approve or reject the recommendations. The decisions of the council can be appealed by a consensus of the whole Village.

7)    If the Council rejects or the Village appeals the proposal, the process will begin again taking into account the stated reason for rejection or appeal.

Around 8:35 or so we go to booth breakdown.

Following booth breakdown, there was just enough time for some fair and unfair announcements, and we sang happy birthday to everyone.

Thank you, goodnight.

Community Village Minutes for February 14, 2007


Part I
fair announcements
CV TShirt by Jennifer
Consensus rap
Village Green Zone
· Janet’s Map
· Update by David
· G2 Proposal by David
· Joya’s Letter by Cordy
· Group Breakout
o Intros w/in group
o Discussion
o Regather

Part II
Council Confirmation
Benefit Report by Daniel
Post fair Decon by Karla
· Site by David
· OCF Coord Potluck
· G2 Discussion Review
· Camping Bead
· Meeting Review
· Unfair Anouncements

7:05-7:12 – Opening Circle, Pass the Hat, and Agenda Review

7:12 – No Fair Announcements were made.

7:13– CV Tee Shirts; if you would like to submit a design or part of a design contact Jennifer at 359-8111. All Villagers are encouraged to submit a design even if we don’t feel like we’re the best artists – we all have the art in us.

7:14 – Consensus Rap– Consensus involves everyone, and everyone has a right and responsibility to be heard and respected.

7:15-7:17 – Village green zone, Janet’s Map. There is a large had drawn map of our village and smaller versions passed out to villagers. Janet talks us through the Map. The numbers on the hand drawn map do not coordinate to the actual booth numbers. The fair wants us to have a map of the village and the green spaces, so whatever we consent to as green space will go on the finalized map.

7:17 -7:26 – Fair update on Green Zone by David H. CV Guidelines

Oregon Country Fair LUMP Handbook June 2005 (PDF – 1.1 MB)

David read a proposal regarding what areas in the village ought to be designated as green space. Try as I might, I was unable to get the proposal (which was read quickly) word for word. (David’s proposal and explanatory information is in the bix below, as is a full copy of Joya’s letter.)

7:26 – 7:29 Joya’s letter. Joya has been in H&H since 1981 and reads CV Drum. She is concerned that there has been a focus toward H&H and wants to make sure we are working as a whole group. Strongly supports a collective process to designate green space. Recognition of family we create when we camp together, that people who have camped together for a long time want to keep collective gathering places. The thing she is most concerned about is that the whole area is green space and she wants to make sure we all know that H&H treats the land nicely. The letter was paraphrased rather than read in the interest of time. It is included below.

CV Green Zones: Fair Process Status, Village Proposal F2K7 General Meeting – David HoffmanThe OCF Guidelines 2K6, Stewardship of the land, Section 34.
Environment says, in part: “… Green Zones. These are the parcels or
islands within or surrounding camping Zones and booth Zones as well
as the river and creek banks. Green Zones are habitats that need to
be undisturbed. The OCF is actively involved in wetland and riparian
restoration projects. Do not cross or camp in these designated areas.
Use existing campsites and encourage the growth of natural barriers
between camps and elsewhere. … More detailed information can be found
in the “OCF Land Use Management Plan.” {The LUMP Manual.}

Village camping is in, on, or immediately behind a booth or is elsewhere.

There is not yet a Fair list or map. Last October, the BoD approved
“designated and protected green Zones be established”. We are
catching up with what we wanted to do almost a quarter of a century ago.

The Fair feels designation to be a crew matter and does not want to
top-down intervene. Campers themselves must designate and protect
Green Zones. It is up to us to do it.

Although Fair policy has been determined, the process has not been
worked out. There may be levels of Zones. There are still questions
as to how to actually mark, list, and map the Zones. Although we may
designate, our neighbors bordering our Zones must also agree. If they
do not agree, the Zones may be partial or at a different level.

Although the Fair has not yet worked out the details, we, the
Village, as a crew, can designate our Zones, list and map them, and
be ready to apply for Fair designation.

Proposal To Designate Green Zones: Areas around the Village Swamp,
Council Camp, and Meadow extending to neighboring Fair camps are
Green Zones. The area between the Village and the Junction is a Green
Zone except for established booths in that perimeter and, for those
that already have one, the small camping area immediately behind
those booths. The Village will list, survey, map, and designate these
Zones and apply for them to be designated Official OCF Green Zones.”

Dear Village Family: From Joya


Cordy has offered to read this letter for me tonight.                       I am Joya, my Fair home has been the H&H booth since 1981, and I am honored to be one of the Fair �Elders�.                       We are in the midst of important discussions regarding “green space”.  Unfortunately for me, I live too far away, and my work schedule conflicts with my ability to attend these important meetings and participate in these discussions.  I have composed the following comments for you, as the decisions that will be made may significantly affect me and others whom I care about.


First of all, let it be known that I, too, value �green space� and recognize its importance, both locally and worldwide.                       Here in Takilma, I have participated in the difficult process of advocating for change in the current management practices of our surrounding public lands. My significant other, Bill, is, by trade, a botanist and wildlife biologist, and I have learned a lot about plants and vegetation management from him.                       I work in reproductive health care, in addition to other health services, because I want to help limit population growth, which is severely impacting our planet.                       Population growth is also affecting the quality of our fair and the beautiful land that we call �home� every July. Thus, it is timely and important that we, Village and Fair family, discuss these issues and our impact upon the land.


I think that it is important that we value all of the land that we walk and camp upon.  I believe that any space that our tents occupy is “green space”, unless we are camping in a city or on a paved parking lot.  At issue here, I believe, is the definition of “green space”.  I think that some folks may see it only as an area that is wooded with a closed tree canopy, as in the area behind the Health and Healing booth, versus an open “meadow”, the small clearing that is “the swamp”, or where the council camps. I believe that this is faulty reasoning, and to value only tree canopy as �green space� is dangerous. I believe that green space includes meadows and any sized open areas, thus, camping anywhere – i.e. the Far Side, Alice’s, Council Camp, the Swamp, etc, is also impacting green space.  My sweetheart Bill says �herbaceous vegetation is much more prone to damage than woody vegetation, thus meadow areas, which are dominated by herbaceous vegetation, are much more vulnerable to resource damage than forested areas. Therefore, if your goal is to minimize your impacts, then you should concentrate your impacts in the forested areas and minimize your use of the meadow areas.�


I understand the desire to not lose any more wooded areas, and I am in agreement with this.


David stated in the January 12th meeting minutes  “There’s a place between the Junction and the Village and Shady Grove and over the years fewer people have camped there and it has grown over, and you can go in and turn a circle and think it’s the forest”.


I sense a movement afoot to remove campsites that have been present behind the Health and Healing booth for many years, and want to speak to this issue.  A response that I would like to make to David’s comment follows:


That area is so healthy and green because Health and Healing booth members are careful when we set up and camp there.  We tie back branches and release them on Monday morning.  We don’t cut branches or other vegetation.  We disturb as little of the vegetation as we can when we live there.  If we were negatively impacting the site there, it wouldn’t recover enough to look so lush.  Every year, we return to our home and see bloomed out trillium, delphinium, and other plants where our tents stood.  They return, despite our 4 day impact on the land for the last 25+ years, because we are gentle with our home site.  True, we move downed small branches from our tent sites, so that our tent pads are smoother and the tents don’t get punctured by sharp twigs, etc.  If moving branches is an issue, we can easily re-scatter them after the fair.  However, the flooding that occurs yearly does that job for us.


There are a few reasons why I think that it is important to retain as many campsites behind Health and Healing as possible:


1)       Part of what makes the Health and Healing booth feel like “family” is that we live together during Fair time and create community, just as council members do in Council Camp, and other booths do. This is our only opportunity – once a year – to do this, and it is very important to us. Some of us are willing to negotiate and give up a few of our camp spots, if necessary, but we do not want to destroy the �togetherness� and sense of �family� that makes our �Fair Home� special to us.


2)   I would think that anyone in any group who has camped at the same spot at the fair for years would feel distress at being asked to relocate.                       Those of you who camp with other friends, please think about these points: Do you enjoy living together during the fair?  Wouldn’t it hurt you personally to have to decide who must move their tents out of your camping area because your camp is taking up too much “green space”?  So then, some of your beloved friends move into “green space” somewhere else.  Isn’t that other “green space” just as valuable to the Fair?  Or is this just some more “not in my backyard” mentality, so pervasive these days?


3)   Our booth needs the presence of our large family.  Our comings and goings at night provide security to our booth and our tents.  If there are less of us camped behind the booth, then there are less of us to notice suspicious activities.  We have valuable books, tinctures and other medicinals in our booth that may “walk off” in the night, besides our personal items in the camping area.  In asking some of our booth members to move to other camp areas, you are also asking them to accept more risk of losing their personal belongings from their camps and items inside of the booth itself.                       Our presence also provides added security to the Village itself at night.


I assume that there is no intention to target or displace a particular group, but sometimes it feels that way to me.


I have never been to Council Camp. I have been told that the vegetation is similar to what is behind the Health and Healing booth and has several campsites carved out among the trees and shrubs. If this is true, then I question whether the area behind H&H is more ecologically valuable than Council Camp. If in fact they are of similar ecological value, then it follows that they should be treated similarly. I think that if H&H is to lose camping spots, then a similar proportion of spots should be removed from Council Camp as a good faith gesture.


In response to David�s concerns regarding fire safety, we could easily create a second fire exit through a fence to either Shady Grove or the Six Packs, in the form of a gate or removable section of fence. We can do this during a work weekend.                       If we don�t have the time or resources to do this, we could place a ladder at the base of the fence behind H&H, which could then be lifted into place as needed for a fire escape.
Thank you for listening.  May we make our decisions consciously, with sensitivity and concern for the well being of our Village Family and our mother Earth.  Joya

7:29 Group Breakout (we counted off into three groups and met for half an hour to discuss green space issues. The minutes from these small group meetings will be along shortly as soon as they get typed and sent to me.)

8:05 – REGROUP


8:05 – Council Confirmation. Karla, Daniel, Paul, Keith, Tim, Nathan, Lois, Jennifer, David, Diane, Cheshire, Ben, Drake stood for council. One stand aside and no blocks were heard; therefore the council was confirmed in its entirety.

8:08 – Benefit Report: Do we need a benefit? We aren’t rebuilding or redestroying a whole booth this year, and we have a lot of supplies to trade with fair. However, we can always use money. It would be the week after April fools, if there were to be a benefit. Agate Hall is the only available venue; it’s really cheep. But there’s two really big events the same night (one of which is ‘pretty free’) so holding a money raising event that weekend doesn’t make much sense. It seems like a good idea not to have a benefit this year. Daniel isn’t going to do it this year because he feels it isn’t going to be a needed thing. It would have been the Floating Slips, Reeble Jar, and some belly dancing.

In years past when lots of activists have organized benefits we often break even or lose money. Often the easiest way to raise some cash is to reserve the bake sale table at the UO – we might want to do something like that. We could even next month have that be an agenda item. We’re doing well financially this year. We don’t have major expenses, we have money in the bank, and we’re pretty okay for the moment. We don’t need to make money this year to do the fair comfortably.

Bake Sales at the UO need pretty bureaucratic finagling, but they can be done and work well.

The first year we made 1500 on the benefit, the second year we broke even. There are many opportunities to raise money.

8:12 – Post Fair Deconstruction. Last year there was a pass that went to someone for Post Fair Decon. This year, we need more help with this, and we would like to look to the booths to get together and allocate some people who are willing to do decon. There are 12 council this year, which means more help for these kinds of things. Booths should look at this and realize that the village needs real help after the fair not just before and during.

Little People says it has a lot of people who really want to put a lot into the booth, but don’t make their work parties because they come from out of town, and can put people power into the effort.

In the early days, fair was Thursday to Sunday. Over the years, crews expanded to cover needed things. With removable lofts, stages, and cleaning up, it is now a several day long task to winterize the village. One person has been doing this job for years, and that one person is getting older. It now takes two people minimum to do the job, but as with most things like this more is better.

What if there was a deconstruction crew? That means more passes, which we don’t have unless they come from the booths. We are in a good position to have stellar Decon this year, we want to set an example of how we want to operate. Each booth could have a specific decon person. For larger booths, it could be two people (or even more!).

8:16, Reports


Check the National Weather Service hourly observations for Eugene at
When rainfall totals from a winter storm are in the 1″-2″ in 24 hours
range, the site will begin to flood.

US Geological Survey has “a web-accessible river gage in the Long Tom
River just upstream from the Fair site.”
Check the river gage at
If the gage height (second graph) is over 10.5 or 11 feet, then
Chickadee road is flooded between Dahinda’s Acres and the WareHouse.
A gage height of 10 feet is “about bank-full on the fair site, and
heights over 12 feet mean most of the Fair site is flooded and canoeable.
After a storm, once the gage height falls below 8′ the floodwaters
are draining off and most of the site is accessible with kneeboots.”

Veggies have workparties the first Sundays of the month 10:00 at the Warebarn. When we go to designate green zones, there will be people with a camera and stakes, so people can see pictures. It would be nice if we have as much data as possible, incuding GPS data and physical notes.

8:18 – OCF Coordinator Potluck: No one went.

8:19 – Discussing the possibility of having a camping bead like we had two fairs ago. We did this two years ago, following Energy Park’s lead to keep a lot of people who aren’t in that camp from wandering in there. It was said to be a good idea.

8:21 – Green Zone Discussion Review – talking about areas of agreement and disagreement or just things that were discussed without agreement and could use more discussion

Agree Could use more dicsussion
*Green space defined before human impact
*Using historical space and keeping as is
*Defined as ‘undisturbed by humans’
*A waddle fence is a line to designate wild space
*Long term issue, emotional issue
*Are the lofts fully utilized for camping?

*Need to form a method of communicating with non village neighbors
* Need to define ‘historic use’ and agree that 3 years should be ‘historic’
*Should have field trips to the area of a cross section of the village with all groups represented looking at things on the ground rather than a map.
*Rotating camping behind booth space to minimize impact, rotating green space
*How far back from the booth should green space start
*In the past you could not see areas across the 8 and now a lot has been knocked over
*does the impact of the fair have a positive or negative affect on flood zones? How about topography
*there are roped off areas that get knocked down and rebuilt every year designating a barier.
*when we try to designate green space in the village by moving camp sites to other parts of the fair? How much does moving the problem help to fix the problem.

Is there a deadline for when we go to the fair with our proposals and boundaries? The fair does not yet have their process established. This is an ongoing process to declaim and demarcate our green area. In a few weeks the fair has some new cartographic equipment and we will be able to get the outer boundaries of the village mapped. We want people from each booth at that meeting to show where camping areas are. We are mapping our space, and everything beyond there is green space unless someone says otherwise.

There was a numbers issue with mapping, camping, and things. It would be good if there were a designated village annex outside of the village by feet, campsites, or people. In Zen Acres there is an established village camp. We’re everywhere in far side, but some booths hook it up together.

On the difference between camp space and green space, coordinators can come together to describe who is where. There are records of who camps where.

A bout of clarification from David H. – the fair process for relocation, if the fair wants someone or a booth to move, they move. We, as the village, can decide internally. As far as the fair is concerned, their decisions are final. There are veggies who consider our green spaces to be ‘historical green spaces’. The fair calls them green zones. The fair guidelines talk about how much space (approx 10 by 10) that is a booth and camping (another 10 by 10 behind). Historically, when David first got involved in 1983, the elders were concerned about destruction of underbrush. The Veggie Crew was then formed by people already on site messing around, and started with the dream of surveying the area and demarcating different spaces. There is no list of green spaces, it turns out. So the board decided that we needed a list of green zones, and that’s happening. An elephant in the room; if an established camping area is in a proposed green area, what do we do? In 1983, they were saying that we should turn space into habitat. Over the years there are fewer and fewer camps in that village/junction zone.

How did we determine the capacity for the swamp, council and meadow sites? Capacity is determined based on how many tents can be crammed in around the plants and fire lane. There is not a numerical formula, rather there is a shoehorn.

The next step in this process;

We need a subcommittee of people representing all the booths. A botanist or someone like that, and other skilled people who can sit on this committee. There needs to be a group formed for walks and talks. Call Janet, 344-3770, if you want to serve on the ‘village cartographic committee’ (I made this little name up). Before our next meeting we should have some information. The first on site meeting of this committee will be Sunday March 4th at noon. Anyone who wants to can show up and be a part of the decision making team.

8:44 – Closing Circle. Notes ending at this point so that I could participate in the closing part of the process.

Community Village meeting, January 10, 2007
Percy Facilitating
~35 members present

7:05 – Childcare announcements

7:08 – Introductions

7:11 – Fair Announcements

*Robin at the Fair Office would like to have our meeting info
*Facilitation training this Saturday (by Tree from Intentional Communities) at the Many Nations Longhouse. Talk to John F. to pre-register. It’s on a gift basis – give her a gift that you feel good with
*Janet runs, shares, the e-mail list, and does the other e-mail list for booth coordinators. It’s not a chat list, like the CV Drum. If anyone wants to be on it. Three people signed up last time, some messages are coming back to Janet, so if you signed up and you’re not getting your e-mail, talk to Janet and write nicely.
*Village Newsletter (Theater of Change) has helpful information.
*We have an opportunity to redesign our village webpage. If you want to be involved (you ought to want to be involved) call Tim 521 7208 or tim@gwproj.com.

7:15 – Agenda Review

7:16 – Health and Healing/Council healing report

It was a productive, touching, significant meeting on Saturday. Well attended by people from Southern Oregon. People spoke their truth, much insight came out of it. Someone said that ze (non gendered pronoun because, as requested, I’m referring to people anonymously) understood things that ze hadn’t understood before. We can move forward and build beloved community. There was facilitation from CMS, as volunteers. The section where it says “We Agree” in Theater of Change was a major outcome of that meeting. The village in general should take a look at this statement, and find out if we can all agree on this.

‘We agree not to engage in hear-say and to encourage others not to participate in hear-say. We agree to speak with honor, integrity and respect about each other; in the event we have constructive criticism to share, we will talk to each other directly, though using another as a sounding board is OK. We agree to try to operate from a place of trust that we do not mean each other harm. We agree to check in with each other directly.’

Someone expressed that ze not was not entirely happy with how the meeting went because of the four or so hours of the meeting, only an hour was spent in the speaking of people’s truth. There were many loose ends left over, not dealt with. It was agreed that there should probably be more such meetings, but that there is progress being made.

The hope and the goal is that as we progress toward fair we’ll keep moving toward healing.

7:22 – Our Host

The St. Mary’s Episcopal Church. We almost were unable to use the space this year. We left doors and windows open regularly, and also parked inappropriately, and members of the congregation heard some of us make insulting comments about their rituals and faith. This is a nice space, these guys do a good job for us, and we’d like it if

Someone has to show up about 15 minutes early to make sure that we aren’t parking where the Christian scientists are having services. Please volunteer for this job sometime.

We have to shut of lights and lock doors at the end, shut windows and stuff. We have to leave no trace when we leave. The tiles look like Lilies, so don’t leave footprints.

If we want our (sometimes kooky by mainstream standards) beliefs to be respected, we need to respect other peoples’. This is a planetary issue, but let’s please do our part.

7:26 – Consensus

We, as a group, operate by consensus, we don’t make any decisions that not everyone is okay with. If you have a concern about a decision that is being made, you are responsible to bring your concern forward and provide a way in which your concern can be alleviated. If you still feel that you don’t like a decision, you stand aside. If you feel that a decision threatens the very existence of the community, you might decide to block. The facilitator is responsible to bring out each point of view. If you agree with something a person has said, please don’t reiterate. It is counterproductive to our meetings, which are packed as it is.

We are on full consensus – everyone has to agree. A single block will block. It is extremely important that you give a lot of thought to blocking.

You can wiggle your fingers (think ‘jazz hands’) to signify agreement silently.

The number of stand asides that shows that the community is not in consensus is fluid, depends on many factors including attendance and the sense of the meeting, and is up to the best judgment of the facilitator.

It is the responsibility of the individual to express their own concern.

7:31 – Site Report

The site has flooded. It is down now. The site manager posted a way to find out whether or not the flood level is up on the land. This has been on CV Drum and is on the USGS website. Only one tree we know of came down during the windstorm. Users of Mac OS X version 10.4 can also find a dashboard widget with this same information.

There are several canoes kept at the hub, if you’re going canoeing check in with the site person first and bring your floatation devise.

7:34 – Beloved Community

We picked 11 things to work on as of our last meeting. That seems like enough for now, and we can move forward later. Here are some things; potluck Thursday evening at the fair, special breakdown for special issues in January or February, Newsletter, Closing circle before sweep and after the last act. We are putting the following items aside for the time being; booth breakdown at June onsite meeting, Chris from Heart of Now, spread work more equally, community bonding, sign up cleanup, Christmas fundraiser.

Talking now about booth breakdown at June Onsite meeting. We don’t historically have this, but some people think it a good idea.

Perhaps there’s not a good reason for that, if it’s an onsite meeting people could have pre-post meeting booth meetings. It’s very confusing out there; there’s construction going on, it’s weird and hard enough as it is. Hopefully by then the booths are together enough to plan pre-post meetings on their own.

We almost always pick the community village meeting day on the same day as Zach’s conflict resolution training, and there is often a booth coordinator meeting too. It’s a busy day, and it would be nice if the booths knew that there was time built into the village meeting to get together.

Perhaps we could put these complexity issues on the table as a separate agenda items, about rethinking the June meeting (on a Saturday, or a different Sunday) to ease some of that pressure.

Is it possible to have an onsite meeting in May also?

Tabling the issues that are currently on the floor.

Sign up for Monday cleanup and FunRaiser – which we shouldn’t talk about until after the decon helper proposal.

7:42 – Booth Coordinator Stuff

At November council meeting there was talk about ways to improve coordination between council and coordinators and members. There is a handout, available on the village website. The council would like people to use these forms to give feedback to find out the best ways to improve info-flow to make sure that everyone has accurate information in a timely manner. This process needs ideas to work – the council doesn’t know the best ways for everyone in the village to get information. Please fill out the form or copy and email quackerbacker1@msn.com
Or paleo-mail
571 Dublin Ave
Eugene, 97404

7:45 – Camping with Sue

Sue won’t be at March or maybe February meeting. She’s working on updated camping space request form, to be available in April when eligibility forms are out. Read, fill out, and give to Phil or Sue by the time of the onsite meeting in June. (Sue will not be at those meetings because she’s going to Ireland, the lucky duck!)

7:46 – Kirtan on Green

Sharnom (sp?), in October or November, put out a proposal to have Kirtan on the village green on Friday and Saturday mornings from about 8:30 to 10:00. Kirtan is a beautiful thing, it’s nice. There is a description in last month’s minutes. It’s a ‘congregational chanting of holy names’. It’s been done for millennia in different south Asian traditions. It is a cross-cultural form of expression on the planet. There is no Conch, but there may be some drums, but there is no Electric Guitar. Jai Lakshmi (sp?) will be performing this Saturday at 8 at Spirit Moves. It is beautiful, spiritual, meditative, calming. The proposal is to allow Sharnom to conduct Kirtan on the green on Friday and Saturday morning from 8:30 to 10:00.

There are no other scheduled activities at that time, and historically there have not been.

Is it loud? Can people still converse around it? Not unless there are many, many people participating. On a scheduling level, the workshop demo coordinator should be involved in this.

The fair has a long history of ‘all is permitted except that which is prohibited’ as does the village – and this is not prohibited. Why are we talking about this?

In November it was understood that this was to be amplified and loud enough to drown out the trash trucks. Would it be too loud to talk to kids in the little people booth, which is already running at that time? Would people still be able to have light acoustic music, yoga, etc? It is of concern in terms of the pass process? Is it a village activity, or could it go in the meadow or at main stage?

It is, in some peoples’ experiences, a lovely way to start a day. The volume is negotiable. Spirit booth is increasingly interested in doing things that are of service to village energy togetherness (opening ritual, something like this). It is of interest to have it in the village, but it could possibly go elsewhere. Last year there was collective meditation in the YURT from 8-9, and the Spirit booth has not consensed as to this being a good time for Kirtan in relation to that activity. There would be a request perhaps that it not be started toward closer to 9am.

It might wake children. Sharnom could maybe bring a recording of what it sounds like? A lot of people don’t know what this is, and are concerned about loudness. Perhaps it might be a good compromise to try it out for Friday without amplification and decide on that basis. The music is a meditative yogic music, and it will likely not bother anybody. Let’s try it out for an hour on Friday morning and see if people like it or not. Then we can take a poll that day, or to evaluate after the fair. There are two different musicians, Jai Alal and Krishna Das (sp?) – get a CD from the library. Tim will bring a CD to next month’s meeting. It is surprising thing to some people that others don’t know what Kirtan is.

But what about people constructing on Friday morning? Will that interfere with Kirtan? Spirit booth has tried to draw on different spiritual traditions to create a holistic idea. It might be nice, for diversity’s sake, to have morning programs that included different cultural traditions rather than just south Asian.

In the mornings there are preferences – as long as it is interdenominational, it’s good. If something is focused on just one path, that might be too denominational. There may be a non-issue on amplification, as fair-wide regulation is pending.


“The Village trusts that spirit booth, Sharaman, and Bob the stage man to develop a sensitive presentation of Kirtan at some appropriate time in the village.”

Would prefer it not amplified, and if electronics are used it should be way-way down.

We have consented as a group to a trial run.

8:04 – Post Fair Decon

There’s a point on the Theater of Change from this month, which might bore the meeting if it is said aloud the general idea of which is to provide passes to people whose job is doing post fair deconstruction of the village. Included here:

CV PostFair CleanUp Proposal: Village DeCon Crew

For some years now the usual PostFair and PicnicTime clean-up has not been finished by the booths and has usually depended on one person. The person has aged recently, is now officially an OCF Elder, and the job has enlarged.

Last year, 2006, a person got a pass for PostFair clean up and for moving all the containers (not ladders and lofts); it was great relief to have it happen. Just knowing ahead of time that there was a good chance it would happen made the Fair much less stressfull for me.

PostFair CleanUp Proposal: Village DeCon Crew: Two people get passes for two meetings, Sweeps, and staying until the Village is set for the winter. Containers to high ground, Stage and House Meadow Deck to high ground, Lower Stage Back Wall removed to storage against flood, ladders and lofts up, clean up, lost-and-found, hard-ware sort, firewater barrels, untie branches, sort WoodWorld, etc. This usually takes until wednesday or thursday PostFair. PostFair Meals at Main Camp. Showers and Sauna after dinner usually. – David Hoffman

Does this give coordinators and members permission not to do their part?
It’s a great proposal. It should go to the council for implementation, like where do passes go and come from. There should be structured lists for who is responsible for what. The passes should be awarded on merit.
It should maybe be a pre-and-post type position, and last year we did have a helper so it would be an increase of one pass? And maybe someone could combine. There needs to be a balance between booth and cleanup.
This might not be a general meeting issue – the council should have leeway to decide on issues such as these. If the council wants to do it, that’s within their purview. The whole village should decide to make it permanent when that comes around.
One reason it’s in the village meeting rather than the council meeting is to raise people’s awareness over the fact that people aren’t filling their responsibilities. Whatever booth doesn’t get their stuff done.
The spirit of the village should have to do – we should respect our environment. David H gets kudos for all the work he’s done deconstructing the village over the years.
There shouldn’t be extra passes needed to do this. But if wishes were horses…
Booth names should be made public who didn’t put up for winter.
There are many people who pay for an SO pass and don’t work too hard and those people should have to work for their pass.
It’s important that we do talk about this, when it comes time to allocate this – pass-wise – people make a habit of wondering about areas. These are real jobs that are passes.
People who can’t make work parties pre-fair and get passes through booth empowerment should have the people who didn’t work party pre-fair do decon.
This is really not clean up, it’s a number of deconstruction tasks that need to be done. It’s a deconstruction thing, not about cleaning up. Some examples would be; taking up the stage floor, lifting ladders. Fair Construction and Fair Construction DeCon are separate crews. Main Camp Kitchen has separate Crews Pre and Post and goes dormant during the Fair when Crews are fed via Food Vouchers. This is about deconstruction, not messes and cleaning up. Things need taken apart and stored.
When we talk about accountability and reprimands, it’s easy to idealize that you can slap wrists and create productivity. That’s not a very fair way of doing things. There are other ideas. Like having a booth’s neighbors have to clean up the booth’s mess, making it so that we all have to work together. We need more village feedback rather than having the council make decisions such as these without information.
Where are the passes coming from? We have creeping areas – more and more, we’re getting ‘the best village we can buy’. Years ago there were just a few areas, now there are 18. Do we want to commit two more to that? If we need this, and we’re not taking it down, why are we putting it up?
Area pass creep may be happening. Booths should be doing their own thing, and that’s a problem, but there are common areas where things are not the way they used to be because of environmental considerations and building code requirements that are not as they once were. For these reasons, we could have a loving wall of shame or some village stocks.
The council is commended for bringing the issue to the village for large discussion. Decon is a very intense process, taking several days of hard work. David does much of this by himself. Last year when the council decided ‘lets have a pass for one person to work decon’ it was kind of ironic. It’s really hard work. It would be nice if each booth could designate decon volunteers (possibly SOs) to do voluntary decon crew service let by the one areas pass person.
As far as areas creep, that’s good. It’s decentralization – we distribute a lot of responsibilities to a lot of people rather than the same people. We also have to see that this is a responsibility that council is not doing – ie, more areas people should mean less council people and vice versa.
It’s important not to shame people, but to make sure it’s clear to booths that they aren’t doing a good enough job. There should be direct feedback.

Council will return next month with a proposal

8:22 – Greenspace

A discussion pursuant to OCF board that wants site based crews to designate green zones in their area. We are to discuss ‘what does green space mean to me’ and next month we will break up into smaller groups to talk about what boundaries should be there for green space.

Green space is the never ending struggle to preserve and extend what is growing to make visual and noise blocked. Tying ribbons around trees. Keep trying to let things live, struggling against our own expanding population.

There should be green spaces – not part of the village, but fair green spaces of which we would be stewards. No structures. Maybe some planting. Forest reserves. Would like to see what we already kind of have around the swamp, council camp, meadow. Some of this has diminished over the years, some kept hold of, some is not much to look at. It’s meager. Some places in the swamp you can’t see through. There’s a place between the junction and the village and shady grove and over the years fewer people have camped there and it has grown over, and you can go in and turn a circle and think it’s the forest. In 1983 we were already concerned with underbrush, green space. This is an attempt to correct something that should have happened when the VegEmanics started, to save the green areas. Now it is official. Lets designate green space that we are stewards of.

What does green space mean? An area within the village, surrounding the village, in the fair, where human footprint hasn’t destroyed the vegetation.

The word stewardship stands out, from a land use management perspective stewardship means more than not cutting a thing down, it is active. A dyslexic metaphor; green space and stewardship is like coming into the house with muddy boots and dirty clothes, and the house is clean. You can’t just rock into the house without taking your boots off first. Also, good to see that there is acknowledgment for what was intended long ago to come through officially to be able to establish green space. It’s good that it’s been mandated, because we’ve had the right and not the might. We are the kinds of people who talk to trees, we need to be part of the process, and respect.

We would like to see what kinds of maps the fair has – they have a zoning map with vegetation and campgrounds and we are not represented in it. A new updated map is coming out this year. We need to make sure we’re in the fair’s zonings. Some of the camping things, the green space, you have to have two exits. One is normal, the other is emergency from your campground out, so that’s important when planning green zones. We should have them. Twenty years ago we lost a huge green space (somewhere?) and people tried to protect it to no avail.

The rain forests in the Amazon, these were cultivated. They are not just magically there. People put those plants where they were. People put plants there for a reason. We are only just realizing how long people have been cultivating the forests, the places we take for granted. This is a large proposition.

Green space is an important thing during fair, because it creates a safe place for the living things in the fair. With as many people as there are in that space in that time, there must be safe places for furry things. We have a massive impact on the land and on the creatures, with green spaces there is at least some refuge. It’s really important.

Regarding the cultivation of native ecosystems – the site is an ecological anomaly. The Kalapuya burned the area as often as 3 times a year. There are things that haven’t lived in the area for a long time waiting for open space created by fire. It might be a good idea to do prescribed burning in the fair space, if only on a very trial basis at the margins of the land. The level of underbrush in parts of the fair site is in fact frightening. We are imposing our will on nature, our ideas of what nature should be, but that is not necessarily what is ‘natural’.

Green space is any green space that we treat as respectfully as possible under the circumstances. If we use our consciousness, and try to put ourselves in place, we can treat that responsibly and make it green space in the highest sense of the word. We have to use our knowledge and feeling at the highest lever. We’re getting better. What we do with the space makes it what it is. When we go onto the site, we should keep that in mind and make our green space more beautiful.

Space was lost around Meadow Camp and near Council Camp.

After the natives the white people came, and the fair was cattle land before the fair. In that perspective having green growth is not natural, but balancing those, the path gets compacted so deeply it is like walking on asphalt. The city of Chicago has as its motto “Urbs in Horto” – “City in a garden” , and if Chicago can do it, so can the Fair. At pooh corner, fence off an area 6-6 and don’t mow it. By fair the grass will be waist high. So, how much do we affect the land? At least save something.

Who will give up their camping space for green space? (very few)

8:44 – Standing for Council

((The council are facilitators – they do the bureaucracy, paperwork, and facilitating to make sure there is a village. The council is expected to hear what the village has to say, bring the Fair’s input, and to include the village in major decisions, and organize the business of the village. To be a liaison between the fair and the village. To always call their booths with information. To take on the hard things in the village and not be afraid to do that, and to help us learn to resolve conflicts peaceably.))

Karla Caudell, Really nice with blondish hair (Janet Standing in her place) does all the village numbers things like the books. Works really hard but lives in the snow so couldn’t be here. 337-5319

Daniel Gaon (Paul standing in his place), is standing for council for the fourth year. Was a booth coordinator for 4 years and is 14 years in village. 912-6098. That’s a message number, leave number and name.

Paul Sass, Been on council for two years. Beginning to learn the ropes. Member of Green Earth Booth previously. Coordinator for a year before coming to council. Still thinks there are things to do to help. 689-3709 with questions, concerns.

Keith Herschberger, eight fair. Started as a sort of Health and Healing working SO. Did construction for six years. Was on council this year. Good at raising funds and wrangling donations. Tries to bring good energy, takes on tasks without fear. Cell, 513-1238 Home, 484-7130 Office, 998-4250.

Tim Mueller, Started in Doors with Autism Rocks/Kind Tree Productions. Following year was booth coordinator. Worked on new come unity house. Been on council for a while. Does newsletter. Has been in construction, doing registration records. Enjoys doing council putting on wonderful event. Folks expect that a council member be nice. 521-7208

Nathan Greene. 18th year at OCF. Has been involved in booths outside community village. Started in Fruit booth, last year was co coordinator. This year he is standing for council. Is pretty good at working with other people to coordinate projects. Really loves the village and the fair and feels like doing more. 302-3205

Lois Inman, this is her third time standing. Very about process and egalitarianism, professional facilitator. This is a place in her life where that happens without her having to struggle to keep it that way. Council has a role in keeping it that way. She has enjoyed council as a stewardship job. Has enjoyed getting to know village people. Did 4A at the dragon’s head, did Youth booth, 836-2670

Jennifer Harper. – 359-8111, Although Jennifer is not technically standing for council, she is to shadow council this year. She’s been with fruit booth for 8 years and this is her last year co-coordinating booth. Wants to shadow council because she has become attached to many booths and serving on council will allow her to help all those booths.

David Hoffman. Pre-Fair all he does is provide tools and helps. His load has decreased over the years, waddle et al. All he does is tools, master gardener, liaisons, and tries to be supportive and tries to prevent problems. Last year someone got a pass for decon and moving stuff around. Is an elder, but being a Fair Elder also makes little difference. Many Fair Elders have chosen to be so only the get the paper work out of the way but still do what they have always done or just what they want to do.”. 484-9204, fixit@efn.org

Diane Albino. been on council a while. She was in info first, peace core before that, council before that. Been in the village since about 1978. She does a lot of interfacing between fair board and council. 933-2584.

Cheshire Mayrsohn, 689-8189, been at fair since 1981. Started on security, was booth coord for master gardeners, in the OCF navy, wild edibles for about 10 years coordinating for a while. Last year was her first on council.

Ben Barrett. 729-3130. Been in village 7-8 years more or less in doors of expression, coordinated that, shadowed council two years ago, enjoyed working on that. Motivated to push on bigger hard to face problems. Finds it fulfilling to be patient.

Drake Eubank (not present) has been on council for several years, given much to the village in many ways. He’s always around, and does our database stuff. 736-0256.

Over the next month, if anyone has an issue with one of the proposed standing people, they must talk to that person and attempt to work out those issues. According to our bylaws, you can’t tell someone you don’t want them on council if you haven’t talked to them in advance. In two weeks there is a council meeting and if you need help talking with the person with whom you have an issue come to that council meeting at 7 o clock on the 23rd in two weeks at Tim’s house – 2096 ½ Arthur street in Eugene. 521 7208 for directions.

We ran out of time before getting to;
Benefit Report
Unfair announcements


Community Village Meeting, November 8, 2006

Minutes by Tim Mueller, Facilitation by John Flannery – Corrections welcome

1) Introductions

2) Agenda Review:


  1. A) Respecting the Meeting Space
    B) Being Respectful in our Relationships
    C) Beloved Community – Village Vissioning
    D) Reports – Site – OCF Board
    E) Kirtan proposal
    F) Booth Coordinator Responsibility
    G) Green Space – OCF Board policy
  2. Agenda items

A). Respecting the Meeting Space – Tim
Tim and Karla met with Louis from St Mary’s Episcopal Church and secured that space for Jan – June 2007 village meetings. We were required to make promises that our group would be more respectful of the space by more closely following their rules: when we leave, close all doors and windows and put everything back as it was and make sure everyone is gone; when we arrive, have someone man the entry so doors aren’t left open and have someone in the parking lot to make sure no one parks in the wrong spaces; and while we’re there make sure folks don’t insult members of the church. Tim asked for folks to volunteer and staff a “pre-meeting” and “post-meeting” crew to do the above tasks.
Suggestions: this notice be part of an every-meeting-rap, publish a map of the parking lot, send out a notice on the Drum asking for folks to volunteer for the pre-meeting crew, ask for post-meeting crew volunteers at the meeting. Paul and others volunteered to do set up in January, Nathan and others volunteered to do post meeting. Village consensed on this (having these volunteer crews) as a standard practice.

  1. B) Respect Rap – Paul
    Paul read from the OCF Guidelines as part of a monthly agenda item designed to focus on respect in our relationships in the Village.
    “We are an association of equals. Each and every member of our community is entitled to respectful and equitable treatment by all other participants. We should all act responsibly towards one another wherever we gather.
    The OCF is committed to the principles of non-violence. Mental, verbal, physical, or sexual abuse will not be tolerated.
    We share reverence for the land. Stewardship is everyone’s responsibility. Please help protect the plant and animal life whose space we share, and work to extend this practice beyond the OCF and into daily life.
    As Bill Wooten, one of our founders, wrote: This is a community of choice of reason rather than by chance of birth. Reason is found more each day on the side of cooperation, conservation, and community. Reason stands with those who reduce their wants and simplify their needs, which lessen demands upon the world’s resources.
    Reason stands with those who do not ask the world to do for them what they can do for themselves. Reason stands with those who treat neighbors as friends, friends as brothers and sisters, and this earth, as our one and only home. Let us so stand together. It stands to reason, to endure is to prevail.”

C.) Beloved Community – Village Visioning – Janet
Janet had 9 items from previous discussions and more from our previous visioning process that she wanted to discuss and sought consensus on to make our community tighter and better:
1. Thursday if the Fair onsite potluck. We did this last Fair, it was fun. Let’s do this again. Village Consensed.
2. Have a booth meeting (like booth breakdown) at our on site June meeting.
Comments: Will there be time what with all the other meetings that day? To avoid conflict with the booth coord meeting, move that meeting to Saturday, when more booth coords can be there anyway. Tabled this for later discussion.
3. Missed this – was also tabled for later discussion.
4. Have a booth breakdown by ‘issue’ rather than by booth. Explanation: with some issues it might be nice to break into smaller groups to discuss the issue, much like a booth breakdown but with different groups of people, maybe chosen by count-off. Once folks understood this, it was consensed on as a good idea.
5. Heart of Now wants to do a trust building exercise in a village meeting. Needs to provide council with more information before final approval.
6. Have a mid-meeting break for snacks and chatting.
Comments: There is not enough time with our usual full agendas to do this. We would make a mess needing additional cleanup. Would be great for socializing. Why not come early (6pm) and have a pre-meeting potluck? Change the March meeting to 6pm and have a potluck at that meeting, have each booth organize their own potluck stuff. Have the potluck in Jan when fewer people are here to see if it works. Bring just a snack and hand it out in the middle of a meeting. Who would pay for this? Each person could bring 2 things and trade food. Have the snack during booth breakdown. Decision – give to Council to develop a plan.
7. Keep up with the Theater of Change Newsletter
8. Have Sunday’s last stage act segue into the closing circle to boost attendance and create community.
Comments: Some people would still be at other stages. May have too many public or non-village people. Maybe have it right after sweep. Many people have to pack up right away – maybe OK if the circle was short. John asked for a show of hands – it was inconclusive. It is important that we have a closing circle, whenever it happens. Have it before last act. But the public doesn’t want to be reminded the Fair is over. How about Monday morning? Conclusion: someone will organize it and tell us when it is.
The rest of the items were tabled for another meeting.

  1. D) –Site Report. – David. Wear ankle highs – not flooded yet. First Sunday of the month are Veggie Crew work parties. Fun for all.
    OCF Board Report – Diane and Tim. The Board voted to raise admission, SO (to $60) and other fees. See FFN for details. Diane voted against the motion.
    CV proposal. This motion was proposed by Diane and was unsuccessful. Here is the proposal: “Move that the excess revenue generated by the Community Village be retained in the Community Village to be distributed through a granting process to Community Village participating non profit groups.”
    Members of the board objected to the concept of “excess revenue” but were supportive of our need to raise money and the need of our non-profits to raise money at the Fair. Some suggested our 501(c) 3 organizations apply to the Board for a grant (they grant about $12,000 per year while the Jill Heinemann fund is much more). They encourage further conversation on this subject. A member of the craft committee is now on the board, so we should get a group of us together to talk with members of the board and others about how to earn money at the Fair. It was mentioned that Energy Park operates the showers to raise money for their crew. Comments: It’s important we don’t act needy. Thanks to Diane for bringing this forward. We haven’t found a working angle yet to make this happen. How about another concert? Sharanam (wrong spelling?) will spearhead it. Who buys what? – Many crews get passes for free, SO’s all pay, EP and CV get passes ½ price. Tim offered to coordinate folks who would like to pursue this. 521-7208 tim@kindtree.org Call him if you want your non-profit to make money at the Fair. Are we talking CV money raising or non-profit money raising? Village is a child of the Fair, could designate some of the above $12,000 for the Village to give away. Do we want to earn money or seek a donation? Thanks to Tim and Diane for doing this. Can we jury the CV into the Fair? Bob says non-profits used to sell manufactured T-shirts and bumper stickers outside of the jury process.
  2. E) Booth Coord Responsibilities – David
    This in mostly about cleanup and communication. Still in October there were 6 ladders not put up as well as a floor or two. Booth coord is THE responsible person to make sure post Fair cleanup is completed by the Teddy Bear Picnic. They also are responsible for disseminating info to the booth members. Comments: The booth liason’ is responsible, too. Why not call the booth coord before David does their work for them? David posted numerous notices on the Drum. Cindy’s booth does a great job, Cindy says. There is way too much left to do post Fair and David ends up doing most of it. Get on your booth members to do the work. Have a meeting with them and make responsibilities clear. Get the work done by the deadline or else… How about a $100 deposit per booth? Left over stuff after the picnic can get recycled by Fair cleanup, including ladders. For communication, the booth coord should be on the Drum. Please, take personal responsibility and get the work done – don’t rely on the other guy. Make this a subject of booth coord meeting in the spring. It’s important to keep the burden off David.
  3. F) Kirtan Proposal – Sharanam (sp?)
    This concert producer and member of Spirit Booth would like to have a Kirtan from 8:30 – 10 am each day of the Fair. (Kirtan’ is a sanskrit word, originating from ancient India. Kirtan is the congregational chanting of God’s Holy Names. Usually there is a leader who sings solo the name or phrase, then the participants repeat in unison.) Comments: Too early. What about construction? Will make a beautiful sound. Will set tone of the ‘Heart of the Fair’. Will there be amplification? Just for the lead voice. Thumbs up, in general. Will need to coordinate with Bob the stage manager. More discussion to come, not settled.
  4. G) Green Space – OCF Board decision – Diane and Tim
    Council wants to make sure everyone knows this will be discussed this coming year in the Village. Here is the OCF Board’s successful motion: “It shall be the policy of the OCF that designated and protected green zones be established and enacted into the LUMP manual. These green zones shall include areas which are susceptible to erosion, those providing understory to our stately heritage trees, as well as those serving to provide growth opportunities for juvenile trees. These green zones are to be established and so designated through the cooperation of the LUMP Committee, management, and site-based crews. We direct LUMP and management to operationalize this policy by 2007/08.”
    Tim explained that we will tackle this task over three months beginning next January. In January we will talk about what green space means to each of us – what is its place in our intention with our Mother. In February we will talk about what the definition of green space is within our Village boundaries. And in March we will come to a policy and green space map consensus.
    Comments: Can someone make a map of present camping, booth spaces, green spaces, etc? Janet says she will. We will break into small groups (as per #C4 above) to discuss this issue in February. Ask Eberhardt (the Fair cartographer) to help with a map. Be sure to include heritage trees in the map.
  5. Feedback
    – Council could have done a better job of agenda timelines.
  6. Announcements
    – In memory of Beth Grafe, fair construction co-coord, event at WOW Hall, Sat, Dec 16, 6:30?
    – City Cultural Policy Review process meetings Tuesday Nov 14. Ask Jair.


Community Village October 2006 meeting
edited by Tim Mueller, taken by Samuel

7:07 – Agenda Review, happened in a subtle quiet way.

Creating loving community
Village issue
Site report
History booth
Love love love

Childcare (5 minutes) – Arthur is a month old. Numbers; saw 70 kids total. 16 kids in April and 19 in May (this is average). Spent $250 – $197 from hat passing, $25 from youth, $25 from the village. Bought two teen passes, vehicle pass, first aid kit, art supplies, and seven meetings worth of snack. No kids showed up for work parties – we’ll talk about whether or not this service should continue. Kid care volunteers put in 111 hours. Spent about $3.50 per kid all year. 16 to 19 kids is a lot of kids for a small space, and it’s a heavy impact on the spaces we’ve used. There is certainly enough supervision at the meetings.

Creating a Loving Community – 7:13 (15 minutes) This concept is the CV as a “beloved community.” In the old days we shared responsibilities as a group (eg – we used to have bucket brigades to fill up the fire barrels). We don’t spend enough time together as a community. There are a lot of people who “never ever come to a meeting.” They aren’t personally attached to it the way some of us are. There are rumors and stuff that really bother Bubbles. So and so didn’t do this or that – maybe from that person’s eyes it was so overwhelming they couldn’t do it. The ‘away team’ meetings, having them in other places, makes us not all meet together. We used to be just more like a tight knit ‘beloved community.’ Janet would like to hear ideas about how to make this happen anew, at the fair and through the year.

(Further comments to add to these minutes – Janet: It was not to take away “away team” meetings or go back to passing the water buckets from the long tom via a bucket brigade. It was to find ways to overcome our limitations of space/time and find new things to make our community beloved.)

The potluck last year was really fun. Trying to get everyone together is really hard, but it brings continuity instead of fractuousness

At meetings, we should have more time in booth breakdown (thus, less time for other things). Maybe we spend more time than we need to on some issues. It’s hard, listening to monologue, to feel as if in a community. Small groups work better. It might behoove us to break into other small groups that aren’t booths to make bridges.

Chris from lost valley The heart of now might do a 15 minute group milling, just holding hands or not and making eye contact and breathing, saying what comes first, creating connection.

We should do this

One thing that helps is to have something like booth breakdown, but just sharing juice and cookies or whatever. We don’t need to do this at the giant meetings, but the small ones it could work, right?

This discussion has been in the village visioning process. There has been much input in the past (how to build better community). Some of these things have been put into place in the past. We’ve had community events during the fair. The newsletter was supposed to help here too. These questions have been being dealt with steadily for a few years, and we are better off now than before.

Can Chris put something in writing about the Heart of Now workshops? Perhaps. He is also invited to come to a council meeting to talk more at length. Food and drink are good.

Would like to see a schedule for closing circle. It used to be traditional that we would have such a thing, but it isn’t scheduled, and many times people have already gone home. We should do it earlier and on a schedule so that people can go. This would historically be Sunday evening.

Tim just likes to hear himself talk. (he says jokingly)

It may help community to have less of us. If we had five people per booth and no areas, we would be community by necessity. People don’t come to closing circle because they don’t want to bad enough (maybe). You go to closing circle because you want to.

Sunday evening, we would have to make sure the fair didn’t schedule any really good entertainment all the way up to the end, because we have real responsibility. Do we want to have a closing circle during public hours? It might weird them out, but it might pull them in. But during public hours, booths are still trying to get their message across.

We don’t need everyone at the May Meeting to be part of a core community, there can be concentric circles, and we can adjust our expectations.

Having closing circle before sweep gives us the opportunity to invite our fair cousins to participate.

We have, in the past, had community minded bands as our last act, which morphed into our closing circle.

The opening circle often has gone overtime into public hours, which was kind of neat, they came and joined us.

Janet feels that she’s got a lot of good input, and we can expand this discussion into work over the next year.

7:30 – Village issue, 10 to 15 minutes. Daniel has been in Village for 14 years, booth coordinated, on council, and this has been happening for the last four years. There is a booth coordinator in the village who has reffered to the council as a nazi and a pharoce. Took on the role of Christ and the Council as Pharoces. She has refused mediation, has not been willing to communicate. Daniel has had a hard time and feels like all avenues have been exhausted. He feels that being called a Nazi is something that he can’t deal with. His last ditch effort is to bring this to the village. He feels that it’s ‘beyond insensitive’ – there are rumors, and there is

The intention in this is to make a statement in fact that such a thing is happening, and to state that she comes to meetings seeking conflict. The intention is to create conversation about what constitutes appropriate language and behavior for a person in a role of responsibility?

Ben says that this is still ‘festering’ and that at one point it seemed as though it was being resolved, and says that we are facing this collectively. It is not a personal issue for Daniel, it relates to his role on council. Sense that the village is not aware that this is happening.

Janet says ” I agree with Daniel” and that this has been going on for more years than that with other people. The problem is how we balance free speech, how we balance this.

Tim says that we don’t have restrictions on speech, but that as a community we require that we treat eachother for respect. We should have facilitators who felt empowered to facilitate a meeting. As soon as these issues came up, the facilitator would not allow these issues to come into the meeting. There have been hours of meetings discussing how to deal with this, which is an issue of respect. If someone refuses to respect our methods and actions, we have to do something about this. A conclusion can not origionate from the council, it has to come from community members. If people aren’t exhibiting respect, than the community shatters.

David H. just heard tonight about rumors that health and healing were going to block the entire current council from being on next years council. This has been a long issue. That small area between the junction and the village should be a green area. It has been discussed a lot. Last year he went to check on a fence, having been allowed to reclaim an adjacent area. He was told that there was no camping in the area, but there were seven tents. People from the both were ‘alomost physically blocking peoiple” form going back to see. The heath booth is supposed to be about healing. Over the years we’ve had these issues. She should know what goes on. Are there enough people who know the issue to do it. It is a very touchy issue.

John – first, without taking sides, she sees herself as speaking truth. We are activists, and there is a large strain of speaking truth to power among activists. She may be coming from this place. This could be coming from a good space. Lets give everyone as much benefit of the doubt as possible. The people being talked to have a sense that ill will is being spread. If that’s someone’s perception, the way to diffuse it would perhaps be to open a dialogue and try to deal with it that way (with other people ein the health and healing booth). In general, it has not been a problem with the facilitator. These issues are sometimes reflected in statements in village meetings, but the issues arise elsewhere.

Bob – We have a framework for working through this, using the fair code of conduct. We should put this in our next handout for our next meeting. We are all supposed to accept and be willing to abide by that code, so if such a thing is happening, we know.

Me – Is there a process? It seems like people are saying they want her gone.

Daniel – The larger issue is respect and dialogue and communication and the style in which we carry that out, and that has manifested in different issues. This revolves around communication style. As far as the process – it involves mediation, and it hasn’t worked. She refused mediation. If we don’t have a process, we need to create one. He doesn’t want to be called a Nazi. It will be brought up in village meetings. She has not taken accountability. Daniel is frustrated because the Village has tried to ignore, talk indirectly, talk directly, attempted mediation with Zach, and Daniel doesn’t know what else is left. Council stands in January and February. Can someone be blocked from being a coordinator, or a booth.

Carla – There has been a lot of frustration where she is involved because you can have a meeting with her, and they were all talking and she was asked not to continue the way she was continuing, Tim was blocked from council because he said ‘please don’t disrupt our village’ and she said that he had attacked her. It seems like it’s okay, and she is rewarded for this kind of behavior. She’s got stuff in her life, and we’ve all got that and need guidance and support. People need to be held responsible. If you say something of your mind, someone can turn around and make that an attack. It all comes from a place of extreme frustration.

Me (samuel) – It seems like what I’m hearing is that people want to usher her out of the village, otherwise I’m not clear as to the purpose of this discussion.

Paul – no, we are not trying to ‘get rid of anyone’ – this discussion is about respect. Until every member of the village hears it, there needs to be a respect rap like the fire rap and stuff. We can only hope for change.

Tim – When the Jews were slaves, and they asked Jesus what do we do to not get this kind of shit anymore, he said turn the other cheek. This was not all about being meek, if someone slapped you once and then you turned the other cheek and they slapped you again, it made the other guy look like a ‘dweeb’ – this is our task. If we all turn the other cheek, it will be obvious to everyone if people are not being treated with respect.

The facilitator has the power to remove someone from the meeting if they don’t act toward village members with respect.

What is the criteria, the line between respect and disrespect?
Facilitators distinction

Proposal held off to a later meeting.

At lost valley, if there is such an issue a wisdom circle is created. All the involved community members come in. It sounds like something like this was proposed. Maybe there needs to be an ultimatum. If you don’t show up and participate, than you aren’t being a part of this community and you need to be asked to leave.

Respect is a difficult word. Some people get high respect, others get not so high respect, and others get low respect. This respectfulness comes down to disrupt the village. If someone is disrupting meetings by taking too much time or whatnot, regardless of factors that make you like or dislike them, there should be processes to deal with this. Some people can push buttobns, but she has been vested in the village and likes to have power herself, her own private naziness. Everyone likes this on some level, right/? Be careful about a single word and about respect. It’s more than that. Through the years, individuals disrupt meeting after meeting. That should not be allowed.

Site Report – Paul 7:58

The village looks very good now, site’s outta site. This past Saturday David, Jason, and Paul were out there. Took up the stage floor, the floor that is attached to the house on the village side. Took it and stored in wood world. Took down five or six ladders. Cleaned up one booth *(doors) who had left a whole bit of stuff (paper, camping,
lumber) since the fair. Removed all of that, returned personal items. The wood was stored in the lofts. The village looks good. The hardware is being stored in Keith’s shed in the middle of the floor. Looking very good. Hopefully it can be cleaned up before October next year. This stuff is supposed to have been done the Monday after. This is a reason we let people stay past Sunday night. If things don’t get done right away, they’re supposed to be done before the picnic. This is embarrassing for the village, because everyone else is held to that standard. The fair pulls it. It’s aggravating that the village doesn’t keep up on this. Info had stools there not tied up, etc… It’s aggravating and some people feel like babysitters. This might not be the politically correct way to think about it. As someone who stays til Monday, John feels as though he tries to help out looking for things to do. There might be a sign up list next year? Bob says there used to be a lot less to do to clean up. Now that the new regulations about no floors, lofts, etc… there is a ton more stuff to be moved the day after. The stage takes 4-6 people minimum (and they end up
injured) alone. As more booths are retrofitted, more work will be needed. We should plan and coordinate and organize.

Dianne defended Bob because the stage is friggin’ heavy and entertainment coordinator’s job didn’t used to be so heavy. There used to be a checksheet for booth coordinators for the end of fair. Some of these big things could be done Sunday night or Monday morning like camping stuff and ladders. People who can’t make prefair work parties might have the o[ption to do postfair work parties. This would all fall onto the booth coordinators as a responsibility.

David H. both agrees and disagrees with bob. As far as lofts, Tom and David had the house lofts and ladders up in < 1 hour. The stage might take longer. Paul and David H. had all the stage decks on the green wagon just the two of them with no injuryu. There is a list of coordinator responsibilityes

Taylor – If there were a list of things to be done on Monday that was posted not in some flustered person’s head, it would be a lot easier to help out. Not everyone in the village knows everything.

Coordinators know this, but not everyone does. What booths have ladders? These coordinators should be put on notice – they are not fulfilling their responsibilities. David H. has been picking up people’s slack for too long.; Coordinators get this list every yeart at the meetings. There should be a process and some accountability.

Jennifer – it’s a good idea to have a list of coordinators responsibilities – they may not be booth specific? They are coordinator specific for each booth, but are not booth specific. It might be good to have a check in with each coordinator and revise the list to make it detailed and up to date. This way the coordinators would know all of their responsibilities. There is a lot of information to be passed on from one to another.

Janet – Up to three years ago there was a list that was signed off on for each booth that had to be done. This had been Janet’s job and didn’t get passed on. This was in place for 4 or 5 years, but no one wanted to hold anyone else accountable. Here’s a rumor about the council you can bet on, no one likes to control other people. or “Here’s a rumor about the
council you can bet on, we are all a bunch of hippies, no one likes to control other people, we don’t want to be mean.”

Ben – Very responsible, the booth to whom he is lieson was in the worst condition. Wanted to mention that if there were a sign… there are continulal breakages in the top down flow of communication. People say they didn’t know – but what if there were signs. There could be pre and post fair signs at the entrances and exits to the village reminding people of their jobs.

Tim – problem one is accountability, problem two is that there are new responsibilities that are not in anyone’s yet. We should have group enforcement, each neighbor in charge of their neighbor’s responsibilities and so on.

Daniel wants to be sure that everyone realizes that there is a paper he gives people and goes over with coordinator’s responsibilities.

If there is a top down breakdown in communication, it is because the people being communicated to aren’t listening.

Keith – has a spreadsheet that’s done with a complete check off for each booth to be closed down for the season.

Samuel – It’s not outside the realm of possibility that communication isn’t presented clearly

The bottom line, says Carla, is that we need to sign people up to do work and pin them down because any amount of handouts won’t do it.

Construction 8:19 – Keith

The history booth or plaza or the empty space or whatever has been contentious over the last few years as to what it’s supposed to be. The restarurant wants a booith there for loft space. Keith thinks it’s nice to have it open beciase it’s green and there is sunlight. Do we want a booth there or not? We should use the space as the history booth one way or the other. There should be benches for people to sit on. This should be brought to a village meeting with A or B options. This will happen in March.

Tim – Right now, it’s been the way it is for two fairs. Someday someone will have an idea and enthusiasm to deal with it. Until then, we don’t need to do anything.

Carpooling 8:21 – Jain

The year that there was a worker bus we didn’t use it enough. Jen-Lin and Jain pilot a program for people to fulfill their workparty obligation by driving their large car or van to the fair several times on Wednesday and Thursday to drop people right by the front gate. Jain said she would bring it forth.

Here here

Would the fair pay for gas or mialage? The riders should chip in. The fair would facilitate getting the bus through the traffic.

Jain will organize a proposal and a small group. Call or e-mail to become a part of said group


Meeting space – We are trying to secure the church for next year, but we are not perhaps going to be allowed back because we left some windows open. They haven’t told us a clear no yet. We’ll see. We will also contact the Presbyterians on 15th. They have a large space and kid friendly stuff.

Taylor wonders if we have looked at the 1st Congregational church at 24th and Harris. They have peace camp there. They seem supportive of our stuff.

Part of the problem is Wednesday nights. Churches have stuff there.

Gray’s nursery in Springfield has a cheap conference room.

The Unitarian church? They charge a lot.

The YMCA charges a lot of money.

Last time we had to relocate, the majority of members wanted to stay in Eugene. A UofO space, if a club could sponser us?

Proposal from Dianne – 8:28 a motion for before the OCF BOD, bringing here as a motion.

I move that the excess revenue generated by the community village be retained in the community village to be distributed in a granting process to non profit groups.

Dianne has the background typed, please see her. It’s going very fast and my eyes and fingers are tired.

Daniel – what is going to be the answer to a figure for $x per camper that the fair spends. Security has 1,000 people and pay nothing, traffic has a bunch of people and pay nothing. We’re all volunteers too. If everyone has to pay their fair share, than everyone has to pay their fair share. People who don’t pay work 40+ hours. Construction works the most, traffic works the least. Shifts go from 4 to six hours. Leslie mentioned once that each person uses $100+ in just facilities. We, though are small.

Sure, some village people work a lot, but others don’t work at all. The granting committee will look at that to see what contributions groups make.

Tim supports this 100%. To move this though the board process we need figures and computations. Tonight, we should consense that this is a proper proposal and the council should bring it forward as soon as possible

The figures are from the tresurer and the board.

To be timely, it was new business at the last meeting and can come forward in November. This sort of thing doesn’t happen too quick. There need to be seven out of ten votes to do anything.

Asking for consensus that the council continues to work on Dianne’s proposal, and to bring it to the November board meeting. It has been concensed on and will be proposed to the board at the November board meeting.


Village webpage is outdated.

October 28 from 2-5pm, Kindtree 3rd annual maskmaking party with karaoke.

Friday at Cosmic at 7 there is a 2x feature film, Robert Greenwald’s Iraq for Sale, and Michael Farenti’s I Know I’m Not Alone

Oct 21 is the 35th Birthday of the Growers Market, with Wellsville and the Congegul Visitors, and some poets and shadow puppets. $5-$5000 sliding scale.

WoW Hall Annual meeting is December 9th.