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11/13/13 Community Village NOVEMBER

Agenda: Fair Announcements, Board Report, Unfair Announcements, Orientation Decision, Proposed Village Path, Front of fair/Craft Lot, Phone Tree

Intros: Jain {elder/LP}, Tim {Council}, Keith {Council}, Eric {arts}, Bob F P&J/stage, Lois {Council}, John {Fruit/Marching}, Horst {Doors}, Laura {council}

Conflict resolution Retreat this Saturday and Sunday at Alice’s workshops all weekend. Email jainelliot@gmail.com. This retreat will focus on how to be polite to people online and conflict resolution on Sunday.
CALC’s Cornucopia multi cultural celebration this Saturday Nov. 16th
Training for resistance to pipeline on Saturday 11:30-4:30 4:30-6:30 potluck and practice.
Post Office sit in @ Gateway Center post office this Saturday. Find info on Occupy
Village Notetaker Needed ~ Can be a shared responsibility
Wow Hall Membership party with Upstate trio members Dec. 7th @ 7pm

Orientation Decision: Announcement made about change to orientation meetings which will occur at Growers from 5:30pm-6:30pm and will be potluck. This will allow enough time to get to Village meeting after the orientation.

Discussion about proposed path into Village ~ Pendulum swing {was once open to new path but is now not open to new path the more thinking has gone into it},
We need answers to many of our questions before we can move forward with making decisions. Fair told us we didn’t have to do this if we didn’t want to. If they willing to be open to possibilities then this may make this smoother.
We don’t truly have specifics about width of path, etc. Who will be impacted by changes, the one year only’ies, who will be displaced in camping? The village is all of us together, not us against them.
Not enough info on history of fair to give a good opinion.
Not crazy about new path and where the yurt and pyramid are with people talking on the path it’s going to be very noisy. Where these entities are located now it shields them from some of the noise. We would need to move workshop space and maybe this could be moved to front of fair.
Not enough info from fair to really make such a sizeable decision. All info is on conjecture.
1) We’ve been sold a bill of goods by people who can’t deliver. Path must be 12 feet wide.
2) When you cut a path that wide throughout the village you have destroyed ambience of Village. When the tree fell on Sat. everyone came through Village as they cut off 13th and it was insanity.
3) This would be the end of continuity in Village and will have things to say to path planning and fair. Worried about decisions Fair will make about the Village.
People need to go to Path planning meetings to voice concerns. Next path planning meeting is Sunday Nov 17th.
Cart De Frisco could easily move to another location within fair. Seriously opposed to path in the Village. ~~
Change is good, if it was looked at as an opportunity to make the village a better place and if we had design rights we would have opportunity to make the village a better place. We could make Village a better place that showcases our mission. We are not there to make a fun place for our babies to play. We are not there to make a safe place for children. We are there to share our missions through our booths.
Objection of quiet spaces: there really isn’t anything that says we can’t move our quiet spaces and that we can’t make this work. Other booths have some good idea’s about where they could move there booth’s and make do with new areas. Spirit could move to the new entrance and welcome people into the spiritual oasis. Concerned about comments that appear to shut things down before any real discussion. It’s a mistake just to say no without considering everything.
Q. Do we have any experience with big change Fair has made to paths in the past? Yes, most recently they opened path by India house to drum circle. It’s the policy of fair that we don’t own space, the fair does and they can make changes due to booth usage, river movement, bank erosion, etc. If the fair decides for good of fair they can move anyone. ~~
Does not have to be fair or highway and if each booth could come up with a proposal to make this a good thing for each booth this could help us think about all of this in a different way. ~
We need to use caution moving forward in any decisions around our communication to fair and others about the possible disruption this could cause.
Really nothing can happen this year given the craft lot expansion and this will take all of Path Planning’s time as it’s more of a priority. Craft Lot: will give us an opportunity to throw out positive ideas.

Craft Lot Expansion: Meeting at Jen-Lin’s house tomorrow night Nov. 14th 6:30-8pm. Overview of previous topics. According to last meeting they want the whole area portable. Nothing should remain in the area after fair.
~~ Would like to see some kind of introduction to the village in craft lot.
~~ Would like to see a board or something that lists the booths and activities. We need a coordinator for the craft lot.
It’s not just drama activities but can have it as a performance space and from the outside people can see what the Village is like.
Eric discussed: Spiegel Tent term used. Def: “Dutch for “mirror tent” from Spiegel + tent is a large travelling tent, constructed in wood and canvas and decorated with mirrors and stained glass, intended as an entertainment venue. Originally built in Belgium during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.”
~~ Another individual indicated would like to do a fundraiser to purchase a dome and we could have different groups use the space at different times for different things.
~~ Different ways of thinking about craft lot were expressed.
~~ Dome is made of nylon and will not stop sound but will give shade. A 31ft dome can fit a lot of people in there and has vents. Would like to come up with a way to raise $3,500. If we had a structure and then we had the programming we can move forward. Keith knows a lot about structures.
~~ Doesn’t want to commit to raising $3,500 until we know more about what Village wants.
~~ Tim We need to ask each booth what they want to do in that space in {example: 3 hrs.} Someone will schedule the time.
~~ These are all just ideas.
~~ Eric will carry ideas to craft lot meeting tomorrow night. Craft lot needs to come up with a mission.
~~ With tents you need to have guide ropes and poles. The domes does not have guide ropes. People would see different advantages to it.
~~ Can sides be rolled up and rolled down.
Each booth costs $1,100 to build.
~~ Talk about GMO’s, volunteer base food buying co-op, local buying, as far as shape/it needs to have a draw.
~~ Have facilitated discussion groups and what we do as a village is have facilitated groups. This would be an opportunity for people from public to come in and participate in facilitated group on a list of topics that we would agree to and advertise before hand. People could come based on topic like controversial issues that would generate excitement. Sometimes consensus would be reached and other times it wouldn’t.
Would each booth be able to come up with topics? Sounds like family circus.
Spoken words topics would be great to have.
If everyone was willing to pay a $20 one surcharge they could buy the dome.
~~ Could the stage have an act out there in the dome? It’s always a possibility.
~~ Eric’s background was in theater for social change. Look up theater for social change.
~~ Whatever we do out there needs to be engaging and visually impactful. We could have installation art. ~~ Action Item: Craft committee will put together a report after meeting. ~ consensed.

Phone Tree: Move that we post pone this item to January when we have bigger Village meeting.

Unfair Announcements: Dec 2nd Sat. Steel Wool Holiday Market and Kind Tree will have their holiday cards on sale at booth.
~~ Our meeting was fun
~~ Extension service had to leave the fair grounds. The Kaufman Senior Center has been empty for 2 years and the City has decided to lease it to the extension service. This is huge and it’s currently being renovated to make a new home for extension service. Hope to be moved in by end of the month. In the backyard fruit trees, hoping to have a demonstration garden, etc.
Dec. 7th LCC Pow Wow @ 1pm and 7pm



Village Mtg. 10/9/13 OCTOBER 9, 2013

Intro’s: Jain {Elder/LP}, Lois I {Council/Elder}, Sue {Elder/LP} Sue {Board}, Karla {Council}, Diane {Council/Board}, Kate H {LP}, John W. {Fruit/marching band}

1) Announcements:
** Oct. 19th annual mtg/vote fest/ Lane County Head Start old Whit school @ 6:30pm arrive early.
** Oct. 20th Path planning 1-4pm at Alice’s
** Spirit Walk Oct. 18th ~ walk around the fair at sunset 6pm or 6:30pm @ the hub
** Country Fair Eval: Oct. 26th at Hilyard Community Center @ 1-4pm
** Conflict response conference Nov. 16th and Nov. 17th @ Alice’s. Please follow up with Jain if you want more info about the conflict response conference @ jainelliott@gmail.com

2) Front of Fair: Front of fair committee has met several times and the ideas are flowing. The committee has generated many ideas but now wants to bring ideas to the Village to ask for advice and will probably need to ask for some money from fair in order to make this successful. Fair response to space is: Space allotment is driven by ideas. Sue presented a map which is captured below. The new craft lot will become new loop with a nice big stage for dancing with dance pavilion.

Link to Map: http://ocfpathplanning.org/maps/CraftsLotDraftNov12013.pdf

Link to Craft Lot Planning Page: http://ocfpathplanning.org/craftslot/index.htm

Some of the things the front of fair committee discussed included theater as we have a resource for this. We could have a village theme such as climate change and possibly keeping this theme and having Eric work with this based around theater. Also thinking about using a sheep herder tent which is a caravan tent with pillows, groups from the village can come in and do demo’s and invite public into the village. Interactive theater would be cool as it creates a commotion and draws people in. We need covering because this location is flat and in the sun. It would be nice to have 2-3 people to regularly coordinate the old craft lot area. If we had 2 or 3 people to staff that area we could make an argument for extra passes. Inter booth collaborations with art and spirit or wild edible and spirit. 2 booths can be out there at once and work together. Craft Lot would like to be paperless. It would be good to have experts speak to different areas of specialties.

We want to show the fair we are serious about this. The better this is the more support we are going get. Could we get spoken word into our front of fair area? Could we build a relationship with spoken word to have them come and present on ideas in a salon like conversation? Would be a good idea to set timelines and goals for the committee so we can have something to present to path planning in Jan or Feb and if we are asking for money we need to have a proposal ready in Jan. for capital projects.

Ideas from Villagers: If we could get 4tipi’s we could have a tipi circle. We could make straw bales for people to sit on. The first year we would probably have access to the most space and as it fills in our space would become more limited. Could present how global climate change impacts peace, green earth, etc. Do we have people to staff the area? We could have booths submit proposals to be out there if we have more groups interested than space. Wild Edibles brought up an idea around how they present climate change and how plants represent this and show this. Energy Park is working on their own ideas related to Craft lot. We should carry our mission forward into the Village more. We could have banners hanging, slide shows, and interactive digital activities. Public Interest/ Environmental Law individuals would be good to draw into our group. Maybe P&J could make connections with them and invite them. Maybe drawing some of the people from the Village who could do some presentations around public interest/environmental law topics. If we did a salon style conversation we could have a presenter who hooks people into coming into the Village and exploring issues further. We could draw more people into Village by indicating at the end of presentation we will meet in the Village to discuss this further. A “hook” into the Village. It would be really good to have 1 person from each booth to be the point person who will disseminate info to their wider booth and communicate back. Each point person would initiate collaboration with other booths.

Action Items in order to move forward with committee:
1) We will be discussing Craft Lot/New Loop in every Village meeting. We can ask other booths to discuss this in booth breakdown.
2) Appointing a point person from each booth who will be the liaison for their booth to disseminate info.
3) Craft Lot/New Loop meeting Thursday October 17th 6:30pm-8pm @ Sue’s 176 North Grand St. {Jen-Lin’s house} Phone #: 541-688-6679
4) 2nd Craft Lot Mtg will be Nov. 14th 6:30pm – 8pm. Sue’s 176 North Grand St. {Jen-Lin’s house} Phone #: 541-688-6679
5) Action Item: Deadline for capital proposal to purchase canvas or tipi needs to be submitted by Jan. 15th.
6) Theme ideas: Climate Change, Got climate, It’s the Climate stupid, the inevitability of climate change and how to survive.
Village Consensed on basic theme being “Climate Change” worded in some wonderful way.

Proposed new Path into Village: Recent Path Planning meeting a short discussion occurred that Village had placed “new Village path” on back burner it. This caused concern within the path planning meeting. We need to get our questions answered that we have already brought up. What are our needs from the Village to make this work? What about security and all of the other things that have come up with this? Fruit Booth has a lot of kids and they are really concerned about safety and preserving the feel of the Village and don’t want an 8 style path through Village.

If the issue is that there is a bottleneck around a particular food booth why not find a better place for the booth? Concerns: Frontage on East 13th? What is happening about this?

Response from Sue there will not be booth frontage on East 13th. A possibility is Cart De Frisco moving which might solve a lot of this. The other concern is the bottleneck around tipi and yurt. They were talking about the entrance on east 13th being 12 feet but then it would narrow to 8ft. as it comes into the Village. There are 3 one year only booths and many conversations happening. The path is not going to be as wide as the 8 as this would be too big. We would not have security come in to complete sweep. We should take a look at the maps they presented to us and decide what we want to do and who could move.

Concern: Quiet space for workshops. This won’t happen if Village can’t consense on having the path. Is Liberty Coffee moving? We don’t know.

How do we move forward from here to get concerns addressed? Each booth was presented with a map from David Tippton when he presented at the Village. The map is “fuzzy” {defined: as not being well defined} because we are waiting to hear from all stakeholders involved. Nothing will be done until everyone has come to agreement and everyone is on the same page.

Ideas: form a committee for the New Path into the Village and then the committee can come back to Village with concise info. We need answer questions Diane sent out before we can move forward. Where will quiet area move to? Where will we have workshops? Fruit Booth drew maps of how the path might look and the concerns they have and they would like to be part of the new path committee. How do people’s concerns get addressed? How do we present solutions to concerns? The committee can address the Village concerns and Sue can work with David T. and Kirk to address questions that have arisen about space, congestion, etc. We are hearing more from people with concerns v. people who are excited about this. Might be time for someone to call some of the booth coordinators to spread the word and get a representative from as many booths as possible especially the ones impacted. A committee would have a more focused approach to all of this. As another thought the river is winning and 10 years from now we may not have strawberry lane.

Proposal: Liaison’s from Council will talk to each booth coordinator. Consensed ~ Next Council meeting will discuss this.
Proposal: Form a committee for proposed path into Village at Nov. General mtg. Consensed

General Orientation Having orientation at Village meetings is not working. Sue is proposing that we have 2 orientation meetings in Feb or March and or March and April to be held at Grower’s market instead of at St. Mary’s but the meeting’s could occur on same night. Info would need to be disseminated to booth coordinators and get info out to people. Maybe hand out flyers to newbies and tell them about the orientation meeting. If you would like to give feedback to Sue her email is: theolass@efn.org
Proposal: Orientation will take place March and April from 5:30-6:30 at Growers Market and will be potluck or snack food. Consensed.

Village Meeting Agenda Nov:
November 13th 7-9 pm meeting will be at Grower’s market.
1) Ask for Point People from each booth for New Loop/Craft Lot
Council Mtg Items:
1) Orientation discussion {Location? Time? Dates? + Fair family news}
2) Proposed path committee in Village and communication to booth coordinators.
Unfair Announcements: ~~ Flash mob at Saturday Market this week. ~~ Belly dancing cosmic Saturday evening. ~~ Jain is going to China Monday with Eugene Chamber of Commerce for 10 days.


Saturday, August 17, 2013

at about 1:30, the Community Village held our post-Fair evaluation meeting. Laura kept notes on the Village and Restaurant comments, which are HERE. I kept notes on other aspects of the meeting, as well as making a list of Decon items yet to be done. I may have missed some things…

I’ll start with Decon.

  1. Doors – strap deck pieces, put up floor and ladder, secure benches and counter wood. I belive Thursday is planned to do this.
  2. Spirit – secure benches
  3. Tipi – poles still there, please take home
  4. Wild Edibles – loose boards next to booth on ground, please remove.
  5. History – secure long shingle panel at bottom of back wall.
  6. LLL – put up ladder
  7. H&H – secure benches
  8. IC – secure benches
  9. Stage – put up ladder
  10. Restaurant – work in progress, Greg and Big John are on this…

Please get this done as soon as possible. Thank you.

Meeting Notes.

Village and Restaurant Eval notes to follow.

Youth Booth:
This booth needs a new coordinator next year. Little People wants to help and work together to improve function. Stay tuned.

Cell Phone Charging:
Joe wants to revamp and improve cell phone charging service. Should we limit it to essential personnel only? Should we put it in new Front of Fair? Should users be required to pedal their own charging session? Should we keep doing it at all? Joe will make a presentation next year.

Front of Fair:
Big John and signs n banners Scott wish to join the Front of Fair committee. Karla take notice… This Village outpost must be ready next Fair. It should not be just an advertisement for the main Village. Please do not use it to distribute paper. It could be a Village in miniature… There is a map online. Here is a link to the Craft Lot Planning page. Note that Energy Park has a proposal and WE DON’T!
The committee MUST get on this.

Activity Log:
Tim handed out forms at beginning of Fair to gather information on how many interactions each booth experienced with people asking about their services or activist information. About 6 booths then provided that info at end of Fair. Tim showed the filled out forms, and some indicated many more interactions than others.
Comments: Booth Coordinators should have been told ahead of time this form was gonna be used. This is useful information to have. Some booths are infrastructure, not really for interaction. All booths are different. Quality of interactions was not recorded. This could be even more valuable information. This is one way to get an impression of the public’s view of us.

We talked a bit about theft in the Fair. Comments: “we play the odds”.

That’s all for now.

Community Village Meeting 6/23/13
Omo Facilitator, Laura note-taker

Agenda Review ~ Fair Announcement, Archeology, Wildlife, Community, Board Report, Site Report,
Construction, Flowers, Path Planning, Front of Fair, Fire/Camping Rap, Voting, Registration, Admission,
Wristbands for little ones, Booth Reports.

Fair Announcements
~~ Kimberly Arts booth: Global Warming theme. Just a reminder Village wide scavenger hunt. Saturday
2:00pm-3:30pm art will be hid in each booth. Someone also needs to be staffing the booth during the
scavenger hunt.
~~ Thursday Moon Lodge @ 5pm women and men ceremony.
~~ Spirit Booth Friday morning opening ceremony 10:30am and we dress as the elements of blue water,
yellow for air, red for fire, brown for earth. We parade to main stage in parade at 11am. Please join us.
~~ T-Shirt order day is today. Please turn your order forms in. tyedyeking@gmail.com
~~ Green Earth Cocktail Party Saturday night {Costume Rainbow theme}
~~ Barter Fair on hold this year but there is a barter fair task force which will be meeting Sunday after the Teddy Bear Picnic to give input.
~~ Lyn ~ Childcare ~ Today also next week Saturday 12-4 and the following Saturday

Archeology ~~Jenny presenting. CV is the heart of OCF. Gratitude to the village expressed for protecting the fair site. The Village has many artifacts we have discovered by accident. We have a unique feature of not being able to dig. We are the messengers of our history. We have developed unique ways to build booth structures that preserve the earth. OCF holds some of the oldest sites in Willamette Valley. Please come and check us out at Archeology and learn more about the OCF site.

Wildlife ~~ Head of OCF wildlife crew Glenn hangs Green Tags to identify wildlife. When we build we often disrupt other beings here. If you see green tags please respect that area. Notify QM if you see nests or wildlife and they will notify Glenn.
Community: We have a relationship to our ancestors, each other, and wildlife. Thank-you for being partof the community.

Board Report ~~ No board meeting has occurred since the last Village mtg. Sunday June 30th is the next
board meeting at the fire pit @ 4 pm. Diane will post this info to the Drum.

Site Report ~~ We should be on the last of our rain which means things will be drying out increasing fire hazard. When we have a fire we have water buckets with burlap. The 1st response should be burlap in< water and use the fire extinguisher only as needed. Fire extinguishers last less than 20 seconds {8 seconds?) where as burlap and water last longer. Most fire’s are organic in nature. Don’t cut and leave brush lying around to pile up. We are running low on projects. Make sure you stay hydrated. Water at Main camp.

Construction ~~ the construction guys are at lunch but construction is happening! Fair site during pre-fair is a construction site and closed toe shoes are very important.

Flowers ~~ In years past Diane has gone and gotten flowers. Trader’s Joe’s now donates flowers to us but they need to be picked up on Thursday of fair and brought to Diane. They need to be picked up between 10-5pm. Barb Edera will pick up.

Path Planning Report ~~ No report at this time. During this fair look at the size of things, where things will move, the size of the path. The scheduled new path is for 2015. Jen-Lin will come out to site to discuss the new proposed path with those who missed the presentation. This will occur at 1 or 2pm.

Front of Fair ~~ For those interested in being a part of the Front of Fair subcommittee please see Karla.
The scheduled timeframe for the new front of fair is 2014 so this is an immediate need. The signup sheet will be kept in the info booth. You can also contact Karla directly and her info is listed on our website.

Fire Rap ~~Increased fire danger this year. Fire Extinguisher must be located in all booths. Must also have a bucket/water/burlap bag. Camp fire Saturday night unless fire danger is too high. No open flames, candles in tents, incense, no unattended flames. If you do have a candle you have to sit with it and it must have a screen. Please be aware, be alert.

Registered Voting Members~~ Can vote for board of directors and the The Jill Heiman Vision Fund. You
can also request absentee ballots but please turn them in as it costs OCF money.

Camping Rap ~~If you are a booth coordinator and bought day passes see John. We have not finalized SO’s or vehicle stickers. We don’t have enough vehicle stickers.

Admission ~~ Wed and Thursday 9am-10pm. If you come after Thursday you need to go to buck
stoppers. If your coming late please also try to let Karla know so she’s aware. Issues with band breakage or whatever else??? Contact Karla, Jay, or Laura Ratti, or Michelle.
Wristbands for Little ones ~~ Don’t put your name on wristbands for your children. Put “this child belongs to the Community Village” and the booth number.

CV Meeting – Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Location:  St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, Eugene OR
Facilitator:  Jennefer Harper

Childcare rap – pass the hat.  E-mail or call Lynn (carlyn.meilan@gmail.com or 541-485-4591) to arrange for childcare at next onsite weekend work parties. There will be onsite care on the following weekend dates:
Sunday 6/23 Noon – 4 p.m. (date of onsite meeting)
Saturday 6/29 Noon – 4 p.m.
Sunday 7/7, Noon – 4 p.m.

Hello’s – called out by booth

Agenda review (see below)

Fair announcements
Neighborhoods inside of Farside will be identified. Long term goal is to stabilize Farside Population.   Keith is on this project for the fair.
Art’s booth– Bring a photo of a favorite fair moment (8 ½ x 11), laminated and arts booth will use it for decorating
Please join Dances of Universal Peace out on the village green each day of fair at 1 p.m.
5 p.m. Thursday of fair, rituals will be started for men and women to open the Moon Lodge
Moon Lodge Fri, Sat, Sun are special ceremonies 4 p.m. each day (Maiden, Motherhood, Crone)
Sunday June 30 at 4 p.m. Board meeting is on site and is especially fun and interesting – you should go!

Host kindness – We’ve been meeting at this church for a number of years and we need to be mindful that we are guests and go by their guidelines, keep things nice and be respectful.

Board Report 
Diane – We met, did not banish fireworks, revising grievance process, 4th of July event may require wristbands.

Site Report 
If weather holds we may be in fire danger.  Restaurant is in process of being rebuilt.  There is firewood from the breakdown over by the Tipi location.  New 6 packs are under construction.

Coming out to site?  Bring your own water, use porta-poties at entrance.  For now, no mosquitos!

Construction Report 
General – Spirit booth stairway to loft needs replacement
Red tags in peace and justice and wild edibles have been repaired

Railings and misc. things around community house will be repaired

Restaurant construction report – pending.

Fire (Lois)- Who’s on Fire Crew – Everybody!  No open flames and no flame unattended.  Noincense unattended.  NO CANDLES IN TENTS OF ANYKIND.
Each booth needs a shovel, a min size 5 lb. fire extinguisher and two 5 gallon buckets of water with burlap bags.  See a fire – go to info booth to notify main camp, quietly spread the word.  Review of how to put out fires.  A discussion about having a ladder based on past fire issues was discussed.

Workshops (Laura) – schedule is on the website and ready to publish in Peach Pit

T Shirts (Rich) – Design was passed around on 8 ½ x 11 paper.  Graphic will be Glow in the Dark.  Choice of black or various tie die colors.  (note from note taker – Order forms were posted on the drum after the meeting.  Maybe this could also be posted on our website?).

Camping (Laura)  If you have not submitted your camping form, contact Laura or Ben via e-mail.  Any questions – e-mail Laura (nimbi10@yahoo.com) or Ben (stircrazyben@gmail.com) .  Keep camp footprint small.  No cutting of vegetation.  Chocolate is a good form of bribery.  Even if you are not camping in the Village, you still need to complete and submit a form so the Village knows where you are.  Ben has the forms so if you have a question about the form, e-mail him (form is posted on the website).

Prayer Flag Project
Diane First, there is a prayer flag project (note taker’s note – this was not on the agenda).  Write your prayer on a flag (we are celebrating air this year).  Use a black permanent marker (Sharpie) to write your prayer.   Flag cloth was blessed by the Dali Lama.  (Note taker’s note – Turn completed flags in to Quartermaster, Registration, Lucy Kingsley, the Art Barn or Indigo)

New Village Entrance Report – Diane
Entrance Report:  Kurt and David presented intention for new path from 13th St. into the Village.

Some things are not clear – how wide is the clearing?   Answer:  8 ft., 12 ft.
Where will we move displaced booths and areas?
Where will quiet space be established?
Payoff is more camp space and more booth space

We need a clear understanding of what is on the ground now, how the space would change.  We can revisit what we want to do in the fall.

Creating the new access is an option – not mandated.

Booth Breakdown –discuss and brainstorm the possible new village entrance.

Post booth breakdown discussion of new entrance:

Description of change:  Across from Chicken booth is a one year only booth.  The opening would go there and meander through, coming out where Tipi and Pyramid are currently situation.
Purpose of opening is to alleviate bottlenecks that occur.
Path planning group is willing to work with Village.  We would have option of adding new booths, one of which would have exposure on 13th.  This would also remove the “stuck in the corner” where people wander back towards Spirit Booth and Tipi area, and get lost or “stuck” there.

Read minutes to find out about previous discussions on Pros and Cons of this new change

Path Planners were very persuasive showing the benefits of how the new path could be a win/win situation, and that they would help us create more camping or more booths, whatever we want.  We would gain more space, bottom line.

Fruit Booth didn’t think this would be a good idea, but want to be solutions oriented.  New path could bring more business to fruit booth and restaurant.

Coming from main stage area headed towards village, you pass white bird on right.  On the left where there is a small sitting area and water fountain, that would be an open plan, and in the middle of that space is where there could be a booth at a second entrance into the village.  A windy path would come out where the Tipi is.  Pyramid could stay in place.  There could be 3 more booths along that path and we could get more camping space.  Children already have two escape routes.

As keeper of yurt, it diverts the flow of the river.  Now the village becomes part of the city, and could change the village as a whole.  Public would be streaming through.  Go big, move the whole village!  Have doubts we will do well as a village if we open this area up.

There’s a lot of potential with the change.  We should spend a lot of time when at the fair this year to take a really close look and observe what is happening there now, and imagine what would be possible with the change.

Having been former member of spirit booth, appreciated quiet refuge.  However there’s a lot off congestion that could be alleviated.  New entrance would create another place to be present for sweep.

I think we are in a rut, and this is a change that we want, and we should really consider that the idea is a lot better than we could visualize.

Main concern is Tipi.  Where would it go?

Feeling that impact on camping in meadow is not being addressed.  Fear is that it will become a gathering place late at night by the campground.  Suggestion to create a gate that could be closed at night to create more security and quiet in the village.  There should also be nighttime security there.  Right now that back space by tipi and yurt is a nice quiet space, and would be a loss.

Support for idea of gating at nighttime.

See a wonderful opportunity for more workshop spaces.  We can make more quiet space.  Current situation with Arts Booth is very tight and congested.  Can envision more places for workshops.  We can move things around in a beautiful way to create quiet space and make this work.  We just need to open our minds.  If we turn down the opportunity, the fair will start dictating how things will go for us.

Concerning persuasion, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  If you talk to different people on path planning, you’ll get different interpretations of what this change could mean.  Last year we got turned down for more passes because we are not fresh, we don’t do anything new.  We are one of the only few groups that have not had a pass increase in two decades.  We all need to carefully evaluate this move.  Chances are we’ll have more than another year to make plans because the Fair has so many other projects on their plate.
Unclear as to if this change is mandated or we have a choice.  Our understanding is that we can choose.  BUT if we decide against it, the fair will do as they wish with the space.  There is also concern that booths along this new entrance will not really be part of village space if they are on this little path.

We will also have front of fair space.  We can put a Tipi or Geodesic Dome or whatever structure we want over there.  Post script –   We should empower ourselves to own our Tipi, Yurt etc.  When we own them we can loan them to other groups throughout the year.

There is a strong understanding that they (Path Planning) will do something with or without us.  Feeling that it is better to be part of this planning and we will really gain from this.  Also get more involved with front of fair.  Leverage!!!!

We need to get more serious and together about putting forth a plan and presenting it too the path planning committee.

Very big concern is about losing the quiet area.  We need to measure and look at where we have things now, and figure out where they would go.

Restaurant construction report:  Restaurant has been deconstructed.  Rick is talking with Café Mundo folks and Fair Construction.  Milling of lumber is going on this weekend.

Code of Conduct Review – Jen-Lin
Note – Jen-Lin read the Code of Conduct at the meeting.  You can read these in the 2013 Guidelines Handbook, page I

We are an association of equals.  Each and every member of our community is entitled to respectful and equitable treatment by all other particpants.  The Guidelines apply whenever and wherever we gather for OCF activities.

The OCF is committed to the principles of non-violence.  Mental, verbal, physical, or sexual abuse will not be tolerated.

We share reverence for the land.  Stewardship is everyone’s responsibility.  Please help protect the plant and animal life whose space we share and work to extend this practice beyond the OCF and into daily life.

You also sign a community agreement when you receive your wrist band.

If this requires discussion we will put it on next meeting agenda.

Unfair announcements

Heart of Now Workshop this weekend.  Still openings.  Combining with Oregon Moves.

Notes respectfully submitted as accurate to the best of my knowledge.  Carolyn G.


Community Village Meeting 5/8/13
Tim M Facilitator

Agenda Review ~ Fair Announcement, Host Rap, Consensus Rap, Board Report, Site report, One fun thing, Silly Theme, Path Planning, Booth Breakdown, Reports, Unfair Announcements.

 Fair Announcements
~~ Please join the Om circle at fair. Trying to connect the whole 8. Om circle will be held at 11:11am Friday this year so public can participate.
~~ Kimberly Arts booth: Village wide scavenger hunt. Needs permission from all the booths to do this. Saturday 2:00pm-3:30pm art will be hid in each booth. Someone also needs to be staffing the booth during the scavenger hunt. Please discuss during booth breakdown and then follow up with Kimberly to inform of participation interest.
~~ Spirit Booth Friday morning opening ceremony 10:30am and we dress as the elements of blue water, yellow for air, red for fire, green for earth. We parade to main stage in parade at 11am. Please join us.
~~ David Oaks is coming home. 6-9:30 Saturday May 18th fundraiser and welcome home for David Oaks. We are building a ramp for him currently with the help of a group of villagers. We still need more support with cleaning the yard. The ramp is done but the handrail needs to be finished. Could use more hands tomorrow to clean all the supplies up and sorting things. Please follow up with Jamie and or Ben to help with clean up.
~~ Bob Fennesy went over stage schedule for fair groups.

Host Rap ~ Child Care Lynn also brought handouts to everyone about child care for work parties and the 4th will be sent out on-line. Dates for on-site child care: Sun: June 23rd 12-4, Sat: Jun 29th 12-4, Sun: July 7th 12-4. One more will be announced via email. We pass a hat and the money goes towards snacks, child care, etc.
Host Rap: Be polite to our host as they’ve hosted us for longer than 4-J. Don’t park in the neighbors parking lot.
Consensus Rap ~~ That we all agree to everything. Frog: Consensus: Try to agree but if there’s an issue you can block something. If you block it then the motion can’t go forward. Or you can stand aside and let the decision move forward without participating in the decision.
Workshop/Demos: The schedule will be on the website soon and if you have a need to follow up about workshops or demo’s please contact Laura Ratti.
Board Report ~~ Construction Report: $1,759 approved for construction plus some wood as a donation. Rick Boughton should follow up on details with Kurt of how money will be spent. Fair does not fund for profit or construction generally. This brought up a lot of discussion around how to address this. Does the booth belong to restaurant or the village? Once this was established that it belongs to the Village this made the process smoother. Every other food booth at fair has to pay for their own construction costs and maintenance cost so that caused a bit of concern. Discussion of board minutes will be in fair family news.
Construction ~~ Keith is not here but asked Tim to mention that May 19th potluck is not a work party and work parties do not begin until June or memorial wknd. But memorial weekend is only for tear down. We have wood that could be milled so if anyone has a mill please follow up with construction.
Site Report ~~ Red taggers are out. 3 booths had tree interference with railings. Alter able, Fruit booth both had issues with trees. The tools used at work parties in front of the house in the meadow are free for everyone to use during work parties but please respect them, don’t take them from fair, and be very careful with saws. Don’t abuse tools. Shady Grove six packs are partly dismantled and they may take one to the ground and re-build. On another note: If this weather holds we will be on high fire hazard. Sometimes it rains the week before fair but we can’t count on this. We really need to be on high alert this year. The 1st response should be burlap in water and use the fire extinguisher only as needed. Fire extinguishers only last about 20 seconds where as burlap and water last longer.
One Fun Thing ~ Craziness for 60 seconds to each his own.
T-Shirts ~~ Shirt design front and back passed around group. Tie Dye Shirt Colors: Earth, Water, Green Vegetation. Colors will be posted with order sheet. Order sheet will be on website tyedyeking@gmail.com and it will say you can request one by emailing tyedyeking. June 23rd you can purchase shirts at on-site meeting. In the next month please figure out if you want to order a shirt $13.00 a piece. Adult shirts, Women T shirts, Tank tops, and kids shirts. T Shirts could be glow in the dark. Any interest in this? Yes. Nothing on shirts about stopping nuclear power. If T shirts glow because of nuclear power some villagers may decline purchasing {joke}.
Silly Theme ~~Last month was serious theme and we determined healing climate change.
Laugh theme {everyone laughs for 30 seconds during fair and every hour on the hour} Discussion: Make the sentence shorter. Everybody laugh!! Also add Everybody laugh onto the T shirt. Every hour someone should hit a gong to announce it. Try to ensure its happy laughter. Doesn’t think it should be on the shirts. What if people begin laughing right as something is on stage? That’s why it’s every hour on the hour. comment: Disco balls are not banned but glow sticks are.
Proposal: Consensed : Laugh every hour on the hour.
dress as a pollinator {costume}
$9 food voucher {no}
Disco balls for all {hang disco balls everywhere}
Instead of sex and violence we could do sex and violins.

Path Planning Report ~~ Karla is asking that each booth pick a person to be involved in the front of fair group and what is developing in that area. Karla was hoping people could meet with her during booth breakdown but this may not be the best meeting for that. So each booth coordinator needs to get a name to Karla prior to the end of the meeting and she will then coordinate a meeting. Tim put the May 19th meeting in the theater of change, he also put Diane’s email in there. Lois is encouraging each booth to really talk about the front of fair during booth breakdown.
Context front of fair and ideas: Front of fair will have a booth area and we are being asked to create an attraction that is temporary. We could coordinate with energy park or do our own thing. We could have a rotating thing with each booth in there for a few hours. Healing Climate Change would or might be appropriate for Craft Lot. That is this year’s theme and the new entrance is occurring next year. We could carry the theme over to Craft Lot for next year. We need ideas around how much space we need, shade, no shade, etc. Something Green Earth does is to pick a petition and have people sign off on it. We could do a petition if everyone could agree to it. We could do an art project. What is the intention of this space? It’s also supposed to entertain fairgoers and be a cool thing. It’s an expansion of our mission. It would be great to do a workshop or demo in that space, maybe something to help people prepare for fair. If fruit booth is amiable to it maybe fruit booth could offer free samples. The fair has energy park that promotes alternative energy and we have CV promoting our values, climate change has been brought to everyone’s attention for quite some time. Maybe it’s time for the fair to step up and plan education around climate change and our planet. There are a lot of topics that we could cover about climate change and teaching people about the planet, it’s functions, ecological systems, teaching people that climate change is actually happening since there is controversy around this, and the fair needs to focus people on the issues of our environment. Everyone knows how to save the world or they have ideas around this and as one person put it last year is that the fair needs to step up and be fresh. If we come together around climate change this could be the piece we need to make the Village fresh.
Proposed Village Path: If you’re a booth who could be affected by the new Village path or you do workshops in the area affected by the path, or you camp in the area being affected by the path you really should come to our meeting on May 19th @ 2pm on the fair site and the discussion with path planning  is at 4pm. May 19th also happens to be wildflower festival at Mt Pisgah. So this could pose a conflict.
Booth Breakdown: Actualize Climate change theme, New front of fair, Path concerns, Liaison for front of fair.
LLL: Really like the pollinators theme, 2 representative on path planning meeting, and yes on scavenger hunt.
Moon Lodge: Opening up moon lodge for men and women for ritual Thursday night at fair. Sewing party Tuesday 11th of June men and women are invited.
Announcement by Tim: Send requests for theater of change to Tim.
Arts: Flaming globe global warming art project, 2 people who want to do theater in front of fair and they will join the committee, gorilla theater play about global warming. Talked about workshops and listed them all out and please check the schedule for when you want to do things. Please say yay or nay on scavenger.
H& H: Peggy Johnson will be liaison for front of fair. Going to make signs about global warming. Solar lights in booth this year. Will participate in scavenger hunt.
Wild Edibles: Spent time orienting people joining us. No plan yet on climate change but do have a booth potluck coming up where we will discuss this. We are on board with scavenger hunt but we would like Arts to find a space to put art. We will be phasing out plant walk as it’s getting hard to find a place to do and it takes a long time to accomplish. We are phasing in more in booth demo’s and presentations. We did a tincture demo last year and we will do it again this year. Melissa is front of fair liaison.
P & J: Liaison assigned and will follow up with Karla, will be doing banners and starting a discussion group to facilitate this, peace beads are now phasing out due to where they are made out but want to add something else in that is cost effective and environmentally friendly. Maybe using a stamp on the hand. They will be doing the scavenger hunt.
Doors: Had trouble with the theme due to nerds and nuts. Flooding planet with less psychiatric drugs, telecommuting lessens driving, trying to work out how to save the planet with our mix of booths. Yes on the scavenger hunt. Jamie will participate in path planning mtg on May 19th.
Info Booth: Reduce carbon emissions maybe skip every 4th breath. Yes on scavenger hunt but during that time it’s very crowded and it would be good to have it on outside of booth.
Spirit booth: Healing climate change, dedicate opening ceremony to Gia for climate change and healing change, if everyone loved each other we probably wouldn’t be in the climate change situation we are in, we will pass out hearts, stamps, etc. We will incorporate climate change into our own circle. EARTHOME will be something we are working on. Maybe our homie’s will be vibe checkers at front of fair. Spirit will get back with Kimberly on scavenger hunt.
Fruit booth: Having meeting Sat. and will figure out theme. Yes on scavenger hunt but it needs to be in the front because we deal with knives. We will also designate a liaison for front of fair at our mtg.
LP: will be making decisions Monday at our mtg. Will have art outside of booth. Have designated someone for front of fair.
CH: Jesse from Urban farm U of O will come share what they are doing there, master gardeners will have display of drought resistant plants that needs less water, composting, bird walks Saturday and Sunday morning, yes on scavenger hunt.
GE: Discussed participatory things about climate change, discussed front entrance, would like to focus on kid activities, need shade, making it environmentally focused. Yes on scavenger hunt but they would like the person to participate in prayer flag or petition. You could make the scavenger hunters do prayer flags or sign petitions. Will also keep pollinator theme and will apply this to cocktail party and add this to the rainbow theme.
IC: Have been meeting outside of the group, concept of community, inside of community village, inside of fair, both are communities, did not talk about healing climate change, yes on scavenger hunt, will defer on front of fair thing for now. Are waiting for ok for Sat AM circle intentional community exercise for opening circle.
Whoever’s looking for treasure will also be looking for containers. Climate change and carbon dioxide. Grow more trees. When carbon dioxide goes up more grows but nutritional content of plants goes down.

Unfair Announcements ~~
* Giant Salmon Climate Action Day in Salem http://www.oregoncaninfo.org
* Sewing Party: 4325 Daisy St. Springfield.
*Roller Derby next Sat Date Night ~~ if interested see Ben.
* Circle of Village School ~~ Needs a ticket for an individual who wants to come.  circleofchildren.org
* Youth Move: Youth Move is having group’s on recovery and self empowerment. They also have the heart of now program.
* Autism Rocks: Adult Prom May 18th goes until midnight. Silent Auction. Come over to Vets Ballroom upstairs after hitting up the David Oaks thing
* Steel Wool June 23rd Steel Wool for Occupy Medical.
* Peace Jam Slam May 10th and still needing volunteers. Health and Holeness festival May 25th 9-6pm  Special 5 course dinner catered by Sundance with a $10 suggested donation. Children 12 and under $5 dollars.
* Mother’s day pow wow @ Mac Court Friday at 7pm, Saturday at 12noon and 7pm and the dancing goes on somewhat later Friday night and Saturday dancing noon 10pm. Free

* World Naked Bike Ride for Eugene Saturday June 8th. Gather at 1st and Lawrence at Skinners Butte Park at 4pm and ride @ 4:30pm. Our motto is more ass less gas.


March 13th, 2013 Community Village Meeting

Greetings Circle

  • Agenda Review

Announcements and Reports
Host Kindness
Site report
Board Report
New Village Entrance
Round Robin ~ Village Values as they pertain to the restaurant
Booth Breakout
Village Theme ~ deferred to next mtg as we ran out of time.
Gather Round
Un-Fair announcements

  • Host kindness ~ Being kind and respectful to our host by cleaning up after ourselves, being out on time, being thankful for the space. As a village it’s our path in life to help others find their path.
  • Announcements and Reports ~
  • Elders retreat@ Alice’s April 6th and 7th. Don’t have to be an elder to join in you just have to like hanging with elders. Planning to invite board members to discuss community center.
  • Arts booth: We have a line of pictures at the arts booth of favorite fair moments. If you would like to submit one or more please print these on 8.5 by 11 and please pass onto Kimberly if you want them displayed at fair. Your favorite fair moment. Bring as many as you would like.
  • New member orientation ~ we completed the 1st orientation tonight and we will be doing another next month {April 10th} @ 6:30-7ish. There is a lot of info to get in. If you are new to the village please attend the orientation. If someone is interested in taking over and learning how to do the orientation {coordinating and speaking} please let      Jen-Lin and or Sue know.
  • Barter Fair: Will NOT be happening this year!!!!! Trying to get the word out so everyone is aware it’s not happening.
  • Community Center ~ kitchen facilities are getting smaller and there is a need for a community center. There will be a meeting at the Hilyard Center on March 18th. If you’re interested in learning more please go to the meeting.
  • New Drum v. Old Drum: Having Tech issues with the old drum. Now switching to the new drum. Mainly for the Village oriented discussion and content. It’s to discuss things that have to do with the Village. There is a join me button and Tim has put instructions in the theater of change or you can send an email to Tim at #. You can also participate by viewing the messages without joining.
  • Consensus ~ is easier when topic is simple. We have a gift of opportunity and a challenge to strengthen our community. What are our values? When we have time to discuss these things it’s helpful. We’ve agreed to allow some time at each meeting to discuss these topics that we don’t necessarily need to make decisions on right away. The quality of our words and actions will make these conversations more or less stressful. It’s wonderful to discuss issues at our meetings in person. Please speak thoughtfully and kindly and listen to others.
  • Work Shops and Demo’s: Laura brought forms if you want to present a workshop or demo at fair. Please turn in at the May meeting at the latest. People are already signing up for workshops. You can get form at the website. First come first serve and times and days.
  • Site reports ~ the site is walk able. Go take a hike.
  • Construction ~ on 1/27/13 Keith turned in a $3,600 request to rebuild restaurant at the fair office. The office never opened the blue prints and never looked at our proposal. This isn’t good. We may have to have a fundraiser, mid May, with a band, or something, something. We have to rebuild the restaurant as it’s falling apart and it’s unsafe. We need to raise money!!
  • Board report ~
  • Tomorrow morning Sue will be on the phone with everyone she knows to address the restaurant construction budget issue. Sue will call everyone and see if there is any juggling we can do. How it got lost in the office is beyond anyone’s comprehension.
  •  Barter Fair: Will have to move south of Miss Piggy’s to accommodate the new fair entrance. We worked for 6 months on this but couldn’t get it all completed for this year’s fair. There is a new task force forming and if you’re interested please send a self addressed envelope to 442 Lawrence St. Put Barter Fair on the envelope. We need those letters of interest by the 15th of April. We will select folks for the task force. We need to meet by May. We are doing this due to craft lot conversion.
  • Craft lot is hosting the second phase of craft lot discussion. This Sunday 3/17/13 from:          1-4pm at Hilyard Center. Come prepared. Please come!! If you want to get caught up on previous notes go to www.oregoncountryfair.net site. Mtg name: Stake Holders Invitational-Round 2 “Puzzle Pieces”–the future users of Crafts Lot (e.g., Dance Pavilion, Mothership, Food Vendors, Craft Booths, Stages etc.) Click on path planning, projects, studies, and planning tools. Pay particular attention to number 6. They want Village and Energy Park to be part of the craft lot fair conversion.
  •  Spring Fling 4th of May at Wow Hall. Captain Trip is playing and all proceeds benefit culture jam.
  • Spin ~ we are all representing different organizations and we are all about social change. This tool allows us to introduce ourselves in a different way. When and if bottle lands on you share info about your organization.
  • Peter Lull with the Seva foundation gave info about his organization. Seva (say-va) is a Sanskrit word for service. Seva Foundation was formed in 1978 with a mission to alleviate suffering caused by disease and poverty. A group of people traveled into south East Asia to eradicate small pox but they found many people who needed corrective eye surgery so since 1978 they have done over 2 million eye operations to correct vision issues. Please learn more about Seva @ www.seva.org
  • New village entrance: proposal to relieve congestion in front of liberty coffee and chicken place. There is also a concern about dead ends which we may have in the village and Fair believes this may be a safety hazard. They are trying to eliminate dead ends. There are some booths on 13th that can be removed as they are one year booths. They have offered this opportunity to discuss another way to access main stage. People would be going through village to access main stage. This issue will be part of the path planning committee. We really need 2 or 3 people to begin participating in path planning meetings. We only have 8 council members this year and we need help. Please look at the diagrams from the last month’s notes. Kurt and David are coming next month to answer concerns and address questions. Look at the entrance into the village and you will see both sides have room for expansion. This is just an idea. Nothing has been set in stone.

Round Robin on Village Entrance:
*This person likes the idea as it creates another entrance. You could come in and circle around and walk the other way. Giving another option is good.
*The area by wild edibles is a place for people to chill out. People are able to use this area for retreat.
* Fruit Booth: Village could potentially have a highway dissecting the village as there would be a highway through the middle of the village. Children may be less safe.  Even though we would have more business those of us in the fruit booth aren’t excited about it.
* Our Mission we want to spread social change to the wider world. It is for that reason that anything we can do to bring more people into our village we really should consider. Dismissing it out of hand because it will change certain characteristics in the village is not the way the way to consider social change.
* removing the tipi removes one of our areas for workshops and we really need to find another place for it. Maybe this will increase workshop participation in the end but wants to see where tipi and pyramid.
* Youth Power. Directs traffic in the “butt area” and feels this path would really help in addressing in this issue. They tell people all day that they can’t go further. They often have to put 4 kids in the area. This would make a huge impact in the amount of work youth power has to do to re-direct people.
* Having more traffic is a good thing.
* Workshop contributor: Opening that area would be great but the only concern would be our shoes. We need to find a place to put our shoes and maybe we can bring them in.
* Melissa Wild Edibles: Would feel a great deal of change in their area at wild edibles. This feels exciting that they may have more people discovering their booth. They are concerned about the dust on their booth, on their fresh wildflowers, and concerned about dust for people’s tolerance of dust. Perhaps the path could be altered to address concerns around dust and other concerns. Would it be possible to modify other areas to make this more viable and to address possible smaller footprint.
* Arts booth: Loves this idea and this area is a dead end. People get lost and this would address this. We could move workshops to a different area and this may make our workshops more accessible. Maybe arts booth could do workshops if we moved the tipi and addressed the dead end. It’s time to address our fear and let it go and try something new. We can address issues on dust and we can get excited about this and make this work.
* Spirit Booth: Concern about path as its being proposed may compromise part of the spirit booth where they do healing workshops and have a quiet space.
* Green Earth: With people that camp in the meadow and swamp we do our own sweep. With new path we may have to allow fair security come and do the sweep. It may take the security out of village hands and put it into fair security hands. The kids really benefit from the circle atmosphere. If we open it up would we could lose kids.
* Little People spoke up: The comments came from some of our youngest contributors to Village Children:  A young person spoke up concerned about children not being safe. Would the path allow more smokers?
* LP: Having a main trail go through the village is a bad idea as children are used to running through the village. Children are worried about not having as much space to run around.
* LP: Likes having free space to roam. Likes not having to yell at each other.
*LP: They like playing tag in the evening and a new path would screw up everything the village is. I think it’s a bad idea because we would be having fun and adults may tell us to stop.
Village is the heart of the fair. No highway through it!!!
* At night we are always talking about the problem with liberty coffee. This will probably be a late night hang out and will bring noise right up to our camping area. If we did do this maybe we could change area at 13th and campground area could be closed off at night. This may become another overcrowding issue.
* Fruit Booth: as a consumer if there’s a large group of people moving through constantly this may damper the spirit of the village. The Village is a safe haven and you can check out the booths and have conversations.
* Spirit booth: If you put a path through there you will impact the sacredness of the tipi, spirit booth, wild edibles, and you may be compromising the children’s safety.
* With whatever reasoning we use we should put the public needs above our Village private community needs. We really are here to serve the public.
* A lot of people go back there and then can’t figure out how to access main stage. Instead of putting a big path why not put a really small 3 ft path as a pressure valve to help direct those lost over to main stage. Put a sign there: One way, please don’t enter……………….
* People in the greater fair that are often lost in the hustle and bustle of fair like coming into the wild edibles area to have a mellow place to go. Believes that the Fair only wants to relieve congestion! On the OCF discuss board people keep asking why not move the chicken booth and or move liberty coffee to relieve congestion.
* What really tugs at this person is the little people stating they will feel unsafe. Opening a big pathway will change the village. Opening a small pathway may be good way to compromise.
* Doors: Optimistic about this and we can make community with whatever we have.
* knowing we are non commerce space is very valuable. The Village is looked to as a place to get out of the commerce areas.
* What the children are saying is valid. If you take a road and put in a cul-de-sac you lose the flavor of the cul-de-sac. It you take the cul-de-sac out you may as well change the name of the village as it won’t be a village.
* Likes this idea as it provides another way to access the stage that is not a main way to access the stage. This is a whole new entrance where we can be really creative and dynamic that can draw people in.
* First reaction to this was positive but then began looking at the quiet space/pyramid and wonders where these things will go. Doesn’t just want to trust and assume these places will be moved to a better place.
* Arts booth: feel it’s an opportunity to influence more people at fair but also looks at it like a river and if village is eddy then this will impact that.
* could we try a narrow path first year and see what it looks like and then maybe evaluate the issues.
* Green earth: New Village entrance gives more places for people to participate. It may also give a new seating/trash area which may be a good and bad thing.
* People might regard as short cut and people may “speed” through there once they know it’s there.
* People come to village for peace and quiet. How will this impact this? Paths begin as narrow and they gradually widen.
* Curious about other parts at the fair that are being asked to alleviate pressure/and or create new paths? /Is Energy Park being asked this? Is it being asked of other areas?
* Other path changes are being contemplated but they haven’t gotten as far as this one has. David or Kurt will be at our potluck in May to walk us through this.

Action: We NEED Volunteers to attend path planning mtg. Third Sundays of the month at Alice’s from 3-4. Volunteers???: Rosalie, Jen-Lin, Laura Ratti will volunteer.

  • Round robin 15 min max {Village values re: restaurant.} There has been a lot of talk about the restaurant serving Tuna. They will not be serving Tuna this year but what has come out of this is energy around our Community Village values.

* We are vegetarians {some of us areJ}
* Sustainable food
*We don’t kill our food
* Vegetarianism is an alternative
* Organic
*We value what the natives from this area consumed
*Value making decisions in a respectful way
*Value supporting individuals making their own good personal choices
* We value the sustaining life of other beings and this falls under love and justice
* Traditions should not be changed for the sake of change
*I value vegetarianism as a significant part of world culture and people all over the world are vegi. It’s a huge thing village offers to the greater fair as unique.
* Value food made with joy, love and prayer {not sure if person said prayer}
* Value respecting other people’s dietary needs
* Destroy less to survive.
* Value breadth of differences in our community
* supporting local farms in the Willamette valley.
* Value food consumption as a revolutionary lifestyle.
* Value what’s best for long term for the earth
* value of having acceptance for lowest common denominator ~ some people who are vegi that don’t eat meat would be the least common denominator.
* Good portion size for your money
* Value really good tasting food with really good service
* Value inclusiveness and differences
*Value balancing ethical food choices with ethical transportation choices
* Value supporting local fisheries.
* Value in our guidelines about progressive social change. Offering fish would be a progressive change
* Sustainability
*Historical precedence.
* Value good info so everyone can make an informed choice.
* Restaurant worker control and profit share
* Village honors the choice.
* Food safety
* Waste management
Action: Council needs to now group these into bigger patterns.

  • Booth Breakdown 8:20pm ~

  • Village Themes: 10-15 min ~ we were not able to get to this. Notes from last meeting on the back of the “theater of change” from our last meeting and if you like some of the ideas you can build off of them and talk about them in booth breakdown. Is there anyone who can’t live with doing climate change as part of this year?
  • Silly
  • Substance
  • Eligibility Forms: Due April 10th and we will be doing Eligibility meeting in May. If you did not receive an eligibility or camping form tonight and you don’t have access to the internet, or a printer, and or your booth coordinator you can call Laura @ (541) 513-7568. If you are willing to stop by @ 1240 Charnelton and you call ahead I can have individual forms printed for you and ready for you to pick up. They will be in an envelope with your name. PLEASE DON’T SAY YOU ARE THERE TO PICK UP A VILLAGE FORM!!!!!!!!!!! You must use the secret code phrase “LAURA LEFT ME SOMETHING IN THE PICK UP BOX and my name is “whatever”” You must call me prior to make arrangements though as this is my place of work.

  • Gather Round 8:45pm ~ Booth reports

Green Earth: Cocktail party Saturday rainbow theme. Theme: Climate change also really want to keep things fun such as pollinators with tails.
Health and Healing: 4 new members and other older members. For new people coming to pre meeting this is a great thing. SO Passes have changed to $80.
Areas: construction covered.
Youth Power: Price of teen passes will cut down on the number of teens accessing fair this year. May also impact cart suppliers?
Art: Excited, stepping up to try and make booth “WOW” material. Discussed requirements! There are a bunch of new people in our booth. Want to get more kids involved.
Intentional communities: So many people have come over the last few months. ~ Excited about all the new people but anxious about who gets to come and who doesn’t with limited resources.
Peace and Justice: A couple of new groups joining this year.
Little People: Lots of new young people this year
Life Long Learning: Support climate theme but also suggesting bees
Spirit: Good conversation, OM circle, wants the OM circle to have more public involved and more villagers. Welcome OM under the umbrella of sustainability. Something representing earth and         inter-connectedness.
Wild Edibles: Frantic on time… ran out of time, new people are joining.
Master Gardeners: Was a booth many years ago called “local self reliance”. ~ OSU extension Service Programs Mondays and Thursdays 10-1pm and 2-5pm 783 Grant St.

  • Circle unfair announcements ~

* Grants pass south satellite meeting this Sat 16th, Contact Drake for more info.
* Sunday is the north satellite meeting in Portland.  Contact Drake for more info.
Arthur rode his bike on 2 wheels for the first time today
* This Friday night at WOW hall STEAM electronic dance party from 8-2am benefitting Kind Tree.
* Lane county propagation Saturday March 23rd ~ design your own fruit tree ~ free plant and seed swap ~ just bring yourself but if you have seed you can share please bring.
* Frog is 65 and proud of it.
* Michael is turning 60 today. Another peace event coming up. March 23rd. 10th anniversary of  start of Iraq war. This will be at Unitarian Universalist church at 7pm.
* Master Gardeners ~ OSU extension Service Programs Mondays and Thursdays 10-1pm and 2-5pm 783 Grant St.
* Oregon Universal ~ first Friday of month free community event, potluck, live art, dancers, please come one please come all.
* Circle of children village school Triangle Lake. Hosting weekend work parties to manifest our youth programs. March 30th seed exchange ~ free
* Krishna ~ low cost yoga classes ~ 1st congressional church
* Pick up copy of Eugene occupier. Come to planning meeting for naked bike ride.
* David oaks new wheelchair ramp being coordinated by volunteers. Fair family has been helping. Ben is about to post a list of needed items. See Ben for more details.
* 98.5 Secret Radio station: Friday Saturday Sunday programming. Jennefer is on air every Saturday from 6-8pm
*Riley Campbell {son of Dyan in Doors booth} celebration of life next Thursday March 21st Unitarian Universalist Church 13th and Chambers @ 5:30pm www.kindtree.org
*Sprout Film Festival This Friday at Wildish Theater beginning at 5:30pm and tickets can be purchased at the door.
* Steel Wool ~ Tim, Nel, Randy and Tiyar are in the www.steelwoolband.com
new album “all the love in the world” now on sale.

thank you, Nel and Laura


Community Village Meeting Minutes, February 13, 2013

Hello’s ~ Facilitator Samuel Rutledge
Agenda review
Fair announcements
Host kindness, etc
new member orientation
New Drum
Consensus review
Site Report
Council Confirmation
Decision: Should the restaurant be allowed to serve tuna? (25 min – Keith)
Construction Report
Village themes, discussion:
one of substance
one for fun
Discussion: Path Planning possibility (15 min – Sue T)
Booth Breakdown: What theme would we like and what would we do with it? (20 min)
Booth reports: (15 minutes)

1.) Agenda review ~ Sam’s perspective on consensus. Helping the group to get to wherever they need to be. He will not push group towards any one answer. To facilitate a discussion and if there is consensus that is what Sam is here for but if there isn’t consensus then we move on. Our goal in participating in this process is to always move towards consensus but if we don’t move forward we come back and re-open the discussion. If we do it right we all walk away with decisions we love.
2.) Fair announcements:
~ Fair has acquired 2 new properties: Henderson campground and a part of Farside. We possibly own both sides of long tom now which makes the Fair property huge. Please remember to BYOWB!!
~ Stakeholders meeting for those that camp in the south woods March 9th. The location~ TBD
~ March 17th there is a path planning meeting {2nd discussion on path planning at Hilyard Community Center}
~ David oaks Mind Freedom director and long time member of Doors booth broke his neck in accident on Dec 1st. His home needs to become ADA accessible. We need volunteers to help with this conversation. Time, Money and Supplies all welcome.
~ Nikki Swan {art booth} baby came 3 weeks early. Has down syndrome and many other special needs. Massive fundraising occurring for this family. They are still in Portland at OSHU. They need people to help with preparing meals, help with donating time and money, etc.
~ A great way to fundraise is to do a concert. A great way to do this would be to rent the WOW Hall or Cosmic pizza for both of the above situations. Steve would be willing to try and coordinate something with the Village to raise money for these families.

 3.) Host kindness, etc: We are at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church. Please park where you are supposed to and not where you are not supposed to. Please be respectful and put chairs away.

4.) New member orientation: Sue and Jen-Lin do new member orientations in March and April 6:30pm to 7:05pm. Anyone who is new or hasn’t heard the raps in awhile please come and join us prior to the meeting. Is there anyone with an interest in doing new member orientation as Sue and Jen-Lin would love to train others to take this role on? If you are interested please find Sue and or Jen-Lin.

5.) New Drum: new-cv-drum@googlegroups.com (See the link at the top right of this page) please sign up so you can participate in discussions. The new drum has many benefits that the old drum did not have. If you have problems signing up to the new email please send an email to the new Google groups and Tim will approve you.

6.) Site Report ~ we have had flooding. Site open 9-9pm. Shady grove is eroding; shady grove stage may not be there forever.

7.) Council Confirmation: Done, Done and Done.  Previous meeting Council members stood, Council members waited until Council Meeting to identify if anyone opposed standing Council members, this meeting is to confirm who stood, if there was any opposition, and if there wasn’t to move forward with current Council members.

8.) Discussion: Should the restaurant be allowed to serve tuna? (25 min – Keith): Café Mundo made a simple request which has become more complex to serve fish taco’s and pole and line caught tuna. Lori does not want to alienate or divide the village. This was just an idea. The letter written by Lori is in the theater of change. Also here
a. Factual info: Sue is on food committee and checked in with the food committee. Jen lin says: The guideline they have established is to put all new restaurants on a 2 year probation period and not to change menu until the 2 year probation period is up. The Village has a process with fair and no matter what we decide OCF will not do anything about this for another year. If we were to choose a new menu or restaurant the deadline is May of next year. Process: Res. Selection committee determined if the reviews were positive from the first Fair for the current res. then we would extend their contract for another 4 years. We will do another eval. At the end of the 2nd year just to check in about what worked or didn’t work.
The restaurant committee advertised for a vegetarian restaurant and we have had a vegi restaurant for 37 years. We had applicants who offered fish as part of their menu but we said no to them because they offered fish.
Is there anything in our agreement with the restaurant that states Vegetarian Only? It’s implied that it would vegi but it’s not in black in white.
b. Letter from Lori: Tim read Lori’s letter and here is a summary. We offered a suggestion, it’s only a suggestion. We will continue to offer vegetarian options and a great menu. People asked for a meat dish and this is what we responding to. Again this is only a suggestion. You can contact Lori with any questions.  Cafemundo@charter.net
c. Concerns/Dialogue: {Bullet pointed for ease of readers}

  • Possible mercury contamination.
  • Young fish have less mercury
  • OCF food came up with a guideline that new restaurant are in a probation period for 2 years. No one from fair food committee is here to respond to this. No changes can be made to menu until after probation period.
  • Would fish items be replacing some of the other non-vegetarian or vegan items? We don’t know but they indicated that they would still be offering vegetarian/vegan options.
  • Why are we are rushing this? What about all the people who voted for a vegi restaurant? People might be upset about a change. We need to take more than 2 years. It’s important the process be very inclusive and include those who can’t make it to meetings or do not live in the area.
  •  We should take this process and allow it to work over its course.
  • Restaurants responded to a vegi request and we can’t change the process after the fact. They got voted in on that menu.
  • Would it expand our carbon footprint? On an impact level if we increased our choices on the menu it would increase the footprint of our village.
  • Concerned about the odor of cooking fish on the surrounding booths.
  • Want to remind people we are not rushing a process as there is no process and this wasn’t a that Lori came to the Village with; it was passed onto Keith who brought it to the Village. It was only a suggestion.
  • What about Park St? They changed their menu because the options weren’t satisfying the Village.
  •  In note on the carbon footprint. A Villager’s parents have a fishing boat and they have quota’s they need to meet and they are actually sustainable and don’t increase footprint.
  • The boat would need to not rely on fossil fuels in order to claim it’s not increasing carbon footprint.
  • Hx: Purpose of the restaurant booth was to support the planet in the best way possible. When you look at prices of king wah and that people who rely on this in other countries can no longer afford it that is not sustainable. If we promoted something like meat in a sustainable fashion we would be unique.
  • We have CV guidelines. We are part of OCF family and are supposed to be dedicated to progressive social change. If we have been attached to the same thing for 37 years I don’t see this as change. This is the status quo.
  • People say we need to discuss this for many months to include everyone but in fact only the people at the meeting will decide this.
  •  The smell: You’re worried about the smell of tuna but what about all the rest of you who are camped next to shitters? What about that smell? {Humor}

Proposal: Table discussion until next month as we don’t have consensus.

9.) Construction Report: deferred to next mtg.

10. Village themes, discussion:
last year’s theme bubbles. This year’s theme? Propose a theme of substance and propose one silly fun. one of substance: climate change and how your booth can reduce climate change~ civility or nicenning on your cake~ make it all about the bees/pollinators~ healing the village {related to villagers in need}~ Hug the cooperate person. Demonstration on climate change from each booth with a larger theme around climate change to tie it all together~ We should support a $9 minimum wage/$9 minimum food vouchers~ Violence education/ Climate: how hot can we make it~ earth too big to fail~ healing CV and healing global village~ choose love, potty training {see below}serious theme   fun theme

one for fun: on the hour everyone laughs~ Dress as a pollinator~ live on the moon~ laughing with substance~ different kinds of laughs~ everyone where a tail, change your underwear, change the world ~ It’s the climate stupid ~ buy nothing day ~ $9 minimum food vouchers ~ and we need to do something with bubbles as we all now have bubble machines ~ spacey ~ team of people stationed at porta potties to teach people how to clean themselves without toilet paper ~ fortune cookies ~ we are each other’s fortune cookies

future map Proposal for new Community Village entrance (Jan. 2013, .pdf, 1.0 mb. Big file, .pdf, 4.9 mb)

now map 2012 Community Village entrances .pdf, 608 kb. Big file, .pdf, 2.5 mb)

12.) Discussion: See Path Planning pictures above. Path planning possibility (15 min Sue and David) ~ an idea was floated. It’s not going to happen this year!! REPEAT ~ it’s not going to happen this year!! What is being thought about is a second entrance along East 13th. Benefits and draw backs to this idea. We would like to introduce you to this idea before rumors start. Map presented with concept and copies will be given to booth coordinators. David is from red tag construction and path planning committee. We are a board elected committee and are a combination of different crews. We look at ways to make fair more comfortable for people. We look at adding new benches, new paths, etc. Fair is getting larger and mostly it’s us that are expanding. Something we look at specifically making things more comfortable. One of most congested spots at fair is liberty coffee outside village. There is really little opportunity to add seating space. There is significant opportunity to make changes to this part of the path where a number of 1 year turn over booths are on 13th. If we created another entrance we could create more camping, more seating, but would need to move pyramid and tipi to make this happen, or possibly just turn the pyramid around. This would be an opportunity to spread out, to add to help the whole fair. It would create bench space and increase space for the Village. The fluidity of this new concept would make the fire lane area safer. David will come back next month with Kurt Sholtz to address concerns and answer questions. Path planning committee represents a lot of people and everyone voted that it was a great idea. We just want you to consider it. If you go to Family website, you will see a link of maps, including these maps. Action: Please see your booth coordinator for a copy of the scale map. David will be back next month and we will also put it on the CV website for people to look at.  

11.) Booth Breakdown: What theme would we like and what would we do with it? (20 min)

12.) Booth reports: (15 minutes)
Green Earth: had lots of ideas about path planning and will email their ideas. They also discussed theme and cocktail party on Sat. will the Rainbow Cocktail party.
Community House: will be there again this year. Extension service has a number of problems that people think they disbanded which they have not. David really wants to get the word out that the extension service is not gone. 13th and Chambers may possibly be the home of extension service. 4 H is back. David will bring handouts on this. People need to learn to grow and preserve their own food.
P&J: like new path plan. Will work out their SO and camping passes and discussed new reg guidelines.
Intentional Community: will engage people in mornings through new exercises.
Village info: Store info in shed and mice got in and it leaked out.
LLL: Great meeting.
Little People: Looking at other ways to communicate besides mass emails.
Arts: decorations, returning people/new people, love path idea which will relieve congestion.
Spirit Booth: Talked about upcoming mtg’s and discussed new path which they like.
Fruit booth: Talked about things and had a meeting last Friday and talked about supporting David Oaks with some of the funds they raise. Fruit booth will be raising funds for Nicolette and others who are in need this year.
H & H: pathways overall they like it. Discussed SO passes.
Youth Power: ways to gather more youth and teens.
Doors: discussed dedicating this year to David Oaks. Like the idea of people not getting stuck at our dead end.

COMMUNITY VILLAGE Meeting Minutes January 9, 2013

Council Present:  Tim, Diane, Nathan, Paul, Lois, David, Keith, Karla
Council Absent: Jennefer
Shadows Present:  Laura
Shadows Absent:  Ben, Drake
Facilitator:  Percy Hilo

Hello 2013
Om circle and greetings all around (name and booth)
Announcement: Childcare available during meeting – Hat passed

Fair Announcements

  • David Oaks broke his neck.  Is in Sacred Heart and Jane will provide contact info if you’d like to visit David in the hospital and share healing energy.  Prognosis is that he will be paralyzed from chest down.
  • Carol Satej of Arts Booth and long-time CVer passed away from Cancer on Sunday.  Obit is in yesterday’s paper.
  • CV Drum has had problems with the EFN site.  Tim set up a new site on Google – some have access.  Tim has left both sites up so we can evaluate. More below…
  • Mountain Michael Morrow passed away in Oct.– see Carolyn after meeting for more info
  • Nathan will not be attending Fair this year so will not stand for council and will not be managing the camping.  Ben and Phil will be taking over, upon Council approval. Ben wants CVers to use this Voice Mail:  541-EL-WHARF
  • Veggie Report– 2 floods, site o.k. walkable – wear at least ankle-highs.  Still flooded up towards Toad Hollow.  Also swampy by Sauna
  • Sunday 1//20/13 – Barter Fair meeting at Alice’s – see FFN for time and specifics

Early Registration Deadlines

  • New Fair Regs require us to have our member registration completed much earlier.
  • Some of the rules around deadlines for teen, youth and S.O. passes and day passes may change.
  • Fair wants all moneys collected for passes by early June.
  • May 10 is last meeting to turn in registration forms for CV.
  • Eligiblity forms will need to be completed at the April Meeting.
  • Teen passes are now $45 and S.O. passes are now $80.

Restaurant Proposal

Next month’s meeting will continue this discussion and hopefully reach consensus…
Café Mundo would like to propose an amendment to their menu.  They’d like to add Alabacore Tuna selections (tacos, burgers, etc.).  All Tuna responsibly harvested, line caught, under 20#. Café Mundo would adhere to strict procedure of keeping “non-vegetarian” foods separated from vegetarian foods.
They feel it will increase their business and attract more people into the village. Here is their messagel:

           To The Community Village,

We would like to propose an addition to the menu for Cafe Mundo at Community Village Restaurant. A couple of our most popular menu items for the last 15 years at our restaurant in Newport has been the Albacore Tuna Burger and Fish Tacos, also made with albacore tuna. The burger is a 5-6 oz. portion of grilled tuna fillet served on our home made wheat bun with wasabi mayonnaise, tomato and lettuce, ala carte or with a green salad. The tacos are 2 per order and also feature the grilled tuna on corn tortillas with a mild lime chili Mexican crema and cabbage slaw. The fish we use are of the highest quality, line caught, flash frozen and weighing 20 pounds or less from offshore the Oregon Coast.

We understand that this would be a departure from the vegetarian only policy that The Community Village has traditionally held for it’s restaurant and we understand the concerns that someone with a strict vegan or vegetarian  diet might have with pescatarian items being prepared in the same cooking space.
In order to insure there would be no mixing of vegetarian and non vegetarian food items we would maintain completely separate areas for storage, prepping and cooking. Throughout the years of owning our restaurant we have successfully served both vegans and carnivores daily.
We believe by adding these items to the menu we would be honoring the peoples choice to eat as they choose with no judgement from others and it would appeal to a larger customer base at the fair. We had requests for something not vegetarian at last years booth by both Fair attendees and some CV members.
We also noticed long lines outside other food booths offering non vegetarian menu items. This in turn would potentially increase exposure and attendance to The Village itself.

Thank you for your consideration of this proposal. We learned a lot from our first year at the Fair and we look forward to providing everyone an even better dining experience this year.

Laurie and Greg Card


  • Food committee will make final decision
  • Person who is Vegan stated that he honors other’s food choices.  His concern would be how it would affect people camping near where the food is cooked.
  • Determined we are just putting out opinions at this point
  • We should be able to make a decision because everyone knows the meeting is tonight so the individuals present should be able to make a decision
  • Non-vegan very happy about offering
  • Compared to smell of 6 pack, smell from cooking albacore should not be objectionable
  • Likes idea of offering responsibly harvest fish.
  • Nathan knows the fishers and they have quality reputation – very conscientious
  • People with tons of food allergies feel this tuna offering is wonderful
  • Fair is about respecting others, so acceptable
  • Smell from exhaust way worse than smell of cooking tuna
  • Sue – channeled by Jen-Lin – This is a huge change for the village.  “There are meat restaurants everywhere at fair”.
  • Sounds like we need to wait ‘til next month to make a decision
  • Announcement will be made on Drum to inform members that we will make a decision at Feb. meeting.
  • Peeps need to understand that there are a lot of deep feelings among vegetarians that are deeply spiritual and/or political

Stand for Council
Tim gave an explanation of how we stand for council.  You give some information about yourself – why you want to be on Council.  There are two weeks until next Council Meeting to have conversations with those who are standing – work out differences.  If there are objections, individuals can come to the council meeting (Januray 22, Growers Market, 7pm) to express their opinions about anyone standing.  Then there is opportunity until Feb. Village meeting to work out differences.  The 2013 Council gets approved at Feb. meeting.
Question – Is tonight the only night a person can stand for Council?  Answer YES
Comment – If we have issues with certain individuals who are standing, we should try to work those issues out on the side, not in front of the whole group.  Objective is to be kind and fair.
Comment – A person can also stand to be a Shadow Council person.  That person can take on extra responsibilities, helping out the council, doing extra tasks, get an idea of what is involved before making bigger commitment.
Comment – Changes were made concerning stand for council process last January.  They are on the drum.  They can be changed any time.
Comment – Council is like a steering committee.  Council meetings are held once per month, and twice in June.  There is a lot of extra time involved interfacing with fair, attending work parties, working shifts during fair.  Bottom line, it is a big time commitment and it is very rewarding.
Comment – Council people are liason with the Fair.  Council needs to attend Fair functions – booth coordinator meetings, etc.


  • David Hoffman.  Started with Fair through Master Gardener, and active with Veggies
    • E-Mail:  Fixit@efnorg
    • Phone: 541-484-9204
  • Lois:  Started in 4A, then spent some years with Youth Power, then stood for Council.  It takes a while to get the drift of the position.  Also an Elder and Master Gardeners
    • E-mail:  N/A
    • Phone:  541-836-2670
  • Diane: Long time CV person, involved in other parts of fair (BOD, Elder)
    • E-mail:  iriedi@yahoo.com
    • Phone:  541-933-2584
  • Keith 8 years on Council – does Construction, water, Loves being on Council
    • E-mail: quackerbacker1@msn.com
    • Phone:  541-513-1238
  • Karla, been in village since 1980.  Deals with accounting, wrist bands, liason with Fair Admissions.  Loves being involved and would like to continue
    • Phone:  541-337-5319
    • E-mail:  kjcaudell@yahoo.com
  • Tim Mueller – started year 2000 with Autism Rocks.  Since on Council helped building of Info Booth/House, construction, keeps track of past records (passes allocated, etc.), likes to help CVers solve issues; does Newsletter Theater of Change, and posts notes from Fair and is webmaster.
    • Phone:  541-521-7208
    • E-Mail:  tim@gwproj.com
  • Laura – has been with Doors of Expression.  Last year she shadowed Shadow Council, taking minutes at meetings (general and Council).  Is a good communicator and likes providing accurate information.
    • Phone:  54-513-7568
    • E-Mail:  nimbi10@yahoo.com
  • Paul Sass – Started at Village in’99.  Has been on Council about 8 or 9 years.  Started in Green Earth.  Shadowed before actually standing for Council.  Has been doing post-fair Deconstruction.
    • Phone:  541-689-3709
    • E-Mail:  psass731@aol.com

Confirmed Shadows: Ben Barrett, Drake Eubanks, Jennefer Harper, and Joe….

Construction Report
Keith made a concept drawing for the restaurant.  Front is more Gazebo style.  Lauri and Greg have an artistic friend who will paint colored canvas to cover the front of the restaurant.
The restaurant will have two lofts on top.  Capital budget request will be $3500.  The two upper sleeping lofts alone run $900 each in materials.

Booth Coordinator Meeting Report (to adjust to new deadlines):

  • Eligibility form deadline is April 10, prior to General Meeting on April 15.
  • Registration and money deadline is May 19.
  • Vehicle passes, teen, S.O. requests all need to be turned in much earlier this year.
  • John and Jane are working on reassignment of passes after the deadlines – based on updated requirements.
  • Go here for the complete notes of this meeting

Comment – we need to strive to get our forms and assignments in on time and as accurate as possible.
Comment – essentially everything is move up one month.  Booth coordinator meeting will be on April 18 at Growers.  At that meeting the allocation of passes will be known.  Everything needs to be done and money in by May 19th.
Comment – Satellite meetings need to be moved up, tasks taken on earlier and everyone needs to be more pro-active.
Comment – C.V. Work Party and meeting attendance has to be rethought out since we still have 2 ½ more months to attend meetings and work parties.
Comment – Camping forms and Eligibility forms are now being updated – more user friendly.  Melissa is updating eligibility form.  Laura is updated camping form
Comment – Checks should be made out to “Oregon Country Fair”.

Last year we did BUBBLE SPIRIT OF LIFE and everyone had fun with bubbles.  This year do we want to do something more substantive?  To be continued.

8:15 p.m. BOOTH BREAKDOWN *****************************
Village Picnic
Jen-Lin:  Last year we had our first village picnic first day after Spring Fling.  Let’s have Village Picnic on May 19th!  Everyone seems to be in favor!

  • Extension Service and 4H is in service.  See David Hoffman for more info.
  • High Priestess – Event this Friday at WOW Hall, hanging from sharp hooks.  Info at High Priestess and on their website.
  • Planning meeting for Naked Bike Ride, Sunday 1/13 at 5:30 p.m. at New Day Bakery
  • Next Thursday Planned Parenthood Open House
  • Frog – 5-7 at World Pies on Monroe – stand-up comedy – day?
  • Miles Schneider is performing at Axe and Fiddle tomorrow night
  • Jim Page at Axe and Fiddle on Feb. 10 (?)

Tim:  We’d like to phase out the old drum.  Asking if anyone has issues with taking down the old drum site. Presently, all old CV Drum messages will be forwarded to the New CV Drum. This will likely phase out over time and we will all use the New one. Click above to join…
The New CV Drum can be viewed here: https://groups.google.com/forum/?hl=en&fromgroups#!forum/new-cv-drum
Comment – put a notice on the old CV Drum to direct them to the new CV Drum
Comment – I love being here
Comment – EFN is local and also very hacked.
Comment – Member kept getting dropped from the EFN list.
Comment – one member concerned about moving away from EFN because it is local and private
Closing Circle at 8:55 p.m.

Community Village Meeting 11/14/12

  • Hello’s: Jennefer Harper, Jain Elliot {Little People/Elder}, Peggy {health and healing}, Joe {green earth and stage}, Lois {Elder/council}, Laura {doors/note taker}, Paul {council/green earth/ decon}, Roasalee {Youth Power}, Sheree {health and healing}, Keith {council/decon}, Tim {council}, Melissa {wild edibles}, David {Council}, Jen {peace and justice}
  • Agenda Review ~Facilitator – Jennefer

Fair Announcements / Accelerated Registration in 2013/Booth Empowerment/Work Party Guidelines/Form Design/Loft Camping/Coordinator duties/Camping Forms/Eligibility/Village Eval Comments/ Moving Forward/Pro-Active responses /Non Fair announcements/Goodbyes

  • Fair Announcements
  • Mediation out at fair ~ conflict resolution 9:30 Saturday to 5pm Sunday
  • Accelerated Registration 2013 ~ everything now on-line, deadlines have been moved so we get things in sooner which is the way everyone else in fair operates, used to be June 1st, checks are now due by May, Meeting for eligibility needs to be 1 month earlier Discussion: generally timing coincided in past with on-site village meeting and booth coordinators would register with John at that point, generally as a group we decided based on who attended work parties but it sounds as though this needs to change, if the next year they didn’t show up for previous year’s work parties then they are out, opportunity for booth coordinators and council to get together prior to Jan meeting to make it smooth to move everything up month, have booth breakdown earlier in year, create a process that is smooth, people might be more likely to show up if there is a more structured process, it would be great to talk with booth coordinators
  • Jen-Lin and Karla went to Café Mundo and met with owners ~ extended agreement for 4 years but will be completing another evaluation next year just to track on changes based on feedback of survey/ changes implemented from last year/and what can be done in the future. Café Mundo broke even. They will be deciding on some menu changes but they know they need to bring these to the OCF tasting committee. For a first year rest. They rocked and they are happy.

  • Accelerated Registration in 2013

Proposal: Suggesting that booth coordinators and council meet before Jan meeting to figure out ways to adjust to a new timetable. Consensed
Action Item:6 booth coordinators are ok with meeting in Jan. Please plan a date.
Questions/Comments/Concerns on proposal: is it necessary to meet prior to Jan. or would it be ok before Feb mtg.?  Meeting prior to Jan meeting and presenting process at Jan meeting would be a better strategy to implement things quicker.
Just because registration is due earlier doesn’t mean changes to names on registration can’t happen. We can change one name from another even as far out as June and possibly early July. We haven’t selected booth coordinators yet. This is going to be multi-year dialogue on how to get things to flow smoothly with process. Usually booth coordinators meet in May. Move this to April and then talk about what they want to see different and how they can do a better job of getting things done. Coordinators are chosen around March. Concern: Not sure what the benefit of having Jan v. Feb meeting, would this be an inconvenience? With new accelerated process registration is April, does everyone understand this? YES
Action Item: Karla, John, and Jen Lin will be working on when money is due. Money is due by end of May and money could then be turned in 1st week of June. If Jen Lin hears from Lucy about something different then Jen-Lin will communicate this.

  • Booth Empowerment ~ Coordinators from last year should act as booth coordinators for this year until a decision is made to switch this role probably in March. Do we need to have a different process or would booth empowerment decide this? There are dynamics that would need to be discussed prior to groups meeting that booth empowerment can use as tools for structure.

5.a)  Work Party Guidelines Tim discussed questionnaire and the point of the questionnaire is to look at if things are still working in relation to work party guidelines, are we creating a sense of community, getting people involved, following guidelines? We did get feedback from coordinators about the form, timing, the questions, the confusing nature of camping form and eligibility form.
Work Parties: * Questions were raised about; work parties for booth and work parties for village, do they both count towards an individual work party? YES Work parties are a struggle as Wild Edibles has a tremendous amount of work to complete 3 days prior to fair. Not all people may be getting all of their time in prior to registration as they are really there the last 3 days putting in long hours to get everything ready and they don’t want to be seen as not doing their fair share for the Village. Bring all issues to Jan booth coordinator meeting.
Proposal: Melissa Kirkland Wild Edibles is offering to do up a new eligibility form to make it flow smoother. This did not appear to be consensed on.
Action Item: When booth coordinators meet in January it would be good to discuss how coordinators can help their booth members get everything turned in on time and correctly. It would be good to follow up on some of the ideas listed above in looking for solutions.

5. b) Form Design ~ The Eligibility form and the camping form were both discussed and the feedback was that both of these forms are confusing.
Camping Forms: Camping form is confusing if you are not camping in the village. Every person who is camping regardless of where they are camping needs to fill out a camping form. When filling out a camping form you need to include the people camping in your tent with you. Nathan did have concerns about the forms. He addresses how to fill forms out verbally at each Village meeting. Booth Coordinators could be responsible for collecting all camping forms from their booth mates which would allow booth coordinators to check off campers as they receive camping forms and this way it could be compared to eligibility forms.  It’s another opportunity for booth coordinators to help. For the camping form design “no matter where you camp at fair you need to fill out a form”. It shouldn’t be in italics in the middle of the page. It should be in bold at the top of the page. Each tent or parent/child group needs to fill out a form. Your family unit submits one camping form, the number of tents, and the number of people in your tent or group.
Proposed idea: Ask for names on the camping forms so we can match this up with the registration list. We can then tell who has turned one in and who hasn’t. It would be more work to list names on camping forms but it would then be verifiable. If you had a list you could pass it up to the camping coordinators for them to double check.
 In little people we don’t have any individual groups and because of this and because of what we are doing we made our own eligibility form as we needed to answer different questions such as experience level, etc. Maybe Jain can bring their modified form to Jan meeting.
** If you’re just looking at the eligibility form by itself and not looking on-line at our website or looking at the Village handbook then you are missing key pieces of information. ** Not sure how to educate people if they don’t look for the information. It’s an individual responsibility and a booth coordinator responsibility. When John took over from Ernie he worked with booth coordinators. John put together info for booth coordinators as this is where people go for help. If announcements at meetings aren’t working then booth coordinators need to work with individuals. Is there any way to revamp forms to make it one? NO the timing is different on when these forms are due…. Shitake!

5. c) Loft Camping ~ Loft camping was discussed, some booth coordinators thought loft camping was optional; others felt that you filled your loft prior to taking space in the swamp. It relieves pressure on the limited swamp space when loft space is utilized first. Presently loft decision is a booth empowerment issue. You just can’t see their stuff during the day. One thing about loft camping is that this past year we had issues with tents in lofts, someone left tent up during entire course of fair, booth folks felt strange going into loft, in past the tent was supposed to be dropped during the day, the loft is the booth meeting place, it’s not the person’s sole domain for the fair, it’s a community space. You have to take your stuff down during the day and this poses difficulty. Forcing people to camp in lofts creates issues. Loft camping is an option but you have to take your stuff down during the day. One individual talked about her experience of camping in a loft and she created a bench and stored her stuff under the bench and even put a cushion on it to make it nicer for people. It was more work in cleaning things up prior to public but there are ways of working around it. Each booth can take care of this individually. Part of the reason this became a problem is because a number of booths had problems communicating with individuals about loft camping policies. People instead brought their concerns to others to address. This is another example of the last item about this being a booth coordinator duty. You can always go to Council for help but really this needs to be worked out in the booth prior to going to someone for help.

5. d) Coordinator duties ~ What responsibility due coordinators take to communicate info to the rest of their booth?
* What is the village vision of community/responsibilities for newer members to understand? Where are the concerns coming from in relation to the forms being confusing, are these concerns coming from people filling them out or the people receiving them? For the past 2 years Sue and Jen-Lin have an orientation twice and they go through materials and explain about eligibility and work parties. If there is something that is not as clear they can address that. They only have 30 minutes to complete the orientation. They get a crash course on how the village works. Eligibility wording has always been confusing as it toggles back and forth. Are you talking about the group or different parts of the group? It’s very confusing to people.

6.) Village Eval Comments ~ Parking lot items were:
6.a) Corporation status: skip this item
6. b) Phone Tree~ if someone doesn’t have an email then it’s on the booth coordinators to follow up with those people to ensure they get the same info,  as you are collecting registration information if you can make sure we get all the correct info including the person’s email then we can do an email info blast. Without that info we can’t send critical updates. Maybe one of the silver linings of registration moving up is that it may mean everyone will try harder and get the info in. Each booth coordinator can have a 1 page sheet of everyone in their booth and how to contact them quickly. Green earth has an email list. Is there is a way to send out an email blast to everyone without needing to get everyone’s permission to receive emails. Check the box on the eligibility form saying we are ok with receiving emails.
6. c) Booth feedback: village should do something bigger newer cutting edge. What can we do to make ourselves new? Diane brought up that years ago each booth addressed a common theme and booths took this on based on what their specialty was. One theme for village {environmental or political} and each booth address it differently. One of the founding members Sandra Bauer has decided that village, energy park, spoken word are boring and dull and need to be revitalized. Peace and justice decided they were too big and they decided to spread out and have each entity within the booth do something political. We have been trying to make Village relevant and we have been trying to stick with a theme.    If everyone had been naked a few years ago no one would have forgotten the Village!!                  Maybe this year’s theme should be everyone laughs for a few minutes on the top of each hour. How would others have visibility of this? What can we do that will make us more colorful. Most booths do the same things every year but just try to do it a bit better. Someone wondered if it’s just us who thinks it boring since we see the same things each year.  And Sandra! We shouldn’t change things just because one person thinks this. This concern does have some resonance. Some people like the Village and like being away from the commercial pressure! It’s usually packed and especially when people are on the stage. What if we had throughout the day a booth come up on the stage and talk about the different entities in their booth to educate? Amplified yacking doesn’t work. Our budget hasn’t changed in years and we are supposed to be educational. If we were to choose something like climate change then maybe we could ask speakers from spoken word to help us and address new things on our stage. Spoken words budget grew quickly. If we could get a theme prior to fair this would be great. What about going around fair and taking a marching crew to educate about the Village? Don’t think were as boring as we think we are. We aren’t super crowded, kids can play there, and it’s not broken. I’m of two minds, been there a long time, but relishes when things do become different. A few years ago a booth had taken on a notebook for people coming through who each agency is and what they do. This helped in educating the public years ago before spoken word.
What if we had activists come and rejuvenate us? To send us back into the community energized. What if we hosted an evening salon? Looking for things of substance, evening salon, use the space inside the meeting house, make it inviting, or write informative articles so people want to come and look at the peach pit and read the article. We have the NA meetings each day.
The whole fair is looking at the idea of staying fresh. Because people are aging the whole fair is looking at this. Topic should be brought up at Jan CV meeting. If we start planning in Jan and start early then we can market the Village well and we can make it a draw, but are we prepared to handle the crowd? If we have consensus in Jan does it still apply later? YES ~ probably too late by Jan to get our budget increased to do something different. But we could invite speakers through spoken word at specific times on the Village stage.

7.) Moving Forward/Pro-Active responses~ create new banners to really show what village is doing. Maybe create a poster like sign of each new thing. Along the lines of what’s in each booth? Green Earth had made a book {captured earlier in minutes} of each entity in the booth for greater visibility. People overlook single issue booths such as little people, art, etc. Then you get to non-profit booth such as P & J with 15+ groups and it helps to have them all on one sheet. We used to post info sheets in history plaza. How do you do this for everyone though? Has a budget request been submitted for the Village? Not sure but it was thought the deadline for budget submission is Dec 5th. The fence for shady grove could be used as an info dissemination area. We could hang posters on Autism Rocks, etc to educate public. When fair started hippy-ness was new. Maybe we shouldn’t get pressured into changing. Comment: This is an activist’s town and those who display plants aren’t activists per say…
8.) Non Fair announcements

  • Extension master gardeners application is still open for January Classes.
  • Holiday Market Friday and Saturday of turkey weekend ~ Autism rocks cards for sale

Also having Gala opening 12/7 Autism artists at Jazz station

  • Everyone take home some sweet life which was brought kindly to the meeting.
  • New Occupy newsletter out. National hunger and awareness week for homeless ~ park blocks Saturday all day, food being served, music, street vendors
  • Stand for peace that turned into occupy Cottage Grove has been standing for 10 years. Dec 7th Celebration not sure of location yet ~ They meet Fridays and Sundays

9.) Goodbyes

Village Evaluation

18 people attended 9/16/12


Helpful Restaurant
No Drama {spelling ?}
New Faces
Taking Responsibility
Restaurant worked in CV {again Keith spelling unknown}
Our Theme
Youth/Teen in child care
Good Pre Fair teen work
Community coam {sp?} Commitment?
Best Fair Aura
Occupy Presence was good
Rest. Stayed open really late until 3 am one night
Good food


Schedule more stuff on stage
Communication was brought up 6 times
Exhibit more patience
Sup Cooperation
Undocumented hose {flooded tent}
Renew Corp {non-profit status v. corporation} what is our current status?
Sound Patterns in booths {too loud near stage}
Cross Training
Camping Reg forms. Personal accountability
Camping Communication
Re-design our forms
Expectation around usage of the top of the booth
Booth Decon/clean up
Dead limbs in Little People
Bring Connectory back
Booth Coordinator meeting needs to occur somewhere other than Sam Bond’s


Awesome Salad
Tamarinds Cooler
Into Village
High Quality
Part of Village
New Expensive/OK
Toasted Cheese
Signage/Live Music


Phone Tree for those not connected to internet
Booth Feedback
Cooperation status or non profit?
Village should do something bigger/newer/cutting edge/new loop


Community Village Meeting
Lauren facilitating
Hellos ~

  • Fair Announcements ~
    • 4th of July onsite, fireworks party. Will need to get a bracelet at Quartermaster, hopefully by 3pm, may leave during the evening but can’t get back in.
    • CV opening circle in the village at 10am Fair Friday, highlighting our 1012 theme “Spirit Bubble of Life”, organized by Spirit Booth. Followed by OCF opening ceremony at 10:30 at Main Stage.
    • Om circle at 10:30 AM Sunday. Start in the Village, spread all around the 8…??
    • Omo will open on the CV Stage this year. See the full CV stage and workshop schedule here: schedule
    • New arts workshop from 3-4:30 in Arts Booth – “Head Adornments.”
    • Please be aware food booths will be refusing to let you use your own plate. For health reasons…
    • History area looking for old Fair photos, of people from Village, etc. Also looking for booth specific mission statements, etc., for display to drive people to your booth.
    • There is also an Archives Project that launches Friday on Main Stage you can participate in.
    • There will be an after-hours video night at Main Stage on Friday
    • Gwen has apple and maple wood from fallen tress you can pick up for wattle fencing, just in case…
    • Joe is setting up a micro broadcast FM station just for the village. Ask him about it…
  • Village Child Care rap ~ Child care downstairs and child care at work parties for those who RSVP with Carlyn Wierda @ 541-485-4591 {or} carlyn.meilan@gmail.com

          * June 16th 11-3
* June 24th 11-3pm
* July 7th 11-3

  • Agenda review ~
  • Raps: Host Tim ~ don’t park in the wrong place and be respectful of neighbors. Is anywhere here tonight a member of this church? No! Isn’t it awesome that they let us come here?
  • Consensus ~ coming together and making an agreement where we all feel heard and all feel like we had a part in it. Even if we don’t agree with the decision the idea is that we all had a say. Focusing not on who said what or did what but how we all came together to reach a decision together. It’s about all coming together and working together.
  • Camping ~ Nathan has set blank camping forms on the floor. Remember when filling out these forms do not put “your husband” down as name, or “your Child”. Write the name of your husband and children, the name of anyone in your tent in fact. Forms are due on the June 24th. If you haven’t already mailed it please get it to Nathan directly as he has moved and hasn’t had time to change his address formally. If you have already mailed it please don’t worry as it should reach him.  Or email them to him. Would prefer paper but if you need to email it do so.

Question? What do we tell people who are new to fair and need a place to camp? Check in with Nathan and ask your booth mates if anyone has vacated the swamp. Zen acres will also be available. If you’re camping in the Village there is an expectation that you not camp prior to Wed night and if you are, you need to clear it with the QM and Nathan. Talk to Nathan about special circumstances. No food on Wed night. Food becomes avail Thursday afternoon. No coffee until Thursday PM!!! If you gave Ben, who is helping Nathan, your camping form at the last meeting, you are all good.

  • Fire Rap Lois: Everyone is on Community Village Fire Crew. What is the first thing you do in the event of a fire? You send someone to info booth to communicate fire and it’s crucial that the person who goes comes back to Village to communicate that you told Info booth. There is a fire route you take. You do not wait for your loved ones. You get out and find them when once you’re outside the fair. Evacuation routes are shown to you by your camp host or whoever is orienting you to camp. Saturday night is the camp fire and we all enjoy positive interacting with the fair and the fire. Each booth needs to have a canister that is 5 lbs. or 2 canisters of 2.5 pound fire extinguisher{s}. A bucket with 2 burlap bags and water covering the burlap bags is kept at each booth. {Get buckets and or burlap bags at main stage on Wed afternoon or Thursday}.  You need a shovel to pick up dirt and throw it on the ground and this would be the exception to archeology rules about disturbing the earth. PASS: Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep. Take wet burlap out and pound it on the ground. The fire crew will be passing out fire extinguishers and they do practice sessions at Fair if anyone is interested in joining them.
  • Registration: John ~ This year the fair is reducing the number of extra vehicle stickers we are getting and this is causing additional stress as it means less passes avail. Usually there have been extra outta site passes but that is not the case this year. There are only 2 types of passes this year. Main Lot and Far Side. Schedule your time to register your booth mates with John.
  • Admission: Karla ~ admission will be Wednesday and Thursday 9-10pm on site. You will also get forms from John and Jain that will tell you the type of pass you get. If you lose it prior to getting to registration don’t stress as they will figure it out. Please bring your ID. If you are coming on Friday you will need to have a dragon voucher and if you don’t have this >>> go all the way to fair registration and ask for a buck stopper. They will be able to take care of you then and they will call Karla or someone else. If you have any questions and you are stuck and you don’t know what to do you can always ask Fair reg to call Karla, Jain, or Carolyn.
  • Workshops and Demos: Laura ~ hopefully most of you turned your forms in as the Peach Pit has been printed. There is still spaces avail but it won’t be in the peach pit. Forms are still on the website and you can email them to Laura

  • Signs and Banners: Are coming out this weekend and will out there the next 2 weekends before fair.
  • Site report David ~ The OCF site is registered as a protected site. Any disturbance to the sight such as even mild leaf breaking is absolutely forbidden. No cutting of green or dead branches. If you feel there is a situation that is unsafe please come to David. There is a difference of opinion about wattle fencing v. panel fencing. Years ago, when panel fences were put in people didn’t like them. Some people like the wattle while other prefers the panel. This year efforts are being made to incorporate both designs. Also on sight each booth should have their internal number and or symbol. Some of them are on boards and they get lost. We have kids come in treasure hunting and this also causes them to disappear. It would be nice if these things such as the CV number and the fair number or the symbol were painted on the booth.  Please try and coordinate this to occur with your booth.

  • Construction Keith ~ Alan gave a presentation of what to bring on site with you. Please remember to bring boots {closed toe} as if you step on a nail you will hurt yourself, please remember your work gloves, please remember one tool such as a hammer, bring water, bring bug stuff unless you want to be a blood donor, bring a hat if you could as you can get burned. Bring Sunscreen. Thank you Alan!
  • Flowers Carolyn ~ Diane brings wonderful flowers each year and in addition to this Trader Joes donates flowers. Carolyn usually picks them up on Thursday but this year she can’t. Volunteer? Please see Carolyn after meeting.

  • T shirts Rich and Keith ~ Designs were passed around to be ooohhh’ed and aaahhh’d over and we are gonna have 4 or 5 different colors at the potluck meeting and we will have male and female shirts. If you don’t make it to the on-site meeting shirts will still be avail. A few weekends prior to fair. Shirts are $15.00. Men’s and Women’s shirts avail. See the design here: forms
  • Discussion ~ Naming history place ~ Jen-Lin ~ The seating area next to the restaurant has never had an official name. This gem is a culmination of things that have been swirling in Jen-Lin’s head. We really want people to walk across fair at night to use this area. Talking with Lynn she really wants it to remain a resting and observing area and not just a dining area. Jen-Lin says, “Keith, I want an ameba table”. Keith says “look at this large tree we just got a hold of…” We now have 7 ameba tables! Go Team!! Then Jen-Lin had an idea of “Gather Round” as a name ~ this is not a decision making meeting but if it was consensus was reached!!! We can come back to it after fair. What a great discussion!

  • Theme Report ~ Keith: ~ this theme is in our tee shirt design. Keith saw a bubble machine last weekend at site. Please everyone try to remember your bubble machine and use bubble mix that is safe for the environment. Celebrating the fragility of life, the roundness, the circle, and we all decided it, and now let’s have bubbles everywhere.
  • Booth Breakdown ~ Occurred

  • Booth Reports {we don’t have time for everyone to give a booth report tonight, so Arts volunteered to give theirs and then we moved on} ~ Arts: Is doing a snack hosh party Saturday night @ the art booth. Bring snack items to share.
  •  Non Fair Announcements ~
  • Nathan ~ camping, when you get to Country fair wherever you are camping you will need a community village tent tag regardless of where you camp at.
  • Band: “Jambasha” {spelling?} playing at fair, Core Star Do Jo 2nd and Lawrence practice time to hone music skills 8 to 10pm on Monday http://www.corestarcenter.com/index.php/upcoming-events
  • Moon Lodge has a bunch of beautiful flags for fair that need to be sewn ~ Please see Oblio.
  • Tim: Did not get on community Village stage this year. However, Steel Wool is playing Saturday Market June23rd for those who want to come see a kick ass band. http://www.steelwoolband.com/
  • Kiki ~ photosynthesis July 20th – 23rd @ Hobuck Beach Resort ~ Neah Bay, WA Directions and ticketing info: www.photosynthesisfestival.com
  • Fall in love with roller skating with Ben @ stircrazyben@gmail.com
  •  David Rogers, Walker T Ryan, Frog, and others at Axe and Fiddle Sunday 24th      5-8:30pm
  • Brand new local band “new lotus” plays KRVM 9-11pm
  • Music by the Low-Tide Drifters Friday June 29th and tour throughout the Whit. 458 Blair. 5-8pm See Michael if you need more info or go to www.calc.org or 541-485-1755
  • Sunday June 24th on Site 10 am and or 1pm for newbie’s *10am is the refresher for human intervention training for those who have taken it before.
  • 3 day festival {see flyer on floor}
  • There is a lady who did not identify herself but she is willing to transport food to Portland in a refrigerated truck for those who want to see food in the area. Please if anyone knows who this was, please email Laura @ nimbi10@yahoo.com
  • Next to Axe and Fiddle in Cottage Grove every Sunday honoring people who have died in war. See Lois if interested in going.

  • Meeting Eval ~ really good job reiterating people’s comments, and listening people while keeping everyone moving forward. Very calming and good steerer. A good number of people have been here at each meeting which has been great. The facilitator had great energy. This is one of the best meetings we’ve had in some time with little to no cross talk. We did a lot better this month than last month during booth breakdown and we think we could do even better in the future. We have the synergy but we need to start on time. Be respectful!
  •  Goodnight and Song


CV Meeting, May 9, 2012
Jason and Jennifer Facilitating
Start 7:05 pm


  • Lois acknowledged our respect for quiet during New Villager Orientation meeting.
  • Everyone stated their name and stated their booth or area

Fair childcare needs…

  • Passed hat for money collection – child care and youth booth
  • Child care available at fair site
    • Sat June 9, 11-3
    • Sun June 16, 11-3
    • Sun Jun 24, 11-3
    • Sat July 7 11-3
  • Please RSVP if you are bringing your kids for childcare so the appropriate number of folks are allocated to provide this service

Fair Announcements

  • Kimberly announced workshops for Arts Booth
  • Oblio needs help with making and hanging flags for moon lodge
  • Areas Laura Ratti – looking to borrow Tipi for Village.  We’ve been using Judd and   TIPI but they are no longer part of the Village.  You can get a pass for loaning a Tipi, or if you already have a pass, you can still loan your Tipi
  • Lois – clarified money collected for childcare and youth booth is not a free pass to get free youth service during the fair.  All labor requests from youth booth require payment at time of services
  • Banners will be made during work parties. June 2, June 16 and June 30 and July 8.  Art supplies will be available
  • Offer to put together a portrait of the village through photos and a video.
  • Youth Power still has passes available for youth who can do 5 hour shifts at the fair. Passes are 10$.
  • Spirit booth – opening ceremony will be held at 10:30 Friday morning.  Elders from Quero Nation will be part of Spirit Booth this year.  Spirit booth will join main stage at 11 a.m. after CV ceremony.  Invited to dress as one of the four elements and then continue on to the main stage ceremony.
  • Thank you Rianna and Laura for organizing the 1st Annual CV potluck. Around 30 plus folks attended.  Jen-Lin suggested first Sunday in May as a regular CV event
  • Hosting of Elders from Quero Nation, High Andes of Peru at Fair – They will be holding a co-creative ceremony on Saturday night in the village

Agenda Review – Jennifer

Host Rap – Paul

  • We are visitors in the church.  We need to respect the church and the folks here.  Don’t park in the other church’s parking lot!!!

Consensus Rap

  • We all shouted out a one word for what consensus means to us
  • Rap: We all come here together carrying a piece of the truth.  We only have a piece and we get to bring our piece of the truth and listen to others’ piece of the truth.  And as a group we’ll ideally come to a place where we can come to a decision that we all love, based on listening to each other and sharing honestly.  Listen and respond, develop and grow.  If we all do it together something beautiful will come out of it.  This is not the same as voting.

Construction Rap – Keith

  • We’re getting ready to build.  We need people who can sew canvas.  Here’s the work party schedule:

June 2 & 3:

  • Clean up at site
  • Set stage
  • Begin fence along Shady Grove path
  • Bring stuff down from lofts
  • Decorate P & J Booth #10

June 7

  • Lumber Delivery – Mill to Ware Barn to Village

June 8 & 9

  • Build tables in history plaza
  • Drawing to be determined by 06/02/12
  • Begin existing booth repair
  • Continue building P&J

June 15 & 16

  • Finish P&J
  • Repair Village Restaurant damage
  • Construction will post on drum work that has been done each weekend, and report on what needs to be done for the following work parties
  • There will be electricity for sewing machines first weekend.  Need people to sew canvas

Camping Rap- Ben

  • Camping forms are due at on-site meeting in June 24
  • Forms available on line

Site Report:

  • Lots of trees down.  We need limbs for wattle fences, 4 “ at one end and 2” at skinny end
  • Janet was an avid gardener especially of food.  Suggestion that we can plant edibles in containers to place at booths.  Think about edible starts that will look good by fair.  Flowering edibles would be ok.
  • Booth numbers are missing off booths.  They need to be replaced and option is to paint the number directly on the booth
  • Talk about energy park and CV having a joint presence out towards the front of the fair

Fire Rap

  • Who’s on Village Fire Crew – everybody
  • Saturday night campfire is the only fire allowed.
  • No candles, no flames, no incense, never leave anything lit unattended.
  • Every booth gets a shovel, two 5 gal buckets filled with water and two burlap bags for putting out fires
  • If you see a fire, you go to info booth so it can be  announced
  • Use the wet burlap to put out fires, not the whole bucket of water
  • Also required are 2 skinny fire extinguishers or 1 large 5 lb. fire extinguisher
  • At some point everyone needs to leave fire area.
  • How to use an extinguisher – PASS Pull the pin, aim at the base, squeeze and sweep

Workshops & Demos – Laura Ratti

  • Need forms submitted to Laura today, but dead-dead line is no later than 1 week from today (5/16/12), in order to be entered in the Peach Pit
  • Send forms to Laura Ratti:  dougnlaura@cvcable.com

Discuss proposal – this year’s theme

  • Last year’s theme was Naked – Birthday Hat
  • Discussion has been around bubbles and fairies
  • We should use enviro-friendly bubble soap
  • Ideas –
  • Perhaps we could have peace choir and the bubble guy on village stage before a 5:30
  • Teddy Bears – Bubble Hug-ables
  • History Booth will concentrate on Fairy Wings
  • Look into non-plastic ways to make bubble wands
  • Bubbles with fish inside them
  • Stuffed Animals – they could be staged all around the village
  • Bubble of Life – could have “permanent installation bubbles”
  • Fairy flash mob
  • Large fairy or unicorn that has the bubbles shooting out of it
  • Dressing in reused bubble wrap
  • We need a Bubble Crew to pull this together
  • You can see rainbows in bubbles so put an emphasis on the bubbles in rainbows
  • Spirit bubble of life
  • Also honoring those who have passed, honoring them in a way that represents how that person participated in the village.

Proposed theme:  The spirit bubble of life, with stuffed animals

There was lots of discussion about striking “with stuffed animals”.  Also discussion about who are we honoring.  In essence we are honoring all of us, past, present and future.  The “with stuffed animals” was struck and theme “The Spirit Bubble of Life” was agreed upon by consensus.

T-Shirts – tie dye shirts with two themes will be available.  All tie dyed and 3 or 4 different colors:

  •  The Spirit Bubble of Life
  • Fairy theme

Shirts will be sold for $12 each and available at first work parties

Important dates ahead:

  • May 14th elegibility meeting at Growers
  • May 15th council Meeting at Growers
  • May 17th Booth coordinator meeting at Sam Bondsz

Booth Breakdown: How are you networking for social change this year?

Eligibility forms are due by May 14.

Booth reports
How are you going to network for social change this year?
Life Long Learning – working for social change through educating youth
Doors of Expression – working on theme using Mandala clarifying what they represent
Arts – Turning our booth into it looking like a dragon.  Could be multiple-headed dragon
Peace & Justice – 15 groups in the booth – will have a bubble machine and rebuilding the booth
Areas – still looking for a Tipi.  Working on Moon Lodge
Info Booth – thinking about encasing booth in a hermetically sealed bubble, passing info through a membrane
Wild Edibles – dealing with logistics and getting a bubble machine
Fruit Booth – Converting to mechanized dispensing so they can do more social networking
Health & Healing – dealing with logistics and will have a bubble machine
Little People – lots of bubbles for kids
Spirit – Eligibility – and planning dates for ritual rehearsals.  Anyone welcome to participate
Green Earth – Eligibility
Intentional Communities – discussed strategies for levitating the Pentagon
4A – We are available for anyone who needs advice or strategies for dealing with any disability at the fair.  Also remodeling the booth this year.

One Fun Thing – zip, zap, zop

Meeting evaluation –

  • Expressed desire to get more church space for next meeting so we can spread out more during booth break down
  • Appreciation for silliness which brought forth creative solutions
  • Seemed like a challenge to get to consensus over a silly point but it was done well.
  • Booth breakdown seemed too noisy and unable to focus
  • Expressed Appreciation for powerful presence of facilitators with large group.  Mentioned that during reach for consensus on proposal, we forgot to ask if anyone wanted to block or stand aside.
  • Appreciation for inclusiveness and participation as opposed to group being treated as an audience
  • Suggestion to use more of the space behind the white board for booth breakdown

Non-Fair Announcements

  •  Oregon Occupier is off the press.  Pick up a copy and make a 25 cent d
  • World Naked Bike Ride on June 9 starting at Skinner’s Butte Park. Wear clothes if you want
  • Occupy Cottage Grove GA Sunday mornings at 4:30 p.m. down the street from Axe and Fiddle
  • Frost warning – tonight
  • Fundraiser for Predator Defense at Ninkasi Brewery, Monday May 14, 5-9 pm
  • Global announcement – Remember Supermoon we just experienced.  May 20th Solar Eclipse, mostly visible from border of Oregon and California.  June 5 is the 2nd in a pair of Venus transits across the sun which only happens every 200 years.
  • Ecstatic Dance Tues. night vets club 6 – 8 and WOW Hall Sunday 10-12

Good bye


Community Village Meeting Minutes

Minutes by Laura, facilitation by Krishna

Agenda review: Child care rap and the ever amazing Lynn is downstairs helping to keep your children happy/safe. Money in the hat does not mean open season on the carts when fair arrives, please keep this in mind. Fair child care needs new toys and supplies as they are opening a new child care in gypsy loop. Please contact Lynn is you have things to donate.
Fair announcements: Arts booth is requesting favorite fair photo’s 8.5 inches by 11 inches. Please bring it laminated as the weather will get the best of it if not protected. The goal is the wrap the whole village in favorite fair moments.
Community Village Potluck May 6th,  2012 will be held @ Community Village. Come one come all! This is the same weekend as Spring Fling and it’s at 2pm so for out of towners they can make a weekend of it and stay with fair family. We need garbage cans/composting bins and volunteers for clean up, set up, playing music, and other arts we may want at the potluck. Bring your own food, entertainment, toys, and love. Also please bring your own plates and utensils. For weather related messages such as change in location due to weather please call Laura @ 541-513-7568. She will have a pre-recorded message during that time to inform everyone of any change in plans.
Community Village Pyramid has been staffed the past few years but in order to continue to have a candles in the pyramid we need volunteers to staff the area otherwise it’s considered a fire hazard. If interested please follow up with Omo.
Spring Fling May 5th Tickets are available at the Spring Fling or at the Saturday Market booth that sells candles. The money goes towards scholarships for Culture Fair for youth.
Teens ages 14-18 would you like to be on “fair teen crew”, are you already camping, if so and if interested please contact Youth Power. April 15th forms are due.
Wildflower Walk Saturday April 28th 10am Ware Barn on site

Host Rap: St. Mary’s Episcopal: Please be respectful and don’t park in the wrong place

Consensus Rap: Consensus is a process by which we all make our decisions in the Village. The most important thing in the Village is that everyone has a part, everyone has a truth, and everyone has an opportunity to speak. The process is to reach a conclusion that everyone can handle so we can move onto the next agenda item. Please don’t talk when someone else is talking.

Camping Rap: Everyone camping at fair must fill out a camping form. It’s on-line already and it needs to be filled out for every tent in or out of the Village. If you have an SO or someone else camping with you their name must appear on the camping form including their first and last name and their phone number. Include everyone in your tent!!!  Last year a lot of people turned forms in after the deadline which really doesn’t work for cohesion. Forms are due last weekend in June and can be returned at the on sight meeting in June.

Workshop and Demos Please turn workshop forms in this weekend which is the peach pit deadline and no later than next CV meeting if you want to have a workshop in Village. Please send inquiries to Laura @ duognlaura@cvcable.com

Vegi Work report explanation of vegi work. David is not getting younger which means he needs to begin working with others to transfer his skills on doing wattle fencing, working with the plants that exist within the Village, and other Vegi duties as assigned by David. This work would be done during onsite work parties. We need a Vegi crew that can get together and learn some of the skills he has. Louis is not getting younger either, you know. If interested please contact David fixit@efn.org

Theme: Really great energy during the past few meetings around the theme. We tried not to pinpoint one individual but something along the lines “life, death, infinity” Envisioning art work of various people who are not with us in the physical plane anymore? How does this resonate with people? We need a list of ideas such as Janet who is super into bubbles and fairies and Amira who loved everyone!!!.

  1. Fairies creativity/spirituality can we intertwine these ideas?
  2.  Life Death Infinity: This is the beginning, it’s not the end. It’s kind of a circular change and how life occurs when a tree falls, and mushrooms rise up, and bubbles kind of represent this but if we all look around we could find things in our booths that represent those who have come before us. If anyone remembers Anthony he did our tie dies and last year his 18 year old son came by and recognized the work which was a moment of Full Circle. We all have these things around and it would be nice if people brought these forward this year.
  3. Something simple like a sign that rotates from booth to booth to give you the honored duty of blowing bubbles continuously. This would create an awesome effect. Bubbles are circular and the cycle of life and death is the same. Umbrella bubbles with writing and sayings.
  4. Big thing this year is change and how we support each other with change
  5. The history booth doing a history of what people have done before us which helps those of us who haven’t participated beyond a certain number of years and honors all of those who have contributed to the history of the Village.
  6. Rich is thinking about tee shirt of Janet’s work in tie die. Bringing forward her art work on tee shirts along with maybe some other designs.
  7. Opening circle of fair is memorializing elders which then lives in spirit booth. It would be great to have everyone at opening ceremony.
  8. The whole idea of fairies, bubbles, circles, creativity, a fairy mob, a roaming Fairy mob, dancing, spinning, revolving around some central circle. Creativity is really key
  9. If we go with bubble thing we need to conscious of the environment and using one big thing of bubbles and environmentally friendly soaps. Lemon Joy and Glycerin. Glycerin is really the key ingredient to environmentally friendly.
  10. Tie Fairies in with spirituality and tying it into angels and transforming Fairies into angels. All winged creature’s dragons, fairies, everything would be great.
  11. A phoenix rising out of the ashes
  12. Flash mob, teddy bear picnic, with the teddy bear song, blowing bubbles everywhere, it would be awesome.

Booth Coordinators will stand up and speak to what their booth does. So new people can pick where they might like to go.

Deadlines: Every booth coordinator should have gotten their packet but all forms are also on the website. A couple of the forms will be continually updated such as the booth coordinator list and or area job list. Please look at the contact sheet Jennifer passed around tonight to ensure your information is accurate. Also look at the calendar and some of the dates may be changing and or be added. Booth Coordinator meeting date time and location is not correct at all. You will get an e-mail from Jennifer on the correct day and time. Eligibility forms are due at May Village meeting. Please ensure you have them in on time and the eligibility meeting is May 14th @ 7pm @ growers.

Booth Reports:
Green Earth talked about having more interactive displays for new people and ideas to engage people walking through with not so much focus on paper.
Intentional Communities Oriented new members and talked about where they want their energy to go; considering changing their name in future.
Little People bubbles 24/7 and kid art will be on prominent display and every kid in fair will want to come and play!
Arts Booth Decorations and available space question = the only holes not filled are going to be turned into a dragon theme. Some discussion about designing a dragon head in the loft and they really love the dragon theme but the actuality of this will depend on feasibility and energy. Solar lighting on back porch.
Peach and Justice Group will have 4 new groups and now have like 17 groups. A lot of advocacy groups!!. Peace trains will continue this year and many years to follow.
Krishna A lot of great energy coming into the group this year. We have disoriented new people. Maintain same alters that have been maintained throughout the years and doing some new ones. We will have Quero Elders coming from Peru and this will be a huge honor.
Fruit and Nuts We slipped up and didn’t discuss decorations. Fruit flavored frosting which will cover the entire booth.
Health and Healing we will have tons of bubbles!!!
Youth Power Group wants to have a space in the back for youth to hang out. Looking for new bull dogs {responsible teens} please let Youth Power know. Used to have some additional carts and still want to work on having an extra cart. Meet and greet on Thursday from 5:30pm – 7pm.
Areas don’t really have a booth but are connected to the history booth. It would be cool/nice to have Janet art work. Areas also talked about new members who are interested in stage crew and other duties.
Wild Edibles decorating upwards since our booth is full. Bubbles will be a must. Environmentally friendly recipe for bubbles were found. Looking for tables to purchase for the booth long term which Maggie Pecora has indicated she has tables. 3 ft wide and 6ft wide.
Doors update on connectivity of entities within booth and how to represent this. We are also discussing decorating ideas.
Lifelong Learning talked about flowers and we had people come from 6 hours north and 6 hours south which made for a great meeting.
In decorating booths think about things that are not recyclable that can be re-used as decorating items in booths.
Open jobs: ???? None
Krishna: Fun activity accomplished.
Unfair Announcements

  1. Corvallis environmental center is doing a huge party costume ball april 21st 7-12am at Odd Fellows hall. Music, dancing, food, costume, etc.
  2. Wanda Jackson queen of rock a billy at WOW hall a week from now
  3. May 1st starting an alternative to AA which will be held every Tuesday afternoon “conquering the dragon” an alternative to AA addiction.  12pm-1:15 at JESCO club
  4. A free public lecture Adulfa Perez {spelling??} noble peace laurite
  5. Peace and Justice festival at Well Springs
  6. Friday afternoon at Kesey square during lunch you can come and do illegal things like sit on a planter and eat your lunch. Begins at 12pm to whenever it begins to rain too hard to sit there.
  7. Friday Odd Fellows at reality kitchen
  8. Kimberly Getting rid of loft bed as she is getting older and it is free for the taking and please call her. 541-684-5799
  9. “Table for 6” a Band playing @ roaring rapids next Tuesday 7pm-8:30pm hot jazz music
  10. Occupy has a new radio station. Tune in Wed @ 7pm 88.1 for when your not at the Village meeting
  11. Nathan Looking for a 3 bedroom house with a work space for tools $1,100 or less or $1,200
  12. Lamentara {spelling?} 22nd April Tibetan Buddhist 10-4:30 Corvallis
  13. April 17th Occupy Cottage Grove is Occupying the post office on tax day from 4-6pm
  14. Occupy Eugene post office 12noon April 17th
  1. Americore volunteer April 21st 10am-4pm Contact Danielle Hummel @ 541-343-2822 organizing a feast in VIDA “FEAST” {Food Education Agriculture Solutions} together
  2. Cinco de Mardi Gras! the PROM~ Fundraiser autism rocks adult prom masquerade party dance your stockings off to benefit KindTree – Autism Rocks. May 4, 8pm Vet’s Club Ballroom, featuring Etouffee, swamp rock. and the Autism Artism still at Territorial
  3. Upstate Trio downtown lounge April 21st and the 3rd Thursday of the month at Territorial Vineyards
  4. Presentation next Thursday science factory on ball python genetics and colors and other things on ball pythons @ 5:30pm or 6:30pm ~ Contact Science Factory if interested.
  5. Reminder of Eugene’s downtown is so unique and everyone is locally minded and all the big boxes went to valley river and other malls which means all shops owned downtown are local retailers. Please support your downtown area and support the businesses so that they can stay afloat and continue to grow.

Meeting Evaluation: Great job and just the right amount of everything.

Community Village Meeting Minutes, March 14, 2012

Happy Pi Day!
Facilitator:  Samuel Rutledge
CoFacilitator:  Jay Patton
Notes:  Laura & Carolyn
Arrive and review restaurant posters, informal introductions during this time.

Om and Come Together ~ completed Om, Selection of new Restaurant tonight.
Pass the child care hat please and give generously. Child care needs another person to step in and help. Please if interested check in with {child care person’s name} about this.

Fair Announcements ~ Camping ~ Nathan needs another person to help him in coordinating camping. If interested send an e-mail to Nathan @ spuddygreene@yahoo.com “applicant must have patience of saint”.
Meet at Ware Barn on Sat. for work party
~ opening on community stage crew go to areas on village site.

Agenda Review (Sam) ~ Hi I’m Sam.

Host Rap Keith ~ please be nice to the Church and the space and the parking lot, and the trappings that go along with faith. Booth breakdown must occur upstairs, you can’t go downstairs or any other place, please also be careful of the tape behind the board.

Consensus Rap (Sam) ~ We are voting tonight which isn’t often done. Restaurant with the most votes or 50% + 1 is our new restaurant. Sam discussed difference between consensus verses voting. Often we think of consensus as a process where everyone gets a negative vote. Consensus is not a negative process. It’s a process of listening and sharing ideas openly and with each other. Even as we move into this realm of voting we want to walk away with a solution everyone loves.  Concensus is not a democratic process – but rather a process of discussion where we discuss ideas openly and honestly with each other.  Let’s use this process that offers great value for the restaurant voting process.

Restaurant Selection ~ (Jen-Lin et al) ~ Restaurant themselves not part of voting process, if somehow affiliated with Rest. Please recues yourself and don’t vote. For note purposes and ease of reading each piece we went through in this process is labeled with a letter a-g! Wasn’t sure how detailed to be.
Sam – voting process tonight, based on prior agreement :
1. Committee Report – describe process for making the 2 final selections
2. Rock Paper Scissors decides who goes first
3.  Submit questions on 3 x 5 cards
4. Brief food tasting report from committee
5. Q & A (from cards)
6. Final statement
7. Voting by secret ballot and count by appointed persons
a. Committee report ~ There will be no open Q and A period for time sake. Gratitude: Thanking all applicants for participating in process. Thank-you to each other, did not know each other well when started this committee but have bonded throughout the process. Jen-Lin gave brief overview of history on committee. Objective of committee: We want to bring something exciting and new to the fair. Would someone walk across the fair to eat here? We’ve been entrusted by you to vet all of these potential restaurants and entrusted to find one with options around vegi selections possibly vegan, organic + local, options for kids and elders, coffees and teas, and fair trade organic. After collaborating with the rest, committee and OCF we selected 4 restaurants for the night of tasting and Café Mundo and Off the Waffle have made it past that round to tonight. It’s important that either of these choices have the equipment, infrastructure, and ability to be able to run a successful restaurant at fair.

b. rock paper scissors submit questions ~ Introductions of 2 rest. Question cards passed in. consensus hard to actually reach once rock paper scissors happened, Café Mundo went first.
c. Restaurant Presentations ~
Laurie Carr {spelling unknown} Café Mundo ~ Laurie has been going to Fair since 79 and has been to fair every year since then except one year. Familiar with needed infrastructure to be successful at fair and the guidelines of fair. Toured fair last year with employees of Mundo to complete extensive research on the offerings of all the restaurants at fair in order to determine what wasn’t being served at fair. Black Bean tacos are awesome. What we do in Newport, one block from beach, have grown over the years from food cart trailer to actual rest. 1 mile from beach. The community built Café Mundo a kitchen until they could afford an actual huge restaurant space. Laurie was a midwife before becoming a chef. We are in the Center of Newport so we participate in community wakes, music, theater, teach sushi classes, work with kids in the community, and have always admired the community village! Would love to be part of the fair! Have applied at the fair many times over the years and is so blessed to be this far along in the process. Admire the way things have been done in this process, from the tasting, bringing the crew over, and the experience. The best thing on the menu is the custard which is homemade with organic berries and real whip cream. Everything made by hand. Originally had a burger on the menu but there are a lot of vegi burgers already on the menu.
* Omar Off the Waffle: Started off the waffle with family about 3 years ago. Came to Eugene off a road trip. Got to Eugene, fell in love, and decided they wanted to be part of Eugene, in particular to be able to serve Liege Waffles which were invented in 1800s in Belgium. Omar described the process and the love for the process of making waffles. Started in their house which became popular, then moved to South Eugene on Willamette St., and today they now serve a full menu of waffles, savory, sweet, not sweet. Sourced with local organic foods, practice business practices that are sustainable, 13 employees, as free of hierarchy as possible, everyone does everything together from dishes to decisions, which is why we have grown so much in 3 years, free feedback process from customers to employees which allows them the ability to constantly improve. Evolved and changed to suit the needs of the company and the community of Eugene.
d. food tasting report ~ Café Mundo:  Black bean tempe and king wa tempe are awesome. Refreshing light, desserts, custard, drinks were delicious, nice kids menu vegis and dip which you don’t see often, salads were great, real meal without it being heavy, good portion size and good pricing.
Off the Waffle: Liege waffles are not heavy, can offer vegan, gluten free, vegi waffles, restaurant committee tried just about everything. Forget everything you know about waffles. They have everything from sweet to savory to un-sweet and more… Nice energy. Special waffle makers, can make a lot of waffles at any given time, GOOD COFFEE, now have waffles at growers market, portions are large, affordable, and crazy combinations.

e. Q & A ~ Is captured on a separate word document. Please let me know if you want it. It was difficult to hear the questions being asked so it’s not comprehensive.  Yet here much of it is…
Café Mundo (From Jen-Lin) – refreshing, light, not heavy, tasty, non-soybean tempeh with fantastic  flavor and texture.  The Tamarind Rose Cooler absolutely delicious.  Custards delicious.  Very nice kids’ menu.  Salads delicious and satisfying.  Really good portion sizes, reasonable pricing, and food prepared with care.
Off the Waffle (from Sue) – amazing delicious, light and scrumptious.  Forget everything you know about waffles – Extolling the virtues and deliciousness of all the menu items.  Restaurant folks are friendly and the have incredible quantity of waffle makers.  The coffee is amazing – especially with waffles dipped into it.  Prices are affordable and good selection of dishes.
Q&A SESSION – Reading questions from cards

  1. What do you do with your leftovers;

Café Mundo donates to food share and some are taken home.
Off the Waffle – compost and (food bank?)

  1.  Tell group about Non-soy Tempeh.  – great alternative to soy
  2. In the past, have your or your business done “wrong” to another business?

Off the Waffle – 2 ½ years ago when just starting business, they had a food cart over by High Priestess on 13th.  “We messed up things in a really major way.  One of our employees during a freezing cold night, forgot to prevent freezing on the cart, and pipe burst and Off the Waffle was asked to vacate spot.  Omar feels that as new business owners they didn’t train employee properly and they have learned a lot from their experience.

  1.  Local ingredients? – both answered yes for the most part
  2. Will you be open Monday a.m. of the fair? – Café Mundo – Yes.  Off the Waffle – wasn’t planning on it but if Village wants it, they will stay open – need to plan ahead.
  3. How many waffle irons for OFF THE WAFFLE?  They can make 225 waffles per hour
  4. What are you most looking forward to as being part of the fair family?

Café Mundo – excited about bringing the talent from their community to the Village (cultural aspects)
Off the Waffle – just being excited about being part of the fair and partying

  1.  Sugar free waffles?  Not normally offered at the restaurant.  Omar uses a very small amount of Agave in the batter.  He is open as to how specifically to make the batter.
  2. Café Mundo – Gluten free AND vegan?  That could be a challenge but Lauri could look into it.
  3. Café Mundo will offer teas and apple juice

f. Committee closing statements: Silver star special: Both have offered a special though we won’t advertise that here and now. People walking their talk, both restaurants serve their talk, read their menu’s, they support local organic farmers, when we talk about Tempe for Café Mundo their recipe is revolutionary, off the waflle is doing bartering which is revolutionary or old school depending on how you think about it, Thank-you to both restaurants and to the OCF food group which was extremely helpful.
g. Vote: Ballot counting duty? Unimpeachable character required. Chesier is selected?

For those who voted for off the waffle OCF is seeking them out for next rest opening within fair.

Site Report ~ Flood second highest in history!
Green Space ~ Lump committee met last night on long term plan near highway and habitat restoration, looking at re-wording manual, no camping in green zone and whole fair is green zone and obviously camping is allowed and hopefully wording will correct misconceptions

Workshops/Demos ~ Laura, do you want to do a work shop or demo???? Then I need your form turned in by May meeting which is 2 months from tonight. I would like them as soon as possible please. My address phone number and everything else is on form and on website.

This year’s theme ~ Tim was going to do this but is at band practice so Keith is stepping in on this. Honoring Janet? At Council retreat discussed a theme that would honor Janet. Didn’t really come up with anything concrete. Janet gave so much to our community as did Myra {Spelling?} and Amira {spelling?}. How can we celebrate the village and include them and make it fun?
Ideas? ** Bubbles, teddy bears, and fairies? Lineage piece? generate an image or something that would jive with the bubbles, fairies, oneness of spirit theme, Janet always cared about people’s feelings and love. Janet was also an artist so if we could incorporate that, renewing our time, if we could dovetail these, Amira was ok with transformation, please also think of Amira, maybe history could do something for Amira and Sprit could do Janet, connectivity of cosmos, tree of life {just saw the movie tree of life}, both of these women had so much strength all the way through to the end, likes the idea of life death and birth, rejuvenation, everyone dancing naked with fairy wings of course would be cool, incorporate Janet into the history booth sign since the sign itself needs to be re-done. Anyone who has Janet’s art work bring to next CV meeting for banner art selection. Someone brought a tee-shirt design that Janet did.
Brainstorming Ideas – Bubbles and Teddy Bears, A lineage piece, something about fairies, Love, Fairies, Teddy Bears and Bubbles, Janet always cared about people feelings and she personified that, Janet was also an artist – incorporate her art into the theme, 2012 cycle and incorporating these things we are talking about; Amira and transformation, dedicate part of history booth to Janet and Amira, Janet long-time council member always helped set up the history booth décor – Janet’s favorite wall was the east wall of the booth, Tree of Life theme, strength in both Amira and Janet, especially their last summer on the planet – integrity and strength – life, death, rebirth – rejuvenation.  Steve Tarver was contacted and excited about and appreciates our ideas.  End of brain storming session.

* Action Item: Will keep talking about  ways to honor Janet, Amira, and Myra during next few meetings.

Booth Breakdown: Decoration/Booth Beautification
Facilitation Feedback ~ Good job Sam!!!! Restaurant Selection process worked well. Amazing that we got that much out of it.  Transparency was great, organized and efficient, wished there was more time for Q and A, competition made someone feel weird.

Non-Fair {Unfair} Announcements ~ Earth Ball Masquerade Ball, March 24th territorial benefit dress up part for camas education,
Extension Service has re-opened and yellow orange sheets have the info.
4/21 annual plant sale at EWEB,
general assembly {Occupy} meetings every Tuesday and Friday evenings until the 23rd when meetings will move outside and tee-shirts just came in $15 to one million dollars or for special blend sliding scale $15 to 2 million dollars sliding scale,
Family School laughing planet fundraiser,
SASS benefit coming up please come to hear about vagina’s,
Lucky Tavern St. Patty’s day activities,
2 roller derby events girls 12-18 final bout Sunday morning at 10 Willamalane, next roller derby sat 31st, I love you and I think your amazing announcement,
Autism Rocks and Kinds Tree garage sale Friday/Saturday at Kauffman senior center 10th and Jefferson, Sprout film festival Friday at Wildish!
Autism Artism 2012 opens March 31 at 5pm at the Territorial Vineyards on 3rd Ave

8:58-9:00 Goodbyes


Community Village Meeting Minutes, February 8, 2012

Michael Omo and Nel facilitating

Fair Announcements
Host Rap
Consensus Rap
Council Confirmation
Proposal: Community Village participate in the People United March (Gregory/Mary/Marcus)
Potluck Discussion!
Proposal: Persons serving on Council may facilitate CV meetings. (Jennefer)
Construction/Capital Budget Request (Keith)
Restaurant Report (Jen-Lin)
Decoration/Booth Beautification
One Fun Thing
Non-Fair Announcements

Fair Announcements:

  • Joe is working on a local FM station. Looking for a Village location.
  • New property Fair bought will not be used this year.
  • Jennefer: call if you wanna be a facilitator
  • Saturday the 18th  is site cleanup 10am ware barn.
  • Call Bob if you wanna do the Village Stage or spring fling.

Agenda Review

Host Rap

Be nice, park properly

Consensus Rap

Practice, listen, not being attached. Put aside ego, appreciate the contribution of others, reward flexibility, care about the process.

Council Confirmation

Council facilitates the Village for the Fair. All candidates confirmed, plus Laura, Drake and Ben are shadows.

March with Occupy?

There is a People’s United march happening Feb 25 downtown. This was presented by Gregory, Mary and Marcus, OE activists. The goal is to make a statement that “I am a Person”. (Carry a banner that says that) Put aside the polarizing political side and just be together as people seeking equality. Someone should get a few CV signs and banners from Scott in Corvallis. CONSENSUS was reached to participate as a Village. The party will last all day. Maybe we should, as a Village, do the Hokey-Pokey?!? Tim will talk to Mary to arrange it.

Can Council be facilitators?

A tradition, born out of past abuses, has had them not facilitate. Quality of facilitation should be a major priority. Don’t want power too concentrated. Pairs seem to work netter. Training could be offered, but few have participated in the past. Try observing the OC General Assemblies to see it in action, Tuesday at 7, Sat at 5. We have used Council for onsite meetings. Show of waving hands says Go Ahead and do it.


The church is not available for a potluck pre-meeting. Who wants to organize it somewhere else? Jen-Lin and Laura.


Keith submitted a request for $1800 for P&J rebuild, but because the Fair is spending money this year to mitigate flood damage the funds may be scarce. Should we have a fundraiser? Daniel can help. It is the year of the dragon? AN online conversation will begin about this.

Booth Decoration

Ideas: chalk art, fabric, masks, hanging baskets w/flowers, solar lighting, beads, crepe paper, quarter rounds, metal cutouts (sharaman), removable painted boards that could be made onsite, kids art project, boothies should control their own decorations maybe booth theme related, memorial icons, shoes, white boards for public to draw on.

One Fun Thing

Tim & Nel sang their “Occupy” song. Folks danced and sang along.

Meeting eval

Good. Nice pair.


These are the camping areas Villagers use: Swamp (behind Doors), Meadow (beyond Teepee), Council (beyond yurt), above or behind booths, Farside, Zen Acres, Marshall’s Landing for overflow… Please don’t put up your tents for Fair before Wednesday. Shop for smaller tents.

Non-Fair announcements

  • Samba Ja, March 4, Feb 18, WOW Hall
  • Kimberely has a mini art display at Harlequin Beads
  • 20 years or 55 years old you can be an elder, March 1 deadline to get on the list
  • Sam wants help for the People United march
  • Occupy Cottage Grove marching March 1 for education day.
    Bye Bye Hokey Pokey

Community Village Minutes, January 11, 2012


Fair Announcements
Agenda Review
Host & Consensus Raps
Council Selection Process
Restaurant Selection Process
Site Report
Construction Report
Stand For Council
FM intra network idea
Support Occupy More/How?
Non-fair announcements

Hi to new childcare person and all of us.


  • Master Gardener / Extension Service will be at this Fair
  • Smoking at our meeting place must be outside of the courtyard
  • Fair board work session on Fair entrance will be Feb 11.
  • Our village potluck is in March – further discussion below…
  • To get on the village drum contact Jennefer: (541) 514-9487, JenneferHarper@yahoo.com

Agenda Review, host rap and consensus rap as expected. Bla bla…

After some discussion and differing proposals, this was consensed on and established Jan 11, 2012, for temporary use subject to re-evaluation following its use for conflict resolution:

“Persons volunteering to serve on the Coordinating Council deserve a respectful and fair confirmation process. No candidate should be blindsided publicly with a concern they have not already had a chance to respond to privately. When concerns are expressed about their candidacy at a Village Meeting, discussion will be minimal, with the candidate given equal time to comment on specific concerns. But the majority of the conversation between the person with the concern and the candidate will occur privately between them and perhaps the Council. Resolutions of concerns should be shared with the Village when they have been reached.

People will stand for Council at the January Village meeting. If someone would like to be on Council but absolutely cannot make it to this meeting, they must send someone to stand for them. The Council candidates will make a statement or answer questions regarding who they are, their Village/Fair experience, etc. Candidates for Council must provide contact info and be accessible during the next week.

Anyone about whom no concerns are raised prior to the January Council meeting will be confirmed at the February Village meeting.

A person may not feel safe, or able to tactfully discuss their concerns with a candidate, so a person with a concern may be accompanied by an advocate.

To allow some time to work out a solution, the January Council meeting will be held the second week following the general meeting.

Someone may bring up a concern about a candidate publicly at a meeting if and only if they have warned the candidate that they may bring up that concern and have made an attempt to resolve it. The Villager must contact the candidate within 7 days of the January Village meeting, and if the concern is not resolved in a person to person conversation, another attempt must be made at the January Council Meeting.

A village member may stand aside or block a Council candidate only if he/she has taken his/her shared concern through the process described above.”

We are deciding on the 4th element of the Restaurant Selection Process Proposal tonight. (See whole adopted proposal coming soon.)
During the present ongoing process we have had 8 applicants. OCF Food Committee will decide which of those we will be tasting, with the top recommendation presented in March The committee doing the evaluating is already selected for this year.
The proposal was consensed on as amended. Copy to be with us soon.

It is flooded now, but was higher. David doesn’t like the straight eye view down the Shady Grove path – wishes it was curved… A Spirit Booth bush was removed by Vegematics. LUMP Committee is back at work. Is there still a Greenspace Committee? No?

2 potential booth rebuilds this year: Peace & Justice and the Restaurant, which will get a loft. Council will submit a capitol budget request of about $6,000. Yew poles will be used this year for the front of booths. It was noted that square construction elements have lasted years without rot, and have been a sound investment. It is hoped boothies will find creative, removable ways to decorate the square booth posts. OK? Do it.
Esthetic add-ons are what we need much of.
What booths will need construction next year? Does it ever end?
All goes back to the earth, lest we forget.

Standing: Keith Herchberger quackerbacker1@msn.com cell 541-513-1238, Tim Mueller 541-521-7208 tim@gwproj.com, Paul Sass psass731@aol.com 541-689-3709 , Lois Inmann 541-836-2670 , Nathan Greene 541-852-0627 spuddygreene@yahoo.com , Dianne Albino 541-933-2584 iriedi@yahoo.com, Karla Caudell 541-337-5319 kjcaudell@yahoo.com , Jennefer Harper 541-514-9487 JenneferHarper@yahoo.com, David Hoffman 541-484-9204 fixit@efn.org.
Please contact them within 7 days to express a concern.
Shadows include Drake Eubanks, Laura Weil–Noppenberger.

Joe talked about this and had a small demonstration. Here is what he wrote about it:
I want to do a low power FM radio station for the village. We could use this for broadcasting the Stage but also for other things such as music all night and announcements. I will supply the equipment. We could use the generator bike for some or all of the power. I would like to talk to others about doing programing. With the legal power limit and a good antenna we can cover the whole village and camp areas.
Additionally I would like to set up a wi-fi with a server for the village. This could be used by cell phones or laptops or other devices to access a webpage/site and possible files or streaming media. I can supply all the equipment and would like to talk to others about doing the software setup. My idea on the wireless server is not to do internet as such but rather to have a sort of intrAnet for the village. Nothing on the intrAnet would be available on the intErnet and the outside world.
David wants it used to assist those who have trouble with hearing. I could do two microphones for the crowd, used as talking sticks plus a lapel one for the facilitator.
I am part of the Green Earth Booth but this might best be part of Doors or the Info Booth, it might even be a booth of itself in the future if it works well.
The discussion will continue…

In addition to statements of support on our website, the village will allow Occupy messages on our Drum, links to Occupy websites on our website, and villagers are encouraged to help however possible.


  • Starhawk has a new book
  • John Flannery is moderating a cool event
  • Abbott has cancer, send him your love
  • OE has bumper stickers
  • Eugene Handbuilt Cookies are good
  • Celebrate Local Eugene is at Davis’ Feb 2
  • Autism Rocks has a benefit show Feb 5 with TR Kelly, Tim  and Nel
  • This is Kimberly’s 20th Fair
  • Visit the Moon Upstairs

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