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Community Village Meeting Notes, November 12, 2014

Facilitator: Tim Mueller (about 25 people present)
Guests: David Tipton from Path Planning and Jon Silvermoon, OCF Board of Directors

Fair Announcements
-The Conflict Resolution Workshop Retreat has been cancelled
-Path Planning Committee meeting on Sunday, Nov 16 at 1:00 pm. Meet David Tipton at the proposed CV new entrance site at noon for information about proposal

Agenda Review
Keep reports short so we can focus time on the Path Planning proposal for new CV entrance.

Village Field Trip
Keith’s vision for a fun gathering later this winter. Will put on agenda for Keith to present at the January Village meeting.

Path Planning Proposal – David Tipton
The Path Planning Committee is keeping this proposal active, with plans to move forward increasing space along East 13th . The goals of the PP committee are to make adjustments to the path in order to improve the quality of site conditions and the experience for the public. They are working to provide increased width and little “plaza” or pocket park type areas that give people a place gather and rest as they wander East 13th.

The new CV entrance proposal is kind of an off-shoot from a plan to develop a rest area at the existing open area along the main path. He recognized an opportunity to not only open up that area, but connect it to the Village, expand the plan a bit more and the Village would gain a little more space and location for greater public exposure.

It is up the Village to decide if new entrance path would happen. Keep in mind that the sketched maps on the web-site are meant to suggest ideas for layout, because the final configuration would be very flexible and would be worked out with the Village.

David pointed out that Sue Theolass comes to all of the PP meetings representing the Village. He hopes that continues, and perhaps someone from the Village could be a backup for her and also attend.

[relevant links: Path Planning Committee Page | Past CV discussions about this issue]

Q&A with David Tipton

Q: The Village will decide if the path happens, correct, and not the Fair?
A: Yes. Path Planning is offering, not telling us what will happen. It is also a timing thing, because they would be in a position to help us construct and make changes to the Village (labor help, support for funding)
At this time, the Fair has no intentions of making us do this—down the road as the Fair’s needs increase, it could happen. The LUMP directs things like paths and traffic flow, public use areas, etc. Cul-de-sacs are a safety concern, in an emergency and dead end is not a good thing, and it isn’t in compliance with requirements that may be imposed due to insurance.

Q: You are saying we have that chance for help now; but if we put this off too long, or dropped it now—we might not have this extra support if perhaps the Village wanted to expand in that area in the future?
A: It’s on our list of work right now. In the future, making changes at this location may no longer be a priority. Right now, we know we would be able to help the village create its vision. Furthermore, if the Village doesn’t approve the proposal, then the Fair will proceed with creating the new “plaza” space along East 13th as a rest/gathering area for the public.

Q: We would have an influence over how the traffic would flow through this area? Could we create a winding path that would slow people down and that would prevent line of sight to the main path.
A: Yes.

Q: Does PP generally have positive experiences working with other groups or booths when making changes at the Fair?
A: By and large, everyone ends up happy. The PP group does try to work with all the issue and concerns. Effort to see that it is better for the whole fair including those experiencing the change. Changes are discussed and agreed or condensed, then the PP and the people facing the change all have strong backing and support. Sometimes there are little problems, but they try to work it all out.

Q: What about the loss of green space in that area?
A: There isn’t much real green space back in there, actually. It’s already been disturbed a lot. So impact to green space would be minimal, and no tree cutting.

Q: What about the children that run around and play, and what about security. Could we put up a wattle gate after sweep?
A: Sounds like a possibility. Might cause a little confusion, however, idea deserves further discussion as a solution.

David had to leave the meeting at this point. He would like us to share notes with him from the discussion tonight.

Some discussion points:

  • Looks like a very good pay-off for the PP and the Fair – will send the flow around through the Village.
  • Our kids that run and play around the green and in the Village don’t go running out to the six pack or onto the path at the Info booth. They already know what their boundaries are. Doesn’t see why a new path would pose problems.
  • A couple of people watched the area during the last fair and described watching a pretty steady parade of people down past WE to the tipi, that were then turned back from the dead end, causing some traffic crowding around that area already. Maybe it isn’t really that quiet a lot of the time.
  • Comments from Jon Silvermoon: Will this path happen anyway? Reality check: the Fair could do it if determined a need for the benefit of the overall Fair. Look at the Craft Lot changes going on now. However, he doesn’t see the BOD treating CV the same as other booths at the fair, and it’s not likely that the BOD members would vote to push this through in the face of Village strongly opposing it at this time.

Pass Allocation Committee Report
Minutes are on the DRUM. Plan to provide a report to the Village at the January or February meeting for discussion. Will continue developing a new process that may be implemented next Fall.

Council Report
Most council members weren’t able to make the meeting, nothing to report.

Council Support Meeting
Katie will provide summary (not available to scribe at this writing – should be posted on the CV website very soon). Next meeting of the group is November 24, 7pm at Growers. Will provide report/recomendations to the Village at the January meeting.

Meeting fun thing (count to 10 in a group), goodbyes.

Village Meeting Notes, Oct 8, 2014
Below are notes Tim took at the Oct 8 Village Meeting. I hope they are useful. Please feel free to offer corrections and updates….

Facilitated by Sue Barnhart
About 18 people present

The November Village Meeting will be Nov 12, at Growers upstairs. Time will be devoted to discuss the New Village Entrance possibility.

Fair Announcements:
Oct 18 is Fair Voting Meeting, 6:30pm, Whitaker somewhere. Board elections, Vision Fund priorities. The OCF Annual meeting this coming Saturday will not include a discussion of the radio proposition. Jen-Lin will give a feedback report. Hilary will give a financial report. Candidates for the OCF board will speak, members will vote.
Oct 19, Path Planning Meeting. Alice’s around 1pm. CV path (New Village Entrance) will be talked about as they walk by.
Nov 16, Path Planning meeting with New Village Entrance on the agenda.

Pass allocation Process Committee Report
See the committee notes below—
Comments: shouldn’t booth coordinators be doing eligibility research rather than a new team of people?
How can it work with eligibility meeting before any of the work parties?
Maybe there should be a booth coordinator evaluation process…?

Council “Support” Committee Report
This committee is developing recommendations to share at the Jan 15 Village meeting, to empower and help Council be more effective in carrying out their duties. The committee name has not been consensed on. Notes from this committee will be summarized and reported at Village meetings. Anyone can join the committee to take part and get the full notes. Contact Sam Rutledge. Council is getting all the notes and working on some of the ideas already.
So far, the committee has created a list of issues and categorized them. Work on finding recommendations has just begun.

Decon Report
Tim gave his observations of stuff needing to be done, all listed in the Theater of Change newsletter online. There were quite a few items, mostly kinda small except for some loft floors and ladders and the restaurant flooring. (Some of these have been done by this writing)
Discussion: Big John got a lot of heat from the Fair over incomplete items. Monday after Fair, Quartermaster had to help a lot as there were too few villagers to help. John was not there. Maybe we need a decon coordinator for each booth. Maybe we need two decon passes. Maybe each booth needs a general village + booth specific decon checklist. Some booths have this already. Need redundant communication so responsibility is clear. Booth Coordinators need to step up and assume responsibility. Maybe have booth decon person report completion or projected completion date to Village decon guy.
A proposal was made to create a Decon Committee with members from each booth plus the Decon Coordinator to develop general village + booth specific decon checklist and completion protocol. This proposal will be presented at the January Village meeting.

Site Report
Unusually, site has not flooded yet.

OCF Board Report
From Jain: Lotsa stuff got tabled, including Vision Goal #1: to increase diversity at the Fair. Alter-abled policy was discussed, reaffirming that AAAA is just for Fair folks. FM radio 98.5 was approved by the FCC, but further action was tabled at the meeting. A discussion of the financial state was tabled. Full minutes are on the Fair Family website.
Amended by Jain:
“AAAA was originally supposed to be just for Fair folks” might be more accurate, since 4A now provides wheelchairs, charging & changing stations, interpreters, and other services for the Fair public. Accepting the LPFM radio financial report was tabled, not the financial state of the Fair.

Village Evaluation
Notes from the Village Eval at Teddy Bear’s Picnic are on the Drum
Some folks still bring large tents to camp in the village spots. BAD! Nathan will NOT ALLOW anyone to do that in the future. Don’t bring a tent bigger than you NEED.
We talked about the security issues from this year.
Sam did some anecdotal research at Fair about other’s attitudes about the Village, and found people thought of the Village as a warm and friendly place, on track with Fair values. Others found we get stereotyped. We have someone who could conduct a scientific research with chocolate…
Like the Naughty peep show at the restaurant.
Curtain panels for the swamp entrance were better but still not perfect. Ideas? Bulldogs like screening curtains that are easy to walk through.
Bulldogs had fun being bulldogs.

Village Field Trip
This idea came up at a Council meeting, with Keith as its convener. He wasn’t at this meeting, so it was tabled. Curious…?

Craft Lot Expansion Committee
This group stopped meeting when the expansion was put on hold, but is now back at it. They have a proposal, but have not been given clear guidelines. Our village committee will get meeting again soon with Katie convening. It is not clear that the Fair will have a place for us there…

Maybe the Village should have an expense slush fund for the future
Maybe start a Village Free list

Non-Fair announcements
Oct 25, annual CALC fundraiser at Universalist Unitarian Church
Nov 15-16 Conflict resolution retreat at ALICES
Oct 26, 1-3pm at Cozmic, KindTree – Autism Rocks Mask Making Party
Seavey loop development protest might break the participation record for Eugene set by Bob’s anti-nuke protest back in the day.
Friday the 17th 6pm Occupy General ASSEMBLY

Meeting eval
Where are the snacks!?!

Community Village Meeting Minutes, June 11, 2014

Facilitators Sue Barnhart and Katie …
Notes by Tim

Childcare: Onsite childcare this year is available June 21 and June 29 (on-site meeting date) from noon to 4pm.

Introductions followed

Peace and Loving Kindness Rap. Dea…
Focus today on loving kindness for yourself. Solar flare activity is peaking now. The solar radiation amps up the atmospheric energy, leading to spikes in violence and stress. This creates an incoherent state in all of us. Think positively, avoid blaming, feel compassion, love and gratitude to return to coherence.

Consensus Rap. Sam…
We use consensus to arrive at decisions as a group. Start with listening rather than holding pre-determined thoughts. Come with an open mind. Bring your highest self, allow your thoughts to be shaped by what you hear others say, make room to bend, to respond to other’s words. Avoid spending time formulating your response to other’s remarks and just listen, absorbing their ideas before responding.

Agenda decision
This was a long discussion about whether to add an agenda item and whether to allow the group to make a decision regarding the subject of that item. It was rather confusing. In the end, the agenda item was allowed, but the village did not consense to make a decision at this meeting.
(Here is the relevant village guideline: “MEETINGS – DECISIONS AFTER APRIL MEETING: Items requiring decision by the Village will not be placed on the agenda for the May and June meetings without the consent of the Village.”)

Fair Announcements
– Don’t drag the chairs
– Phone charging station will again be at the Green Earth Booth during fair. Please use your USB connector rather than the AC/DC converter that plugs in.
– Tie dye t-shirt making will be at the front of Fair this year again.
– There may be a Restaurant Grand Opening event, with a chocolate ceremony and Village purpose presentation , or something…
– June 29 (onsite meeting date) at 10AM will be the Humanistic Intervention Training by Zach.
– Cass the Wattle Guy will be onsite every weekend and wants you to walk like a duck and wattle…..
– Youth Power will be revitalized this year, through a partnership with Little People. There will be games, snacks, and service opportunities. Please bring your teen and tweens to be part of the fun.
– Onsite meeting is 1pm June 29

Site Report. David…
There is a red flagged danger zone directly behind Fruit, Youth Power and Little People. Do not go there until tree crew finishes removing the widow (and widower) makers.

Construction. Keith…
Last weekend’s work party was a good one. Thank you. Please be sure to install your booth’s railings and floors, be ready for a shake test by the 22nd. Rick needs skilled carpenters for Restaurant completion. Big John will be there helping coordinate the finishing (with oil and stuff) the posts in the Community House. Keith will be there in the AM this Saturday too. Firewood can be collected (16” long at least) and stacked neatly. Wattling must be done, too.

Camping. Nathan…
Please fill out camping form, still 50 or more forms not turned in. Is yours one of them? You will have trouble arriving Friday without a pre-turned in form. Forms needed especially if you may be camping somewhere other than the Village. There is a bit more space this year in the Village area of Far Side. No camping until Wednesday night.

Fire extinguishers are good but only last about 14 seconds. Pull, Aim, Sweep and Squeeze. Burlap is for wetting in the barrel and slapping the fire down. DON’T use burlap for a tent fire, use the extinguisher. Village Green campfire on Saturday night. NO candles in the tent.

Workshop & Demos.
A few spaces are left for new workshops, though the Peach Pit has already gone to press. The schedule will be online soon.

Orders due this Friday.

Please note your checks were not deposited last month so they will not show up in last month’s bnank statement. But they will show up this month.

Bring your ID to Fair. Plus chocolate. You will need a Dragon Voucher to access the site, especially if you arrive on Friday. Get one from your booth coord.

Big John will need 4-5 people to help decon on Monday post-Fair. Please be one of the people who can do that all day Monday.

Jennefer’s Agenda Item
Jennefer Harper was relieved of Council duties by consensus of all the other Council members.
She spoke of how this came about. First there was a Council meeting that she was unable to attend. At that meeting there was much discussion of her inappropriate behavior (stemming from an Occupy dispute) and how to respond to it and other incidents creating a pattern of bad conduct. A proposal to relieve her from council duties was considered. A decision was delayed to give her a chance to respond at a special meeting the following week. At that meeting a similar proposal was brought forward after much discussion but was not consensed on due to Jennefer’s block.
Following that meeting, Jennefer filed a Grievance with the Fair, believing our process was not followed and that once the Village consensed on a Council member they could not be removed without Village consensus. The Village does not have a written process for removing a Council member. There was no mediation between Jennefer and any other Council member.
Another special meeting was called that Jennefer was unable to attend, saying she had to work from 9am to 9pm that Sunday. At that meeting, all Council members agreed to write her a letter (which she posted on the DRUM and brought copies to share) informing her that we had agreed to relieve her of Council duties to protect the Village and the Council from her unacceptable behavior.
Tim then took her off the Council discuss list.
Jennefer believes the Council is dysfunctional and has violated process.
Sue Barnhart (facilitating) then passed around a sign-up sheet for those who wished to participate in a committee to work on “Council issues”. Any interested Villager is invited to join this group, with Sam as the convener. These are the folks who signed the list, both at the meeting and up until the moment of this writing:
Sam Rutledge
Joe Magner
Tanya Kiyak Boughton
Christy Peirsol
Sue Barnhart
Kathie MacCionnaith
Eric MacCionnaith
Drake Eubank
David Rogers
Jennefer Harper
Karla Caudell
Diane Albino

Pass Allocation Process. Tim…
There were some comments at the Pass Allocation Council meeting that led the Council to offer an opportunity for Villagers to work to help improve the pass allocation process, which was described as stressful and kind of random. This group will likely meet in the Fall with Tim Mueller as convener.
All Villagers are invited to participate. Those who signed this list are:
Tim Mueller
Joe Magner
Tanya Kiyak Boughton
Kathie MacCionnaith
Eric MacCionnaith
Drake Eubank
John Flannery
Jennefer Harper
Karla Caudell

Lois, a Council member, expressed that the Council did the best they could in relieving Jennefer from Council duties in an attempt to prevent further damage to the Council and the Village while moving forward toward a fun Fair. The matter will involve further discussion after the Fair, if needed.

Booth Breakdown Report
Info: productive, ready, give us your info
LLL: will try to implement the craft lot ideas in miniature
LP: talked about Zach’s training
P&J: booth mostly put back together
Doors: theme is empowering peace
Art: All done…
Fruit: got to know some new people

UnFair announcements
Eugene Naked Bike Ride Saturday, 4pm, East end of Skinner Butte Park
Avant Gardeners will have free plant starts Sunday noon to four at 8th and Park
June 28 STEEL WOOL is looking for cast members for their Fat Jesus on a Bicycle video. Talk to Tim: Tim@gwproj.com
STEEL WOOL will be performing along with “the Refreshments” at a benefit for David Oaks, June 26, 6-8pm at Cozmic
www.ExiledinEugene.com – a place to post musical events in Eugene

Community Village Meeting Notes
May 14, 2014
Tim Mueller

Facilitated by Sam and Darren

Childcare Rap:
Hat going around to help pay for Childcare, Little People and Youth Power supplies and gifts. Onsite childcare schedule not yet determined.
One fun thing: Count To Ten…..
Fair Announcements:
Join Spirit for the Fair Opening Ceremnony, Friday 10:30 Village Green. This year’s element is Fire, come in costume…
Yurt: Burt will not be bringing the Yurt to the Fair in 2015 so he’s looking for a NEW volunteer to do that job. See him at booth breakdown, or contact him at 541-999-4520.
Don’t forget OM Circle, Sunday at 10:30 at Fair
Saturday May 17, work party onsite. See Theater of Change for details.
Green Earth cocktail party at Fair will be at 9:30 Saturday with fewer lights than last year.
Signs and Banners will be onsite June 8, 14, 28, 29, July 6. They will have paints and supplies to make your own signs. If you want S&B to make you a sign, get your orders in asap. All brush cleaning water must be taken off sight…
Youth Booth is functioning this year, so think of what tasks you might like the youth to do for you…
June onsite meeting date:
Council has not discussed the date for this meeting. The facilitators gave a brief intro, then folks raised their hands to see who could be at which meeting. About 42 could come to the June 22 date, and about 76 to the June 29 date. Council will make a decision next Tuesday and announce on the web and the Drum.
Host Rap:
Treat our hosts with respect – don’t drag the chairs, don’t park behind the other church, don’t vocally disparage St Mary’s religion, close the windows when you leave.
Camping Rap:
(See the blurb in the Theater of Change) Ben will not be at Fair this year L, so Nathan is de Man. Camping forms should be turned in by June first, time enough to share with other camping area coordinators. Bring the smallest tent you can manage. Really. Smallest. Tent.
Peace and Loving Kindness Rap:
Our mission statement says, “We create a spiritual center manifesting the Village Vision of love, peace, trust, justice, cooperation, equality, and social service. By believing in dreams, thinking of others, valuing differences, and experimenting with new ideas, we hope to expand our consciousness, growing beyond the Fair into the world at large.” Our emotions are broadcast through electromagnetic fields generated by our hearts and brains, and sensed by those around us creating a group field environment. Be your best emotionally and the world will be better. Try it right now…
Workshops & Demos:
If your workshop is not on the schedule by this weekend (passed already…) it will not be in the Peach Pit. Forms are here, a preliminary schedule is here, talk to me – Beth Mottweiler: bethmottweiler@gmail.com, or call 541-525-9588.
Not too much storm damage in the Village. There’s a pile of sticks behind Youth Power that will need to be removed. Big projects will not be happening except the completing of the Restaurant building. Youth Power might get a rebuild if Keith can score some free lumber, as he has in the past. However, the Areas team has a pass or two available for skilled construction people as the two from the last few years have moved on. If you have such actual skills and experience, please contact Keith soon! Keith Herchberger (541) 513-1238 quackerbacker1@msn.com.
Fair Board Report:
Diane reports the Spring Fling raised $1900 for the Culture Jam. A new low power FM station, KOFC, will be operational this season. Teddy Bear Picnic will feature the Sugar Beats, August 16.
Consensus Rap:
Consensus is “coming to an agreement everyone can live with.” Listening, trying to understand others’ points of view, taking time, should lead to community buy-in.
Passes are not free. Money is due to Booth Coordinators by Friday the 24th at the latest. Upon receipt, John will issue a voucher, given to your booth coord, who will give it to you, so you can bring it with you when you go to admissions at Fair. Be sure spelling of your name matches your picture ID. Here are the 2014 pass prices…
10 years old and under is free
$10 each for youth age 11 and 12.
$40 each for teens age 13 through 18
S.O. pass: $80 through June 29;
on June 30 this fee increases to $100.
CV Worker pass – $40
Elder pass – $40
Day pass $20 $10!!
Vehicle pass – $10 | Oversize vehicle $30
Extra (beyond allocation) vehicle passes $20
Admissions for Village will be open Wed and Thurs before Fair from 9am – 10pm at the Village Admin Area on the right end of the big tent. Teens attending with not-their-parents must have a Guardian Form (community-village-teen-form07.pdf) with them to designate a Fair Parent. If you are arriving on Friday, you must go to the Fair Registration area on left side of the big tent and identify your self as a Villager. They should have your records.
Decon, Post Fair:
Big John will need help Monday after Fair to move bamboo, stage components and much more. Please make yourself available to him if you can. This is a big job. Please help with this. Don’t just run off… We try to leave no trace.
Fire Rap:
From the Village Guidelines: In case of fire, send someone with knowledge about the fire to the Information booth to contact Fair Central to give clear directions to the fire’s location. Simultaneously, take action to put out the fire. Use whichever is closer: wet burlap bags or fire extinguisher. (Should be in every booth and camping area) You can beat a smoldering fire out with wet burlap bags. If using a fire extinguisher, remember “PASS” –Pull Aim Squeeze & Sweep. Hold onto the fire extinguisher, pull the pin, and aim the hose at the base of the fire. Squeeze the handle. Sweep the hose so the spray can hit the base of the fire. “PASS”. They are only effective for about 10 seconds.
No unenclosed or unattended candles or lanterns!
CAMPFIRES: Community Village has a village campfire Saturday night, if approved by the OCF Fire Marshall. A responsible adult from Community Village must monitor the fire at all times with 2 water buckets, wet burlap bags and shovel within reach. The water hose must be ready for use, as well. FIRES ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE CAMPING AREAS

LANTERNS & LIGHT: Unenclosed and unattended candles are not allowed at the Fair; fire danger is too high. If using the beautiful paper lanterns, illuminate with a flashlight or a glow stick. Other options at night are LED battery powered holiday lights, solar lights, and other personal lights without flames. Remember, light is alive.
T-shirts Rap:
Rich has a nice design, available in three colors and ladies, men’s and ladies tank top styles. Order sheet is online (2014TshirtOrderForm.pdf ). Orders must be turned in by June in town meeting, June 11. Don’t delay, get your today!
Site Report:
A big limb behind Little People will be cut, a fork in P&J will be trimmed. Site is still officially closed and locked. Sign in if you go there. Be safe, watch for hanging branches that may fall without warning.
Craft Lot Installation:
This project has been completely postponed until next year. Planning will continue… Stay tuned.
Craft Lot Installation
Booth Breakdown Reports:
LLL – discussed “responsibility”
GE – Almost enough passes
House – bamboo took a beating, Bird Walks this year!
IC – working on sound baffling designs, is planning a Saturday Morning meeting connection event – check it out…
Spirit – 3 new members
Fruit – don’t eat it all…
LP/YP – working on a revitalized vision
Doors – theme for this year: Empowering Peace
Non-Fair announcements:
See Jen-Lin to help with a Fair Friday 9PM story time for kids…
Autism Rocks PROM is May 17
The Extension Service IS open at the Kaufman Center
Food for Lane County and Opportunity Village benefit May 24, with STEEL WOOL and many more, at Cozmic, 7pm.


Community Village Meeting 4-9/14
Lois and Big John co facilitating

Child Care Rap: Lynn will be downstairs and is passing a pig to collect money for snacks and youth power. Next Month Lynn will announce dates for on-site child care.
Hello’s ~ Introduce new people: Lots of intros and few new people.
Fair Announcements:

  • Workshops and demo’s forms are due next meeting and this would include anything in a public space that you need to schedule that you want printed in the Peach Pit. The form is also on the website. Can either email them or turn them in at next meeting. Scheduling conflicts please contact Beth. 541-525-9588 bethmottweiler@gmail.com
  • 3 meetings next week in a row, you wanna go? They are all at Growers Market 454 Willamette St.
  • Monday 7-9 eligibility, Tuesday 7-9 Council, Wednesday 7-9 Booth Coordinators meeting.
  • If you want to try out meeting facilitation please contact Jennefer as she puts the schedule together.
  • Saturday May 3rd is Spring Fling and “My father’s ghost” is playing @ 7pm Spring Fling. Raffle is a fundraiser for teen camp during the summer. Last year we had 200 items to raffle. Tickets are $2 a piece and you can buy them from Sue or buy them from the OCF office or at booth 321 @ Saturday Market which is also Sue.
  • Human Intervention Training June 29th onsite.

Eligibility forms due: Are due tonight. Please see Laura W-N if you need a printed form. Please turn them into Jennefer and or Laura this evening or bring them to your booth coordinator.

Camping Rap: Camping forms are kind of like eligibility but you have an extra month to turn them in. Sign up, say who you are, where you need to camp, how many are with you, etc. Forms are on line. We don’t have forms here tonight. Ben is working on creating a data base and making this easier. We have had new areas up in Zen Acres. If camping with SO please put both people’s info on one form. Is there a process for establishing a place for people who need quit places to go? We encourage families to camp together. Quiet places are currently the Moon Lodge, Yurt, Pyramid, Tipi, and Meadow. Last year there was also a family space in the swamp to camp. Camping should be regarded as the bedroom of the Village. If you want to play music or party go join the fair. Space is at a premium. Please keep your footprint small. Nathan 541-852-0627 or Ben: 541-729-3130 and email stircrazyben@gmail.com

Consensus Rap: Tend to talk about how we arrive at a decision and we forget the process. People get used to Robert’s rules of Order or United state House of Rep’s, and things get discussed, tabled, postponed, etc. Discussed some ideas float, some flow out the door, and some fall flat. The one’s that float tend to expand, get added onto, and become an idea of perfect balance that we can all get behind. When we impose rigid rules, linear process, amendment to amendments’, the process, the vision gets lost.

Host Rap: Our Host is very nice to us and they don’t charge us much. We need to be respectful of their floors which they just re-did. Don’t scrape your chairs against the floor. We want to ensure we are walking our talk and we are being respectful and inclusive. When you have booth breakdown please don’t leave this area. Be respectful of other groups meeting at the church and don’t linger in the hallways during booth breakdown. You can go outside the church in the parking lot but please stay away from the alcove.

Peace and Loving Kindness rap: Dea is experiencing her 17th year in the Village and 20th year in fair. Has watched us all grow and evolve. As our mission has evolved we evolve. We are fairly loving and compassionate. Sometimes however there are things that happen that cause tension and sometimes those tensions tend to last for a long time. As someone who has been called into mediate when there was a problem, there was an idea to “let it go”. Let it go this year and let things go we have against others, and things that have happened. As soon as we are having negative thoughts towards people or things/situations, we are not being as effective as possible. Please choose to love each other, please be kind to each other, please forgive each other, and please be in coherence with each other. BREATHE!!! Feel yourself having love, gratitude, compassion, dignity, and loving kindness towards each other.

Song was sung led by Paul.
Sung with 2 parts or 2 sides of a whole.
This body, this breathing, this, this.
This body, this breathing, this, this.
This body, this breathing, this, this.
This body, this breathing, this, this.
This light surrounding, sound and beckoning.
This light surrounding, sound and beckoning.
This light surrounding, sound and beckoning.
This light surrounding, sound and beckoning.

Site Report: Ice storm, lots of damage, lots of widow makers, lots of danger. Site is still not safe, there is no access, the gates are locked, and the only ones allowed are special access or crews to do clean up. It may be another month or more before site access is allowed. Village lucked out and not a lot of damage. Tree across from Village info booth is still intact. The tree behind LP which is leaning and we were going to take out last fall is still standing and now needs to be dealt with. No access at this time. If you want to volunteer to help with clean up please talk to David as only certain people are allowed on site.

Board Report: Monday night board meeting decided to post pone barter fair this year. Barter fair would be too much work on fair. Shane Harvey has taken over and he was site crew coordinator for a number of years for Charlie Ruff general manager. Please check the .net site or fair family news. The dragon was set on fire a month ago but the head and tail are still intact. It look like it was an accident. Dragon will be rebuilt and path planning is meeting at Alice’s. More news on the Dragon very soon. Craft lot only 1/6 of craft lot will be opened to general public. So Fair will not be able to have the whole area cleared out by fair due to storm damage. Only a small part is being opened. There is a section opening called “sustainability” which is most likely where we will fit. Craft lot meeting tomorrow night at 176 Grand please follow up with Sue or Jen-Lin. Are people still going to be moved from Craft Lot? Most people will be able to stay in craft lot this year as South lot will not be ready.

Craft Lot Installation Committee Update: Not reported

Vapors: Do we regulate/discussion: A question arose from North Satellite Meeting. What will be done about regulating vapors? Fair has not addressed this yet but we will forward our comments from tonight to them.
Comments recorded included:

* Vapors have many more carcinogens in them and are actually far worse for your lungs
* A commenter reported that actually he experiences the opposite and the ingredients are actually not that bad
* You have to try and find the best providers and you need to research what you’re getting and where you are getting it from
* This person reported he is actually doing better on vapors health wise
* Happy that vapors are helping people quit smoking but doesn’t want people vaporizing around her child as it’s a role model issue and does not want people smoking or vaping in front of child
* Another person indicated he’s a smoker and is opposed to vaping in the village
* Still a tobacco product and people should still go into smoking areas instead of Village
* It’s still a marketing campaign and still big companies marketing to youth
* Nothing has been discussed at Board level about vaporizers
* One person expressed concern about having to approach vapors about not smoking in village and their possible response
* Another person discussed that actually vaping allergy herbs helps this person address asthma
* Sometimes there are good things in the vapors and sometimes bad things in them and it’s impossible to tell
* With the amount of children in the village smoking should be kept out of the village
* Children are already running, playing, and inhaling dust and other particulates. We should not also expose them to vapors
* someone who is part of Lane County Health Advisory group and they’ve been discussing this
* Vapor’s are not regulated by the same criteria as cigarettes are and vapors haven’t been vetted and children can purchase these items
* There are Positives and negatives to vapors and we should discuss this much further
* A smoker spoke and loves that the village is non-smoking and believes vapor smoke is still smoking and people should not participate in this in the village
* More discussion is needed
* Village bylaws indicate we can’t make a decision tonight as we are past the point in the year where we can make a decision
* A little concern about moral panic
* We hear about something new or we aren’t comfortable with and we freak and say “think about the children”
* Please take a step back and remember children are pretty robust
* It doesn’t take a lot of energy to take yourself from the village and go to a smoking area
* Legal in the fair to smoke certain places
* If we vaporize in the village we will have more people lighting up in the village.

Booth Breakdown: Occurred

Eligibility Forms are due Monday at 7 Grower’s Market and your booth coordinator needs to turn them in for your booth.
Unfair Announcements:

  • Redoux Parlor just got bought by Oblio Stroyman 541-579-9289 oblio.stroyman@gmail.com. They will be giving Village discounts and please come check in with them.
  • Saturday 19th 3:30-5pm Steel Wool is playing Saturday Market. Doing a video on Fat Jesus and Michael OMO will be the fat Jesus. They are looking for a bike to use for this video. Please check in with them if you have a bike.
  • Cinema Pacific is hosting art for endangered species April 27th at Museum.
  • Friday April 25th Grateful Love
  • A shaman from Puru will be a community despacho @ peace and healing Buddhist center 17th of April. Flyers if you want them
  • Contra dance tomorrow night in Eugene. At Old Dunn school behind south Eugene post office. Tomorrow at 7:30.
  • Plato “earth day to may day” global climate conversions educations opportunities bring all the movements together. Expect fliers around town. Planning meeting next Wed. Percy May Church?
  • Lane County Community Rights conversation this Saturday downtown LCC room 105. 3-4:30pm Ann Neelan is the attorney who will be presenting.
  • Next Tuesday @ County Commissioners meeting will be action and opportunity to speak about PANDA. If you want to participate you need to come to Growers Market this Friday. Tuesday prior to Council meeting is the actual meeting with commissioners. If you look on the internet PANDA Eugene there is a lot of info about this.
  • It’s not fair!!
  • Extension Master’s gardeners @ EWEB one week from this Saturday 19th of April.
  • Lost my purple pen!!
  • Shy Person’s contest. See flyer. Fundraiser for David Oaks.

One Fun Thing:
Hokie Pokie


Community Village General Meeting, Wednesday March 12, 2014
St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, 13th and Pearl, Eugene OR
Facilitator: Tim Mueller


7:00 P.M. Opening Om

Child Care Rap – Lynn – Child care is available downstairs during the meeting. Passing the hat to collect money for child care snacks and Youth Power

Hello’s – we all introduced ourselves, one by one, Mickey-Mouse club style

Fair Announcements

  • Two retreats coming:
    • 3/22 – 3/23 Conflict Response Skill Building at Alice’s
    • Elders Retreat at Alice’s 3/29 – 3/30
  • CV Eligibility meeting is April 14
  • Eligibility forms due at general meeting April 9. Forms are updated and available on website.
  • At last board meeting Shane Harvey was selected as the Site Manager
  • Jenn-Linn is scheduling a camp area clean up party this weekend, 3/15 & 3/16 (tools, gloves, hard hats required). Working with 4” diameter and smaller on the ground. Contact Jenn-Linn

Eligibility Potluck: Not happening – chances are it will be too wet

Consensus Rap: Sam gave the rap. Consensus has nothing to do with voting. It’s about finding a truth that the community as a whole creates. It takes all of us bringing our best angels to make it work.

Host Rap and FLOOR:
Reminder – we are guests here. We need to be mindful of where we park. We also have to be careful about how we treat the new floors. We have to be careful about not dragging the chairs on the floors because the wax has not yet cured (takes about 1 year). We were not careful enough the last time. The church has asked us to be super careful about the floors. We will make a $100 contribution to buff out the floors. The church is buffing the floors on are regular basis (until the floor wax cures). They are very understanding, but at the same time, they don’t want the floors scuffed up.

Peace and Loving Kindness Rap:

Collaborative effort to usher in love and kindness. In the village we offer Kirtan singing, women’s grounding circle, alters.

When we are meeting together we come from our hearts and even with our emotions and points of view, and remember to be kind to each other.
We are an intentional community and let’s also remember that when we are communicating electronically.

Design is in process and we can order at April meeting. Our theme is community and global healing, and being here now.

Camping: Nate
Ben is setting up an on-line system for C.V. camp registration. Each booth coordinator will receive an Excel spreadsheet with names of their people. Coordinators will receive camp forms from booth members, collect the information and input it into the spreadsheet, for submittal to C.V. Camp Coordinators. Nathan’s number 541-852-0627
Note – Camping forms will be available on the C.V. website
Please plan ahead and try to minimize your campsite footprint.
If you traditionally camp in craft lot, understand you won’t be camping there in 2014 (Note-taker’s note – Need to confirm this information as agenda for 2014 Craft Lot project has been scaled back to do storm cleanup efforts).

Workshops and Demos:
Laura is no longer going to do workshops and demos. She is going to Admissions. But Beth Mottweiler will take over the workshops and demos coordinating. Deadline for submitting a workshop or demo is by May general meeting (to make it into the Peach Pit).FORMS HERE
Contact Beth: bethmottweiler@gmail.com, or call 541-525-9588 (no later than 9 p.m. please)
Beth was congratulated, and Laura was thanked for her service.

Site Report – David H.
No access to site – gate is locked. Very limited access (in terms of permissions to go on the site)
Tree across from info is still upright
Tree in Little Peoples that “needs to come out” is still upright
Rear of main camp kitchen is demolished. Front is o.k.
Crafts Lot area needs a lot of cleanup and plans for this year may be cut back
Plans for 2014 Barter Fair may be on hold – having to do with resources for storm cleanup.
LUMP formed a green space sub-committee for identifying green spaces that will require stewardship. David was appointed Convener-Chair of the Green Space Subcommittee. Greenspace map can be found on OCF website: http://oregoncountryfair.net/Pages/Committees/LandUseManagementPlanning/LumpManualMarch2010.pdf
CV needs to identify its own green space and walk its talk
LUMP stewardship proposal – actively promote and discuss stewardship publicly at the fair.
Gray water/mycelium experiment was approved by BOD. This will be tried with Flowing Notes Shower.
Comment – After the big Feb. Storm, worst damage ever seen at the fair site in 26 years.
Note taker’s note (3/17/14) – Body of Dragon at Dragon Plaza got burned Friday 3/14/14. Police have been called in to investigate, based on evidence of arson.

Craft Lot Installation Committee Update:
2014 Craft Lot project scaled back dramatically. The storm cleanup will require skilled tree people to deal with the mess.
Directive for craft lot plan is for participants to plan on small footprint for 2014. Date for the next meeting is T.B.D, at Jenn-Lin and Sue’s, 7 p.m. (Meeting was on 3/14)
At last Craft Lot meeting, Sherman from Energy Park attended. They want to have cell phone charger stations at their front of fair display. Also discussion about setting up exhibits for growing food – a garden corner.
There was discussion about getting a dome, and the dome people offered that we could be provided with a small dome.
Group wants help with the garden project.
Discussion of written presentation for self-guided tour
Evening ambiance with solar lighting (Energy Park)
Sherman, from Energy Park, will be coordinating the garden effort

Council Selection Process – 10 minutes

  • Process seems to work pretty well
  • It’s been about 10 years since this process has been put in place, so not really temporary
  • Process seems not in the spirit off consensus because of the requirement to have dissenting discussions privately in advance. If an issue comes up and someone stands aside, they should have the freedom to say what they need to say about it, so others have more understanding.
  • Protocols for discussing things privately was implemented to make it easier for all those involved to communicate without “airing dirty laundry”.
  • We could clean up some of the more awkward points prior to setting a procedure in place.
  • Council meetings are open and anyone is invited to show up and discuss issues there.
  • Thinks process is broken. Suggestions were made but never taken seriously. Process requires us to own our own feelings and thoughts, our vulnerabilities. If any of us has a real issue, we should be able to hear what each other has to say. We are told that council will take care of it, and it doesn’t get taken care of.
  • Maybe if a concern that gets communicated, it could be made more transparent. The general meeting is not a good place to resolve personal conflicts. It is uncomfortable for just about everybody.
  • Suggestion – have a subcommittee to deal with council selection concerns
  • Maybe we need to learn as a group, not only to be nice to each other, but how to give and receive criticism.

One fun thing – Jokes were shared all around

Booth Breakdown:
Green Earth – new member,
Doors – two work parties where everyone in booth comes together before fair
Little People – Chelsea is coordinator. Discussion of Youth Booth
Wild Edibles – Potluck in May
Fruit Booth – looking forward to a place to have a quiet planning meeting
Spirit Booth – Possibly a new booth coordinator
Life Long Learning – discuss involvement in Craft Lot
Village Info – We broke down our booth and put it back together
Peace and Justice – no conflicts
Health and Healing- new members – reading program, organ donation
Areas – everything is covered
Intentional Communities – booth redesign, dealing with sound issues being next to stage
Arts – Kimberly not here at fair for 2014.

Unfair announcements
OSU Extension – located at Kauffman Center, David H. has info about org.
Corvallis Environmental Center Earth Ball at Squirrels Tavern in Corvallis, Sat. April 19
Shy People’s Talent Show, April 12 at Sam Bonds. Fundraiser for David Oaks and celebrating Sue’s birthday. Email: shypersonstalentshow@gmail.com
Friends of David Oaks fund raising – raised $3,700 at garage sale.
Fundraiser for Frog at Taylors on Tuesday March 18, 8 p.m. Live music. 2$ cover goes to Frog’s medical fund and $1 on every drink goes into fund as well.
Sat. March 22, Spring Equinox party at Arts barn, at fair site.
April 5, Territorial Vineyards in Whit. Autism art show at Territorial Vineyards. Mayor will be there, Frank Sinatra show 5-8:30 p.m.
Community Mediation Services – training, 40 hours, starts April 10., www.Communitymediationservices.com
LCC Plant seed and plant propagation Fair, March 22, 23
Oregon Hemp Fest is weekend after OCF at Maurie Jacobs Park. Meeting for volunteers this Saturday. Grab a flyer.
Grassroots Community Garden at Episcopal Church on Coburg Road. Food is grown for people in need. Open Tues. Thurs and Sat. for now. Open all week later in season.
Eugene Avant Gardeners – group of people that want to facilitate gardening.
Parvin Butte – there’s a group out of Veneta that are greenwashing what they are doing – Oregon Land Company – getting people to sell land under value then turning around and logging it using bad practices.

New member orientation before next general meeting is at Growers
Motion put forward by Barter Fair Task Force, may have to cancel plans for this year due to all the cleanup that has to get done on fair. This would only be a delay.
Jennefer needs to schedule the elgibility meeting and can be any day starting April 16. 541-414-9487

The meeting ended at 9:08 p.m.

Community Village Meeting Minutes – Feb 12, 2014,
St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, 13th and Pearl, Eugene
Facilitator: Omo

Child Care Rap

    • Passed the hat

Fair Announcements

    • Reminder that conflict among people happens, and that we have resources within the village to help with talking things through
    • Bob F. is still scheduling the village stage. There are 12 slots and 36 applications. There is still time to apply. There’s no set deadline yet
    • First Sat. in May is Spring Fling – My Father’s Ghost is feature band

Consensus Rap – by Omo, with group participation

  • Essentially everyone in the group has a piece of the truth, and we come to make decisions for the best interests of the group. A person can agree, step aside or block. Blocking should be done very judiciously.
  • We should take responsibility to be careful not to use blocking as a “weapon”, that we agree to leave the violence of culture outside the door.
  • A discussion ensued about the finer points between blocking and standing aside. And really best to try working decisions out.
  • As a group, there are no “sides”, so even to “stand aside”, you are still part of the group.

Host Rap- by Sue

  • We are guests in the home of this church, and we need to be respectful of the space and the parking.
  • Also be respectful of others by not making disparaging comments
  • Be careful with dragging chairs across the floor
  • No floor stomping

Peace and Loving Kindness Rap – Dea

  • Carrying of hard feelings over the years
  • We as a group are committed to social awareness
  • For this year let’s promote loving kindness, forgiveness, and finding ways to be more loving.
  • It starts with our thoughts, so we can start there by watching our thoughts. Science has proved we can affect probabilities with our thoughts, so it is up to us to become aware of our thoughts and how it affects what we bring about.
  • Let’s tap into our higher, best thoughts

Site Report – David

  • Site is in bad shape, per conversation with Andyman. Per Chewie “BAD”.
  • Long Tom is flooding. Site is closed. Decision will be made tomorrow concerning access
  • Lots of cleanup expected (Jenn-Lin)

Council Confirmation

  • All confirmed!
  • Brief talk from Tim – mentioned there were some issues prior to council selection and that we should probably review that process at next meeting
  • Jennefer – e-mail address – best to use JenneferHarper@gmail.com (NOT Yahoo)

Timeline Review: Deadlines for eligibility and registration

  • Eligibility to be part of the village – deadline to submit eligibility forms will be at the April 9 general village meeting
  • Eligibility review meeting is Mon. April 14
  • Following Tues April 15th is pass allocation
  • Booth Coordinator meeting follows, date t.b.d.
  • CAMPING – will be coordinated on-line this year (Nathan and Ben are working on this)

Craft Lot Installation Committee update (REPORT)

  • Jen-Lin – Rick, Tonya, Melissa, Big John, Sue
  • Craft lot venues will be rolled out and stages, and as such, village will follow suit, rolling out and adding new features year after year.
  • Theme is community healing, global healing and being here now. Working with sacred geometry – starting with triangle and working our way to more complex forms for “structure”.
  • Improv Theater will be part of the venue – laughter, clowning
  • Collaborative art installations – all about the healing
  • Recreation of “CV Integral House” up front – creating unified presence.
  • As an example, Showing alternative uses of hemp
  • Tea House in the evening, with acoustic music
  • This year at the Fair the element to be celebrated is FIRE! There is talk about a giant fire pit, a communal fire. Somehow we will integrate what we do with this fire.
  • A very first step is designing and setting up a structure, offering some programs.
  • Next meeting Feb. 25th at Jen-Lin and Sue’s – more participation wanted
  • Organizers want everyone’s participation to create art
  • Energy Park is moving their cell phone charging stations to the front, and there is the idea of collaborating with Energy Park
  • Ideas can be e-mailed to Big John – Tim M. will put Big John’s e-mail on the drum
  • Minutes from Craft Lot meetings are available on the CV website
  • Structures for craft lot are temporary – taken down after fair
  • We want to show paths to healing – hence sacred geometry as a starting point for structure.

Registration potluck this year? – Consensus reached, Yes to a potluck, date t.b.d. at March general meeting. A word of caution was voiced that rain could be a factor for an April potluck – we were lucky last year that it didn’t rain.

Booth Breakdown – Reports

  • Wild Edibles – Lane County Bee Keepers Assoc. this year
  • Green Earth – Discussed many ideas
  • Info Booth – Discussed information, and we will pass on more info to craft lots committee. Some info lost over the years, so if you have lost info, please return it
  • Intentional Communities – dreaming big dreams of restructuring the booth – sound issues being next to stage
  • Health & Healing – Talked about participating in Crafts Lot
  • P&J discussed contributions to Craft Lot. Also being on edge of village tend to feel isolated so want to come up with ways to be more integrated with village. Thinking about offering mediation service to village
  • Spirit Booth – Short, sweet, good
  • Doors – Discussed how to do e-mail with 1968 technology.
  • Community House & Master Gardeners – everyone is returning from last year.
  • Areas – We have a new baby in our group
  • Fruit Booth – has a meeting next Saturday to discuss structural issues of booth
  • Life Long Learning – not too many people here tonight but have been communicating via web
  • Arts Booth – Kimberly will not be participating this year

Unfair announcements (Note taker not confident that all relevant info is recorded here)

  • Shy Persons Talent Show Sat. April 12, at Sam Bonds 5 – 9 David Oaks. Bring an “act”. Kids out by 8:30 p.m.
  • (Fair) New member orientation 5:30 – 6:30 at Growers prior to March and April general meeting. Need two people to mentor and take over the orientation
  • Angeli VANLAAN– works on Kitchen crew, from Bellingham Wa, and she is competing in the Olympics –Feb. 21 Free style half pike skiing
  • Permaculture Slide Show at Blair 940 West 4th, Covers residential permaculture, rain catchment, Weds, Feb. 19
  • Kindtree Autism Rocks 2/14/14 Island Park Gallery at Willamalane Community Center, Art show and entertainment
  • Steel Wool, Friday 2/14, 7 – 10 p.m. at Territorial Winery
  • (Fair) March 8, On-site meeting and work party –to discuss crafts lot displacement

ONE FUN THING – we sang Let It Be

Meeting ended at 8:58 P.M.


Community Village Mtg. Jan. 8, 2014

Facilitator: Percy

Agenda: Hello’s, New Year’s Hopes, Agenda Review, Fair Announcements, Site report, Process and intro’s, Stand for Council, New Craft Lot Committee update, Unfair Announcements

Hello’s and Agenda Review

Fair Announcements:
 Orientation Decision: Announcement made about change to orientation meetings which will occur at Growers from 5:30pm-6:30pm on the same night as the Village mtg. and will be finger food. This will allow enough time to get to Village meeting after the orientation and will be held March and April. 454 Willamette St. At Growers. Sue and Jen-Lin are not sure how much longer they can do the orientation. They would like to invite people with 4 or 5 years of experience to come to the orientation and learn about it to possibly take it over the role of facilitation for Orientation.

 Barter Fair Committee: Get involved.

 New Loop opening in crafts lot. We are expected to have a presence and we have a Village committee meeting on this. Next mtg: Thursday 16th @ 176 N Grand @ 6:30pm @ Sue’s 541-688-6679 theolass@efn.org

 Fair has job opening for a Site Facilities Manager.

Site Report: We lucked out that we had powder snow. Jill’s crossing had a tree collapsed. Tree behind LP and the one behind 4A are still intact and unless something happens they will be dealt with next year. Fair did have some broken pipes on site. Water level on Long Tom right now is the same as it is at Fair time, very low.

Council Selection Process and Intro’s: Council process is written out in the theater of change. Karla reviewed this for the Village orally.

COUNCIL SELECTION PROCESS: After some discussion and differing proposals, this was consensed on and established Jan 11, 2012, for temporary use subject to re-evaluation following its use for conflict resolution:
“Persons volunteering to serve on the Coordinating Council deserve a respectful and fair confirmation process. No candidate should be blindsided publicly with a concern they have not already had a chance to respond to privately. When concerns are expressed about their candidacy at a Village Meeting, discussion will be minimal, with the candidate given equal time to comment on specific concerns. But the majority of the conversation between the person with the concern and the candidate will occur privately between them and perhaps the Council. Resolutions of concerns should be shared with the Village when they have been reached.
People will stand for Council at the January Village meeting. If someone would like to be on Council but absolutely cannot make it to this meeting, they must send someone to stand for them. The Council candidates will make a statement or answer questions regarding who they are, their Village/Fair experience, etc. Candidates for Council must provide contact info and be accessible during the next week.
Anyone about whom no concerns are raised prior to the January Council meeting will be confirmed at the February Village meeting.
A person may not feel safe, or able to tactfully discuss their concerns with a candidate, so a person with a concern may be accompanied by an advocate.
To allow some time to work out a solution, the January Council meeting will be held the second week following the general meeting.
Someone may bring up a concern about a candidate publicly at a meeting if and only if they have warned the candidate that they may bring up that concern and have made an attempt to resolve it. The Villager must contact the candidate within 7 days of the January Village meeting, and if the concern is not resolved in a person to person conversation, another attempt must be made at the January Council Meeting.
A village member may stand aside or block a Council candidate only if he/she has taken his/her shared concern through the process described above.”

Background given for what Council does. Shadow’s are for individuals who may not be ready to take on Council duties but they want to learn more about Council. A lot of times Shadow’s help during the fair and essentially decide they want to shadow council. Council is fair staff during fair, they are assigned shifts during fair, they are liaisons to booths prior to fair/during fair, they troubleshoot, go to work parties, fair coordinators for the fair and accountable to fair. Benefits would include: T shirt, food vouchers, prestige, a free pass but a paid SO, get access to food during main camp, opportunity to grow, and meet new people.
Question: Could you have advocate assist with addressing a block for a council? Yes, you could have an advocate assist you to work through concerns with a standing Council member.
Clarification: Blocking and Stand Asides {how many would it take to prevent a Council member from moving forward}? This would depend on how the facilitator chose to handle it and it only takes 1 block. It makes it very difficult if you don’t have concrete numbers. This would be like any other decision in the Village. The facilitator would be asking for what the issues are and trying to assist the Village to reach consensus.
Stand for Council:
1) Lois Inman: 541-836-2670 no email, please call
2) David Hoffman: 484-9204 fixit@efn.org
3) Karla Claudell: 541-337-5319 kjcaudell@yahoo.com
4) Jennefer Harper: 541-514-9487 jenneferharper@gmail.com
5) Dale Kegley: 541-343-8242 no email, please call
6) Paul Krishna: 541-515-1142 psimon32@msn.com
7) Diane Albino: 541-933-2544 iriedi@yahoo.com
8) Melissa Kirkland: 541-654-3162 spinningbeads@gmail.com
9) Big John: 541-606-4151 bigsqurlnuts@gmail.com
10) Keith Herchberger: 541-513-1238 quackerbacker1@msn.com
11) Laura Weil Noppenberger 541-513-7568 nimbi10@yahoo.com
12) Tim Mueller: 541-521-7208 gwproj@pacinfo.com

Wait on Proposal: Jon proposed that Council’s staff passes, SO passes, and vehicle passes not exceed the allowable number allocated to staff for fair. 15 staff passes allocated to Council, 75% of 15 is what the SO passes are which are 10 or 11, and 8 parking passes.

In addressing effectiveness it depends on if people on Council are doing the work. There have been a number of years where Council has not gotten along well. It would be good if each of the people standing would ask themselves if they can get along with everyone. If everyone comes together as a team for the Village then it shouldn’t matter if you get along because you all have the same goal in mind to support the Village.
Meetings required on Tuesday after general meeting. Please ensure you can make the meetings. Maybe re-visiting the issue of numbers if it becomes an issue. Laura will send an email with contact info for each person.
You have until next Tuesday at midnight to contact people with concerns.

New Craft Lot Conversion Update: The map on Theater of change is from April and there have been 7 or 8 iterations since then. Go to http://www.oregoncountryfair.net and click on Path Planning/Craft Lot. HERE. The updated map looks very different.
Meeting: Thursday 16th @ 176 N Grand @ 6:30pm @ Sue’s 541-688-6679 theolass@efn.org , bring food and meeting will start around 7pm. Space is driven by ideas. What we come up with will determine what amount of space we will be given for one year only. It doesn’t mean we will get the same space next year and may be moved around from year to year in craft lot. When we begin having booth breakdown each booth will be asked to come up with ideas. We need more people involved in this and would like to have a rep. from each booth involved in the committee. We need input from booth coordinators. This is a huge opportunity for us to have a presence. Craft Lot is an opportunity for Village to get together and work together. LLL made a presentation at the Craft Lot committee for us all to work together as a community, integrating Craft Lot as an extension of Village with a broader goal. Having been at meetings for Craft Lot wants to see other’s there and if people don’t show up then they shouldn’t have input. We will not be getting extra passes for doing the Craft Lot. Maybe in the future but not right now. At one of past meetings we talked about Wild Edibles, Green Earth, etc. all working together to teach people how to plant their starts and the public take their plants with them. We need to work quickly but we need to have a pretty solid outline to present by about the 3rd Sunday March. We don’t have a lot of time to get it together. The Craft Lot will not be totally developed for 3 or 4 years and will be like Chela Mela.

Energy Park has also been asked to put something out in Craft Lot. We’ve have discussed the idea of working with Energy Park as a collaborator. Craft Lot planning and Front of Fair distinction. Front of Fair is where the busses drop off people. It has nothing to do with Craft Lot and isn’t anywhere near it. Proposal for capital proposal due by Jan 15th. The actual proposal is really due closer to the end of Jan. Council will discuss it at the meeting on the 21st. What someone else heard was the more ideas we generate the more possible space we might get so not only can it be collaboration but we need ideas. Village is not 501 C3 and or an Oregon Non Profit. If we were going to apply for Grants we would need to pursue that separately. Art Barn currently has a 38 ft geo decent dome, people should check it out. We can keep creating new each year.

Tuna Issue: We have not been re-approached by the restaurant to add in tuna.

New Entrance into Village: will be postponed and will not occur this year with everything occurring with Craft Lot. There is a subcommittee for possible Village Entrance but they haven’t met yet.

Next Agenda: Are we going to do a Registration Potluck again this year?

Unfair Announcements:
 Big Fundraising sale to raise money Feb 21st, 22, 23rd to raise money for David Oaks. They need donations of time and items to sell.
 Extension service has moved to Kauffman Senior Center {10th and Jefferson} All the same phone numbers are valid.
 Board approved new site facilities manager job description. It is on the Fair.net page. Deadline to apply is Friday Feb 7th.
 Sweet Life on the plate, take it home.
Community Village Mtg. Jan. 8, 2014 Page 6 of 6
 Next Friday 6pm monthly planning mtg @ new day bakery for this June’s naked world bike ride.
 Party this Friday at Sam Bond’s for Sue’s friend who moved back from Ireland.
 Jan 11th Artist suspension performance group. Open to public on 1/11. People are welcome to view or be hung from suspension hooks or be pierced.
 Craft Lot relocation meeting coming up.
 Fermentation club this Sat. at Vets from 11-4pm.
 If Melissa brings a Key Lime to Craft Lot meeting will others come?
 Please see Laura if you are interested in taking notes.
 We need to remember to walk our talk. We need to be civil and polite. If we can’t be nice we need to be civil. Please be careful about negativity on line and in emails.
 Please if you see something that looks alarming please check in with people you trust instead of just jumping to conclusions.
 Arthur: It’s been over 20 years and Anita’s is still the one.

In the midst of sparkling crystals, aromatic foods, and a river of people rests an island of idealism, the Community Village. At the heart of the Fair, Community Village promotes social and environmental awareness by providing a forum for the free communication of ideas. The process of putting The Village together is as significant as the end itself, as we organize cooperatively through consensus decision-making.

Since 1976, we have grown from a modest display of appropriate technology to a community involving the energies of individuals from over 90 organizations.