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Community Village Minutes, May 12, 2010


Fair Announcements
New Agenda Items?
Agenda Review
Fire Ext Training schedule
Green Space Committee
Booth Breakdown
One Fun Thing
Meeting Eval
Non-Fair announcements
Bye Bye

Taylor Gives Childcare Report

It’s that time of year folks and we can’t wait to run around the site!! CV Childcare is offering care at 4 work parties and the on-site meeting this year. Here’s the info:

***YOU MUST RSVP YOUR KID(S)*** We bring some snacks, water, and volunteers with us and want to know in advance how many kids we are preparing for. When you RSVP your kid(s), you are making sure that there will be enough volunteers to make sure all the kids are having a great time and are safe. So let’s repeat that: ***YOU MUST RSVP YOUR KID(S)***

Please pack your kid(s): sunscreen,
bug spray,
a hat & appropriate clothes/diapers,
drinking water,
and lunch.
We play from 11-3 and most kids get hungry during that time. We will
provide a munchy snack to share – it is your job to make sure there is something more substantial for your kid to eat. You might want to include a swimsuit (we sometimes find a sprinkler…), or any fun outdoor toys your kid(s) might want to share – Frisbees, balls, or similar.

Sunday, June 6th – 11 AM to 3 PM (Taylor)
Saturday, June 26th – 11 AM to 3 PM (Bethany)
Sunday, June 27th – During the On-Site Meeting Only
Saturday, July 3rd – 11 AM to 3 PM (Bethany)
Sunday, July 4th – 11 AM to 3 PM (Taylor)

We will let you know if we have a need for parent volunteers (this counts toward your work party requirement).

You can RSVP your kids by emailing or by calling 541-683-8250. If you need to cancel, please call 541-683-8250 and let us know as soon as possible. Likewise you can call or email with any questions, and we will do our best to answer them.

Fair Announcements

  • Opening Circle is 10AM Fair Friday. Join in�
  • Janet needs the T-shirt image sent to her as her computer crashed and lost data.
  • Kimberly talked about Fair parades. Wanna join in one? Call Kimberly (541) 684-8799
  • Fire Ext training set for June 27 onsite, details TBA

Site Report

Tree between Arts and Stage is coming down. Some puddles onsite now.

Greenspace Committee report

If you have input for the Greenspace Committee, call Keith. Members are Keith, Jules, Janet, and Melissa Kirkland (WE). Plan:

  • Develop a generalized plan for Village usage of space
  • Demark space and formalize our boundaries
  • Plan for preservation & no tread, no-footprint-camping zones
  • Forward looking plan
  • Work with neighbors

This effort, if successful, will be the first non-LUMP generated greenspace map. Let�s do it.

T-Shirt Iron-ons

How to order? Call Janet Tarver 541-344-3770 There should be few for sale at coming meetings, and you can still order some then, too.

Workshops & Demos

Form must be turned in tonight (or in the next 2 days) to be in the Peach Pit. The form is on the website. Contact Laura Ratti 541-998-3046 Workshops can still be scheduled but will not appear in the Peach Pit.


Camp forms are here. Get them filled out and to Nathan ((541) 852-0627 as soon as you can, latest by June 13 onsite meeting. PLEASE bring as small a tent as you can.


Registration will start May 21 and go till the end of June. More info from your Booth Coordinator. Jen-Lin is running registration this year, I think. Jen-Lin 541-485-3768

Fire Crew is YOU!!!

In each booth: 1 10lb extinguisher, 2 water buckets filled w/water and burlap, 1 shovel. NO open flames, no unscreened and/or unattended candles or incense. Smoke only in designated areas, not your campsite. Saturday night fire on the Green needs attendants. Contact Lois Inman (541) 836-2670


You must participate in the sweep line Saturday at 7ish and one other day. Bring your instruments, especially percussion.


These booths will be completely redone this year with our 2 construction dudes: Art, Stage and Wild Edibles. Much large dimension lumber will be donated by a lumber broker friend of Keith�s. Input is requested for the new Stage design. Contact Keith or Nathan. Other projects include a few elements of Life Long Learning and a leaning-too-much Intentional Communities. Villagers will be needed for these projects as well as redoing the House benches.

Construction coordinators (Keith, Nathan, Tim) will be onsite Saturday, Sunday and Monday all through June and pre-fair July. Mondays will start at 9am. Weekends about the same. Bring gloves, hammers, drills, safe shoes, bug repellent. Be safe.

Decon begins May 24, Monday, with arts and stage and the tree leaning on them. Decon continues May 29, 30, 31, most of the day. NO CHILDCARE. Bring large size ratchets and wrenches, pry bars, drills, nail pullers. Wood will be reclaimed or cut for firewood. This is fun.

Booth Breakdown, 50 minutes.

Booth Reports

Mostly lame �we�re fine and having fun� reports. Spirit will have workshops right in their booth this year. Bring a scarf for the Opening Ritual. The restaurant had 18 people there! Arts will feature some new workshops. Doors will try to get Patch Adams to visit the village.

One Fun Thing

Touchy feely group exercise.


180 people counted at the meeting, with 120 remaining after the Booth Breakdown. Nice the meeting started on time.

Non-Fair Announcements

  • Mind Freedom round table will feature an autistic comedian, Howard Falk, 1st Wednesday June 2, Growers Market upstairs, 5:30 � 7pm. David Oaks.
  • Fenario Gallery is hoping to be reborn as an artist cooperative.
  • Sat June 5 is last Roller Derby. Jenefer Harper.
  • Zimfest is in Corvallis this Summer, Aug 19-22.
  • Jerr has a MetaMedia event on campus.
  • �Best of Autism Artism� is at the New Zone Gallery through May.

Song lyric for the meeting:

I�m gonna love the rain

As deeply as

the Sun when it clears

Tim Mueller

Community Village General Meeting Minutes, April 14, 2010

Partial Agenda (Notes only taken till Booth B’down):

Archaeology Presentation
Agenda Review
Fair Announcements
Site Report
Construction Report
Beloved Community and T-shirts
Workshops and Demos
Satellite Meetings
Green space Committee
Talent Show
Booth Breakdown

A good time was had by all during the communal massage event. The meeting was going to be facilitated by Sue because Sam couldn’t make it due to the new baby (!) but then Sam and Taylor showed up with the baby (Lovely Cecelia Ann) and Sam facilitated the meeting after all!

Very informative presentation by two folks from Arch. Great map provided that showed us all that much of our well-loved site is filled with precious cultural artifacts from thousands of years ago. We all got a chance to take a look-see at some real arrowheads collected from the fair site that ranged in age from 2,000 to about 7,000 years old. The take-home message is that the Community Village occupies an area of artifacts and any kind of digging is just not allowed (both by legal laws and by OCF policy). Furthermore, if any digging or soil disturbance is needed anywhere at the Country Fair, you have to check with Archaeology first. Did you know that one of the post holes for the Come Unity House went right through an ancient camas oven?

Fair Announcements
Jen-Lin: All forms are ready for this year and are available on the CV website. If you don’t have access to a computer and a printer, talk to your booth coordinator about getting copies of forms.

Diane: OCF Path planning meeting this Sunday, April 18, 11-4 pm, Eugene Garden Club at 16th and High. Call Fair Office to RSVP. Also, Diane will hand out 2010 OCF Guidelines during booth breakdown.

David: OCF Highway cleanup this Sunday, April 18.

Janet: Elders Open to All Meeting, April 24th at Alices. All are welcome.

Site Report – David: Water is down, ankle highs okay. No brush cutting. Path to Shady Grove is too narrow and sloped. Alternative to digging (which isn’t okay with Arch) is that we can bring in soil to help with widening project. Green space: LUMP is getting word out to all about green zones.

Construction – Keith: Two big projects this year, rebuilding Wild Edibles booth and a great deal of work needed on the Arts booth. Unfortunately Arts booth is attached to Stage, so work may involve Stage as well. If you have ideas about the Arts booth, talk to Keith or Allen with Arts. Keith’s email is

Beloved Community/T-shirts – Janet: Iron on transfers for this year’s shirts are $3.50. Janet showed us a t-shirt with the new design on it-was real pretty. Booth coordinators have the order forms.

Workshops and Demos – Laura: Forms for any workshops or demos have to be in to Laura by the next meeting (May meeting). Forms are online, or you can email information to

Satellite Meetings – Drake: South Satellite Meeting is May 1, 1:00pm at Tap Rock Restaurant, 971 SE 6th St., Grants Pass, Oregon. The information on the website and in the newsletter is incorrect. North Satellite meeting is April 18, 1:00 pm. at KBOO studios, 20 SE 8th, Portland, Oregon. Booth coordinators should share this information with booth members as needed.

Green Space Committee: Keith talked about the planning for green zones that the fair is currently undertaking. Village has the opportunity to plan its green zones (not camping space) at this time. Want to put together a committee of folks to help accomplish this plan for village. Would be great to have some biologists or botanists involved, people with surveying experience. All our welcomed, please contact Keith at to help with this project. Committee members don’t necessarily have to be with the village.

Talent Show: Bob suggested that the village have a talent show for a few hours on Friday night. Proposal: Bob will pursue the permits and amplification for a Friday night talent show of village performers/artists. Concerns? Can’t we do acoustical? Answer is yes, and we will do acoustic if this doesn’t pass and/or if we can’t work out permit. Village consensus: Bob will pursue.

Next: Booth Breakdown and remainder of meeting. Note taker departed following booth breakdown, sorry.

Community Village General Meeting Minutes, March 10, 2010


Village & Fair-Related Announcements
Newbies Orientation held at 6:30pm prior to the April & May General Meetings. Please attend one if you’re new or relatively new to the Village.
CV work parties will begin June 5th & 6th; a demolition party will be held on the prior weekend. Come dressed and prepared to work.
Path Planning is holding a design charette on April 18, 11am-4pm; check the Fair Family News for location
Take the Fair Family Community Center survey; go here:

Community Village Meeting Agenda proposal
“Each village meeting agenda prepared by council shall specify where to add new topics. Any village member may add a topic during agenda review. If more than one new topic is added the facilitator decides their order. New topics are discussed only if time permits. Other changes to the agenda require the consent of the Village. Extended discussion of the agenda is not appropriate; if concerns arise around changing the agenda then it’s not changed.” Raised by John Flanery. Consensed without further discussion.

Beloved Community Iron-Ons This year instead of t-shirts, Janet has ordered full-color Iron-On prints which cost $3.50 each. They come with directions. Janet will have them available at the April meeting for those folks who ordered them plus about 10 more for sale.

Council Selection Committee report & proposal
The committee met again last month and continued discussing many components. The committee does not want to use valuable General Meeting time each month discussing this; rather all input is welcome at the meetings, via e-mail and snail mail. Contact Sue Theolass (541-688-6679, ) if you want to submit input or be informed when & where the next meeting will be held. The committee intends to present a substantive proposal in the fall. They think it would be best to allow as much discussion time possible and not sandwich it in the middle of a packed agenda.

Expressed concerns: 1)November meetings are poorly attended. 2)Insure adequate notification. 3)What if another pressing agenda item arises?
Response: 1)CV members should make it a priority to attend the meeting and not wait to submit input. 2)Announcements at the Fair’s morning meetings, e-mail/contact blasts from coordinators, cvdrum, .ning at least 3-4 days prior to the November meeting. 3)Villagers may consense at the November meeting to add additional items.

The village consensed: “the sole agenda item for the November 2010 meeting be dedicated to discussing and consense upon a new Council Selection Process.”

Green Zone Committee is forming. If interested, contact Keith at The committee will include experts from within the village, i.e. botanists, ecologists as well as a Fair cartographer.
Reminder, the village consensed last month that a Green Zone Policy may be raised for consensus at the June (town or on-site) meeting.

Fire Everyone is on CV Fire crew. Fire lanes must be ADA and cart accessible. Each campground and booth must have shovels, fire extinguishers, filled water buckets and burlap. Know how effective your fire extinguisher is. Remember, PASS = Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep. If you encounter a fire, send someone to Info to call Fair Central.

Workshops & Demos The 2010 forms are available on-line. Complete and submit them to Laura Ratti (541-998-3046, ) as soon as possible for scheduling. Return by the May meeting for publication in the Peach Pit.
Camping Welcome Nathan who is taking over as Camping Co-coordinator this year from Sue Theolass. 2010 camping forms will be available at the April meeting. Return completed camping forms no later than the onsite June meeting. Remember: camping is crowded everywhere; bring an appropriate size tent
Consensus requires trust, respect, open-mindedness, and flexibility

February Booth Breakdown strawpoll results: seems an approximately equal amount of people liked it as didn’t liked it. Perhaps it should continue as long as it doesn’t get in the way of other agenda items.

Booth Breakdown
The restaurant is looking for crew members.
Booth Coordinators identified.

February minutes missing…

January 13, 2010

Tim Mueller took these notes – they are not as good as Sam’s, but they’re all we’ve got.

Taylor’s Childcare Report
Fair Announcements
Beloved Community (T-shirts)
Call for Council
Site Report
Capital Improvements
Review Evaluation Topics
Stand for Council Process
Non-fair announcements

Taylor’s Child Care Report
Holy Smokes! Usually I put this out at the Fall Meeting, but I was down with the flu and then it was the Holidays, so here at long last are the childcare numbers from last year.
At meetings we watched a total of 84 kids over 8 meetings. At our smallest meeting we had 2 kids, and we had 18 at our largest meeting (Now think of the size of that room and put 18 kids in it! WOW!).
We offered childcare at 4 work parties and watched a total of 20 kids at those work parties. The RSVP seemed to work somewhat better this year.
Our teen and youth helpers worked over 40 hours between 1 teen who received a pass and 2 youths who gave time from the goodness of their hearts.
We had a dedicated (adult) SO to help with the bigger meeting and to offer those 2 extra work parties and she worked for 12 hours.
I estimate that I log between 35 & 45 hours a year, doing the childcare, record keeping, and general upkeep. That brings our hours total to between 87 and 97 hours donated to the joy and growth of the village kids.
Money-wise, the village was super generous this year! We thought there was a recession? You guys kicked in a grand total of $568.60, divided down the middle by us and the Youth Booth ($284.30 each). With our half we spent 222.76 on passes, snacks, art supplies, first-aid supplies, and even have some left over to seed this year. We assume that Youth Booth did what they usually do with money and gifted it to the youths who work so hard for us during the Faire.
It was a good year for us. We continue to grow well and enjoy our little corner of chaos down in the basement. Come visit us anytime – we’d love to play with you!

Fun with Lois

We all met two people and it was fun. Not rip roaring fun, but friendly fun.

Fair Announcements
Waddle Fence tree planting at 10AM Valentines Day in the Village
Check Fair Family News for other events onsite.

Stand for Council
These people stood for council. They will all be confirmed in February unless village members with concerns about a candidate take their concerns through the Council Selection Process. Briefly, you MUST CONTACT A CANDIDATE BY JANUARY 20 to discuss your concerns. Other steps follow. Please read the process document linked above.

Keith Herschberger cell 541-513-1238

Tim Mueller 541-521-7208

Paul Sass 541-689-3709

Jen-Lin Hodgden 541-485-3768

Lois Inmann 541-836-2670

Ben Barrett 541-729-3130

Nathan Greene 541-852-0627

Dianne Albino 541-933-2584

Karla Caudell 541-337-5319

Janet Tarver 541-344-3770

Jennefer Harper 541-514-9487

David Hoffman 541-484-9204

Beloved Community
Janet Bubbles Universe reminds us to not let our internal anger over power our sense of community – RESPECT.
T-shirts: Perhaps this year we should not order T-shirts with our design printed on it, but instead order heat transfers that people could put on any fabric of their choice – T-shirts, prayer flag, whatever. Cost would be about $4.00 per iron on. This idea was approved with hand waving.
Design ideas should be sent to Janet at We hope to decide on a design at the February 10 meeting.

Site Report
David says the Fair is in good shape with some planting to do and the green zone conversation is continuing. Some of the mud damaged Village Green has been replanted or plugged. The OCF brought in tons of soil and done lots of repair. The “No straw on the path” rule is being reviewed.
A sister asked in dry waddle material is a fire hazard. Rich the Waddle Master (quack) says waddle turns to dust and replenishes the soil as it decomposes. We are planting living waddle to help reduce the tinder. The danger is being monitored. The meadow is keeping their area in good shape, they say.

Capitol Improvements
Council has submitted a $5000 request to the Fair to fund a major re-do of posts and beams in the Arts booth, new joist reinforcers in the Life Long Learning booth, straighten up Intentional Communities posts, and rebuild Wild Edibles. Whew. Keith has arrange for a construction coordinator and assistant who will be coming to future village meetings and get integrated in our community. We must also be very clear with them what the village gives them in return for their services.
We need donations of material: 6×6, 2×6, 2×12, 2×10 lumber at 12 ft lengths. Let Keith know what you can bring.

Review Evaluation Topics
This item was tabled for next meeting. Please see the list of topics here and consider what you think we should focus on or what YOU can help with.

Council Selection Process
This was almost an hour discussion. First Tim explained one interpretation of the present process and John explained another. Karla mentioned that she recalled we adopted Tim’s interpretation last year or so to avoid the drama that had consumed two previous attempts to confirm council. John insisted her recollection was inaccurate. Here is Tim’s interpretation, and here is John’s

A small bit of the process was changed for this year only to follow Tim’s interpretation. This language was consensed on, along with a new committee to create permanent process for 2011:
Sam and Jud voiced concerns over the requirement that each person with a concern must go to a private conversation to voice a concern and loose the opportunity to make a decision at a meeting – that consensus cannot occur without discussion. So Sam is creating a committee to work on this. Contact Sam at Sue also has a committee running to investigate the possibility of voting for Council. Sue can be reached at 541-688-6679.

Tim’s interpretation

We are trying to follow our guideline (our present guideline, that has been misinterpreted, I believe) that avoids public discussion of hurtful personal issues, not one that encourages people to bring up � concerns significant enough that the Village should consider them�. According to the guidelines those conversations involving council selection are supposed to be private or in a council meeting. We have had these public discussions in the past and they have been unproductive and, in fact, destructive. The village meeting turns into a trial or popularity debacle. (See the Example 1 below, please)  Our guidelines should not create an incentive for people to fling dirty laundry, or even �share significant concerns� in a Village meeting, to gain support or win an argument for council selection. If such a conversation leads anyone, on the spot, to decide to block, then we have created an incentive for drama. John�s step 4 does just that.

Suppose someone comes to a candidate with a concern. They meet. It is unresolved. They meet at/with Council. The matter is unresolved. The villager promises to block or stand aside. The candidate stands anyway, the villager who gave the candidate the opportunity to �respond privately� can block or stand aside. But no other villager, who hasn�t had the benefit of the private talks, so that �THEIR EXPRESSED CONCERN HAS GONE THROUGH THE GRIEVANCE PROCESS�, has the right to block or stand aside.

The person who has gone through the process, and has said they would block or stand aside, has the right to share their concern at a village meeting if they so desire. But their concern, or the conversation that may follow, does not give other people the right to block or stand aside, because they have not taken �THEIR EXPRESSED CONCERN (HAS GONE) THROUGH THE GRIEVANCE PROCESS�.

Example 1:

Joe stands for council. Betty meets with him about her concern that he is Joe the slacker who doesn’t follow through. Joe says he is that Joe but he is better now and wants to do some good. Betty says she won�t block him, but she is concerned enough to stand aside.

At the Village meeting, Joe stands, and Betty stands aside. Someone asks Betty to explain her stand aside. She does. Joe gets a say and says he is reformed. Margaret, a village member, is angry that anyone would stand for council who was a slacker who doesn’t follow through. She blocks. Joe is blind sided. He thought he had addressed the concern with everyone who had expressed it to him.

This is NOT respectful, not tolerant, not what the village is, and not what the guidelines intend.

Margaret might have felt much differently had she talked with Joe privately and been able to see him as a human being � the respectful piece. Margaret might have thought Betty was too nice and blocked because of her concern for Betty (that kind of thing we hear in the Village too often). Margaret had no time to think more deeply about her position. The grievance process asks her to do all those things fairly, for the benefit of the community, even with the help of an advocate and the council. Margaret DID NOT go through the grievance process as the guidelines describe. She should not have the power to block or stand aside without the respectful process, which we have shown can be elusive in a Village meeting.


John’s Interpretation

So you want to block a council person – a one-step program:

1) Check yourself. Deciding to block before an issue has been fully explored is a signal that you are not open to other solutions the group might generate, and are probably not thinking on behalf of the group.
A four step program for sharing concerns about a council candidate:
1) Contact the candidate. This must be done by a week after the January Village meeting. Let this person know of your concerns, and listen to their response.
2) If you still have the concerns, attend the council meeting. This
meeting will be held a week later than usual. The candidate you have concerns around must know you will be bringing those concerns to the council meeting. The candidate will be there, or forfeit the right to stand for council this year.
3) If the council meeting fails to adequately address your concerns, continue to consult the candidate to reach an agreement. Possible approaches include the candidate agreeing not to take on certain responsibilities, agreeing to certain standards or behaviors, or making certain declarations at the time they are confirmed. If the candidate will be making declarations at their confirmation, the meeting facilitator should be alerted.
4) If after fully participating in the steps above you believe you have concerns significant enough that the Village should consider them, you may bring them up at a Village meeting before that person is confirmed.
That person must be clearly warned ahead of the meeting that you intend to do so; it is also very helpful to alert the meeting facilitator. You may bring up only those concerns that you have discussed during the first three steps above.
5) The Village will judge whether the candidate should be on council in light of the concerns brought to the meeting. Anyone at the meeting who believes those concerns justify a block or stand aside on the candidate’s confirmation may do so after articulating which concerns s/he shares.

Unfair Announcements
There were some, but I didn’t write them down.
After all that, we left.

November 2009

Tim Mueller took these notes – they are not as good as Sam’s, but they’re all we’ve got.

Introductions (about 20 people)

OCF Workshop schedule available here –
Wreath making onsite, Dec 5
OCF and Eugene day long arts event, Dec 5 (kids event)
Master Gardner Extension funding may be on a ballot measure
Village database will be rebuilt based on OCF data set standards (JenLin) with monthly updates to follow

short discussion of consensus and how we might communicate its precepts

Beloved Community
Janet discussed the possibility of using an ‘iron-on’ type process rather than buying t-shirts. Something to consider…

Green Zone
The village needs to define what we want, who we are, when it comes to protecting green spaces.

Capital Improvements
The application process is underway to secure OCF funds for some booth rebuilding. Submissions due by the end of January.

Stand for Council Process
We reviewed the present process. Jenefer will print the process in January’s newsletter, after review. More discussion on this issue later.

Childcare in November
Childcare at the Church is not available in November. Should we go to a place (Growers Market??) where it is available? Decision to be made by Council.

All Souls Party Report
10 people and 3 kids has fun, saw an elephant, a raven, good food. You missed it.

Please revisit Village Evaluation from 2009 to help drive agenda for 2010 meetings.

Council Selection Process – continued

– council process looks good on paper but isn’t working, we should change it.

– previous attempt to amend process (after a tough year) failed. What about voting?

– if some say the hassle and effort of following the process (confronting a candidate with a concern) “isn’t important enough”, then that is part of the judgment process

– better than the ‘all council at once’ like it was in the old days.

– perhaps we could allow more stand asides for this process to allow folks to express their misgivings without a big todo.

– this item needs a long term discussion, not change it this season.

– How many stand asides??

voting provides no feedback or opportunity for growth among candidates

– came to the village directly from the military – 1. bad part: allows non-performers to stay on council. 2. confrontation IS difficult, ought to change. 3. Council must have consequences for slacking. 4. Consensus can be way better than voting

– we often take the path of least resistance

– how about consensus on a new council by the old council?

– Consensus requires a lot of self-policing and taking responsibility

– maybe we should set a council limit (OCF provides 15 council passes)

– the council retreat is an important tool to address perceived deficiencies among council.

– do council mentoring as planned

– process should change to require all folks who have issues with a candidate to talk to the candidate about them, rather than having one person address an issue and later others block on that issue without talking to the candidate.

– Speaking person to person ia a healthy model

Unfair Announcements
Kimberly will have an art show at the Jazz Station now
Autism Rocks will be at the Holiday Market Thanksgiving weekend
Keith is an official licensed auto dealer now.
Nathan is having back surgery soon

Thanks for visiting


September 2009

In September the village held a special restaurant evaluation meeting. Here are the notes I took. I want to make the point that (in my own personal opinion), though we are not a majority run organization, the notes really don’t express my sense of the meeting, which was that the vast majority of those present were happy with the restaurant and had mostly positive feedback. The large amounts of negative feedback in these notes came from just a few people.

We are evaluating the restaurant, and renewing or not. This is a time for concerns and Kudos.

Part of the reason we are meeting is that we told the restaurant we would have a timely evaluation. We normally don�t meet in September, but they need to know what to plan for as do we.

This is a decision-making meeting.

A brother says that the restaurant had a phenomenal improvement in efficiency from the previous year.

A brother reports from booth members that the portions were generous and the food wholesome. He reports from his own experience that he has grown attached to the restaurant and that he likes them. He states that this year the timing was not as convenient and easy to do. He reports that the mac and cheese should be less wholesome and more cheesy and fatty.

A brother reports that the restaurant did a remarkable job. Friendly staff, remarkable food. He says that though he heard some complaints on price, it�s no more expensive than elsewhere. He kudos the baked potato, and the skewer. He says the staff camped very politely in far side.

A sister says that she has three concerns; as camp host, she was distressed that there was tension/conflict between the restaurant and its neighbors and wishes it had been dealt with better. She says she was surprised that one of the restaurant coordinators was unaware that the refer trucks were not opened until Thursday, and also that coffee was being sold on Thursday before the official beginning of business.

A sister from Lifelong Learning says that she started being somewhat concerned about having a food booth without a lot of festival food booth experience, and that her booth had some issues considering camping. The sister expresses concerns about health and sanitary things. The sister expresses that there was concern between the booths about the demarcation line between where camping for one both begins and the other ends. The sister says that the whole process from the beginning seemed strange, because the menu had to change after the vote and also would like to see us return to when a non profit was the restaurant like when alpha farm.

A brother says that you have the non profit history and everyone in the village struggles with money, and that this can be a very special thing; we have not figured out how to do it. He says that our town is very lucky to have organic food. The brother says that the biggest problem with the restaurant is the for profit nature of it. If we could figure out how to, as a community, run a restaurant.

A sister says that the restaurant was okay but she didn�t eat there much. The sister says that there was improvement. She says that the oatmeal was too expensive.

A sister questions the process that we�re making a decision without having had a prior meeting where it was announced. A brother responds that the fair food committee will replace our restaurant with another restaurant if we decide not to renew Park Street Caf�. We chose PSC against the advice of the fair. The fair�s position is that it is a fair booth, and that we�ve done an okay job historically. The restaurant is a three year contract. It used to be a year-to-year contract. We started doing three year contracts at that time.

A brother says that it�s hard for a restaurant offering a diverse menu to make money. Offering a diverse menu hasn�t worked very much. The successful food booths offer fewer items.

A sister from health and healing says that her booth generally enjoyed the food and coffee.

A brother says that the restaurant did a terrific job. The coffee was hot. The mac and cheese was tasty. The brother says that they deserve to come back.

A sister says that she collected feedback via e-mail, and has two pieces. Both were positive. Appreciated the prices, the portions. Her concern was of a social nature, when someone from roll on egg role�s camp. There was concern about noise from the camp, and some concern about neighborliness.

A sister says that she didn�t buy anything from the restaurant. She got to know them in the workshop, and they were very gracious.

A brother says that he ate some of the food from the restaurant and he liked it, and that they did a good job of improving. He asks that they improve on communication.

A brother said that the baked potato was good, but it could have had more stuff on top. The whole business about the line between the back of the booths made him a little uncomfortable and it was a little crazy.

A brother from sprit booth says that he has heard no complaints. He says he recognizes that it is a lot of work to do all that work. He says that the restaurant coordinators are great cooks, but that he was not interested in the menu. He states that he�d like the menu to be more exotic.

A sister from Spirit booth says that she has an abstract concern, that she prefers non-profit over profit.

A brother says that having kids, he thinks its good that there is a place at the fair wehre you can get basic food that isn�t all spiced up. He says that it�s really unfair to compare this restaurant to 20 year OCF veterans or food booths from other festivals. He says he�s glad that they seem to have taken the CV�s comments from last year to heart and implemented things.

A sister says that the food was very grounding and homey. She said that the restaurant felt homey and community oriented with friendly smiles. She says that the first year the staff seemed more stressed and that this year they felt more at ease.

A sister from green earth says that she really enjoyed the food this year. The lentil soup was very warming. The cookies were good and service good, but it was worth the wait. She says that she thinks that their communication will improve, and that just knowing the restaurant people they will be better neighbors as the lines become clearer.

A sister says that the food was simple, cheep ingredients, and high prices. The sister says that process-wise, people who had issues last year are not here. This meeting is an unusual time, an unusual place, and many people expect to comment on this in the regularly scheduled meeting. The restaurant as a whole was incredibly unfeeling about a disability that led the sister to a camping situation that left her physically damaged and she has real trouble walking now. She says she�ll discuss it personally with council members if needed. She says that the village represents loving kindness and caring and evolving beyond base human instincts to treating each other better. She says she sees problems happening continually with people.

A brother says that he has been part of the council. From the internet chat, he adds feedback. Don�t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. The brother says that just like at any restaurant, it wasn�t perfect. But it was a good experience.

A brother says that he ate at the restaurant one time. He ate the mac and cheese, it was the only thing on the menu he wanted, but he says he has peculiar taste. He says he would like to see the restaurant be something more community related. He would like to see it as something like main camp, you get what is served.

A sister says that she hasn�t eaten at the restaurant, but thought it was a nice gesture that a meeting or two before the fair happened a person approached the meeting to say that if we want to work for them in exchange for food that was nice. The sister says that issues of disrespect should be dealt with on person-to-person basis, not a whole entity blamed for many.

The brother representing the restaurant says that their intention was to serve grounding food rather than exotic food. The fair also wanted the restaurant making something different. He says that it�s good that some people didn�t eat there, and that�s good it�s what the fair is about. The brother says that they streamlined this year and intend to continue streamlining to keep efficiency up and cost down.

The facilitator says that a large majority of the above comments are positive, and that fewer are negative or neutral. She outlines and restates some of the concerns stated above.

She suggests grouping; neighborhood relations/communication, sanitation, management, lack of clarity on our decision making criteria last year and our process as to why tonight is a decision making meeting. She stated that the reason tonight�s meeting is a decision making meeting is that at evaluations post fair it became clear that we need to make a quick decision.

The process for choosing a restaurant begins in August. It is too late to begin that process. The fair takes our applicants and boils it down to three groups. We voted on the restaurant in March. If we choose not to have PSC as the restaurant, we begin a month and a half behind. The fair might (or might not) decide to impose a decision on us. By fair food booth policy, any existing food booth has first pick for a newly available space. One of the applicants was an existing food booth, but the village decided on a different restaurant. When we decided on PSC, we advertised our opening in fair family news and other papers.

In a straw poll, there would be seven stand asides in a call for consensus if the question was called .

The question is called: shall we terminate the restaurant�s contract? The question is blocked  by several villagers. Therefore the restaurant�s contract is extended.

Moving forward there are concerns that need to be addressed. We add time.

Having been through multiple years of major stress, disrespect, discomfort, etc between the restaurant and the neighbors, a sister was appalled that it happened again. She would expect that people committed to the village that people would be able to sit down and talk with each other before taking any kind of action> She says that�s a huge concern for her in her role as camp host. He concern is that it happed a second year. She hopes that everyone learned from the experience. IF it happened a third year, she would leave. The other concerns would be unawareness of what the fair processes are in terms of the refer truck and the selling of coffee before hours. They should have known that was a forbidden thing by the fair. She says it seems, from these things, that communication is not happening. She would like it to not happen again, and is therefore standing aside.

A sister says she has an idea about camping, that the restaurant booth has large turnover more so than other village booths. She says it might be nice to facilitate an orientation for one year restaurant staff. People who are just around for a year don�t have the same commitment to the village.

The camp host sister says that the issue is a border dispute between booths.

A sister says that the border dispute is not individuals, it�s the management making decisions. The sister says that the camping issue is wider than she�d realized. She says that she expects that there would be a wider variety of opinion at a general meeting. The sister�s concerns are deceptiveness and unfriendliness. She says that she was persuaded by council not to bring up their issues in a general meeting. She says that the methods that were used were not very village like. The sister says that the first year she thought the issues had been addressed. She says she felt like it was systemic, and not just her. She says she�s lost faith that anything can address her concerns.

A sister says she�s not sure if the restaurant has a booth �camp host� who is a go-to person for camping and boundary issues. The sister says that many, many restaurant people from around the fair often come to try and use the refers on Wednesday, so it isn�t radically out of line.

A brother as a point of information that booths generally have a coordinator in charge of camping and things of that nature. The booth coordinators should be

A brother says that the boundary disputes are not around camping, but about booth space and who occupies what booth space. The brother says that the restaurant is much higher activity than other CV booths. The brother would like to hear someone talk about exactly what the problem and dispute was about in a neutral way. The facilitator says that this had to do with the placement of a tank in another booth�s space for the second year.

A brother says that with or without a go to person, the restaurant is the only village booth (other than Fruits and Nuts) that has members who get vendor passes. The restaurant has to deal with washing, preserving, etc� that other booths don�t have to deal with. We shouldn�t dismiss the suggestion that the restaurant have a separate

A sister says that she heard about a sanitation problem that might change her mind. A few weeks before the fair there was a confrontation about space, and says that she thinks it was settled prior to the fair. Nothing more about space was brought up during the fair.

A brother says we�re not here to decide about the particulars of the problem, but that we should help the restaurant and other people feel better. There are lingering bad feelings and they need to be dealt with. But this meeting shouldn�t be about the particulars.

A sister says that the essence of the problem has to do with (and she doesn�t know the solution) that the village has a culture that is a way of treating each other and we don�t know how to deal with it when people don�t act like this. It�s not just a few individuals, it�s two years of complaints all over the place. How should we educate the booth about what the village is about? Can they be part of this kind of consciousness of how we treat each other? When they weren�t acting the way that other villagers expect� we don�t know what to say when people behave in ways outside our norms. Can we help people understand our way?

The facilitator suggests a special meeting with dual facilitation between the restaurant folks and people invested in resolving and dealing with issues. The restaurant is willing to participate in that. No blocks or stand asides.  WE CONSENT.

The concern raised about sanitation was that someone saw the restaurant pouring some water on the ground behind the booth.

A brother says that there is a schizophrenic attitude where we are �hiring� the restaurant and keeping them apart from the village on the one hand, and also expecting them to be fully part of the village.

With three stand asides, we consent; One stand aside has to do with making a big decision at a small meeting that was not well advertised. A second stand aside is because the sister says that she doesn�t think the restaurant will be receptive to mediation. A brother says that there are people with deeply hurt feelings about the restaurant. He says the other question is that the question that was consensed on was unclear. One stand aside is really sadly standing aside because she doesn�t think the meeting will work. It wasn�t like dealing with people who were interacting, it was like dealing with a brick wall. That was their way of dealing with something, to stand really firm and not cooperate. The sister says she doesn�t think the meeting will work. The other reason is to stand aside for the people who are not here. She thinks that there are other people who aren�t here.

A brother speaks that in clarification a previous situation between the two groups was fragmented. He says that if the groups sat together in a structured format with referees things might be able to be worked out. The brother is in favor of the meeting.

The brother from the restaurant says that he is open to healing the wounds. He says that he felt that communication wasn�t great from the village side. He says that he�s open to the meeting. He says he knows that the restaurant was not perfect, says that no one is.

A brother is really upset that there are two people in our meeting saying that they stand aside because of other people, and that in the village we�re supposed to represent ourselves. If people have strong concerns, they must come to the meeting to express their points. A sister says that her objection is to making decisions outside of a regularly scheduled meeting.

A sister says that as coordinator she is responsible for bringing information from other booth members.

A brother says that he wants to validate that it is okay at these small meetings for people to voice their judgment based  on feedback from others not present.

The facilitator reiterates that we will have a facilitated meeting between the restaurant and the people with strong concerns about the restaurant and the restaurant will continue for another year.



15 of us convened on August 23, at the Village green at 10:30am.� Council members included: Paul Sass, Keith Herchberger, David Hoffman, Janet Tarver, and Lois Inman.� I, Jen-Lin, had been asked to facilitate, which I did until 11:50 at which point I left to prepare to facilitating the Fair�s Evaluation Meeting.� Thanks to Sue Theolass for facilitating the end of the Village Evaluation Meeting which lasted until 12:30.�


It was not my intent to host a bitch session, nor that we solve all of the concerns raised.� Rather, I intended to use elements from Open Space Technology, a unique form of group facilitation, which we/the Fair have used since the early 90s.� Open Space is based upon Four Principles and One Law.��� The 4 Principles:� 1)Whoever comes is the right people� 2)Whenever it starts is the right time� 3)Whatever happens is the only thing that could have and 4)When it’s over, it’s over.� And the one law is The Law of Two Feet, passion bound by responsibility.� It is a dynamic process in which the participants create the agenda.


I�ll also steal a term I learned from Bill Ganser, the Fair�s Secretary, �continuous improvement.���� I charged those present to list topics for the Village�s continuous improvement.� Hopefully, we, with Council�s facilitation, will address these topics over the course of the next year.� And, if you�re the one who raised the topic or have interest in it, you will shepherd its course of action.� We did have some time remaining after drafting an extensive list.� The discussion on those topics will follow after the list.




Finally, I agreed to collect written feedback regarding the restaurant which I will compile and distribute to Council.� Email: or slow mail Jen-Lin Hodgden 176 N Grand Eugene OR 97402.� The group also agreed to hold a general meeting beginning with a potluck at 6pm on the second Wednesday, September 9, at �Keith Herchberger and Carolyn Gsell’s home. The address is 571 Dublin Ave, Eugene Or. 97404 you may use map quest or google to find the location. The agenda is set with two agenda topics and they are Village Restaurant evaluation and consensus for continuation as the Village Restaurant, and creating community throughout the year with events that will improve attendance at village functions and meetings thus creating a stronger community


The Continuous Improvement List

�aka next year�s agenda as presented in order of those sitting in the circle�


�       Construction — Infrastructure wish list with corresponding plans (i.e., benches) The Group W bench tilts forward til folks slide off or dig in their heels�And, no, we really don�t want a rocking bench!

�         Construction — Improved communication with OCF construction crew re red-flagging

�         Traffic Flow, specifically restricting flow in front of the stage during performances� and generally in front of Health & Healing and Intentional Communities.� Also, better define the Yurt�s placement as it affects Wild Edibles.� (where should the Yurt door be sited?)

�         Timeliness & Accuracy of Forms and paper-based info.� The original contact sheet was inaccurate and confusing.� Some booth coordinators were upset because they did not have necessary info that was supposed to be delivered in a coordinator�s packet to pass on to their booth members.� Rather, they were pulled out of booth breakdown.�

�         Whose dog is it? In response to council�s thinking that they should take back jobs (detailed and time-consuming ones such as camping, registration, admissions) that they performed in the past (15-20+ years ago), they need to do the jobs they currently have.� Council members shouldn�t let council members shirk their assigned and claimed responsibilities.

�         Establish & use the database.

�         Teach our children well.� Village youth receiving a Teen Pass participate as responsible members of the village by attending one work party and one Sweep.

�         Eligibility review.� If group passes, then eligibility is extended 3-5 years.� Individual participants of the group may vary unless booth coordinator knows reasons to put an individual on probation or expulsion (similar to Fair guidelines)

�         Cargo transport, Eugene to OCF.� Demonstrate new system and create incentive to bring fewer cars on site.� Also, keep those vehicle stickers out of the general pool�

�         Waddle fence clean up in the Meadow.� Accumulated years of debris washed in by the floods as well as an old structure collapsing in upon itself is limiting actual growth in the green space as well as limiting camping space.� Where does the debris go once it is cleaned out?

�         Correct web and calendar updates

�         Moon Lodge needs info on the contact sheet

�         Dust prevention barrels. �Do we need more?�� Where should they be placed?�� Behind booths?

�         Hand washing available in Little People

�         Green space preservation vs camp expansions

�         Fire buckets with burlap.� We need more; many of ours disappeared throughout the Fair.� Screen/paint CV name/logo on buckets�

�         Paint booth number and signs directly on booth posts.� The temporary signs disappear.� Booth numbers are necessary for OCF identification in case of emergency.

�         Increase member participation in CV/Build community.� Distress that so few are present at the evaluation meeting.

�         Post a map of CV Booths at village entrance

�         Revive the Town Crier or use Greeters on the path

�         2010 Construction:� 1)Arts Booth–post and beam replacement, 2)Intentional Communities Booth�straightening out the list/s, 3)Wild Edibles�complete rebuild, 4)new OCF Construction Guidelines re �Tightening Down Booths� and pulling up decks which allows the wood below to dry will eliminate many other issues.

�         Participation Equity.� Little People members work 20 hours from set-up to de-con.� Some members observe how little energy members of other booths put in.� It is disconcerting.� One solution, Little People would like more passes�

�         Have OCF Cartography accurately name the sitting area next to the restaurant.� It is currently included with the restaurant�� What is its correct and permanent (for now) name?

�         Model the Zero Population Growth (ZPG) pledge.� Bob remembered making that pledge 20+ years ago.��� Jain joked that Little People could post, �your first two kids are welcome!�� after that they would send the parents to Health & Healing for condoms and birth control education.� In all seriousness, she added that Sue Barnhart does sit down to talk with some parents who arrive with many kids in tow.� (still joking, guys, ya better watch out.� Sue just might start her new business when she retires, �Sue�s Home Vasectomies�!� She�s been talking about it for years.� She & I even created a Public Service Announcement for the Shy Person�s Talent Show!)


�         Kudos from Bob Fennessey to his dependable stage crew.

�         Kudos to those who took action during the Mud and the rain to keep us safe and happy

Thank you for bringing in the straw.� Thank you, Paul Sass, for escorting people down the slippery path to the Six-packs.� Thank you, Steve Lambott, for setting up the fire ring and keeping a hot fire all day around which folks could get warm.� Thanks, Kevin Young, for raising a tarp over Little People�s entrance and greeting parents and helping to keep Little People open all day.�

�         Kudos to Youth Power who assumed the Waste Warrior�s role and staffed the recycling kiosk next to Little People



�         Straw cleanup�

Jain expressed concern about the straw remaining from Sunday�s mud.� David & DeCon, using a leaf blower, blew much of the straw off of the grass.� A rake would be more damaging to the grass roots below the surface.� Steve Wisnovsky (the Site Manager) has said the current piles in the booths are ok.� They will be flushed out with the floods.� The remaining straw should compost where it is.� Steve will core-plug affected areas and spread grass seed.� No further action is needed at this time.

�         Bamboo placement

Even tho� David has lovingly nurtured the bamboo pots and creates new ones, do we have too much.�� A straw poll conducted on-line earlier this year seemed to think not.� Yet there remains confusion about where all of it should go once the forest arrives in the village during Main Camp.� Jain initially took some for the front of Little People until someone pointed out that it was placed in �stroller parking�.� She then moved it near Arts whereupon they decided it was out of place as well.� Then it was moved to join other containers and create a blind around the bench at the edge of the village green.� But, there was concern that it blocked vision of Co-op Fruit from the E 13th�� Some of us, myself included, came to appreciate the enclosed bench and the new perspective it afforded.


David said the Master Gardeners take what they need and the rest is available for village use.� Why bamboo?� Bamboo is prominent in Asian art and culture.� It is known to produce a peaceful energy among those who walk through it.� It�s an energetic thing.� It is also used to break up the architectural lines.�


Solutions(?):� 1)Create a general map of where bamboo does and doesn�t� go each year. (even if exact placement may vary),� 2)Ask booths whether they would like any bamboo that year� (perhaps, hold bamboo placement session during On-Site meeting.� People could represent containers of bamboo and we could all visualize� traffic flow, booth visibility, etc�), 3)your great idea here.� Jain joked that we could create a CV version of Punk�d.� Move the bamboo pots to different spots/configurations before David wakes up in the morning!


What to do with the excess bamboo?� David is wary of lending it out beyond the Village.� The containers need daily water monitoring.� Each container of healthy adult plants is quite valuable.� Unsavory thieves might walk off with a pot of gold.� Perhaps, it could be sold as a fundraiser?� David agreed if the funds go to Master Gardeners.�


�         Traffic flow

As one approaches the stage from the west side of the Community House…� The bench was intentionally placed to impede the parade of traffic between the stage and the audience.� The bench was also moved out of the way during non-performance time to allow full traffic flow.


As wonderful as the acupuncture treatments from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine were, their setup restricted traffic flow and impeded access to other booths or other booths� demonstration space.� Possible solutions:� 1)communicate with neighboring booths including Master Gardeners, 2)use part of the History/Sitting booth (work� with Laura from Workshops & Demos) 3)review number of allocated day passes



Community Village South Satellite meeting
April 25, 2009, 1:30 – 3pm, Grants Pass, OR

Khalil – Spirit, Alan – H&H, John – MG, Ria – LLL, Laura – LLL, Joy & Eric – WE, Matt – LP, Molly – LP, Gloria – H&H, Drake – SC, Tim – C, Peter & Cari from SEVA, Larken Safady.

Remote Meeting

Opened with a hospital OM.
During the ‘Raps’, we had a nice discussion about consensus.
Peter from SEVA in San Francisco is interested in doing post–fair cleanup like he did last year.
A sister thinks we should ask RSVP for this meeting next year.
A sister would like for the satellite meetings to be more than raps and reports, to also include substantive issues like the following one.

Remote meeting
One sister really wants it – as an exclusively ‘online meeting’ as a third satellite meeting that would fill one of the meeting requirements.
Those not liking the idea can choose not to participate.
OCF is experimenting with remote accessibility to meetings.
A lot of support expressed for simultaneous publishing of minutes (as they are typed) and the opportunity for real time remote texting input.
Being at an actual meeting feels so good – community.
All the driving makes a BIG carbon footprint.
Friday AM meeting is THE most important village meeting for community
One sister wishes she could be there.
Eliminate the 2 meeting requirement, change to only 1 meeting.
Members’ ‘time commitment’ is the equivalent of CV dues. Could be more efficient to match skills with kind of work/time commitment each should give. (ie, Some do a lot of work parties and no meetings) Make a list of alternative duties or CV service that could meet eligibility.
Council asks all booth coordinators to list special circumstance and their accommodation on the eligibility forms this year so we can see what kinds of accommodations booths are presently making for individuals who can’t make work or meeting requirements.
Lots of support for a “test” meeting during a quiet meeting (November?) on a probationary basis.
One sister says we need to lead by example to educate slackers. We are sending conflicting messages by allowing them.

Please look for areas blocked to preserve nesting bird sites during Fair
Little People needs toys and rugs.

We circulated a sheet to see how far everyone had driven to attend this meeting. Here are the results:

Longest distance – 760 miles
Total number of people included here – 15
Total number of miles driven – 2829 miles
At 20 mpg = 141 gallons

Community Village Meeting Minutes, April 2009

Childcare – 1 min

Taylor Jane
I do childcare downstairs – Downstairs we play really hard for 2 hours every month. We do all sorts of childcare. For all these things we provide organic snacks, toys, CPR, all those details. In order to do that, you have to fill this hat up with money! I’ll take half the money, I’ll use it for all the things I just mentioned. I’ll give the rest to youth tower. That hat should go to Louis, so she can get it to me. Work party child care: we are working on how to getting consistent childcare

Work Parties with childcare:
13th June
14th June
Sunday before fair, 6th?
There will be a couple more dates. Any questions?
Probably need parent volunteers for those dates. Not official, wanted to put it out there for booths.
Any questions: call Taylor at 683 8250.

Sue – Facilitator for this evening. Please ignore the pile of stuff until booth breakdown
After booth breakdown – meeting is not over! Come back and stay here until done!
Last month people asked for info, but left before we could give it to them.

-Sue goes through agenda-

Intros – 10 min
Simple: Name, booth you’re with.

Introductions from each person.

For those of you who stood up, and don’t know what booth. Come to next month’s meeting at 6:30 to get plugged in somewhere.

Fair Related Announcements – 7 min
Jenifer – t-shirts left over from last year. 1 left over to highest bidder.
Janet – Spring Fling on may 9th, WOW hall 7PM. New booths: new birth, still living room.
Kimberly – mud parade on Sunday, come see me! Run with peachy the dragon, talk to me at fair.
Jen-Lin – those with teen 14-18 and want teen crew pass, deadline is april 15th, forms available online at country fair site.
Bob – spring fling is free party, all invited. May 9 WOW Hall 7pm
Sue – proposal to elect council. Meeting at last Tuesday of month. Jen-Lynne’s house: 485-3768. Starts at 7:00.

Reports – 15 min

Form/Docs – 2 min
Tim – committee of council folks working to update docs we use, with help of Sue. Camping form up-to-date available online. Eligibility forms, t-shirt orders. Been working on CV guidelines, which are in need of repair. Maybe we’ll have it updated by next month.

OCF Board – 2 min
Dianne – OCF board. Passed sound ordinance – controversial. A lot of people asking for less amplified music late into the night. Need to have permit to make loud music.
John – Registration. Told a week ago that fair this year wants everyone’s birthday. Not an april fool’s joke. Make sure group coordinator gets that info.

Arthur – Question. Does birthday need to be accurate
Bob- Doesn’t know. Verifying ID’s?
Jen – Has more to do with so many people registering. Too many names! One way to check for duplicates is by birthdate. One other reason she forgets. Least invasive method into your data. No SSN, or other things.
This will not be on eligibility form! Coordinators will have to write birthdays on side

Site Report – 3 min
David – site report. Beautiful spring. Dams have been removed, therefore the Fair things there won’t be more floods, and it will be easier to walk. Long term discussion whether energy park and community village may have satellite sites by registration. Path planning and land use is trying to create protocol for areas who want “Green zone.” They are working on how this will happen. “Areas that is not existing booth, campsite or operation area. Anything else is a green zone, in my opinion” Hopefully a official definition will be forthcoming. Planting to be done! Fair has nursery of plants, handout said to contact fair. Site manager is busy. Try to contact David if plants are needed :

Laura– schedules workshops. If you want to do a workshop, in yurt , tp, etc. She needs a form filled out. First come first serve basis. If forms run out, available online, and can email/call. Deadline: if you want in peach pit, get it by may 13th. Can still submit after that, but won’t be in peach pit. Workshop doesn’t necessarily mean you get camping pass. Talk with workshop coordinator.
Tim – one of the real opportunities for your organization to spread message is do workshop. Great way to help accomplish mission

Construction – 2 min

Construction Keith – All booth coordinators please find who your booth construction person is. Email me at
Side note: a poll about bamboo. More or less?
Tim – checked this morning. 9 responses. 5 indicated too much, 4 too little. No consensus!

Tim – thanks host – St. Mary’s Episcopal Church – provide homes for homeless, hosts to community groups. We honor them by not making a mess.

Louis – fire – No fires allowed. Shovel, 5 gallon bucket, extinguisher. Candle lantern needs to be covered. If you do not have one. Everyone’s on fire crew!

Ben – consensus: on website. We operate by consensus. As much as we’re trying to find out what that means, we’re trying to make it work. Stick with it and be patient.

Sue – camping. New form is available. On website. Idiot proof
Know your exit, do not holler FIRE! If you see one. Go to info booth and inform firefighters.

David – fire crew People (and Fire Crew) need to know that the FAIR Fire Crew is THE Fire Crew. We can feel that everyone in the Village is Fire Crew but in Emergency Response there CANNOT be confusion. If “Every one in the Village is on the VILLAGE Fire Crew.” instead of
“Who’s on Fire Crew?” “Everyone!”
I propose “Who’s on the VILLAGE Fire Crew?” “Village Everyone!” Consensus: Everyone agrees.
It is not like voting where many might not agree. If a person does not agree, they can stand aside.
If many people stand aside, there is no consensus.
If a person feels the issue is strongly negative, ONLY then may a block be used.
A person who blocks is expected to share their grave concerns.
Some groups require more than one to block.
Community Village does one block.

Janet – T-shirt design. “You are here” motif. T-shirt forms available, be sure to get reciept. Due by june 1st. Anybody against this design? No. Need 30 to get order, so buy them.

Booth Empowerment
Last meeting – we had agreed to put this on our agenda, no discussion.
John – no remember how it is worded. Included the right of booths to make adjustments for meeting and work party attendants.

My further understanding is that excused time will be made up in booth. Many other jobs that they can do to fulfill their end as well. A couple of council members plan to gather info from booth coordinators about how this is working, and what processes are being used. If we thing this is a big problem, then we’ll deal with it. Right now, it’s just information.

Breakdown for 20 minutes.

Booth coordinators met with council members to receive paperwork.

Booth reports
Tom intentional communities – no new groups, new people.
Jeff – structuring
Seth from spirit booth – new living model fence. New people.
Jennette from green earth. Parade on sunday morning.
Leslie from youth power. Nothing new.
Ailene from mater gardeners – all good.
Arthur from village info. Everything coming back.
Jason from fruit booth – New construction.
Carol from health and healing. New people.
Tanya from life long learning. Rebuilding. New interest, 4 groups wanting to join. Not sure if they’ll all be able to come.
Day from outdoors of expression. No new members, 1 inquiry.
Jen from peace and justice. Some returning people, one new group.
Melissa from wild edibles. Trying to set up new workshops. Try to hold in booth. No new people.
Kate from little people. Stable staffing. New fence.
Kimberly from arts booth. New people, new workshops. More art this year.

Park street cafe.

Spin the Bottle
Sue – fruits and nuts. Friday night is annual meeting, 6:00.
Bruce – little people booth. Great booth, take care of kids for parents who need a little time away.
Ben – council. Started in doors of expression, representing linux and open source. Also represented EFF.

Council – where and when is meeting. Next tuesday, 7:00 at Tim’s. 2096.5 Arthur St. Behind 2096!
Always the tuesday following the wednesday meeting.

Meeting evaluation
Applause for Sue.
Thanks for coming back after breakdown, speaking loudly, being succinct.

Unfair Announcements
Action week for stopping war in Afghanistan
Allen – If anyone can find home for Frog, please let him know
Keith – those who are members of WOW hall. Annual meeting in 1st part of meeting. Would love to see some villagers run.
Tim – Autism Rocks12:00 april 26th. Silent auction and fundraiser.
Oregon peace works – also have fundraiser this saturday in Salem. 15$, 6-11 at ballroom. 187 High street NE, across from transit mall.
This saturday night, roller derby.
Friday night, 6:30 – 9:00 Safe house will have free evening of acoustic music. 230 Mainstreet in Springfield.
John – Permit culture guild, monthly party. Monday, 7:00 1641 west broadway. Presentations on planning principles, and plants.
Jan – wildflower walk April 26th, 1:00. Silk banner painting party in april or may. Go to fair website.
John – May is 20th anniversary of intentional communities. Music, nature walk, potluck.

Carla not here, but she had new grand baby a week ago. Named Adrian.
David – Bamboo – taller than person, means one can respect them. We would like plants to place around the bamboo. 9:00 April 25th, Saturday.: Fundraiser for master gardener extension service. Located on lane county fairgrounds.

Songs and Dancing

Minutes by Jake

Community Village Meeting, March 2009
St. Marys Episcopal Church
A butt load of peeps attending.
Minutes by Sam Rutledge

Childcare: The money we donate goes to snack, first aid kit, art supplies, passes for the childcare teens, and for gifts for the youth booth to pass on to youth who work for us.

Workparty childcare. Please contact Taylor 541-683-8250 to discuss childcare times and dates. If you dont call her, shell just schedule.

Intros. Speak loudly, clearly, concisely, and dont repeat what others have said. Turn offffff your cellophane

Parking at our meetings, do not park on the south side of the alley. Those spaces are in use on Wednesday nights by another church and they are needed.

Agenda Review
Spin the Bottle
Fair Announcements
Raps and Reports
The short version of the raps
Beloved Community
Booth Empowerment Discussion
Booth Breakdown
Report Back: Who is the coordinator?
Council Introductions
Database Report
Unfair Announcements

There needs to be a date for the June onsite meeting

7:18 – Spin the Bottle

7:19 Fair Related announcements
o Theater of Change: This months is a rogue first draft.
o Everyone is in the OM circle at 10 on Sunday at the Fair
o Sign requests: Give them to Scott early.
o There is some Daphne going around the circle. Give it a huff.
o Satellite meetings?
at KBOO on April 11 at 12 1:30. Ben will be there.
South at 3 Rivers Hospital Grants Pass, April 25 1:30 3:30
o Sue is putting together a proposal for an alternative way to select
council, using preferential voting. If youre interested, contact Sue.
o Mud Parade: It runs on Sunday. All you need is a loincloth to keep your junk covered. See Kimberly about the skinny or the fatty.
o The fair board does work session next Monday night on having a green
scene at the fair. Its at central presp

7:24 Flash Raps

o Honor the host. They hold this space sacred. Respect it.
o Workshops and Demos if you want to do one, the forms are here. Get the form back by the May meeting.
o Tee Shirts. There is a design for this years shirt. It involves a flower
with the names of the booths. Its interconnected.
o Site report: the site is walkable. There was some rain, and there was very high water that nearly flooded but went down first. Planting will begin soon, if you want to plant some native plants talk to the fair.
o The website has many forms available. Click on the link that says forms and youll get there. Its newly formatted and pretty. All your form needs can be met in this miraculous place.

7:30 Beloved Community
This is the part where we give ideas for themes for this years village.
Ideas shouted include
o You are Here
o Spirit of Community
o Pieces now
o I am you
o The audacity of hope
o Stoke that fire
o Community, where you can feel it
o Be Hope
o We are all one
o Peace out
o Peace and love
o Village is heart
o Have fun
o Its a bird, its a plane
o Someone didnt get the message
o Change here now
o Being the change
o Got any spare change?
o Bond, community Bond.
o Stirred not Shaken

7:33 Booth Empowerment Discussion

From the Guidelines:

“BOOTH EMPOWERMENT Due to special circumstances (i.e. long travel distance) a Booth may alter work party attendance guidelines of an eligible Booth participant. The expectation is that someone from each Booth will attend 2 work parties for each camping pass the Booth receives. The Booth should reach consensus on exempting a person from work and be willing to pick up the slack for them. Booth Empowerment only deals with workshop (should be ‘work parties’) attendance and Pass/wristband distribution, not eligibility.”

Over the past several meetings, weve referred to booth empowerment in ways that a brother doesnt feel reflect the agreement we made, that is in the guidelines.

What the guidelines mean is that the eligibility committee determines
eligibility, not the booth. Every person has meeting and work party
requirements that need to be fulfilled. Someone who lives far away still needs to meet their obligations, but booths are able to help.

For the record, a sister says that she likes that the guidelines say Fair and not Village when discussing passes and eligibility. This refers to the section of the guidelines dealing with

One possible misconception is that booth empowerment allows a booth to exempt a participant from making two meetings. As the guidelines stand, they only allow booths to exempt people from work party requirements, not meeting attendance.

Whether someone has been here two years or twenty, they are equally eligible.

Some people cant always make the meetings. It is good to be able to care for those people and kept them in touch, but allow them to participate through booth empowerment.

We have one meeting a month. A person only has to come to two meetings to be eligible.

There is some confusion as to the terms :eligibility: and :booth empowerment: :Participation: and :pass allocation: – There was not a clear answer articulated as to what each of these terms means.

Little people has been staffed by individuals who become eligible by attending work parties and meetings. Some of the members spend up to half the year overseas doing peace and justice work. Little people has, heretofore, believed that under booth empowerment they can still staff the booth.

A brother says that its ridiculous that some people cant make the meetings.

The agenda item is meant to be about discussion and understanding.

The correct understanding of the guidelines is pretty harsh. Booth empowerment can be modified, but it has to be consensed on. Over time, weve bent booth empowerment, but we are currently using it out of its bounds.

We will revisit this next month, in the interest of revising the language.

7:45 booth breakdown. 30 minutes.

8:20 Reports

Here is the list of Booth Coords. (See also ‘who’s fault is it?’)

Cheshire Mayrsohn Wild Edibles 689-8189
Melissa Kirkland Wild Edibles 767-0161
Alan Stein Spirit 344-3504
Seth Pfaefflin Spirit 683-1283
Dale Kegley Doors 343-8242
Lawrence Kiskind Intnl Cmnts 953-9717
David Klausman Restaurant 520-1090
Jason Schreiner Fruits n Nuts 607-9576
Tanya Boughton LLL 935-4223
Cordy Anderson H&H 342-5807
Barbara Bohn Come Unity House 513-2736
Cassandra Robertson Green Earth See Last Year for Info
Kimberly Gladen Arts 684-8779 361 W Broadway #4 Eugene OR 97401

Info: We reflected the meeting, and are copasetic
Come Unity House:
Rstaurant: David
Lifelong Learning: Tanya great little meeting
Health and Healing: 15 people. New faces.
Intentional Communities: Small group. Disability issues.
Arts: Kimberly. Going to have a good year
Little People: Barbara. Jain went home. Set dates.
Youth: Rosalee was here alone.
Fruit: Jason decided to sell fresh organic fruit and nuts this year
AAAA: No one
Doors: Everything is great
Edibles: Cheshire, co-coordinate with Melissa. New folks from the Bee group
including an old time fair person.
Spirit: Allen and Seth cocordinating/ new baby in group.
Green Earth: Lots of people and new people. Looking toward fun, great year.
Peace and Justice: Who will come out of the woodwork?
Areas: Sue/Jud things are going well. If you have exterior latex primer, signs
and banners needs it. Signs and banners is renting a storage space. We have new people meetings 6:30 april and may.

8:24 quick village website. In addition to the EFN site, we have which is a social networking tool for the village.

8:26 the june onsite meeting is on Sunday june 28th at 1:00 pm. There is also second Wednesday June meeting at the Church. There is also a human intervention training at 10am for repeat people and theres a potluck before the june meeting.

8:27 council intros.

Daniel has been on council for 4-5 years. In the village longer than that. This year will facilitate BC meeting and liasoning to the spirit booth. Brings the pyramid for silent meditation. It has a non flame eternal flame.

Janet planet bubbles does eligibility and is working on a 3 person team to do tee shirts. She is liasoning to the arts booth. Is helping on the database.
Elder help, too.

Jennefer is on council. This is her second year. She used to be in the fruit booth. She just started doing the newsletter, and writes the article for the peach pit, the FFN, and liases to PJ and LLL.

Dianne has been at the fair since 72 and the village since 78. Bring flowers and planters to the fair to make the village and the booths beautiful. If you want to bend her ear, do it. Shes on the board.

David is an elder and does nothing, but liases to the master gardeners and the alter abled and the recyclers and veggies. Question now for answer later: the issue of bamboo. Some people say theres never enough bamboo. Some people say theres always room. Some people say theres too much bamboo. What do you think? Take the Poll.

Nathan: This is his third year on the council. He was with the fruit booth before that. This is is 20th year at the fair. He does construction and decon and liases to fruits. Liksed to help.

Karla. In the village since 1989. Shes the money person, so if you need money. Liason to admissions and works out there. Liases to intentional communities.

Lois, used to be co coordinator of fair AAAA and came back to involve in village. Has been on council for several years now. She liases to youth power and little people. Monitors and checks on the womens latrine. Fire person (prevention and creation) coordinates meeting facilitators. Liases with childcare. Is on the restaurant committee.

Tim says that the Ning site is linked from the regular village website. There will be a poll on the ning site about bamboo. Tims work is to be liason to areas and Doors. He keeps the calender, the website, the mailing database, helping with stage, hepling with redoing guidelines. When I doesnt do minutes, he does.

Kieth – this is his 5th year on council. Helps to coordinate construction.
Sets up filtered water. This year is working with the restaurant. Really great fair 40th anniversary. Also the liason for Health and Healing.

Paul has been on council since the dawn of time. Before that he was in the green earth booth. Co coordinator of sweep and also the decon.

Ben is the last council member, and he is not here.

8:37 Database report

For the past few years, weve struggled with our postal mailing database. We are starting from scratch. Please submit a form online to put your information in our database. If you dont like silicon based life forms and think they detract from community, you can fill out your information on paper and give it to your booth coordinator who will fill it in for you.

We will revisit this report next month.

8:40 Unfair announcements, evaluation, singing


Thank you Jen Lin
Really helping that the facilitators are meeting about the agenda prior to the meeting. Thats helping the flow The meeting went very well Its good that there is little repeating.
Good that we started on time and kept on task Please turn phones off before the next meeting not during Good that we moved things to next months agenda It would be good to put please silence your cell phones Jen Lin is an awesome facilitator.

February 2009 Village Minutes

Intros, 7:05

Agenda Review
Fair Announcements
Site Report
Beloved Community
New Members
On-Line Meetings
Restaurant Committee Report
Confirm Council
Unfair Announcements

Childcare – please talk to Taylor about what your booth’s needs are for childcare at workparties. Also, if you want to volunteer to do childcare at work parties, talk to Taylor. 541-683-8250 or e-mail

7:22 – Fair Announcements:

Artis posted a note on the discussion list. He’s coming into town to do some volunteer work for Wally. Artis needs a place to stay for a few weeks. E-mail He just needs a place to crash, is out early, home late, and does not smoke.

There will be a new member orientation meeting in March, April, and May. If you’re in your first three years, please come to the meeting at 6:30 to cover the basics of the village and fair etiquette and the basic raps. Hope is we can avoid doing half a meeting on raps. Booth coordinators; tell your new members.

The fair at the last board meeting hired a new Executive Director. Marc Hinz, sort of from PDX, has an environmental tourism kayak business. He’s fun. He’s a good listener. Hopefully he will come to our next village meeting.

Elders committee – if you’re turning 55 and have been at the fair since before dirt, call Janet.

Proposal to change the way council is selected is coming down the pike. IF you’re interested in helping her to develop this call Sue 688-6679

The newsletter is something that came out of our village visioning process. Hopefully someone can take the newsletter over from Tim at some point in time.

CV has a new social website (like Facebook) – we can use this to get together, post pictures, enjoy.

7:29 – Consensus. At the last meeting there was a question about how many stand asides constitute a block. A brother says that the facilitator decides how many stand asides equal a block. Another brother says that his understanding is that more than two stand asides are a lot in any community.

A sister asks for a time limit. 15 minute time limit agreed to. The sister says that there are different versions of consensus. She says it’s obvious that we need to refine our process to come up with a number.

A sister says that since 1983 she has been around, and she’s seen us change our definition. The sister says that if she has a question on consensus, she goes to John Flannery.

A brother says that it’s a combination – that if a facilitator sees two stand asides it may not be much, but 5-10 is more.

A sister says that with this group, stand asides are sometimes personal and disagreement and not strongly against it. At the last meeting, she stood aside because it didn’t matter to her either way and thus stood aside. Sometimes stand aside is actually stand back.

A sister says she appreciates the discussion, and says she’s learning a lot. She says she’s seen it go both ways, when she’s seen a few stand asides. She says the sense in her heart is what guides how many stand asides mean a block. If folks don’t have a strong opinion they should not stand aside, but be quiet. She would be uncomfortable with a firm number

A sister says that she remembers the late 90s, after going through an issue on this there was an agreement as to how consensus would work. She says she remembers ‘two or three’ as a guideline. She says she thinks it depends on the type of stand asides.

A brother says that he’s afraid of adding a firm number, that if the stand aside is a reason to block than you should block. He hopes that stand asides can be flexible.

You talked about standing back

A brother says that he thinks it’s totally appropriate for members of the group to question the facilitator’s decisions/

A sister says that there should not be set stand asides. She states that a stand aside is an objection without blocking, She says that the facilitator should get the sense of the group and if it doesn’t feel like consensus

A brother says that when consensus works, someone brings a proposal, it’s discussed, and everyone agrees when we reach consensus. IF there are several people who say they are not going to go along with the decision or that they don’t want to participate but they aren’t going to stop the group. Regarding the facilitator running the meeting, we hope the facilitator can guide the meeting, but none of us is willing to cede our power to anyone (even the facilitator). We’re not content, and we’re ready to say so. There is give and take between the facilitator and everyone else.

A brother says that he likes the idea of having ‘standing back’ or some other form of not agreeing the decision. He also says that too many stand asides don’t necessarily equil a block, but that consensus hasn’t been reached.

A brother says Too many stand asides mean that the proposal was brought too soon. One solution that a housing group in Sweden uses takes a vote in advance of a consensus decision and if 2/3 are actively in favor, they proceed for consensus. If you stand aside, you have to abide by the decision but you aren’t expected to implement it.

A brother says The facilitator should make a statement about what they consider too many stand asides. It should be somewhat fluid. He likes the stand back.

A brother says that concerns should come up early in the process. Near the end of the process right at the end of the process we were told that if the restaurant was not renewed, another restaurant would automatically step in as the village restaurant. In consensus, we need all the information.

7:49 – site report

The access is good now. It hasn’t rained. Tall grass is wet, you need ankle high gym shoes. No brush cutting. If it has been flooding, any trash we left would have gone into the stream and ended up cluttering the ocean.

7:50 – Beloved community

The first thing is; Green Earth last year hosted a party. They’ll do so again. The next part is that Janet is going to take everyone’s ideas on the village theme and consolidate them into a short thing.

Hope and Unity, We love Dragons, Yes we Can Yes we Did Yes we Are, Resiliency, Turtles and Hares, Change your mood world life to love, don’t dragon me down, seeds and flowers bursting out, naked dancing hippies, one spirit awakening, nine and seven,

7:53 –

Proposal: put the mtgs online in one fashion or another so community members who live far and wide can make it to our meeting. Figuring out how to do that will take lots of hours (tech, time, etc). In principle, let’s put our mtgs online. Can we consense on this principle and then deal with details later? BE IT PROPOSED WE THE CV WANT TO PUT OUR MTGS ONLINE EXCEPT THAT IT HAS TO BE PRIVATE AND PASSWORD PROTECTED SO THAT ONLY MEMBERS WHO MEET THE GUIDELINES CAN ACCESS IT. AUDIO ONLY, NO IMAGES, INITIAL PHASE, NO FEEDBACK. ONE WAY. BROADCAST ONLY. AFTERWARDS, AFTER A CONSENSUS WE CAN HAVE FEEDBACK. FOUR, ATTENDANCE BY PROXY WOULD NOT COUNT AS ONE OF THE TWO CV MTG NEEDED FOR ELIGIBILITY.

A sister says that she sees a lot of exposure and potential privacy violation, a lot of effort, and not a lot of value. She say that she lives far away, and would not use this.

A sister agrees with the previous sister, but says that it may be beneficial if people didn’t have to travel to come to a meeting (so that they didn’t have travel and stress, and environmental problems). It would be a good idea IF people could get credit from attending online.

A brother says it would be hard to hear people.

A sister says this proposal would bring a benefit for people who live out of the area because they could keep up with what’s going on.

A brother brought with him tonight a voice recorder. It is not on. He says that this recorder is as good as it gets for recording. He says that technologically you would put the mic in the middle of the room> We could get a feel, with it, for sound quality.

A brother says that some of the village family in CA and Southern OR would like to be able to listen to the meetings in addition to reading the minutes. The problem with it counting as a meeting is how do you know they were really listening? If we have a 2 meeting per year requirement, how do you count one where you weren’t here.

Facilitator reflects; not a lot of return on investment, that it would not count as a meeting.

A brother says that it’s always been an issue that local people can attend more easily than far away people, considering economics and time. Using the net is an option, but can take away as much as it gives. The reason for the meetings is that it’s part of the network and the community, and to see who these people are. It also makes fair safer because we recognize each other. Sure, it’d be nice to have net community, but it should not be all the meetings. The other issue is sound quality. There has been thoughts of a portable mic as a talking stick. It could be frustrating sound quality

A sister states that the proposal is ‘scaffolding’ and it is a good idea to give it a try and see how it works, and if it’s problematic it can stop.

A brother wants to know what we are going to gain by doing this. He says that the main thing is about people who don’t live in the area. He says that communities come together and have a center, and being physically present is important.

A sister asks what the purpose was of the attendance requirement. She says she remembers coming in and not knowing anything. She says that in this proposal, the meeting requirement would still be there. She says that an advantage of this would be that if people had listened to the meetings, they would have more context and know what the discussions were about.

A sister says that we should make a friendly amendment to try it out for three or four months, and she would really like to see us try.

A sister says that if we decide it’s a good idea, will there be groups of people who aren’t allowed to do it, and when gas is expensive it costs a lot, and if you come to two meetings that’s about $100 at the most for people in the area. She says she likes to know who is listening when she is talking. Our lives are so public, and she doesn’t want people listening when she doesn’t know.

Facilitator reflects a lot of conversation about participation and what that means. He says that the proposal was designed to avoid discussion of participation.

A brother says that once you go digital you can never go back. We’ve been non digital for a long time, why go digital. The brother says that if one chooses to, one can go online and read the minutes and figure out what happened. The option is there to stay caught up. You give 100% and you take 100%.

A sister says that there are some privacy issues. She says we’re inviting people further out to get involved. She says it doesn’t behoove us to open ourselves up. She says that people might be intimidated if they were being broadcast.

A brother says that booth empowerment was designed for this purpose, so that meeting requirements can be waived for far away people.

A sister says that the people who are most impacted are not able to be here and speak. If you are unable to be here tonight, please respond if you think this is a good idea. We should put off this decision until later. There are a lot of people here who we never see at morning meetings, there are people from far away who she does see there.

A sister says it’s a great idea, and it would save a lot of gas.

A brother says that he is a backup on this issue. He states that there is a lot of value added in voices. The proposal does include security concerns, he says that we would try to address the concerns that have been raised. The people benefiting most are not here.

A brother says that we’re not reaching consensus tonight.

A brother says that he thinks the community village is supposed to be a community. Next hear he plans on having an RV and talking off for a few months, and might just enjoy listening to a CV meeting on his computer. The proposal I made doesn’t reduce flesh involvement requirements. It only adds an additional opportunity for people far away to be present. It would expand our ability to communicate.

A brother says that he enjoys the meetings. He’s used IM to talk with his daughter in Tennessee. He says that an online conversation can be intense, important, and fulfilling (although it’s better to be there). This audio has the same kind of meaning. If you want to prove that people were at the meeting, ask people to write a report

A brother says that there is no common consensus at the moment, and that we can choose to build community in these meetings if we want, or not. If people want to hear the meeting and don’t want to participate, they should just come to the meeting. The brother says that silicon based life forms detract from community.

A sister says that it’s really important that we think about our impact on the earth and use of gasoline. She thinks it’s very important to people who want to participate but don’t want to drive all over the place. Last year, people were told by elders in the fair that it was very unreasonable to expect SEVA to drive all the way here just for our meetings and work parties.

A brother wants to know if there is other work these people far away can do for the village so they don’t have to be onsite for the work parties.

A brother says that village decon crew will allow people who live far away, they can do post fair decon work parties. One person called about this last year. There are satellite meetings that aren’t as far for people to drive. Regarding ‘is this principled opposition’ maybe we could record the meetings, could we record the meetings and send them in the mail.

8:23 – Restaurant committee report

Consensed on an additional probationary year for PSC. The first restaurant committee meeting happened, and some new ideas are being worked on to address some of the issues from last year. That was 8 days ago. There’s not a lot to report on but next month there will be a lot more information. Everyone involved agrees that changes need to be made, and that next year will be better.

David from PSC says that they’re looking forward and toward improvement.

8:25 – construction committee report.

A brother says that over the last 8 or 9 years we’ve rebuilt the village. There are a few very large projects. IN an effort to find a highly qualified construction coordinator, we found Scott Adams. He’s a master craftsman. He will help us construct. Each booth should have a construction coordinator who should introduce themselves to Scott. It’s nice out there, it doesn’t look too bad.

8:29 – Meeting evaluation.

John is a great facilitator. Sue is also a good, assertive facilitator. Part of the reason that it went well is that the agenda was well thought out. Facilitators talk to Tim. A brother would like to add an agenda item for next meeting, Booth Empowerment and What it Means. We did a pretty good job of not repeating what’s been said. Pretty well attended meeting, and we did good, our values are heartwarming. We were very efficient. We should mention wehre the next council meeting is

Next council meeting.
Nathan’s House
7pm Next Tuesday night
2585 Olive St, call for directions

New peoples meeting is at 6:30 promptly. As a first timer a sister was super impressed at how quickly and efficiently things went, she says that there is a lot of history and time.

Instant Minutes, Just Add Spelling!

Village Meeting, January 2009

First official meeting of the 2009 village. Attendance around 50 at the beginning. More trickled in as the meeting went on.

Introductions. Everyone went around and said who they are and what they do in the village or what they hope to do.

Agenda review, 7:21

Fair announcement
Beloved community
New members
Community website
Online meetings
Probation and restaurant feedback
Stand for council

Fair announcements 7:22 – Restaurant feedback forms are still available at this meeting, this is the last chance to submit feedback through this official channel.

Consensus Rap 7:24 – Some new items that don’t usually find their way into the rap tonight. We don’t vote. Instead we make decisions by agreement of the whole group. We don’t have a dictator. Groups that use consensus, or where consensus is used effectively are groups that are highly motivated, have members who are trained in consensus, or have a strong affinity. Consensus was used by the Quakers. Also used by Food not Bombs, and used by some online forums and projects like Wikipedia (where this information came from). Three common hand signals used in consensus; One is twinkling, a way to say ‘I agree’ with your hands by stretching your fingers all out and wiggling them (this kind of looks like Jazz Hands!). Second, if you feel very strongly about something being not good or against your values, or want to nonverbally express strong disagreemet, you can raise a fist or cross two fists. A gesture to indicate a point of process is to make a tee with your hands, like the ‘time out’ signal. Also, in consensus blocking is an absolute last resort. You don’t block out of simple disagreement, but out of a strong feeling that the decision that is about to be taken is going to seriously harm the community.

A Council member read from the newsletter:
” We operate by consensus. We don’t operate by majority rule. This means that we pass things that everyone agrees to and don’t pass things that people don’t agree to. A person can stand aside, meaning that they have concerns but won’t stop the whole group. The block is an exceptional tool and should only be used in extreme circumstances. The facilitator is responsible for deciding how many stand asides end a proposal. If someone brings a concern, the group is responsible for trying to solve it. If you have a concern, state it and propose a solution. It’s best to bring up concerns early in the process rather than throwing a clog in the works at the end of the process. ”

Site report: 7:29. The site is walkable with ankle high boots. It only floods when there’s a lot of heavy rain for a long time. Knee high boots are not needed at this time. Certain areas (toad hollow) needs hip waders.

There are many compost piles. There is a pile for straw and hay, one for the garden. Also there is one from main camp and the food booths and it’s well monitored and high grade with very little garbage. The other stuff is the path recycling from the kiosks. It has a lot of trash. It’ll compost, but only in a high commercial heat level pile. We’re being allowed to store it in a neighbor’s barn. Every two weeks one person turns it and another hoses it down with a bobcat. It’s getting damned hot. It’s steaming, growing grey mold, 134 degrees even during the cold snap in December.

Some of the booths came in with coconut fiber mats which got put in the compost, and it wasn’t composting. It separated the compost and kept the bacteria from interacting. We’ve pulled that out and the compost is now in better shape. This statement is being made to remind us that trash is a big issue at the fair, and we have to sift and sort it by hand. You don’t want someone else picking through your garbage, right? So pack it out. You are a waste warrior.

Construction 7:33 – Lifelong learning needs attention to the structure, especially the upper part, this year. Fruit booth may need some seriously major work. We’re getting a lot of wood from a friend of the village. We have some other booths needing very small repairs.

Each booth should have a construction coordinator, even if no work is needed on the booth, so that there’s someone to talk to and plan with.

Everyone needs to participate in work parties. Some of us love construction types of work, others don’t. That said, we all need to chip in what we can.

We’re requesting money from the fair for capital improvements, and we’ll see what happens.

There are questions about construction hierarchy and it isn’t a straight line. There are several people in the hierarchy of Fair construction. A brother states that in the past we have had our own process for interfacing with the fair through a village wide construction coordinator which hasn’t always been followed, and information seems to come from many channels.

New Members – 7:39 – starting this year, we’re going to get the room a little early to go through all the raps for new members so that the long time members of the community don’t have to keep doing the raps. The first through third years in the village will come to the early meeting, and the fourth years will eventually run the rap meeting.

Website 7:41 – We have a new website for the village. It’s a social networking site. It’s

Everyone gets their own page. Every booth can have its own page. It’s a good, fun networking tool. You can share pictures. You can share music, videos. Satellite groups could make their own pages.

Online Meeting 7:44 There has been some talk about putting the village meetings online in some form or another. This could be text, video, or audio. Any of these things is technically possible, but there is some question of whether or not we even want to go there. The question is put to the village; How do you feel about having an online meeting?

A sister asks does doing this preclude other options for village meetings for people who live far away? It does not, it is just one project.

A sister says that this discussion seems to mirror a discussion at the Fair board level. The board is going back and forth about whether to put their meetings online. Could we open the door to the board webcasting their meetings? Could we stumble in the ways they predict and prove that webcasting does not work?

A brother says that the community village is a community of activists, and the purpose of us getting together is getting to network about our activism. We have a 2 meeting requirement as a commitment to our community. Being present and part of the community is the most important part of this, same with the work-party requirement. Allowing people from far away to participate would expand that community, as long as the online meetings didn’t count toward meeting participation for the meeting requirement.

A brother suggests that we could add to this; we could make a podcast ((editorial note; a podcast is a file that could be downloaded after the meeting, rather than just a real time stream that could be listened to during the meeting)) Also, maybe we could use this to share with outside folks what a consensus meeting actually looks like.

A sister says it’s a wonderful idea, and that we can work through the problems that might come up. She says a person shouldn’t be able to stand aside or block from remote locations.

A sister says that the board is a legal entity, so those issues are different. The people online with the elders are kind of both there and not there, just their voice is there. This is kind of weird. The sister says she doesn’t mind us broadcasting our meeting, but she says that we’re a physical community, not an online community.

A sister says, and she’s adamant about not wanting fair board meetings broadcast online. We sometimes say things that point toward illegality, and we want to be mindful of what we put out because we don’t want to raise any beacons or red flags with those who would seek to take our fair away from us. It would be really cool for some of our satellite folks about participating, which would be great, but it would take consciousness on our part about what we say because by broadcasting we create a record.

A brother says he supports all ideas, and concepts to communicate. The brother says that it shouldn’t take the place of attending a meeting for eligibility requirements, because we are a physical community. The brother supports a text or audio stream. If it’s online, it’s online, so there’s no way to make a site totally secure from strangers. The brother would not like to see video.

A sister says it’s a double edged sword. It’s good for people from out of town to be able to be involved. It doesn’t work for booth breakdown time (you can’t get enough microphones to monitor that), it’s hard to sing along, and you can’t hold hands online. Some concerns as far as they way technology is eliminating human contact and reduces us to images, flat, with no flesh.

A brother raises several issues; potential issues of broadcasting, ie what are the implications of people being able to see or hear us. Second, issues of the feasibility of participation, can someone with virtual participation actually participate with the awkwardness of understanding tone when it’s read from text. The third issue is regards to credit for having come to a meeting toward eligibility.

A sister says that she is concerned that we’re doing a lot of driving to have members from far away come to meetings in Eugene. Also says that she understands the concerns that are raised by other brothers and sisters about lack of contact. The sister thinks we might allow one of the two meetings for eligibility to be online but still require one in the flesh meeting. Another suggestion is additional satellite meetings. The raps could be done at the satellite meetings or online.

A brother says he wasn’t sure how he felt, but now having heard about the sister who said that technology is eliminating human contact, he is clear that he does not like the idea of online meetings.

A sister says she loves the idea of people driving less. She says that she telecommutes to meetings for work a lot. It’s better for the planet when people telecommute. She likes the idea of one online meeting counting and the other having to be physical.

A sister says that, despite the fact that she doesn’t have e-mail, she’s for it because it would help some people stay involved even though they can’t come to all of our meetings. We could maybe reach out a little and try for a short time.

A brother says despite how it’s really important for other people outside the meeting space to be involved, maybe it’s better not to have the minute taker broadcasting the minutes in real time without edits.

To wrap up Janet says that we will, eventually, come back with a proposal to see if it’s something people like.

Restaurant probation 8:07 – Last year we chose Park Street Café to be our new restaurant. Their first year was on probation, and after the probation year if they pass, they get two more years before they come up for another review. Feedback forms have gone out to the community and some have come back. We will now have a discussion. The restaurant does want to come back. If Park Street does not come back, Global Services foundation will step in to be the new restaurant without further need to discuss.

We will frame our comments as concerns rather than criticisms. There is a strong bias in the direction of consensus – whether everyone has to consense that they stay or that they go. Usually we ask things in the positive. The question is stated, Does Park Street Café pass their probationary period?

A brother asks just in case, how many stand asides would block a decision? This leads to a long discussion, with some people saying that it’s two or three, others saying that it’s the facilitator’s job do decide on the sense of the meeting. We end up deciding that it’s more important to discuss the restaurant than to discuss process.

A brother says The Park Street Café spent a lot of money, time, labor, and love. They stepped up to the plate, and it wasn’t perfect but they did a darned good job. It’s not an easy job to run a restaurant at the fair, and they overcame a lot of obstacles.

A brother says that he came to the construction parties and watched the restaurant go together. Watching it come together was fun. They had the spirit of the village.

A sister says the restaurant invested a lot in time and money and work. They ought to be able to come back a few times to use the restaurant they built.

A brother says they were his first choice. That they did a good job, and they’ll do better next year.

A sister says that she had two bad experiences with the restaurant, was short changed, was overcharged, and was not treated as well as she expected by the restaurant.

A brother says that the restaurant is normally approved on a three year basis. Passing probation this year means they’re approved for two more years.

A sister says that she would be willing to give them more time. She says that because she knows a lot of people in the village, a lot of people come to her with their complaints, and she got a lot of complaints from villagers about the restaurant. People were upset about bad service, rude camping behavior, and items being dropped from the menu after the restaurant was approved,

A sister says she appreciates the hard work the restaurant did. One thing the sister experienced herself and people with children said; they were looking forward to the menu items that kids would like, and the Mac and Cheese had onions and some of the kid items weren’t as kid friendly as they could be. The sister says she offers this as a piece of creative feedback.

A brother has a question for the restaurant; what did they learn from last year and what would they do different?
They say they will try to streamline the menu. Many things were more work than they needed to be. The mashed potato pancakes slowed down the line a lot, they were more time than expected. They will be streamlining things. When slow menu items bogged them down, they made other mistakes (the cheeses sauce wasn’t meant to have onions, for example.)

A sister says she always hesitates to say anything that isn’t positive, and she appreciates all the work the restaurant did. The restaurant didn’t really serve the community well. It made the fair more difficult not to have a restaurant that had vegetarian food with protein at a reasonable price. Getting protein brought the price out of reach. The Cow used to have a fair special where you could get a small portion but all the food groups for less money. Regarding the mac and cheese – the person who spoke with the sister wouldn’t go check as to whether the cheese was renetless and was not polite. Also not open as late as Holy Cow used to be. The sister says that she heard similar complaints from others.

A brother says that he’s a special ed teacher, whenever there’s feedback, constructive or otherwise, he likes to give three positives to each negative. The overall concern about the restaurant was that it wasn’t a community member, but a business. It also wasn’t the brother’s first choice for a menu. Also, it may not have been a clear communication as to why the menu changed. There was feedback that the things that were removed happened after the fact. The restaurant offered common food. The service was good. The price was high. The brother said he would stand aside to the decision.

A sister says that, having been on the tasting committee, the food was her favorite. The prices were the lowest. She didn’t eat most of the food. She’d like to see people write this feedback down for the restaurant.

A brother asks what concrete steps would be taken to streamline the process?
A brother from the restaurant says that there are no answers yet because they’ve only had one meeting.

A sister says that the coffee was expensive, the food was expensive, and the food was common, the sorts of things we make at home. The sister says that she hardly used the restaurant at all.

A brother says it’s time to call the discussion to a close. We have a job to do tonight. Should we continue with park street, or should we fall back to Global Services? The brother suggests that we give the restaurant an opportunity to tell us why we should pass their probation and let them keep going.

A sister appreciates the free hot water.

The brother from the restaurant wants to take all this feedback so that he can address it. He says he is not really prepared to answer any of these questions. He didn’t get our concerns in advance. He really wants to go for it again, and this year he feels that it won’t be as overwhelming than last year. They only had from March forward to get ready.

Another brother from the restaurant is thankful for the feedback. All the complaints are things that could be fixed. They aren’t things that can’t be overcome. This perspective can be helpful to focus the restaurant crew for the coming year. Let’s get things dialed in.

PROPOSED: Since there is a lot of constructive feedback, can we consent tonight to a one year probation which would be outside of the traditional agreement, for the sake of moving forward and to give the restaurant time to address the feedback they got.

four stand asides

1 – A brother would prefer to consense that they failed, not that they passed.
2 – a sister was overcharged, shortchanged, and treated rudely. She says she wasn’t apologized to
3 – a sister says there were so many complaints and problems, and she doesn’t think they will be addressed, and the idea of one year was to see how it went.
4 –  A sister stands aside with her reason not stated

Call for consensus.

One Block because four stand asides is not consensus.

A sister says we are not ready to call for consensus, there are many people who have not spoken who want to speak. We’re not ready to come to consensus.

Keith, who has talked with the Fair’s Food Committee about their rules, says if we don’t come to consensus tonight, Global Services will be the new restaurant tomorrow because of what the food committee says. Because January is traditionally when we make our restaurant decisions, we need to make a decision tonight. We can’t table this for next month.

A brother says we shouldn’t be micromanaging someone’s block.

The brother who blocked will set his block aside. But he says that he was blocking because we were pushing this through without listening to people.

A sister says she would like to see a different proposal; can we have the restaurant for one more year with the acknowledgement that they were really worried about money and at oaks them to rower prices.

The first brother to stand aside rescinds his stand aside.

Another brother blocks for the same reason as the first brother who blocked, because there are too many stand asides and he doesn’t feel we’ve reached consensus.

A brother says a block is meant to be because the decision we’re making is detrimental to this community as a whole, and he doesn’t see the blocks happening here fitting that description. We’re not in a position when our community is going to be torn apart. The restaurant was in a bad situation this year. They said they will do better next year.

PROPOSED: We form a committee willing to work with the restaurant for a second year, or have the council form this committee, to help the restaurant to solve these problems before next year and in doing so, allow a second year of probation.

No stand asides
No blocks


((Editors note: There was a lot of cross talk and impassioned discussion through the whole latter part of the discussion of the restaurant. Most of it dealt with process, how many stand asides constitute a block, and whether or not we needed to make a decision at that exact moment. I was unable to capture most of the discussion because it was moving so fast, with many people speaking out of order. I believe I caught the gist of the discussion, and I know for certain that I captured all the proposals, all the stand asides, and all the blocks))

Call for council 8:52 – Who wants to stand for council. The process for council confirmation is this; people who want to serve on council stand in January. They give out their contact information. If someone has a concern about the person standing for council, they need to bring that concern to that person within the next week to express their concern and try to work it out. If they can’t work it out in the next week, they need to bring their concern to the next council meeting where it will be addressed. If it is still not addressed, they may block that person from sitting on council for the coming year. If a person does not follow this process, they are not permitted to block a council person from sitting on council. The next council meeting is at Tim’s house. I didn’t catch the time and date because it was late and I’d been typing for a long time. Someone, please post the information to the list. Tim’s house is at; 2096 ½ Arthur Street

Who Stood::

Keith Herschberger cell 513-1238

Tim Mueller 521-7208

Paul Sass 541-689-3709

Daniel – Call Tim at 521 7208 to leave a message for Daniel

Lois 836-2670

Ben Barrett 729-3130

Nathan Greene 338-7827

Dianne Albino 933-2584

Karla Caudel 337-5319

Janet Tarver 344-3770

Jennefer Harper 359-8111

David Hoffman 484-9204

November 2008 Village Minutes

7:10 – Call to Order

7:11 – Childcare Report from 2007/2008 year: We took care of many children, we took in $263 from passing the hat and spent $260. From the funds, youth passes were paid for, snacks and supplies were bought. Many hours were spent. No specific needs identified this year. If you want to contribute snack foods instead of cash, talk to Taylor.


Fair News, Dianne
Fair Eval, ?
Restaurant Feedback, Keith
New Website, Tim
Online Meeting, Janet
New Member Proposal, Jen Lin
Site Report, David

7:20 Introductions

Everyone introduced themselves with some fun tidbits. I was specifically asked to include one introduction in particular; Jennefer Harper is now a Roller Derby Girl, under the pseudonym Evil Luna. She made herself a butt pad.

7:36 – Treasurer report. We gave the fair 12,400 dollars and change. A question for them; why does the village and energy park pay for day passes when no other crew does? Karla asked this question to Hillary, our budget liaison, and hopefully some information will come back. We were reimbursed by the fair our budget, and we have about $2,300 in the bank. Our corporation status is renewed. We were asked not to be 501C3 a long time ago so that we would not compete with the Fair’s status. Address further questions to Karla.

7:38 – Fair News. There is a vision action committee forming, if you are interested it is taking over from the vision quest to oversee the goals we’ve set and making sure we’re making progress and that our budget is reflecting our group values. This is in the formulary stages, but there will be an all day work group session in the spring. This is a new committee seeking members, and if you are interested write a letter to the board. There is a hiring committee meeting, there is a new director being hired. It’s budget time and guidelines time. If there are guidelines changes that you want made, fill out the form that you can find at The past several years, Kay Kinsley (sp?) has done a wreath making party on site in December. You missed the cider party. Many gallons were made, many were shared.

7:42 – Fair evaluation. We went around the circle and shared evaluations. Names are withheld here because I don’t know everyone’s name or how it’s spelled, and I’m experimenting with a style of reporting this type of conversation. Tell me what you think;
A brother says that morning circle is really important. Attendance is maybe 20% of the total passes. There tend to be very few people.
A brother says that last year there was a nice cocktail party in the green earth booth. It was a good, fun time. A lot of time, there is not as much mingling between groups as much as we’d like. It would be fun to do more getting to know each other at the fair. The potluck is nice, there’s good food, and good people, but there’s still not enough mingling. We should have a better way to meet new people and get to know each other. The fair was positive, the entertainment was great.
A sister says that it was a great fair. It was her first fair on council, and was a whole way different experience. Regarding the morning circle, mornings are a great time at the fair. There should be a facilitator pre determined before the fair to lead the morning circle, as it was hard to find facilitators for the morning circle time. She misses the fire during high fire danger years.
A sister says that November is too late to evaluate the fair, and it’s nice to have an evaluation in August. It was a good time, but it’s hard to remember.
A brother says that his grandson came to the fair for the second time. Last year was 92 and this year was 178. At the fair before this one, there were hula hoops. That was wonderful. This year, there were squirt guns, which was less wonderful.
A sister says that she was not at the fair because her daughter was in the hospital, but that she is glad that a lot of people sent good energy from the fair and that it really helped.
A brother says it’s getting foggier, but he remembers there not being a lot of meltdowns; it seemed smoother than previous years. People don’t like to say things as much during the fair. It might be nice to have more times at the fair to check in and communicate in meaningful ways.
A sister says she thought it went really well, she noticed a lower attendance at the morning circles which changed the flavor a little. We should distill these evaluations and bring them to the village and see if they can lead to proposals rather than just having an evaluation. Youth power went and got the bags and buckets out without the sister’s help, which she gives kudos. The sister really missed the fire.
A sister says that she had a great fair. They keep getting busier. One thing that bothers the sister at the fair is that she believes that someone drives in when the ground is wet. There is a feeling that the meadow is a road during the off season. The sister wishes we could bring the green back, as the brown is spreading where the water is and encroaching on the meadow, and the sister would like to take the come unity house over as an ambient space and a club house for the village.
A brother says that he wasn’t at the fair, but that he had mentioned a book ‘where there are no doctors’ and remembered a scene where there was a clean village and an unclean village, and that it would be nice if there were liquid soap at the handwashing station. By day three, there was no soap at the handwashing station. The brother is pulling on the thread, and doesn’t know where it leads.
A sister says. The morning circle and hula hoops fall under ‘beloved community’. The sister supports the morning circle because the community does, but on Saturday and Sunday the circle is not something that the sister is into. The sister really liked the fair this year. Too much garbage. The bathrooms are awful. The infrastructure doesn’t work well. There was a debate on the soap (liquid or otherwise) but next year the sister will bring soap. The sister liked the new spaces, the memorial spaces. There was almost nothing the sister didn’t like.
A sister says the fair was very peaceful, low key, flowed well, no huge issues. There were a few issues could have been big, but weren’t. Big magic from fair folks. Good schmooze, and help from them. No issues. Everything worked well and was fun. Good fair.
A sister says that the next time she talked to this other fairy they riffed about a bottle opener and some over-carbonated cider. The sister digs her gig at the sticker booth. The sister notices more gray. It hit the sister. The other thing that hit the sister is that knowing she will bring a grandbaby next year, she kept looking at young families around and thinking back to being a single mom with a one year old, and wondered what the hell she was thinking before the running water and diaper service. In the morning meetings, the sister remembers that in years past, the council had a stronger influence to call people out and make the meeting happen. The other thing the sister noticed is that during and after sweep, we need a wild kid coordinator during the sweep time. They got to get their ya ya’s out, and that energy needs to be channeled. We should have an onsite evaluation soon after fair. We got away from the teddy bear picnic time because of other events, but we could figure out some timing.
A brother says that there is too much bamboo and that some of the plant displays create really dark, crowded spaces.

8:08 – Restaurant Feedback

There is a survey, designed to inform the restaurant owners of our impressions. This is not an attempt to circumvent consensus, just to gather information to the restaurant. We will compile these and collect them and tabulate the information for them. In January, the village will discuss whether or not they’ve passed probation. The form is online. The reason the form asks for the name is that if you are going to offer critique, we expect that you own that critique. The owners would want to go to those people and find out what they can do to improve things.

Some comments about the form; concern about people stating name and booth affiliation; thoughts that it should be anonymous or optional. Some might feel obligated to provide identifying information. Some might feel tempted to sugar coat their comments because they don’t want to be attached to negative comments. Can we provide the results to the restaurant anonymously. Can the numbers be tabulated on a graph? The yes/no answer; there should be more options. One might feel railroaded into committing to a yes or no.

If someone completes their form online, the information is not available to others online. It would be nice if the phrase ‘what could be done to improve, or what improvements would you like to see’ were on the form.

It’s nice to put facts in your forms, but be polite. It’s nice not to sugar coat, but not to be mean.

Where, on the form, would someone evaluate the prices?

The restaurant did not know when they were going to get this feedback. Whose-ever job this is might want to check in at the fair level because the restaurant is receiving conflicting information from the fair as from council. The fair says that the restaurant is in.

The people in the restaurant may not be following the proper channels, and speaking to their booth liaison. Instead they are seeking information from friends in the community. They are going directly to the fair instead of coming to us.

We will add a not sure box, there will be language added to the comments section soliciting information about what could be approved.

There could be clarity about how to submit the form

If these will be compiled before or during the meeting. We will collect the forms and give them to the restaurant. We’re not sure how the data will be compiled. These forms will not be our basis for coming to consensus at the meeting, it’s just feedback for the restaurant.

Wondering where we go, if the answer is no or unsure on the probation. The form doesn’t matter in terms of consensus.

If we answer anything other than ‘yes’ in January, where does that put us for getting a new restaurant?

Does the form need to be clearer as to that it has nothing to do with the decision.

CONSENSUS > We’ll give our feedback to Tim and he will compile it, and the feedback will not be used to inform our consensus.

8:26 – New Website. We have a redesigned village website.

The look is updated, as is the organization. Things should be easier to find. Also, there is a community social networking site which is cross linked to the new website. This allows booths to create their own groups on the website for discussion. Villagers are free to sign up and use this to communicate. You can upload pictures. It’s fun.

It’s impossible to get messages from the ad column to any one member unless you click on the ad. This site will send an e-mail when another member requests you to be their ‘friend.’ You can put videos up, pictures, event calendar.

There were Gordon Smith ads on the website.

Jennefer says she loves it, there aren’t a lot of people on it but you can invite people from your address book. If we’re moving to the web forum, we should delete the e-mail list. People should set their privacy settings. The site comes up in google. Be aware of internet privacy.

The site doesn’t send spam; they are notifications. The only way you would get spam from the site is if you make your e-mail public. Agreement that we should not have both the drum and the new social networking site. It’s a good intention. It’s good that the social networking is created. Ben feels taken aside

Janet says that it would be good if there weren’t a list, except a lot of people don’t want the networking page and just want the list. It may take more time. The social networking site is free and ad supported. The webpage is not ad supported.

There were Gordon Smith ads on our website.

Jain doesn’t want to get rid of the e-mail list. She wants to get e-mails. When she opened the site, the ads got blocked.

8:44 – Online Meetings

Introduction; there is a logistical way to put our meetings online. Is this a good idea? Janet wants to find pros and cons about putting the meetings online. This is an announcement and not a discussion

8:46 – New Members

At the end of last year, as part of the eligibility criteria, if this is your first through third year of being in the village, you come to a new member meeting. It would be 45 minutes before the regular meeting, and the raps would be given so that we can have some non rap time at our late season meetings. If it is your third year, you take over giving the raps. You learn more by teaching.

Last year we discussed creating a new member packet with guidelines, camping instructions, eligibility forms, and so on and so forth. This could include the raps written down. Trying to have this newcomer meeting is a good idea. There may be problems, but we’ll find them.

For years Janet has been giving such a packet to the both coordinators.

Lois says that in addition to that, she’d like to task the coordinators for making sure the new people get oriented and get the packets and get to the meetings

Jain loves the packet.

Logistics about the space, and about people knowing that they have to go to the new member meetings.

Jen Lin once made a similar packet, but people don’t read. Some people need reading, some need seeing, some need hearing, some need touching to learn. Booth coordinators are charged to do this, but it doesn’t happen. The way we make good family is to embrace new people., if we could have a new member cadre like the welcoming committee of more experienced people who know the village ropes to welcome the new people. Also these people would welcome the old people at the fair and show people how we do things.

As a new person coming into the village, it can be very cold.

Once we printed the wraps in the newsletter, and they were still stated.

8:53 – Site Report. It’s nice. It’s really beautify, it smells nice, little animals. The village looks brilliant.

David said at the last council meeting, even after teddy bear picnic he noticed that people keep bringing stuff out and leaving it in the village. That was a complaint he had. Even though we lean up, people go back and leave stuff.

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