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2013 – 2014

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Committee Chair: Karla Caudell
(541) 337-5319    kjcaudell@yahoo.com

Most of this design idea is shelved for 2014…
SEE the march 2014 shrunken map here

Craft Lot Installation Map, with space use notes

Same drawing without the notes

Different Drawing with different uses

Notes from Sue, 4/4/2014

hello village,
the crafts lot group met the day after the village meeting.  we are focusing on a smaller footprint and scaled back presentation since the storm has brought so many changes to the craft lot plan in general.  here is our basic plan, i’m sure there will be some additions/changes as we get a better idea of what we have available to us and how what we have will all fit topgether.  this report and wish list was posted by sherman, the energy park liaison, please give a shout out to all her good work and the work of the entire committee.
it takes a village and an energy park to create an oasis!!!!!!!
thanks everyone.


Unofficial Notes – Craft Lot Committee. 3/13/2014
Attendees:  Karla, Melissa, Sue, Jen-Lin, Big John, and Sherman (Energy Park)

We started with a discussion about the need for clear communication among the committee members.  As we now move forward into more concrete planning and implementation, at times it may be crucial that we are all aware of who is doing what, where, and when.   As our creative discussions get more lively it is easy to assume that we all heard the same thing.  Slow down, and make sure we all truly understand what we thought we understood.

In light of the discussion, we also agreed to go over the list of “Actions” that grow during the meeting.  This will be a good way to wrap up the meeting by reminding everyone of we’ve each offered to do.  From now on, no one makes motions to leave until the actions have been read.

Draft Proposal for CLOG:
In light of the reduction in creation of the Craft Lot this year, and that everyone is busy working on clean up, we don’t anticipate presenting the final fully developed  proposal anytime very soon.
John developed the practical outline of our proposal and presented it to Council at the February meeting.   His work is a clear, straightforward plan of the Village’s Proposal.  It will be the summary and cover of the packet presented to CLOG, accompanied by the detailed description (draft document that Sue shared with the Drum last week).   We are still waiting for feedback about that document.

Storms and Craft Lot Plans:
Unfortunately, the extensive damage at the Fair site means that removing safety hazards and cleaning up the mess is going to take a great deal of time away from Craft Lot transformation. Therefore, the dazzling new area plan has been drastically cut back to less than 20% of the space for this year.    Sue told us that the Phun Gate area is all that is available, and our share will be TINY – maybe 10 X 10.   On the bright side, a smaller space means a less complicated project with more time to make it something magnificent.

New Smaller Concept:
A small simple structure, open walls and a roof.    A  soothing area with a comfortable bench to sit down and relax.    Surrounded by a screen of greenery (plants)  the area will create a sense of calm amidst all the energy and noise surrounding it.   Sue suggested an “oasis” and we all thought that fit.   Jen-Lin described the opportunities to take advantage of vertical space (wind chimes, etc).

Melissa suggested that hops would be perfect tall vines for the plant screen, along with bamboo, and perhaps other possibilities.  Jen-Lin has hops that she would love to dig up and plant into 5 gallon buckets or pots.    If anyone has enough hops to share, they are starting to come up and right now is not too late to dig and move into large buckets.

We still plan to share space with Energy Park and would like to have their solar cell charger as part of our space.  Sherman says EP will be bringing the solar cell charger up and people can sit in the lovely space while their phone is charging.

At the same, a function of our space is to inform visitors about the Village and Energy Park.  We discussed a well placed display and the possibility of a professional graphic (perhaps Karla’s son-in-law?) designed to capture the values and distinctive character of EP and the Village, with briefdescriptions of what we offer as well as a selection of photos. Basically “come see us, here are the things that we offer and things that we do. . . . “

Melissa emphasized the importance of contingency plans as well.  For example, what will we do if the plants get broken as we are moving them to the site, or perhaps the placement and space we base everything on gets changed at the last minute, etc.  We should develop some back-up ideas.

Sherman – tell Sue the space needs for the solar charger
Melissa—Present the committee report to Council.
Jen-Lin—Please write down a description of the tone canisters that you described.  They might be a great idea for next year.  Send this to the Council for recordkeeping.
Melissa—Tell the Drum we need hops

Council Meeting Notes, March 18, 2014

Craft Lot Report: Met last week, clarified committee processes, got more organized. Between storms and fires fair is struggling and as a result craft lot has been scaled way back. The fun gate area is the limit of what may become transformed this year. Sue indicated that under the circumstances we should be expecting possible 10 by 10 foot print. Came up with smaller structure with roof and open walls. Would love to be surrounded by David’s bamboo which would provide screening and maybe also using hops which Jen-Lin will put into buckets and will provide a screen. Energy Park would like to join with Village but they indicated their interest in partnering before everything happened. Wrapped up meeting with a list of actions and next steps. Craft lot has been sort of put on hold and some people will still be camped in Craft Lot this year. It was suggested the Village and Energy Park having a combined presence. Energy park would like to have a phone charging station in the craft lot. How is the coordination of activities going? It may be a mute point this year and everything is on hold until the next meeting. Next Village Craft Lot meeting 2 weeks on April 10th @ Jen-Lin and Sue’s house.

Council Meeting Notes, February 2014

Craft Lot: John gave an update on craft lot meetings. John’s update “The booth will be a evolving collaborative art work piece representing Community Village where visitors can at times *take a self guided tour *participate in street theater *Interact with guest speakers *learn to clown *create works of art *view pieces on display from Village members *interact with Villagers*……..and more ! At night we would like to provide an area in the booth for fair family to stop by and relax and enjoy late night hot tea (at no charge) and maybe some acoustic music. Due to limited space and the amount of booths in the village that may or may not be ready this year but may be ready next year or the next we plan on rotating villagers thru as they are ready with a first year, three year and five year plan.”
Jennefer brought up that her understanding is that Craft Lot group is being convened by Jen-Lin and Sue but they are actually being convened by Karla. We need a bigger space to have craft lot meetings. People need to discuss how the craft meetings are working for them so feelings don’t fester. The dome was a big topic of discussion and the dome was not approved. There was chatter about seeking additional passes and are we have asked about getting additional passes for Craft Lot but the answer has been no. Who do we ask specifically for additional passes and what has been done to that end? It’s been made very clear that Fair is not interested in increasing passes and this info came from Sue who is on the Board and she brought the info to the meeting. When we went through the budget committee the budget committee told us they would not give us more passes to address craft lot. The board decides overall OCF business but the budget committee decides on pass increases. Next year we can re-approach this topic once we have the craft lot developed. Karla can approach our bum next year to see about an increase in passes. Why is this a budget committee issue given we pay for our own passes? They look at the impact on the land and how many people we have in our group. We get more passes than Energy Park currently. If people are interested in learning more about pass allocations they should attend the budget committee meetings.
Tim will post Karla as the coordinator of the craft lot group on the website. Have the next Craft Lot meeting at Jen-Lin and Sue’s and discuss issues that have been brought up at Council meeting. The next meetings will involve concrete plans about what will happen and leadership and perception.

Council meeting notes, November 2013

Path Planning discussion:
We agreed to hold a planning meeting, organized by our village path planning committee (Karla leads this), on January 14, the Tuesday after the January Village meeting.
Our installation in the Crafts Lot Expansion should include an easy to read list of booths and their organization on display.
We should consider a “sheepherders’ tent” for the structure, or a dome maybe.
Need a room-type space to host extended spoken word conversations.
Booths should make presentations, have them be interactive.
Draw people into the greater Village.
Needs 2-3 coordinators to manage the space, Areas?
Someone needs to clarify, is it a new entrance or off a side path?
Assign one three hour shift per booth (one shift per fair) to provide programming in the new space for all three days of the Fair.
To help inform our discussion, Tim will put a special page on our website with all the various discussions around this issue, as well as maps, drawings, and links. Should be up by mid-December.
We should fill as much space as we can with our programming, because it may change after the first year.
We’re looking for at least 3 new passes to help manage this new area.
Here is the link to the Fair Family Path Palling section about this area: http://ocfpathplanning.org/craftslot/index.htm

Village Meeting notes, November 2013

Craft Lot Expansion: Meeting at Jen-Lin’s house tomorrow night Nov. 14th 6:30-8pm. Overview of previous topics. According to last meeting they want the whole area portable. Nothing should remain in the area after fair.
~~ Would like to see some kind of introduction to the village in craft lot.
~~ Would like to see a board or something that lists the booths and activities. We need a coordinator for the craft lot.
It’s not just drama activities but can have it as a performance space and from the outside people can see what the Village is like.
Eric discussed: Spiegel Tent term used. Def: “Dutch for “mirror tent” from Spiegel + tent is a large travelling tent, constructed in wood and canvas and decorated with mirrors and stained glass, intended as an entertainment venue. Originally built in Belgium during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.”
~~ Another individual indicated would like to do a fundraiser to purchase a dome and we could have different groups use the space at different times for different things.
~~ Different ways of thinking about craft lot were expressed.
~~ Dome is made of nylon and will not stop sound but will give shade. A 31ft dome can fit a lot of people in there and has vents. Would like to come up with a way to raise $3,500. If we had a structure and then we had the programming we can move forward. Keith knows a lot about structures.
~~ Doesn’t want to commit to raising $3,500 until we know more about what Village wants.
~~ Tim We need to ask each booth what they want to do in that space in {example: 3 hrs.} Someone will schedule the time.
~~ These are all just ideas.
~~ Eric will carry ideas to craft lot meeting tomorrow night. Craft lot needs to come up with a mission.
~~ With tents you need to have guide ropes and poles. The domes does not have guide ropes. People would see different advantages to it.
~~ Can sides be rolled up and rolled down.
Each booth costs $1,100 to build.
~~ Talk about GMO’s, volunteer base food buying co-op, local buying, as far as shape/it needs to have a draw.
~~ Have facilitated discussion groups and what we do as a village is have facilitated groups. This would be an opportunity for people from public to come in and participate in facilitated group on a list of topics that we would agree to and advertise before hand. People could come based on topic like controversial issues that would generate excitement. Sometimes consensus would be reached and other times it wouldn’t.
Would each booth be able to come up with topics? Sounds like family circus.
Spoken words topics would be great to have.
If everyone was willing to pay a $20 one surcharge they could buy the dome.
~~ Could the stage have an act out there in the dome? It’s always a possibility.
~~ Eric’s background was in theater for social change. Look up theater for social change.
~~ Whatever we do out there needs to be engaging and visually impactful. We could have installation art. ~~ 
Action Item: Craft committee will put together a report after meeting. ~ consensed.

From the October 2013 Village Meeting

 Front of Fair: Front of fair committee has met several times and the ideas are flowing. The committee has generated many ideas but now wants to bring ideas to the Village to ask for advice and will probably need to ask for some money from fair in order to make this successful. Fair response to space is: Space allotment is driven by ideas. Sue presented a map which is captured below. The new craft lot will become new loop with a nice big stage for dancing with dance pavilion.

Link to Map: http://ocfpathplanning.org/maps/CraftsLotDraftNov12013.pdf

Link to Craft Lot Planning Page: http://ocfpathplanning.org/craftslot/index.htm

Some of the things the front of fair committee discussed included theater as we have a resource for this. We could have a village theme such as climate change and possibly keeping this theme and having Eric work with this based around theater. Also thinking about using a sheep herder tent which is a caravan tent with pillows, groups from the village can come in and do demo’s and invite public into the village. Interactive theater would be cool as it creates a commotion and draws people in. We need covering because this location is flat and in the sun. It would be nice to have 2-3 people to regularly coordinate the old craft lot area. If we had 2 or 3 people to staff that area we could make an argument for extra passes. Inter booth collaborations with art and spirit or wild edible and spirit. 2 booths can be out there at once and work together. Craft Lot would like to be paperless. It would be good to have experts speak to different areas of specialties.

We want to show the fair we are serious about this. The better this is the more support we are going get. Could we get spoken word into our front of fair area? Could we build a relationship with spoken word to have them come and present on ideas in a salon like conversation? Would be a good idea to set timelines and goals for the committee so we can have something to present to path planning in Jan or Feb and if we are asking for money we need to have a proposal ready in Jan. for capital projects.

Ideas from Villagers: If we could get 4tipi’s we could have a tipi circle. We could make straw bales for people to sit on. The first year we would probably have access to the most space and as it fills in our space would become more limited. Could present how global climate change impacts peace, green earth, etc. Do we have people to staff the area? We could have booths submit proposals to be out there if we have more groups interested than space. Wild Edibles brought up an idea around how they present climate change and how plants represent this and show this. Energy Park is working on their own ideas related to Craft lot. We should carry our mission forward into the Village more. We could have banners hanging, slide shows, and interactive digital activities. Public Interest/ Environmental Law individuals would be good to draw into our group. Maybe P&J could make connections with them and invite them. Maybe drawing some of the people from the Village who could do some presentations around public interest/environmental law topics. If we did a salon style conversation we could have a presenter who hooks people into coming into the Village and exploring issues further. We could draw more people into Village by indicating at the end of presentation we will meet in the Village to discuss this further. A “hook” into the Village. It would be really good to have 1 person from each booth to be the point person who will disseminate info to their wider booth and communicate back. Each point person would initiate collaboration with other booths.

Action Items in order to move forward with committee:
1) We will be discussing Craft Lot/New Loop in every Village meeting. We can ask other booths to discuss this in booth breakdown.
2) Appointing a point person from each booth who will be the liaison for their booth to disseminate info.
3) Craft Lot/New Loop meeting Thursday October 17th 6:30pm-8pm @ Sue’s 176 North Grand St. {Jen-Lin’s house} Phone #: 541-688-6679
4) 2nd Craft Lot Mtg will be Nov. 14th 6:30pm – 8pm. Sue’s 176 North Grand St. {Jen-Lin’s house} Phone #: 541-688-6679
5) Action Item: Deadline for capital proposal to purchase canvas or tipi needs to be submitted by Jan. 15th.
6) Theme ideas: Climate Change, Got climate, It’s the Climate stupid, the inevitability of climate change and how to survive.
Village Consensed on basic theme being “Climate Change” worded in some wonderful way.

May CV Meeting notes

Path Planning Report ~~ Karla is asking that each booth pick a person to be involved in the front of fair group and what is developing in that area. Karla was hoping people could meet with her during booth breakdown but this may not be the best meeting for that. So each booth coordinator needs to get a name to Karla prior to the end of the meeting and she will then coordinate a meeting. Tim put the May 19th meeting in the theater of change, he also put Diane’s email in there. Lois is encouraging each booth to really talk about the front of fair during booth breakdown.
Context front of fair and ideas: Front of fair will have a booth area and we are being asked to create an attraction that is temporary. We could coordinate with energy park or do our own thing. We could have a rotating thing with each booth in there for a few hours. Healing Climate Change would or might be appropriate for Craft Lot. That is this year’s theme and the new entrance is occurring next year. We could carry the theme over to Craft Lot for next year. We need ideas around how much space we need, shade, no shade, etc. Something Green Earth does is to pick a petition and have people sign off on it. We could do a petition if everyone could agree to it. We could do an art project. What is the intention of this space? It’s also supposed to entertain fairgoers and be a cool thing. It’s an expansion of our mission. It would be great to do a workshop or demo in that space, maybe something to help people prepare for fair. If fruit booth is amiable to it maybe fruit booth could offer free samples. The fair has energy park that promotes alternative energy and we have CV promoting our values, climate change has been brought to everyone’s attention for quite some time. Maybe it’s time for the fair to step up and plan education around climate change and our planet. There are a lot of topics that we could cover about climate change and teaching people about the planet, it’s functions, ecological systems, teaching people that climate change is actually happening since there is controversy around this, and the fair needs to focus people on the issues of our environment. Everyone knows how to save the world or they have ideas around this and as one person put it last year is that the fair needs to step up and be fresh. If we come together around climate change this could be the piece we need to make the Village fresh.

full sized Map Draft November 2013
This image is on the Fair Family site.

Thank you, Janet Planet Universe

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