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– Interactive live streamed workshops on July 11, 2020.
– Embedded recorded workshops, presentations, and ACTIVIST nonprofit clips

“25 years ago I was in the booth showing people what the Internet was,
and how to sign up for an account on EFN.

Now we are using the Internet to show people how to use the Village.
How things have changed.” – Jamie, Doors of Expression

Interactive Workshop Schedule, July 11, 2020

9:00am Kundalini Yoga ~ Rise Up with Ravi Harpreet Kaur, from Darcy Rose, Spirit Booth

Join an online kundalini yoga class designed to help you tap into your kundalini energy, heal your heart and raise your vibration. Ravi Harpreet is Fair Family since six days old, and camped under the Dharma Garden yoga tree near Chela Mela as a child. She is a newly certified kundalini yoga teacher and excited to offer the magic of kundalini yoga during these surreal times. No experience necessary, all ages and sizes are welcome. We’ll have fun moving our bodies and raising our collective consciousness.

11:00am    Honing your Intuition with Lisa, Health & Healing Booth

12:00pm  EDGU Evolutionary Spinal Maintenance Moving Meditation with Leona Watkins, Intentional Communities Booth.

EDGU (edge-you) is evolutionary spinal maintenance movement.  Join me for an hour of self-empowerment EDGU streamed live from its birthplace ~ Breitenbush Hot Springs in Detroit, OR. The upper body is led through a graceful series of movements as we improve the fluidity of the spine and balance the left & right hemispheres of the body/brain.  Coordinating our movements and intentions helps empower our lives and manifest our conscious choices.

1:00pm     Narcotics Anonymous meeting with Billy, Health & Healing Booth.

OCF meeting of the Throng group! There may be a dozen people from various states. Usually it runs an hour long, we start with a prayer, readings and then share on a topic or general experience and hops!

2:30pm    Journey to the Center of Self with Ben, Health & Healing Booth.

I invite you to join us as we excavate deep into our understanding of who (or what) we really are. Expect to come out of this workshop with a renewed appreciation for both your struggles and your triumphs during this lifetime.

3:00pm Emotional Freedom Technique, with sound, Claim your energy back!

These are potent times. EFT is a powerful tool to aid in stress relief and help to embrace & free our emotions so we can feel more connected to ourselves, each other, the Universe.  We will start out with a short meditation and practice some sounds to feel grounded and connected. Then Mariah will guide a group EFT “tapping” session. Where those who attend will tap on meridian points while being guided through a vocal emotional release process with Affirmations. 

 It will be activating and empowering to claim our energy back together and embrace the powerful light beings we are!

 When we can bring love to the hurt places and also be open to a New possibility ~ We can open the doors to healing. We are finding new ways of Being both personally and collectively in this transformational time. What aspects of your life or self might be being asked to shift or change in some way? Mariah Ambika


6:00pm    Introduction into Therapeutic Touch with Cordy Anderson, Health & Healing Booth.

Retired RN, Qualified TT Teacher, member of Health and Healing Booth. Therapeutic Touch® is a holistic, evidence-based therapy that incorporates the intentional and compassionate use of universal energy to promote balance and well being. In this workshop you will learn a bit of the history of the founders as well as some things about human energy and a description of the steps of how one does it, including a demonstration of it.

Virtual Plant Walk and Activist Introduction to iNaturalist  – 45 awesome minutes from the Wild Edibles Booth.
Introduction to the Health & Healing Booth
Staying Safe During the Covid 19 Pandemic – from the Health & Healing Booth
SOLVE – Solutions for Oregon and the Planet – from the Green Earth Booth
Planet vs Pentagon: from the Peace and Justice Booth
Patch Adams and David Oaks together! Video HERE. From Mindfreedom in the Doors Booth
The Wild Edibles Booth Introduction – Feed Yourself in the Wild
Fair Family Bird Walk Pandemic Style 2020 from the Klamath Bird Observatory in the Come Unity House
Introduction to the Journey to the Center of Self with Ben
Introduction to the Youth Power Booth
Why Care about Birds from the Klamath Bird Observatory in the Come Unity House
Sustainable Seafood – a Presentation from the Green Earth Booth
Relaxation Techniques with LadyBug, from the Health & Healing Booth
Peace, Love and Soup…and Sourdough! with Tavé from Peace and Justice Booth
Visit 350 Corvallis HERE. “Taking action on climate change in Corvallis and surrounding communities.” Eugene Climate activist Organization, from the Green Earth Booth
Forest Defense is Climate Defense, from the Green Earth Booth
David Oaks of MindFreedom, from the Doors of Expression Booth
KindTree – Autism Rocks Friends & Family Camp video, from the Doors of Expression Booth
Video links from Fair Family Radio

Laurie Polk at the Organic Fruit Booth

Moon Lodge- Community Village at OCF 2017

Our Children’s Trust at Community Village 2018 (podcast)

Elder Ruby Reminisces: 50 years of OCF (podcast)