Jan 10, 2019 Community Village Meeting Minutes

Sue Barnhart, facilitator

Council Present: Tim, Drake, Karla, Katie, Sam, David. Diane was working out of town. Big John called in sick.


Childcare rap
Agenda Review
Fair Announcements
“We Agree” rap
Site Report
Sound Enhancement – Joe
Website Progress Report
Budget Proposal Discussion – Arthur
50th Update & Discussion
Activist/Diversity Report
Stand For Council
One Fun Thing – Kim
Non-Fair Announcements
Feedback (Strokes & Pokes)

Carlyn outlined the care she and Adrian offer – from 6:30 – 9pm at all village meetings (except the Fall). They keep our children happy and safe. She passed the hat, as is done every meeting, to get funds to pay for snacks (?) and to reward folks during Fair for work they do to help Villagers. Awesome.

Agenda Review
Here we go.

Fair Announcements
– Scott from Signs n Banners talked about his plan to schedule 2 sign painting parties at the Alice’s Art Barn during work parties this season, on the 9th and 30th of June, at 1pm. He will have paints and such, but please contact him before the end of May with sign board needs – he has some, but stores them at home rather than at Fair. Contact him here: Scott Boyajian 541-953-2727 scottaboy1@gmail.com

– Paul spoke about the OM circle, reminding all that we hope, with your help, to make it all around the eight this anniversary year. A Facebook is planned, but I couldn’t find it yet.

– A Booth Coordinator social event/meeting is scheduled for Feb 1 at 8pm at the Blair Housing Project Community Room, 940 W 4th. Get re-acquainted with other BC’s, talk about 50th projects, and more. Please try to be there. Kimberly Robles-Reyes, lizzycordich@gmail.com 541-743-3913

– Russell talked about Orientation meetings this year. All the info is here: https://communityvillagetim.wordpress.com/orientation/

– Tim asked for interested parties to contact him to help with the Newsletter. Apparently he’s not sure he can keep doing it forever. Sheez. Tim Mueller 541-521-7208     tim@gwproj.com


We read this agreement out loud, an agreement we review every January:


We agree to not engage in hear-say and to
encourage others to not participate in hear-say.

We agree to speak with honor, integrity and
respect about each other;
in the event we have constructive criticism to share, we will talk to each other directly,
though using another as a sounding board is OK.

We agree to try to operate from a place of trust that we do not mean each other harm.

It felt good.

Budget / Pass proposals

Arthur is presenting an interlocking pair of ideas resulting in 1. an increased total number of Village passes and

  1. lowered Village worker pass costs when cost is distributed equally among all pass holders.

This would be accomplished in two steps.

  1. Ask the Fair to provide certain Village passes for free – those booths/tasks that are the same as those done by Fair-wide crews who’s passes are already free: Council, Little People, Info, 4A, Stage, and Carpenters. This will reduce the total cost of passes for the Village than we pay now.
  2. Plus, the pass ratio of Worker / SO is higher (1/2) than our Village ration (1/3), resulting in 18 or more new passes.

That proposal could be sent to the Fair, who is likely receptive.

The change in overall total pass cost could be handled in different ways.

  1. No change, except those with jobs that come with free passes would get them for free. (The Council passes are the only ones free now)
  2. Village wide we take the total cost of all the passes – free, paying worker, SO – and do the math to make them all the same, it would be about $45/wristband
  3. Keep the SO prices at $80, and share just the worker – free & paying – equaling: $29.24 per wristband
  4. Or some other booth centered formula as may be in use in particular booths.

This proposal is just for the Village to discuss, the Fair is not involved.

Discussion followed:

Any perceived disparity between Fair crew requirements and out traditional Village requirements for passes will not be impacted in any way by this decision. The Village has independence in that area.

There was a concern that asking for this now may make it more difficult to successfully negotiate for all of us to get free passes. The activist work we do is so very important and presently maybe undervalued. Some folks have thought that point could be made in future talks with OCF.

This could get complicated in the accounting sense. Too complicated? John says “I like a challenge”.

Maybe we could use one of these new $80 SO passes to sell to someone who could add something special to the Village, even though were unable to be eligible…

You have a chance to make some comments from your own device by visiting this proposal on the new website, where you are free to add a comment or ask a question. Find it here: https://communityvillagetim.wordpress.com/2007/02/23/hello-world/


Site Report

No flooding, but the water did it up to the top of the bank. The concern for the path grows, might have to take out some riverside trees. The Village has a waddle fence by the Tipi down, Village is otherwise OK. Plus, some booths still had workshop material in their lower level, the Moon Lodge fence is down.

Sound Enhancement

Joe hopes to apply his expertise to provide unobtrusive, wireless hearing aid / FM signals to amplify sound for the hearing impaired. Possible goals include a loop of wire in the house loft that can generate a wireless signal to people in the House with certain hearing aids. The amplified sound would come from the stage sound board, or a special microphone. Jowe also talked about generating some FM signal, about using it to amplify Village Green speakers or events, tu use in the yurt, whatever is appropriate.

He was asked if he wanted Village money? Would it look obtrusive, wires hanging around? Is there signage so users know? (yes)

Maybe we could have a ‘silent rage’.

The Village consented to allow Joe to move forward with his plans. Financial support was not determined.

New Website

We have a new website that is active, though not complete.

We are at www.communityvillageocf.org . It is a WordPress site and template, which allows for comments on posts. It is our hope that some of you will take this opportunity to expand our community discussions online. The Pass / Budget thing is a perfect proposal to share ideas, questions, etc with the community. Go for it.

Tim and Adrian are working on it. Some of the content has yet to be transferred to the new site, and some links still send you back there. But we are working on it. Adrian and Sam have enabled the eligibility form to send a receipt of the form back to the person filling it out, so they can have access to the form they submitted. We invite you to offer feedback anytime.

Tim asked for a budget for removing adverts from the free site, folks seemed to think that was fine to spend village money, don’t need consensus for that.

One Fun Thing

Oh, boy. Kim had us face each other in two lines and go through it Soul Train style. It turned out to be way fun! The best ever. Thanks, Kim


This fall saw some conversation to find ways to increase diversity in our community. Sam has taken on the task of scheduling activists talks, and is hoping for suggestions as to who could come to the Village Meeting – a member or not – and talk about what their organization does to  help communities diversify, or be an under-represented group reaching out. Please contact Sam. (541) 337-6970   samuelrutledge@gmail.com

Stand For Council

These individuals are volunteering to serve on the Community Village Coordinating Council for the 2019 season. If you have any concerns about any of them serving in this role, you must follow the Village Guidelines:
“Someone may bring up a concern about a candidate publicly at a meeting if and only if they have warned the candidate that they may bring up that concern and have made an attempt to resolve it. The Villager must contact the candidate within 7 days of the January Village meeting, and if the concern is not resolved in a person to person conversation, another attempt must be made at the January Council Meeting”, January 24, 7pm at the EBHP Community Room 940 S 4th.
Here is the rest of the text:


Each of these folks spoke about their service. Here they are:

Russell Sudenga 541-870-5187 orientationcv@gmail.com
Kimberly Robles-Reyes, 541-743-3913  lizzycordich@gmail.com
Drake Eubank: 541-579-9022 drake@efn.org
Karla Caudell 541.337.5319    kjcaudell@gmail.com
Tim Mueller 541-521-7208  tim@gwproj.com
Diane Albino 541 954 4721   iriedi@yahoo.com
David Hoffman (541) 484-9204    fixit@efn.org
Big John: 541-606-4151 bigsqurlnuts@gmail.com
Sam Rutledge samuelrutledge@gmail.com  (541)337-6970
Katie MacCionnaith kmaccionnaith@gmail.com  541 232 0784

This was followed by a discussion of the process, which had been consented to as a temporary process pending review. Some suggested we should do that. Others thought the process had already successfully helped avoid painful scenes in our meetings.

50th Celebration

Members of the committee met a week ago and organized.

  1. Coordinate the design of the Standardized Inner Booth Display (SIBD). Tim will be doing this in coord with the Fair.
  2. Coordinate the gathering of historical articles, posters, manifestoes, photographs or other documents that would be eligible for display on the History Wall (the Little Village fence from 6packs to Village). Russell is doing this.
  3. Coordinate the display of Historical Items above. Kim is excited about organizing this!
  4. Work perhaps with Kids Council to create and display items on the Future Goals Wall (fence from Moon Lodge to Recycling). Katie volunteered for this fun job.
  5. Keep accounting of expenditures / adhere to budgets for projects. Kim is doing this, too. Talk to her about projects that need $$.
  6. Coordinate various activities – entertainment, parties, demonstrations, old timers circle, whatever. Sam and Steve Brown are helping with the Friday night Speakeasy in the Green, looking for performers, etc. Omo will be organizing “Still Standing (??) Rallies for the Green” all three days in the afternoon. Activists can run an actual rally – signs, speeches, songs – be exciting and interactive. Some of the other ideas are not represented. Step forward!

We will be talking at the Booth Coord Social Feb 1.

More on this committee here: https://communityvillagetim.wordpress.com/2007/02/27/nnnnnnnnnnnnn/

Running out of time, Non-Fair Announcements

Please note there is a blog page now for you to add your non-fair announcements yourself, too. It’s right here:


– Put pressure on the Oregon Legislature to move forward on Climate Change and the Housing Shortage. Do it.

– New Zone Art Gallery is moving

– Women’s March is scheduled for January 19, 11-12

– MLK March is January 21, 11am – 2pm

– Moss Valley has a First Saturday ecstatic dance overnite monthly.

– Sifesh (sp?) will serve as co-coordinator of the Intentional Communities Booth

– The Coordinating Council has a Retreat scheduled for March 23rd weekend at Alice’s.

– Gardening Groups are in crisis due to new disease prevention requirements for plant sales. Roots need to be cleaned! How?? Message David for more info: (541) 484-9204 fixit@efn.org

– Farmers Market 8th & Oak starts Feb 2.

– Dark Star is in Town Feb 11.

– Wednesday Jan16 Alan Rockefeller will talk about those mushrooms at the Hilyard Center.


That’s it. Thanks for reading to the end.



Tim Mueller 541 521 7208

Community Village Coordinating Council

Yes, Yes, Yes