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Community Village Meeting, November 8, 2018

About 20 people attending, including Council members Tim, Sam and Diane.
Absent were Katie, Drake, Big John, Karla, and David.

Fair Announcements
Site Report
Budget Proposal Discussion
Sound Enhancement
50th Celebration
Unfair Announcements

Fair Announcements
– Clearing up some confusion and uncertainty, the Village will receive $1000 for the Stage acts, plus $1000 for our 50th anniversary celebration ideas. We’ll have lots to do next season!
– Also new, entertainers from now on will be given free parking, and OCF is working on setting up a system to help entertainers get their gear to the proper stage during Fair.
– OCF elections resulted in Jack as Pres, Braddock as VP, and more. Sue Theolass was not re-elected
– You can apply for membership to vote anytime here (, the requirements are: “..eligible for membership if the individual is registered with the Fair and (1) has either received a wristband, other Fair camping pass or verifiable worker day pass in one of the two previous years, or (2) is a verified elder. To remain a member, an individual must vote in at least one annual membership vote every three years.”
– Elders Retreat is November 17/18, coming right up.
– Council Retreat 2019 (just in case you wanna join Council) March 22/23, 2019.
– We are redesigning our website. Wanna help? Contact

Site Report
Decon remaining: Shady Grove / Moon Lodge side fence is on the ground, Art Booth furniture is not tied down. Big John did not respond to a Council posting a few days ago, and is not at the meeting to respond. Russell and Jamie will step in and get it done somehow.

Budget Discussion
This proposal is brought forward by Arthur. The proposal has 2 goals. 1. To get more passes for the Village and 2. To reduce the pass cost to individual villagers.
This would happen by asking the Fair to provide FREE passes to those booths that do the same work as other Fair crews: Stage, 4A, Info, carpenters, and Little Village. Council already gets free passes. Those Fair crews get free passes, plus they get a higher ratio of SO passes than we do in the Village.
Please read the attached document to get the details. There was also a great discussion of this at the October village meeting, notes here: #oCT18
Discussion points and questions answered:
– How the pass cost is shared is up to the Village, not the Fair. One aspect of the proposal is just to change the passes to Free for those crews mentioned, and get a higher ratio of SO passes. That is what we propose to the Fair, we decide how and if to share costs among ourselves.
– Sharing costs and getting new passes are separate issues.
– Could this lead to different work requirements for those crews? Don’t think so.
– Is there an hours worked requirement to FAIR crew passes? Some crews are required to work 80 hours pre-Fair, some work 16 hours during Fair, it can be flexible.
– How would additional passes be allocated? We’d decide later, at the Council Pass Allocation meeting, after feedback from all the booth/crew coords.
– Some say the CV is the easiest place to get a pass without working much. Will this proposal just amplify that perception?
– Diane has asked Fair to give us a better deal (CV passes were free way back in the day). No luck so far.
– Not all booths equalize worker and SO pass costs.
– Some booths have actual SO’s
– Some think all our passes should be free, let’s ask for that!
– Is this just a discussion or can we seek a decision tonight? Maybe…
– Suggest we change Significant Other to “Supportive Other”
– If we tell the Fair we are offering this proposal to equalize our crew’s pass costs with the OCF crew passes of similar duties, and then we share the cost of all Village passes equally, where is the relief or parity for our crew compared to OCF crews whose passes are really free? Hmmm…
– Is there urgency for this proposal to be approved? No. 2019 is the second year of our 2 year budget cycle, so it likely wouldn’t take effect until 2020 anyway.
Following this we looked for consensus to approve this proposal, but did not find it. Discussion will continue in January.

Sound Enhancement
Joe explained his 3 ideas.
1. Provide “loops” (a physical circle of wire around the loft of the Community House, for example) that can transmit sound from a microphone (for someone speaking in the Green between musical acts) into hearing aids equipped with a proper set up for loops.
2. Supply a low power FM transmitter to air the stage.
3. Make available portable sound (battery operated, minimal range sound system) for Green presenters.
Joe will expand on this idea in January.

$1,000 has been approved for Village celebration implementation. Attached is the ideas document. You are tasked with digging into the past and finding examples of work your non-profit has done over the years, how it has grown, how being in the Village has enhanced both your nonprofit and the Fair. Your booth is tasked with doing something special to highlight your contribution to the progressive vision the Village represents. And part of the idea includes posters, manifestoes, visualizing your goals for the future. Photos of past fairs, or children who have yet grown up and those who already have. If we all get into it we can make something really awesome that can be used when it’s the Villages 50th!
Tim is in charge of the committee and he will again reach out to the interested folks as well as all of you to meet and put together an implementation plan. He can be reached at
Skeeter had something to say about the Village…
“The Community Village was born to look into the future, to find better ways to live and prosper and get that info out to the world. We were a display of appropriate technology. Founders created the Cascadia Regional Library and a magazine called the “Seriatum” and loved the book “Ecotopia”. All looked to a new way of living in the future, a ways to solve our problems in the environment, the material world, justice, and so on. Our 50th idea should be each booth creating their own “Best Case Scenario for the Next 50 Years”. That could be their booth display. Generate some excitement for our visitors and ourselves. “Get Visionary”. Share our goals and discoveries with the world like a think tank. We CAN DO some real good with new ideas broadcast to politicians and trend setters. The Community Village should just GET ON IT!”

The OCF Diversity Task Force wants to survey ourselves so we can get a snapshot of where we are now. They also have trainings scheduled. For more Task Force info, contact Diane Albino (541) 933-2584
At the October meeting the Village consented to have the Council substitute a “Diversity Rap” for the Consensus or Guidelines Raps we have used as a way to help the Village better understand the issue. These raps would be presented by “Historically Marginalized Groups”, beginning with those already in the Village. The Council agreed to do this and Sam volunteered to organize it. But tonight he spoke about being uncomfortable asking someone to try to educate us in 5 minutes, when trainings can take hours or days to be effective.
-Maybe use extra space in the Theater of Change instead or as a supplement to a talk
– Send an article to the FFN.
– Maybe begin by inviting an appropriate activist group to take 10-15 to educate us while talking about their activities.
– Allow 10 minutes for the rap instead of 5.
– Develop a mission statement to read and discuss instead of a consensus rap.
– Use a diversity exercise for the One Fun Thing
– We should consider passes that rotate to different groups and recruit new groups.
Sam and Council will consider how to move forward.

Unfair Announcements
– CALC’s Cornucopia’s fundraiser is at the Wesley Center, 2520 Harris, 6-8:30 Nov. 17th. Free ice cream.
– County has 3 progressive commissioners now!
– Bobbo’s (from Energy Park) magazine is now out of print
– Jordan Schnitzer Museum has an awesome Plastics exhibit
– Paul and Hannah will be making music at the Pizza Research Institute 6-8:30 November 17
– WOW Membership event is Dec 8.

Thanks for listening…
Tim Mueller

Community Village Meeting, October 11, 2018

About 25 folks in attendance, including 2 or 3 newcomers, and including Coordinating Council members Tim, Sam, and David.
Council members absent: Katie, John, Drake and Diane.

Agenda Review
Fair Announcements
50th Anniversary Report
Site Report
Fair Evaluation
Diversity – are we doing enough?
De-Con Report
Un-Fair Announcements
Decision Process
New Path Progress

We all said hello…

Arthur asked to list in these notes all Council in or not in attendance.

Fair Announcements
Oct 21, 10:15 Highway Cleanup. Meet at Warebarn.
Oct 20 OCF annual meeting…VOTE!! for meeting minutes…lots going on!!
If you are interested in facilitating our meetings and joining the team, please contact

Fair Evaluation
Registration was smooth, maybe thanks to the deadline emphasis. John says Thank You!
Love the Fair.. lotsa kid energy and inter booth action
Best Fair Ever, fun pre and post Fair also
LLL brought Mountain Girl…that was great!
Fair Central got a negative review
Wednesday and Thursday sweep was kinda loose…A good sweep line, but did we sweep the Village first??
The new Shady Grove fence was awesome, and worked better for Decon, too! Yahoo!
Loved making art fairies with niece
Didn’t like so much smoking at Fair
Village still feels like home, even after being away for a few years.
Spirit Booth’s Opening Ceremony was awesome
Cart annex by Registration was awesome, but didn’t like the zig zag line
Camp Coordinator was awesome, Swamp setup was less chaotic
Teens are really stepping up to do the YP booth
Coordination between scheduled weekday booth work party and construction failed…materials were not there when work party needed them as arranged.
Internal booth conflict was hard
Patch Adams was awesome
Village presence in Zen Achers should be consolidated in one section
Sweep time was confusing, it seemed too late
Sweep line went wait for the Fair sweep was so short, only had time to sing 3 songs!!
Grandkids couldn’t come… L
Fair was great, H&H was great, cohesiveness was great!
Council had pre-Fair issues that all went away during Fair!
Fair was awesome, new project (recharging electric wheelchairs in 4A) went great, non-Village support was great
All of the above, Fair was not as good as NEXT year!
Wednesday and Thursday sweep was loose
Attendance felt low…was everybody in Xanadu?
Village was beautiful, thanks everyone!
Have Opening Circle start later so public can experience it
More OM Circle please
Coffee at OM Circle on Sunday…maybe it DID get all the way around?
Maybe have it join up with the deceased march?

50th Anniversary Report
We have not heard directly from the Fair committee, but the Fair office (and Sam) report that a budget for the Village plans was maybe $1000. Our plans asked for $850…for all the stuff we presented. So get ready, we’ll have work to do!!

Diversity Discussion
There is diversity of practitioners in H&H
Consider instituting 1 yr only passes for activist booths so new people can be present
How do we reach out to folks of color?
Is it all LGBTQ? OK with just all white hippies
Discussion is more than diversity…it’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion: gender, race, religion, abilities
Rainbow Village is an example – gets 2 passes new to Village
Before we ask others in, we need to do personal work to be more open and educated so we can offer a truly safe space
Make sure our community standard is acceptance, it will take effort in Village to do better
Have a Diversity training event?
Reality is diversity vs friendship and nepotism…we want our friends and family to be with us.
We need to put our individual selves out in the world to develop diverse friendships, get out of our boxes.
Outreach happened 38 years ago when Village sent postcards to activist groups asking them to join us.
OCF has Cultural Appropriation Training, maybe have one for Diversity?
Make day passes available to new groups
We need a deeper eligibility requirement discussions
Use inclusion video series for training
Inclusion signs in Village
The Eligibility Task Force work reveals that some Village participants are borderline eligible… a more stringent application of the process could free up passes
Likes 1 year only passes…but where would they camp?
Booth Coord meetings could discuss this
Have on site trainings count as Work Parties to encourage attendance
We’re family… can’t throw one if us out just to be diverse!
Before we invite, we have to really be a safe place
Instead of consensus of guideline rap, have diversity raps this year? Council will consider…
Mare Day Passes for newcomers
Make sure any training we use is interactive or it won’t be useful
“I’m pretty White, wanna learn more.”
Don’t want random person of color…want a real activist!

Where is our financial report? Sam is waiting for the end of year report from OCF so that he can compile our end of year Village report. We did get a small budget increase last (this?) year along with 2 passes for Rainbow Village.
This following proposal is favored by Arthur and some others and is, I think, included in our draft budget for 2019.
These booths provide services to Fair goers that are also offered by the Fair at large, and have crews: Info, 4A, Stage, Little Village. This Proposal asks that these booths get their passes directly from the Fair (not through the Village) as Staff passes.
Staff passes are free and come with food vouchers, a greater ratio of SO passes, and maybe shirts, along with crew determined shift responsibilities that vary with crews.
This would likely reduce the total of Village issued passes, but increase (because of the greater SO ratio) the total number of passes in the Village. And because they are free, the Village could reduce the shared price of all our passes, as some booths already do with their Worker and SO passes.
But do we work enough hours in these booths to get these passes? Crew passes vary already…
If passes come from Fair, will Fair take policy or operational control of these booths? No, Council gets Staff passes and Fair does not control them in any way.
Eligibility details would need to be worked out…
Did we ask the affected booths if they like this?
Who from OCF can help with this? The Operations Manager likes it, can help.
Someone expressed the opinion that if Fair put caveats on this that were unacceptable to the Village or an affected booth, the Village would continue as is…

Site Report
Rain is hoped for. A few random things left to Decon, Little Village did a great job getting their space ready for winter!

New Path
This plan is on hold to respect the wishes of a charter member booth holder who does not want to relocate. The Fair is waiting until he’s no longer there.

New Website
Due to changes Peak (who absorbed EFN) made last Spring, we will be required to pay a $5 monthly fee starting next May for our website’s hosting. Presently Tim is the only person with access to the website for updating content. The plan is now in motion to change that.
The domain has been purchased, with an annual fee of about $15.00 These are our goals:

  • Research integrating web host software with registration data gathering
  • Poll the Village about the desirability of interactive content: blog, post commenting, more??
  • Find a free web host for a Word Press site
  • Choose a template that is awesome and easy to work with
  • Transfer content to new host
  • Recruit Villagers to help maintain site and add content
  • Go live with the new site in time for eligibility forms functions next March.

Adrian from 4A is helping with this and presently researching data base integration possibilities. If you are interested in helping with these goals, please contact and we’ll put you to work.

Decision Process
This discussion was around whether or not our decision made last November (to allow us to make decisions in meetings after the April meeting every year) was valid, because November is after April. We concluded that the “year” was meant to mean the pre-Fair year, not the calendar year, and that decisions made in the Fall meetings are allowed and valid.

Non-Fair Announcements
Brian Cutaen (sp?) will be at Tsunami Books Oct 19
Joe Magner talked a bit about his audio loop thingy.
KOCF Fundraiser – and 50th kickoff – is Oct 27 at the WOW Hall. Costume contests, STEEL WOOL, Sol Seed.
DeCon is still needed, Orientation Guru Sean will announce a work party soon.
Diversity Training by Johnny Lake sponsored by CALC and NAACP is at 1645 Oak St. Call 541 819 0860 for info
KindTree – Autism Rocks has a Disco Halloween Extravaganza party Oct5 26 at the Vets Club Ballroom.
VOTE Contact Sue Barnhart to volunteer to get out the vote!
Council Meeting next Thursday will be at the East Blair Housing Community Room.

Notes by Tim Mueller

Village Notes, Onsite Meeting, June 23, 2018

Lotsa folks here, lotsa raps, a few announcements, and a preview of a few coming workshops.…

Archeology stopped by and passed around some artifacts unearthed in our space, reminded us how our Village has been a gathering spot for humans for many, many years.

Saturday Sweep: All of us are asked to participate as we send off the public on Saturday evening as well as one other night. Sweeps happen Thursday – Sunday, beginning at 7:15pm. It’s pretty fun, and you just might find who knows who hiding under your tent!

Joe’s Sound Idea: Joe the electronics magician spoke again about his intention to provide portable battery powered “gentle sound amplification” to workshops in the Village Green during Fair, to allow spoken word or other activist talks from a temporary stage platform when workshops are not scheduled, and during after-hours Cocktail Parties and whatever. A discussion followed questioning where such a stage should not be, when would the Village be quiet if amplified sound is always available, why is this happening if we haven’t reached consensus about it. Others spoke in favor saying activists and musicians would have greater opportunities for impact if they had mild sound enhancement. A call for consensus revealed 6 or more stand asides, so the idea, for now, was not consented to. There was enough support, however, to continue the discussion at subsequent Village meetings.

Potluck: Following the meeting we all enjoyed food together, construction work progressed. Fair is Coming!!

Village Meeting Minutes, June 14, 2018

Facilitated by Keri and Ingrid

Fair Announcements
Kid’s Council – Consensus Rap
Workshops & Demos
T-shirts and Sales
Site Report
Construction Report
Camping Rap
Vehicle Sticker Discussion
One Fun Thing
Activist Report – Indoor Sunshine
Non-Fair Announcements

Fair Announcements

  • Onsite Orientation meeting June 16 9:15 am, individual site tours also available
  • Normal Free Zone banner is ready, a MindFreedom event will be held on the Village Green July 14, 5:00pm. Patch Adams may be there.
  • Far Side camping is available. Contact Sharon. Talk to your Booth Coord if you need a Far Side vehicle sticker.
  • Be a OCF member so you can vote and more. Find an application at the Info Booth.
  • Joe Magner wants us to consider gentle sound amplification after hours in the Village
  • Sign up to participate in the OCF listening session for Villagers June 20, Growers, 6pm, RSVP required
  • Humanistic Intervention Training will be June 24, onsite in the morning.

Kids Council – Consensus Rap
The members of kid council included Pax, Sylvia, Awen, Thea and Gabriel. They gave the consensus rap of what is consensus.

Workshops & Demos
The schedule is online and complete. Community Village Events Schedule
Oregon Country Fair 2018
If you are hosting a workshop or event on the Village Green, please conclude your presentation 15 minutes before the hour (Village Green) or 5 minutes before the hour (other locations) so that the next act/presenter can start on time.

T-shirts and Sales
T-shirts this year are $15 and will be available at the onsite meeting and during Fair behind the Arts booth. This announcement gave rise to a robust discussion of our Village Guideline regarding sales in the Village. ( Vending Guidelines ) Rich the Tie Dye King described his practice of providing access to t-shirts all during Fair behind the Arts Booth. The discussion led to this consensus:
“T-shirt sales will be allowed to continue as they have, low key and out of public view, in the Village.”

Site Report
Lotsa mosquitoes onsite. Catnip is more effective than DEET. Be careful with tools onsite, always return them to where you got them after use. Weeding “Stinky Bob” invaders is needed, firewood to cut, see Council onsite for tasks needed to be done.

New fence panels will be made for fence to Shady Grove, benches to build, get your loft floors down so inspection can be completed, do the “shake and rattle” test for booth integrity.

Sharon asked for your camping info be updated during booth breakdown, all forms are due today. Some booths have not yet turned in any camping forms (bad!) TURN IN YOUR CAMPING FORM! Options include Meadow, Swamp, Council Camp, Far Side & Zen Achers. If you no longer have little kids or infirmities, please do not camp in the Meadow. Camping info is here: Camping Guide

Vehicle Sticker Discussion
This year the Fair owns the “Outer Limits” parking area. It will have its own sticker, and the Fair is determined to tow vehicles without the proper sticker. So John F askes how to distribute these stickers in a fair way? Village consented to this:
Outer Limits parking stickers will be distributed via the ratio of vehicle stickers allocated to each booth. For example, if 1 of every 8 stickers is Outer Limits, each booth would get 1 Outer Limit sticker for each 7 regular stickers.

One Fun Thing – Count to 10…

Activist Report – Indoor Sunshine
Serena in Life Long Learning spoke about this great project: Family community center with an indoor playground for the kids, coffee and Wi-Fi for you! Commercial kitchen, computer lab & more planned for the future! It’s membership based, open 8am-8pm in West Eugene. 5418190665

Non-Fair Announcements

  • Naked Bike Ride, June 23 4pm meet up at Monroe Park
  • STEEL WOOL Free concert in Kesey Square July 21, 6-10 pm, with Kudana and John Bauman and SLUG Queen Babosita’s participatory Door Art Project. A pass the hat benefit for Opportunity Village.
  • Vending spots are available for the Dead Concert June 30. Contact Rich at
  • Jair for Doors… U of O conference on “Reimagining Sustainability June 20-24 includes open Eco Fair and Arts Fest.
  • East Blair Housing Co-op will have residential openings soon.
  • July 6 Party Booby Trap at Sam Bonds
  • STEEL WOOL at the BrewStation in Cottage Grove June 23.

Community Village Meeting April 12, 2018

Notes by Kathleen

50th Anniversary committee: a proposal has been made, waiting to hear back

Booths/ Demos: (Beth)
-There are village green openings on Friday and Saturday, otherwise “pretty full”
– Requested that people please commit to their reservations
– Encouraged people to take advantage of the village workshops

Question / Discussion – are individuals required to offer a workshop for eligibility?
Response: Individual groups are to determine eligibility of their own members, each booth should make sure they have a good offering to fair. The request for individuals to provide workshops is for those who are participating as individuals and not as part of a group.
Question: how can one obtain information about past booths / spaces?
Response: Look into the village’s website, or old issues of the Peach Pit.
Question: Is offering slots to “first come first served” an issue of accessibility? (raised for thought, no response provided)

Camping: Campers who are staying in the same space as last year need not fill out a form. Those who are new, or are moving do. Please confirm by June 14 meeting.

Construction: Main camp opens June 2. This year, there will be a morning shift and an afternoon shift. Potluck encouraged, refreshments will be available. There will be assigned tasks this year, a plan will be formulated with Rick. Each booth must have a liason to co-ordinate pre-fair construction, etc.

Introduction items:
Proposal re: green space: due to loss of green space over time, suggestion of forming a committee to determine camping capacity and create a plan with an ecologist to re-invigorate the green space and then come up with a plan to reorganize displaced camping. To be discussed further.

Activist report: Discussion of tax planning and evasion tactics to avoid paying tax and funding military operations. Options include tax planning (for wealthy individuals), avoidance of automatic paycheck withholdings and having an income below taxable wages.

Proposal re: kids council: suggestion of creating a council of kids (8ish – 12ish) to advise the village, especially in respect to kids’ issues. Youth power will advise, kids to report to the village at least once a year. Consensus reached.

Theme for 2018: Consensus was reached and this years’ them will be “Fearless Love”. It was noted that this was also the name of a local band, and one member is in poor health.

Community Village Meeting, March 8, 2018

Sam and Katie facilitating

Agenda Review
Fair Announcements
OCF Boards Report
Site report
Guidelines Rap
50th Anniversary presentation/decision
Theme brainstorming (postponed till next month)
One Fun Thing
Eligibility Task Force presentation
Activist Report: 350 Eugene
Booth Breakdown
Unfair Announcements

Fair Announcements
OCF legend Magic Mike is in ICU
Tonight’s Orientation meeting went well
Linda from Youth Power reminded us youth look for jobs during Fair, come ask them to get ice, whatever.
David Oaks says Normal Free Zone banner replacement is under way, with McKenzie doing some of the work and others are invited to assist.
Work Shops & Demo, Beth says form is online, Peach Pit deadline is May 10. Schedule with her asap.

OCF Board Report
The Fair has hired a new Admin-Assist / bookkeeper.

Site report
David says no flooding this season, straw bales removed. Shady Grove river bank continues to erode, will impact that stage in a few years. It could be a bad fire year with all the green growth now. Who’s job is Fire Safety? Our Job!
Environment: New Fair Guidelines Edit:
Problem: “No Cutting but we see people cutting. So can I.”
For clarification:
“No cutting of any vegetation, living or dead, is permitted except by the Site, VegManEC and Tree Crews.”
I am the Village VegManEC. The Village is my Stewardship. Ask me.

Guidelines Rap

  • Relevant passage: Booth Empowerment only deals with work party and Village meeting attendance and Pass/wristband distribution, not eligibility. Or anything else. Though that section has been up for review since 2009… It is still the guideline.
  • Among other points, this one was focused on: “Every Community Village person with a camping pass will do two sweeps, one on Saturday night. Let your coordinator know which one you will be doing.” Reinforced with this section from criteria for participation: “Each person must … participate in the Village sweep two of the four nights, Thursday through Sunday, one of which must be Saturday.”
    So…Be at sweep on Saturday AND one other day. Besides, it’s really fun and creates the community so many of us hunger for.

50th Anniversary presentation/decision
Tim went over the celebration ideas the Committee focused on as they tried to incorporate as many ideas as possible that were mentioned during the Village meeting brainstorms we’ve had. The Village indicated 1. We are OK with asking the Fair for money if the project is gonna provide lasting service. And 2. Be cautious asking about burying a Time Capsule. There was enthusiasm for the past – present – future concept applied to various display, performance and party ideas. Many of the ideas can be put in action without Fair funds, so we’ll see which ones they will help with and move on from there.
This Fair, we may prepare for the idea of displaying large photo prints by gathering for a group photo, an old timer photo, a kids photo, and perhaps having a video booth where folks could use their phone to film a friend talking about their Fair experience that we would gather, edit, and create a video documentary/show thingy. Folks are ready to help with that.
All the ideas are viewable in the Theater of Change HERE: 318CVnews.pdf

One Fun Thing
Folks stood up who fell in love (or got married!) at the Fair. Sweet. And David talked about how he discovered his massaging talent by working with goats. Go ahead, ask him…

Eligibility Task Force presentation
Katie explained how the Committee has been working on revamping the eligibility process by creating different form for activist groups, activist individuals and “service” people in order to have it be more coherent and useful for determining eligibility. The group and individual forms are ready. Certain obvious “service” booths have been identified as such (Restaurant, Cooperative Fruit, AAAA, Little Village, Youth Power, Areas, and Info). Both Wild Edibles and Art Booth have elements of both activist and service activities. How do we determine which category form to use? Both Wild Edibles and Arts spoke, describing how they do have both activists and educators or activity leaders (service) in their booths. How to do it was not clear. Some folks objected to even trying, not understanding the purpose or thinking it somehow damages our true mission.
So nothing was decided for this year and further development is needed.

Activist Report: 350 Eugene
Patti and Meg presented and brought a Power Point and video to watch. They started the local chapter here in 2014. Wow, they do a lot: Break Free campaign to stop oil trains, Fossil Fuel Resistance, Non-violent trainings, getting arrested, City Council meetings, supporting the kids from Oregon in their Climate Change suit, so much more. Read more here: Really. Check them out!!

Booth Breakdown
Everybody got to work. After, about 20% of the folks left. Booth reports were vacuous. Except the Doors announced they had already collected some money.

Unfair Announcements
There were so many of these…I can’t type fast enough. There should be another way to share this info…

  • Bee & Tree Dance at LCC Saturday at 7:30
  • April 4 CALC event talking about MLK speeches
  • April 14 Tax Day rally CALC
  • March 14 5-8pm Michael Carrigan 65th Birthday party at Hop Valley
  • Did you see the RG article about the kids latest ruling in their Climate Case? It continues to move forward.
  • March 22 Story Slam at Tsunami Books
  • Something at the Garden Club somewhere
  • March 13 Story Telling at Peterson Barn.
  • April 1 Saturday Market starts up for the season
  • June 18 Darnalia (?)“preparing for the Inevitable”
  • Happy Birthday Frog!
  • Girl Scout cookies are here!
  • April 28 is the Master Gardener’s Plant Sale
  • Paul Simon performs at Agate Alley Bistro every Wednesday night.
  • NAACP has a school support thing every Saturday 10-1pm at downtown LCC.
  • Jair has something going on with 1200 folks from all the world coming for a sustainability conference.

Deep and healing…

Tim Mueller

Community Village Meeting, Feb 8, 2018
Facilitated by Jair

Agenda Review
Fair announcements
Site Report
Guidelines Rap
Approve online/remote South Satellite meeting?
Council Confirmation
Individual Eligibility Guideline proposal decision
50th anniversary ideas discussion/brainstorm/ looming deadline
Late Registration remedies discussion (or send to Council)
One Fun Thing – massage circle test?
Activist Report: PeaceJam
Non-Fair announcements
Meeting Evaluation

Fair Announcements

  • Childcare: we’ll pass the hat and play with your children. We’ll be at all the Village meetings, and be ready during new member orientation at all in-town meeting at 6:30. Onsite work party child care will include 2 dates, to be determined.
  • Workshops & Demos: Forms to apply for workshop scheduling are available at our meetings and online HERE. Items scheduled by April 1st will make it to the Peach Pit schedule. Those who miss that deadline can still get on the Village displayed schedule if submitted by June 1st.
  • “Normality Free Zone” banner replacement needed: This banner hung from DOORS to Spirit for many years but is now in ruins. David Oaks of Mind Freedom makes this proposal, that a group of Villagers from nearby booths assist in designing a new version of this banner and it seems to have the Village make and pay for it. This item will go to Council for discussion.
  • Sam spotted out and applauded for doing a great job facilitating an OCF Board meeting.
  • In the Works at OCF?: We were told OCF is in the process of purchasing the nearby winery where vehicles are parked. The parking fees just for Fair would cover the cost of the winery’s mortgage for the whole year. Stay tuned.
  • New Member Orientation: Russell says it’s not just for new members. This service will be available at every in town meeting this season. Meeting subjects will be different each time and will really help crate community among new comers and more. Notes and resources will be available on the DRUM and eventually online.
  • OCF Community Center: What ever happened to the Community Center idea, now that the money may be spent on the winery? Come to the Garden Club 1645 High St to learn more, March 3, noon-4pm.
  • Wash the Spoons & Forks: Come to the Northwest Youth Corps the weekends of 2/10-11 and/or 3/17-18 to wash utensils and be part of the OCF youth community.
  • Vehicle Stickers: This year OCF changed some rules re: vehicle stickers that may result in fewer “extra” stickers being available. Start now to look for carpooling…

OCF Board Report
Sam: Some items of interest from the last Board meeting…

  • Tacit, temporary approval was indicated for a few of many 50th anniversary (2019) ideas.
  • Night noise guidelines were changed to allow, upon neighborhood approval, amplified sound on stages till 3AM Friday and Saturday, and until 1AM Thursday and Sunday. Party!
  • There will be fireworks this year.
  • If you are not an OCF member, please sign up HERE. Some Board candidates may need your votes!

Site Report
David: nothing new, no flooding, all OK.

Guidelines Rap
Tim: Instead of a Consensus Rap, this season we will be looking at our Guidelines in depth, as they may need revisions from the present 2009 version. But today we’ll start with lesser known ones…

  • Everyone was asked to stand, then as these below crews were listed, folks who did not engage in that crew‘s activities would sit down. Only about 15 remained standing. What crews did you participate in last year?
    “EVERYBODY “CREWS”: Congratulations! Everyone in the Village is a member of the Clean Up Crew, Sweep Crew, Construction Crew, Village Fire Crew, Security of the Village Crew, Recycling Crew, Flower Crew, OM circle… You are great and if we all work together and contribute nobody gets burned out!”
  • Did you know this definition?
    ”SIGNIFICANT OTHER PASSES: SOPs are defined by the Oregon Country Fair as “a person who shares your tent”. Historically the Village has been allotted one SOP for each 3 Worker Pass/wristbands.”
  • How many even knew this was a guideline? Bring Flowers!!!
    “FLOWERS: Bring flowers to add color and beauty to the booths. Bring extra for other booths! Everyone is on the “Village Flower Crew”.
  • Our facilitator decided, why not do this right now? So we did…
    “4 HUGS PER DAY: is the minimum required for basic human maintenance. As the population increases the minimum daily hug requirement (mdhr) also increases!”
  • I thought it was really important to mention this one. Just in case…
    “NUDITY: Folks are required to cover their genitals in public places during public hours.”
  • And did you know this was important enough to get in the guidelines?
    “SAFE SEX: Free condoms are available at the Village Health & Healing Booth and WhiteBird.”

Virtual South Satellite Meeting Proposal
Sam & Drake: Drake has for the last few years been the Council rep at both North & South satellite meetings. These meetings are counted as a regular Village meeting to count toward meeting your 2 meeting annually eligibility requirement. They involve Villagers who live far away yet still want to meet to build community. The South folks decided together that, because the expense to travel to Northern California to meet was very high, burned carbon , and cost the Village $200+ to cover Drake’s travel, that they would like to meet via some kind of video or tele conferencing. This discussion is to ask the Village to consent to allow this remote meeting to qualify as an official guideline qualified meeting.
These thoughts were expressed: What about slow internet? | Easier to drive to a fast connection than to drive toi a meeting | Maybe we could live stream a Eugene meeting, too | GoToMeeting is a good vendor, you can participate with just a telephone | Providing tech support for this is not worthy of a pass | Won’t we lose our ability to create community if folks meet virtually? | Maybe the South Satellite meeting we’re talking about could be open to anyone? There are about 10 folks who attend now | Be sure your online communication is secure.
During the discussion it was noted that Molly E was observing our meeting remotely via her son’s (I think) laptop. This led some folks to object that streaming this meeting was not authorized. But we all agreed it was OK this time.
Eventually, leaving the conversation for regular meeting streaming for another day, we Consented to this:

The Village approves defining a virtual South Satellite Meeting as an official meeting counting towards the 2 meeting eligibility requirement.

Council Confirmation
All 2018 candidates for Council were confirmed. See the list HERE.

Individual Eligibility Guideline Proposal
John: Our Guidelines regarding Eligibility to participate in the Village list requirements for activist groups, but not for activist individuals. He believes the guidelines should be amended to list eligibility requirements for activist individuals who are not members of an activist group. (This does not apply to individuals who provide an infrastructure service for their pass like Info Booth or Areas. In other words, perform other activities approved by the Village as eligible.) The discussion involved clarifying who this would apply to. There was general agreement.
Present guideline is this:
ELIGIBILITY: Eligible groups are democratically managed, have a cooperative focus, are responsive to community input, promote social change, are non-partisan and non-sectarian, and make a positive contribution to the community. All groups must submit a completed eligibility form to their Booth Coordinator by the second Wednesday in April. Eligibility is determined by the Eligibility Committee (which is open to everyone).
Eventually we Consented to this:

ELIGIBILITY: Eligible groups are democratically managed, have a cooperative focus, are responsive to community input, promote social change, are non-partisan and non-sectarian, and make a positive contribution to the community. Eligible individuals engage the public on subjects promoting the above values, both at and outside the Fair, or perform other activities approved by the Village as eligible. All groups, and individuals not performing activities approved as eligible, must submit a completed eligibility form to their Booth Coordinator by the second Wednesday in April. Eligibility is determined by the Eligibility Committee (which is open to everyone).

50th Anniversary (2019) Celebration Ideas
We brainstormed a bunch of ideas, all of the Village centered, that is, they will happen in the Village. At the end we Consented to
create the 50th Anniversary Idea Committee to develop and present up to 10 ideas for the Village to choose from

at the March meeting and we can then deliver to OCF by the mid-March deadline. To join this committee, please contact
These ideas can be added to the ideas in previous meeting…

  • Create a 3D architect model of the Village
  • Ask Bob F to bring back some old bands that played our stage in the past
  • Have the Village Moon the Midnight show…
  • Ask OCF for cash to create a uniform looking display board to be mounted in each booth, where they could list the names or stories of significant positive impact on the world that members of the booth have had over the 50 years
  • Use the yarn idea to string connections between booths – we still live in an analog world…
  • Have a scavenger hunt with historical clues, maybe use the yarn for that, too.
  • Focus on the next 50 years – what are our goals?
  • Highlight groups no longer in the Village
  • Describe the world we want – a Village Agenda display?
  • Tell the Peachy the Dragon story
  • High light the most popular and long standing workshops
  • Do a holodeck display: 50 before – 50 after
  • Revive the daily Village Vision, the first mimeographed publication distributed daily during Fair, born in the Village.
  • Media literacy in the OCF – from mimeograph to holograph augmented by a middle aged dragon…
  • Bury a time capsule (bury!!?!)
  • Create a “Village Alumni” altar
  • Display of all the Villagers who have grown up at the Fair.
  • Use the Shady Grove path fence to put up a 50th display of poster, stories, photos…
  • Make a book or video of stories, oral history…

Late Registration
John: Some booths have been delaying completing their booth’s registration beyond the needed deadline, mostly because at least one pass had not yet been connected to a specific person. This is causing unneeded stress that John wishes to avoid. He suggested that a booth that does not submit all registration forms and cash on time should have one worker pass be transferred to the waiting list. The idea is not to punish the booth, but to provide an incentive to have all the passes that are allocated actually be assigned to someone in a timely manner. Some suggested more than one pass should be reassigned. Others wondered if this reassignment would go beyond one year, be permanent. There was some concern that all booth coordinators should weigh in on this first. We Consented to do this:

“The Village directs the council and/or booth coords to create a policy by which one or more passes may be applied to the wait list from the allocation of a booth that has not met the registration deadline.” – with the understanding that “booth” includes council, areas, and any other registration group.”

Activist Report from PeaceJam
Darren Reiley: This international group was founded by Nobel Peace Prize winners like the Dali Lama and Desmond Tutu, and is now active in 39 countries in addition to our NorthWest affiliate, which has been active for 20 years. Much curriculum for training has been developed around 10 issues, among them Race, Peace, Poverty, etc. Young people are studying these ggoals and methods globally and locally using in action to change the world. Here we have year round programming for educators and staff. SHIRIN EBADI, 2003 Nobel Peace Prize winner, will be here for our PeaceJam Youth Conference APRIL 6-8, a local conference for young people to participate in – open to any young 8-12th grade person – featuring workshops, discussions and keynote speaker SHIRIN EBAD, an Iranian activist living in exile. Register now for the conference or speech.
Visit for more information, follow the one billion acts of peace progress. Contact

Non-Fair Announcements

  • There is a McKenzie Men’s Group. They talk about man stuff…
  • 4th Saturday Dance Party continues at the Odd Fellows Building in Cottage Grove, 7-10pm.
  • Jim Evangelista of Reality Kitchen is in the hospital fighting an infection. Send him your love.
  • City of Eugene Emergency Response Preparedness will provide info and other resources at the East Blair Housing Project 940 W 4th, 3-4:30 on March 3rd.

Meeting Evaluation
3 items Consented on?!? That’s a record!
Choose raised hands from right to left sometimes…

We arranged ourselves in a circle and did a Circle Massage while we OM’d. Awesome.

Tim Mueller


January 2018 Village Meeting Notes, updated

Sam Rutledge facilitating

John asked for “Late Registration” to be added (10 minutes)

– DRAKE: There are no more South Satellite meetings due to logistical issues and low attendance (?).
The last one (2017) was held in Mount Shasta.
The only Village satellite meeting now is North Satellite in Portland.
PAUL (Spirit booth) said someone he knows may be willing and able to livestream a satellite meeting in
return for a couple of passes.
– New Member Orientation will begin next month (February) after Council reviews Russell’s proposal
– Claudia has offered to work with the Village to fundraise for a drum kit to be purchased by the Village for use on the stage during fair. Council will consider this at their meeting.

Fair Announcements made during Non-Fair Announcements:
* OCF is hiring for its administrative staff position currently held by Norma

DAVID: There have been no big windstorms and no flooding so far so the Village is in pretty good shape.
Usually there are at least one or two floods (one year fairly recent the Village was flooded 4 times).
Be sure and check in with the Fair site caretaker 9a-9p if you want to go on site.
SAM said the caretaker has posted pictures of bear prints!
DAVID said that bear has been hanging out at the Fair site for some time.

KATIE: Consensus is not so much about “agreeing all the time” but about “coming to a solution”
as a group and to do it with “love and listening.” We routinely use consensus in our family and friend settings. It’s not about agreeing, it’s about being OK with something. It can be hard but it’s worth it. Deep listening as our best selves.
SAM remarked that he likes how our Consensus Rap has evolved from reviewing the mechanics of
consensus, to the “beautiful overall picture” of what it’s about and how it’s different from the
way we usually think of group decision making.

Council Report
Tim went over the two items consented on during the Fall Village meetings.

The village reached consensus 11/9/2017. Arthur stood aside.
“Village consents to remove guideline recommending rule against making decisions after April and directs the council to be vigilant about the village’s time especially in regards to eligibility and the logistical needs of pre-fair meetings when setting village meeting agendas.”

2. Eligibility Forms for Designated Service Booths
October 2017
“Service Booths shall be exempt from the standard eligibility form, and instead are required to use an internal, booth oriented eligibility process, subject to periodic review by the Eligibility Task Force or Coordinating Council. These booths are: Restaurant, Cooperative Fruit, Info booth, Little Village, AAAA, Youth Power and Areas.”

At the Onsite meeting last June (2017), JOHN said he was “shocked” how at least one booth had
not collected and turned in money for its allocated passes. This puts both him and the Village
in a very difficult situation, since he has to balance the cash flow for the Village’s account
and be accountable to the Fair organization.
Since “late” registrations affect the Village’s cash flow, something has to be done,
not to be “condemning” but we need to “find incentives” for booths to get pass fees collected and turned in
before the June meeting onsite.
One “incentive” might be a rule that booths must get in registrations by the June meeting or lose
a worker pass!
Reaction: that seems kind of harsh! Maybe those registrations should be put on the “waitlist.”
John suggested that if a pass’s money had not been received by the June in-town meeting, the booth would lose that pass that year. Why isn’t this OK, he asked. Booths may be worried about permanently losing the pass, though it frequently happens for other reasons. Is taking a pass away too consequential? Maybe use the waitlist somehow? More next month….
JOHN would like the Council to address the question.

The Morning Meeting (except before the Opening Ceremony) has not been well attended for a few years now. Why?
Is it that people tend to be pretty busy in their booths and in camp each morning of Fair?
Is it that people are recovering from partying/fire etc the night before?
JOE (Stage crew) said mornings are busy and it’s very hard to get their attention at that time.
TIM mentioned that it used to be that people attended because they WANTED to be there.
What would bring people out for the morning meetings?
* A bell/gong to get people’s attention
* COFFEE! (much enthusiasm for this suggestion)
* Minimal meeting/more music and singing
* Make it kid friendly!
* Make sure people know what it’s for
* Keep it to a half an hour
* Make an announcement: “Come & Get Your Coffee, Say Hi, Check In!”
What can we do to make this gathering more appealing, more essential to todays Villagers?
Use a microphone to announce it | do a massage circle | set a time frame and clear agenda | nothing: too tired to attend or too occupied somewhere else or kids are to grumpy | it’s a circle, not a meeting | need a higher vibration, maybe bring in someone to vibrate | Is the purpose to provide info or build community? | there is safety and program info to share | Friday is still good with opening circle | keep Sat & Sun to 30 minutes | booth coords should be required to attend…

Decision will be on the agenda for the February Village meeting
Special guidelines are needed for those Village workers who, although not formally affiliated with
a particular nonprofit group or organization, are involved in educating the public about some aspect
of the Village, serving the needs of the Village, or that aligns with a particular booth’s mission
(such as Peace and Justice). People working with Entertainment, Spoken Word and Arts are also in
this category, as well as individuals involved in social and community-based activism or
other activities representing Community Village’s mission and values.
KATIE reported that the Eligibility “Task Force” has been meeting about this to help the
Village Eligibility Committee, which sorts through hundreds of applications each year. The
committee needs more specific criteria for evaluating individual pass requests.
KATIE said the Task Force will bring the formal wording to the next Village meeting for
consideration and consensus. The format and wording for Individual Eligibility will be similar to
that for Group Eligibility, she said. “It looks a lot like the group guidelines, with some modifications.”
There may also be some additional volunteer hours required for individual passes.
TIM would like to have individuals describe on their applications “what they’re doing in the
world that makes them eligible to represent what the Village is about to the public. I would really
like to know that.”
DEA (Spirit booth) said individual eligibility considerations will vary, depending on the booth.
INTENTIONAL COMMUNITIES booth member (name??) said the new guidelines will affect who they will be
outreaching to this year. They really need the formal decision next month so they can recruit new
booth members.

(2019, not this year)
Check out earlier ideas/brainstorming from last fall’s Village meetings summarized in the
JANUARY 2018 issue of Theater of Change
* If you have an idea, flesh it out in more than one sentence and post it on the CV Drum!
DEA (Spirit) said she went to a couple of Fair brainstorming meetings last year; OCF wants to bring
special attention to Community Village and wants ideas from us about what that might look
There will be something at the Fair entrance highlighting Community Village. (Maybe not)
OCF has earmarked some funding for this! OCF will do the marketing.
We need to develop four or five solid ideas and send them to OCF.
KATIE: Has been the Village liaison to OCF regarding 50th anniversary plans.
They want some kind of “really engaging” performances/installation, not just pamphlets
lying around out front!
IDEA: Highlight people who grew up in the Village or have some long-term affiliation and have
gone out in the world to do big and wonderful things. Examples: Darren with PeaceJam, who has
done some work with the Dalai Lama; Kelsey Juliana of Green Earth booth, one of the lead “child”
plaintiffs in Our Children’s Trust lawsuit against the US government.
TIM: Create a three-dimensional display showing the Village’s groups & organizations and their
connection to peace and justice and a beautiful environment…
Starting with a 4×8 piece of wood with nails, with the names of CV’s groups on one side. Then use lengths
of yarn to “make networks” between our organizations with bubbles representing concepts like “Peace”
and “Clean Environment” etc.
SAM: We could transfer that idea to a physical grassy area and use posts, connected with yarn to
make “webs” that would hold up a paper mache globe.
TIM said “that’s a lot prettier!”
IDEA: Go back 50 years and revisit social/national issues to see how they’ve evolved over that time
and show that in the context of CV somehow.
DEA (Spirit): OCF wants to highlight what Community Village has ACCOMPLISHED over that time.
IDEA: Show how CV itself has changed in 50 years
IDEA: Scavenger hunt

Paul from Spirit Booth led us in a movement/vocalizing activity

All of the current Coordinating Council members are standing again and made short statements about their
length of affiliation and their service to the Village. Their contact information and full
names are on the Village website.
Those who stood are:
Oblio Stroyman 541-579-9289
Drake Eubank: 541-579-9022
Karla Caudell 541.337.5319
Tim Mueller 541-521-7208
Diane Albino (541) 933-2584
David Hoffman (541) 484-9204
Big John: 541-606 4151
Sam Rutledge (541) 337-6970
Katie MacCionnaith 541 232 0784
Shadow: Dea Lisk: 541-543-8832

SAM: Meeting facilitation team; helped with bookkeeping/budget matters; he tries to keep up
with what’s going on at the Fair while it’s happening!

DAVID: Elder, AlterAbled, Master Gardeners, VegMatics steward since ’85; he said he felt
that if a Villager has an issue with someone standing for Council that leads them to consider
blocking that person, it means those issues should be worked on year round!
Not when the Council is standing.

BIG JOHN: 6th year in the Village; Deconstruction and Pre-Fair Coordination

KATIE: Construction Coordination, PreFair OCF liaison; Eligibility Task Force; Facilitation Team;
“I like to think of Big Picture things and work at that level” so she does lots of meetings!

TIM: 15 years; got interested back when his SO was on Village Council; Village website and
newsletter; he likes knowing what’s going on; his mission is “to pay attention to guidelines
and keep them alive.”

DRAKE: Satellite meetings liaison, LifeLong Learning booth liaison; said he’s “the person
who is least interested in Council Camp on Saturday night”

DIANE: Elder, in the Village since the early years! Teen crew liaison

KATIE also stood for OBLIO and CARLA who were unable to attend the meeting.
KATIE/CARLA: Bookkeeping, Village meetings arrangements, Registration, Food Vouchers
KATIE/OBLIO: Village and Council meeting minutes; Rainbow Village founder, gender
inclusive urinals

DEA LISK of Spirit Booth is standing for Council Shadow. Her contact information is also
on the website.

TIM said there’s still time for new candidates to stand for Council before the next Village meeting.

JOHN facilitated the meeting while SAM was Standing and reminded everyone of the process for
presenting and resolving issues with anyone standing for Council. (Also fully outlined in the
January Theater of Change newsletter and on the Village website.) People must be notified and
issues need to be worked out before the next Council meeting, in two weeks!

JOHN said he still sees the need for review of some fundamentals of Consensus decision making,
and “a shared understanding of what’s going on,” especially when it comes to “blocking” versus
“standing aside.” In this process each Villager has an “ethical obligation to not force your
personal agenda on the larger group.”

The Council will be confirmed at next Village meeting if consensus is reached.

* SAM: Technically this is a “Fair Announcement” but it’s happening now: OCF is hiring a new
administrative staff person.

* PAUL/SPIRIT BOOTH plays at Agate Garden on certain Wednesdays
* “SNUGGLE DANCE” Ecstatic Dance Feb 10th Oblio will be the DJ!

Everyone agreed that we should rearrange the chairs closer together and fill in the Grand Canyon in the middle of the room, which made it so hard to hear everyone who spoke.

that’s all for now folks! See y’all in March. –Karen and Tim

Tim Mueller, Council note taker, webmaster, agenda coordinator, newsletter publisher