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Follow this link for updated info: March 3, 2019 and Dec 29, 2018 Committee Meeting notes

Newly Added Ideas, Fall 2018

Skeeter had something to say about the Village…
“The Community Village was born to look into the future, to find better ways to live and prosper and get that info out to the world. We were a display of appropriate technology. Founders created the Cascadia Regional Library and a magazine called the “Seriatum” and loved the book “Ecotopia”. All looked to a new way of living in the future, a ways to solve our problems in the environment, the material world, justice, and so on. Our 50th idea should be each booth creating their own “Best Case Scenario for the Next 50 Years”. That could be their booth display. Generate some excitement for our visitors and ourselves. “Get Visionary”. Share our goals and discoveries with the world like a think tank. We CAN DO some real good with new ideas broadcast to politicians and trend setters. The Community Village should just GET ON IT!”

A Friday night coffee house party on the green, with stage acts of folky singer/songwriter type music, lighting in the House, more.

Diane read an idea proposed by Coyote that we create a Village Circle in the Green on Saturday afternoon and invite Village alumni, Fair babies, and others to tell their story (Fair experiences, how it changed their lives….) to the circle. He suggested we try to coordinate with Spoken Word who may have a similar presentation

OCF 50th Anniversary Celebration Ideas Submitted to OCF Spring 2018

3 prong celebration:
1.            Display of historical, visionary info
2.            Performance art / presentation / activity
3.            After hours Village Party

#1. DISPLAY: Shady Grove Path Time Machine
Use the Shady Grove path to display, in chronological order, posters that highlight various people, organizations, activities, milestones, past workshops, articles, all the way from the wash stand to the bench by Little Village, centered by a “Tree of Life” art piece with branches that encompass all. (Or maybe leave some space for public posters that usually get put there.)
It could include stuff like significantly enlarged photos of village scenes, posters of past activities by activist groups, photos of participants old and new and “where are they now” info, old banners or signs, other info that chronicles Village groups’ engagement with the world. Part of the display could be an exciting 3D collage of photos, posters, artifacts. Large group photos of Villagers (old ones, new ones, etc) would be taken this year for inclusion. Also highlighted could be former Villagers that remain in other parts of the Fair.
And the other side of the path, from the recycling station to Moon Lodge, could represent our visions of the future as we project them forward chronologically, ending at Moon Lodge where women rule the world. Other configurations of postings are possible.
We are guessing the printing of large, cool photos may require a budget of $250 from Fair. Other materials would be provided by the Village.

#2. PERFORMANCE: One on stage set of Village history and context
Set aside Friday’s last set on the Stage to showcase Village history. Set the stage with a sing along from 1969, interspersed with other music between… Include spoken word from or by a Villager back in the day – maybe read from old Village Vision, remember personal experience, or something Village in the news back then. Could include Villagers who have moved on speaking, Council reciting Village firsts in the Fair, young folks recalling their first Fair memories, old folks recalling those who have passed, activists listing their goals for the future…. Perhaps end with period songs performed by an returning band with Village performance history.
No cost for the Fair unless the band needs a stipend.

Host an after-hours stage show/dance featuring a band with Village history, ’69 songs sing-along (or some from each decade), Village Moon!!, ’69 costumes or dress in gold. Include, maybe before the music or during a break, a video/slide show projected on a 3D surface (or a sheet), that could include brief interviews with Village folks.
This idea is especially exciting and the resulting video would be with us for many following years. Those interviews would take place this year at Fair, and be edited over the off season. People could use their own cameras/phone to make short, personal videos in a “video booth”. It could be really fun, and Villagers are prepared to do all the work.
No cost for the Fair unless the band needs a stipend.

#2A. ACTIVITY: Scavenger Hunt / Passport stamps
This activity is for the kids. We would provide questions and the kids would have to scavenge for the answers at various booths. The questions would relate to historical booth activity, helping them learn the Village history in a fun way. Those who got them all would get a prize, and each booth would provide a stamp.
$200 for prizes and custom made stamps.

#2C. ACTIVITY: Collect items for and bury (or tree) a Time Capsule
Have an artist create a time capsule for burial in the Village if Archeology approves (we are kinda hesitant to ask, but…). During the 2019 Fair, it would be kept in a public space with paper cutouts that anyone could write their hopes and dreams for the future on and place in the capsule. Sunday before the last stage act the contents would be reviewed in a public ceremony and then buried somewhere in the Village. Another option would be to store it somewhere else – in the trees, in the Fair office, at David Hoffman’s house…
$100 cost to make the capsule.

#1D DISPLAY: In booth display board 
With a uniform, easily identified template for all booths, a display in a uniform frame or backing – so that all booths have the same thing for visitors to find –  high-lighting whatever historical, activist stuff the booth deems important. Could be side by side images and text from a young person and an old person. Could be what we’ve done / what we’re gonna do. Could be smallish. Could include date of booth founding.
$200-300 for uniform display format board/frame/header.

#2P. PRESENTATION: Movers and Shakers vignettes
Allow up to 20 minutes between stage acts at the same time each day for presentations by outstanding activists to speak about their current mission and its progress. No cost to Fair.

#2G. PERFORMANCE: Return of the Dragon
Have the Green Dragon parade start at the Village at least once. No cost to Fair but would need to coordinate.

#1T. DISPLAY: People Tree
Sculpt a Tree in the corner of Gather Round (CV History booth and Restaurant seating area) with branches hanging over the seating area where photos of people would hang from like “apples”. $200 for the sculptor.

We also discussed participating in helping the “OM” achieve actually circling the entire Fair. Yes! This is for the Spirit Booth to lead rather than our committee.