This proposal was developed by Arthur Jones.
The goal is crew equity, and the consequences are
1. an increased total number of Village passes and
2. lowered Village worker pass costs when cost is distributed equally among all pass holders.

There are several booths and areas in the Village that provide identical services to that which is done by OCF Fair staff who do not pay for their passes. Villagers do identical work and they pay Fair for their wristband. This proposal aims to equalize the Villagers’ in service positions with OCF Fair staff, and then share wristband cost amongst all Villagers so each pass is less. The Village would also get an increase in SOs (18) due to the differing rates at which SOs are given to OCF staff vs Villagers. OCF would receive marginally less in budgeted revenue ($80) from the Village under this plan.

Currently the Village gets 197 worker wristbands and 70 SOs, total 267 wristbands: 182 trade passes at $40 each, 70 SOs at $80 each, and 15 Village Council passes at no charge.

Potential service wristbands (Villagers in positions equivalent to OCF Fair positions)

Council           15
Little People    15
Info               10
4A                  8
Stage              3
Carpenters       2
Total             53

The Village would get an increase in SOs due to the different rate that SOs are distributed to Fair staff and to Villagers (rounded up).

Village Fair staff (53 X .75)        40
Villagers (144 X .33)                 48
Total Village SOs                     88

Village would get (197-53) 144 worker wristbands for purchase at $40, 53 Fair staff wristbands at no charge, and 88 SOs at $80 each.

Current wristband budget revenue from Village to Fair (182 X 40) + (70 X 80)                 $12,880
Proposed wristband budget revenue from Village to Fair (144 X 40) + (88 X 80)              $12,800 
Revenue loss to Fair        $80

(To make it revenue neutral Fair could give the Village one more SO pass to sell at $80  😉)


Distributing this cost equally in the Village, each worker would pay ((144 X 40) ÷ 197) $29.24 per wristband

Booths that have working SOs can choose share the costs of $80 SOs

For example under this proposal if all Little People SOs are also workers

15 worker passes (15 X 29.24)         $438.58
7 SOs (7 X 80)                              $560.00
Total                                           $998.58

Each Little People worker would pay (998.58 ÷ 22) $45.39

Little People cost sharing in 2018 would have been ((12 X 40) + (7 X 80) ÷ 22) $52.73 per wristband 


The Village would get 197 worker wristbands and 88 SOs, total 285 wristbands

If cost was shared among all Village workers and SOs each wristband would be (12,800 ÷ 285)  $44.91 per wristband

SOs who are not also workers would pay $80 and Fair would get additional revenue

Food voucher distribution from Fair to Fair staff workers is one per hour worked during Fair; additional food vouchers to Village TBD
Additional food vouchers to the Village would increase costs to Fair

OCF staff shirts TBD

This plan should come with a proposal as to where the additional 18 Village SOs could camp as there is little room in the Village proper 

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