Community Village Meeting Minutes, April 11, 2019


Facilitating John Flannery w/timekeeper Nel Applegate, vibe watcher Omo

Council present: Diane, Big John, Tim, David, Karla, Russell and shadow Kim (all of Council)


Childcare rap – 3 minutes
Set Intention – 3
Agenda Review – 3
Council Presentation – 5
Fair Announcements – 8
Workshops & Demos
Eligibility Forms due today
Fire tender, and watcher needed
Site Report – 3
50th Update & Discussion – Committee – 5
Theme – Russell – 10
Moon Lodge Booth Proposal? – Karla – 10 (if ready)
Diversity Committee – Kim & Plato – 5
Consensus/Council Selection Process Committee – Nel & Kim – 3
Budget Proposal Discussion – Arthur – 10
Non-Fair Announcements – 5
Booth Breakdown – 30
Feedback (Strokes & Pokes) – 3
OM – 2

Set Intention
Let’s create a vision for the future grounded in the love of the past.

In room 3, pass the hat.

Fair Announcements

  • 4/22 benefit at Mazzi’s for Culture Jam.
  • Go here to become a Fair member and vote.
  • Fire tenders needed, volunteers to watch our Village fire for Saturday and maybe all 3 Fair days. Contact Russell (541-870-5187 if you’d like to take a Fire Watcher shift.
  • Add your name to the signup sheet to get the Orientation Packet and other notices.
  • Workshops & Demos: the schedule is filling up…. Form is online
  • Eligibility Forms are due Tonight. Eligibility meeting is Monday at Growers. Pass Allocation at Council Meeting is Wednesday at Growers. Booth Coord meeting to receive allocation data is Thursday at EBHC. All meetings at 7pm.
  • Positive Community Kitchen gave a short rap. See Below for text.
  • Spring Fling is May 4 at the McDonald…Gonna be big!!
  • There will be Fair opening ritual just after our Morning Circle Friday of Fay. Also a Sunday AM OM circle…lets really make it big again. Check out the Facebook page too. And close the Fair with our Closing Ceremony. OK?
  • Sharon gave her camping rap. Info is HERE.

Pass Proposal
Arthur again outlined his proposal to request equitable pass prices/SO ratio for our booths/crews who do the same work as Fair crews who’s passes are free. Details HERE. It would result in the Village getting over 20 additional SO passes. Fair crews worker/SO ration is 4/3, in the Village it’s 3/1.
Where would we put the additional campers? We can figure that out later…
Would the Fair take control of those crews? No, Village is independent, just like our Council.
Would the SO’s have to share tents? Um…no.
Could booth coords get free passes too? That is not part of this proposal.
Should this include the Admissions Crew? Hmmm. Not so far.
The question of who would be assigned these extra passes, or how we would distribute the cost savings, is part 2 of this proposal, not addressed in this meeting.

CONSENSUS WAS REACHED. Arthur will deliver this proposal to the Council for submission to the Fair.

We brainstormed theme ideas. 1. “Searching for a Heart of Gold”. 2. “Community Village – Where Love Tries Harder” 3. “Community Village – the HeartH of the Fair” 1: Cool for the 50th gold anniversary. We could change the song lyrics to be Fair related. Neil young is a misogynist, we shouldn’t use his song. The graphic could feature a rainbow into a heart shaped pot. 2: Jain likes the irony. Maybe we shouldn’t be quite so subtle. 3: Village is the Heart, Earth is in the middle, and our Native American location culture centers around the Hearth. Maybe have a rainbow coming out of the Hearth like wings. No decision, more next month.

Diversity Report
Plato and Katie plan on convening another meeting and will give a report when something of substance is ready to present. Signup sheet to participate went around. A doodle poll results were read, with a meeting time of 6-7:30 next Monday the 15th. Maybe… Katie MacCionnaith for info.

Consensus Committee
Still looking for more participants. A notice will be on the DRUM.

Council Presentation.

All Council members stood together and expressed unity of purpose as we prepare for the Fair. Each of them spoke to a different aspect of our goals and activities.
1. David – 3 Chips – Be respectful, get the job done, have fun.

  1. Diane – CRG – Crew Resource Group. This was developed through the consultant the Fair hired as part of management transition to a new structure. SO far there has not been agreement about who should be on it and who should be leaders. Stay tuned.
  2. Karla – Council Role – This has evolved over the years, and we hope to continue this discussion to further define expectations. It’s important.
  3. Tim – new eligibility This year only you can, this year only, satisfy your participation requirements (work parities & meeting attendance) by serving on the 50th , the Diversity, and the Consensus/conflict resolution committee on our agenda tonight.
  4. Big John – Accountability – All of us have responsibilities as Villagers: work parties, meetings, sweep, committees, decon, and treating each other with respect, among others. If these requirements are not met, your continuing participation in our community may be in jeopardy. Decon is especially looking for help this year.
  5. Russell – Welcoming – We will ask each new attendee at our meetings to introduce themselves. Booth Coords must help us identify new participants. New folks stood up to applause.
  6. Kim – Diversity – If folks don’t see someone like them in our community, they may hesitate to see themselves with us. We must be open to evolution, to change, as our guidelines say: “Believing in dreams, thinking of others, valuing differences and experimenting with new ideas.”

Site Report

The Village is under water. (Photos HERE) The barn storing lots of our stuff collapsed, the pyramid bench and the stage floor are out in the open, not sure where anything else is. Restaurant is really worried about their floor. Andyman decided to discontinue storage on his land, so Fair will have to build a new building, buy semi-trailers, or something to store stuff after Fair. Someone asked if the Moon Lodge fence, which has been laying on the ground (was supposed to be left up, but someone got it ready to move and just left it on the ground) all year had floated away. Big John said it’s OK, a broken tree is holding it down.

Moon Lodge

Heather and Darrah brought a proposal to the Village to reinstate Moon Lodge as a Booth. They detailed all the activities Moon Lodge does and hopes to do, read their mission statement, confirmed that anyone who identifies as female can come in, and more. (See Below for the written version).

Comments: What would change if you were a booth? Would be able to operate independently and not have to attend the many Spirit Booth meetings. Why did you lose booth status? “I don’t know.” What do you mean by ‘expanding’? Add nursing station and menstruation stops throughout the Fair. Dea of Spirit spoke to how Darrah and Heather participated with honor in Spirit last year. Omo mentioned that passes from Spirit helped get Moon Lodge going originally. Can men go in? All who identify as female can enter, other activities outside of the lodge itself are open to men.

They asked for consent from the Village. The time was short, not enough to address the few concerns that were spoken. The Council will review their proposal and make a recommendation at the next Village meeting.

Booth Breakdown

What a racket…!


Good job. People did not respect the time limits, time too tight, need a smaller agenda.

Non-Fair Announcements

Please consider placing your announcements HERE. Even David can do it!

  • Paul Simon performs at 5th St market on the 25th, 5-7pm, and another place in the 20th
  • Anita somebody passed, memorial scheduled.
  • Allies (Ericka Rhoads (sp?)), a company that serves people with disabilities, hosts a monthly DJ Dance Party at Whirled Pies every second Tuesday, with DJ Ben Luskin of Health & Healing booth.
  • Something cool next Friday at Stargate
  • David Rodgers performs at Saturday Market the 27th, and the Market in Albany on the 20th.
  • Master Gardener Sale 9-3 on the 27th at the Fairgrounds
  • Lois Inman, who’s property sustained major damage in the snow storm, has a GoFundMe page HERE. Help this Fair elder out please.
  • There’s a Robot Comedy Show in Corvallis Thursday the 18th.
  • KOCF (92.5FM) and KEPW (97.3FM) are there for you!
  • Native Plant Sale at Buford Park 5/4
  • Uplift Yourself Workshop at Peterson Barn 4/27


Notes by Tim Mueller


Positive Community Kitchen Program 

Below is the link for the non-profit Positive Community Kitchen Program that has been in existence in Eugene for 5 1/2 years now.   At PCK teens and adults come together under the support of a head chef to prepare nutritious, organic, gluten free meals for cancer patients  (or others facing a life threatening illness) and their family members.  For twelve weeks the client and immediate family members receive meals delivered to their homes free of charge. Each week they receive two entrees, two soups, a hearty salad and dessert.

Contact PCK at 541-249-4942 to request further information,  become a recipient of the program or to volunteer in one of many ways, including helping grow the food in our garden.

Thanks, Fran Calciano

Oregon Country Fair
Women’s Moon Lodge

The Women’s Moon Lodge recognizes the unique and innate wisdom of women. It is a place that nurtures individual and planetary healing and transformational change.


The Women’s Moon Lodge mission is to provide safe, sacred spaces, reserved for ALL WOMEN, to celebrate sisterhood; share stillness, skills, stories, and songs, and to honor life’s transitions. And, to create gender inclusive spaces for education, exploration and understanding of the issues and struggles facing ALL WOMEN.


To provide a woman-centered space, advocate for women’s issues, and work toward co-creating an equitable future for all, within the Oregon Country Fair and beyond. In the future we hope to expand the lodge, and offer several locations and menstruation stations throughout fair, and offer gatherings and events outside of fair.


Safety – value holistic well being

Inclusivity – honoring all people who identify as women

Advocacy – for all people who identify as women





Human-nature connection


Booth structure:

Two Co-Coordinators

Two Working SOs

18-25 Day Pass/volunteers

15 D


Share pre-fair/fair-time/post-fair organization, planning and lodge supervision responsibilities. Work opening shift on Friday and closing shift on Sunday and share supervision of the lodge at all other times. Are expected to attend three CV meetings/two work parties, and be available

to attend WML meetings, and host one work party, on or off site.

Working SOs:

Participate in setup and break down, and support the coordinators in and outside of the lodge.

Day Pass Workers:

Participate in the lodge for WML meetings, work parties, consensus, and contribute 2-5 hours of time in workshops or facilitating the lodge per day pass, and pay $10 per day pass.

Working SOs: Are expected to attend one CV meetings/and one work party.

Day Pass Volunteers: Are encouraged to attend CV and onsite meetings/work parties, as well as one WML meetings prior to fair.