Service booths and cost sharing plan for Community Village 11/2018
Updated 4/18/2019

CONSENSUS WAS REACHED. Arthur will deliver this proposal part 1 to the Council for submission to the Fair.

This proposal was developed by Arthur Jones. 

View the Equitability Proposal FAQs HERE.

The goal is crew equity, and the consequences are
1. an increased total number of Village passes and
2. lowered Village worker pass costs when cost is distributed equally among all pass holders.

At the October Village meeting I introduced the concept of asking Fair to reclassify the Village Service booths to be equivalent to Fair staffed booths. This was discussed at the November meeting and, as no consensus was reached, further discussion was scheduled for the January meeting. This proposal does not mean that these booths would leave the Village, booth members would still need to meet Village Guidelines, and other than being provided OCF staff passes, their relationship with the Village and OCF would not change. They would be similar to the Village Council, getting a no charge wristband from Fair and not subject to direct direction by Fair. Food voucher distribution from Fair to OCF staff workers is one per hour worked during Fair.

The Village first approached the Fair Budget Committee with this concept in the 2018 2 year budget request, indicating that it would be expanded on and proposed in the 2019 Supplemental Budget request. The Village did not have this ready for the 2019 Supplemental Budget request. I have spoken with Crystalyn Autuchovitch, OCF Operations Manager and Budget Committee member, and she backs the service booth equity concept. She assured me that Fair would not have any increased control on the the affected service booths if this is implemented.

Note that all pass numbers are determined by the Budget Committee so if adopted final numbers may be different. How the Village would pay the cost of wristbands would be decided by the Village, not the Budget Committee. This would be a proposal to Fair Budget Committee for the 2020 budget. All numbers would be negotiable. Wristband costs are based on 2018 and could change for the 2020 Fair.

The proposal below is in two parts. The first being the proposal to the Budget Committee and the second a proposal for wristband cost equity in the Village.

The bottom line is Fair will bring some equity to the Village, worker wristband cost could be reduced to $28.22, and the Village could get 21 more SOs.


Village Service booths and equity between Fair staff and Community Village workers.

There are several booths and areas in the Village that provide identical services to that which is done by OCF Fair staff. Villagers do identical work plus they pay Fair for their wristband. This proposal aims to equalize the Villagers in service positions with OCF Fair staff. Three of the Village Service booths are also staffed with Teen Crew, who receive a no charge wristband, a Teen Crew tee shirt, and 1 food voucher per hour worked (a total of 16).

The Village would also get an increase in SOs (21) due to the differing rates at which SOs are given to OCF staff and Villagers. OCF would receive marginally less in budgeted revenue ($120) from the Village under this plan.

Currently the Village gets 197 worker wristbands and 70 SOs, total 267 wristbands: 182 trade passes at $40 each, 70 SOs at $80 each, and 15 Village Council wristbands at no charge.

Under this proposal the Village would still get 197 worker wristbands, but there would be an increase of 21 SOs to 91 SO wristbands.

Service wristbands (Villagers in positions equivalent to OCF Fair positions)

Council                 15           function similar to crew coordinators, currently receiving no charge Fair staff wristbands

Little Village        15           equivalent to Fair Child Care

Info                                        10           equivalent to Fair Info

4A                                             8            equivalent to Fair 4A  (4A originated in the Village and expanded to a Fair crew)

Youth Power        5            no Fair equivalent but Fair recognized importance with Teen Crew support

Stage                       5            equivalent to other Fair stage crews

Carpenters           2            equivalent to Fair Construction

Total                      60


The Village would get an increase in SOs due to the different rate that SOs are distributed to Fair staff and to Villagers (rounded up).

Fair staff crews receive 3 SOs per 4 wristbands, the Village trade wristbands receive 1 SO per 3 wristbands.

Village Fair staff (60 X .75)            45

Villager trade (137 X .33)               46

Total Village SOs                                               91

Village would get (197-60) 137 worker wristbands for purchase at $40, 59 Fair staff wristbands at no charge, and 91 SOs at $80 each

Current wristband budget revenue from Village to Fair (182 X 40) + (70 X 80)       $12,880

Proposed wristband budget revenue from Village to Fair (137 X 40) + (91 X 80)   $12,760

Revenue loss to Fair                                                                                                                                                            $120

Additional food vouchers and OCF staff shirts to the Village would increase costs to Fair.

This plan should come with a proposal as to where the additional 20 Village SOs could camp as there is little room in the Village proper.


The second, and separate, part to this would be how to deal with the Village inequity cost of passes between the service booths, Council, and the nonprofit booths. One way to deal with this is to recognize that we are all in this together in Community Village thus each Villager would equally share in the cost of being at Fair.

Under this plan the Village would get 197 (60 no charge and 137 $40) worker wristbands and 91 SOs, total 288 wristbands. Fair would budget $12,760 (137 X $40 + 91 X $80) in revenue from the Village.

Distributing this cost equally among the Village, each worker (not an SO) would pay ((137 X $40) ÷ 197)  $27.82 per wristband

If total cost was shared among all Village workers and SOs each wristband would be ($12,760 ÷ 288)  $44.31 per wristband

Booths that have working SOs can choose share the costs of $80 SOs

For example under this proposal if all Little Village SOs are also workers

15 worker passes (15 X $27.82) $417.30

7 SOs (7 X $80)                                   $560.00

Total                                                                      $977.30

Each Little Village worker would pay ($977.30 ÷ 22)  $44.42

Little Village cost sharing in 2018 would have been ((12 X $40) + (7 X $80) ÷ 22)  $52.73 per wristband

SOs who are not also workers would pay $80 and Fair would get additional revenue

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