Go HERE for the Committee records and celebration ideas.

Notes from the May 23 Committee meeting

We had a good turnout at our 50th Committee meeting last night. Thanks to all who came: Joe Magner, Bob Fennesy, Sara Sweatt, Tree Breeson, Tim, Russell, Brook (Rainbow Village) and Mike from Stage Crew. Kim’s car broke down or she woulda been there, too.

If you are involved in any project that requires using Village funds (we have $1000 budget for the 50th), you should submit an expense form (attached) to Kim (lizzycordich@gmail.com ) before you buy to make sure the money is still there. Once authorized, go ahead and spend the money and submit the form again to get reimbursed. Or if the amount is too large to pay yourself, Kim will ask Karla to cut a check for you…maybe. Again, use the attached form. Right, Karla, Kim?

Puzzle Thingy

Tim made a new design, much like the previous one but square instead of round. This will be easier to build a holder for, and also makes some of the pieces larger. We consented on that design. Image attached.

We will have a drawing from a hat at the onsite meeting June 22 to see which piece each booth gets, going in order of the arrangement of booths, starting with P&J, ending with the Info Booth. There are 20 pieces and 19 booths, including Restaurant, Rainbow Village and Moon Lodge. Yurt, Tipi, Gather Round and Stage are not included. Is that OK? Stage, do you want one?

Sara and I will be shopping for wood this weekend, Russell will transport wood to Portland where the pieces will be laser cut. Tim will work with S&B Scott to prepare the holder (4’x4’ with center piece, hinges and rim) and prime the wood and paint the colored background for each piece on the first weekend Scott is scheduled for sign making, June 15. Right, Scott? The pieces will then be given to booths according to the 6/22 drawing so they can add their booth name and any graphics to the piece, for assembly Thursday night of Fair.

The tentative plan is to present the puzzle displayed in its holder during the Opening Ceremony or Friday morning meeting, and each booth comes to get their piece to display in their booth. Our closing ceremony would repeat that process in reverse to get the pieces back in the holder till next year.

Project Updates

Audio stories for History Wall

Joe has created low power amplifiers that will beam audio files to small speakers or headphones (which one, Joe?) that  will contain stories by various Fair elders (David H among them) that can be listened to while looking at the wall displays. Likely plan includes 3 separate files corresponding to Fair history divided into 3 eras. Russell is developing content for these files.

Joe will also be providing low power FM to broadcast stage acts and possibly some of the Village Green sound enhanced activities.

History Wall

Russell is planning work party activities for June 8-9 to create with 3 trees pictured in the attached drawing #2720 as well as the peaches. Big John, The fence needs to be put back together by this date. We will need a skill saw, router and power cart to do this. Items for display on this wall will include photos Russell is gathering as well as historical posters from activist organizations. (If you want something from your past or organization to appear, contact Russell (russellinpc@gmail.com ) Images will all be printed on special paper which allows for transfer onto the wooden peaches, Kim is coordinating this. Tim plans on submitting older Theater of Change issues as well as old KindTree posters. What is your booth gonna offer?

Plans include painting these panels with acrylic and black light paint. If you have any to donate for this project, please bring it to the in town Village meeting June 13.

We will be defining a limited space on the Little Village fence nearest the 6 pack for the traditional posters of upcoming events that are usually posted there by the public, reserving more than half of the fence space for this project.

June 15-16 work parties will include doing the transfers and mounting the panels and peaches. That’s a lot…

Future Wall

This is the Moon Lodge fence from Moon Lodge to the recycling station. Image 4673 illustrates this plan. Additions to this display can include kid’s drawings of their wishes for the future, your organization’s future manifesto as your vision for the future, and interactive spaces for Fair goers or add their thoughts on a white or a chalk board. If you want your vision of the future to be represented, make a poster, a drawing, a large font statement… Paper is OK here. We are asking each booth to offer their vision of the future, focusing on their area of activism. Kim is working on this, too.

This wall will be likely a work party task June 29-30 if not done already with the History Wall, with paper content added the weekend before Fair, weather permitting.

Stage Banner

Yet again Russell is on this. Working with Tie-dye King Rich, this banner is being made by a company professionally making these kinds of festival banners. The background will match/compliment the stage curtain colors, will include the words “Community Village” and will feature graphics of past t-shirt designs all laser printed on the banner. It is sized to hang on the back of the stage from the loft, or possibly from the beam above the front of the stage. Gonna be nice. Cost is $160.

Friday Night Community Village After Hours Party

Acts will appear from 9:30-12:30 with perform about 12 minutes for each 15 minute slot, total of 12 slots. Stage will supply minimal sound enhancement. Their gear is specially designed to minimize power use. It was suggested we rent 3 additional batteries so we can store more power. They are $25-$30 each.

4A booth will have their bar operating.

Bob has received more applicants to perform than there are spaces. Folks who will appear on the CV stage during Fair hours will not be in this party.

Booths are tasked with providing lamps for each gather round table (not too big) and as there are more booths than tables, the larger ones will be placed on the ground or the front of the stage.

Rallies at 3:10-3:45 each day

Rainbow Village was represented by Brook at this meeting. He described how they plan on starting marches on the paths about 3:00, marching with signs and fanfare to end up in the Village at 3:10 and gather in a circle to share stories, sing songs, make noise. Mike joked about maybe we should offer free fruit. Get it…? So we liked that idea and Tree is gonna ask Fruit Booth about supplying a rainbow tray of fruit to pass around during that rally. Other sources of fruit may be available as well. Sounds great.

Friday’s rally is by P&J, and Sunday’s will be Green Earth and Wild Edibles, or so I have heard. Details unknown to me so far.

These rallies are from 3:10 – 3:45 each day in the Green in front of the stage, with limited sound enhancement and, if we get it done, a “soapbox” platform about 12” high – 3’x4’ size…just big enough for a person or two to stand on and be more visible. That needs to be built at a work party.

Heart of Gold song

Tim plans on posting the lyrics to Neil Young’s Heart of Gold song on the Drum and invite everyone to create new lyrics that mention the Fair. He will compile them for us all to sing along at some point, maybe the opening Circle or the Friday Night party, or whenever we feel like it. We’ll see what happens…


We didn’t discuss the scavenger hunt thing that Russell and the kids have talked about. Let’s see if anything happens with that.

Booths are getting gold decorations for their booths.


Work Party schedule

June 8-9: Cut tree sculpture and peaches for History Wall, fountain sculpture for Future Wall

June 13: Bring paint, black light paint to Village meeting for History Wall and puzzle pieces. Also have all your submissions for History Wall display turned into Russell.

June 15-16: Make puzzle piece holder (15th). Prime and paint puzzle pieces. Transfer images to peaches for History Wall.

June 22: Village onsite meeting at noon. Puzzle pieces chosen by drawing from a hat, handed out to Booths to individualize.

June 29: build soapbox.

July 6-7: We better finish up all this stuff. Make border for posters on Little Village fence.


Budget so far

Banner printing – $160

3 added batteries for stage – $90

Wood for puzzle and holder – $??

Wood for History Wall – $??

Laser printing of wall display – $??


Comments from the CV Meeting May 9, 2019

50th Anniversary  Committee

Someone asked about T-shirts for display. Russell said the plan is to put up a banner with t-shirt graphics printed on the banner, so actual t-shirts are not needed.
From Russell:
Friday night party:

  • Title for party?
  • Time will be 9:30-12:30
  • Bob has acts covered and is working on line up
  • Each booth will do a center piece for tables: Think hurricane vase. Make sure it lights up
  • Cloud lights: will need different size paper lanterns (12 total), led lights (battery powered, 4-5 total), Cotton stuffing
  • Gold decorations for tables and booths: think table skirts, door beads
  • Can use extra glow in the dark paint for outside games: think glow in the dark twister

Past and future walls:

  • Teresa from pre-fair main camp is donating 2 4ftx8ft back canvases
  • Will need wood panels (3-4 total) for the different cut outs
  • Need acrylic paint
  • Need glow in the dark paint
  • Need black lights to charge glow in the dark paint
  • Gathering photos/protest flyers
  • Need a painter

Rally on the Green:

  • Friday: Peace and Justice
  • Saturday: Rainbow Village
  • Sunday: Green Earth will do something

Inner booth display:

  • We have a design, thanks Tim! (see below image)
  • Have access to laser cutter at the end of May
  • Need wood panel 4x4ft
  • Need table to connect pieces, will need a 1” or so border applied
  • Big John will help

Puzzle thingy Square

Committee Meeting, 3/3/2019


March 3 members of the OCF Community Village 50th Anniversary Committee met and had a lovely time. Present were Kim, Michael S., Bob, Omo, Russell, Nel, Steve Brown, Tim.

Some of this will be discussed at next week’s Village meeting.

These are Tim’s notes, so if other attendees have stuff to add or correct, please do…

If you and your booth develop any of these ideas that require money, you must create a budget listing what you wanna buy and how much, and give to to Kim. She can then make sure it fits into our budget (we have $1,000), authorize the spending, and get your receipt to the Fair for reimbursement.

  1. Tim. No progress had been made to get Archeology’s opinion on a buried in the Village Time Capsule. However, today the Ritz posted on Facebook their plan to create Time Capsules. Hopefully we can gather content to be included in that plan. Read more at the bottom of this message.
  2. Russell. Kid’s Council. Past discussions gave rise to a few ideas for kids: Scavenger Hunt (we discussed making this mandatory for all…with a prize for those who get it done, maybe) Passport Stamps, Time Capsule. We are also counting on kids to create artwork for the Future Wall expressing their dreams for the future. Linda from Youth Booth and Childcare folks will help with this.
  3. Stage Crew. We discussed details of how to get a new banner for the front of the stage. Scott (signs & banners) had mentioned that new banners require someone to order or tell him about the material needed and he can mostly help by getting the space ready to paint a banner. We discussed design ideas, materials, size, etc. In the end Stage Crew needs to communicate with Scott to make this happen. Money can come from our 50th
  4. Omo. Activist Rallies. This idea calls for a 40 minute rally on the Green each Fair day from 3:05 – 3:45pm. A rally would be themed (environment, community, justice…), be participatory, and involve perhaps more than one organization, maybe even all of a booth. It would include some historical perspective as well as ongoing activities, speeches, music, signs, chants, excitement… We thought one name for these rallies would be good, with a subtitle for the subject of the rally: “Activating Our Dream: for the Climate”, or “Power to the People: Diversity is Our Strength”, or something like that… Names we mentioned include the two above plus “Activate Your Future”, and “We’re Not Done Yet!”. Omo is coordinating this and will be talking to booths during Booth Breakdown at the next Village meeting.
  5. Bob. One idea we are working on is a Friday Night Speakeasy or Golden Party (name may change)…bring the Gather Round tables and chairs into the Green and have live music and e-candles from 9-11:30pm Friday night. This event will feature almost exclusively Village performers with 10-15 minutes each, that Bob will schedule. Stage Crew will be arranging battery powered sound enhancement if needed. This may include a video projected on a sheet hanging in front of the stage. If we can figure out dependable power, Tim can create a video by compiling other’s footage…
    We will ask the Village at next meeting if they have any objection to a Friday night event, or if they would rather do it in conjunction with the Green Earth Saturday night party, though this committee prefers Friday for less Fair competition and noise.
  6. Tim & Russell. Standardized Inner Booth Display (SIBD). This idea began as a uniformly designed sign in each booth, and has morphed into a puzzle piece for each booth that can be combine into a finished puzzle that would get put together sometime Sunday. The shape and content and materials needed were discussed. We liked the idea of puzzle pieces made with rubber play mats cut into puzzle shapes. Each piece would have a booth specific content (photos and text imaged onto the rubber) but an underlying background graphic that would only be recognized when the puzzle is assembled. This could be a rectangle puzzle or a pyramid with 3 sides or a banner shape that could double as a bench cushion. Stay tuned…
  7. Kim & Russell. Past and Future walls. The Past Wall (History Wall?) will include select pieces of Village history, past participants photos, old posters, old vision statement, examples of past conflicts toward progress, and whatever works. Russell is gather much of this, so please contact him with ideas. Photos can be emailed to VillagePhotos50th@gmail.com where they will be considered. We have a budget to reproduce or enlarge photos, etc., so do not hesitate to offer stuff we can then copy and use so your original is safe. Russell created a very cool mock-up of what the wall (on the Shady Grove Path, Little Village side) could look like. Work Parties, anyone?! They are attached. We also discussed using black light paint for part of this, and ask all of you to find things to post, esp Deborah from Arts Booth who has a lot of photos.
    Future Wall.
    This is the Moon Lodge side of the path to Shady Grove. This asks you to share your or your organization’s vision for the future. A photo, a paragraph, a slogan, a wish, a drawing… You make it, we’ll try to include it in the display. 

    The photo on left is for the Future Wall design, the other for the History Wall.

  8. We discussed other ideas that had been mentioned earlier. Steve will look at the possibility of having the Green Dragon Parade start in the Village. The People Tree idea was covered by the other displays we are doing. Featuring Village movers and shakers in short vignettes from the stage or Green is covered sorta by the activist rallies.
  9. T-shirts. An online discussion about displaying vintage t-shirts was continued. We have lots of them… Hang them from the parachute cords? Turn them into a quilt? Hang them from you booth loft as a privacy screen? Hang them sorta folded so they don’t look like laundry? Gather your t-shirts now! This will happen somehow, and we need a “buckstopper” for this.

That’s it. Here is contact info for those involved:

Tim: tim@gwproj.com

Kim:  lizzycordich@gmail.com

Russell: orientationcv@gmail.com

Bob: publicity@wowhall.org

Omo: Omo@efn.org

Steve Brown: stevekind03@yahoo.com


Winter Greetings from the Ritz

It’s late February. A foot of new snow covers the ground—a rare occurrence in this part of Lane County. It’s quiet and beautiful.
The OCF Family, including the Ritz Sauna & Showers, is preparing for an awesome 50th Anniversary celebration this July. You may remember that the Ritz, in conjunction with the Story Pole carving and raising, initiated a time capsule project. Although raising the pole did not occur as planned, we did complete the Ritz Pavilion which was designed to support the pole. Over the past two years we used this welcoming, open space for conversations about the intersection of art and culture and began collecting written comments from the Fair Family and patrons on these issues as well as their visions and concerns about the Fair’s future. We plan to put these comments and other materials in the four cylindrical (4” x 30”) stainless-steel time capsules (10, 25, 50 and 100 year) which will be placed within the pavilion floor. We will follow the guidelines of the International Time Capsule Society (use of archival paper, conversion of color photos to black and white, etc.) to ensure preservation of the contents. Microfilm, which is low tech, stable and capable of efficiently storing large volumes of information (photographs and documents), has been selected for this project.

You are invited to share your stories and experiences at the Ritz for inclusion in one of the time capsules. Since your submittals will be placed on microfilm, they can be typed or hand written. Please use 8½” x 11” white paper. Include your name, and date the document. Submittals must be received by April 15th. Mail to:

Ritz Sauna & Showers
PO Box 7274
Springfield, OR 97475
Attn: Time Capsules.

We hope to hear from you.


CV ‘s OCF 50th Anniversary Committee

Thursday Dec 27, 7-8:30 pm at 2096 1/2 Arthur St, Eugene

I hope we can develop project leaders for these activities:

  1. Coordinate the design of the Standardized Inner Booth Display (SIBD)
  2. Coordinate the gathering of historical articles, posters, manifestoes, photographs or other documents that would be eligible for display on the History Wall (the Little Village fence from 6packs to Village)
  3. Coordinate the display of Historical Items above
  4. Work perhaps with Kids Council to create and display items on the Future Goals Wall (fence from Moon Lodge to Recycling)
  5. Keep accounting of expenditures / adhere to budgets for projects
  6. Coordinate various activities – entertainment, parties, demonstrations, old timers circle, whatever

If we have these leaders designated, I think we will be able to start these projects planning right away. Of course, your input in this proposed structure is welcome, as well as your enthusiasm for these 50th plans.

I’m looking forward to rocking the place next Summer!


One thought on “OCF 50th Anniversary Committee Discussion

  1. Notes from the Committee’s Dec 29, 2018 Meeting.
    Happy New Year!

    Russell, Bob F, and Tim, with input from Kim, met last week. Here’s what we discussed.

    All of the Village will be needed to make this a real celebration. Are you up for it? Are you?

    Our agenda included finding project leaders for these activities at the meeting:
    1. Coordinate the design of the Standardized Inner Booth Display (SIBD) working with the Fair – Tim is gonna do this.
    2. Coordinate the gathering of historical articles, posters, manifestoes, photographs or other documents that would be eligible for display on the History Wall (the Little Village fence from 6pack to Village) – Russell is gonna do this.
    3. Coordinate the display of Historical Items above – Kim is gonna do this one.
    4. Work perhaps with Kids Council to create and display items on the Future Goals Wall (fence from Moon Lodge to Recycling) and maybe work on the Scavenger Hunt or Time Capsule.
    5. Keep accounting of expenditures / adhere to budgets for projects – Kim is gonna do this one, too.
    6. Coordinate various activities – entertainment, parties, demonstrations, old timers circle, whatever – I think I talked Omo into doing the daytime part of this. Hopefully Sam will coordinate the Friday night party/speakeasy thingy…

    Numbers 4 is still needing point persons. You, maybe?

    Bob shared his understanding that the Fair is looking to really boost attendance in 2019, with more money for acts, projects like ours, and advertising. All the stuff we do hopefully will be focused on attracting Fair goers…new stuff, exciting stuff, interesting stuff, fun stuff. Maybe less of the same old…
    And their goals include greater diversity and looking to the future rather than the past.

    We talked a bit about the daytime activities. It morphed into this plan… Each day in the afternoon on the Green, between musical stage acts, stage a Rally, different each day. The rallies could be 3 parts: a talk about what a group had accomplished in historical rallies, a musical sing along/performance, and a ‘let’s do it’ rally about something current. A rally: where people cheer, do chants, sing songs, have guest speakers, and fire up the crowd.
    Or it could be just a more current rally about remaking the future, focused each day on something different – environment, climate change, the new green deal, trans rights, whatever the Village can come up with. A tight focus or more general, whatever we can get the energy for. But be a topic that can attract a crowd, involves guest speakers ands music, and get them worked up. Best if it involves more than one group or booth – different ways to attack a problem. This is what Omo is excited about coordinating.

    We thought a new banner for the Village Stage was a really good idea…(they don’t have a banner now  ) Let’s talk to Scott about making that happen.

    Tim is gonna try to get clearance from Archeology to bury a Time Capsule in the Village.

    Making a video for night display was discussed. It would be fun, though projectors use electricity. I could edit footage, maybe display during the Speakeasy in the back of the stage with no sound… But does anybody have footage that would be fun??

    An idea bounced around to have each booth nominate a booth “Hero”, who would then perhaps give a short talk, have their photo and a write up in the booth, or…

    This is good… Let’s hang vintage Village t-shirts on some of the twine that holds up the parachute (parachute to booth railing)! Like prayer flags in the sky! I bet we could get quite a few.

    We think a January Booth Coord meeting would be a good idea, a way to have booth coords meet with the 50th committee folks and talk about how to work together and what each might do. There’s no time to waste. We’ll talk about when at the Village meeting Jan 10.

    Which might be a good theme for this year… “No Time to Waste!” or the name of the Rallies…

    Tim Mueller 541 521 7208
    Community Village Coordinating Council
    Yes, Yes, Yes

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