Greetings Village,

Below are notes from our last in town meeting. See you onsite Saturday, June 22 at noon. Well, I won’t be there (got a gig) but you will be! Because you gotta pick your puzzle piece and record your story!!

Community Village Meeting notes, June 13, 2019

Sue and Nel facilitating, Lorena vibe watcher, John F time keeper
Council present: Tim, Big John, Diane, Karla, Russell, Kim (shadow) Absent: David (car trouble)


Hello + Set Intention – 3
Childcare – 2
Agenda Review – 2
Fair Announcements – 15
– Workshops & Demos
– Camping
– Registration
– Site Report
– Fire Tenders training
– Construction update
– other…
50th Update & Discussion – Committee – 10
Other Committee updates – 10
– Diversity
– Council Confirmation Process
One Fun Thing – Paul Simon – 5
Moon Lodge Booth Status decision? – 15
Activist Report “Share Fair” – 8
Added agenda items?
Non-Fair Announcements – 10
Meeting feedback (Strokes & Pokes) – 5
Booth Breakdown (at 8:20) – 30
Closing – 5


Set Intention
Lorena asks to invoke our Heart of Gold


Lynn is in Room 3 with the kids. Pass the hat for teens who help out at the Fair

Onsite childcare will be June 22 (our onsite meeting) and July 7, 11am-3pm each day. Please RSVP before you arrive to 541-485-4591.

Agenda Review

Add stage and fire rap in Fair Announcements


Fair Announcements

  • Registration checks will be deposited tomorrow, June 14
  • Maple Gate will be open Thursday 9-9 for entry only
  • Suttle Rd speed limit will be reduced to 25mph during Fair, avoid traffic by entering Suttle from the west end.
  • Exe Director candidates town hall will be streamed. It available now here:
  • Get your 2019 Fair Guidelines at QM in Main Camp
  • “Little Wing”, the Whitebird booth in Zavanadu will be open and fully staffed all of Fair for the first time.
  • Fair membership forms will be available at the Info Booth during Fair.
  • Fire extinguisher training will happen July10-11 from 9-5. Come practice using a fire extinguisher. Not sure where, probably in the parking lot.
  • It’s the 50th…lotsa old folks will be onsite to help celebrate. Keep an eye pout if they need help…
  • Veneta Park opens this weekend with a dedication honoring the Fair’s contribution to this facility. Very cool, with a big sign thanking the Fair!
  • Every Sunday at 10am until Fair join the OM Circle planning group at Scobert Park.
  • Joe (sp?) is this year’s Wattle Guy. He’ be out every weekend as needed. Join him!
  • The Village Bird Walk will be at 6am Saturday of Fair. Wake up!
  • 4th of July fireworks on site require a wristband. If you haven’t sign up by the time you read this, you’re out of luck.
  • For a pre-Fair tour of the site, see Russell onsite on the weekends and Thursday pre-Fair.
  • Fair is offering to childcare our kids at their facility near Alice’s every weekend.
  • Showers are open weekends, Main Camp serves “seconds” to those without meal tickets after all the ticket holders have filled their plates.
  • Whitebird has mosquito repellant
  • Camping: you better talk to Sharon if you haven’t yet!!! 541-602-4567 There is a new area called “West Woods” that may be able to create a Village presence…
  • How to use water buckets in your booth or camp site: Don’t use the water, use the soaked burlap to slap at the fire. Designate an individual to go to the Info Booth to call for help.


50th Celebration Committee

Puzzle Piece:

This idea was conceived as a way for each booth to display something sorta uniform and recognizable as a 50th thing in the booth that would then be interconnected into a larger graphic that could be used every year. Over time it evolved into a 4×4 foot puzzle with 20 pieces, one for each booth plus the stage.

At the onsite meeting June 22, each booth with draw a number from a hat to determine which piece will belong to which booth. By then, the entire thing will be painted into a graphic resembling a heart and the peace sign. Each booth will take home their piece after the drawing, and each are invited to personalize the piece with their own message – booth name, an appropriate quote or drawing, or whatever – as long as the underlying graphic element is still obvious. Each piece can be attached to the booth for display with a screw or a small hole for a string or wire to hang it.

The puzzle piece must be returned to Tim or Russell by Thursday evening pre-Fair. The puzzle will then be part of the Opening Ceremony when each booth will retrieve their piece to hang in the booth. At the Closing ceremony, all those pieces will be returned to the puzzle holder for storage until next year.

Story Booth:
On June 22nd, Joe will be setting up a recording station to record Fair stories that will then be available as an audio file for listening to while looking at the History and Future Walls during Fair. Add your story…what a great chance to share your dreams for the future and your memories of the past!

Work Parties coming up:
Bring jig saws, black light and other paints to help create the History and Future Wall  displays. Check the DRUM for up-to-date announcements.


Diversity Committee

Kim, Ericka, Sue B, Brooks offered these comments:

During the Council selection process this year, issues surrounding LGBTQIA+ inclusivity were brought to the Village as a whole.  Two Village Council Members, who are also members of the LGBTQIA+ community, have decided not to stand for council over the last two years as a result of these issues. There has been a call to Village to do better, and the Village reached consensus to form a Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

We have had five meetings since forming, and we would like to update the Village on our work in the following areas:

  1. We would like to make a training available to Villagers regarding diversity and inclusion.
  2. We are working on exit interview questions to determine where our blind spots are in the Village and what measures need to be taken in order to create an inclusive experience.
    3.   When putting together individual booths this year, consider amplifying voices of marginalized groups and individuals.  Think of ways to incorporate new ideas and perspectives.  Invite someone new to your booth this year.  Explore ways to make the the work in your booth relevant to new groups and individuals.

Examples might include:

– Health and Healing is including statistics and perspectives of healthcare access and outcomes for communities of color versus the broader population in their booth display.

– Intentional Communities is including structure and decision-making process in various communities and what that looks like for alter-abled individuals and communities of color.

– Rainbow Village is putting together a timeline of queer history, beginning with Stonewall with an emphasis on Trans* Women of color.

  1. The Committee  is working with Rainbow Village on a 3pm, Saturday Pride Rally on the Village Green.  The Pride Rally will consist of three components, the past, present, and future.  To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots and to honor the Trans Women of Color who started the queer rights movements, members of the queer community in the Village will read quotes from the founders of this movement.  For a focus on the present, individual queer Villagers will share their stories. Looking to the future, and to specifically address the issue of LGBTQIA inclusivity in the Village, the Diversity/Inclusion Committee is asking booths to bring banners stating their commitments to the queer community and how they can be more inclusive of queer individuals as a community.  At the onsite Village meeting, we will bring supplies for banners for each booth.  Feel free to make your own banner if you wish!
  2. We are listening to Village elders as part of this process, and are updating council on our work and seeking feedback to help guide our work.  We would love more elder participation!

If you have questions or would like guidance, please reach out Kim, Brooks, Ericka, Plaedo, Sue on the Diversity/Inclusion Committee.


Council Confirmation Process Committee

This committee is open to other participants. If our Council confirmation process at present concerns you, please join in the conversation.
John F attempted to do a straw poll…

How Many…
1. No process, just self-select and you’re in? 3-4 yes

  1. Similar to now with some adjustments? 10-11 yes
  2. Arbitration of concerns by outside group? Zero yes
  3. Vote?
    5. Other? Most folks yes

By now concerns and questions overtook the discussion and it timed out.


Moon Lodge
Heather again brought a proposal to the Village to reinstate Moon Lodge as a Booth. They detailed all the activities Moon Lodge does and hopes to do, read their mission statement, confirmed that anyone who identifies as female can come in, and more. (See Below for the written version).


Who would be booth coordinator? All pass holders would be co-coordinators with different designated responsibilities.

What do you mean by ‘Booth status”? Stand alone, autonomous, handle our own paperwork, be respected.

Who gets the day passes? We call out to the Fair, on the web, and take volunteers who step up. We reach out to Planned Parenthood, WomenSpace and other local orgs. All day pass holders must do a work party.

The world is asking women to step up, let’s do this!

Spirit booth supports this. These services have great value.

Will you need more passes? Not at this time.

We will stay focused on Women’s Issues, empowerment.

The question was called and no one expressed further concerns. Consensus was reached: Moon Lodge is now a Booth.


Activist Report: Share Fair

Charles and Zack spoke to us about their mission and work. They have provided over 170,000 free meals over the last few years, and much more. From their website:

The Share Fair connects people with resources, services, and each other in a convenient and fun way.

The Share Fair provides “no barrier” accessibility to necessary resources to anyone in the community who is in need. “No barrier” means there are no questions asked, no forms to fill out, and no one turned away; just people freely giving what they can and taking what they need.

What you’ll find at the Share Fair:

Free food, clothes, and supplies

Free services like haircuts, sewing, and massages

Helpful local organizations providing information about their services (like HIV Alliance and Women’s Space)

Music and a space to relax, talk with people, and just be.

The Share Fair happens the last Tuesday of each month.

Next Share Fair Details

Day: Tuesday, June 25th

Time: 3:00 pm – 6:30 pm

Where: Monroe Park (10th and Monroe)


How you can help:

Volunteers Needed!

We’d appreciate any amount of time you’d be interested in volunteering. There are multiple roles depending on what you’d like to do. (You’re welcome      to just show up and volunteer without signing up in advance. This just helps us plan.)


Non-Fair Announcements
–       Youth Power: Kids will help you get your water buckets

  • Sage Liskey, author of “Surviving Climate Change and Other Disasters” is looking for help…hire him to do handy man stuff, digital work, and more. Awesome guy… 541 224 6679 |
  • Summer Solstice party at EBHC 6/21 6pm
  • Lost Valley is having a campout and dinner, July 6, just $20, Ancient Greek astronomy talk at the National Tap House 4:30 7/7. Learn how ancient Greeks determined the distance to the moon…
  • GoFundMe for Lois is still happening. I don’t know how to find it…
  • Gwen has lotsa trees to take away…want them? Gweneth van Frank 541-521-9171


Booth Breakdown




Bye bye…


Women’s Moon Lodge


The Women’s Moon Lodge recognizes the unique and innate wisdom of women. It is a place that nurtures individual and planetary healing and transformational change.




The Women’s Moon Lodge mission is to provide safe, sacred spaces, reserved for ALL WOMEN, to celebrate sisterhood; share stillness, skills, stories, and songs, and to honor life’s transitions. And, to create gender inclusive spaces for education, exploration and understanding of the issues and struggles facing ALL WOMEN.




To provide a woman-centered space, advocate for women’s issues, and work toward co-creating an equitable future for all, within the Oregon Country Fair and beyond. In the future we hope to expand the lodge, and offer several locations and menstruation stations throughout fair, and offer gatherings and events outside of fair.




Safety – value holistic well being


Inclusivity – honoring all people who identify as women


Advocacy – for all people who identify as women










Human-nature connection




Booth structure:


Two Co-Coordinators


Two Working SOs


18-25 Day Pass/volunteers


15 D




Share pre-fair/fair-time/post-fair organization, planning and lodge supervision responsibilities. Work opening shift on Friday and closing shift on Sunday and share supervision of the lodge at all other times. Are expected to attend three CV meetings/two work parties, and be available


to attend WML meetings, and host one work party, on or off site.


Working SOs:


Participate in setup and break down, and support the coordinators in and outside of the lodge.


Day Pass Workers:


Participate in the lodge for WML meetings, work parties, consensus, and contribute 2-5 hours of time in workshops or facilitating the lodge per day pass, and pay $10 per day pass.


Working SOs: Are expected to attend one CV meetings/and one work party.


Day Pass Volunteers: Are encouraged to attend CV and onsite meetings/work parties, as well as one WML meetings prior to fair.

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