Happy Holidays!

In late November we were notified by the Universalist Church that we could no longer meet in their facility due to a new church activity schedule that took precedence over our needs. Council began a search for a new place. With help from villagers who made suggestions, Tree Breeson who provided a comprehensive venue list, and Council Shadows Kim and Sara, we narrowed the choices to 5 possibilities and sent out a Doodle poll to get your input – 35 villagers responded. The results of that poll showed a very close choice between the 1st Congregational church near the U of O, and 1st United Methodist, 1376 Olive St.

Council (and shadows) discussed this at our Holiday Party last night. The discussion included comparing the cost (1st Cong – $145 for 3 hrs, 1st Method $125 for 4 hrs including a mic), convenience (1st Cong near U of O, 1st Method right downtown), and a less tangible discussion about their activity in our community. 1st Cong has some great progressive programs we know of, and 1st Method’s activity was not known by any of us.

After this discussion, we decided to go with the 1st Methodist downtown. We are now in the process of getting a copy of their contract to sign and providing them with needed documents. So, while not 100% for sure, we are confident enough to announce the new space. So please share this info with your booth mates and friends, and we’ll see you January 9th, 2020 at the 1st Methodist Church, 1376 Olive St…the building some call the “Toaster Church”. Orientation at 6:30, regular meeting from 7-9pm.


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