North meeting notes

Horst (Doors), Cordy (H&H), Tim, Skyler (Art), Gigabyte, Wendy Larson (Arts), Russell, Joe Anybody (Mike) (Doors), Jasmine, Ani, Wintry Whit Smith, Tave, Em, Devin, Ayisha,

Will there be a Fair this year?
We don’t know yet. Some say this will decided at the April 6 OCF Board meeting. This meeting will be streamed and the link will be posted on the OCF Family sight,

Consensus Chat
I took very brief notes…. We talked a bit about this.

Diversity chat
Folks were supportive of the idea of temporary passes to develop diversity in our Village. If groups found a place with our Village, they could be asked to be a permanent participant. Most seemed to prefer a longer period, make the 1 year idea be 2 or 3 years.

Pass cost sharing
Tim and Russell explained the plan that was consented on at the March 14 Remote Meeting. There was agreement that this is an equitable way to go about it, providing no-cost pass holders to choose to share or not share the average cost of passes with the rest of the Village. That choose appears on the 2020 eligibility form for Service Booths.

Eligibility deadline
Tim explained that April 9 is the eligibility deadline to have completed your online form, or have had your booth coordinator do it with you on the phone, or have mailed your booth coordinator your filled out PDF form (Tim will make) in time for it to arrive by April 9.

Work parties organization
Russell talked about organizing work party tasks so that projects could be done by people with that project’s interests and needed skills. Big John and Sara are working on that. Plus Russell has ideas to again do the Future and Past walls on the Shady Grove Path. While the past wall would be the same with perhaps new photos, the Future wall would provide a new way to interact with passerbys. He shared his theme ideas, but I don’t remember. It will be discussed again at future meetings.

Voting at Fair, sign up. That’s it.

Elder status
Please be sure your booth coord is keeping good records of your participation and pass status (worker or SO) so it can be tracked and counted when you apply for Elder status. John Flannery has some records, but there are gaps. Beginning in 2019, registration and passallocation records are being kept from the eligibility forms online. So use the forms!

We ended the meeting going around the “room” and sharing how we are dealing with the quarantine. Lotsa love in the room.

Thanks, all.


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