Community Village Meeting October 8, 2020 Meeting Minutes


Set Intention – 5
Agenda Review – 5
Fair Announcements – 5
Fair Debrief, Comments – 30
Virtual Whatever committee set up –  15
Stand for Council – 10
Diversity report – 10
Activist report – BLM? – 10
Web portal for non-profits option – 5
Additional Agenda Items – 5
Non-Fair announcements – 10
Strokes & Pokes – 5

Council Members Attending:

Tim, Nathan, Karla, David

Diane provided notification she was unable to attend due to another meeting.

Facilitator: Tim
Minutes: Nathan
Timekeeper: Kimberly


Kim suggested we all introduce ourselves, so we did. Villagers in attendance introduced themselves, including Cordy Anderson and Bodhi Goforth (Health and Healing), Tim Mueller (Council), Kimberly Roblaze (Intentional Communities, Council Shadow, “She’s Back!”), Jain Elliot (Little Village), Sara Sweatt (Council Shadow, Doors of Expression), Maggie Peccora (Doors of Expression), Brooks McLain (Rainbow Village, Village Diversity Committee, Council Shadow), Siobahn Cancél (Newbie), Donald Burton (Doors of Expression), Kelsey Kawders (Little Village), David Hoffman (Council), Karla Caudell (Council, Village Treasurer), Wally Bomgaars (OCF Executive Director). Margaret and Eric (Arts Booth) joined in later.



Jain: Fair site is closed to walk arounds, open only Friday through Sunday.


Villagers in attendance discussed their experience of the 2020 NOCF Virtual Fair. Thanks were given to Adrian and Tim and all the others who worked to make it happen.

Villagers found much to enjoy in the virtual experience, including a sense of community, entertaining music, great emcees, informational workshops, but also pointed to limitations of experience in terms of sensory experience, full community experience, low attendance at workshops, ineffectual booth hangouts, uncertain exposure of artists and vendors, marginal merchandise sales. The hope is that some of these limitations can be overcome as we plan for 2021, which will quite possibly again be virtual.

Wally congratulated all the hard work and shared his experience of community through helping create the virtual event.

VIRTUAL VILLAGE COMMITTEE 2021 (not the official name)

Villagers in attendance discussed the roles and responsibilities of committee members in producing a virtual village event, including content development, technical production, stage management, booth participation, etc. Villagers noted that more volunteers are required! David says: For each physical space, have pix and video of Fairtime people to better create the feeling of ambiance.

Kimberly, Tim, Sara, Margaret, Eric, and Nathan volunteered to serve on the committee and help recruit other villagers to the cause. Adrian will also be involved, and others will be needed. The committee will meet virtually in the near future to decide committee meeting protocols (and naming the committee), goals and objectives, roles and responsibilities. Kimberly will call the first meeting.


This is the first time that villagers will stand for council in October, in keeping with revised procedures agreed to by village. This will allow the village to confirm its council in January and commence work on the coming fair.

Those standing for council rose and spoke of the interest in and qualifications for council positions. The following villagers stood for council. Their contact information is included so that villagers with concern may contact them directly within one week of publication of these minutes to the CV Drum, in keeping with revised procedures agreed to by the village. Please GO HERE for the new process for confirming Council this season.

Karla Caudell: 541-337-5319,

Tim Mueller: 541-521-7208,

Diane Albino: 541-954-4721,

David Hoffman: 541-484-9204,

Nathan Georgitis: 541-743-5636,

Sara Sweatt, 541 554 2012,

Brooks McLain,   541.515.5804

The following villagers stood for council shadow:

Kim Robles, 541-743-3913
Lois Inman, 541-836-2670  


Brooks: Village Diversity Committee last met before virtual fair, worked on statement in response to whole village meeting, and sent that out. The committee produced a day of programming for virtual fair, including workshops, panel discussion, and music. The committee is considering what to do with recordings of content. Also serving on OCF Diversity Committee working on making fair more inclusive of all. Engaged with BLM movement. Good collaboration between village diversity and fair diversity committees. Next meeting is TBD, likely January 2021.


The villagers discussed a goal of developing the village website to more effectively promote the activist organizations that constitute our village. Nathan and Margaret proposed to start the ball rolling on this as part of the Not-Yet-Named virtual planning committee.


The villagers reviewed with Wally Bomgaars, OCF Executive Director, the nature of community village meetings, including attendance, activities, personalities, discussions, etc. He thought our meeting was “well run.”


Tim challenged us to an impromptu scavenger hunt, which Margaret won by producing an unused toothbrush in about three seconds flat.


Vote, please, in OCF Elections and National Election!

East Blair Housing Coop hosts a Tiki Tuesday, COVID-safe outdoor party, 6:30-8 PM!

KindTree – Autism Rocks is preparing a virtual Halloween event, including scary stories and costume contest!


Great to see everyone! Good job, Tim. Thanks for taking minutes, Nathan. Thanks for joining us, Wally.

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