Community Village Meeting May 13, 2021

Present: Tim, Cordy, Jair, Karen K, Karen A, Lexi, Transponder, Kelsy, Jared, Sara, Lareina, Jeanette, Chrissy, Jain, K Walters, Horst, Emz, Sarajessica, Jade, Mark, Nathan, Eric, Diane, John F, Lexi H, Brooks, Sue B, Linda M, Laura, Scott, Goprinda, Carrie, Barbara, Brian, River, David, Banjo Mike, Rich W – 35!
Council not present: Karla

Facilitation: Karrie, Notes: Tim

Hello – in breakout rooms (15 everyone – Host)
Set Intention (5 Minutes, Facilitator)
Agenda Review (3 Minutes, Facilitator)
Fair Announcements (5 Minutes)
June in person meeting? (10 minutes – Tim)
Site Report (5 Minutes)
Any theme designs to share? Mosquito merch? (5 minutes)
One Fun Thing – (5 Minutes, Facilitator)
Activist report – River returns to talk about Transponder, for sure!! (15 Minutes)
Village Cloud FairEz committee report w/website update (Tim et al, 15 Minutes)
Village online donation acceptance discussion. (10 minutes)
Booth Reports (10 minutes)
Unfair Announcements (5 minutes, All)
Strokes and pokes (5 minutes, All)


Hello – in breakout rooms (15 everyone)

Set Intention

Agenda Review
OK, no additions

Fair Announcements
– Jain- can work at fair site weekends, sign up on .net.
– We reviewed meeting processes…

June in person meeting?
When? Where?
Diane – Guidelines may change, 10-4pm site is open, not large groups onsite. Suggests Skinners Butte, or baseball diamond nearby… How to navigate parking there? Meet during the week on our regular 2nd Thursday, where to park? Alton Baker park has good parking, meet in the meadow, no conflict with others, at the space near the solar system, near shelters, where Art in the Vineyard happens. Sit 6ft apart. Plan to meet outdoors, change back to Zoom if covid. Bring vaccine card to be able to sit close together? Village poll show most want to stick with Zoom!
(Added at the end of meeting) Brooks re: onsite meeting – we could coordinate a walk, guidelines may change. Let’s not let this go…

Site Report
David: things are good, lots of wild geraniums, stinky Bob, roots are not deep so these are easy to pull. Erosion on the river side continues.  May rearrange path and booths on upper village loop & Shady Grove by 2022 maybe. Big maple is down, stump is safe, crew may let it rot. Site crew is mowing. Over all the site is very pleasant, a nice walk, we can park outside after hours and walk. Mosquitos are waiting…

Any theme designs to share? Mosquito merch?
Showed t-shirt and buttons. See them on the website home page:  Lareina: Between now and 2nd Thursday in June to order. Tim will research making patches, too?

One Fun Thing
Pets n Plans to show off… So many…

Activist report – River returns to talk about Transponder and OCF diversity process.
River: Good to see you all. They/them… OCF is planning new spaces in Zavanadu: a BIPOC and LGBTQ spaces next to each other, plus an in-between “ally” space with good support from Path Planning. Oblio is a hired consultant working with upper management…says “don’t pack yourself on the back yet!” There is more work that needs to be done, so much to do. A report will be out soon. 2020 made a virtual booth with avatars that were cute, River got lost though, couldn’t find how to go anywhere… Tim asked, can you help us connect with diverse entertainers? Also contact Sean from the dance pavilion, Laura from spoken word. River:, Oblio: Sue: speak about what else TransPonder is doing outside of Fair. First a shout out to Emz who is also on the board. We’re busy doing things online… support groups, Facebook, emails, HIV partnership for hormone delivery, lots of trainings for other non-profits regarding support for diversity. Hiring a new Executive Director. Emz: memberships, especially through online groups, has become international. Car donation program recently got a car that will be given to person in need. We also have a peer call line. Cordy: is there a plan to have a zoom booth during Fair? Maybe we could do a hangout room, Tim will follow up. How do we get kids involved in the new spaces at the real Fair? Just show up, they will be welcome. Tim: got anything to help a mom? That’s a bigger question, contact River later and ask them about help for mom.

Village Cloud FairEz committee report w/website update
Entertainment: 46 acts, 20 asked to upload 15-20 min, more to come. Arthur and Anita, hoping they can host, maybe facilitate a conversation with other elders, particularly folks who started at the Village and now do other parts of Fair. Tave is hosting, Jair is doing a workshop.
Brooks: P&J hoping to do a hang out. Wild Edibles hanging out 11-2pm, some workshops in the works. Alisha in OCF Suggest something… Tim will schedule a FairEz meeting.
Website development Nathan…want to get nonprofits from booths to populate with info. Can embed videos…
Video submission deadline June 19
The 3D virtual fair needs Images of your booth to display, send them to Tim wonders, who to give them to? Link to 3D page her so folks can practice moving around in that environment:

Booth Reports
Fruit Booth – using the same videos from 2020. P&J – creating video montage of the booth activities. H&H – planning in-person live and pre-recorded workshops and webpage update. Hoping some of the time to host the village green space hangout – who would like to join in that? Karrie Youth Booth – the Lego boy wants Lego donations to create another part of the fair…? Little Village – working on a film in the woods of kids learning nature skills and a bunch of stuff. Master Gardner – not doing much. Just a link. Extension service is on the ballot. Jair – Doors met and talked a bit about CV page. Horst: trying to get in-person meeting, hoping something comes of that.

Village online donation acceptance discussion.
Explanation: This would allow non-profits to feature donation buttons on their booth’s webpage, or on a “donation” page, or a link featured on the stream. Comments: Jain – OK with Fair, OK with her. Nonprofit donation links would be OK. OCF had tip jars for entertainers in some streams. Folks like having a chance to support. Will we have a stream – ask Adrian? Nonprofits are struggling now, awesome as long as it’s easy. Raise hands: lotsa support. No concerns.

Unfair Announcements
11th anniversary of what is communication professor Suzanne Simard…How Trees Communicate Thursday May 20 noon.

Oregon Community Asylum network has online auction ongoing, help pay rent, bond release, food etc Donate here:  or OCAN PO box 5961 Eugene 97405

Tim looking for 3BR home/apartment for friends
Watch “Everything’s gonna be OK” TV show on HULU about people with Down’s Syndrome.

Strokes and pokes
Great job Karrie!
Nice to end early
34 attendees, most this season!
Banjo Mike, play your banjo for next month’s fun thing

One thought on “Community Village Meeting Notes May 13, 2021

  1. Re: [New post] Community Village Meeting Notes May 13, 2021
    In Wild Geranium, the crown is ABOVE ground so easy to pull without digging.
    Stinky Bob is easy to spot due to Rhubarb Red stalks plus easy to pull without digging because the crown is well above ground.
    Shiny Geranium is harder to spot and harder to pull because the crown is barely above ground. Pliers are useful.
    Why: seeds shoot twenty feet and are pointy so wiggle down to ground contact. “Class B noxious weed”

    “Where nature reigns and only the occasional person wanders by.”
    “Above All, Reverence For The Land”
    Faire VegManEC Crew. Vegetation Management and Erosion Control.

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