Spirit Booth

The Spirit Booth in the Oregon Country Fair's Community Village is made up of individuals who collaborate to offer a variety of spiritual centering and uplifting experiences throughout the fair, including the Community Village Opening Circle, as well as energy work in the booth, and a variety of ritual and sacred activities that you can … Continue reading Spirit Booth

Little Village

Little Village in the Oregon Country Fair's Community Village is a childcare booth where potty-trained kiddos can enjoy reading, face-painting, crafts, and other experiences while their parents explore or work in the Village. Pre-potty-trained kids are welcome with their own one-on-one adult.


The 4-A Booth in the Oregon Country Fair's Community Village is dedicated to supporting fair visitors and staff with access needs and support. The 4-A booth is staffed by Alter-Abled Access Ambassadors. We are a subset of a larger Fair-wide service crew like Security, and are based both at the Dragon’s Head and in the … Continue reading 4-A

Lifelong Learning

The Lifelong Learning booth, located between the Village History area and Health and Healing, is made up of several groups whose work explores alternatives in education for children and adults. Groups include schools, adult education groups, and education advocacy organizations. Math and Science Sirens The goal of MASS is to encourage and empower girls, both … Continue reading Lifelong Learning

Come Unity House

The Come Unity House in the Oregon Country Fair's Community Village presents programming by the Klamath Bird Observatory and the Lane County Extension Service Master Gardeners. Klamath Bird Observatory Klamath Bird Observatory advances bird and habitat conservation through science, education, and partnerships. We nurture a conservation ethic in our communities through regular outreach and educational … Continue reading Come Unity House