Community Village Meeting, March 14, 2019

Council present: Tim, Big John, Karla, Drake, David.
Facilitator Sue and Ingrid
Notes: Tim, updated 3/18/2019

Childcare rap – 3 minutes
Set Intention – 3
Agenda Review – 3
Fair Announcements – 5
Site Report – 3
Diversity discussion – 20 – Katie
50th Update & Discussion – 10 – Committee
Council Confirmation for Drake, Russell and Tim – 15
One Fun Thing – 3 – Diane
Budget Proposal Discussion – Arthur – 10
Added agenda items, if any – 5
W&D, Camping, Timely Communication
Non-Fair Announcements – 5
Booth Breakdown – 30
Feedback (Strokes & Pokes) – 3
OM – 2

Come play with us!

Set Intention
We have a Vibe Watcher and Time Keeper. If you agree, do so with twinkles, no need to repeat if you agree with something already said, be concise, all to save time so we can all participate.

Agenda Review
Some agenda items added. See above.

Fair Announcements

  • CeDaR Mediators are available anytime to mediate for FREE between folks for any Fair issue.
  • Joe’s loop hearing assistance demo is happening now, here.
  • Eligibility Forms are now online and active. Forms are due by end of meeting April 11. Changes this year include a receipt and copy of your form emailed upon submission, the request that you forward that email to your booth coord, and a dedicated field to add booth coord comments when the form is forwarded to them.
  • Signs & Banners will be doing painting and sign making at the Art Barn only, on these days from noon to 4pm: June 2, 16, 30.
  • Arthur has Fair membership forms. Become a member so you can vote and otherwise get more involved. Also here:
  • Orientation will send out Village information packets to all who sign up for one. A sheet will be passed around.
  • Kid’s Council. Youth Power is facilitating this. A sheet is going around to sign up your kids if you think they might wanna be part of this, esp the 50th Celebration stuff.

Katie spoke to this. They said… CV has a reputation in some under-represented communities of being unwelcoming, not a safe place, an example of “Hippie privilege”. Starting a Rainbow Village booth got a lot of pushback, Moon Lodge has problems, one being what to do with trans folks who identify as female but still have a penis. Council had discussed a monthly diversity “rap”, but who wants to come and give an 8 minute training? So we have some serious work to do…


  • Set up workshop training, maybe multiple sessions
  • Implicit bias training
  • If we consent to Arthur’s pass increasing idea, we can dedicate some passes to new, diverse groups.
  • It’s more than the wristbands…we need to appeal to groups representing diversity activism.
  • Have a “diversity booth”
  • Please don’t call it that, sounds like tokenism.
  • It’s easy to see the Village as a closed community, that needs to be broken down.
  • Host guest organizations annually or just for a few years to keep fresh openings.
  • If we have feedback that folks do not feel welcome, we should ask them what to do about it, rather than trying to figure it our ourselves.
  • Some spoke about how they were confused and felt alone at first. Maybe we should just be more welcoming and friendly to newcomers overall. Show some love and get to know Villagers. Make it so, no matter who they are, they will want to join us.
  • Put intention into being inviting.
  • We are a community of activists, we should inspire the next generation and other new activists.
  • It’s easy to know what diverse groups are active in Eugene. Invite them, make it easy, maybe exempt them for the first year so they can try us out.
  • Make a committee to develop some proposals. A signup sheet went around. I don’t know who has it…
  • Put Diversity on the April Agenda

50th Celebration

I was a little disappointed at the low enthusiasm for this report. Hopefully we can turn that up a bit at the next meeting…

To submit items for the History or Future Wall, contact Russell. 541-870-5187
To submit an idea and date for your organization’s or booth’s Activist Rally, contact Omo.
To submit a request to perform at the Friday night Speakeasy party, contact Bob. 541-687-2746
To present expected spending for approval, and post spending reimbursing, contact Kim. 541-743-3913
Tim will attend the next Booth Coord meeting to work out the Standard Inner Booth Display (SIBD) idea…puzzle piece, or?

The Ritz is doing Time Capsules. I really hope the Kid’s Council will submit stuff…what the kids want to see in 10, 15, more years. Anyone can submit stuff. Read more about it here: Submit time capsule stuff here: Ritz Sauna & Showers, PO Box 7274, Springfield, OR 97475, Attn: Time Capsules.

We didn’t discuss t-shirts…someone is still needed to coordinate that display.
Any questions, Tim: 541 521 7208

Site Report

Site is open but dangerous. Minor CV damage. Storage barn collapsed, stuff is being moved, Big John is going out this weekend to find stuff.

Timely Communication
Lois reminded us that Council confirmation conflicts should be engaged with and resolved as soon as the issue surfaces. Conflict that lives inside of us harms us, seeking resolution asap can prevent that harm. Using the above mention CeDaR is available and appropriate anytime. We seek understanding, we don’t give up.
Our Guidelines:
“GRIEVANCE PROCESS: The goal of the Grievance process is clarification, understanding, and resolution as early in the process as possible. The person who perceives a problem 1) talks with the person seen as causing the problem or not following an agreed upon process; 2)talks with their Booth coordinator; 3) talks with their Booth as a group; 4) talks with their Council Booth liaison; 5) talks with the Council as a group. The Council has the authority to impose consequences; 6) brings the issue to a Village meeting to appeal a Council decision, consequence, or for further discussion; 7) files an OCF grievance procedure if needed. The OCF Grievance Committee can often help you with a neutral mediator if needed.”

Council Confirmation
After going through the resolution process with someone with concerns, Tim and Russell are confirmed, and Kim is shadowing. Efforts between Drake and Katie and Kim (who had concerns) were unsuccessful, resolution was not reached and Drake withdrew.
Katie spoke, saying that their concerns had been discussed with Drake many times over the last year, they met with Drake and advocates, responded to lotsa emails, and discussed it at Council meetings. Katie believe Drake’s behavior was trans-phobic (she also said she doesn’t think he is trans-phobic, but his behavior was) and he wasn’t able to hear why trans people have issues with him, and often resorted to attacks in lengthy emails.
Drake spoke, saying these issues are serious, but that this Village meeting is not the space to resolve them now. Drake said “There are different opinions in the trans community itself about what is termed the “call out culture” in diversity activism, and I am glad that the diversity issue was finally getting discussed.”  “I understand my service is not the wish of the Village at this time.” This year is a time when “bad behavior” is finally being confronted. Let us not forget what makes the Village special…

Pass Proposal
Arthur will save this item for next month to save time tonight.

One Fun Thing
Paul rocked us!!

Camping report.

Sharon likes whiskey even more than chocolate. Check your check-ins from last year at the April and May meetings. All the rest you need to know is here….form to be updated soon.

Workshops & Demos
Space is still available, form is here. Sign up asap to save your space.

Unfair announcements

Booth Breakdown. No reports.


“Time” signal not always seen by speaker.

Closing the Confirmation discussion was the right thing to do.

Vibe watcher was awesome

Facilitator assertiveness was valued

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