Hey Fair Fam – A couple of big new changes for this year’s 50th Fair.

One…. The driving speed on Suttle Road will be officially reduced to 25 MPH starting Pre-Fair on Wednesday morning, July 10th through Post-Fair on Monday evening July 15th. Reduced Speed ODOT signs will be posted, flaggers will be at Suttle & Territorial, and law enforcement will be ticketing speeders.

Second……. Maple Gate, off the highway, will be open Pre-Fair on Thursday July 11th for IN traffic only. Hours will be 9am to 9pm. This will give fair family fast access IN to registration, and they can avoid the congestion and reduced speed limits on Suttle Road.

Please spread the word to other fair family. It should greatly help with the congestion gridlock if folks are in the know.

In Peachiness,

Smilee 🙂

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