Minutes from the May 9, 2019 Community Village meeting

Facilitators: Jaci and Kim, Vibe: Loreina: Time keeper: Omo

Council Present: Tim, Karla, Big John, Diane, Russell, Kim (David’s car won’t start)

Set Intention
Hold hands, feel hearts beating together in Community. Let’s make this the best Fair ever!!

Onsite childcare will happen at the June 22 onsite meeting at noon, one other time TBD. Passing the hat for Youth Power donations.

Add Agenda items if time
Elder talk, Council selection

Meeting end rap
We really need to leave the building at 9pm. Take your visiting and chats outside please. Let’s make it happen.

Fair Announcements

  • There will be a Peace and Justice Rally Friday at 3:10 on the Green. See Michael to add your name to the annual Peace advert in the RG. Michael Carrigan peace@calclane.org
  • The Monday OCF Board meeting adopted a resolution to make the Fair carbon neutral by 2025.
  • Rich W (Squirt a shirt guy) will have a booth in the Fair this year selling his tie dye shirts. Woohoo! Booth number 420-10 = 410.
  • This year’s Spring Fling raised a record amount of money for KOCF, Culture Jam and the Jill Heinman fund – $8,500!
  • Maple Gate will be open for entry to the Fair
  • It’s gonna be a very dry year… See the fire blurb at the bottom of this message… Get your fire extinguisher checked for free at Mallory Supply on 645 Wilson St. Use code phrase “OCF Happy Days”.
  • Dan and Carly were introduced as this year’s construction team members.
  • Big “Thank You” to 4A member Adrian for all his help migrating out website to a new platform (communityvillageocf.org ) He did a great job. We plan on adding a feedback feature soon to collect your comments and suggestions.
  • Reminder – there is a CV meeting evert Fair morning at 10am to hear important info and ask needed questions, followed on Friday by the Opening Circle and on Sunday by the OM Circle. Be one together.
  • Go HERE to get the form and become a voting member of the Fair.
  • Alice Dimicele will be at Tsunami Books May 31st at 7:30
  • 50th Anniversary Exhibit will open at the Lane County Historical Museum June 8, 12-8pm
  • Orientation: Kid’s Council is working on the 3 chips and crafts. Booth Coord meeting was good, more to come we hope. Let’s get better at appreciating each other and our contributions to the Village. Mentioned and thanked: Tim, Loreina and Paul S.
  • Camping: Check with Sharron tonight and get your info updated. More info HERE.
  • Registration: Vehicle stickers: Add up the number of worker and SOI passes, divide by 2. That is the number of vehicle passes your booth will be allotted. If that total is 5 or less, all will be outta sight or far side passes. If between 5 and 10, 1 will be outer limits pass. If 10 or more, 2 will be outer limits passes. This will hopefully result in more early clarity and fewer on the wait list. OCF may sell you passes at the sticker booth at $40 a pop. More info at the June meeting.
  • Fire Tenders needed We will have a camp fire in the Green Saturday with at least 3 volunteers signed up already. Other nights are possible. If you wanna volunteer contact Russell at russellinpc@gmail.com.

Theme decision

3 themes were mentioned. 1. “Searching for a Heart of Gold” 2. “Community Village – Where Love Tries Harder” 3. “Community Village – the HeartH of the Fair”. Mentioned during the discussion: “CV: Heart of Gold”, “CV: The Heart of the Fair”. Various combinations of these were also discussed. The final choice consented to is “Community Village: Heart of Gold” See T-shirt graphic draft HERE.

50th Anniversary  Committee

Someone asked about T-shirts for display. Russell said the plan is to put up a banner with t-shirt graphics printed on the banner, so actual t-shirts are not needed. From Russell:
Friday night party:

  • Title for party?
  • Time will be 9:30-12:30
  • Bob has acts covered and is working on line up
  • Each booth will do a center piece for tables: Think hurricane vase. Make sure it lights up
  • Cloud lights: will need different size paper lanterns (12 total), led lights (battery powered, 4-5 total), Cotton stuffing
  • Gold decorations for tables and booths: think table skirts, door beads
  • Can use extra glow in the dark paint for outside games: think glow in the dark twister

Past and future walls:

  • Teresa from pre-fair main camp is donating 2 4ftx8ft back canvases
  • Will need wood panels (3-4 total) for the different cut outs
  • Need acrylic paint
  • Need glow in the dark paint
  • Need black lights to charge glow in the dark paint
  • Gathering photos/protest flyers
  • Need a painter

Rally on the Green:

  • Friday: Peace and Justice
  • Saturday: Rainbow Village
  • Sunday: Green Earth will do something

Inner booth display:

  • We have a design, thanks Tim! (see design draft image HERE)
  • Have access to laser cutter at the end of May
  • Need wood panel 4x4ft
  • Need table to connect pieces, will need a 1” or so border applied
  • Big John will help

One Fun Thing
Paul led us as we sang an African song “Hey lay lay Momma” I forgot what is means, but it was cool.

Workshops & Demos

The schedule will be sent to the Peach Pit tomorrow!! A few slots open still. Form is HERE.

Activist Report: Carry It Forward

Arwen spoke, she is the Coord for Spoken Word. Her nonprofit began 4 years ago . They have 3 main functions. 1. Collect donations for the unhoused. These are given out for folk’s emergency needs and more. 2. They hire unhoused folks to provide laundry services to homeless camps and at the Whitebird campus. 3. They do humane cleanup of stuff left behind by sleepers on the street. They store if temporarily and notify the owner how to claim their stuff. It is all cleaned and distributed for reuse if not claimed.
Lynn, another volunteer, spoke about their May 25th event at Whirled Pies from 2-6pm featuring a silent auction, maybe music, and will receive your donations, too. They can also pick up your donations and need more volunteers. They received a donation form the Jill Heinman fund. More info HERE.

Non-Fair Announcements.

Put your announcements HERE.

  • STEEL WOOL is at the Brew Station in Cottage Grove Friday the 10th – Tonight!!
  • Send your healing energy to Jeremy who’s health is failing, and to Larry who is in hospice.
  • Pow Wow at U of O this weekend for Mother’s Day. Katie Sontag has some great upcoming shows.
  • Whitaker Market is open on Sundays in Scobert Park. Paul is seeking donations to gear up the stage and musicians to play. Contact Paul here: 541-515-1142 psimon32@msn.com
  • World Naked Bike Ride will be in September this year. Get ready, choose your outfit carefully.…

Added Agenda Item: Elder talks

Burt, the former Yurt guy, spoke eloquently about his history at the Fair and what it means to him. This will be his last year in the Village as he has transferred the Yurt to others and trained them well. He recalled being at a Rainbow gathering in 1979 when they gathered for the giant OM. As they did so, a rainbow appeared in the sky. Ever since, the Village OM circle has been his backup, his pillar. He urged us all to get to know each other, to look each other in the eye, to be united in our community, in our hearts. He urged us to participate in the OM circle led by Paul Simon, who has dispelled Burt’s disillusionment with the world through his strong voice and leadership. Farewell, Burt, may peace be with you.

Notes by Tim Mueller

Fire Safety


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