This proposal was discussed at the September Village meeting – which led to adjustments – and is on the agenda for our October 10 Village meeting. Attend the meeting to offer your thoughts. – Tim

The most recent Council selection process gave us another year of hard decisions, hurt feelings, and many hours lost in discussing issues as a group during Village meetings and especially during very long Council meetings.

Village members deserve to spend our limited time together planning for the upcoming fair.

A small group of people convened to discuss the Council selection process.  At least 3 of us in this group are Village elders and the formation of this group was announced over the drum asking for participants and also at least one Village meeting.  After much discussion and many years of witnessing the current process (which some of us helped to define in the past) we have come up with a proposal for you all to consider.

Please take the time read this carefully and be ready to discuss and offer other options for any specifics for which you have issues:

A Proposal for a revised Council Selection Process
by Nel Applegate, Arthur Jones, John Flanery, Karla Caudell , and Sue Barnhart


People will stand for Council this coming January of 2020, but for future years people stand for Council at the October Community Village meeting (beginning October 2020).


A Villager (and/or advocate if needed) with concerns about a person standing for Council must notify that person within 1 week. Parties shall discuss and resolve issues by phone or in person, (email is not recommended).


If concerns persist:
* notify Council that dialogue did not resolve issues, and
* request mediation from CeDaR. CeDaR is the fair’s conflict resolution team that focuses on interpersonal disputes between fair family members. The CeDaR team is comprised of professionally trained volunteer mediators from the Center for Dialogue and Resolution, a nonprofit agency located at 1400 Cross St. Eugene 541- 344-5366.
*If mediation is not requested within three weeks after the stand for Council the person standing will be confirmed to council.
*CeDaR will arrange mediation.
*CeDaR will provide to Council the final written agreement from mediation.


If issues are not resolved in mediation, arbitration is requested from the Village Resource Group. The Village Resource Group will be made up of long-time villagers, at least 3 of whom must be present for the arbitration. Council Resource Group members will recuse themselves if they have a conflict of interest and will seek appropriate training.  (The Fair offers trainings in conflict resolution and arbitration each October).  The arbitrators will listen to both parties and decide the outcome. OUTCOME IS BINDING. This will happen before the second meeting following the stand for Council.


The Village welcomes the new Council the second meeting after the stand for Council.

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