Because our meetings are remote for now, we have prepared this space for you to share information you had intended to share at the meeting with all who are interested. Use the comment space below to add your Fair Announcement, Raps and other info that you’d like.

6 thoughts on “March 12 & April 9 2020 Meeting Agenda Topics

  1. The Diversity Committee has not met since the last Village meeting, and there are no current plans to meet in-person in the near future. We will explore options for video meetings and announce any planned video meeting.

  2. Eligibility Forms are LIVE

    The 2020 eligibility forms are now ready to be accessed. The Service Booth form includes a field for sharing the cost of your free pass with the rest of the Village, just in case we agree to do so when next we meet…when it would be too late to add the field. Please, all service booths use the form. Forms are due by April 9th. Booth Coords will get, hopefully, weekly updates.

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