Community Village Meeting Minutes

Thursday, April 9, 2020


Location: Go-To Meeting

Attending: Approx. 53 attendees at maximum

Facilitating: Sam

Council Members Present: Tim, Nathan, Karla, Russell, David, Diane, and shadow Brooks.
Guest: Crystalyn from the OCF Staff

Minutes: Nathan, additions by Tim



Called to order at 7:05 PM

Set intention (5 min.) (Nel)

Three breaths with thoughts of being with each other and in bright sunshine.


Meeting Logistics (Sam)

Use the chat window to “raise your hand” and get onto the stack or email – this went to Sam.

Roll call requested by a villager.


Fair Announcements

OCF CV Eligibility Forms postponed one month. Will be updated weekly, hopefully.

Booth Coordinators please keep track of both member attendance.
Discussion on Having Fair this Year

Villagers discussed concerns relating to having, cancelling, or postponing the fair. Most seemed resigned to the likelihood Fair will not happen in July

Villagers expressed hopes of manifesting virtually in support of community in ways that are conscientious and supportive and learning as much as we can from the experience. Fair has limited experience and capacity for this and is looking for volunteers and collaboration. How to make a virtual fair compelling? Let’s use OCF’s Facebook audience to amplify message and community.

Brainstorm ideas for virtual village / Fair:

Online DJ Party

Stream and come together

Crystalyn OCF: reach out to OCF for help – has access to fair footage

Adrian can help

Musicians get paid, help drive viewers
Do it Fair Wide

Virtual tip jars, Sales portals

Interactive fair map, like a video game

Art display

Discussion interaction, W&D

Live stream w/ MC virtual fair, schedule

Fair wide sliding scale

Opening circle

Entertaining people in front of cameras

Raise money

Activist Reports

Committee Members:
Tim is Chair?!?




Banjo Mike?
Bob Fennesy?

Villagers expressed hopes of supporting community in absence of fair through online communications and action. Virtual content made for an online Fair could remain on our site all year, helping inform public about our missions.

More on this as a Virtual Village Committee meets and reports…

Direct giving between haves and have-nots.


Diversity Committee Report (Brooks)

Discussion of potential

A few organizations are being considered by the committee.

Look for committee participation opportunities on CVDrum.


One Fun Thing

Virtual Hokey Pokey!

Put your soul, Lungs, and heart in.


Activist Report: Planet vs Pentagon / Activism Work in a World at Home

We’re in deep shit. We have to do more.

Don’t pay your taxes. Buy local first. Learn something new. Take responsibility. Be then do. Engage your circle at length with substance and heart.

Website homepage could be occupied by a message. Send your activist poster and banner images for posting: Send to:


Additional Agenda Items



Non-Fair Announcements

[Minute taker lost connection.]


Strokes & Pokes

[Minute taker lost connection.]

Lots of strokes to Sam for doing a good job facilitating.



This had so many people laughing…the software could not listen to more than 2 or 3 people at a time, so the sound was crazy! It was good to laugh together.

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