Community Village Minutes, 3-11-2021

Facilitators: Lareina and Jaci
Notes: Tim

Attending: Jaci, Tim, Lareina, Jamie, Adrian, Syn B, Sara Jessica, Pleado, Kelsey, Sara H, Sharon, Jain, Maya, Mike , Kim, Krene, David, Karyn, Susan aka Ladybug, Jeannette, Barb, John F, Rickard W, Nathan, Kevin, Karen, …Fred, Karla,
28 attending

Hello – in breakout rooms (15 everyone – Host)
Set Intention (5 Minutes, Facilitator)
‘Zoom Meeting Process Agreements – read aloud (2 minutes, Jaci)
Agenda Review (3 Minutes, Facilitator)
Fair Announcements (5 Minutes)
Guidelines edit re: Elder Status (10 minutes, Jain) See proposed Guidelines edit above.
Site Report (5 Minutes)
Heart Flutter (1 Minute – Lareina)
Activist report – ED: Respected Peer Education (10 Minutes)
Village Theme discussion – decision? (15 Minutes, Kim)
One Fun Thing – (5 Minutes, Facilitator)
Village Cloud FairEz committee report (Tim et al, 15 Minutes)
Unfair Announcements (5 minutes, All)
Strokes and pokes (5 minutes, All)
High Fives (Sue) and unmuted Goodbyes (3 minutes)

Hello – in breakout rooms for 15 minutes

Set Intention
Very soft and gentle, sweet

Zoom Meeting Process Agreements
To get in the stack to speak, type Hand in the chat, or raised hand icon, or speak up as last resort
To express consensus, use hand twinkle for support. Type Concern in the chat if you have one. No concern expressed means consensus. If there is a concern expressed, discussion could continue if time, or be tabled for the next meeting. These agreements are written on the website Agenda page:

Agenda Review
Reviewed… added an item to Fair announcements

Fair Announcements
No OCF official Fair cancellation announcement yet, perhaps at the next OCF board meeting.
Kim would like to review our CV mission statement, see if it still feels right. Would like to form a workgroup to look at it, maybe leading to a proposal. Has a survey ready to send out. Who volunteered to join the workgroup: Sue B, Sharron, more can/will be solicited. No concerns expressed, so the Village consented to the formation of the “Vision Statement Workgroup”.
Jain – Fair site now open 10-4 every day except this Saturday, because a race is happening there.

Guidelines edit re: Elder Status
“Country Fair participants are eligible for Elders Status after reaching 55 years of age and 20 years of documented Fair volunteer activity.  You should be keeping your own records of pass holding years, and the booth and booth coordinator information to verify your claim.  John Flannery (registration coordinator) can confirm your participation history for 2004 through 2008 and 2012 through 2019, and may be able to help you with 2001 through 2003 for Community Village information.”
Jain reads her proposed edit to the Guidelines regarding Elder status. How to keep pass records so you can qualify for Elder status? Would saved wristbands work to prove past participation? Jain says no, the numbers are too hard to track down. John wonders why we can’t count on the centralized OCF database. Is it just temporary from COVID because of staff shortage? Why can’t we rely on the Fair’s database?? For years access to the database is limited by few staff, hard to parse data, and some want their info kinda hidden, privacy concerns. Keep your own records of booth coord and your pass years. But a person asking for info from the database should then waive any privacy concerns to get the infpo… This may change someday to allow better access, but not yet. Can we consent to adding paragraph to Guideline? YES

Site Report
We can park outside Arrow gate and walk in anytime in daylight. Keep a lookout for widow makers, stay away from the Shady Grove bank. New path may overtake Shady Grove stage, leaving room only for a soapbox. Could be its death. But hopefully not for a few years, and 6 packs may go someday, too. Shane says work parties may be starting later this month, red tagging could happen, Health & Healing booth is falling down, caving in. Not much to do to help it. Don’t go out to do any actual work without OCF permission.

Heart Flutter (Lareina)
All you need is love! Sing along

Activist report – ED: Respected Peer Education  
Maya is excited to be here. Part of their mission is to support survivors…. A peer based education including sex education, sexual violence. Did a successful presentation to 9th graders, kids did not know much. Built a curricula program in response, reaching 2000 kids Eugene and Springfield with sexual violence prevention program. Now have a COVID-19 12 week program, covering 80% of Oregon guidelines for sexual education. Their presentation via Zoom was hard, not too many wanted more Zoom time… Now hosting discussions to build community, offering a space for High School students to share thoughts. Hope to help students develop their own standards for sexual education.
They are also planning a restorative justice workshop in May(?) How to do restorative justice in our community? How to provide support to victims? Scheduling monthly sex ed events:

Question: Will virtual activities continue online? Don’t know yet. For now, people can join from anywhere. Discussions are not recorded, workshops might be.
Comment: There is a common misconception that women are not the only victim. Someone has been victimized. They witnessed 3 women at a past Fair coming out of men’s urinals, one accused him in front of a bunch of people of molesting her, was unfair and very upsetting. Doesn’t want to say more so he doesn’t trigger anyone….

One Fun Thing
Doing “Love Train” song in “unison”… dance and sing together… It was fun and hilarious.

Village Theme discussion – decision?
Options presented:
A part of together apart
I miss you all so much
With Open Arms …or… Our Arms are Open
I miss you all so much
Higher than ever
head in the clouds
apart but together, together but apart
“Love in the Quantum Field”
Hearts a-gather apart

Mosquito variations:
The Great Mosquito (Famine) (Vegan Experiment) (Diet) (Quarantine) picture of mosquito with I MISS YOU on a tshirt, mosquito has on a mask or …..

OR Together Apart variations:
together in our hearts (even though we are apart)
together in our hearts
Weathered Apart  🌫Together in Heart 
Distanced – not Apart
We’re Together in Heart
Our hearts remain a  p-a-r-t  of Community Village
2021, physically apart, connected in spirit, mind, and heart

Village Cloud FairEz committee report
$29,000 budget approved by OCF for a virtual Fair. 28 entertainers have already applied to our stage, not much action yet with Workshop or Activist page forms. All applications for the virtual event are on the website main page, please consider adding your workshop idea or your group’s information:
Adrian: Our team can help you make videos for the event, ask for help. He is working closely with OCF to help coordinate both our efforts, still some visioning going on. Next month we should have a definition of vibe/look/style for this event. Planning is moving at a slower pace this year, thankfully, but we don’t want that slower pace to leave us hectic at the end, so please make you applications soon – see the deadlines below.
Question: Can we use fair images as background for livestream or host scenes? This could help create Fair style ambience… Some folks are working on that stuff in the 3D Matrix world.
Question: What about a video from our stage? This would require a lot of work setting up the stage, but recorded videos from the natural onsite would be easier, and some folks do have portable sound gear that could be used… CV stage will be better integrated with the OCF’s other live streams.

Virtual Village Timeline, Deadlines
Ongoing –
entertainment outreach, weekly
Kim and Brooks outreach to Booth Coordinators re: diversity

March 31 
Booth Coord messaging to encourage developing workshops and hangouts

Host outreach begins (include booth coords)

May 13 (Village meeting) 
Hosts booked deadline 
Venue decided
1st PR Publicity – Jair, Sara

June 10 (Village meeting)
Stream artwork and backdrop designs done 
Gear needs sorted out
Big PR poster ready

June 18
All other videos, recordings to edit due

June 19
Hangout links, content, staffed, Zoom link due 

June 25
Show lineup schedule complete, virtual mike checks complete
3D Fair populated

July 2

July 10
Show is ready

Unfair Announcements
Sara H (math geek): Public talk tomorrow in honor of Pi Day (3.14) date 4pm:
Friday March 12, 4PM
WOW Hall free event this Saturday Union Fest for local Black Owned businesses  
Clocks spring ahead this Sunday.
OSU master gardener class may return January 2022
4/17 is cleanup beaches rivers etc
Lois had phone problem today, could not connect with our meeting
Tim and Adrian are awesome. Thank you!

Strokes and pokes (5 minutes, All)
Good job, fun. Activist Report was awesome. Positive feedback for breakout rooms.

High Fives (Sue) and unmuted Goodbyes
We virtually High 5’ed. Did an OM. Became Popcorn. Made a big Wave. Laughed.

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