FairEz committee May 25

Present: Tim, Bob, Eric WOW, Jamie, Banjo Mike, Adrian, Jair, Brooks

Report from Council Retreat regarding status of booth participation:

  1. P&J has discussed offering some of the same activist videos from 2020, maybe a new one or two, and hosting a Booth Hangout, but nothing has been confirmed.
  2. Wild Edibles has filled out the form for a 11am-1pm Booth Hangout that may include previous videos, a booth introduction, maybe something about mushrooms. Perhaps also an informational workshop.
  3. Rainbow Village organization Transponder and Respect Ed are planning videos and have discussed a Booth Hangout, none confirmed yet.
  4. Spirit Booth has not responded to emails of phone calls. Sara will reach out again inviting them to put a ceremony together for the July 13 gathering onsite.
  5. Arts has provided no video background images, though we hope they could create a slide show of participant ‘s art works…maybe? Sara will reach out.
  6. Doors will be providing a video from Autism Rocks, Chrissy will again be a host, maybe Jair is planning something… Tim will reach out to Jair.
  7. Youth Power is hoping to do a video about being in the woods, and the Lego Boy Woodsie Gibbs is gathering new Legos for another video!
  8. Health and Healing has filled out the online form for 2 live, interactive workshops
  9. Intentional Communities, Moon Lodge, 4A, Info Booth (Maybe members there should host the Village Green Hangout…?), and Life Long Learning have not presented anything yet.

Deadline Review

Hosts booked deadline – May 13 (Village meeting)

Venue decided – May 13

1st PR – May 13 … Publicity – Jair, Sara

Stream artwork and backdrop designs done – June 10 (Village meeting)

Gear needs sorted out – June 10

Big PR poster ready – June 10

All other videos, recordings to edit due – June 18

Hangout links, content, staffed, Zoom link due – June 19

Show lineup schedule complete, virtual mike checks complete – June 25

3D Fair populated – June 25

Rehearsals – July 2

Show is ready – July 10


Tips/donations in stream? Click to donate to Fair is all so far. It is policy-wise OK to do it for musicians and nonprofits if they wanna. Probably PayPal will be used as the standard. Would put up a link on screen to copy, not a click through link.

Schedule progress. Entertainer invites out to 32 acts. Only 2 video file responses to Bob’s email are in the folder. Bob will send out another request – with urgency. Ingrid has not responded yet to help with schedule spreadsheet – Adrian will contact her. More meetings with Andrian & Tim will schedule for next week. Adrian will reach out to puppet host.
Is WOW still available? Bob has no authority these days. Whitebird is doing vaccinations as long as they want (how long? Probably done by the end of June), they leave their stuff set up between sessions. Who to talk to? Need to talk to them within next 7 days to confirm availability. Ed booking@wowhall.org Ed is running sound at a live stream… Live band considered for WOW live stream could be Token Rhymes (Deadish). Option is just do recordings if no live venue is confirmed. Jair reach out to David Zupan at WOW Board. Jamie can talk to Ed… Includes setup and teardown Friday and Sunday. Mike can help too and Jamie w/more. All present are asked to reach out to studios as back up. Ask Kim Still, & Sprout Mike will.


Volunteers as backup: Mike, Tim, maybe Brooks or Nathan. Sam is being asked to host and maybe lead a discussion. Copy postings from Facebook for hosts to quote might be fun. Tim will ask the DRUM.


Tom Noddy wants to stream live. Send booth, host, and entertainer applications to DRUM – Tim.

What is Jair planning? Mark Henson art work shared can share whatever we want. What is our vibe?

Could use for background of info panels, etc? Give artist credit? Tips- Could share links to his 3d studio. Include a link to 3D on our menu. Jair, get defined use descriptions and high rez images once Adrian chooses images to use.

Big PR poster ready – June 10

Get bands list from Bob, use T-shirt image, other info – Tim

Will OCF website have links to more than our stage?

Show on stream? Workshop and hangouts schedule on the same page? Link to Brooks’ other workshops, too. Maybe have passcode for Zoom? People could have a password for participation and stream for watching. One stream – gotta have OBS – local users can choose how to enter their own workshops. Post community Guidelines intermittently and on the workshop/hangout schedule page.

Gear needs sorted out – June 10

Lab mics needed, will use Tim’s camera, could Wild Edibles drone cam capture opening circle? Really loud, so probably not.

CV access from OCF 3D Matrix

Photos to Jamie so he can add them to the Village entry in this 3D world. Photos for each booth can be found here: https://communityvillageocf.org/community-village-activist-booths/ Ask Tim if higher resolution images are needed.

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