Council Attending: Tim, Nathan, Diane, David, Karla, Banjo Mike (Shadow), Adrian (Shadow), Kelsey (Shadow)

Council Not Attending: Omo

Participants: 54

Facilitated by: Sue Barnhart

Minutes by: Nathan Georgitis, Tim Mueller


7:00 HELLO’S – 15

In separate Zoom rooms.


Three grounding breaths!


Kelsey Kawders is the contact for Activist Report scheduling, 541 521-4113,

Add Recall discussion

Add CV Connectory


Banjo Mike: Each booth please designate a lead for booth maintenance and construction. Send info to Diane at

Jain: Crafters from OCF and Saturday Market will be having an Art Fair on Feb. 26, 3-6 pm at Drop Bear Brewery, 2690 Willamette Street

Beth: Reminder to those planning workshops and demos please complete and submit form available on Community Village website and/or check in with Beth Mottweiler ( Deadline is May meeting; this year we’ll have more space for longer workshop titles in the Peach Pit.

Tim: Kim asks how we’ll do booth breakdown in the coming hybrid village meetings. If anyone has suggestions, please contact Tim Mueller (

Sue: Newcomers to village please consult the CV website ( and/or reach out to booth coordinators or board liaisons to find a home in the village


Ballots have been mailed to registered OCF members; they are due soon so please vote.

Sam:  OCF Board Member John Silvermoon subject to petition for removal from board on basis of views and positions on DEI matters; please vote no as a removal petition is not an appropriate way to resolve differences unless there is negligence of duty; please vote no.

Diane: Agreed! The petition has misleading arguments. Please vote no. Contact Diane ( to discuss.

Arthur: Agreed! Please vote no. Please vote.


Karla: Village operates on consensus, there can be different views of consensus, but believes consensus means we look for what’s good for the village and agreement among all. If not agreement then all should be heard and discussion should be open. It can be difficult and take time, but leads to more understanding. We have used it successfully for all these years. What do you think?

Skeeter: 45 years ago Marshall, and Bryan, and Patty; let’s look to the original CV mission statement for our points of agreement; possibility of reviewing our initial mission statement. Where is that document? Current CV Coordinating Council please locate it.

John Flannery: Listen to those you disagree with and find common ground; a compromise between individual and group process.


Diane: Proposal submitted to rebuild Sprit Booth; budget committee will meet soon but now we wait

Tim: Council people, Diane and Sara and Banjo Mike are people to contact regarding booth maintenance issues.


Arthur: Some OCF resignations – Palmer. Lucy. Jen-Lin resigned or moved out. Is there some way as a village we can separate ourselves from the OCF structure by becoming a 501c3 separate from OCF. We would then perhaps be cleaner financially.

 Karla: CV is not a 501c3 tax exempt non-profit registered with federal government; costs money and has reporting requirements; an Oregon DOMESTIC NONPROFIT CORPORATION. We do have a Fed tax ID number. Not sure how being a 501c3 would help us. The Fair used to give us our budget lump some. Now we have to submit receipts of what our members spend and OCF pays them directly, it is more regimented that it was. We collect pass $$ and send to the Fair. We do not write checks. We allocate all our passes without OCF intervention, we just exchange money. Is it gonna be a mess? How does Energy Park do it, with a little more regulated. Mess? Are our passes gonna change as a new person is in charge of inventory, sticker booth may have a new database, Karla is concerned.

John Flannery: To clarify, CV is incorporated at state level but not a 501c3 with federal government;

Karla: Concerned about management of CV pass allocation due to personnel changes

John Alexander: CV is a vital organ; committed to moving toward healing;

Diane: Virtual Sticker Booth is not happening; going with another system John Steinhart uses for security

Council will review and discuss.


David: Site is still there; flooded once maybe; tree branch blocking path; tree behind P&J and Spirit Booth of concern; Emerald Ash Borer threat looms, ash propagation nursery in the works.


Dance Time: “I Feel Good” with James Brown and Garfield


Sue: Planet vs. Pentagon: Environment and Peace Activists raising awareness of military detriment to environmental health; Tuesday 12-1 at Federal Courthouse = Diplomats not Bombs.

Email Kelsey if you want to be on the Activist Report in a future meeting.

David: Read Smedley D. Butler’s book War is a Racket


Tim: KindTree Autism Rock art program has works of autistic artists in Valley River Center hallway near entrance to Round 1 Bowling.

David: Frog has heart trouble, had stent put in during his visit to Florida to see his sister; should be back next month.

Kelsey: Bags of Love fundraiser Bingo Night 6:30-8:30, March 16, Elks Club on West 11th

Skeeter: Connectory; let’s connect ourselves and move forward together; use the Drum to stay in touch and engage volunteers;

Sam: Make the Connectory a year-round effort; print on demand?; pass around in CV meetings; rarely used at the fair itself.

John Alexander: Supports systematic approach to networking;  serves on OCFBOD, please feel free to contact me.

Tim: Look at the booth pages on the website; booths update the booth coordinator contact info and construction coordinator

David: Would be good to have a complete list of activist organizations; stop by OCF Fair Central for copy?

David: Looking for roommates $165 mo. plus utilities


Jain: James Brown still thrills.

Lareina: Thanks for introducing agenda items

KRene: How to into agenda items? Send to Tim

Cat: Thanks for making time for people’s opinions and discussion

Steve: Great job everybody; good organization;

Closing thoughts for Frog and others.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM.


What to do about booth breakdown when partly in Zoom and in-person,
If one person in each group opens Zoom on their phone or computer, then have the zoom participants choose a room, and the person there in person just needs to go into the same room so they can see the Zoom folks.

Hello, I am Arya, I have been fair family since 2015 and was involved with internal security. I am looking for a new home or an expansion of home within fair. I am a certified reiki practitioner and can offer this in the spirit booth, I am a member of the LGTBQ+ community and think I could add value to the rainbow booth and finally, I am so very drawn to the moon lodge, this booth pulls my heart. I am eager to be a part of this community and invite any suggestions or direction on who I can connect with or where I can be of help. 🥰 5413371535

Application to register as a voting member available here – semates

Fill it out and email it back to  or turn it in at the OCF office.

Freda 7:40 PM

Hello all, I’ll send another message as so many more people have joined the meeting. My name is Freda. I’m from northern CA. I am a physical therapist, long time meditator and reiki practitioner, lesbian, toucher and healing arts person, pilates instructor, doula, and more. I’d love to find my home in the community village – ideally with the Women’s Moon Lodge, Health and Healing, perhaps Rainbow Village, and/or Lifelong Learning. Please reach out if you are affiliated with one of these and think I might be a good fit! Thank you so much. Freda   510-338-2377

Nathan Georgitis 7:51 PM

Jain Elliott 7:51 PM

I agree with Karla.  Becoming a 501c3 is very expensive and takes more bookkeeping work than we’ve been able to summon for many years.  We are not soliciting donations that donors need to be tax deductible—that’s what 501c3’s are for.

Nathan Georgitis 8:06 PM

Yes, Wild Edibles intends to contact OCF Arborist to coordinate a survey of ash in the village and village camping areas. I will try to report some progress at next village meeting. Possibly call for additional volunteers.

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